The Evening herald. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1906-1942, August 18, 1921, Page PAGE THREE, Image 3

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The Office Cat
Outbursts of Everett True By Condon
pjXdArirtri'nr'i -y r---rm ri. "i r-n "ii - "Trr-"i "t n -ui n.n n.n.n inin-ij' r jiin.r rwu
USTO'PM tt'3 TIKC foa A VHoiUOatiM '
1 j I IT'3 MOt l
I fa L &MatMs 7 '
nr jumcb
To the "Air KIIW
Tbe nuin ?hn stop hit JIlUe "nd"
Iff bnt n blooming fool, bound. Jin
tuxinti his advertisements (nil tbn pub
Jle whot he linn to sell, and If bin
"d" in not on dock, tbn people paw
kirn op, by heck. Tor nun ot thrin
will hesitate to trade with people
p-(b-date. To stop yonr "ad" wt
would remark, I Just llko winking
In the dark yon mar know what
you mean but, goo I nobody eUe can
ver fee; So do not for u momotit
think that wbou you cut tlio prlntor'i
Ink, you're saving money on the
eldoj 'tie only business suicide."
Tbe Careless) I'rooMteader
The ending of my itory bne been
completely epollod by careless proof
reeding, complnlnud an angry nu
thor. "Hero at tbo conclusion, whero
tbe Judge looki down ot the dotcc
tire and ntkii, 'Arc you i'omlelton
King?' what done tho printer mako
him pay? LI it en! 'Tho groat detcc
tire, anntchlng off lilt falso beard,
replied, '1 n, in."
"That certainly loavos fho roadoVs
In tbo dark," niuiod tho waggish edi
tor. Doston Trntiiicrlpt.
We count them oror dly, drink
by drink.
Wuxtry Brell
Yesterday nftornoon at 2 o'clock,
In tho Herald lunctum, tho Wheoto
Workers' Mutual Admiration Socio
ty was organized with Fred Boulo
and oursslf as tho dinner members.
Urother Houlo will serrn as Worthy
Custodian or tbn Afflatus Dlrlnus,
while we hope to land Ignoble Cus
todian of the Cursory Coin. Moct
Inge will bo held every onco In a
Hen Hall says: Tho good blonde
dye young.
'The beet way to handle the "I
told you so post Is to spray him with
Of Count
Sunday Bcbool Teacher (to . the
quiet-looking boy at tho foot of the
cIass) "In what condition was tho
patriarch Job At the end of bis life?"
"Dead!" calmly roplod the boy.
It Isn't what you sny you are go
ing. to do that count It's what you
actually do that turns tho trick.
."You may have beard of mo I am
Dr. Klllem," the pompous gontloman
announced lu tbe smoking compart
ment. "Ah, thsn I hoyo tho opportunity
to thank you, for what you did for
me," tbo quiet follow rcspoudod. "I
have boon bouotltod greatly by your
"Why r wore you a patient of
mine? Though ot course, I couldn't
possibly romombor nil-"
"Oh no; not I, Dut my undo was,
and I was his holr."
A Modest Home
1 do not yearn for rlchos,
Dut wjah I had a chanco
To own a pair ot brltchcos
Llka thorn thoro Palm
noy Fouch saya tho beet way to
honor our dead soldier Is to remem
ber tbo living.
o o
MODESTO A still, described by
Deputy Sheriff Dart Hill, as tho
largest yot found In Stanislaus coun
ty,' waa taken In a raid by tho slior
1ft and other officials on tho ranch
ot Oklmo, Japanoso cantaloupe
grower, near hero. Liquor that tho
shorlff said toatod 110 proof was
taken na ovldonco and a quantity
of "ninsh" was dostroyod. Tho own
er ot tho still had boon shipping
Gese 1 Cm't see How mnY CYUrrt3erc.s
SHt'S SOT5 T'3 CMGIM6. Touii(e DUT THC
exciTM otuse 13 Jowiry TRooTiccs j;j
lis - s?
Ills product to Stockton lit barrol
lots, tho shorlff said.
LOB ANOKLES Tlio get-togoth-or
conference of motion plcturu cen
sors from various parts of tbo
public was hold hero.
BUBANV1LLE Lumber and shook
shipment)- mado last month by tho
Lassen Lumber and Vox company
wore the largosl of tbo year It Is
roportod that tbo Hod Hlvor Lum
ber company wilt also bo oporatlng
on a big 'scale soon. Connldorablo
local building In going on, particu
larly In tho Millwood addition.
ItKDDINO Alia Hufford, 12-year-old
ilaughtor of Mr. and Mrs.
Chnrlm A. Hufford of Mltlvlllo, Is
claimed to bo the youngest portion
who nvor made tho ascent ot Mt.
Lassen afoot. Tho girl wun u mem
ber of tbo party composed of hor
father, Miss Nelllo Hunt, Mlsn arac0
Hunt, George Bcbarsch and John
Bcbarsch. Tboy mado tho a went
from Mansanlta lako.
LODI Color and sugar are now
showing In the grapes ot this dis
trict. Tho first Hlock Prlnco grapes
are shipping now. In a tost mado
tho Horticultural Commissioner J.
M. Tubbt, found tbom to contain 1
per cent over the roqulred 17 per
cent. '
BACIIAMENTO The right of tho
state board of control to award n
contract for tho 1922 motor vchl
clo llcenso plates to a compotlng
Los Angolos firm ut a pr'lco ap
proximately $10,000 higher tbau tho
lowest bid may be ontestod In tho
ourts by tho Shartxor Manufaturlng
luring company ot Oakland.
LAKE TAHOE Todd Uoodwlu, u
stngo drUor, dollborately sont his
nuto stago Into tho dlth Into tho
sldo ot tho road on down grado
from tho Hummtt huro whim his
brake rofusod to hold, and snvod
tbo Uvea of 10 porsorm In tho stngo.
The stngo turned over on Its sldo,
but tho passengers woro ouly bruis
ed. "UEKKKLKY A bounty of 10
cents a head for freshmen uttidcutB
to bo used for hazing purposes was
announod by sophmoro studonts nt
tho Unlvomlty of California hero.
Tbo announcement did not stnta
whothor tbe freehtes should bo de
livered doad or nllvo., Small boys
are waxing rich on tho rowards.
They watch tho homos of now stu
dents, track tb,om to tho campus,
point thora'out to their doadly riv
als, tbo sophs, colloct tho. 10 cento,
and then watch tho fun.
BACIIAMENTO Superior Judgo
Malcolm a. Qlonn Instructed tho
shorlft's oftlco to raovo ovor a wider
fiold In tho soloctlon ot porsons to
Borro on apodal vonlres ot Jurors In
stead of returning virtually tire
aamo list of persona on nil special
Mako that idlo dollar work) Put
It In tho bonk.
Tho City Englnoor pursuant to
Resolution ot tho Common Council
heretofore adopted, having on tho
1st day of August, 1931, filed plans,
specifications and estimates ot tho
cost ot Improving Oak Avenue from
Sixth Stroot to Spring Btroet, Wal
nut Avonuo from Sixth Stroot 'to
Ninth Street. Sovontb Street from
Klamath Avonuo to Oak Avenuo,
Eight Stroot from Walnut Avenuo to
Oak Avenuo and Ninth Stroet from
Klamath Avonuo to Oak Avenuo, In
cluding intorooctlons, and tho Coun
cil having taken tho same under
advlsmont, and finding said plans,
specifications an ostlmatos to bo sat
isfactory, U IT HKRKnY RESOLVED, that
said plans, specifications and esti
mates for tho Improvement of Oak
Avenuo from Sixth Stroot to Spring
Stroot, Walnut Avonuo from Sixth to
Ninth Street, Seventh Street from
Klamath Avonuo to Oak Avonue,
Eighth Street from Walnut Avenue
to Oak Avonuo and Ninth Street from
Klnmath Avonuo to Oak Avonue, In
cluding Intersections, bo and tho
namo are hereby approved, and.
That tbo Common Council hereby de
clares Kb Intention (o Improvo said
portions of,troets in accordance with
said plans', specifications and esti
mates; said ImproTomont to consist
of paving enld portions ot eald
strcots with Wllllte, Aspballlc Con
crete, Dltullthlc or Concrete. Tbo
estimated cost ot Improving ot said
portions of said streets with Wll
llte, Asphaltlc Concroto or Dltullthlc
to bo $92,154.95; the estlmatod cost
of the Improvement of said portions
or said streets with Concrete to bo
$9,7C4.95. Said cost Including grad
ing, rolling, curbing and concroto
ED, by tho Common Council that tho
following doscrlbed proporty bo and
It la horoby dodarod benotttted by
snld Improvement, to-wlt:
Lots C, 7, 8, 9, 10, Block 83, Lots
G, 7, S. 9. 10, Dlock 82, Lots 1, 2,
3. 4. C, Illock 94, Lota 1. 2, 3, 4, 5,
Dlock 95. Klamath Addition to tho
city of Klamath Falls, Oregon; Lots
1, 2, 3, 4. 6, 6, 7. 8, 9, Block 1, Hoi
Hater Addition, Lots 1, 2. 3. 4, C,
Dlock 7. Canal Addition. Lots 8, 9,
10, 11, 12, 13, 14. Dlock C. Canal Ad
dition, Lota 8, 9, Dlock S, Canal Addi
tion, Lots 13 Dlock 4, Railroad Ad
dition, Lots 1, 2, Dlock C, Lota 1. 2.
39 40, Dlock C, Lots 13, 14. 1G. 1G,
Dlock 3, Lots 1, 2, 39, 40, Dlock
7, Lots 12. 13, 14, 1G, Dlock 2, Lots
1. 2, Dlock 1. Lota 1, 2, Dlock 8, In
Railroad Addition to tho City ot
Klamnth Falls, Orogon, and that
ucronKo proporty boundod by Eighth
nnd Ninth Stoots nnd Walnut Avonuo
to Oak Avenuo; also Lots 6, 7. 8,
9, 10, Block 7T. Lots 1, 2,
3, 4, G, Dlock 83, Lots G, 7, 8, 9. 10,
Block 78, Lots 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, Block
82, Ml In Klamnth Addition to tho
City of Klamath Falls, Orogon; and
tho southeasterly half ot that cortnln
acreage block bounded by Dlock 78
Klamnth Addition, Walnut and Kla
mnth Avenuds and Ninth Street: also
Lots 8, 10, Dlock 3, and 7, 8, Dlock
6, Canal Addition to tho City of Kin
math Falls, Oregon; nlso Lots 1, 10,
Dlock 77, LotH G. 6. Dlock 78, Lota
1, 10, Dlock 83, 5, 0, Block 82, Lots
1. 2, Block 94, Lots 4, G, Dlock 95,
Klamnth Addition to tho City ot Kla
mnth Falls, Orogon; also Lots 1, 10,
Dlock 78, lots 1, 10, Dlock 82, Lots
1, 10, Dlock 95, In Klamath Addi
tion to tho City ot Klnmath Falls,
Orogon, and Lots 9, 10, Dlock 1, Hoi
llstor Addition to tho City of Kla
mnth Falls,' Orogon; also Lots 8,
10, Dlock 3, Lots 7, 8. Dlock G, Lot
G, Block 7, Canal Addition to the
"It is the priming that
kills a rifle's accuracy.
"Tests of every kind
have proved that the re
cently developed prim
ing used in the famous
N.R.A. .22s and all other
US Rim-Fire Cartridges
eliminates excessive pit-
ting and erosion.
Xlaasath Falls, Or.
J. D. Chambers
Baldwin Hdwe. Ce.
. Klamath Hdwe. O.
City ot Klamath Falls, Oregon, and
Ixitg 1, 2, Dlock 1, Holllster Addi
tion and that cortnln ncrcago pro
perty abutting 104 feet on Klnmath
Avenuo and 110 feet on Ninth Streot
In tho acrcago block heretofore des
cribed as bounded by Dlock 78 Kla
math Addition, Walnut Avenue, Kla
math Avenuo and Ninth Stroet; and
that said property abovo listed and
doscrlbed be and heroby Is declared
to bo assessod for tho expense of
said improvement.
And be It further rosolrod that
Monday tho 6th day ot Sept., 1921,
nt tho hour ot eight o'clock P. M
at tho Council Chambora at the City
Hall be fixed as tbe time and place
for tho hearing of objections and
remonstrances against the said pro
posed Improvement and tho Police
Judgo is heroby directed to causa
notlco ot said hearing to be publish
ed as by Charter Provided.
State ot Oregon,
County ot Klamath.
City ot Klamath Falls, ss.
1, A. L. Leavitt, Pollco Judge of
tho City of Klamath Falls. Oregon,
do hereby certify that tho foregoing
Is tho duly onrollod copy ot a reso
lution adopted by tho'Common Coun
cil on the 16th day ot August, 1921,
doclarlng Its Intention to Improvo
Oak Avonue from Sixth Stroet to
Spring Stroot, Walnut Avenuo from
Sixth Street to Ninth Steot, Seventh
Stroot from Klamath Avenuo to Oak
Avonuo, Eighth Stroot from Walnut
Avenue to Oak Avenuo, and 'Ninth
Streot from Klamath Avonue to Oak
Avenuo, Including Intersections.
Pollco Judge.
Approved this 15th day of' August.
1921. W. S. W1LBY
17-27 Mayor.
ATH, Proposals will be received by the
Common Council ot the City of
Klamath Falls, Orogon, for making
tho Improvement of Eleventh street
from Main street to Klamath avenue.
The Improvement to bo made In
accordance with tho plans and spe
cifications thorefor on fllo with tho
Cly Engineer, and lu tho offlco ot
tho Police Judge, for either of the
clnsses ot hardsurfaclng mentioned
In tho plans and specifications and
In Ordinance No. 5G3, ordering the
Improvement. The making ot tbe
Improvement will bo lot in one con
tract. Proposals roust bo filed vJl(h
tho Police Judge not lator, than 8
o'clock P. M. ot October 3rd, 1921,
at which time and date at tho city
Major Dooley studying effects
of cartridge priming
"Of course the rifle
must be regularly cleaned
as usual."
Be good to your rifle.
Shoot US Rim-Fire Car-'
tridges regularly. Your,
scores will improve and
your rifle will stay in good
Money back if you're
not satisfied.
Ckllequa, Ore.
Chlloqnln Mare. C.
.MMto, Om.
The KaHaa Star
ball In said cty all proposals will be
opened for consideration.
Each proposals must be accom
panied by a cortlfled cheek on some
responsible banking institution equal
to G per cent of the amount ot the
proposal, to be forfeited to the city
upon failure of tho successful bid
der to enter into contract and bond
for the faithful completion of the
Improvement. Tho light to reloct
any and all bids Is heroby reserved
In tho Common Council. The award
to the successful bidder will bo made
contingent upon the salo ot the bonds
to bo nuthorlzod for financing the
proposed Improvement. The improve
ment to consist ot grading' full width
nnd hardsurfaclng 40 feet In width,
with either bltulltblc. concrete, Will
lto or asphaltlc concreto, curbing and
ten foot cement sidewalk.
Police Judge.
By order ot the Common Council.
Proposals will be rocelved by the
Common Councif ot tho City ot Klam
ath Falls, Oregon, for making the
Improvement ot Pine streot from
Eloventh St., to Esplanade
Thoproposed Improvement to bo
tade In accordanco with tho plans and
specifications ot tho City Engineer.
Don't be decelred on a double load ot
Our wagons bold 193 cublo feet or 1U cords. Measure the
load and be sure. We guarantee 1H cords. Measure our wagons.
' Buy ot an established firm and be sure. Our cheaper wood " !
"The Poor Man's Wood".
10 cords for $35.00.
A year's supply for two stoves'. '
O. Peyton & Co.
419 Main St. ', i Phone III
MerrtU, Of.
R. H. And
Merrill Mere, Ca.
Owns, ouw. .
Roy Taber
os file with the Engineer and la the
office of the Police Judge, for either
ot tbe classes of hardsurfaclng men
tioned In the plant and specifications
and In Ordinance No, S62. ordering
the Improvement.
Tbe making of the Improvement
will be let In one contract. Propo
sals must be filed with the Police
Judge not later than 8 o'clock P. M..
October 3rd. 1921, at which data and
time, at the Council Chamber la
said City, all proposal, will be open
ed tor consideration.
Each proposal must be accompa
nied by a certified check on soma
reliable banking Institution equal to
5 per cent ot the amount ot the pro
posal to be forfeited to the city upon
failure ot tbe successful bid
der to enter (Into contract and
bond for the faithful completion
of the Improvement. The right to re
ject any and all bids being hereby
reserved In tbe Common Council. The
award to tbe successful bidder will
be made contingent upon the sale
ot the bonds to be authorised for
financing the proposed Improvement.
Tho Improvement to consist ot grad
ing to establish grade, hardsurfaclng
with either Dltullthlc, Concreto or
Wllllte, and laying ot cemont side
walks. A. L. LBAVITT,
Police Judge.
Br order ot'tbe Common Counucll.
If It's Loose
, We Will Move It
O; K. TRANSFER CO. ,24 &
Phone' 87
.T wvv. vi fcaiwujl..