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A Class Ad Will
' Do It
Member of the Associated Press
Fifteenth Vmr, No. OOIHI.
rrompt netton or inn nro iiepirri-j
ment, coupled with ibo fire-proof t
barrier formed by Ihn adjoining
i i . . , n ... i .I.. i
Arcade Hotel, probably aavod thn I
. !
block on Main street bctwoon Ninth I
lid Tenth streets from destruction
by a tiro that started nt 3:60 o'clock I
thla morning. A It wa thnJiulldlng
owned by Fred Dueling and occupied
by tho Mara Confectionery and tho
electrical ahop of Coburn and Uhllg,
1012 and 1014 Main ntreol boro tho
brunt of tho Iom.
Tho damaice. Including the build
lot and contonta of both store la
atlmatod at 113,000. covered by
about 10,000 Innuranco. Thla dooa
not Include tho Inaurance on thn
building, which Mr. llunslng did not
The caUMi of thn flro bna not been
au-nriBlnml lint frnnt an Insunctlon
of the Interior of thn bultdlnici, Itj.
in thouxht that tho tlrontnrtcd In tba j
VI'II.MH VI 11." ...... m vw.....w..., ,
proadlnie to tbo electrical ahop.
Tho Arcade hotel, a three atory
brick bulldlnR, checked tho flameu
from apreadlnR eaitward nnd two
room on the third floor wcrn da
maged by amoko and flame. Kle
wlndowa In thn hotel were burned
out. Chris lllanaa state that hla
loss will total about $"200. In con
nection with thla fire, report of by
Blander thla mornlnR who were In
Dunuimulr, California, a few weeks
oro nay that a similar brick hotel
aved that city from total destruc
tion. The electrical ahop of Coburn and
Uhllg waa complelelly gutted ami
practically nothing iwaa saved from lt
Mr. and Mr. K. 1). HoaR and ion Leo.
of Tillamook, arrived late lait nlRhL
to visit tbolr dauRhtor, Mm, W. U.
Coburn, and wero asleep In onn of
the rooms In thn roar of tho shop,
a wern Mr. and Mr. Coburn. Wlion
aomnono poundod on the erar door
warning them of tbn fire, both fami
lies escapn Juet an a bank of nmokn
and flame burnt into tbn room. Mr.
Hos'g grabbod an armload of elothna
oft thn .wall and ran out tho back wu..
Mr. and Mm. Coburn were unablo to
aave any wearing apparel and thla
morning, Mr. Coburn worn a pair of
gom boota and bunting clothe whllo
Mr. Coburn had only her hiking cos
turn loft of all her wardrobe. Tho
famllle alept the balance of tbo night
In a tent which Mr. Hoag had brought
along with him. Travelera' chock,
amounting to $39, wcrn doatroyod.
Mr. IBoag la auperlntondont of thn
municipal water work at Tillamoek:
and had planned on a hunting trip
In thla auction.
Thn handtomn innrblo fountain a
-well an two new pool tabic In tbo
Mar Confoctlonory wero burned. Tho
pool table am a complotn loas. Tho
back bar of tho fountain vraa ruined
but tho marblo front, and top wero
undamaged. Tho nod a charger wo
loat aa wan a lot of now atock Juat
received. Tho Mam waa owned by
John Ilmnn nnd Jalmnr Knhkonen;
llman conducting tho confectionery
and Kahkonon, tho barber ahop, Kah
konen bought n partnership about
four montha ngo. Tho partnora
stated that tholr loa was about $10,
000, with Inauronco about $6,500.
, llman ha been In business about ono
Tho oloctrlcal ahop of Coburn and
Uhllg was noarlng complotlon from
an expensive remodeling nnd laat
night tho plan for oponlng business
waa discussed by thn partner. Mr.
Uhllg bought In only last week. Pro
vlou to coming hero, Mr. Coburn
wa In tho oloctrlcal business nt Hobo
burg. Klamath Fall cltltena can bo
proud of the mannor In which this
flro was checked by tho prompt act
ion of Flro Chlof Kolth Ambrose Tho
department was at tho cono of tho
btaxo within flvo minutes of tho tlrao
It was roportod nnd Ambrose had
two llnea of hoso playing on tbo front
f tbo. building and one in tho rear
within flvo minute nftor nrrlvlng on
thn' scene. At ono tlmo tho hoso waa
ULIJIJ LU u 1 1" r r ' I I ' ' ' """"
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Elk Herds From
Nnrth Ave ah tnm
Way to Marsh(ield
PORTLAND. Auk. 17. Wpoelal
train bearing Klkn to llio Matshflold
Ittto ronrnntlon startod today. Org-,
unixing ni mcminnvino ui iihi
will move down tho valley, pIoWiik
up carn at Corvnllls and Altieny. ntid
i uddlnjc n cacr from Itoaclnirr.niul nn-(
othnr from Medford nl Kagine. jncy,
-will roach Msrshfleld tomorrow.
Tbo Inland delegation villi aart
- tomorrow nlitht, picking up Dalom
... ,,, -
-delegaton on tho way.
n,.ii.rt tiulr c A. Ilayden. llavwr
"W, fl. Wiley and Charles Riley toft I
this morning at 10:30 o'clock, tor'
Marabflold, whore this party will be
Joined by lUrry I'oltr who left yoi
tnrday by train, and by Charles Hull
who I already at Marabflold on a
Whllo thorn will be othor momtwr
of tbo Klamath Kails Klk lorflgo
present at thn ronvontton, thn soiloc
tlon of official dolegato to roprnaont
Klamath Falta will not bo mudo by
tbn exalUid ruler until bin nrrlval
at Maraliflold.
Kiivonty nlRht bushnls of wheat to
the ucro I ftomothlng of a whwt
crop, but thla la thn proportlonatn
yield an a small plot planted bj- Cnpt.
I O, C, ApploRatn to Ilurnank Quality
wnnax inline went nun parte jonru
wii nnly tho 122nd part of an cro
plantsvl. owing to tbn rnr(lty of tho
mod. "lint thla small area produord
38 &-K pound of whwtt from onn
half pound ,of seed. Tho commlUuo
iiBtlmates that had blrdn nnd rodants
not carried away som aecd. thorn
would have been five to ten per cent
moro grain garncrod.
Capt. O. C. Apploxnto, Incidentally,
guessed closest to the poundage of
tho Crop, hla eetimato being 31
pounds. Thn wheat waa distributed
In prlmu to thoso making tbn first,
ftocomt, third and fourth clonal
guesses, under tho condition tbat tho
recipients of tho whoo should plant
It and. culutlvato It carofully next
year, .In order that a sufficient sup
ply nvay bo obtaiuo for commarclal
Thn big outstanding feature that
Is exi-octod to mnkn it valuable to
Klitmath famor la tho rapidity of
maturity. Tho experimental crop
mutltned In 120 dam, bolng planted
on April 10 and harvested on August
10 nnd It was then n week or so over
rlpo. Farmers In tho Tula Utko dis
trict Vho lost thousands of dollars
worth of grain Inst year by bolng
caught inthrctihed In Soptonibor's
heavy 'rains will approctato what this
early Hponlng crop may mean to tho
grain growing Industry or tbo future.
Tho wheal Is tho result of long
experimentation by I.uthor Ilurbnnk,
tho California, plant wizard, and be
sides narly nuiturlty it possosbos
prlmo in UUng qualltlos.
Tho o:prlmont wus wntchod from
the outset by rnputnblo commlttous,
who at tost tbo tlmo of maturing,
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jijumr -,--- --------.---
Miller Awarded
School Contract
W. D. Mfllor was awarded tho
contract for building tho now Ship
ptngton school at u meeting of tho
Hchool board yostorday afternoon.
HI bid. was $31,780. Othor bids
woro a follews:
R, 3, Wnttcnburg, $34,572; Cotor
llroa., $34,200; E. S. Honry, $32,
444.40; McAboy Ilockman, $37,-
S5C; Marchand & Lane $37,160.
The, contract calls tor completion
of tho school building by December
SALEM. Aug. 17. Nelson, McKon
na famoUH writer and contributor to
ally known wrltor. and contributor to
sovoral of the most Important. mata
line In the United State, arrived In
Salem In soarch of material fpr a
sorlea of Industrial storing,
'Wi I I Li ISevllU
I'robably no nowa that Ira op
poarod In Tlln Herald roently In
terostod moro readers, or did moro
to promotn a fooling of. 'confidence
In tho comrrrunlty, thaj Tbo Her
ald's announiccmont yr.storday thot
thn Crator ()ll company had recov
ered Its toils and resumed drill
ing, llotwcon tho 11 1! tho average
reader discovered, (be dotermlnatlcn
of tho mon. who ro behind thi oil
dovoloproeiit In. this countv-to r.i
to tho lloetora. of tho oft posilblll
ties, underterfod by temporary at
bocks. II ol, i. nrpu-nt theT are
dflcrmlmid l0 got It. If It U not
rrcsont t;hfjr oro goln to bo tbor
oMrhly 'lorivlnccd of thnt Met be-
foro thy giro over tho quet.
Tods.y Tho Herald la ablo to nn
nuunc i (hut uork nt the Slomcui
"welt will bo resumn.1 thla wenV.
Cr iptaln Siemens staled today that
a t degram was received Inst even
ing anylng that tho'spoclal content
for' concrotlng tho bottom, of his
wi ill bad been shipped and should
ai.rivo tonight. 4
This comen't la producod at Santa
Crnz, California, and la used al-
Taont ontlroly .In difficult oil well
all over tho country to shut out
tho water flow. As soon as it ar
rlvca work of cementing tho wfll
will start. Tho cement will bo given
a surflcont ime to harden, tbW
drilling wfll on resumes.
When do Crater company'a cablo
broke, Inarlnc tho drill (00 feet
down In tho holo, and at tho same
tlmo tho cement In the Siemens well
refused to. bold,, public confidents.
wan shaken. Thoro woro pleatly of
ponsiinlstn to enlargo upon the bad
tldlags nnd prophecy that oil de
velopment hero had roaehod an Im
pao. According to thoso jprophots
of tho worm. It meant tho end of
tbn search for oil.
1 Hut tho men who aro bearing the
brunt of oil davolopment wero not
dlshoartened. Thoso mishaps are of
dally occurrence In tho oil fields.
They aro mishaps that must bo
rockonod upon aa likely to happen,
and It Vakce more tbo probable ac
cldont to daunt the mon who are
back of dovelopmont In Klamath
Iu(lng from tho comments on
tho good now,' tho public has ro
colvtd the full benoflu from this
demonstration of. tho faith that the
promoters havo In tholr enterprise
OAd with tho removal of tho last
viMllges of doubt created by the
calamity prophets tho oil devolop
mont Is on a firmer foundation
than over before and tho ontlro com
munity la a solid unit In support
of tho men who nro directing tho
Klamath Indiana on tho reserva
tion are $-150 rlchor apiece today
as tho result of the division of $200,
000 from the government for prp
cooda obtained by tho solo of tlmbor
on unallotod lands. A fund of $37G,
000 waa uvallablo tor distribution
last fall but now amounts from sales
Of tlmbnr havo taken nlnco hrlnr.
lng tbo 'fund up abovo tho $400,000
mark. This sum distributed today
waa nbonl 60 por cent of tho money
In tho Indian communal treasury.
Four years ngo, about $400,000
waa distributed In cnttlo and this dis
tribution carao undor tho heading ot
"relmburseablo funds." This present
disbursement comos under tho rul
ing ot tho treaty ot 1910, after cou
gross hadarbltrarlly stopped allot
ment and authorized tho salo ot
tlmbor on unallotod lands.
WASHINGTON, Aug. 17. By a
voto of 36 to 14 the sonato struck
from the .good roads bill tho pro
vision1 iat croating a commission tcJ
ndmlnlstor It and placed it undor the
control ot tho secretary ot agrlcui
turo. .
UN Mil
Minn Mary Fuches, agod 26, for.
tho past year a nurso at tho Dor
rln hospital, is detained by author
ities at Albany Oregon, on a charge
of victimizing tho La Voguo atoro
and Van Dollen's shoe atoro here
with bad checks of $G0 each, Thla
Is according to Rhorlff Lloyd Low.
who ha been working on the caje
alncn August 6, tho dato of tho al
logod offense. Tho sheriff nald there
was some doubt of the woman's san
ity nnd that he was communicating
with Albany authorltlei regarding
tbo possibility of having her ex
amined for lanlty thero, taring tho
ox pen so of returning bar to Kla
math county. If aho is proved moa
tally competent sho will be brought
I hi-ro for trial. Ja. m
Miss Fuches tohjHkradi in Uor-
.rlo that aho wa B homo. Her
parenta live atanon, near
'Albany. Sho took the train ut Dor-
rls Saturday, the sheriff dlicorivnd,
after a leave talking with friends,
but loft It nt Macdoel and in tbo
afternoon took tho train for Kla
math Falls.
Sho purchased a dress at tho f,
Voguo, giving a chock for ISO and
receiving $6 in change. Shogave
a $50 chock to Van DeIlen',for a
pair, ot shoes and got $45 ;4n,'caah
as cbango.
The checks purportod to boar the
signature "H. Burkovltch." Mr.
Iturkovltch Is manager of the Dor
rla Morcantllo company. Thoy were
mado payabl to Carlotta Sly. Tbo
Sly family is well-known around
Dorrla and, polng aa.a member,
the woman had no difficulty In pass
ing tho chock. Tbo real Carlotta
Sly, howover, Is now Mrs. W. D.
Sunday morning Miss Fuches left.
Sho had kept her identity well
concealed throughout tho transac
tion, but after reaching homo she
wroto a letter back In -which she
sold that it rained hard Sunday
while bo waa traveling over the
SIskiyous. As sho left Saturday
morning sho should havo passed
through tho SIskiyous Saturday
night . Thla discrepancy gave the
sheriff a clue and ho soon had a
web of evidence on which he or
dered her arrest.
Shark Hunting
Tp Entertain
Press Congress
(Special Correspondence.)
HONOLULU, Hawaii. Aug. 1.
Tho norvo thrlls occasonod by
riding tho surf m outrigger can
oe or on natlvo surf boards, or
standing on tho rim ot tho contin
uously active volcano of Kllauea
and gazing down Into tbo roaring,
tossing sea ot molten lava, havo an
actlvo rival In tho kocn excitement
that accompanies the hunting of the
shark In tho watora outside tho cor
al rceg that encircles tho Island
ot Oabu.
Newspaper men who aro coming
to Honolulu In October as delegates
to tho Press Congress ot the World
will find that shark hunting goes
hand In hand with othor sports,
ami, although intensely exciting, Is
In no way dangorous. Tho shark
hunters go to sea In a launch or
sampan which tows 'a dead white
horso. When tho fishing grounds
aro roached, tho boat boglna to
clrclo about, and soon the fins ot
tho sharks may bo cutting through
tho water.
If ono Is an expert, he may har
poon a shark as It turn over to
triko, or ho may try hi luck with
a high-powored rlflo. The shark Is
a furious fighter aud, once bar
poonod or caught with hook and
line, displays amazing strength. But
ho finally tires and Is gradually
hnlilod 'aboard and thon dispatched
There are tow Hawailans living
today who caro to meet a shark In
tho open water and fight as his an
cestors did. In(.tho olden days a
Hawaiian armof himself with a
hard, wooden double-pointed Javelin
nbout 18 inches long, and with tho
center portion large enough to per
mit n good grip: He then 6 him-
De Valera Asserts
Ireland Will Not,
Accept Gov't. Terms
DUBLIN, Aug., 17 Tho public
session of tbo Dall Klreann waa a
Jourbed indefinitely this afternoon.
Prlvato session wilt be held, howovor,
beginning tomorrow.
De Valera today declared ,tbat the
Dall Klreann would not accept the
terms of tho British government ex
tending tbo dominion status to Ire
land. IinLFABT, Aug., 17 Leaves of
abaenco for all the Royal Irish consta
bulary have bcn cancelled, dating
from today. Officer and men of the
military force were called back from
loavo by an order Issuod yesterday.
c. dfOolds :
Tbo forum ot tho chamber of com
merce celebrated Ht "first birthday"
today and tho prcsenta It received
woro figures of a yeares altedance
ot 4,718 persons. Another present
wa tbo board of director' attendance
which gave Frod A. Baker a 1,000
percent attendance record. .
Tho coming county fair on October
C, 6 and 7 was the topic ot the forum
and E. II. Thomas, county agricul
turist, dwelt upon tbe value of m
county fair this year. In the course
ot his remarks, he said. "8eea of
tbe permanent fair ft ifcer places
somo of which are holding their Mth
successful fair. U da to ewniax
thcl'own ground and to" hating
long time fair boards who started to
work as soon aa a fair closed. In
preparation for tho nc,xt year. They
bold four or five day diversified pro
grams, part educational, part amuse
ment, for all classes. 'Why not hang
up a trophy to bo competed for at
lesst two or three seasons for both
beef and dairy cattle? Klamath
county this year has the greatest
grain, forage and fruit crop In It
history. Why not get up a display
for the coming Portland exhibit this
year? Whllo It will take $1,600 to
$2000 to finance It, tho reaulta will
re'urn many fold to KJamisth coun
ty. But above ail lets push thla
coming county fair now to a success
ful conclusion."
R. B. Bradbury, a member ot tbe
county fair board spoke on ttio same
subjoct and stated unles a fair waa
held this year, Klamath county would
lose Its appropriation, from thefetate.
Ho said that Klamath county farm
ers had tbo greatest crops of wheat
and forago crops, within bis own
knowlodpo, for tho seven years past,
but thl wonderful harvest waa a
bill ot cxpenso to tho farmers Instead
of an asset because thero was over
production and freight rates were
prohibitive on tending produce out
of hero. This county could support
35,000 dairy cow Instead ot the
4,000 now here; ho said, and this
would do away with trpublos for tho
farmer to a cortain extent. Ke urged
the support of all business and prl-,
vate cltlzena ns well for tho" county-1 1 , ', ;"""' "u(u -
, .i.t . 1 t0 tho information givon by tbe lo
falr thla year, I -, .... t. ...... ,.
n..-lil r Ikn r mnrVnl InJ
HDVUUtllVU V. ..... . Hw..n -
-etltutod by Chris Blanas. waa mad
today at the forum and it waa nit
nouced tbat tbe next ono. Saturdiy,
August 20, would do held in tho t ear
ot tbe Central Hotel on Main street.
The rest of tho month tbe mi.rkots
would be at this onw location., Chris
Blanas, A. B. Coltina and R. B. Smith
woro appointed to make Arrange
ments for it.
Mako that Idio dollar work! Put
It ia the bank.
Lnnnnir ' i" ------- .1 ...m...
aelf down into the water. Aa tbe
Bhark approached apd turned over
to strike, its gToat Jaws open, to
their full width, tha Hawaiian,
with a quick movemont. thrust tbe
Javelin between tho Jaws, ono point
ponotrattng the room ot the mouth
and the other the lower Jaw. The
ebark, thua unablo to close his
mouth, and helpless, waa cither
speared or allowed to swim away
ds tho Hawaiian chose. ,
PORTLAND, Aug. 17. Dr. H. M.
Brnmfleld arrived here thla morn
lb g In charge ot Sheriff Warmer
and Deputy Webb. He waa taken
by Starmer to the county Jail.
The prisoner now admit bla
his Identity but .claims that be re
member Bothfar staoe the Sunday
before 'hi altssjecl crime.
District Attorney George Neuner
met the officer here. BrumfUtd
wa questioned by Neuner within
the view ent at of hearing of
newspaper reporter. After the In
terview, Neuner told the reporters
that "BrumfieM' ears that with the
exception ot flabe In Portland,
Seattle and Vancouver, hi mind
was absolutely blank -from ftaaday,
July 10, until ho awoke yesterday
morning and found hlituelf hackled
to Webb. Bnunfteia reeell that
on July 10 hla boy skilled a lot of
buckshot and BraafJaM had trou
ble In picking; It p. He then be
came HI and hie sai4 went blank.
He ha a haxy recollection of some
trouble at the boundary In Blaine."
Neuner and Bruanfleld made no
reference to the crime with which
Brnmfleld Is changed. The district
attorney refuse tie allow the pri
soner to oe interviewed or photo
graphed and alloum aobody to sen
him. . Neaaer said ( BramfMd spoke
of sufferhuc a fepee during
hi collate dare, eliaHer to that
Just experienced.
Brumtleld told, Deputy,- Webb
he suffered from fwtea la tho head
whfte ,et a ad U', w'aeeiteat '
since he ha lived & Roeeburg.
When tbe attaeka ..m,, he would
have to quit work for .overal days.
"Very obvloiur- hi defease will
bo tbat ho waa suffering from a
lafiso of memorr , Neuner told tha
newspaper meay .
Joe SmJdl, 17. one of tbe men ac
cused of cracking safes at Dorrisund
Mi. Hebron, California. June 2,
laat, is in Jail at Heppner, Oregop,
according to a wire received "today
by Sheriff Low from Sheriff MeDul
fefe of llenraer. He Is held for the
Bijikiyou county authorities.
Allen Heujshln. alleged to bo Im
plicated Ia. tho crime, wa arrest
d shortly after its occurence and
Is ia"Jil nttreka.
Sanldl, according to Shorltf Low,
canie to Klamath Falls after the rob
bo :1c In a stolen auto. Tho car
wr ditdied in the canal near the En
terprise ranch. Smtdl prevailed upon
a girl friend to take him to Ashland
rH (temporarily, eluded the law.
"JJorth from Ashland tbe officers
i'aowsral times picked up the trail.
Biuldl used the aliases ot Bob Mur
uVhy and Bob McDonald. .He was
!"- .,, ira aiiuunuiii '' no
able to approhond him.
Runaway Girl is
Detained Here
Lydla Bollls, aged 15, whose home
J near Malln, was turned over to
Sheriff Lloyd Low yesterday after
sho had called upon Mrs. Sam Sum
mers orf Seventh street and asked
to bo taken In. Mrs. Bummers did
not recognlzo tho girl, iwho.gave her
name aa Lydla Landreth. Sheriff
Low temporarily detained her at the
county hospital and today got in
communication with her father who
said be would come for her. The
father said that the girl ran away
from her' mother'; who was vlaltln;:
at Modoc, Cni. Monday.
OREGON Tonight and Thursday
probably, shower .. with' thunder
atprma' in tho" hlh mountain tn the
aVt portion;' fresh southerly wln.da
. HE D