The Evening herald. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1906-1942, August 04, 1921, Page PAGE FIVE, Image 5

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    tpr w,- rrwn, "PfWW?'-'
thuiwdaV. august 4, 1MI.
It wnn iivlilont (lint tli (i Pliimbobn
nro out to mIii Hiiniliiy In llio gaino
Id, )o played with llm Juuoln, for
llirno pritctltoii tlilri wuok wnro nut
fur llm Icnni nt Moiloo l'nrk, At
tint Hiuuit limn, llio Juvvol tonm linn
t lid CM two fllllgrt (III till) llllllllllllll tliln
wenk mill from roporls, llm team In
piny hue togotlwr hottur tliim It Iiiih
In uny tlinn tliln Hounoii.
T)iu fan can hornum their own
iIopihIoih mill flKiiro out whnt tlilH
inounn. AcrorilhiK to ono folluwnr,
Hie I'luinhohn hnvn boon congregating
nbbul tin1 window of Ulnvnra Jowol
ry chop canting onvloim eye upon
that Imniluiiiiiii nllvjir liivltu; cup
vvhlrlr llert McDnnnlil mill (Hover
Imvc Iiimik up n n lrlKM tliln yuar.
Ami inmiy ilny droitms nro mid to
hniiK nlinut I'm li of tli iibo players who
deslrn lo win It tliln yi'nr mnl Hum
tin llio mimn thliiR uriiIii mat ynnr
nnil hnvn It nilnrn thn I'lunihob
ntronglinld In futiini )ears nn ii perm
anent prim. Mnnngnr Hwnnnoto
llki wlso Indulges In theno nmno
dreams nnd bun undoubtedly pm.l
iIimI tin' boys to Junt "ilo Hint llttln
Manager iPoplsll litui boon seen
near thl trophy Inspecting It from
nil angles nml linn figured thnt iwhlln
1922 In a lone wa)s off, still ho will
have n carpenter ready to Imllil n
stand for It In hln pluro of biislnnsi
A tho dopustor nald, "Jon linn touch-
cil I tin pride of hln hunch of yoiingn
tern anil thny look upon tliln prlso
nn onu fitting for thnm to win."
Tlio leugun leaders, tlio Coprns,
urn out fur thn prlto nn null ami
from thn pop)', ncrnppy mnnnur which
thi-y am now using In thnlr games,
feel that this prlio will hn ntlntoil
to thn in tliln year.
Jnnlor Daggett, mnnngnr of the.
Kwnqnnn, hnn a fowr tiupla)ed trlckn
up hi sleovo nnil will havo n word
to ruy before the ncanon In nvnr Hln
tram In working hnttnr now than
ovrr before Tho rneo for tbo prim
la on I
will bo among thn nthlotm who will
compoto horo In. tho track nnd fluid
innut ilurliiR tho ntntn folr on Mop
liiinhnr nth,
WKIJP A (I rook who rofunod to
rnvont hln niiino In In ii hospital horu
In n serious condition with a bullot
wound In IiIh client u tho result of an
ntlomptoil robbory horr Tho Uniok
anno haro from n 1'nclflc dun mid
Kloctrlo construction camp with
$:IU0U, nnd roi to Rumbling. It In
mild ho won ffiOO from locnl inom
horn of hln own nationality and was
shot In iih iiunucivnnful attempt lit
The Irish Delegation to the Peace Conference
HAN 1)1 CUO -Mlko McDormott, n
llfn iimmhur of thn llllniiln Athlntlc
i lull, who In n nnllor. uttiiclim to llm
nuvnl nlr station horn, nl Uorotindu
Tnnt City, inailo thn romnrknbtn
tlinn of I mltilltn, 1.1 3-B nncondn III
tho loo-vvnrd liienst nlrokn nwlm
ovnr mi outdoor courno.
HOHTO.V. Mans., Awe. 4. A hunt
for thn irk of thn hluu rooio will bo
one of thn odd urrumla of the Don
ald II. MiMlllan expedition In Mat
fin land thin year If thn hopes of
ornithologists nro realised. Thn adult
Idiio ROow,"Trnrloty with jtrnylsh
brown body that Rotn lti nnrie from
the blun-Rr.iy of Itn wIiik rovortM, In
nnt nmviiiiiiiou In tho United Slates
but Itn br Hiir hniintn hnvn been u
nubjret of much spoculuton among
bird lovers nnd Itn nest nnd crrs
hnve nover Itcon olmorvcd (
An nnnounenmunt by Dr. McMillan
thut nn hln last trip to thn Arctic
hn had noticed flcdRolliiRn of thnxn
Komo nrounod tliu Intoront of .i'u
drntn or bird llfn with thn result
that nnn of tho ncluntlnta who will
accompany tho prcnent oxpcdlllon
will bu cominUsloiicd to bo on thn
lookout cHpcrliilly for bluo roohp
crrn In ronuoctlnn with hln other
fluid work.
Thn prlco thnt ono of (hoi" vrrs,
Mlliorto untoon by civilized iiion.
would commnnd, ban not boon nuolcd
but JudglnR from tho flntliiislnim.dlf
plnyrd In uulurnl history oclollo.i
over thn milijoct, tho roobo that laid
tho Riildon oer will hnvn nothl'ut on
thin bird.
Baffin laud lg bollovud to bo the
crratcit bri'odliiK plnco of bird llfo
In tho far north. In Itn Id), 000
iiqimro inlloa of Interior ;moxplorod
by whlto moil aro ukoniwhlcli tho IN
klmos doncrlbo iih nix days' sdo0i;o
Journoy In IoiirIIi, (at In.nit 100
nillcfl) uhd nhnundliiR In wild-fowl.
Tho McMillan oxpodltlon will loao
lmrc In July In tho ffclioonor llowdnlii
Bpcrlally built foV tho purpouj and
will (pond probably 14 months In n
Btudyi or Ilarflu land aloiii? various
sclontiric Unci.
o 0
HAN rilANCIHCO Tho KnlRhtn
of C'oliiiuliun convuntloii horn cannot
ni'rloiinty counldor uit appeal rocolvod
from thn lutornallonnl Iloform Ilitr
cau of WnnhltiRton, I). C niklnR
ro-oparntlou In rnvlvliiR Hundny bluo
lawn, It wan announced by Hupromo
KntRht JniiiPN A. Klnhorty, follow Iiir
a ineotln of tho board or directum
of tho KnlRhtn of Columjiun,
HACItAMI.'NTO Two nrmed man
hold up Albert Franeln, contractor,
of tho North Hncramonto I-and corn
pnny, Junt wi-it or thn Routhern I'n
rlflr hrldgo oor tho Hncramcnto rlv
or, and forced him to enrry them In
hln maclilno to tho nnd or thn Yolo
raunnway, whnrn thny worn met by a
third man, In an automobile.
BBBBBBallBnlnlBP'nlnlB nlBlIBBWBnlnKKnP V
HlnHlilkinHflR yl
Make that idlo dotWr work!
It In tlio boat. '
Name "Bayer" on Genuine
v pAVlg(
Thin In tho irnt plcturo to reach America allowing thn Irlnh peace delegation at Irlnh headquarters In
London for tho inomeiitoun conforonco that may bring to nn end the 700-year "war between the Irlih and
tho KnRllnh Senled, Kamnn Do Vnlora (left), head or tho Irlnh dcleRatlon, and Arthur Griffith, founder of
tho Hlnn Ketn Btnndlne (left to right) Count I'lunkett. DclcRato Cblldern, tho Lord Mayor of Dublin, Mrs.
Farnan, Minn O'llrennan, Itobcrt Ilarton and Mi's O'Oonncll.
n m
TIIU.O(JIC A Iiuro Kxcol water-
melon rurofully packed In nxrelalor
and wrapped In paper iwolRhlnR 77
poundn and mnaiurlnR 30 Inrhoi In
IniiRth, 32 Inchon In circumference
and 1 4 Inches In dlumclcr wnn for
warded today by oxprens lo 1'renl
dent HardliiR by Hlanloy AlbrlRht, a
well-known nhlppor and Kroner or
thin dlntrlct, Tho melon I oipect
nd to reach 'WanhlnRton ubout tho
rniran tlmo tho I'renldent rcturnn
from hln vacation.
Interest in County
Fair Awakemng
Willi tho nppolntmont of the
county fnlr board. Intercut neomn to
lmo been renewed In thn pronpectn
or llm county fair for thin fall. It M
too enrly to mako any doflnltn an
nnuncomentn but n number of sur
Rottlonn nro being ronnldircd
Tho fnlr tmut bo hlRh claim In
pcry reflpoct.
I torso racliiR will bo eliminated
A queen of tho fair la considered,
poenllily each community putting up
Itn mont popular maiden, nnd mine
of thoio not "wlnnlnR out'' for tho
hlKhent honor to bo mado "mnldn
of honor."
AmiiitementH, and poulbly a danrn
havo nlso been illtcusned, tho con
rennlonn to hn thn host obtnlnahlo and
rofrcslimouts In charge of competent
catororn. ,
I'oulbly thorn will bo n parndo of
dncornletl vohlctcn, to open thn fnlr
and properly oncort tbo queen, nnd
In thin tho co-operation of the Ail
tomnbllo Ansoclntlou will bo asked
Another poosslblllly In n "stunt
night," In which tho local lodges
may bo asked to contribute
Farmorn, don't forget your ptrt
Bayo tho best to nliow what Klamath
ran do. Who has tho biggest nun
flower; or tho biggest pumpkin: or
tho bent nheaf or wheut or alfalfa?
On AuruhI ICth, there will bo a
danco at thn Scandinavian lull Riven
by the city league manuRoment to
ralso money for thn Indebtedncnn
cuitractcd by tbo leoRiin during tho
Fourth of July gamen played hem
Not ono outside game was a finan
cial nuccesx and an the teams worn
nil brought from quite a dlstnuce,
debts worn contracted and funds
mutt bo raised In nomu legitimate
manner to offtul tho losn.
Tho plan adopted at thn begin
ning of the year ban been ndhored
to strictly, thn ruin or soliciting no
contribution!! from tho merchants
nor from any other source. Tho
IcaRUo nlnrted out on an' Independ
ent basin arid desires to still remain
so. An nearly all the players trip
tho light fantnstlc too, thin dance
will delight all and at the samo
time, wlpo out the league deficiency.
At a meeting of the t'agun man
agement, tho prlrn wan fixed for thli
entcrlnlnment nt $1 a couple, 90
conts admission, 10 cents war tax
Thn players are to be requested to
sell tlckots nnd hove a record break
ing crowd on hand that night to en
Joy thin "baseball danclnc party '
Thn players und all their friends aro
to bo Invited to tho onlv bnsebull
danco which will bo given this Rea
son under the auspices of tho city
There Is no word for strawberry
In classical Creek, that fruit being
practically unknown lo them
German Champ
.Mivko thnt Idlo dollar work!
It In the liink
. r
Vji' ,bV .a jtt
fit MBa i .AtSTs. '
i h I tBBrS B "S ' i ' Hbt,
r'"i i - ILSbbUbB k
NEW YORK, Aug. I. Tho gOT
ernment has won Its suit In the
Unltod States district count to col
lect 1292,67(2 rrom John D. Rocke
feller, alleged to bo due In Income
tax on oil company shares, which
bo claimed as dividends and not In
coMiKcriox surra
Suit has ben Instituted by tho
Business Service Bureau against
Robert S. Fry on two counts, one for
tho alleged refusal or the defendant
to pay a debt of 143.35, to Walter A.
Simpson, ono to H. J. Winters for
$1S. Tbo caso Is set for hearing this
afternoon in tho Justice Oaghagen's
Howard Unless you sco tho na
"Daycr" on packago or on tablets you
are not getting gonulno Aspirin pro
scribed by physicians for twenty-ova
years and proved safo by millions.
Tako Aspirin only as told in th
Ilaycr packago for Colds, lloadachc.
Neuralgia, Rheumatism, Earache,
Toothache, Lumbago, and for Pals.
Handy tin boxes of twelve Dayer
Tablets of Aspirin cost few cents..
Druggists also sell larger packages.
Aspirin Is tho trado mark of Barer
Manufacture of Mcnoacetlcacldester
of Sallcyllcncld. adv.
: ? corns ImJ
i j( Lift RfQht Off urn J
;1 I without Pain. IqJJ '
o o
Hereafter The Herald will publish
the mean and maximum tempera-
ures and precipitation record aa tak
en by the U. 8. Reclamation service
tattoo. Publication will cover the
day previous to the paper's issue, up
to S o'clock ot tho day.
. Pre-
War Mln. cipiUtion
Aug, t .... . 88 SS
Aug. 2 .......... 86 51
Aug. 3 ......,. 89 SC
Magic! Drop a llttlo "FreetoM"
on ah aching corn, Instantly that com.
stops hurting, then shortly yoa lift
It right off with fingers.' Doesn't hart
a bit.
Your druggist sells a tiny bottle ot
'Freezone" for a few cents, nuffleieat
to remove every hard corn, soft cora.
or corn between the toes, and calluses.
Life .is a burden wben tha ktx
re racked with pakk EverythaBg
worries and the victim beeeeMB
despoodent and downhearted. 1
bring back,tbe wmahine tab
Tbt national rwaady of KoHsnd for ovesr
300 years; it is an ensaaj of ell psi 1
Midng trocn kidney. Htm and nric acM
troablM. All dntggtsta, tbt Ut.
, Miss Erna Murny In the girl swim
vin champion of Ocrmany, bavins
.'Just won that title acrjivst a laico
inrtd of conuxtltoiii.
De Valera at Lloyd George's Home
Mako Hint Idlo dollar work! Tut
It In tlio bank.
IAKi:it8FIKI.D A reduction of
tl a day Iji tlio wages of nil build
ing mecbaulcs In nakorstleld will bo
placod In offoct on Soptombor 1st.
This was announced by tho Press
Commlttoo of tho Ilulldors' Kxcliango,
which, ut a mooting of the nulldom,'
Kxrhango, 65 membors, voted to of
feet tho cut.
i ' '
SACRAMENTO Vorno Blenklron,
notod sprinter of I.os Angolos, who
many crltios claim, will clip off sec
onds from CharIey;Paddock's records
Todny tho potrous or tho l.lborty
will boo America's fnvorlto fcreon
star, William Kurnum, Htarrlng In
Chnrlcs Dickens' Inmortnl story of
tho French Revolution "A Talo or
Two Cities," Mr. Fnrnum plays a
dual rulu In thin great drama und his
critics havo pronounced this Mr.
Farnum's greatest plcturo. "A Tnlo
of Two Cltica" Is at tho l.lborty today
only. L
A concert for thn bonoflt ot tho
Mt. I.nkl church and community
house will bo glvon Friday ovonlng,
August Gtli, following tbo custom
adoptod earllor this year, to raise
funds to comploto tho structuro.
Qcorgo Wlrtz has notified tho Mt.
Lnkl district that on this occasion
ho will bring his boat Edison ma
chine and rocords, including some ot
the masterpieces of Enrico Caruso,
who died yesterday at Naples, Italy,
A number of Klamath Falls people
attend the Mt. Lakl affairs.
fstxzt Wf'SCWtSfMf' d? - "&' war 'dgag!v "wg1"' " i
bbLbV LbbbbI bbbbt
W 111" I I. .
Don't bo deceived on a double load ot ,
Our wagons hold 193 cubic feet or IK cords. Measure the
load and bo sure. Wo guarantee IM cords. Measure our wagons.
lluy ot an established firm and bo sure. Our cheaper woodi is
"Tho Poor Ian' Wood" ", ,
10 cords for $35.00.
A year's supply for two stores. '
O. Peyton & Co.
419 Main St. Phone S3S
ri",i"-"-"" iirijvvinnjTj'LrLu
Here's De Valera entering the residence ot Premier Lloyd George at
10 Downing street. London, tor thn historic Irlsh-Enslish noaca discus
sions. In tho foreground, with his back to the camera. Arthur Qrirtitn,
founder ot Sinn Fein, and on the' right, Robert Barton, another ot tke
Irish peaco delegation to London.
"Gee, but it's hot!
You won't say that if,
you visit the Maze, where it
is- cool yand comfortable
and where you can gel
those delicious ice cold
drinks and ices that are so
refreshing on warm days...
7th and Main SU.
Phone 4177
r '