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3Hp? lEuntttg Herald
A ClaSS Ad WW.
Do It
Today N-0 J
Member of the Associated Pre.
Klftociitli War. No. noM.
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lit tinn -way und" out tlm other, In
tlin propor way lo routo Orator
Lake taurUt travel, mIiI Ohnrlon H.
Koo. general paasongar nicoiit of tho
Bouthcrn Pacific, nt nn Informal ro
caption nt tho ehnmher of common a
roomn lant night, discussing tho
Crator Lnko innttur with tho Ion
cltlxenn gathered to greet blm.
Tho railway passenger depart
ment hmt fouml, hn wild, thai thoy
lost trnns-conllnontnl buslnoia by
trying to Inilnco tourists to buy it re
turn ticket ovnr tlm nnmo routu, lln
Ionic ago Instructed agontn to null tho
tourlit tho ticket tin wanted, unit
not to attempt to pomuado him to
travel ovnr thn nnmo lino coins and
coming. This, said Mr. Koo, hail
proved tho beat policy, nnil hn
thought thnt. Medfonl nnil Klamath
Kails would find It to their udvunl
ago In developing tho Crator Lake
travel to co-opcrnto In an endeavor
to route tourlit Into tho lako from
ono sldn unit out the othor.
It wan said that tho Med ford ill
rectors of tho Crater l.ako company
and tho company Itself wan pursu
In it thla ro-operatlvn policy, hut
that there was a sentiment In Mod
ford that wan still antagonistic to
Klamath Kails, anil nonin reportH
had reached thn local chamber of
commerce that tourlMa were ad
vised that tho Klamath Kulla road
to thn lake wai not air good aa thn
Medfonl route, and thoy would fare
bettor If thoy entered and returned
via Medford.
Mr. Koo promised to do nil he
could to overcome thla bad nsdlcy,
both In pirsonul discussion amj. in
future' advertising.
Thla li tho flrit visit of thn rail
way official to CratorvJako In 1C
year. Ilo atlll ban vivid Impren
alona of hi former trip, and lookod
forward with much ploaauro to an
other view of tho Inko'i scenic
aplendor. Ilu aald that Klamath
county had n unlitin asset In tho
lake, mid though development of
tho tourist Interest inlKht bit alow,
hn predicted thnt thn day wan com
Inc when thn lakn would bo a point
on tho Itinerary of all western tour
ists. Within his experience, ho aald,
tho YiiMimltn annual visitation had
crown from 2,500 persona until thla
season It In estimated that 80,000
persons will cuter tho park boforo
It closes.
Aaked aa to tho possibilities of
railway oxtonslon, Mr. Ken cava hla
opinion that tho railways woro In no
position to build. Ilo aald that
finances worn nt n, lower obb at
proaonl thnn at nny tlmo during thn
,40 ycurs of railroading. Competing
uulo truck nnil bUH lines wcro sorl
ously Impairing railway revenues,
hn anld. In Cullfornla tho railway
commission Iiuh Just Issuod nn ordor
permitting tho Southorn Pacific to
lay off sixteen local pussonKor
trains In tho bay region and Sacra-
mento valley. Tho roada emerged
from government control with their
rolling stock unit roadbeds Impaired
and eiirnlna power consequently do
creaaod, Despite all, how over, Mr. Foo was
optimistic. "Wo'll coma out of It
all right,' ho declared, but ho Bald
ho forosaw no Immcdlato prospect
of construction. i
Tho railway man U traveling In
bin prlvato car, Ilorkoloy, nccoin
panlod by his wlfo und two daugh
tors. Thn party Ibft for tho lako
this morning. The ladlos will ro
turu to Klamnth Falls and go by
rail to Medford. Mr. Koo will go
by stago from tho lako to Medford
and rcsumo tho rail trip north, with
NEW YOIIK, Aug. 4, Hussion
horses, which numbered 36,000,000
boforo tho war have nracllonllv ills.
appeared, having boon oft ton 'by tho
famished population. This wiu ro
vealod In nrtlclos In Russian news
papors published In Moscow, which
havo boon rocolvpil 'hero 'by tho
American rollof administration. Cluav
es at,tho Moscow university aro to
ported to havo boon dismissed when
tho students becutno too wouk from
hungor to work, ,
Government Demand
Tax From Legion for
Pott Benefit Dance
A special meeting of thn Amer
ican Legion will bo called at 8
o'clock tonight nt tho city hall for
business arising from thn dances
held Inst year by thn post. Ono
dance wa given at thn Ucandlnu
vlau hall and three othorn at thn
While Pelican hotol. '
It developed today with u visit
from O, O, Davis and Ooorgo O.
Ilnwett, federal Income tax collect
or;, from Portland .that tho dances
given wero subject to thn rulings
of tho Internal revenue department,
und demand has been mnde for tho
At tho time when thu post gavo
theso dunces, no Idoa was enter
tallied by Itoy N. Koucho, J. It.
Carnahan and Louis Porter, post of
ficers .that n return would havo to
bo matin to tho government, aa
profit wan not considered, nor was
thorn to bo n division of tho pro
ceeds. All money derived abovo ex
pense was turned Into thn post
fund for books, lltornturo and
miulpmnnt, atnted thn post officers
Today notice was given Itoy
Koiich, post adjutant, thnt $78 tnx
nnd n penalty ot over $40 for (in
payment would havo to bo made tho
government by midnight, fho mem
bers aro called by tho pot officers
to meet and taka earn of Its emer
The basin Idea ot the frco market
plan, trial ot which takes place Hat
urdjy at tho Arcado hotel. Is not com
petition with local dealers lu.grcon
stuff nnd meats, nays Chris Planus,
proprietor of tbo hotol nnd origina
tor of tho plan for a local froo mar
ket, but stimulation of tho growing
of vegetables, poultry and othor pro
duco that can bo distributed through
tho froo market by furnishing tho
grower with a direct nnd profitable
market for his products.
Mr. manna expectn Saturday'
trynut to provo thn feasibility of his
plan and I working hard to Interest
both producer and consumer. Ifo
has thn coo-oporatlon of members of
thn women's auxiliary of tho cham
ber ot commerce and It Is expectod
that u largo crowd of housewives
will bo on hand, when tho markot
opens Saturday morning at 8 o'clock.
Producers aro urgod to remember
that thla Is a trial opening and to
refrain from offering too much of
nny ono commodity until tho market
I established. Small lota and tho
groatost possible varloty ot products
Is dcslrod, sayn Mr. Itlunns, In ordor
that tho domnnd for dlfforont food
stuffs may bo gauged. It tho trial
Saturday Is successful tho frco mar
ket will bo hold wcokly.
Potato groworn for Instnnco, said
Mr. Manas, might bring In a fow
Racks ot potaloos, showing fair Ram-
plea and tnko ordor on tho sam
ples for later dollvory It tho demand
warrant. Vogotnble of all kinds,
chickens, eggs and moat Will bo of
NAPLES, Aug. 4k Patrician cud
plobluns gathorod.oarly tojuy to wit
noss tho funeral of Knrlco Caruso,
which wan hold in thn .historic
church of Ban Krnnclsco dl Pardn..
Kour hundred singers inn'g a nt
qulom. nnprcsontatves ot tho royal
family nnd United States officials
ST. LOUIS, Aug. 4.T.Tiroo ban
dits hold up nu'd slugged Tommy
Kolaldo, postofflco tnoHsengor, nt
Wood Itlvor, Illinois, anil escaped
today with th'roo pouches, 'Ono' of
tho bags la b)llovod to havo contain
od $60,000 In curroncy to tho Stand
nrd Oil company at' Wool! Hiver,
m '
1 tjult for tho collodion of threa un
paid note totalling $250, given 'the
First State and Savings bank by A.
T, Miller wu filed In tho circuit today,
Tho oyoti of tho thinking world nro focused on Kngland, and nil bocauio
ono man has sought to defy tho will of anothor. That man Is Lord North
cllffo, tho world's grcntont publisher, tho owner of upward of two hun
dred publlcntlonn, among them tho groatost newspaper In Kngland. Tho
othor man Is the "llttlo Wolchmon," thn promlor of England, Lloyd
(Jeorge, reputed to bo tho amortcttt man In England nnd recognized as
ono of tun groat statesmen ot too ago,
v... ..- t. .
ilu. ntw.iiiwi thn iinnm nf mnn nit tniirt.
or greater sensitiveness to criticism.
.. '. ii f ... .l.l.kM
tho plan of Lloyd Ooorgo to attend poraorfoily tho disarmament conrerenco,
which It Ik proposed to hold In Washington, tho premier winced and In
his nnger struck back at tho publlshor, by closing certain avenues of In
formation heretofore open to his newspapers, forgetting that Informa
tion Is not tho porsonal property of Lloyd Ucorgo, but of his masters tho
people. Ilo further forgot that promlera havn corno nnd premiers hnvo
gone, but great newspaper continue on and will bo read and listened to
when ho Is forgotten. . '
Norlhcllffo Is not tho only newspaper mnn who has had to meet tho
(, f,5Mt you Mm fjm n everywhere. Opponents of tho frco press
novor hositnto to spend tlmo nnd money lo destroy a newspaper itai
shows any degree ot Independence or any disposition to stand up for tbo
rights of thn peoplo ngnlnit tho sottish' Interests of would-bo dictators to
bo found In every community. And no.nowspapcr that has had tho cour
ago to fight for what It believes to bo right, baa over failed.
Tho subsidized press Is tho curso of
sld comos In tho naturo of direct
secret support. It In tainted from tho packet ot tho crook, tho dishonest
politician, who hones to hldo hls'mladciit or find a defender when ho Is
caught, from tho smnll touted business man who seeks control of tho
volco of thn press by his advertising, by tbo fnnntlc who can seo nothing
but thn distorted vision of a diseased mind, thn dishonest rascal -whoso
only thought Is self nggrandlzement. Rising from such a source nothing
could bo honest und If It could exist, then tho freedom ot tho press would
bo a thing of thn past nnd tho light that has pointed tho way to every
thing that has elevated, refined and mado pormancnt human freedom
would bo lest.
Tbo outcome of tho controversy will not decldo tho relative abll
Ity of either man. but It will havo It bearing on a. creator question tho
freedom of thn press. To throttle tho volco of tho press, to bend It to
their whims and fancies, to dictate Its policy, to control Its utterances has
ovor been tho nlm of lender of every nation and every cause It Is a
struxrlo that will contlnun until tho ond of tlmo, bnt novor will tho day
come when tho world -w 111 bo without
ple s right
Tbero will never coran a day when
sllnnco tho volcn of thn press, for It
Found, Helplea Man
Near Ft. Klamath
Dan Wilson, aged 41 years, was
picked up In a weakonod physical
condition noar Heven Mile creek yes
terday by Ambrose Ambroghottl ot
this city and taken to the malt launch
conductod by Capt. Calkin nnd
brought to this city.
Wllsou wan taken to a local bos'
pllal for treatment for atomich ills-
order arising whllo lost In tho reg
ion near Crator lako last wcok. In
vestigation of hla mentality wan
and It wag found ho wus sano. W'h
son wan sent lo tho Klamath county
Infirmary for trealmont. Ho clalmi.
Vallojo, California, as his homo. Hn
In supposed to bo thn deranged man
reported at liberty In thn Kt. Kin
math region Tuesday.
K08K11UIIO, Or., Aug. 4. Al
though tho primary election Is stilt
nlno months In tho future tho po
litical pot Is already browing and po
litical circles aro beginning to make
surmltes and predictions based on
tho present outlook. Judgo J. W
Hamilton, has announced def
initely that ha wilt not again bo a
When the Irish
sjsatjtBsjssWctlF,aVTr ""-aummmmmmmmutmi wm " "iHHBBHHIIMNP-',"Ot?;
u&wi&MK JLaw- iUILii-'J''saaalv.waaaaaasaaaaaaaaaaaaaJisaaaaaaaaaV
B i- "MssrattaaaTaailaaaaTfysaaaaaaT t aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanMiaasW
WTFmn ntmfm iThTlsasaBaBaBaBaBainimal
HlWwlaBaBKifi!Bnt A ' aoHsVaaBaBaBaBaBaBaH
f AiKJBBawk. i JaKttWmjnWWmaBtWmm
This ploturo, rushod from London, graphically shows how enthusiastic was tho welcome given
Ie Valera and histoids by Irish sympathliera when tho-Irish "Peaco Special" arrlvod'. .bringing
Do Vnlora for tho conferences with Lloyd Ooorgo. This photographtwaa snapped in-Euston Sta- -
tlon, London, Just as tho Irish train caina to a stop. Tho entire station waa ono dense mass ot
ehosrlnr humanity. -
""" .
J h,. ,.n...n. ih ,. frnitiv hnt
3 Htrifirtor. or KtatfHmcn tu Kfoat i
AkHH f i.l VnvtfcAltft.. MflfllnI .
V hen Lord Northcllffe criticized
any community whethor that sub-
financial holp, promised patronago brlnny sldo except that of tho British
newspapers to chnmplon tho peo
thn Lloyd Ooorge of tho world will
Is thn voice of freedom
War on Weed Makes
Progress Says Chief
" t J
Property owner whoao lots aro
covered with weeds arecuttlng them
and trying In every way to assist
tho fire department iiUla campaign
'against grass ftres rmlngthlt -dry
porlod, said Keith Ambrose, chief
of tho firo department today,
Tho business section wan being
cleared rapidly and as soon as tho
flro rammlttco reports to tho coun
cil what means can bo taken to ro
Ileo tho menace In tho Hot Springs
and second Hot Springs addition, ac
tion will begin nt onco on thorn. Roll
ing wllh a log nnd tho use of a mow
er woro suggested to tbo flro chief
by merabon ot thn council, but oach
suggestion han a drawback. Burning
off patches, with a flro man detail
ed to sen that no groat hoadway was
galnod by tho flro, has alio been
Make thnt Idle dollar work!
It in tho bank.
monster1 firitlsu built naval dirigible,
7.11-2, lcao!i Hon den, Kngland, Aug
ust 26th for Lnkohurst, Now Jrsoy.
"Peace Special" Reached London
. .. .......... .l
Sinn Fein Report
Ulster Reply Not
Favorable to Peace
BELFAST, Aug. 4. The Ulstor
cnblnat mot today In a short ses
sion, but no announcement was
made regarding tho deliberations.
It was authorltatlvoly stated that
no message from Do Valera had
reached tho cablnot. IteporU that
UUlor reiuica lo entertain tio uru-
Ish government's proposals
ponce woro officially denied.
DUJILIN, Aig.'4. Thero wlll' bo
n full meeting of tbo Irish repub
lican parliament, according to offi
cial announcement. A roport Is cur
rent that Ulster'' reply to the Sinn.
Keln overtures has been received,
nnd Js. unfavorable. '
LONDON', Aug. 4. Sir James
Crnlg, Ulster promlor, announced
that ho "absolutely refused to take
"All aro seeking peaco," ho con
tinued, "In their own way, and a
foolish word now might causo mis
LONDON, Aug. 4. Formal Invl
tntlon for Amorlcan participation In
tho allied stfpremo council at Paris
next Monday has been communicated 1
to tbo American cmbasir hero. Am
bassador Harvoy and ?.l his ttall
will loavo for Paris S?ttrduy.
J. K. Uratton received advices
from Pomona, California that the fa
mous "blue laws " closing moving
picture houses on Sunday pi-.'ed last
year In that city wero declared un
constitutional In court.
A decision by Judge-Burnett, of tbo
superior court of Lo Angsles coun
ty, covering IS pages doclared that
ho was constrained to hold that tho
ordinance In question was unconkti
tutlonal becauso it was dlscrlmnatory
and It .was not In tho powers of tho
legislative department io deprive
any ot tho pooplo of tho enjoyment
of equal privileges undor tho law,
nor could any dty be permitted to
exercise tyrannical power. Tho ordl
nanco was unreasonable bo said be
causo It prohibits what, In general, is
perfectly lawful. It reached and
passed tho limits of tho city pollco
This decision was gonr; to bo
fought Mr. Oratton said, by tho Civic
Uotterment League Jn Pomona, which
Intondcd to carry tho case to t'ja Cal
ifornia supremo court and funds
-woro being solicited to enrry on
tho tight.
rc n
L. J. Dean, proprietor of the Cen
tral barber shop, thinks be has cor
rectly gauged, the .trend of paljllc
sontlment and although alone in his
stand and faced by poaalblo discipline
from tho barber's anion, today an
nounced a reduction ot prices, ef
fective next Monday.
Tho proposed redactions are: hair
cuts from 75 to 5 cents; abaves
from 35 to SC oeats; tho ahloes
from 20 to 15 cemU.
According- to Mr. Bean the aver
ago scale on tho Pacific coast it 25
cents for shares and 50 cents for
haircuts. The reduction therefore
brings shaving to tho gone.'al price
lovet. The difference in the prlco
of hair cutting will be justified In
tho public mind. It Is believed, by
tho generally higher cost ot oper
ating here.
Probably no item ot cost has been
more generally criticized by tho pub
lic than the local tonaorial prices.
Barbers have been getting rapped
on every hand. Traveling wen have
been especially bitter critics and have
carried away tales of Klamath Falls
barber's charges, probably raagnlflod
In the re-telling, that has helped lo
give the city a. 'lot of bad advertuw
Ing in the raaUef of living costs.
It ( believed that Ue example of
the Central shop will bo follow 1 by
other proprietors.
Mr. Bean aald, he did not know
what the unio would do. The ln
ternatioaal union maintains the right
to establish rIeeT aa'well aa wages.
bacaoae away BaftloroM work oatlre- .
I ly o'a-reeitleW lal. .
Here, however, whero thero ! a
guaranteed wago ot $10a week, and ,.
a commission of 60 per cent oa
weekly receipts over $"41,30, it. li
doubtful if public sentiment would
hold that tho employees had valid
ground for complaint. The reduc
tion In prices, it la probable, will bo
offset by Increased volume of busi
ness and the workers commission
will not bo impaired. Tho $3u guar
antee remains in forco until the pro
sent contract with tho union expires
In October.
Med ford Reported
By Tourist to Be
Working Against K. F.
Mr. and Mrs., Robert Marx rt
MUwaukee, WI.. 'William Marx and
Paul O'Dowty yesterday drove to
Crator lako by the west sldo routo
and completed tho trip of 185 miles
in tho day.
William Marx stuted that the
roads for several miles out ot Ft.
Klamath woro in tho finest condi
tion that ho has ovor Known tnem
to bo, but from Klamath Falls to
Crater lako the approachos to the
bridges woro In bad condition. In
some places, a bank olgbt to 12
Inches high made entry or depart
ure from a bridgo unsafe.
In a conversation with J. IK Wise, i
proprietor of tho Ft. Klamath ho
tol regarding tourist traffic to Cra
tor lako by way ot Klamath Falls, It
developed thut Klamath Falls was
being discriminated against by Med
ford boosters and business men, Mr.
Wlso "stated that tourists who stop
ped at his place charged thiit Med
ford peoplo when questioned about
coming out by tbo way ot Klamath
Falls .wero told that Topsy grade was
the only oxlt from this city and It
was practically impassablo. Tourists'
wero advised to be sure and return
by way of Medford. .
Klamath Falls day will be hold In
Medford on August 10 and local
chamber of commerce representatives
would doubtless ask explanation ot
why Klamath Falls is being adver
tised adversely by tho Medfonl peo
plo when ihey know two routes are
possible oui of this city, by way of
Weed and tho Topsy grade.
A decroa of divorce ot Margaret
Lucille Freeman from Ouy N, Free
man waa entered in tho circuit court
today. Desertion was tho ground for