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14 C!m Ad Will
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Frfteeuth Year.-No. iMMlt.
i The Oregon llsnkor's association
baa Uunchnd a campaign of educa
tion to enlighten tho puhllc general
ly on banking melhndn and ayntnmM,
through newipapor publicity, mlcr
tlalnic and public lectures,
Marahall Hooper, vice president of
tho Klrat Htato and Havings hank of
thla city, ha ben named by tho
association n chairman of the nub
committee on education for Klamath
"I Intend to actively follow tho
linea laid down for the dissemination
of Information on banking methoda
among tho people of tho county,"
Mid Mr. Hooper today. "Obviously,
the Idea Is excellent and helpful, and
I Intend to orgaulie a local campaign
to carry out hern thn educational
plana mapped nut fur thn Main isro
elation campaign,"
Ten lecture, cohering auch sub
ject aa general hanking, finance,
basic economic principle, hare Imen
prepared by aiperta of tho Amer
ican bankera annotation and It
U tho Intention to have them dollv
red to seventh and eighth grade of
grammar schools, to high nohool stu
denU, In college and universities,
club, societies and business organl
Hllona throughout thn slate,
In a revolution passed by the state
banker association, the banker near
st every school In tho atato of Ore
ion la obligated lo advance th gen
raJ program bv aaroelne in have ilr
llvered to tho school, during the next
cbool year one lecture per month
for ten months, Every hanker In the,pbllgeti
rasa of edt
ImA In. hM th. .--.l
ed to help the general
pregraao of education In txurr poss
ible way.
In other word banker reallrn
that their business, of all enterprises,
most closely tourhes thn public and
that the public Is entitled to under
stand every detail of Its system and
the regulations that govern It. They
are going to rip to shred the cloah
of mystery that, In thn public mind,
generally speaking, shrouds the bank
Ing business.
Theso are tho words of tbo commit
tee report, outlining tho educational
program for tho American bankers
"Klrst of all, this commltteo wishes
to emphatically endorse tho move
ment tending to enlighten the general
public as to the real meaning of
banking; ltn fundamentals and prln-
cipies; in Drier, to bring about a
thorough understanding between thn
public and hanker.
"In the public mind there Is alto
gether too much mystery In tho
banking business,
"There In no business that servos
the puhllc moro and la understood
less, nor Is thoro any business In
which the public Is represented as It
Is In tho banking business.
"llsnkn are examined by public ex
aminers In tho Interest of tho puhllc,
(UJd still the general puhllc Is less ac
quainted with thn banking business
than It la with most any othor puhllc
r Mmi-puDiic institution.
"No other business ban less to con
geal aa to ltn workings and method,
Sad yet It Is continuously assailed by
the uninformed, tho "demagogue and
the agitator. Tho Ills of nearly all
nations are laid at our doors,
t "We must have a counter program
of education und enlightenment; a
program which will stand tho most
thorough test of education; a pro
gram of all In truth and nothing
bat thn truth.') i
Make that Idle dollar work! Put
K la the bank.
0. r. fltono, local attorney, with
Mrs. Stone and nephow, Is at ftd
montou, Canada. Tho party Is
preparing to pack Into tho Canadian
Rockies August 1st, according to
postcards received by friends. Mr.
Stone says prices of everything In
Canada, oxcept labor, are as high
as they woro In the United States
a"year ago. Wages aro about half
the tprnaeot scale In tho United
suites, ht myi. i
STJl lEttnmn Iterato
Boxing Commission
Reverses Referee in
Middleweight Bout
OLHVKLANI), July 28 The locnl
boxing commission awardod . tho
world' middleweight clmmplohiihlp
to llryan Downey of Cleveland, al
lliouKh Itefercn Jimmy fJnrdnor of
l.oWoll, Mass., who officiated at last
night's twelve round non-decision
liout between Downor iinil Johnny
Wilson, the lltlo holder, gavn tho
fight to Wilson.
Thorn was onn foul In tho sotnnlh.
Wilson wan knocked down three
times In thin round Thn official tlmn
kee(inr said hn kupt count and Wllnon
wan down 13 i-G second tho firitt
tlmo and was out
.Gardner, who wan Wilson' sulec
tlon for referco, clalmod Downey hit
tho champion when tho latter wa
down the third time.
tteporta havo trickled In slowly
to Chris Dianas slnco announcement
was mado that an endeavor would
bo mado by him to establish a free
market, for the benefit of the peo
ple hern Tho one outstanding
foaturit of tho announcement was
that last Halurday 1G housewives
came to the announced place of
holding tho market with baskets,
prepared to takn away a nupply of
fresh vegetable for tho Handsy
meal Much disappointment was
eipnssed when they learned that
Hie announcement would be made
I " PP w ready for aalo,
, ,,'!n Xh lMl tew d,jr- Mr
IJ l Hooper of Midland, Mrs. Hen
I "0ni1 f ,hl" cl,r n1 Mr- nl Mra.
.. i ,. . .-.
Van Meter of ioe ralley havo call
ed Mr Illanas and notified him
that they will bring their produce
to him whenever a date Is set for
tho market. Mr. Iloopor has n sup
ply of new potatoes, carrots, cab
bage, lettuce, pie cherries and ta
bio beets; Mrs. IlonJ can supply
bents, carrots, lettuco and string
beans whllo Mr. and Mrs.
Van Meter hare eggs, chickens, both
fryers and hens, onions, Dutch
cheese, butter and perhaps veal as
soon an a market Is created for
thli last Item. '
Mr. and Mrs. Van Meter say that
they will endeavor to secure as
sistance for this market lu Poe
valley from a number of produco
raisers thoro and Mr. Illanas asks
that farmers In this county, who
havo largo or small amounts to
sell to phono him before Tuesday
of this coming week, July 28, as he
desires to try out this plan. Mr.
Ulanas' telephone number Is G69-J
and a lotter can be sent to hlra
caro of postofflco box 477.
' If a dozen farmers will notify
Mr. nianaa by Tuosday that thoy
will como to tho market with what
produce they have, a da to -will bo
set at onco.
OIIHOON Tonlglrt and Friday, fair,
modorate wostorly -vlnds.
Car Goes Over
Bank; Occupants
Escape Unhurt
The automobllo of Mr. and Mrs.
tlcss Clifford, omploycd at Qulg-
ley's logging camp, whllo they were
returning to the camp from this
city Monday evening, plunged OTer
the bank, a short distance nbovo the
powor plant on tho west side of
the rlvor. '
Mr. Clifford .turned oat of thn
road nnd Mr. Clifford alighted to
(ulk to some passing friends. Mr.
Clifford sturted the car ahead. He
was so closo to the edgo that the
slight movement caused the car to
slip over tho bank. Ilo Jumped and
saved hlmsolt. Tho car turned
over sovornl times and landed In
Ed. Stowo's borry patch . Roy Call
attached a tow lino next day and,
with tbo help of Its own engine,
tho wrocked car won gotton on tho
road. Mr. Clifford considered It
fortunato that thoro was no top on
tho machine to Impede him In his
Bwlft loop to CBcapoewhoa tho car
plunged. Tho dnmngo ivnx estima
ted at ?G0,
Member of the
.... -i-i',-,-ii-ii-B-rMin.nnn.njn.iii'irinnnrLfuxri.i
- - - -
ny UMtlttM, lit- iiurrliarnim uf Klainalli nroduHn. bv -iimii'i I trii
liMth rnterprtMi, by lonflern on Klamath ancniitleN or by aupporter of
niwnaui uumiuuon.
Every ilolUr wnt out of Klamath
where, by purcluiMT of outside product, by Inventors In outside, enter
prise, oy icnuern on ouialdo securities or by ujportcr or outside lustl
Let w, make, Klamath an Kmplrc
pomna, eir-reprciing. urn. u work- ror- oar own prosperity mad lade-pendVciot-i.
I,rt us boost oar own rcaourcCN, climate mid advantage. Let
u do for KbutinUi and out-M-lvm, aBd.for each other, tbe thbiga that bare
ormigm prosprriiy lo every surcnKvruliOTnmuBlty, and If vr do tbeno
tlilnx, then vtn will limn lkrn tbo first atrp necennaor to baildlag op an
Interior metropolis that will not bn jiffectod by tho fortunes of one In
dustry and the vihlms of n few men.
lly tin) way, bow doe It seem to write n chnJc In pn)7iient of our
bills? Nice. Jn't It? (Jive voa that (eelftaa or eonfldenco thmt In Um
aa much money In your pocket could mot give. If ou have ncrrr exper
ienced that feeling, try opening an account In one of the count) 'a bank
and are If we are not right. At tho asmte tlmo you are Joining the groat
American army that la making tho fight to bring tho flDanoo of the
country back to normal. Don't hold bark, but get right $tto the front
rmumm nn m rtmi nmrnaw, nov jusi jui jKCroil one. 1K yoar pan lo
maka your country the Financial MUtrem of the World. You may con
tribute only 9H. but It I the tuin aa the man who deooalu a million
it la your best and that is sill any
Seeking Milling
In Transit Rate
For Local Lumber
I.'ncouragement, In tbe shape of a
communication from the California
Sugar and Whlto Pine company, of
San Francisco, came to tho chamber
of commerce today in their effort
to secure a fair milling In transit
rste for this city.
This communication elates that
lumber shipments between Algoma
and Kirk on thn Southern Pacific
branch to Klamath Kalis Is too high
to Justlfr tbe stop over here In order
to havo It worked up Into partially
finished product ready for' shipment
to eastern points. However, If a nom
inal rate can be secured from the
Boathern Pacific to permit Jhls ma
terial from the small mills north of
here to be worked up In Klamath
Falls and then dispatched eastward,
the voluma or tho mills will bo swell
ed, tbe railroad will gain In Increas
ed tonnage and thn manufacturer In
this pIsco will bo benefitted Immense
ly. The nig Ilasln Lumber company Is
willing and ready to manufacture this
variety of products and Is equipped
to do so now.
Tho Southern Pacific has not fav
ored this plan but on other branches
of tho system, milling in transit rates
aro lu effect nnd work advantageous
ly to the cltlea where tho mill pro
ducts aro. worked up. In the southern
pine bolt, this rato is In effoct sue
essfully. During this present low prlco per
iod and at a tlmo when tbe manufac
turers want contracts, tho roads want
tonnage and labor wants employment,
tho milling In transit privilege would
work the greatest benefit to Klamath
Kails, as woll as tho mills north of
this locality. Tho stop-over would
permit tho rough lumber to bo sur
faced on both sides, worked up lu
sash, doors and other forms needed
for building purpoaos, and a saving
would bo affected on tho lumber
shlpmont as no waste would bo en
tailed upon the purchasor.
The watch, alleged to hao bcon
stolen July 22 from Roy a. Patch, by
Kd Jones, whom Patch Rays ho had
takon compassion on nnd shared his
room iwltb, was rocovered today by
Sheriff Lloyd Ixw. Jones Is confined
in tho county Jail charged with the
theft Ho Is alleged to hare takon tho
tlmo piece to a local business
bouse and there traded It for a
ult of clothes. The watch was recov
ered this afternoon.
Weather Probabilities
) c
Tho barometrlcjiressure, as
rocordod by tho "cyclo-storraa-groph,
at Underwood's Phnr
mncy, continues In the "high"
area, Indicating a continuance of
present weather conditions.
Forecast for next 24 hours:'
Contlnuod fair and warm.
The temperaturos, recorded by
the Tycos thermometer, today;
Low G5, , t
High 84
(Rending taken at 2 p, m,
Associated Press.
- - - - ., - , - -i-snnjn-riruvvuxrsruvuuxfUTjvuvJ
bv KlimraUillm who vacation rim.
unto Itnelf nelfmuatalnlag, self-sup-
nation' aska from Ita citlseury.
Carpenters Volunteer
To Take Dollar aa
Day Less Wages
Carpenters at a special meeting
of the local union last night voted
for voluntary reduction of wages
from 18 to $7 a day. There was
considerable discussion, it Is re
ported, tbe 'floating' members of
the union standing for the existing
wage scale. Tho members with
families here, it Is said, argued that
labor must share In descending
price scales nnd voted for the 17
' It had been rumored that the cut
would bo to t i day, but it was
said that no lower scale than 17
was discussed last nlghti
Carpenters" Interviewed today
seemed to reel that they- had broken
tho Ice and gone as far as they
should be expected to until there
la a loworlng In living costs. Ono
union man said:
"Tho cut was mado in faco of
tho fact that wo still pay 7G cents
for tho samo haircut that you get In
Ashland for 3G cents.
rViYe.' Charge Fails
Under Court Test
Thn effort to secure tho confine
ment of Thomas II. Hampton In a
sanitarium under a cbargo of mental
Incapacity, mado by his wife, met
with failure last evening, when tho
application iwas considered before
Judge Bunnell, who promptly dismis
sed the caso. Tho evidence showed
that Mr. Hampton was sound of mind
and that tho effort to place him In an
institution for tho Insano was the
outgrowth of an offort of his wlfo to
secure full control of his property.
Mr. Hampton was examined beforo
the court by two physicians, and his
mental alortnoss quickly removed any
lingering doubt that might havo re
mained after tho testimony of tbreo
medical men who stated that there
was no question but that Mr. Hamp
ton was mentally sound.
This evening at 9 o'clock at
Dreamland Pavilion, Klamath Falls
lodge, 1247, B. P. O. K. will enter
tain the local Elks and all visiting
Elks at an outdoor dance and from
tbe Indications that tho entertain
ment have at hand, a largo number
of "Rills" will be present.
Tho music will be furnished by
the six piece Cochran orchestra and
dancing arrangement will include In
order, a waltx, ono step and fox
trot. Instructions were given to tbo
orchestra to play real dreamy waltx
music and tho Invitation to be
present have been sent to a num
ber of nearby Elk lodges. Dancing
will stop at 12 o'clock.
hair catching in tho wringer of an
oloctrio washing machlno, Mrs. Stan
loy Wright suffered a painful Injury
here. Bofore she could stop tho ma
chine, much of her hair and a small
portion of her scalp bad .been lorn
off. Sho la suffering from shock as
well a from the pain of the accident,
Capital Stock of
Oil .Co. Increased;
Expert on Ground
" A Ixm Angalet goolog'lat la now
Jn thn J'oo valley field to locate
site for tho two oil welts that tho
Lost nivor Mining and Prospecting
Company plan to drill, It was learn-
ed today. The expert, "who arrived
(two days ago, went directly to tbo
field, and bis nine, was not remem
bered by tnombora of tho company
hero. Tbe eotnMiy has two rig,
a star and a standard, and wilt
probably start at once with the first
outfit, and a little later will ct
the standard rig n operation.
Notification has Just been re
ceived from tho commissioner of
corporations that the request of tho'
company "to' Increase It capitalisa
tion, from $500 to $140,000, has
been granted.
SAN FRANCISCO,, July 28. An.
nouncement was made by the state
Industrial welfare commission that
the Weed' Lumber company of
Weed, Sliklyou' county, which duv
charged women employes after an
investigation of the charge tbe com
pany was not paying experienced
women workers the minimum wage
scale, bos now agreed to employ tho
women at the standard scale and
to pay tho difference due tbe em
The announcement by, the eonv
mission says
"An investigation was made by tbe
Industrial welfare commission of the
charge that the Weed Lumber coat'
pany was not paying Ita women em
ployes ta aceeraaace, wjtn the.aWsVljha, frt"l fulBl
visions of lU-anufMurfng-fgT.
1 "It was fonnd that in some In-,
stances experienced women were be
Ing paid loss than S3 1-Jc an hour,
tho legal mlnlssum wage .and back
wages will be collected by tbe com
mission and paid to the women.
There aro 21 women employed.
After a conference with the man
agement and the commission, tbe
management decided to re-employ
tbo womon In complote accordance
with the regulations of tbe com
J. M. Whlto, general manager of
tho company, represented the cor
poration at the conference.
It was claimed tbe company was
paying the women only 1 2 per day,
No Permits for Bon
Fires in Dry Season
Fire Chief Ambrose stated today
that positively no further permits
will bo issued for bonfires during
the present dry season. The dan
ger of tho fire escaping to adjoin
ing property la too great to take
any chances with, said the chief,
In the past few days tbero havo
been three cases of grass fires es
caping control. Each time the fire
department answered the calls It
cost tho city ten to fifteen dollsra.
Kindling grass or bonfires with
out permit from tho fire chief Is
a violation of city ordinance, and
offenders will be prosecuted. It de
tected, said the chief.
Work Is going forward with all
possible speed oa tbe Langell valley
and Poe valley maTkct roads, ac
cording to Tom Dixon, county road
superintendent, who was In town
this morning. He has tbo cater
pillar crew directly under his su
pervision in Langell valley at pro
sent and they aro connecting tho
Langell valley unit with Poo val
ley road at the Uppor Gap this
The market roads uro not being
surfaced In any way, simply graded
and leveled. The stretch In Lan
gell Is particularly good, Mr. Dix
on said this morning.
Mr. nnd Mrs. M. II. Swan of
PoIIan City are tho proud and hap
py parents of twlus, born last
night. The' little girl weighed
pounds and the boy 6. Mother'
nnd babies are dorag nicely.
Todms NmH
j-t '
j u
Another record rainbow trout has
been taken from the region near
Rocky Point at the mouth of Lodge
Creek en Upper Klamath
which adds another mark to
credit of tbo enviable fishing re
of Klamath County. 'A trout weigh
ing tS'A pounds was captured
Tuesday afternoon by W. II. Dar
num, of Med ford, after a 40 mla-
ute battle, asd tbe castor had
troubles during those exciting xeeA
ments than an average pe,aop, does.
In a full week. ' v
First of alt, Mr. Barnum Is net
tbo age of the average ftobajrxaaa,
for be-has rounded, out 74 years.
Despite this load of yean, the de
slra to lure tho "big boys" to take
his tackle offering has never yet
failed him, and for several past
years Rocky Point has drawn him
each season. . The second factor la
the battle? waa that Mr. Barnum was
alone lnth boat when the 1SU
pounder took his bait.. When the
big fiah was drawn up to the beat
the. angler found himself unable
to Jktnd It safely. The fish would
renew hki effort at escape and seek
safety under the boat as all wise
fish do, and tbo situation was be
coming desperate weu Mr. Bar
num used a smalt rifle to finish the
The fish was sent to this city
for, aonnH;g.r nnd It will be
sent back to occupy a place of
honor la the Rocky Point resort
The lift pounder sraa 25 incbe
long, 1 Inch leas than, the length.
vUef, , Kir
Oakland last Saturday. It was 21
Inches In' girth, while 'the Bykea
catch was a fraction over 24 inch
es. S
The fish was taken with a light
road and spoon. Apparently the
big fellows are taking all kinds of
bait. Dr. Sykes used a boseerino
a rather fancy lure, to wnicn no
attributed t his success, but
Mr. Barnum used tbe plain old reg
ulation spoon.
Local sportsmen am confident
that the Sykea fish will take first
place In the Field and Stream con
test and tbe 18 H pounder has a
cinch on second honors. '
Doubted Mac's Ten
Gallon Capacity
Federal Judge Robert S. Bean
doubted if oven tho free life and
fresh air of Klamath county would
give any one aman a ten-gallon ca
pacity for mooaaaine. '
So when Ed McDonald, confess
ing to having a' ten-gallon supply of
moonshine In his automobile as ho
drove to tho ,Fourth of July cele
bration In Klamath Falls reojitjjv--n
Insisted In tho Portland court' that
be took It all for his own personal
consumption. Judge Bean expressed
a fear that, even though Ed might
have Intended, In alt good faith,
to moko himself the receptacle of
the full ten gallons, still there was
a bare possibility that maybe a
quart of two might have gone as
tray and found Itself underneath
some other belt. All of which cost
Ed S400.
C. A. Elliott of Klamath was
given throe months at the same time
for tbe salo of 15 gallons of moon
shine. A. L. ,1'ARKHUIWT BUYS
EUGENE. July 28. Billy Price
has sold his lease on Nlmrod Inn,
well-known McKenxle river resort,
to A. L. Parkhurst, former .pro
prietor of tbe Crater Lake hotel,
j Personal Mention
Charles E. SpldeU of Meadow Lake
made a business trip t6 town yester
day afternoon,
Mrs. Harry Whitby was shopping
in town yesterday from hor ranch
homo In the valley. -
Ray Dennis (s confined to ' his
home, in tho Lee apartments with a
severe oaseof blood poisoning con
tracted Tuesday frb'm n' cut on the
I ( fY ' ' i raica wvh emm:'1