The Evening herald. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1906-1942, July 18, 1921, Page PAGE FIVE, Image 5

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    I'AflH riTH
IUAAVWVVVVi''iiiVi i m m
-- aaVitt
S 18
y '' i '
C(f& Standing. ,
W. I. l'et
Jowut 4 2 .COG
CSopco . n 4 .428
IMiimlioTin .. 3 .1 ,500
Kwntllln 2 5 .286
4f Me Theaters
Tho fnns were treated to two Reed
games yentordny n(ternooii nt tho
lom hnsohnll iurk wliun th" Jowol
won u hotly contested Kiiinn from tho
Wwuunn tonm, 0 to R, and tho Yrokn
California Oregon I'owor company
toam won from tho local Copcos by
thoficnrn of 10 to 8. ""
Tho grounds woro In flno shnpo for
thf'Hu guuios mill tho Copco gnmo was
tho first ono on tho schodulo. In thn
first Inning nftor tho Yrokn tenm
wore retired scoreless, tho local team
sent Anglo nnd (lay around tho cir
cuit for two runs and from that point,
It looked llku tho moiiHUru of tho
fumml Yrokn toam was to ho takon.
In thn second inning, llucknor and
Steeli of tho visitors mado thn four
baso routo for two tcoros, HoIiir tho
In tho third InnltiR, tho Klnmath
Falls Copcos started business In onrti
ml and run In four run, then two
morn In thn fourth, hlnnklhg tho
Yrnkn tonm In tiolh ImiltiRn. It was
at this point of thn gnmo Hint It look
ed llko ii "cinch" hut In tho seventh
Inning, tho balloon ascension took
plncn. With a lend of four runs, thn
Yroka tonm begun to find thn locnl
pitching Muff and when thn innrkur
flnlhod muring up tho result of tho
laughter, six runii wuro attached by
tho Yrnka team In thn Inltor hntf
of tho seventh when tho locnl team
wimt to hat. Willis was airtight mid
retired tho locnl boys, "one, two.
thnwi order."
WIIIU. Zoch and Huckner woro thu
vUltlsi: bnttorlos. whllo IltltchUon.
Hoarw. nnd Bmltli offlclnto for tho
. au it it ro a i:
nunlna, 3h, 4 13 0 0 0
Ulchs, 21. 4 1112 0
Cooloy.lf, 4 112 0 0
lluckner.1 m, " .3 2 ,2 0 0 0
htimi It. m. 10 0 0 0 1
Knarkstcdt, lb 4 0 1 fi 0 0
ntirkiior. c. 10 0 0.12
Zook. r. 3 2 2 0 0 1
Sifter, rf. 4 1 -A 1 ' 0
Itnnnnll. rf. 2 0 0 10 0
Larson, cf. 2 0 0 0 0 0
WIIIU. p. 2 3 10 1 2
Total 3U 10 1C 21 4 fi
au u ii ro a i:
Anglo, mi, 4 3 2 0.31
Houston. 3b 3 11111
Ony. 2b 4 2 2 r. 2 1
Moid. If, 4 12 0 0 1
IT. Foster, cf. 2 0 0 0 0 0
Clark, ct 2 10 0 0 0
Mrtloe. rf 4 0 0 0 0 1
BrnrM. lb. 3 0 0 0 0 0
Smith, c. 3 0 0 14 0
Hutchison. P. 3 0 0 8 10
Total 33 8 7 21 11 5
Karncd runs: Yrokn C, K. P. 4;
Tlnso on Imlla. UutchUon 3, Honriw 1:
Klrnt baso on orrorfl, Yrokn B, K. K.
(; Two bnso hit, llucknor. Zirck,
Noel, WIIIU: Struck out. UutchUon C,
Uunniit 1. WIIIU 10.
Umpire,, McDonald, IlonRnn,
Tlmo of gamo, ono hour and 35
Koorw by liming
11. II. n.
Yrokn 0 2 0 0 2, 0 0 10 15 C
K. KnlU 2042000 87 Ii
'II 1 1; HTAU
Tola Nt'crl hits registered liar nor
ond triumph on thn Araorlcun
scroun, unit tlilu tlmo It Ih fully an
groat a ti tiUilnvomcnt nH her firm
Thin wonderfully tnloutod I'oltsli
urtlnl who couquurcd motion picture
nuilluucen In tho United State with
her mnRnlflmnt portrayal of Ma
ilntno l)u Hurry In "I'nsslon" U now
scon au tho attiring Curuion In
"(lypiiy lllood,1' which shown at tho
Htnr thentro tonight.
Produced utnlor tho mastorful
dlrcutlou of Urnst l.ublltch, tho
Griffith of tho European continent,
"Uypny lllood," I an adnptatlon of
Prosper Morlmco'n orlglnnl ntory,
'Piiriiinii riilfinttfi.1 In AmArlfn titf
Annoclated Pint National IMc'.uron,
Till: MIlKltTY
Illulichu Hweet dUplnyn nn unuiiu
ally keen Into thn life of a
ithop i;lrl In her lutorpretnllon of Ihut
chnrnctur In "Hlniplo HouU," tho
Ji'flmi I). Ilnmpton-I'atho production
'which comim to thn l.lhurty Theatre
on tonlRht. Mho taken the lendltiR rolo
In a ntory which nhown how hnnl a
womiiti inn flRht tor her hnpplncnn
when forced to do no.
"Hlmpln HouU" In n phntodrama
tlzntlnn of John HniitlnRK Turnor'n
popular novel, which dellnhtfully
hlemU comedy and drnmu In nn un
uhiiiiI romance
llenutlful Kdytho RtorllnfT. rtnrr
ln: In "Tho (llrl Who Dared," a
nu-.v photoplay of tho old went, will
bo thn nttrnctlon nt tho Strand
thentro tonight. M'r '
An n Klrl ihorlff, wl ono hul-
nein U to round up cattle runtlorn
and Mexican cut-throtta, Kdytho
HterlliiK portrayi another rolo which
dUplnyM lisr fiuclnatlnKly as u won
dorfut horsnwoiiian and lariat ox-
pert. Tho ntory linn n iinlquu plot,
which roncernn tho mnrhlnntloiiH of
nn unncrupuloun cll'iuo which tins
been plnyliiR a double Kamo. As
tho nanty-elrcted Kjrl Mherlff,
Cdytho Sterling Biicci'ods, by dint
of tlrolrm peritoveranco. In runnlni:
them down.
The Jewel barely noiiod out a
victory ovor tho Kwauna team yes
terday afternoon nnd for a fow mln
utoM, from tho way tho mill men bo
Knn poundlnR Wulknrn' dellrory In
thn Kuventh InnltiR. thn Idea oxlntod
In thn fans' minds that this Rnmo was
roIiik to hn n repllltlon of tho Cotxo
gnino and thn Kwaunan wcro staRlne
n sonsntlonnl romohack, to offnot tho
Yreka talk Tho only fault that Jun
ior DaRRctt found with tho sovonth
wrts, "It did not go far enough." Tho
lots of the ball In a miidholo allow
ed n bniie hit to bo stretched Into a
homo run, bringing In two runs. Tho
Kwnunas were victims of bard luck.'
Tho Jewels secured runs In tho
second Inning nnd ono run In both tho
fourth and fifth Inning, being blank
ed nftor thnt period by tho good
pitching of Vorhntzor. Tho Hwaunns
wero given goono-oRgs on tho score
hoard from thn first to tho fifth Inn
ing when thn lid was pried off of
Walkers' delivery and ono run secur
ed. In thn sixth, nnothor runner cov
ered tho circuit and then In tho
soventh, there was sweat streaming
off tho Jewel pitcher' brow for thn
cunes hn put out wrn being solved
by thn Kwauna trlbo. Hy tho dint of
good luck, the scoring was stopped
nftor three men wero put across tho
plate, ono runnor shy on tying tho
Tho close of tho gamo was Satisfac
tory to thn fans for In thn first con
test, thn Copco gamo, tho IlnlsrTwas
exciting, nnd tho second gamo was n
thriller ton, A majority of tho fans
stated thnt they had their fnlt thirty
fhn ccnt'n iwnrth nnd a llttlo moro.
Wnlker and T. Montgomery woro
the box artists for tho Jowcl team
whllo Vochnlinr nnd Gorges acted In
tike capacity for tho Kwnunas.
4 0 0 0
France's Champion and Ours
wSf ,S JZartTi .A0Tbr.f Jtr,3.v'Zti vw L4BF
'.-' ' S . .TZA '.''. 4 sX r jK-i&V " r fl '
r X"
ft Jl ..a
i fm -t '1riti
I :' 'vr-'.-w
M n. s- tM.ftZ.'L
, ivM"t4i 'l.JMfe"
-..,.. ..M, JJ
-"-"" """" ih f -" 4W
If Your Hack Hurts or llladder
Uotlicrs You, drink Its of
Playing doubles hero aro MIas Cllznbcth tlyan, American, and Mile.
Huznnno I'nKlen (rlnlit), French tennis marvel and champion of Uuropo.
They wire maUtuit fur the women's world championship singles at
Wimbledon, UiifihmtL
iio.viisMK.v roit imoouriKU)
Owing to J It Hllilurd nnd Jack
Nolton, bondsmen named for Wil
fred Hrookfleld, being unnhlx to
qualify according to the law, King
Prlco nnd Prod Onrlch wero atibstl
tilted Haturduy afternoon on tho
IIKOO bond required tor Ilrook
field's relrnsn Conttnbln Morley ar-
Walsh, rf
Croy, cf
Poster J If
Ilrlstow, lb
Walker, n,
Montgomory T
Postor It 3h
Southwell. $,
2 C
(terges. c,
Clark. II.
DnKgett, ft.
Cody. 'If.
Vochntier. p
U'llann. an
rested Hrookfleld Prldny cvonlng.i iiuton rf
nil ih cnargeu witn mansiaigiiier,
ns thn result of thn denth tf ten-)enr-old
Nltn Cnrninnl of Pelican
City, who died after being run oer
by his auto.
32 C
12 21
Hodenhelmer. 2h,
Cnrsnn. cf,
l'O A
0 1
28 5 C
Scoro Hy InningM
w t woven round ft'ih nil tho ro-JJowols 0 4 0 110 0 6 12 I
iminco of aihenturo wealth, nnd! Kwnumm 0 0 0 0 1 1 3 C C 1
- .. - , .-.
iiiieriiLllonal stilfo Then, throuRh I Earned runs, Jonols 5, Kwauna,
(trrril nnd lii'llrciloiumto method Ilnso on bulls, Voclintzer 1, wnlKer -;
Big Seal Fur -Catch
Expected This Year
VICTOItlA, II. ('.. July 18. Pur
seolliiK hns "como bncK" nnd on tlto
vrctt toast of Vancouver Island
nlouo this Hummo It la oxpnetod
IndlaiiH will nipt tiro uround 2000
fur reals.
Vi Inula aonllng In HrltUh Colum
bia end Alaska wntvrr lit ono tlmo
of rlntiRhtor prnttlrvd by somo of
thi sonlora, tho Irdestry docllned,
he seals nil hit r.tnpponrcd and
IIki.i capture vm nude lllcRal.
I,nt year, It was estimated, tho
waters of tho west coast of Wash
ington produced 1200 animals. Of
ficers In chnrgn of tho Industry nnd
Its control claim that tho north Pa-
Two baso hits, Ilristow, Southwell,
Wnlkor; Home run, Southwell;
Struck out, Vochntier 1, Walker 7:
Doublo plaa, Walker to Southwell to
Ilrlstew: Umpire, Vochntier.
Tlmo of game, 1 hour, 35 minutes.
Tho graduate nursca clnss
clflo hord, which onco contnlnod nBJm,ot Wednesday afternoon at 2:30
mnuy ns 2, GOO, 000 fur seals, will jjy 20, at 709 Main
mcronso rnpuiiy. H la Doiiovoa to strCot. All tht cnuluato nursos
hn probnhlo thnt 100,000 nnlmnlanro cordially invited to attend thli
tuny ho takon onch year, Uio catch 'mooit)K na nomo Important local
to hn mado up wholly of surplus
tnnloa soloctod with roteronro to
tholr oconomlo valuo, nnd Cannda
may ultimately rocolvo In tho neigh
borhood of $500,000 nnnunlly from
tho seal flshorlos,
conditions nro to ho dlacussed and
matters rolatlvo to tho local health
situation taken up
Mukc. Hint Idle dollar work! Put
It in tho biuik.
Due to the fact that We have been
sjmbmmmmmmmmbmwwmww unable to handle the detail work in"
cident to renewal of subscriptions,
One year by carrier, $5.00 the period during which the special
. r,ate wjll continue has been extended
One year by mail, in until August 1st. During the month
the COttnty $4.00 of July the rate will be $5.00 a year
delivered by carrier in the city or
by mail outside of the county; $4.00
a year by mail in the county.
Cost Uttlo and Overcomes Trouble
Almost Over Night
Any bronklng out of tho skin, oven
fiery, Itching ecxomn, can bo quickly
ovorcomo by applying Montho-Sul-phur,
declares a noted skin special
ist. Ilccnuse of Its germ destroying
properties, this sulphur preparation
Instantly brings case from skin Irri
tation, soothes and heals tho ec
zema right up and leaves tho skin
clear and smooth.
It seldom falls to relievo tho tor
ment without dolap. Sufferers from
skin tronblo should obtain a small
Jar of Mcntho-Slphur from any
good druggist and uso It Ilka cold
cream. Adv.
When Mlxrd Witii Sulphur
Hrlng HacIc IIU Itaautifut
I.ustro At Onm
Cray balr, howovor handsome, do-
notes advancing ago. Wo all know
tho advantages of a youthful appear
ance. Your hair la your charm, it
makes' or mars tho faco. When It
fades, turns gray, nnd looka streak
cd, just a fow applications of Sago
Tea and Sulphur enhances Its ap
pearance a hundredfold.
Don't stay gray! Look young!
Klthor prepare tho roclpo at homo
or get from any drug atoro a botttn
of "Wyeth's Saga and Sulphur Com
pound," which Is meroly tho old-
tlmo rcclpo Impro cd hy tbo addi
tion of other Ingredients. Thou
sands of folks rccommond this ready-to-uso
preparation, hecnuso It dark
ens tho hair beautifully; besides, no
ono can possibly tell, as It darkens
so naturally and evenly. You moisten
a spongo or soft brush with It, draw
ing this through tho hair, taking ono
small strand nt n tlmo. Hy morning
tho gray hair disappears; after an
other application or two Its natural
color la restored, and It becomes
- ike Mother
used jo mdkel
-end tpy how
oeictou& with
9 Pipind hofevfi
of Cbffce ana
pure creqm
thick, glossy and lustrous, and you
appear years younger. Adr,
Whon your kidneys hurt and ysrar
back fools soro, don't got scarod am4
prococd to load your stomach with a
lot of drugs that excite tho kldnaya
and irrltato tho cntlro urinary tract.
Koop your Udnoys cloan llko yom
keep your bowels clean, by flushing
thorn with a mild, harmless salts)
which removes the body's urlnoM
wasto and stimulates them to their
normal activity. The function of the
kidneys Is to filter tho blood. In 24
hours they strain from it 500 grata
of acid and waste, so we can read
ily understand tbo vital Importance
of keeping tho kidneys active.
Drink lots of wator you can't
drink too much; also get from any
pharmacist about four ounces of Jat4
Salta; take a tablespoonful In a glass
of water boforo breakfast each morn
ing for a few days and your kidneys
will act fine. This famous salta is
mado from tho acid of grapes aitl
lemon juico, combined with , lltklsv
and baa been uaed for JcenoraUsa
7eAe HomedDcqtn
Qotghnuts 304
I Hot Water Each Morning
Puts Roses in Your Cheeks
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OS . j& ijjti & alBBBPV fj jflgfSgfSgfSgfSgflqgfSHH 4saBBBVVlBBBBrH BBBBBBBBBBBbV 1
i iiifff$Af: t IKgigiBwlriaBili
o aaW ' ' '4aaaaaamSaaamJdaLV' igtVaaHaBraaaaaaaal I
Mg)sm.- i- lglteZl-;:AglggKAi '
Sgfgfgfgsv n-M,gJsgflglukw vv t''iBaaaaaaBaaaavC'Baaalls
SaaaaaaVL ','r.aaaaaaaaaaaar sW v taaaaaaB -aaaRrJwiBaaai :
ogjl ffsffaptPM y. " 'aPPS.VJt t.BMAlLiSMBaaaal i
8 S
To look one'a lt and feet ont'a bst
It to enjoy an Inside bath rach morning
to flush from the system the previous
day's waste, sour fermentations and poi
sonous toxins befoce It It absorbed into
the blood. -Tut as coil, when it burns,
kavrs behind a certain amount of in
combuitiblo matTial In tbo form of
aibcs, so the food and drink taken rach
day leave in the alimentary organs a
certain amount of Indigestible material,
which if not eliminated, form toxins and
poisons which are then tucked into the
blood through the terr duct which are
Intended to tuck in only nourishment to
nistAln the body.
If jou want to see the glow of healthy
bloom in your cheeks, to tee your tkln
get clearer and clearer, you axe told to
drink every morning upon arising, a
gltM of hot water with a teatpoonful
of limestone phosphate in it, which la a
harmle means of washing the waste
material and toxins from the stomach,
liter, kidneys uul bowels, thus cleana-
ing, sweetening and purlf)lng the cctircjtry thU for a week and cotlco results.
alimentary tract, before putting
loon into me atomacn,
Girls and women with aillow akiat.
liver spots, pimple or pallid complex
ion, akto those who wake up with av
coated tongue, bad taste, nasty breath,
othera who are bothered with headaches,
bilious spells, acid stomach or constipa
tion should begin this phosphated not
water drinking and are assured of very
announced results In one or two week.
A quarter pound of limestone phos
phate costs Tcry little at the drag atora
but ia sufficient to demonstrate that jus
aa soap and hot water cleaniea, purine
and freshens the akin on the outside, so
hot water and limestone phosphate act
on the Inside ornns. We must always
consider that internal sanitation la vast
ly more Important than outside cleaanw
nest, because the kln pores do not ab
sorb Impurities Into the blood, while tha
bowel pores do.
Women who desire to enhance tie
beauty of their complexion should Juts
all kinds of fofcocco
f N t' "N
o ; o
p ; p
E The E
Li J-i
rttssM 150-w
ja Steam Heated M
Q Transient 75 cents up Q
II By Week $4.00 JJ
uvyxjinnrtjfijvvitrtnrii" --- --
I all tktktest nem