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A Class Ad Will
1 Do
Today's News
Member of the Associated Press,
Flftw-ntli Yonr. N. .1471.
eh ii$tsftta
Passenger Carrying
Plane from Oakland
to Yoiemite Falls
600 Feet at Modes
to, California.
MODESTO. Cat., July 14. A nix pirn
songer munopjiine "blaring trull"
for eommorclul flying botwoon Oak
Und and tlio Yosomllo vlloy, crash
ml hom today, killing the pilot,
"Hud" Coffco lint! throo passnngors.
Tho machine struck n lilicli Innalon
wlro In falling, setting It afire Tlio
uccupant wnro liurnm! m badly they
could not bo recognized
The piano win (inn turned out by
tho Zacuzxl Brothers Alrplann com
ynny, a firm operating In West Berk
eley. Dosldog Coffee, Dm plane con
tained olio niuinbr nml two employe
of tho firm. Tlio plnno Ml COO fort.
"llud" ('iilfi'o was wll known In
tho wont for lili) spotless aerial re
rord, hU fearlessness nnd bin not
nbla achievements In tho air. During
tho war ho win flying Instructor for
' thn United Kin ton army ut tho North
Island field, Kim Diego, California.
Ho wan (ho first to fly n pan-oncer
carrying piano Into tho Yosnmlto
park and mado tho first nlKht land
In In California Ho wan only 23
yearn old
Tho moat roront achievement of
C'offeo wan thn piloting of thn nowa.
y paMir Enterprise association piano,
carrying tho l)empsey-C'arpentle,r
fight picture from Hock Springs,
Wyoming to Han Francisco, 800'
mllei, between dawn and ahortly nf
Sir.oon, -Tiilrl Home 2UnJ'Lc:
turen woro'prlnrod In tho Herald on
July 0. In tlila fllltbt Coffen competed
with thn United Htatnn mnll plnno
and tho Mount piano carrying fight
picture. Thn mall pjano was clou at
tlm finish but thn Hearst piano
hopelessly outdistanced by thn N. K.
A. flyer.
Mnko that Idln dollar K'ik! Put
It In the bank.
Bandits Grab' $25,000
In Seattle, and Flee
SEATTLE, July 14. Two bandits,
ahortly after 10 o'clock thl" morning,
stole it bag containing $2li,iiou In
currency from n mofjionger for tlm
Northwest Trust nnd Hufn Deposit
company, Tho bandlla escaped In an
nutomobllo pursued by u taxlcnb
driver, who wim called by tho mos
enRor. Tho pollco worn also nutlfled
nnd took up thn chaso. .
Tho moKsongor anld thai niu of
tho bandlla gripped him around tho
nock nnd puahliiR u pistol against his
oar told him to "Drop It," which he
A Hitlt has been fried In tho circuit
court by Charles B. Drew nRalust J.
C. Mltcholl, alleging that tho dofond
ant Iium not paid for C4 hnad of cat
tlo purchased Novombor 30, 1020
for $3,040,86 and plaintiff nska pay
raont with IntoreVt at 6 por cont from
that dato.
Mnko that Idle dollar rkt Put
It In tlu bunk.
George Grizzle, owner of tho lo
cal Granlto Works, wont to Ash
land Saturday on n happy, errand, a
meeting with hlH slstor, Mrs.
Charles Ilnynlo of Lincoln, Nobrna
k,i, whom ho had not soon for 13
years. ,
Throo other filHtors rosldo In Ash
land nnd n happy family reunion
wan colobratod with li plcnlo In the
Ashlnml park Sunday by brother
and Bisters. Monday Mr. Grlrzlo ro
turnod, 'necompanlod by Mrs. Hay
nle who will visit another sister,
Mrs, li: D. Morrison In tho Mt.
fLakJ district until Friday, when nho
returns to Ashland for u weeks' fur
ther' visit before returning to liar
home In Nebraska. '
Attempted Wreck
Of Express Fails;
Million on Board
CLEVELAND, July 14. An nt
tmpt to wreck an American Hallway I
Kspress train, carrying a million dol
lar rargo, was mado near WIIIourIi
by, Ohh), today, according to report
of railway offlclala nflnr discovery
or tho plot.
-More than 1 f spikes wore pulled
and thn plates removed from several
rails, Thn splkoa worn pulled with
tools stolen from ,n railway t"ol
Thn train jumped tho truck but no
earn worn overturned
I), II. WorthlnRton of Ilelolt, Wis
consln, arrived hern last evening for
a brlof visit with rrlonds anil to re
new old acquaintance. Mr. Worth
Ington Is one of thn big newspaper
men of the mlddln west, his paper,
Tho Ilelolt Nnws, being one of tho
loaders In that section whoro real
ability la necessary to oven keep up
with tho procession. Much of Mr.
Worthlngton'a nowspapnr training
whs secured hern In Klamath Kails,
whom as ndltor-prlntor of n demo
cratic weekly bo was as often called
upon to back up bin opinions with hla
fists a,hn was with his pen Hosld
ents of his day who still llvo In this
city arn always glad to wolcomo
"Dave" back and recall with him
nonxt of thn stirring events when
Klamath Kails wan Mnkvllln and con.
slated of llttlo moro than thn bridge,
i blacksmith shop and a store
Any man who could kenp a dumo
catle paper or any other kind of a pa
per going In thla city was too good a
newspaperman to bn lost In obscurity
and Damn Fortuno beckoned him to
larger-fields. Her wUdotit la fully de
monstrated In tho auccess that baa
followed Mr. Worthlngton'a efforts at
Ilelolt, whore ho boa -built up a
printing and publishing business that
Is recognized throughout the country
as a model and for which ho refused
a quarter of a million soma tlmo ago.
Ho will probably remain horo about a
The $16,000- damage ault of J.
W. Siemens. Q. W. Mattern and Jbh.
Wntklns, Jr., against the California
Oregon Power company, has boon
remanded by tho U. S. federal court
at Portland to tbo local circuit
cuort for trial. Tho caso grows
out of alleged overflow and damagn
of plulntlff's mint crop on tho Up
por Lnko, cuUBCd by a crib dam
erected by defendant in Link Ttlva'r
last yoar.
Tho plea for. removal of tho suit
from tho local 'court to tho federal
court for trial was basod 'on tho
diversity of citlxonshlp of parties.
In remanding the suit, tho district
court bold that tho admitted fact
that tbo parties woro cltlsona of
throo different states was not suffi
cient to compulsorlly give It orig
inal jurisdiction. ,, '
Tho dtclslon ombrace's somo vory
flno points of, law and Is said b
lawyers to establish a. procedent In
regard to dlvorslty of citlxonshlp as
ground for transfer suits from stato
to fcdoral courts.
Cattle Mortgage Trial
Is Nearly to Close
Tho suit of tho Smith brothers
ugalnnt W. 11. Johns, tho Bank of
Montagun and A. W. Ktto Is being
trlod nnd will bo finished, It Is
thought, somo tlmo this afternoon
In tho circuit court.
Following this trial, it Is said
that Hoy Patch charged with auto
theft; A. B. Huntington with for
gery, apd Ed Jones with nuto theft,
;vlll npponr In court to ontor pleas.
Witnesses and Jurors In tho ensos
wero dismissed from sorvlco by the
iherlff, and tbo assumption Is that
ill throo Intond to enter pleas of
lullty and throw thsmio.m on
the merer of no court,
51 10,000 SUIT
IT BI 25.000
Kfforl Is being mado to combine
tho trial of tho two pending caae
of Phenegor ft Bailey, log
glng contractors, against tho Ewau
na Hoi company and Ewauna Box
company, against Phenogor ana
Halloy, a suit and counter null for
daatages, and securo their removal
from tho Siskiyou county, Cal., and
Klamath county court to the feder
al court In Portland for trial, It -was
said today.
The suit against tho local box
company grows out of alleged vio
lation of a contract to take' logs
at a stated prlco from 480 acres,
which plaintiffs, under contract with
defendant, started to log lost
yoar. Tho contract waj executed
last April. Because of failure 'of
defendants to keep tho terms of thn
contract plaintiffs claim they were
damaged to tho extent of $110,000.
This suit was filed at Yrcka recently.
In tho counter suit, filed In the
local court, tho Ewauna company
asked approximately $25, GOO, of
which 18500 Is alleged, duo on a
note, $1000 la attorneys fees, $8,
628,60 an allegod overpayment and
$8,320.70 alleged damages for viola
tion of contract.
Tho tranafor to the federal court
Ls sought by tho logging contractors,
and 'will bo baaed, It la understood,
on the ground of.dlvetslfy of cltl
renshlp, one set of partloi to tho
litigation bolni; cltltem of Califor
nia, while the box company Is an
Oregon corporation. Collier and
Collier of Yrekn, Joo Mooro of
Grant's Pass and V. C. Van Kaon
of this city 'he contract
ors, whlto Stone and Wjost and II
M. Manning of thla city are alter
t,eya for ttie Ewauna cOxapany. n
The allo-Mtlons of damage mal
by I'honeger and Hi I ley r0 ab
surd, aald Mr. Wlc-t last evening,
and their contention cannot sUud
tho tost of fair trial in any court.
As a matter of fact, he said, tbr
falluro of tho contract was due to
their Inability to cirry It out, and
reiultcd In serious damage to hU
clients .who wero forced to so.k
logs from anothor a'.nrco, and jv.'
a higher prlco to. them, which I
tbc roason for the dr.magea'aiVel
In the countor suit.
Mstko that Idlo dollar work! I'ut
It In tho basic.
Sheriff Low was tho victim of an
uutomobllo accident tbls morning,
whon tho wlshbono of his Ford car
broko and landed him In tho ditch
sovoral miles from town on the Mer
rill road. Due to tho fact that ho was
driving rather slowly no serious dam
ago resulted, nsldo from tho slight
Inconvonlenco of getting back to
II. W. Miller, of Reno, Nevada,
and party aro in the city on their
Lway to Crator Lnko. Klamath county
has moro than a passing Interest for
Mr. Milter for ho Is one of tho for
tunato Neradans who have "struck
It In oil," and naturally anything of
an oil flavor secures bis attention
While ho has mado nothing moro
than a superficial Inquiry, ho; ea I
pressed him as intending to puroun
tho subject further and may become
ono of Klamath's coal oil Johnulea.
On July 7 Mr. and Mrs. Henry
Emmol became tho happy parents
of a baby boy, born at the Klamath
Gonoral hospital. Tbo little fellow
has been christened Phillip Henry
Mr. and Mrs. Emmel aro vIsltlnR
hero for tho summer from Liberty
Center, Ohio, as the guests of Mr.
and Mrs. A. L.
Hlnes on Crescent
PORTLAND, July 14, Livestock
steady; eggs two cents higher, buying
price 28 and SO cents.sslllng. uslocti.
80 csntsj butter firm with hither
BAN KHANCIflCO, July 14. -Tho
Bouthern Pacific Is to petition tho In
terstate commerce commission to
equallxo tho rates between California
and southern Oregon points with
thoso between Portland and theso
some points, J M. Mulcahy, traffic
export for tho company, told the com
mission today nt the bearing which
wan called to bring about rate ad
justment. Tho commission will be asked,
Mutcaby said, to remove tho dis
crimination betwoen rates for theso
hauls, .n qrder to effect this a re
duction In Oregon and an Increase
In California, totalling 1C percent In
each Instance, will bo asked, he said.
Tho commission also will bo asked
to cancel the through or "water cn-
forcod" rate between Portland and
San Pranclsco on thn ground that it
Is unnecessary,' as tho water carriers
are gottlng tho bulk or this through
Representatives of Ban Francisco,
Oakland and Stpckton chambers of
commerce opposed any addition to
the California rates.
Hake that Idln dollar work! Pot
It la tho bank.
Grant County Cattle
Man No Pessimist
Henry Trowbrldgo, a large cat
tle owner In tho 'John Day district,
a rant county, stopped last night In
Klamath Falls on bis way home
from San Diego, California.' Mr.
Trowbrldgo whllo here visited an
old friend, Marshall Hooper of tho
First State and Savings bank.
Tbe Orant county cattleman Is
known 11 over tho state as one of
tho shrewdest buslnoss men In tho
stock growing Industry. In hlsi i Davenport and Mrs. Fisher
opinion tho cattle market Is dun'' roost successful growers of this
frr culck rocovcry. Underlying con-iiun of flower and are urging as
dltlons arc sound ho says, and!many Possible to bo competitors
readjustment of production cosIn
with markot prices will bo a mattor
of comparative rapidity.
On advlco of tho district attorney
no formal Inquest was held In tho
caso of Nlta Carnnlnl, tho Pelican
bay child, who died Tuosday even
ing from injuries rocelvod when
struck by a car drlvon by Wilfred
Coroner Whltlock stated thnt ho
had examined Brookflold and the'
only two witnesses to the nccident
and their stories agrood in nil the
details, establishing a case un
avoidable accident. It appoared that
the llttlo girl roared automobiles
and when sho had to cross a street
she crossed on tho run, whether
a car wqs in sight or, not.
'At tbo tlmo of the accident sho
had handod a letter to tho driver
of a truck to mall. Immediately
she dodged round tho back of tho
truck, running, and ran right In
front, of Brookflold's car.
Brookflold said he did not seo
tbo girl until his car was upon
hor,( His mothor was with him, and
she is prejudiced against fast driv
ing, he says he was going less than
15 miles an hour. Tho truck driv
er and another wltnosa placed tho
speed at about 16 miles. '
The funeral of tho Attle girl
waa 'held toddy.
SEATTLE, Wash., July 14. A
stray deer, quitting his woody re
treat on Mercer Island, In Lake
Washington here, swam almost Into
the heart of the city of Seattle re
cently, Tho crew of a lake steam
er sighted the fugitive and ' gave
chase.' When the doer had nearly
reached a city dock, a lassoo thrown
from tho boat caught him. He was
turned over to the munlolpal too
" . ....ASaf'
Japan Will Discuss
Armament Limit
But Not Far East
WASHINGTON, July 14 , -Japan'
acceptance of President Harding's
suggestion for, a world conferonco rn
the limitation of armaments was re
ceived at tho state department today
It mado no reference to u discussion
of the Par Eastern question.
Formal unqualified acceptance by
tho Cbln'eso government was also re
ceived. ,
The stato department official
made no comment-on tho form of the
J a panose reply, which was, not mndu
public In text.
Much enthusiasm Is boles arous
od over the coming flower show, to
bo held In tho chamber of com
merce rooms Thursday of neit
week. Tbe only fear of tbo coin
ralttoo I ncharge, Is thnt the rpacu
will bo too small to accommodate
entries and visitors.
Each flower to be fcitured is be
ing sponsored by ladles who -have
had 'great success growing It, and
are most anxious to sco It In overy
garden, and, to show 'all just what
Klamath can do In its cultivation.
Tho Shasta daisy Is being boosted
by Mrs. Frank yard, whoso former
home boosted excellent specimens
of the town flower.
Mrs. W. O. Smith has long been
rocognlted an authority on sweet
pea, cultivation, aa grown on Con
ger avenuo and she Is urging all
swoct pea growers to send in as
many entries as possible, for It ls
at this time that tho , flower la
just coming Into its- early bloom,
and shows perfect specimens.
Although the rose season has
passed JU height, all r4sw growers
know the Iato individual 'blooms
aro often most perfect, and Mrs.
with them
Mrs. Fred Baker perhaps knows
our local wild, tlowors as well as
anyone in the county and sho Is
most anxious that there should be
wonderful exhibits of all which are
in blossom now, and it is mountain
Illy time, and nothing excel Is tho
mariapoa tulip .which is most pro-
fuso tbls year.
Mrs. Elliot will boost for tho
nastersturn. Mrs. Whltlock urges
all to show what can be dono rais
ing perennials. Mrs. W. O. Rob
ertson wishes all to provo tho an
nuals aro most numerous and Mrs.
Newell Insists on "old fashioned
boquot with as many flowers as
possible annual or opcrennlal, will
make all aware that thoro ls no
reason why every Klamath yard
should not have a flower gnrden.
Bonq meal will be In great de
mand, also water force will bo low,
this coming week, while nil cholco
blooms aro being pottod.
Mako that Idlo dollar work! Put
it In tho bank.
Oregon State Fair to
Get Speedy Action
Herald Washington Bureau
WASHINGTON, July 14 Chair
man Porter of tho foreign relations
commltteo of tho houso after a
conferonco with Senator.McNary, has
assured. Wm tbait tho Portland, Or.,
Exposlt'ionjolnt resolution which has
already passed tho senato, will bo re
ported favorably 'and tlmo to
go in tho calondar for passage
not laterithan July 18 to 20. From
tho conference Senator McNary la
assured quick notion In tho commit
tee and believes thoro will bo no
great difficulty In tho house.
Congressmen Aro Active.
Congressman ' McArtbur who at
first thought the meaauro could not
bo pnsaod before tho regular session
in December Is now convlncod that
monsuro can bp passed within a fnw
weeks and will" do everything possible
Congressmen Slnnott and Hnwloy are
also actively engagod In assisting
Congressman McArthur In getting
tbe bill through.
Make that ldle"dollr work I Pnt
it la the bimk;
De Valera Say Out.
look for Peace Now
Brighter Than Ever
Before in History of
LONDON, July 14. -Eumonn do
Valern arrived at Number 10, Down
ing street at 4:30 o'clock this after
noon for a conference with Promlor
Lloyd George.
"Tho outlook for a 'lasting peace In
Ireland is brighter than It has evo.'
been In the history of that country,"
said Do Valera earlier In tho day.
"I am sure that tho atmosphere In
both Ireland and England ls right fo
peace. The only thing necessary now
Is for us to' get down to rock bottom.
After tho conference one of Do
Valcra's aides expressed satisfac
tion' with tho results of the initial
conference. Tb evasions will be
resumed tomorrow. . Sir Jnmcx
Craig, ntstcr premier 'has' been sum
moned to London trofa Belfast.
Mako that idle dollar work! I'ut
It la tho bank.
Rock Creek' RSadll
i wmneDi
Tom pkon, countyfrpad supervis
or,' reports- that the jaMTJ band of
sheep to be taken over Rock
Creek road were driven through yes
terday. Due "to the fact Jthat about
30,006 bead of sheep hare traveled
tbe Rock Creek' road thlsf summer
tbe road has been in badcondltlnn,
for ktttolats'sjeBJse.oI the rock4hat
tbo animals rolled down off tbo hills
In order to remedy this condition Mr.
Dixon put a crew of men to work "
tho road Ibis morning to clear tho
rocks out and It is hoped that travel
will bo easier after this.
Many Cases, Civil
And Criminal, in
Tfie 'Justice Court
Justlce Gagbagen has been buay
for tbe last few daya and for tbo
balance of the -week will have a
number of trials for hoarlng.
Yeatorday evening, Ben Borbom
also, proprietor of the Pelican City
pool oom was tried on the charge of
having two bottles of "moonshine
hootch" In his possession and . on
pleading guilty, was assessed a flno
of $50 and coals. This flno was paid.
A. W. Finch was arraigned last
night on tho charge of driving a car
whllo Intoxicatod and pleaded not
eullly. Trial was set for Thursday.
July 31, nt 10 o'clock. This arrest
grew out of the wild ride down tho
"hogback" east of thla city. Tuesday,
and the warrant was sworn out by
Stophcn Horllby, who alleges Finch
was Intoxicated nt tho time. Finch
was released on $125 cash bond.
This afternoon tho continued case
of Henrietta C. Laughton against N.
B.'Drow, cleaner, for alleged damatro
to wearing apparel was started. This
suit, it is said, promised to bo Inter
esting ns both sides wero "prepared"
for trial with many witnesses.
Tomorrow R. Loom I a will ho tried
on two ehargos. one a felony nnd the
other a misdemeanor chnrco. Loomls
Is alleged to have passed three cheok-i
for smnll sums nt tho Mars pool room
Juno 18 when ho had neither funds
nor credU to Issue cheeks. The folonv
charge Is the otftt-rowth of alleged
onssing of n forged check mado pav
nblo to "Frank Smith" a!cnod,hY
Harvey Hill for $5.75 drnwn on hn
First National Bank given to Fred
McCormnck, proprietor of the Wilton
Rooms, Loomls ,1s allegod to lfnve
fled town nnd oassod other worthless
checks nt Ft. Klamath, Bend nnd t
Albany. Loomls was taken Into cus.
tody nt Albany by Constable Mcrley,
Julv 10.
Saturday Gus Sodorlund willx bo
tried on two charges, ono of obtaining
goods, niid money tinder fnl?") pre
tenses from W. Vt. Ross on two
ehsoki, and a'lio for passing a. bad,
check on 7o1n Vale for msrehtridlt.