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A Class Ad Will
Do It
'. V
Today Wwi
Member of the Associated Frees,
1'lftoriilli Year. No. twill.
vtixhig, fteralli
prick ftvk cim
Replacement at Henley
Is Fir.t of It. Kind
In the United State ;
Done in Early Sep
tember. Few Klnnuith Falls vlxltnrx hnvo
rnllinl at tho ramp of thn Klamath
Reclamation project about !) miles
south of ttila city to obxorvn tint work
of tho department In tho replacement
of thn 4300 foot wooden flumo with
a pro-cant conrruto flumn now In tho
coursn of construction. About 2700
foot havo been complnloil nnit this
Include concrnto bants, strlngorx and
tho fluinn Itself
Thn form, designs nml plnnt lay
out an well nit llm ronrretn placing
equipment and thn planning of the
Job, wcrn all tho work of Enxlneor H.
C. Koppen and K, L Htophens, ax
sUtant engineer under tho direction
of II. I). Now oil, project manager
Tho actual carrying out of thn plan
U In tho hands of Jack Whitney, inn
oral superintendent, Tom Co'lllnx,
tool foreman, and Ell llalex, bom
Thn work wait Marled In March
whenHthn Men! arrived and on Aprl
27, thn first roncretn pouring began,
fllncn that day, steady work lm been
followed out dally, no Sunday or
holld)a bnlnic taken ax thn project
Ix expected tn bn completed hr Labor
txv i lixai. nrnvlillnr nn .rriiir.ini
happen In the meantime September ,nno of tho outstanding features was Quick action must be taken on this
1 I the doy set ax thn closing of thoj'hn confirmation of all of Mayor Item, duo to tho threat of the Ore
last precast bit of work and thotlfi wlley'" appointments excepting ono.lgon rating InsUranco bureaus' of a
mantling of tho old wooden flume M"'1 of " 8- Wilson aa chief Of j probable? raise In fire rates within
and tho erection of tho now concrete
flume T lo start nx soon nftsr that
a tho water ran bn shut out of tho
flumn without working u hardship
on tho water user
Thn (oncrete pedestals on thu old
flumn will bn used a thn foundation
for thn new bent of thn pro-cast
flumn anil u traveling stiff leg der
rick Willi x To fopl boom rnpnbln of
lifting 10 ton w-111 Im ui"rt In thn
dismantling nnd erection work Tlilti
derrick traelx nn a railway and
whjle thn old flumn will be taken
down In nectloiiM, thn new part will
be erected at the same limn and It Is
thought I'oniltiln that .10 day after
thn water Is shut off, thn new flumo
can be In uso, but this I only n
probability ax Kuglneer Coppen and
Bupt. Whitney say thot "thorough
ness" Is their axiom and n few days
longer may Ira required to do tho
Thn now flumo Ix being cast on
thn xldo of thn present structure nnd
when thn water Ix shut out, thlx will
mark thn Uth aeason that tho old
wooden structuro hnx doun duty In
carrying water to thousands of acres
of Klamath Valley lanflx Tho now
flumo I kii well planned nnd all al
lowance miidn for clnsn fitting at
Joints Unit with a bit or odd concreto
patching, thn flumo wilt bo practi
cally water tight and will last Inde
finitely with no nxpenso to tho wntor
Thn concrete Itself Ix ono which Is
without a rival In thn Unltod States,
being componed of ono part camont,
ono nnd onrt-half parts of. sand -to
thron partx of crushed block cyanlto.
Till block cyanlto Ik not found In
any othur part nf tho United Statox
and Ih nlmosl ludostrurtlble. Tho
finish that thlx mixture leaves on tho
product Ix ono of high gloss nnd al
most unscrnlrhabln oxropt with torn
pored "tool toolx, Iich flumo section
contains 300 poundn of reinforcing
atoel and wolgha about four tonx. Thn
width I 1.1 feet nnd height!) nix
feet. Thn bottom thlrlcnosa of con
creto Ih GH Inches, tapering to thr6
Inches at tho top.
Ovor tho highway, tho bents will
bo about tho average holghth hut
tho stringers will bo 32 foot In
length In ordor to glvo tho roadway
a clear width or IH foot. Tho flumo
crosses tho road at nn nnglo.
About 70 mon nro employed on tho
Job and remain nt a camp near tho
Job where modorn conveniences nro
at their disposal, hot and cold water
plunges and sanitary bunk housos.
"Moald bottor than In average ramp
are supplied at reasonnblo prlcos. Tho
lowest wage paid Is 24 a day and
English Wedding
Soon Will Interest'
Many Local Friends
Many Klamath Fall pnoplo ro
moinbur Frank Whltnman who con
ducted thn I'noplo'a Meat Market
In thin city n few year ago, And
many will recall that whlln hero ho
wax n bacholor who wax "gunshy"
of tho fairer nlomont of tins thriv
ing community. Hut elnco bo bai
left tho United Htatex and return
ed to hi formor homo at 77 Hitch
Inn street, Rlggloswado, Iledford,
England, It Ix evident that he baa
changed hlx mind and that aoon,
Hymen' bell am to ring, In a
staid and consorvatlvo old Bqgllsh
homo where n. daughtor wilt annex
her fortune to that of Mr. White
man, at leaat that tho rumor car
rlcd tn Thn Herald by ono of his
friends who yesterday brought
Whlteman's renewal of subscription
to the office.
According to thla friend, Mr.
Wbltemon say that la that far off
country, the breath of Klamath
Fall nnd lis xtlrrlng Incldonte was
brought to him through tho col
li in in of Thn Herald nnd that ho
would not bn without hli paper un
der any clrcumstanco. "rioaso aeo
to It that i m ,. .,. .u.
and enclosed find extra nosta.n for
that purpose." worn thn oartlnr
xtructlons from Mr. Whlteraan to
blx friend who cnrrlod out tho dlroc
tlnnx to a latter. '
When thn council mot last night
'"""' " appointment, aipne of.
thoso presented met with, tbo
pruning knlfo and whon tho oatarr.
or unier wiison came up for,
consideration tho council rejected It., volume of literature relative to the
"a usual." fro .ituntion here from, tho rating
Thern wore nlno nppolntmeats bureau and tho tonor of the corre
mado by tho mayor. 1,0 u I Wilt spondnnco was that whlln tho fire
vlcn A. llalnter as plumbing ln-1 department wo, fairly well equipped,
specter: J. J. McLanghlln and, thn water situation lr tho matter of
Ooorgo McDonald, patrolmen; J. J., high pressure and'volume was way
Jorgenscn. poundmaster,- the boxing below thn standard required. Chief
commission. Fred Soule. K. Sugar-1 Ambrose stated that "the department
man. O: M. Hector, Dr) II. D. L.I needed thn additional icon fi f
Stewart and Fred Houston, and H.ihoso and another ongino. This mat-
U tl'llinx (! aI.. arlav 1 .
... ...,. .. .... vi HUUI.D. vua
tbo rejection of Chief Wilson and'
the holding up of the appointment1
of Jorgenscn until tho next
meeting when tho question
of whether u poundmaster' ap
pointment can bo confirmed entirely
upon a feo basis instead of a salary,
will bo considered. Tho "slate" went
through without a struggle.
Search for Escape-
From Co. Hospital
Koarch In bolng conducted today
for Fred II am soy, ago 34, who cs-
ca pod from tho county hospital last
night, Itamsoy i nddlctod to mor
phine, tho hospital authorities said,
and has boon undor restraint. Last
night, whllo tho superintendent
turned bis back for a mlnuto, ho
flod. While tbo ditches on tho
county farm are being drained and
searched, tho sulcldo theory Is not
bold highly probablo.
Pollco and sheriff bavo been noti
fied. Ramsoy Is doscrlbod ns a tall,
slondor lad, bluo oyos, light hair
arid light complexion .
tho men are nil satisfied with work
ing and living conditions. Thn camp
coat about $7,000 and is constructed
out of coat off mntorlal from tho-pro-Ject.
It I estimated by tho builders
that at loast $50,000 wan saved by
thn government In tho costvO'f this
flumo, contractor' bids running
about $22G,000 whllo Knglnoor Cop
pen bollovos that nt tho present rate
of oxponso, the construction wilt fall
In thn neighborhood of 1170,000, Tho
wrltor found on thla pleco of con
struction that thoro was no wasto
of matorlals usually chargod ' up
against govornment oporatlon.
Visitors are wolcomo to Inspect
thlx project nt any tlmo thoy call
na this work Ix ono which has had no
duplication In tho ontlro Unltod
Statos and is ono without a parallel
owing to bolng tho first nrocas pro
ject ever attempted In this class of
work. '
WIIh against tho city piled up dur
ing tho last mooting, June 27, to
tho moating last night and there was
approximately flC.000 Indebtedness
for thn council to dig Into nt thlx
Tho first matter upon Jbo calendar
wa tho grist of bills for June, lu
eluding salaries of city employee; the
Warren Construction company item
for "extras" on the different paving
unit on Conger, Pine and Washing
ton atreetx; tho bljl of W. D. Miller
for paving and curbing In front of
hi property on Ninth street; the
Item or tho United States Rubbw
company for about 12.000 worth of
hoso for tho fire department purchai-
ei unuer tho former administration
ami numerous other bill of a small
-";- u " wnro given my
consideration. Tho salary bill wcA.
or acalo. all of which were given tlu
"" p""!,0(1 MT0 that ' "' ' oi
ln-'!C0 WJ,,on wh,eh WM disallowed;
Warren Construction bills were ru-
ferred to tho street committee; Mil
lers bill to tho same committee nnd
tbo hoso bill sent on another Journey
lotho pigeon nolo until next wojk
when tho report of tho city treasurer
will show whether fund are avail
able to meet this long standing bill
Ono of tho most Important features
brought up last night was the attri
tion of moro fire hoso and flro
truck, also a sufficient water supply
to combat fires within thla cltr.
tho near fitfure. Fire Chief Ambrose
aajaln aJked last-nbrhf that this t
ler be given Immediate consideration.
The clerk of tho council hail r .mall
tor won laid over until next week
when an exhaustive report will be
mBllB on tno flrc fights equipment
nnd tho matter of bringing the water
pressure up to the atandard required
to keep the insurance rates within
tho present bounds.
Among tbe items referred to tho
city attorney was the drafting of an
ordlnanco for a special election on
the quostlon of the Mills sewer. This
matter was started about two years
ago but'tho bonds were rejected re
peatedly by buyer dun to bonding
attornoys holding that tho city wai
trying to dlsposo of bonds scheduled
to run 30 years when tho city ordin
ances provided for 20 years. Tho
council passed an emergency ordin
ance at tbo session, June 27, provld.
Ing for tho bonds to run thirty years
to meet with this sale requirement.
Mills addition peoplo state that the
seworago question Is vital and that
they are tired of being constantly put
off, henro tho' action of tho council
last night providing tho spoclal elecj
tlon to definitely settle tho question.
Onn of tho councilmen statod that
whlln tho election would be a moans
to tho end, It was doubtful If bonds
would bo voted owing to thn prcsont
tight money situation.
Tho Viking Grocery company pre
sented a lease for tho lot upon which
their building stands and askod for
a renewal as thoy now own tbo
building. This matter was given over
to tho cltyattorney for drafting of
a suitable lease. Other items passed
on were permits to', Em II Drehr to
construct n wood shed and garago at
11th nnd Lincoln; John R. Randall,
A residence on parts of lots 5 and 6
In Hillside Addition, cost $1800,00.
Standard Oil Co., to construct two
concrete foundations for storago
tanks of sam'o 'dimensions "now In
use; Stanley Martin to construct a
bungatowan lot C, block 68 Nichols
.Addition, cost $2,000; D. L. Qordon
to construct a five room house In
Fatrview .addition, cost '2,GO0;nO;
Hartley ft Voss to conduct a rooming
house at 135 South Sixth street.
t'AIUS, July 12. Tho French gov-
ernment will accept with pleaure
and without reserve an Invitation to
tho conference on tho limitation of!
armaments, mild a letter xont to the
American Kmbasay today for Prosl
dent Harding.
Premier Driand later publicly ox
pressed his thank to Harding for
"Ills Noblo Initiative." while the
chamber of deputies broke Into
Tho Senate was also aroused to on
thuslasm when tho announcement
was made In that body.
LONDON, July 12. Tho world l
on tho oto of one of the meat onoebnf'
nvonls In history, I tho verdict n
newspaper and statesmen hero f
lowing Harding's offer and tho Hi"
Ish government acceptance.
WA8IHNOTON, July 12. Favor
able responses bad boen received
from all but one of tbe powers to
which tbe United States had suggest
ed the arraamont conference, It was
reported today.
Klamath Gain
, Another Booster
The First National bank force baa
been augumenteabby tho addition of
a very competent business) woman,
Miss Elvira Frlzoen of Marshfteld.
Miss Frlxeen will act as xretry
t: President Cbarlea Hall aal ju
she acted In tbe samo capacity when
Mr. Hall Marsbfleld, bo feels
that the bank has made an "excell
ent acquisition.
Mis Frlxeen has hd a varied
business and political oxperleriee In "lumbermen to he valued at about
her raroer. acting for threo year $40,000 and tbe lumber atock in
as prijato secretary at Salem for' the yarda at $30,000.
ex-senator Smith, ono term for Sen-' A large volume of smoke show
ator Charlc Hall in like capacity' ing above the bill In tho direction
ndJ also as president of the Busl-'of tho mill thla afternoon, Indicated
new women a ciud or. aiarsnueid.
Miss Frizeon was prominent in so
cial clrcloe in Marsbfleld and ex
presses .herself as delighted with1
both Klamath Falls and her position '
as a member of tbe First National
Con O'Connor Victim
Of 5. F. Yegg, Report
O'Connor, a visitor from Klamath
Falls, Oregon, stopping at the Im
perial hotel, Fourth and Mission
streets, 'met an affablo stranger,
who gavo his name as William Mur
phy. 1 "(lot any money?" asked Murphy.
"dot $300," said O'Connor.
Murphy uncormonlously grabbod
O'Connor, took his purso containing
$300 away from him and walkod
away saying,; .
"Now Tve got U."
O'Connor complained to tho po
lice, and asked them"to find tho af
fablo stranger.
' PORTLAND, July 18. Cattlo
steady; hogs 60 cents hlghor, primo
$11 and $11,110; sheep firm; butter
firm; eggs steady.
Happy Reunion of
Brother and Sister
The Herald subscription list per
formed a spoclal sorvlco yesterday
for Alfred Bergeron of Hoqulm,
Washington, because of which today
Bergeron is a guest of his sister,
Mrs. Tom Lorono, wbom he has not
seen for over IS years.
Mr. 'Bergeron arrived In tho city
yesterday and callod at Tbo Herald
office and statod that he was in
search of his slstor. Scanning of
The Horald subscription list reveal
ed Mrs. Lorones' address. Supplied
with this, Bergeron easily found his
sister. It Is noedloss to remark
that there was a happy reunion of
the two who had been separated so
long and Mr. Bergeron expressed
himself as being very grateful for
jbe assistance given him by Tho
Herald, w ' V
Pine Beetle Expert
Here to Continue
Study of the Pest
A, J. Jaenlcfo, of the enlomologl
ral department of tho Unltod States
forestry service, arrived Inst nlKht
from Portland Mr. Jaenlcko matin
an exhaustlvo study of tho plnn
bootlo, which Is causing so much
dnmago Jo Klamath county timber,
earlier In tho year. Ho spent nearly n
month In this locality Investigating
tho bootlo situation and wrote en ex
tensive report upon hi finding. It
Ix xald ho I here to make further In
vestigation of the beetlo situation.
Mr. Jaenlcko will remain here for
tho remainder of tho week, and ex
pect to spend tho entire summer In
southern Oregon In plno beetlo work.
Ho hold conference today with Jack
Kimball, secretary of the Klamath
Lake counties association which Is
octlvoly fighting tho beetle In this
A Sino.000 appropriation bill Is
now ponding In congress for funds to
carry on tho beetlo campaign. Tho
bill, though Introduced early In tho
year. U still In committee Tho fight
against tbo beetlo has lagged so far
because the government lands har
bored 'the post, furnishing new col
onies to populate adjoining prlvato
lands that have boen cleared.
Kiro at ennsty's mill was re
ported abortly after noon today and
lira (igsiers rrom tnu cltr were
sent to tho scene. Tbeejtent of
tho fire coald not tt ascertained
at 3 o'clock. Telephoae call got
bo response leading color to tbe
leading color
belief that tbe fire was In tbe mill
whore tbo Instrument Js located.
'The mill is estimated by local
an immense fire.
Monday afternoon, the commltteo
of tho Woman's Auxiliary, Chamber
of Commerce, which was appointed
to make arrangements for n flowor
show, met at tho homo of Mrs. H. N,
At this meeting it was decided to
hold a show, Thursday, July 21. In
tbe chamber of 'commerco rooms at
This Is the time when the Shasta
Daisy, tho city flower, la at its
and many perrentals and annuals are
also showing most profuso bloom.
Arrangements for tho flower show
include awards for tho finest typo of
Individual flowers also for tho best
collection to be used In a decoratlvo
way. In ordor to arouse interest in
our local flowers there will bo
awards for tho' best collections of
these, and awards for collections of
flowers raised by children.
Tho award will bo for honor, and
In tho nature of blue and red ribbons
for highest and second In excellence
Ipdlvidual blooms will bp Judged for
excellonco by points given for sUo
and perfection or bloom, length of
stem and perfection .of follago and
color. Awards for collections will bo
Judged by perfection of blooms, quan
tity of flowers and floral arrange
ment. Blue ribbons will also bo given to
those making tho largest number of
A list of classes and rules govern
ing ontrio will bo published 'titer,
also further details of tho show It
self, Including entertainment com
mittee, flower sponsors, etc.
It ia hoped there wilt be a largo
number of ontrles for nnyone having
but one perfect rose la tho garden
may enter It, also thoso having
many old fashioned flowers, annuals,
and perrentals, may enter them lu
an "old fashioned bpquet,", for which
awards will be given.
In Meuajje to Senate
President Says Bill
Would Put Unbear-'
'able Tax' Burden on
WASHINGTON, July 12. Enact
ment 'at the present moment of ad
Justed compensation legislation for
veterans of tho world war would
'greatly imperil the flaancial aUblllty
of our country," Pretfdent Harding
told tbo Senate today la tbe second
address he has nttde to that body.
"Our every obligation la to the
disabled and dependent", the Presi
dent said and added that the execu
tive branch owed It to the country,
"frankly to tatu tho difficulties wo
dally are called upon to meet nnd tho
added peril this measure would
"This menacing effort to expend
billions In gratultljs will imperil our
capacity to discharge 'our first ob
ligations' to those we must not fall
to aid." he said.
r"If this measure could be made of-'
foctlvo atftho present time without
disaster to' tbo nation's finances and
without hindrance to the Imperative
roadJastmeBt of our taxes It would
present an entirely different question
than that which is berore yoa. It 1
Sinthlnkable to expect a business re
vival and resumption or the normal
waysef peaco while maintaining the
exoesatve (axes of war. It U ns un
thinkable to try to reduce ourjtiu
burdeaa .whllo committing ourtrt
ry to an sedlUoobltgallasJJlifcteJi s
Tanges from $'3,000,000,000 to' IS.',
000,000,000. The precise figures no
ono can give.
"Our govornment must undertake a
no obligation which It does not in
tend to moet.
"Our grcatost necessity is a re
turn to tho normal ways of poice ac.
ttvitles. A modest offering to mil
lions of sorvlco men is a poor pnllla
tlve to more millions who may be oUt
of employment. Stabiltxed flnanco
and well established confidence are
both essential to restored industry
and commerce."
Health Topic for
C. of C. Forum
The forum for tho chamber of
commerco will be in charge of W.
W. McNealy and tho program that
he has arranged for tbe day is
upon the mattor of sanitation and
health, in this community.
Tho themo for tomorrow will bo
"Public Health" and one of tbe
speakers. Dr. H. D. L. Stewart will
read a paper upon tho "Sanitary
Code," a copy of which will bo pre
sented to tho city council of Kla
math Falls for adoption. Dr. Stew
art states that tho question of u
codo in tho city health program
is vital nnd It Is his hopo that tho
paper ho reads tomorrow will be
treated strictly as a medical treatlso
which he believes adaptable for
Klamath Falls.
Lydla E. Frleko, county health
officer, will deliver a short addroxs
upon tho subject, "nealth Program"
and probably a short description of
her work in this county.
OREGON Tonight and Wednes
day fair; warmer Wednesday except
near coast.
Logging Contractor
Gets Broken Arm
Ralph Puckott suffered an uct'r-
tunato accident yesterday afttrnuon
when his right arm was broken whllo
cranking n truck at tho Puckntt
brothers logging camp. Twp bones
above tho wrist were, splintered. The
arm was dressed and sot at a local
hospital yesterday evening.
Tho accident was caused by the
spark adjustment breaking off In the
stoerlng wheel and creatlas a short
circuit which caused the ongino to
"buck''. Puckett was not awnro of
this fact when be attempted to crank
the car.