The Evening herald. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1906-1942, July 11, 1921, Page PAGE FIVE, Image 5

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MONDAY JULY, 11, 1M. - i
It look on hour rind thirty flvo
minutes of time for tho Plum-bobs to
convlaco tho Jewels Mint tho grunt
American nntlonnl gamo wnii onn
that they knew from stnrt to finish
and at thn mid of seven Innings, thn
Jowe-lg picked up their bntn and rn
tired from tho flold, victory falling
to tho Pliimhobs by tho scorn of
p to 7.
Tho hnlrtrlminom had no easy tlmo
wrratllrig thn victory from tho boys
who know "service" nnd It was only
When tho Plumbobs ramo to thn bat
In their half of tho lrvnt InnltiK. aft
or Ihrco runner ot tho Jowcln had
crowed thn plate tlotng tho score,
that tho winning run wan ncored.
Throo error coiit tho Jewels tho gamo
In that Inning.
Houston of tho Plumbob wan tho
lUr batter1 In thl icamo securing
three blta out ot four time at bat
nil lo scored Hired of the rum.
McColum ana Moody woro also bntn.
men each securing two hit. Klun
ger Noel secured h1n usual thrco
bagger. It. Porter and Condry wuro
tho Individual bittern of tho Jewels,
efh collecting two blngles out of
four llmei at bat. Iloth Hoars and
Pitch pitched Reed ball, Issuing no
passes to first, breaking; even cm
strikeouts, four apiece. Errors wore
the feature which handlcaped them
In rllehlng classy ball.
An. n. ir. po, a. b.
MeCollum, ' 4 0 2 12 2
Houston, 3b 4 4 3 14 1
Moody, lb -.4 2 2 0 0 1
Nool, 2b. 4 2 112 0
Mr;, ef ....3 ,01120
Harris. If 3 0 0 10 1
Bandy, rf 3 0 110 0
flmlth, c. - 3 0 0 110
Kltrh, p 3 0 0 6 2 0
Total ,.. . .31 H 10 21 11 5
l " ' An. II. If. PO. A. K.
riameey. 3b 4 113 3 1
If. Totter. 3b.....4 1 .2 2 0 0
Hflntow. lb 4 10 6 0 0
Condry, rf .4 12 10 1
JJrHoster. p 4 116 0 1
Pesplsll, rf. .300010
Wth.c -3 10 2 0 0
Henrr. p -..3 ,11112
Lefty Croy. If. ..S 0 1 0 1 0
7"oUl "JJjI.7 21 4. r,
kJttorli Plnmbqb. Pitch and
Basil h. Jewell, Potior and Walsh.
''. ( Hcorr lly Inning ,
r J U. II. K.
Plumbob .303010 1 8 10 fi
Jewels 0 00 4 0037 7 C
Earned runs1'lumboh 2. Jewel
4irbre bane hltii Noel. Two bato
IBfs Moody, Ilnmtby, II. Foster,
fltruek out ny Potter 4: Pitch 4.
Flwt on errora Plumbob 4. Jewel
t.Ttmo of game l:3D. Umpires
m.Montgomory, McDonald.
Tho Copcos kept up their winning
Broadway's JDiving Champ
Hil L?;VBf ' jsssBsssaHswU&'V SB
? I ' ',JHsWli!flBKVBmfcBB
I SStSlllllHslllllllllllllHLSll ''.SsllllH kM
r sflll.viH H VV
ssalBBeVvK hsal ' iJi
MitlsliBr vPs.' ('
Broadway chorus gtrU met In ths Madison Bqiuurs Garden pool W
decide the swlmmlnf championship. Hara'a Oertrudo MacDonald.
won tho diving UUa.
Htroiik und annoxud un vuoy victory
from thu Kwuuiiuh yesterday, almost
running tliulr pluyutM to duuth cov
orlug tho four biuicn, In fuel, u ruu
iiur did not bavo tluio to catch tils
bruuth before hu wo started on un
other mud ctiuuo urouud tbo dia
mond, (hu ncoro standing at tho clusu
of thu Hovi'ii Inulugs 16 to 7. Ail U thu
Copco breutbud u sigh of relief for
tliulr legs would tiuvor huvo carried
thorn urouud two moro Inning thu
Wuy lliey hud bilun performing.
Tills gaunt wa more of a butchury
tbun iiuylhlng olio und tbo Copco
lived up to tho Indian psendonym
thoy buur thuy weru ruu mad und
no mutter wliut Jopur, tihurkuy
Clurk or lllltun ahovod ovor tho platu',
their butter simply reached out and
connected with them ut tho right
tlnios, This gamu wa replotu with
brilliant orror doipltu thu nummary
for only tho g rosso t ones woro cburg
ed by Hcorer Archer.
Canon and Oerges each secured two
bits out ot turoo time up white Cody
and Wilson connected safely twlco
up four times at bat. Tho Copco
batters woro Noel, Hears and Moody,
with Noel tho star, slamming out u
homer In this contest and securing
two blngles when up four times.
Uearss and Moody each secured two
hits out of four time up. Tbo Ewau-
nss as a team batted bettor than tho
Copcos but nover bunched tholr hits
Hilton, poned seven Copco with first
buso tickets and Lopor Issued 1, while
Hharkey llutchlns only granted one
lonely ticket to first. Hilton and
libarkoy Clark, tbo latter pitching
novum! Inning, each fanned three
Copcos whllo Kutchln madu 8
Kwauna swing wido ot their mark.
Onu ot tbo feature ot tbo gamo wa
a neat double play by llodcnhamer
to Clurk.
All. It. ILPO.A. K.
Eddie Clark, s. ..1 1
8. Clark, m. . 3
I Cody. If. ... 4
wilsou, 3b U
l.opor, p ....1
Hilton, p ....3
1 1
Gorges, c 3 1 2
Ilodnnhamor, 2b. 3 1 1
Carson, cf 3 2 2
UerbJnl,.rf. ...2 0 0
Iagg'ott, lb. ...,3 0 0
Total 30 7 12 18 6 3
All. R. It, PO. A. K
Monlgomer'. s. ..321112
Houston, 3b 2 2 0 110
(lay. 2b 2 1 0 V 1 0
Noel, c 4 3 3 2 4 0
Uearss. lb 4 .1 2 0 0 0
Moody, cf 4 2 2 0 0 0
Norman, rf. -....3 2 9 0 0 0
Won. If. .M 3r 2 10 0 0
llutchlns. v 2 10 8 0 0
Total 27 1 9 21 7 2
1 latteries Rwauna, IDIton, Clark,
Lopcr and Oerges. Coko Hutchlns
aud Noel.
Krortt Djr lanlng '
n. II., E.
Kwauna 0 10302 1 7 11 3
Copco 2 0076 1 0 16 9
Knrncd runs Kwauna 3, Copcos
C. lltuo on balls Oft Hilton 7, Lo-
per 1, llutchlns 1. Home run Nool.
Two hnso hits Cnrson, B. Clark.
Struck out lly Hilton 3, H. Clark 3,
Hutchlns 8. Plrnt on errors Kwau
nns 2, CopctM 3, Doublo plays Do.
donhamor to Clark. Tlmo of Kamo
2:10, Umpires Itcagon, McDonald,
l Club Standing. .
W. U. Pet.
Jowel 3 2 .600
Copco ... 3 3 .COO
Plumbnbs 3 3 .COO
Kwauna 2 4 .333
Gordon Willing to
Meet Blue 'Again
Bammy Cordon has notlflod local
admirer that ho Is moro than wilting
to havo a return match signed up
with Ilabe lltuo at any tlmo that such
can bo arranged. This announcement
was contained In a lotter tent from
Portland on Prlday and Gordon
states that he will follow the lead
set by ntuo will bo on the ground
at least two weeks ahead of time
to ( got Into porfect trim and 'bo
thoroughly acclimated.
Ilabe Dlue Is sUII In the city and
Is doing light training dally pendi
Ing tho arrangement ot the bont.
Illuo states that the longer he re
mains bore, tho bettor ha likes It.
Jack Hums Is In Bacramento and In
a lotter to onn of bis friend an
nounces that bo Is also doing light
training In that city and will be
on hand should a match bo arranged
for him on the tentative program for
noil month that Is now under con
sideration. Jazz Wedding Rites
the Latest; Revised
Version of Old Form
COL.UMJHA. Mo., July 11. Jazz Is
tbo order of tho day. And now come
tho Jazz wedding ceremony, all rovls
cd to fit condition ot the Twentieth
Contury modernity.'
Iter. O. Hatcher, Columbia's
"marrying parson," who has tied 447
knots ot wedlock, is the provider of
tho now ceremony. ,Mado public to
day, It provides that the groom shall
reply to tho following questiens:
"Wilt thou tako her for thy pard.
for better or for worse; to have, to
hold, to fondly guard, till hauled oft
In tho hearse?
"Wilt thou let her have her way,
consult her many wishes, make, the
tiro ever) day and help her with the
dlshos? " '
'Wilt thou sooth her in her woes;
keep her spirit bright and gay? Wilt
thou turn tho wringer,- hang tho
clothes and trust hor for the pay!
"Wilt thou givo her nil tho stuff
her llttlo purse will pack, buy a
monkey board, a muff, n little seal
skin tack?
"Wilt. thou comfort and support
her father and mother, Aunt Jomlna
Uncle John, thirteen sisters and a
"Wilt thou tell her to her face that
sho is sweet, and kind: that tho llko
ot hor In all tho race would be diffi
cult to find?
"Wilt thou bo to hor tho tame and
nevor shirk nor" faltor, ba sho shall
woar thy namo and thou shall woar
tbo halter?"
To break tho monotony of tho ques
tional on matrimonial promises,
Jtov. Dr. Hatcher supplies tho result
on tho groem: "His faco grows pale (
and blinks; It Is too lato to Jin. as
to tho floor ho sadly elnks, ho quick
ly says: " 'I wilt, "
Itrldo Hiu QtHtttloniuilre, Too.
Oh yos- Tho brldo must havo hor
sot of questions. They'ro supplied by
tbo gonial marrying pawon who ad
mltn that Wait Muson hasn't a thing
on him:
"Wilt thou-tako him for thy pard.
for hotter or for worso; to havo, to
hold, to fondly cuard his porson and
hla purso?
" "Wilt thou make him mind and
sh9W him ovory fault nnd, then, In
eplto of groan or whlno, muko him
walk tho calk? .
"Wilt thou muko him cat iho scrnps
that belong to dayn of yoro, bo you'll
got your midday naps and over novols
"Wilt thou bo quick to tako control
ot all that's on tho plaoo and Bay to
him In language beld: 'You're not my
boss l& any case'?
UMIt llinn mnlrn him' BWOOO the
""" " -
floor, fotcn too wooa ana wnier, pies,
np things or whatovor olso you or
der? t
"Wilt thou make him darn his
eooks,. sow buttons on his britches
and got.your frngers'ln hla locks ev
ery lmo he misses? ,vt,
"Wilt thou make of him a carry-all
for bandbox, grip and band!; make
Joints the Way
L si, -f gsgsT gsgsgsga aJV w Jtfc
ThU wcodenheadad ronng tady Is
pointing the way to Atlantic City.
For that matter she's all wood. She's
a sum-board ne ot tho featurM
thu newly opened "White Horse
Pike." Dedication ceremonies wtra
held In Atlantic City. Ecr Harbor
and other New Jersey towns. Th
bathing girl below, gives an Idea eg
lbs lu of tr poster girt.
blm tske the parasol and to the rack
et tumble?
"Wilt thou be to him his dear be
yond all conjecture and when yon get
upon your ear give blm a curtain lec
turer" The brldo Is supposed to smile. In
tbo rbymo of the minister: "Her face
Is all aglow, her eyes as black as jet,
as she quoonly stands upon the floor
and loudly says: 'You bet!' "
At the Theaters
With Conway Tearle In tho stellar
role thero is never any doubt in the
mind's of the audlonco that tbo en
tertainment will bo a good one, and
in "Hucklng the Tiger" the Selznlck
picture now showing at tho Star
theatre, the rote ot Ritchie MacDon
aid gives htm every opportunity to
display tho personality which M
made blm one of tho most popular
stars ot the screen. . ,
An the ne-cr-do-well, living In ex
ile from his aristocratic family, as
tbo nonchalantly generous soldier ot
fortuno willing to sacritlco his Uf
for a whimsical Implso, and as the
courageous lover who fights for his
llfo against an Infuriated antagonist,
Conway Tearle acts with a conviction
and realism which anchors, the sym
pathies of tho audience throughout
the cntlro picture.
Seldom Is tho herolno of a picture
anything bnt a quiet and virtuous
young person, but In 'The Woman ot
Lies," Olive Bhorman, the leading
character Is portrayed as a woman
seeking revenge for a terrible wrong
dono her in her earlier life. The pic
ture I fast-moving, and tense situa
tions follow each other In rapid suc
cession. June Elvldgo plays the rolo
of Olive Sherman, whllo Earl Met
calfe is at his best In the part ot Jim
Waldron, a roformed crook.
'The Woman of Lies" Is tho at
traction at tho Uberty theatre to
nighty DAI.Y WItJj NOT YET
The .executors of tho last will and
testament of tho lato Dr. nernard
Daly, laat week received Information
from Attorney W. Inlr Thompsou of
Portland, to the offect, that ono of
tho rolaUvcs of tho lato Doctor Daly
had been In Portland recently mak
ing necessary arrangomonts with tho
i Ui
Notice Is horoby given that tho un
dersigned admlnstrator do bonis non
ot tho estato of Eliza A. Floot. do
coascd, has filed In tho County Court
bt tho stoto of Orogon for Klamath
County tho final account of his ad
ministration ot said estato, and said
Court has flxod July 18, 1921, at 3
o'clock P. M aa tho time and the
Court room ot said Court as the place
for. Ihn hnnrlnc at said fnal account
and the sottlomont thereof.
OlLHEHl' rL.BB.1,
Administrator tlo bonis non ot
tho estate ot Eliza A. Fleot,
Dated Jnno 13, 1921
13.20,27.4.11. .
Notlco Is hereby given that the
undereignod administrator, with the
Engwleht, deceasodr hai fllod I In the
County Oourt oi tno state oi urogon.
for Klamath County tho final ae-
m a fit aAmlnUtratlnn of said
state aad said Court has fixed Aug-
OSt 1BI, 1911 MOO CIOCK p. UI. H
the time and the Court room of this
We Transfer and
Store Baggage,
Furniture -nf everything
Central Transfer & Storage Co.
firm ot Veazle ft Veazlo, attorneys,
for a further contest of the torms of
the will, says the Lakevlew Exami
ner. A decision rendered last April by
Federal Judge, nean ot Portland de
clared tho will valid, and dismissed
the actios oh the part of the relatives
which was instituted through Veazle
ft Veaxlo, attorneys of Portland. It
was thought that this might possibly
end the caso Insofar as the relatives
are concerned, but evidently this con
clusion was wrong.
w. o. w., attentien:
An Important meeting of the local
camp of Woodmen of the World wilt
be held Tuesday evening, July 12, at
8 o'clock, In the I. O. O. P. hall, to
confer with District Manager Pitts,
who Is conducting an organization
campaign here. All neighbors, resi
dent and visiting, are requested to bo
present. Dy order ot
9-11 Consul Commander.
Any breaking out of the skin, oven
fiery, Itching eczema, can be quickly
overcome by applying a little Men-tho-Snlphnr,
says a noted skin spec
ialist. Because ot Its germ destroy
ing properties, this sulphur prepara
tion Instantly brings ease from skin
Irritation, soothes and heals the
eczema right up and leavos the skin
cloar and smooth.
It seldom falls to relieve the tor
ment and disfigurement. Sutforers
from skin trouble should get a llt
tlo Jar ot Montho-Sulphur .from any
good druggist and use It' like a cold
cream. Adr.
Hot Water Each Morning r
Puts Roses
To look one's best and feet one's best
is to enjoy an inside bath each mornlngj
io uutn irom loe system toe previous
day's waste, sour fermentations and poi
sonous toxins before it is absorbed into
the blood. Just aa coal, when it burns,
leaves behind a certain amount ot in
combustible material in the form ot
ashes, so the food and drink taken each
day leave In the alimentary organs a
certain amount ot Indigestible material,
which If not eliminated,' form toxins and
poisons which are then sucked Into the
blood through the very duct wbUi are
intended to suck in only uountiunent to
sustain the body.
If you want to see the glow of healthy
bloom in your cheeks, to see your skia
get clearer and clearr,vyou are told to
drink everr morning unon arltlwr. a
glass .of hat water with a teaapooaful
ot limestone phosphate ia it, whisk la a
aarmieas mean oi waaatng saw. waste
material and teats from
liver. Maw rye and bowels, thus
Sn' (' f& vviigtfggggggHgHgfcgki ' ftin j
3 V 'assssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssl ' W I
H s dSkaVssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssa
j aasssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssl
J t .t"? aaaaaaaaaaaaaa ' 'V' i '
5 1 " h' ' - t-HjBv5! 1! ' '
St XJSi VuEt? "-. K ssssssssssssssssssssssssfsbssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssV
S i Sr V 4(ijalassssssPJPesilssssssssssssssa
3 BfeHE i)Jt OtaaBflsl' V'aBssa I
Court as the place tor the heartae ,
of tho said final account and. far
the Mttlement of said estate. '
Dated: June 26, 1911.
R. O. Oroeabeck, ad salnlat rater,
with the will annexed of Mae
estate of Oeorgt Engwleht, de n
ceased. ' 17-4-1 1-lt-M
Notice la hereby give that ta aav
derslgned " edoaJnlatrator witk tit .
Will aanoaed ef the estate ot Jea . '
Maehl, deceased, has filed ha tko
County Court of the State of .Oreem
for Klamath County the final tniuaU
of his administration ot said etUte.
and said Court baa fixed July II.
111, at 3 o'clock P. M.. aa the Mat
and the Court room of aatd Oourt a
the place for hearing ot said final -count
and for the settlement t hires?
Administrator of the Bated est
John J. Maehl,, deceoeed.
Dated June 13, 121. . '
If Yewr Back Harts or
Bothers 17m, drink lata eg
Water. ,-
' I " ,
When your kidneys hurt aad your
back feels sore, don't get seared atsd
proceed to load your stosaaeh wttk m
lot et drags that excite the'kleatfU)
ail irritate the entire urinary treat.
Keep .your kidneys clean Mfce yea
keep your bowels clean, by fluaasm
them , with a mild, harmless aaJU
which removes the body's urtaeaa
waste and stimulates them to their
normal activity. The function ot the
kidney Is to filter the' blood. la 14
hours they strain from it 690, grakea
ot acid and waste, so we . read,
lly understand the vital Import ansa
ot keeping the kidneys active.
Drink' lota, 'of water yon eaa't
drink too much; also get from aar
pharmacist about tour ouncee of Jad
Baits; take a tablespoonful In a glass
ot water before breakfast each morn
ing for a few days and your kldaeye
will act fine This famous -saJta ta
made from the acid ot grapes ijid
lemon Juice, combined, with, Hthhs,
and has been used for geaeratisjM
in Your Ghgeks
alimentary tract, before putting more
food into the stomach.
Girl and women with sallow skins,
liver spots, pimples or pallUi complex
ion, alo those who wake up with a
coated i tongue, bad taste, nasty breath,
other wlio aro bothered with headaches,
bilious spells, acid stomach or constipa
tion should begin 'this phosphated.not
water drinking and ore' assured of Very
pronounced results in one or twa weeaav
A auarter pound of limestone phos
phate costs very little at the drug store
but is sufficient to demonstrate that'iosu '
aa soap and hot water cleanse, purldee
ana ireeneos tne f Kin on we ouuue, so
hot water and limestone phosphate act
on thd Inild arsons. We must ahrafd
eonside that internal sanitation vaot-
m9je,uinansnn.ouiae,wtiBir - ,
u. heeanse the akin nores do net ah-
sorb unimriUeslato the bleed, walk the
aowet pores no. i
Wmsi who desire to eshsuse the ',.
htautv of their ettswlaaiea ahtsdd tss
U.m W4U 4j at, eatAAaW m.mA f&Atrtatm mstassmesW . V- k
ar , mwm m ww a w -"--