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At, jvr.r a, let.
llRIIHIiY CITV, N. J. July 8. Tho
nost logical opponent for Chnmplon
Jarb Dempsoy In Tommy fllbbon.
'(Ilhbrns would havo put up n bet
(or .fftit against Dompnoy thnn
Oeorges Carpentler did.
Dempaoywon, In tho round 1 pre
dicted In my N. B. A. artlcln anil
the blown that put Carponller out
were tho blows t forecasted.
'Carpentler 'was knocked out bo
cause ho didn't una thoso famous
brain of hist because ho W'led to
stay out of the clinches, (toxin
win tho method by which fleorgox
could havo won. Ho wu advertised
i a belter and morn hlllful boxer
than Dempsey, and ho proved thli
superiority beyond tho shadow of a
doabt, . ' .
Ot-orgfa waa a fool not to stand up
an box nil tho time. Whenoror
be'Jboxed hn easily beat Dempsey.
Dempser had moro weight, moro
strength and morn stamina, ThU
overcame Carpentler's greater speed
nno boxing skill,
) Why Carp Ixxit
Carpentler lost because ho let hln.
self gat Into clinches where Demp
sey, with his 20 pound of oxcrss
weight, could lay that weight
against, blm and wear him out and
weaken him with short Jats.
In ipltn of Carpentler's handicap
of r hooking tho wrong method of
fighting, he fought an evon fight up
to the fatal fourth round. It was
plain to me that Dempsey was beat
tng him In tho first round In tho
clinches by using short upporcuts,
mostly lefts.
!j give Dempsey tho first round,
but the second round unquestion
ably belonged to Carpentler. Ho
was boxing In this round and he was
too fast for Dempsey.
Jack waa missing "d Carpentler
was' taadfng woHhVwhlle' punches. I
Judged the third round a draw with
Carpealler landing mora blows, but
with Dempsey averaging things up
with his superior strength.
Wp Hit Mom lliowa
Taking the fight aa a whole, Car
pentler landed more clean blows
than Dempsey did, just as t torernat
ed. If Carpentler had boxed all the
tlm'o and danced his way out of thoso
deadly ellnchc as bo did so admir
ably In tho second round, ho might
have won.
Carpentler didn't do tho thing hn
could do better than Dempsey nnd
he tried to do tho things that Demp
sey 'could do better thnn ho could.
That was Carpcntler's fatal mU
take. Tho Fronchman surprised many
by the splendid fight ho put up. Ho
had Dempsey groggy In tho second
round. And ho did this In splto of
thofact that ho was woakencd by
tho punishment ho received In tho
clinches during tho first round.
I predicted Dempsoy would win In
tho fourth round with a loft hook
to tho Jaw, and this actually was
tho beginning of tho end. It put
Carpentler down for tho count of
nine nnd Dempsoy followed up with
a shift or tho same blows. A left to
tho body and crossing with a right
to tho Jaw. That was tho knockout.
Dempsey hasn't slowed up stneo
he met Wlllard.
UhlVg ho should fight ovoiy three
months to koop that championship
and' his first opponent should bo
Tommy Gibbons.
(Copyright 1921 by Newspaper
"y Kntorprlso)
Of IntoroHt to tonchora and to tho
33,000 Oregon school children unroll
odfln tho Modorn Honlth Crusado
lastiyonri Is tho Instltuo for crusade
workorto bo hold In Portland,
'July 27 to 20, by Miss Oruce On
borno, of tho, National Tuberculous
nssoclatlon. Tho crusado, which sup
pled frqo by tho Orogon Tubercu
losis association, Is a system for
forming hoolth hnblta In children
through "dally health "chorw."
Tho tliroo-day Institute, open' to
teachers, county and school nursus,
and superintendents, will comprlso
an tntonslvo study ot tho most suc
cessful mothoda for conducting tho
crusado. Miss Elisabeth Hopper, cm
eadev dlroctor, 1010 Belling Building,
Portland, nay be consulted (or enrollment.
Blue-Gordon Return
Bout Now Intermit
Blnco tho announcement made by
Ilabo Illuo, Tuesday, that ho chal
lenged Bammy Gordon for another
ton round go, Iho challengo has boon
mado tho subjoct ot conversation In
tho muny places whoro devotees of
tho boxlnc game congrcgato.
The fact (hat a challengo has
boon inado bblh openly and by letter
to tho "Fighting Jow" In rorllsnd for
this return match before Klamath
county sportsmon has mot with a sat
isfaction that usually doeo not ac
compuny llko announcements, Thorn
Is In this challenge a note ot sin
cerity that carries both weight and
conviction and as both men havo
demonstrated" that they really "do
liver tho goods" tbo promoters can
bo assured In 'advance that a crowd
od arena wilt greet the pair, should
Oordon accept and the bout bo ar
ranged. Ilabo Illuo has stated that every
time that' ha has been matched to
meet Oordon, and the two tangle, tho
result has been nearly always a draw,
Gordon however' receiving a decision
over him once last year. 8mce then
two draws have been fought by the
men and should another bout be ar
ranged, Illuo feels that training out
here sufficiently ahead of tho time
and securing some "stiff" trainers
who can battle hard wtlh him In his
dally workouts will make him a vic
tor over his recent opponent.
Bammy Cordon remarked Just
before ho loft that the clean meth
od ot handling boxing events here,
and tho "plain unvarnished Instruc
tions" from tho boxing commission
In regard to what was expected of tho
boxers, mado It enjoyable for him
to appear before tbo local populace
for he waa unhampered by any
"strings" and could bsttto 1n tho wa'y
that bo likes to wltu fire and en
thusiasm every round. Asked If ho
would rare to meet Illuo again, Oor
don stated that should the chance be
afforded him again to meet him, he
would demonstrate his ability to de
cisively. Another question put to Oordon
and Illuo was whether either one
would earn to meet Georgia Lee, the
Chinese revelation. Both declared
that this part Bpanlsh and Chinese
lad was a worthy foeman and as both
men have met him once, both secur
ing draws, Ooorgle would be a prime
cholco with them. Doth declnre
this Han Francisco pigtail a "bard nut
to stop" and that his reputation
from Los Angeles to Portland mado
him a target for alt the ambitious
ones to want to meet.
With most of the spectators pre
sent Monday, tbo consensus of opin
ion Is that Dlue and Oordon
should bo matched again and thnt
both should arrive on the local
training grounds at least three weeks
ahead ot time and get acclimated.
Kveryono seems to be strongly In fa
vor of the bout and all that remains
to bo dono Is match tbem and secure
permission for tho match.
Co-operation with tho United
States Is sought by President Zayas
of Cuba, Just as though we had not
dono all tho co-operating every time
a muss started down there.
Well, Look
'Hit U Iho tlrl I'lolmv of Bo' P.uth In more than J I hours' Since
lhi I.U'i'iUo nnhl Ui-n Hal hvsn't kxim,Ui'to'thtfc public eye M he
Uwtl ., ..n, tn, that hasn't Ml him from being suwrul wetka ahead
,.l hU UM . in' borne run word. Hviv he la With a dlwr loving cup
imwnixl , ihesMintrur hall players ot Nvw Yvrk miniature eat
I,.,. ih fUl., hatterM. Note the charaettrUUe w Mdarlae',eat
( h- tails bk trel around Iks bast ,
Truco has been declared r "off"
again In tho city league Tho rod
flag of battle ha boon raised and
basoball bats havo boon dug out of
hidden places by tho blood thirsty
warriors of tho Copco, Kwaunn, Jowel
and I'lumbob teams. To i bystand
er, this mixed up mesa of basoball
players havo a closo resemblance to
the term used In boxing, "battle
royal" but In a battle royal when a
dusky warrior touchca, the floor with
any portion of his body,, he Is elim
inated by the rules laid down In th?
beginning but not ao with this bunch
of wild eyed devotees to baseball
no such mercy or luck. When one
of thorn loams get In tbo eliminated
class, all of them quit battling each
other and Jump onto the "down -and
outer" In plain language, they are
simply wild men.
While visitors were present In the
city during the Fourth of July the
baseball club wens on their good !-e-
havlor -and wero ao polite but
'company" was hero and no one want
ed to act naughty. Now the visi
tors aro away and a genuine old
fashioned homo row and scandal 'ran
bo Indulged In, with no ono about to
Interfere. Pet baseball used by Jake
Wolmer, Alexander, "Pop" Anioy.
Dabo Iluth and a number of other
baseball heroes have been produced
and tho history related about them,
'what happened when he went to the
bat In tho ninth Inning two down,
three balls nnd two strikes,' Just
auch stories are the foundation for
what tho members of the teams In
tho Sunday mlxup ay 'will happen
when I go to bat.'
Since the humbling ot tho haughty
Jewels by the Copeos, there' has bees'
llttlo or any conversation between
those members and It Is true In the
case of the Plumbobs, they fall to
recognise the Copeos .when the latter
aro In their street costume. The
Ewaunaa likewise are 'In bad" with
tho Plumbobs, and what agreement
has been signed for a love feast be
tween the Jewels and Plumbobs?
Such Is war, baseball war. A cruel
unmerciful, unrelenting campaign for
a fight to tho finish, with the "calk
I'd boots" as a dcuutert to the elimina
ted toamn In a contest, from sow on.
It seems that those wicked players
actually havo forgotten the axiom.
"If thy neighbor hit thee with a
Htono, east not, but smite and re
turn good for evil," from what tho
sporting writer hoard the wretches
havo changed the meaning to "If thy
opposing team slama out with a bat,
run not, but grab thy trusty willow
and slug out a stt bagger" boys, oh
boys, what a wicked lot.
Chlof of Police Wilson certainly
will be called out Sunday with his
reserves when thoso teams meet for
two soven Inning games Sunday at
Modoc Park. T,he undertakers state
they will bo on hand with ambulances
nnd arnica and everything to take
caro. ot the wounded.
Who's Here!
Outbursts of Everett True By (Mm
Seventeen seasons ot fishing on
Spring Creek, and this is tho first
rear the stream has disappointed J.
D. Coleman, San Francisco realty
man, who left for home this morn
ing after ten days' stay at Spink's
Mr. Coleman couldn't figure It
out .and he Is a piscatorial expert,
rated as one of the best fly fisher
men In tbo United States. H
wouldn't leave Spring Creek without
at least taking one fish, so yester
day afternoon, using alt his skill,
be landed one 3 tt -pounder, bt
that'a poor foundation for the
stories ho expected to .tell his
friends, stories they would naturally
expect after the sixteen preceding
seasons' experience.
' "It Is a pity that some effort Is
not mado to keep Spring Creek
stocked," said Mr. Coleman. "I've
fished In many streams, but It Is,
In my estimation, the greatest ot
them all. In Spring Creek Klamath
county has a lure that will draw
anglers from tho four corners of
the earth.
"Here, where eggs and young
stock aro being shipped out to stock
all the streams In Oregon, It seems
strange that fifty thousand trout
could not be planted yearly In the
finest stream In the state. Yet I
am told by Mr. Spink that he has
been unablo to socuro fish for re
Mr. Coleman said that the fishing
was good In the Williamson river,
much as one would say: "Oh, yes,
sunflowers are gorgeous, and doubt
less attractive to those who like
sunflowers, but the rose that I' cher
ished has dropped all ot Its petals."
In other words, ho was Interested In
the fishing In Spring Creek.
Every year Mr. Coleman brings
from halt a dozen to a dozen friends
with him on bis fishing excursion.
Ho maKea, two trips Into Oregon
yearly, ono to Spring Creek and one
to tho Itoguo. '
In his party at Spring Creek this
year wore Mr .and Mrs. F. K. Ilurn
ham ot Martinez, California; Major
WSSSSH '..JJJ ' '"TMWWsm jaiasssasw wm . , p,,, i 1
f 1 ! 11 sfsjJ - - s s ssssssm
srrJ .
Dreamland Pavilion
William H. Oerstle, Ban Fraadsco;
Mr. Lyon, of Chanslor A Lyon, 8
Francisco, and Major H. L. A. Swan,
Headlngton, England.
Major Swaa Is a British army
officer. He served four yeara ta
France, and Is now taking an I
tended vacation. He was recom
mended to try Klamath county flak
ing at the Morgan Co. offiCM,
when he sought directions In Now
Mrs. Ada Parsons entertained at
cards last Wednesday eveolag; Jane
29, complimentary to her friends,
Mr. and Mrs. Porter ot. Los Angeles,
who are oa an extended camping
trip to Montana. Other guests of
the evening wero Me. and Mrs. Geo
P. Bell ot thla, place formerly 'of
Knoxvllle. Tenn. After tho gumo re
freshments were served.
Miss Myrtle Bnnn, who has twen
sick with typhoid for a few woks,
is still improving. Her frined will
be very glad indeed to know she Is
able to be out again.
Many of the Bonanza citizens snd
families attended tho Illy Roundup
July 2, 3 and t.
Closing exercises of the Brown
school, ot which Mrs. Chancy of
Bonanza is teacher, were held Fri
day July '1. An enjoyable program
was given by the pupils ot the
school, followed by a picnic dinner on
tho grounds. After the dinner a
meeting was held by the parent
teachers association to clos all busi
ness for the past school term.
A classified Ad will, sell It.
Western Transfer Company
"Im now going on seventy you
of age, but thero's not a maa ask
the yards who feels better at U
end of a day's work than I W
said Samuel S. Apple, wall ka9W
yard foreman for tho New MasriM
Lumber Co., residing at 4(4 Baat
Clay street, Portland, Oregon, whit
relating h(s experience witk Ttts
"For the past thro yean, that la
until I got Tanlac, my stomach kaa
given me a geat deal of toubU. I
got to where practically everything I
ate aeemed to collect in a lamp UK ,
lead right In tho -pit ot my atomaafc.. ,jj
gaa would form and Moat a ,
tight at a dram, and cramping patea
would nearly double me up. !,-
back hurt ao bad I Jast could 4raP
through the day, and the wheat X
got home I couldn't eat a Mta at J
sapper, and. had to crawl right tat
4. i
"Well, I. thought 1 would hare ft
give up work, bat I beard eo matt .
about Taalao I got a. bottle, aad rfa
aimply made a aew maa1 oat of gee.
I've Uken fire bottlee of tale
lelne, and axa eata bfcf
substantial food like I used to eat
yeara ago .and aevef bare i Wit
trouble afterwards. I'm rid of aS.
thoso aches and paJna, have gitaii
tea pounds la weight, aad all sap-old-time
strength aad-eaergy bar
come back to me. la fact, I fail,
fully ten yeara younger, and I
myatatement may cause othera
take Taalac, for I believe It
help them jast like It-did me." A.
From a frequency with which di
vorces are granted, what the ooua
try needs Is an addition ot "WheV
Whose." Norfolk Ledger Dispatch.
Almost everyone knows that
Tea aad, Sulphur, properly ,
pomaded, briags back the natural eat
or aad lustre to the hair whea faded,
atreaked or gray. Yeara ago the oaly
way to get this mltzare waa ta
make It at home, which la maasy i
aad troublesome.
Nowaday a we aimply ask. at aay-
drug store for "Wyetb'a.Sage aad
Sulphur Compound." Youwill aet
a large bottle of this old-time recipe
Improved by the addition ot other
Ingredients, at very little coat. Bv
erybody uses this preparation aew,
because no one can possibly tell that
you darkened, your hair, aa K daea
It ao naturally and evenly. ' Tea
dampen a sponge or sort brush wHk
It and draw this through your hatr;'
taking one small atraad at a time; '
by morning the gray hair disappear.
aad after another appllcatloa or two.
your hair becomeae beautifully
dark, thick and glossy and yoa look
yeara younger. Adv.