The Evening herald. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1906-1942, June 08, 1921, Page PAGE FIVE, Image 5

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raid's Special
fight Service
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what; a pooE-ncrflferj
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Cl.eNoa ''! Wmy (lM) U ! t to )iirr a I . iili hu Ifi ur at Inait onn of tbom,
Kunlr en 'hi. floor Catnrnllrr ItlchM U miMllr in tit I an.l Jxbniiv Kllbano trlln how this may defoat
la J ll 2 ihm-i ata dralnc ( lKtt'7 (I'M) W i r irinhti (( iti artiun mado from rltiR photo
w j(iHv kiuum:
rulkerto'tctil Chaniplon
Ihn HrhUne frrnrhtnan fur llrtn it ono thine. Tbat'l
(in thr ilirr band Chmiion lttl I )sn ()' tin A rleht or left to
la lb ltw of flchtrr lm Loin Ihr. wlilcli h would bo Vury
ir.latrf bu tnlM a bio ihootd hliniMf alaa irl . Il Im a ck- llknly to rollldrt with, would topple
iftji U In iirh fKXtllou tbat bo d wallup. but It ln I nwor for thn Krrnebwan In the oppolto dl
UatdliUijr fradr I" d'tUtr an- blui to (o up en twlh 1 to nd rrrtton
lw r i- . ....i. .t... ,. .,.. in. .i.iniv m fuiim im onn' IV Ciorrr. In colne uti on Ilia
- w -v Iff MMV U FH.l'Vt H. ! w.-..- -, --.. .-. .- . , . nii tllf t- 11 ' i
tt4 aliaia hatn one fiot flat ou bli llh anothrr li Ininnnitmti! tu. throws hltmrlf tlntiKrroualy ) pnrcd 'Juat so' My cooking for at 13." ho continued. "Then I was
I Ji35S5J--
HY AMCK HOHK r Henri pointed to tho roast and
MANKA68BT, li. I, Juno 8. 'kuto a demonstration of why his
What Is tha most Important factor meats are better than any ono's
In prnparlnc George) Carpentlcr to, olio.
incut Jack Dempsey?
Henri Marcot will tell you
"Tlio cook of course'"
"Hegardcr-look I open tho door
and basto tho roast-so I conserve
alt tho rich juices. In botels-plumff
You sen Henri Is tho cook tho, they slick In tho roast and, flnl!
only prlrn-flichtlng; cook In captivity. "I Klvo Monsieur Georges one
Henri saya his two cauliflower ears light and ono dark meat a day all
had nothing to do with his Interest ' cooked to a tenderness ab par
In vegetables. Hn was a cook bc-j falntmcnt. As for vegetables
fore hn became a prlictlghtor. tthero Is the grand secret ono must
"It Is like ttils," said Henri, stop- guard well tho cooking for a man
ping In thn preparation of a leg of! who In building up his strength.
lamb. "A fighter can't be too par
ticular about what ho eats and
who but n fighter, who Is a cool:,
can better take care of Monsieur
"I glvo Monsieur George also his
favorite dessert apple pie."
Henri speaks only French, but ho
Is not overlooking every chance to
learn English.
"I sen everything he eats Is pro- "I began to cook as an apprentice
coo9!. by his onfl puti'h that Utd oprn to an opponent who Is quick
Tr Uro a aurtirlM mar cowo war Wlllard tnuugh to catch him during tho sec-
litiiUlll. U.M.n tmtM.y and. Thrro ln I any Uoub- but what . n.U bo Is off balance. UeM find at Jfi.y on Jnly 3 'rari-ntlef rts plenty of upccd Into, Itompsey a eleor enough boxer to
flf Mom:rur Georges lin'l the his JsJn and hOOki with till, loo late aiivaningn oi jusi aucn on
H. ol flihter at all who belleres hold" sMlem. hut let mo ay ihl oprnlng. too.
iiuaoilag hla fret anrwhero In Hhould Jark duck os ' Cn- (arwnllrr figures he adds steam
jMJcilir. Ui.t ..r .li ,. fi.w.r i-Biirr". btuwa and ahou.d thi,tu hla punches by going up on nis
HI lUlhi-r thn Krrnchmui. rrrnrhHian arm slip over tho tor hen ho sends them over. It's counclmen( CTory jaIt 0ne. and do
ksJwayt in thn air. balanced on tho champion's shoulder, whllo he(tru. mat an puncnes inai n,o 7 nol overlook tho mayor'
. - ..... i ...... . ii rairnii i rsirvi inn
W f bl toe,, . ihn accompany balanc on hi. tiwa nouimg m iwr (.,., ... -
4 jKotccfaph shows The draw ...rid Mould keep Mm from toppling t.-- but not from two toes. Ono
O of tJ,orgr, flying feel we, u.'r fori aft. alter It. f- ' "" oor an aco
A fttw anion pholoirapht of I .len'l men Ju.t that. ellher.ln the holo ugalnst a miss.
Monsieur Georges is plain homo 'at Ilumplcmeyer's, tho Elysoo Hotel
cooking nuch ns a prlte-flghtlngiand tho Majestic, lillo I was a
gentleman should eat. I bring him i cook Charlie LaDue, who was In the
strength you will see." 'samo hotel, and I used to go to a
gym. Then wo both took up prize
fighting I'm not through fighting
becauso I am a cook oh, no In
doedl" I In "Treble."
Henri, It may be seen, not only
"doubles In brass" but trebles, for
In bis spare time In Paris he runs
a laundry, too. But as for cooking
for Monsieur George "that ,1s a
servico of love for the profession."
The high chef to Carponlter Is 30,
muscular, heavy set, with thick
brown balr and brown eyos. Whon 1
be places tho home-cooked viands
before tho European heavyweight
champion bo Is a spotless flguro In
high -white cook's cap and wb(a
So particular Is ho In tho prepara
tion of Carpentior's food that ho
brought enough special Implements
of his trade from Paris to furnish
an ordinary kitchen. '
Owing to tho cook shortage In
America Henri's fame as chef de
luxe has caused many a long eye "
to glance his way.
Dut Jamais! never! says tho
chef-pugillst-laundry owner, could
all tho dollars of America lure him
from the scared duty of preparing
"Just so" the food which is to main . "
tain the glory of tbo French prize
ring. I ,
"A man properly nourished can
vanquish anything," said Chef Mar-.,,
So It Is all up to Honrt. '
and Dr. II D. U. Stewart, to guide
the destinies of the gamo during tho
July 4th colebration. Thank all the
in. on that team are four ei-Kln-math
r'all- player who were here
hold the departure of pawencer
trnln No 40 which leaves Weed nt
- ...- .,.i 1917 oriron J 15 P m until o cioca in u -hrn Klamath Kails "'' '"''" "'" ' wno '"!' for Its team. Among the tho l-atn n chanco to catch It. Au-
am u ..... il. I. .iil.lnrl will tin I'lVOn
..Hl,.. nlalnla Ur. I ll n.i HOT" J --- "
. Hl'11 ,.. . r --
Tho sport reporter of the Herald
has It straight from tho lips of the
boxing commission that the gamo
hero July 4th will bo conducted on
tho square and In a way to moot
not only the approval of tho coun
cil but the citizens of this city ns
well. '
Nominations arc now- In order for
now than after a gamo when tho
fans bavo had a chance to furnish
him with "rag fodder." Speak up
you leaguers, you had several ones
picked this week.
How- many of tho husky lesguors
ovor practiced "fanning" on moth
ers' carpot? Thon why do It now
with n great big bat and a poor
lonely ball out where nil the ladlefl
can soo you do It?' What was tbat
you barked, Paul? What? Suro you
did. twice, Sunday. Dcfore witness
OS too.
Tho "Katzenjammer twins" broke
on co with the boys.. who rabbit
around the bases Sunday. They
mado tbo "Home Brew league with
no effort on their part. '
Ewaunacopco, a plumbob Jewel?
Alright. Hang around the Bluo Jay
pasturo awhile and you'll neod a
hospital. And a flat-foot too. Get us?
Club Standing.
W. I. Pet.,
... i. i L. tf.M.1.1 b'.l .. - .. a
.. - i i i i us- i Ft. urim nn u iuu iiviu u ih tirriri.ti nun ni "inn uiini n
.....I Till- a-r .11II1I1MIII1 a Mil .ttal - ,-. - w .... ..v.. .
ii v -!,. Lore the reputation of Inform the fans of the iloclslon. ns.wl, 00 ,aftfr l0 rJo tn0 appolnteo into fast company oftcr a confer- Copoo
"-"' " ' .... -.. Aflflnltf r.n.llr
he best caliber that niT(inm R i i"-J
Jewel 3 0 1000
Plumbobs . .......... 2 1 .666(
Bwauna 0 3 .000
0 3 .000
nlalrd 111 IbU rll)'
pl,er aro all beady players, the
local bo) reallio tlmt ' " ""
uil In. gone throtiKii i
, this llt f their decision
iaa Ni...... .. ,i .. .1... i....
--- ......... .,. , , r ,Pfii.. r,rf, mUit , gone inmuKi
lt nmhl in thn offices of the H ,nlo ,,,,, i(,fro Jul J
oniu t.rrgo,, Power company to , ,P!im m t,n ue-
!l.v mX '""!U0 ""'" '"", ron.pan.iM by 11. ( Walls and
".- arrangemeuta for tho null Mr,!owfl. both well-Known
loan gam,. w. w , ,,, If forpirrIy of . city.
Trnm rlrhtil I r "'
Htice is wired today, three
' win, Husanvlllw, California
H ;tr J 4. and Mh.
ini-cllne wiih mi nimn ono and
1 "'Wtor f th iuyi,f warn pro
' nd ih Hr.t iimttur of Imsl
" ti Ihn MtiiinliilniMMl nl H
N'irllllllll-ll l
Fan Gossip
The Illui' Jay correspondent of
tho Herald's sporting columns sup
plies tho news that a distinguished
7lltor among tho fair fans at Sun-dn-
K'nii" ' ,l 0,1"r than a
mi wrsoiiaen. "I.lltlo Hovo, tho
Tho ila)era" commlltoo lumi n,-0r(.Mtu diiurer from Keno, lalo of
. .. a . .1.. ll..Jr work Oil .. . . la .nu vAiir'pA wlfltl.
dy started to do their work on ' o .. Nm, t fsnili your'ro wlso.
ready lisnni i iionu .iioi"
nrrniiKlng the personal of the ,.ri10 ...llior Is
that will do battlo Humliiy Juno 1-
t W-d and they are in' lo'MnK
W commlttiM, to tnko entire mr t'" "Umber" for n .IronB
'weeil. Weed, wo know your need
A trimming In tho basoball creed;
'" uf , il aeliirllon of thn tea
' w,c, tt) j,ny , KMWt
"'l outaldo clubs. President
men appointed l)r Paul Nool,
' rnisn, Junior Diiggult nnd M. A.
v,"llin as tho eoinmllleo.
l 'i "r"1 ,lu,y )f ",u om",IUo'
' oo to ariicct thn ten in from
"'until Kails which will Im sent to
l 8undny, JuMo u, also to pick
liwi" ,,lu '"",f'- I" ''"
' Klamnili vttH tl) nr()Uiid ng-
"Im iiino between now nnd Iho
'" vom,.
HiTh?i ttoT ,)f Hinvlllo wns In
t Hirco gnmoi ou July 3, 4, and
l .Modoc pnrk, on a posltlvo
l, "' Bni' In return "tho1 Biisanvlllo
r oid brhiR 30 nuto loads of
r l.oro.
Klmatl, Kftiu w, lmvo Boric
Ml. U con,, shoulti th Susan
'" Wer b iccfptm tor pUjrJM
has bee
ri-gation that will hnvo hut ono ..,.,,, nttlo ndvlco pleaso neon
n ... ....... iA...i ! . .. . l- I.... vmi will havo
Idea In their Iieau, -neai " .wier n i '
bent them squarely .ouipioy '', seen
ou .eld then, at .-ry -! tho, (o(,e. from tho City I.eaguo song
gamo- on your loos nil the lime" bl.ok composed by Madam X-Clted.)
that to ,'",), "I .nn,,.1,.. ..,.,,. rommlHston .is n side Usuo
their lime ..""." il."".:.. i...hli done? Would
elected. im.r.i an. -.. iri.iu ... - - -
I 10
. .. .... Mninelii rtnnn? Also holp
8u!'.?"y ...f.M.toh- outlined lliolrtho commission to keep tho gamo
"...;'. n Juno 19 nii.ll.ioan so that no opposition wouiu
pinna tor ... h . rt U8 know.
Tho bnsebull fnna nnd othors
wi. nro Intoroalcd In sport ahould
cpmmond tho spirit of tho raombora
of tho city council Monday night
who lined up hack of tho Fourth
of July colobmtlon by granting n
,.,., for a boxing commission.
nnsliliitia let to bo filled nnd cer-lnomo good olovor mnicncs .
Z Z 10 L holstered up l.oforo0..T Would you do your par
tain pincts ... " - eonlesla coon? Also t
imvo sent word to tho league ,.fro
that thuy nro coming up horoiln n
special train, wllh "uitch of root
orn nnd uulto a sprlnUIIng of tho
falror sax.
Tressuro Is being iTOUBht to hear
on tho Southern Paelflo rallnutl 1
loaguo officials and the chamber o
leaguo officials an.. .-. otoJ ot K. Sugarman. Trod
cominirco to .vo JJ''iHrtW, 0. II. Wet, Fr.4 ioul-
VJ Blfii..."'
ffl . v - ' " ' "f : " 9i III
BaaBBBBBal BaBl am -" tasSaaW UJfJfJJJ slsTBaBBTi lUU I
y' il
lilllll ' Uill
III, ,- Hi
lilllll : " ' ' li '"0 H J ' ''
'lV'W.f . wo' !( ""XXt nycW'"' "
r . c. rv ' ! : c jj "" ' M"1
lilllll ' aH
'.i ' ' IB
Js . - -