The Evening herald. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1906-1942, May 21, 1921, Page PAGE FIVE, Image 5

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' In honor of Mliw Vnlimi Morn
ilttli win) will noon depart for I'm t
land, Mm, A. M, Molby itnlui tnlrifit
ttiii Moloiloo iinrli't Inut Tlinrmlny
OYfliiliiK t her insldomo on nortli
Tonth streot. Tliosu piosont woio
tli ii MIiikoh Viilinii Meredith, Clurii
Cnlklnn, I'ntilliui Moml unit Mm.
Krod Co for, mill t ho hosti'im, Mm,
A, M. Moldy, Mrs, Cnfor wilt on
tcrtalii llio iiuiirlot IIiIm ovoiiIiik.
Mrs. Charles Minim oiiterliilncd
n fow frlotiiln nt brlilifo yi-storilny
nflornoon at lior liiimu on Vt
Cnnnl street. Tim hntiso wuii (Incur
At ml with sprint: IiIohiioiiiii mid nt
tlui rlimn of tint kiiiiii ilnlnty ru.
frcslimontn woro nerved.
Mm, II, II. KiliiintidH riivii 11 faro
well party on Tmwlay ovi'iilni;, for
hor grnndson, Jack Lowln, who bus
-(.Von ntleiullni: school horo "ml In
IcavliiK for IiIh homo at lliirnu, Oro
gon, (limit's worn phiyod mill u koii
crnl good limn wnu enjoyed hy thu
boys (if tor which rofrrHlimonlu woro
sorvvd hy tlit hostess. Tliosn pro
Hont woro Ilurco Mnnon, Uorilon
Smith, Ilnsll Ilrnwn, Chariot John
ton, Joo Kviiiih nml Jack I,owIh.
A inorry pnrty, coiinlstlni; of Mr.
And Mm. liny Dennis, Mr. mid Mrs.
H. J. IJiplnosn. Mr. nml Mm. I!. .1.
llnrrott and Churleu JMIroiiti;, mo
tored to Hpuncor Creek lant Hitndiiy
Tlio Any wns spent In Nulling, after
which a lunrlioon which had bon.ii
prepared by tint ladles wan sertod.
" Mm. II. I). L. Rtnwnrt mid Mm.
Knilnni t r tlio moil. Roderick
Hmllli nun itwaiduil ttin eonsolatloii
prim, At tlui clono of thu ovenlni:
ilnlnty nifioiiliiiiontii moid norvod hy
llio IiohIohii iiimlslod hy Mm. U. IJ.
t'oxiui anil Mm. Hoy Orotn. Thu
Kiicnlii woio Mr nnd Mm. IloiiKland,
Mr nml Mm Uodoilck Hmlth, Mr.
and Mm. Krod Diuilmr, Mr. mid
Mm forhrtin, Mr, nml Mm, Kn-
ilnrii. Ir .mid Mm, J. II. Carter,
Mr. mid Mm, C'liim. Collier, Mr. and
Mm. John Martin, Mrsdiimon Oroin,
Woudim, 13. 1'. Hall, Lincoln Cozad,
thu Misses Marono DoUoll, Klor
onro Porter, Lorottn JoiiiiIiikh,
(Iran Knrriinil, Doithon Martin, Ak:
im'h DrlHioll, CI urn Citlklmt, ami tlio
MoKm. Oary, l'opo, Moody, Wright,
CollliiH, Eiigiin, Mcllou, Wllllamn,
I'rllrhaid and O'Doild.
'I'ho Ten Cup dill) wan delight
fiilly onlnrlnlnoil on' Thumday uflor.
noon or thin wuolc at (ho homo of
Mm. Marry II. I'oltx. Tlio houso
wan decorated .with nijilo blossoms,
A liiiuilnil and lltoVnry program wnn
given "aftor which dainty rpfrcsh
moiitii woro served hy thu hostess
assisted hy Mosdnmoti Clianoy,
Mulr, Holding, Mills and McDonald,
Ahoilt 10 uorii present.
Mm. W. 0. Hmlth wnn IiohIobh
al hrldgo mi TiU'Hilay nflornoon of
tltlrt week nt hor homo on Congor
nvontio. At tlio clouo of tlio nflor
noon dainty refreshments word
norvod hy tlio hostess. Mm. II. 12.
Wright "won Inner of tlio prlro for
highlit smro. TIiimio presonl woro
Mosilnmes Wright, I.uddon, Oncur
J. It. Cnrtor cntovtnlned nt nbrldgo'Hhlvo. 0. It. Roberts. Units, On-
luncheon on Tuesday uftornoon of , nong. S.ibo. Miss Allco McCourt nnd
this wock nt thu homo of Mrn.ltho hostess. Agnlu on Thumdny
Htowart. Tho house w.m protllly ' Mrn. Bmltli imtortnlned llio hrldgo
Uooornled with uprliiK lilomom. tluh of which hho U n iiumlior.
Thotift pronont -worn Mitidnmni WlilU'Mr w'" "nlilwln wan winner of
innn, Orotjory. Hondnmon, Hlntor.t" ! m thin occunlon. Tlion
Elliott, Dunlmr. Mooro. l'ntrlck. ' present wtro Mostlamcs Zumwalt,
TnrwIIIlEftr. Hliniilmril. Ilrniilclnifit' Stone, Will Unldwln, 11. II. hull,
- .-- ---. - "-!.
nnd thu liosloitsps Mrsdninoi Carter
dniiKhlor, Holon, Kny (Ionian, Mm.
t il. Denton, Mr mm Mm. (I. H.
Hoyt, Mr nnd Mm. Jnc): McAullff,
Mm. W. !'. Dixon nnd dnutjlitor,
Itilliy nml Mr nnd Mm. Hoy Hick
man. JoHnph Murphy ,of ltoiiohtirif who
rooonlly hroiiitlil n car load of cat
tlo (o Fort Klamath loft thin morn
liUp for liln lioniu.
Mm. y. WIImmi, of Sacramonto,
who him hcen vlnltlnc horo with
hor coiimIii, Mm. Loo Hotmton, ro
turnod to her homo thin mornlnK.
Mm. I.oii (Jroen who has boon
vlfiltlm; hero for tho Inst ton layn
ruturned to Hoddlni; thin mornlnt,'.
Hubert i:. IIIri;Iiih, tiiHpoctor for
tho Intomtnto Coinmorco commis
sion, who has boon hero for tho last
few dayn on liumni.'w returned to
IiIh homo In Oakland thin morning.
.Ml km Mnrjorlo KiIhiiII who has
heoit teachlni; schbol nt Kort Kin
math In hero on hnr way to hor
homo nt Illy. Ml mi i:thol McOll
chrlKt mid MIsh KmnclH Iluochlor
ovho huvo nluo heon tcnchltiK at tho
Kort are horn for a fow days bo-
nud HteHttrt.
V .
On last Saturday evening Mrs.
Vol. I). Common had us dlunor
KUnits Mr. nml Mm. It. K. (lonryl
'nnd Mr. nnd Mm. Alfred Collier. '"'
This ovonlni; Mrs (Inmmon will
II. I). Mortennon nnd hor sister who
Is vlnlllni: hero nml Mlrs Mnrloj
In) wholfsolii pi icon of veKolnhlen
n, id -' ultii urn ho low In Now 1 nrk
i that many producers who
Mlilpi i roiliire Umru rocolveil liolli-
i i. .... ... i.ii r. M.i
Klvn n dinner In honor of Mr. nn.l!'": '". ' '"" '. " , " " v
Mm. I'aul II. MrKeo. of Han Kmi-' n,uo ,,n' ' " "-etKhl churKes
clsco who n ro vlaltlnR nt tho homo
.of Mr. nnd Mrs J. (!. Thompson.
-ike Mother
usedo make!
-and qiy i how
(eictous" with
9 pi pin 6 hot cup
or Coffee ono
pure cream
Personal Mention
ffwl I fMffi
I Mr. nnd Mm. I. n. Kostemon nnd
family hnvo returned from U'llla-
motto Valley wiioro tlioy hnvo boon
ipondlnK tho winter.
Orb Cainpboll was In from Lorella
lunrheoii on yoitordny nllendliiK to buslnes
Tho ruosts will ho lr. mid Mrs.
1'nul II. McKco, Mr. mid Mm J. C.
Thompson, nnd Mensem l'erry Craw
ford nnd J. C. Iloylo.
Mrs. Holon Currlo entnrtalucd tho
follow InK cuosta nt n
Thumday. Dr. mid Mm. U. I).; matters. I
' iJimb ,tho MfcsoH Abhoh Uo. Allco 13. J. Dnoust Is Koine to mnko
MeCourt, Messrs 13d. CroHwoll, of tho first trip with tils nutomobllo
'.San Krnnclsco, Joseph McDonald fstnfo botweoii heru and Hond Mon
nnd Father J. V. Molloy. .ihV- ' '
v I Chnrlou Iniiinn, driver for Coo's
Tho Inst meotliiK of tho Utudy' Jitney servlco, wus n iinksoiispr en:
Dnpartmenl of tho library club will! tho nuiomohllo stiiKo this morning
moot on Mondny 3 : no i for Ashland
o'clock In tho library roonia. Tho
book (o bo rovlewed Is "Now It Cnn
7b ke Home a Qqen
Ilo Told," by dlbbs. Kvory momhor
year's study,
J. J. Htelgor, ChlloQiiln luniber
uian. In In town.
i:, Lamm, tho lumhormnn
Is urged to bring n bcok for noxt .'rom Modoo. l'olnt, la In town for
n fow days buslnes unit pleasure
Leaves Klamath FnllB,
days, Wvdiipsdays nnd
days nt 8 00 A. M
Loaves Iloud
Uliumilnya nnd
Cadillac ram usod.
Mnko reiorratlons
City Trnnsfor Office.
13. J. 1UOUST
nt Tho
Phono 133 615 Main
Tim MnznmiL I'nmn i.m. n. - A. 13. Doylo. urchltoct of
lmd n May Day colohrntlon at tho!lnml B lu,r" conforrliiR -with Chnrl
homo of tho guardian, Mm. I). M. ' IIn11 w,lh a vlow t0 remodel
8mlth, on Tuosdny of this wook. A "K '' Klumnth Stnto Ilnnlc bulld
inuslcal nnd llternry lirugrnni was ,n for cmiimcy by tho First Nn-
lirosontod nftor which mnnv i:iiiiu , tllllllll bunk.
woro played and rofroshmoiittt rervod
by tho hotitoHioH for tho occiihIoii who
woro tho MIssos (lortrmlo Smith,
JTolon Chnnoy, Itutli Cofor nnd Sin
rial Moore. Lenu Low In wan crowned
quoen of tho May.
MIhu Dmiun Knnpp, Mldlnnd
tVaehor, Miss Ha Hooper nnd J. I).
Hoepor uro In tho city tailing In
tho Western Nlghtfl. '
Mrs. Joo Joseph loft this morn
lnK for n months visit with hor
(laughter at Pittsburgh, Calif. Sho
Tho LadlcB Missionary Kocloty of ,,ns ""ohoil word, from hor husband
tho l'rosbytorlnn church, hold n "NVl10 ,9 confined In t ot'
t.mnll.... Tl.i,n,,l ..rinr..n.... ... ,1... ' tilt lit SolOHl. Stlltlllg Hint llO la
aiu'sisf ituinnu in iui ftuirii 44 , null ,
church nnrlors. Tim iininMi. fnrfimJvory much Improved and oxpocts
nftnrnonn worn Mlna fnrllnn ml Mm . tO 1)0 homo HOOU,
Crimen. A budget for tho year wiib
dlscussod nnd n constitution ndoptpd.
Mm. Lawrouco, wlfo of tho former
pastor, wns presontod with n brooch
na n farewell gift. Ilofroahmnnts worn
norvod by tho hostesses. TIiiho pros
ont woro Mosdnmes Word 011, Slough,
Itlco, Vnn Kmoii, Kloot, Otis, McMil
lan, Orltzol, Lawrouco, Hall, Loomls,
H. 8, Ilonry, OrlineH, Stmiloy, 13. il,
l'lijlllpfl, II. I Philllpy.'Truax nml
tho MIsh Ollvo Carlton,
Mm. Lnwronco Mnmffoy nud biiiiiII
son, Jjiwronco Junior, will lurtvo
Concrete for Permanence
Take advantage
of the low cost of
construction and
build now.
Porter can do the
Louis K. Porter
1140 MAIN ST.
Phone 540-W
forn going on to tholr homes at
inlom nnd Olondalo.
Albert Jncobs was n passonger
for Williams, Cnllfornla this morn
I111; whom ho will spend tbo slim
mer. 1
i. II, Hatch, tho principal of tho
Ilominrit high school, loft for
Fulls City this morning. Jnmon
Luhko also toachor In tho Donanzn
high school, loft for CorvalllH this
J. A. Thompson, representative
of tho Amorlcon Hallway Kxpross
com puny, who has been horo sov
oral days on business, roturnod to
I'lacorvlllo, California' thin morn
ing. Ocorgo T, Collins Is over from
Moil ford for a fow days.
K. W. Cimcn Is down from Clilltr
luln nttcndlng tho Western Nights.
Tho groat falls of tho Orongo rlvor
In Africa nro mora thnn twlco as high
an Niagara nnd higher than tho Vic
toria Falls.
Kiulty No. 1201
J. L. flparrotorn, Plaintiff,
M, J. Yndon, A, C Ynden, Irono
Yodon, L. U. Ynden, Elinor Ynden,
I). V. Yndon, Buslo Yodon, John 0.
Yndon, 'Forno Ynden, Joseph Vincent
Yndon, Torosn Footer, W, U, Foster,
J. A. Martin, J. L. Martin, Iclnnd
Mosier, K
of tho Circuit Conrt of KIAth
county, Oregon, dated April 10, 1981,
In tho nbovo ontltlod suit, notloeils
horoby given that I will on tho J7U
day of Mny,'1021, nt 10 o'olook a. m.,
nt tho front door of the Klamtb
County Court Houso In the City of
Klamath Falls, Orogon, sell art public
auction to' tho highest bidder for
ensh tho promised described an Block
J 7, of First Addition to Donansa,
Klnmath county, Orogon, -which prop
erty has boon taken and levied upon
ns the property of tho sold defend
ants, lo-wlt:,M4G.15, together with
Interest tboroon at tho rate of 8 per
cont po rnnnum front July 17, 1911,
ttfb.sum of $132.38. togothor with
Intoreet thoreon at tbo rato of 8 per
hnlrs of J. L. Yhdcn, deceosod, nnd .PK " Viim oTTii ttor!
nil other persons or parties unknown ; "" fl BU ?hf J"?f'2 ".. d
claiming any right, title, estate, Hen ? '?SJ",Ulw w,th C0,t" ad
or Interest In tho real estate do- "".?".... ....
scrlhod In tho complaint heroin. Inted: April 23, 1921.
Defendants. L. U'LOW, Sheriff.
Hy rlrtuo or nn execution nnd or- Hy Hurt B. Hnwklns, Deputy,
dor of nnlo duly Isniind by tho Clerk Apr. 23-30; iMay 7-H-21
Well Test
Your Battery
A test every two weeks is
necessary even if you liave a
Willnxd Threaded Rubber Bat
tery. You want to know that
it is fully charged that it is
able to provide a quick start and
bright light when wanted.
Drive around today. You'll
know our place by tho red
Willard sign.
You'll find a full line of Wil
lard Batteries here, and Willard
Service the kind you'd expect
from the builder of a battery
like the Willard. Ask about
Threaded Rubber Insulation.
Battery Station
Seventh and Klamath
Throw your worn shoes away
Shoe nepalrlnK is a HEAL SERVICE to the PUBLIC.
Two hundred millions of pairs were re-made la the
last twelve months.
' Shoe Repairing mms REAL ECONOMY Ui COM- '
FORT to those who use each service.
pair of shoes.
Urine or send your shoes to '
yVnfXJJ-u-U--r"lrM-l"lllrr esieeass ai
rrl T 4 r
1 he Kex uare
Mr. mid Mrs. It. II. Davis of
Swim I.nko uro In tho city todny
cu IiubIiii'uh nud ploaaiiro.
Mr. nnd Mrs. It. H. McCluro nnd
Mm. O, II. Motz nnd daughter
drovo over from Ilond yesterday,
They lutoiidod motorlnt; 011 to Mod
ford this morning but owing to tho
rood conditions, tho Indies took
train for a Blunt vlult in that city.
Kiithorlun vJn who him boon
tourhliiK dchool at Orludnlo, loft this
tnoinlui; for Porlliiml. '
Mltm Vonii Trofforn who lias
boon vlultlui; nt tho Harry Thrash-
from Antloch, California. Monday!1 1'0,,,,J '". roturnod to hor homo
night to,spond two wooko vrilln8 ' 0 A'-
with Mrs, Mnhnffoy'a motlior, Mrs,
WllbUr Jones.
A smnrt ncolnl ovont of tho sen-
vlflltliiK nt tho 13, h, Ilamakor
homo, loft for hor homo 11 1 San
Dlpgo this moruiiiB.
son took plnco on Tuesday ovonlnij ' """, V
nt tho Hotel Hall Annex when Mlm Kort Wn"",h ,to " West-
Vorda cosa.1 ontortalncd In honor or"N,i;ll,fl l ""T lA m" ,
of Miss MndRo nixon. Tlvn hun- ','utt0,,H "rr V ' KB,' M,p- nd
drod was tho Bmo of tho byonlng'jj"', , . "' "T0afliBl q? " yM
.1 t Ti.n ,.ii m,. ,.,i.,nV. rioyd Mlllor, J. T. Slsemoro, J, T,
.ndMrs. John Mortln yw winner
or tho first pruo tor laniOB nnd joim,' ' , " ..,. .,
Serves you right
For courteous service and good
things to eat.
Try that popular place the
Our Prices are Right
125 So. 6th St.
Chow Chow
Crab Cocktail
Ripe Olives
1 Asparagus Tips, Louise Dressing
Cream of Chicken Soup '
tholce oVf- "fill"j;
I Chicken Kricnsseo with Dumplings ??MWH jw
Chicken rattles with Peas
Roast Leg of Young Pig, Apple Sauce
Mashed Potatoes
1 1 j-
bieamea nieej
1 .
Oregon,-Jau Punch
Choice of Vanilla Ice Cream AseortedPlcs
Maplo Nut or Chop 8uey Sandae
m I
Ice Tea, Coffeo, Tea, or Milk
Mr. Auto-Kno Says
You need not coiunltWie
OuUa board to fted oat If
PliUadelplUa, Dlamoad Grid
Batteries are bettor. Ask
any of the faaadrexta of sat
isfied owners.
The Electric Shop
123 So. Sixth 8t.
Phone 127
iitfc IWIll 4D 4 Ut UUVHiU HUU