The Evening herald. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1906-1942, May 18, 1921, Page PAGE THREE, Image 3

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    rAfin Tttnicu
The Office
WJ3IWKH1MV, MAY 18, 1021
lVVVMVWVVVVVMVVVWW-V4 .w. ...... , ,. .,.,.,,, ., ... .-,-,,-,, ,, Uu W ,TVirr j-JV J
Tint liiRlilaturo of Now York statu
Is consldorliiR the uso of mi oloclrlo
conbiurd for Urn roRlslrntlon of
volt'H wlifcli would permit n quick
nn nccurnto rount of voles cast nnd
In hddllfdn rnH tho roTI. Kncli nssnm
blyninn would "lmvn thrro push but
tons miirkod "pr""." "no" nnd
"yen." Tim iiIriuiI 'would bo roglnlor
ed by n photostat which would mnku
a permanent rucont of tho proceed
inK. fly blendlni: rorriiRatlona or rip
pirn In wlro Rlnsa It Ik clnlmod n rIbbs
has boon ovoivod llwt thrown tho
light nil over tho building. Thin Rlnss
In utrouK and durnblo, boltiR mndo In
dniT solid ulcco md not In layers.
Trench dlRRlnR machines usod dur-
Inrf tho war nro now bcliiR oiuuoyon
to construct n plpo lino from lljivro
to Paris.
Ghomjsls Ituvo succeeded In nx
trnctliiK an oir from npplo imrliiRH
which possesses ln,hlh doRroo thu
cftnrnctorliitlo nnd delicious odor of
frciiff apples. Tho oil In lulraeted by
mouna'of olhor. and It Ik hoped that
It enn bo tnrnod to useful nccount for
perfumes or tlnvorliiK purposos.
Why Jiot Mrdforri?
Professor flnfner of tho Bmlthsn
nlnu Iiulltutn, Washltwton. 1). C,
who In hondltiR llw Bmlthsoiilnn ox
plorlnR porty In Afrfni, has dlsrovnr
d ft tnlklnR apo In thn JunRles. Hut.
why did ho Ro to Africa. whan Mod
ford la ho near? .
KlnhliiK In Reed now nt Indo
IlldKo. 1,7-21
KiirIo ItldRo Tnvoni in ofjori fur tho
noiiaoii, 17-21
KqkIo Itldco Tuvnrn In opim Dor tho
Nonson, 17-21
Klshlnit la
good now
int HnRlo
ICnglo HIiIro Tavern In oport for thn
Honnon. 17-21
Hpnnd your
weolt -pud uL
Bafoty fin. Uao Old Mission, paints
nnd Vnrnlnh. W. n. nnd J. IJ. I'nttor
noli, 133 4th 8t, 17-18
Outside palrita 2, J3.fi0 and ft
por Rallon. W, 13. and ,1. K. I'nttor
ion, 133 tth St. 171S
KOll HAI.R Up to data confoctlon
ory atoro nnd flxturus for snlo. In
quire Mm, K. D. IColin, Slsaon, Calif.
KIhIiIdk I
good now
ul KurIo
your wook-ond
at KorIo
WANTKl IroanmnkliiK or plain
sowIiir, nt rnagonnbln priced. Work
Runrautwid. 1420 OroKon Avo. 10-18
FOR HKNT BleersInK room, bnth
tie por month. Cilt aftor 5 o'clock
C32 Klamath An. 10-22
WANTHD A liDiMotkecpor: must not
bo over forty years old. Address K
II.. Ilorald office. 10-20
Btroyod to nvy ptreo, black filly;
no brand. Ownor mur havo nnmn by
cnlllnR at my place In Vppor Too vol
loy, and pnylnp raponacv, Joo N'ork
Bpond your wook-ond
IIAItNFOH8AM 144 Ho. niyor
nldo. 10-21
FOR HALIJ Modorn flvo-room bullt-
Inn, pnvomont, In. Ilox 1000,
Ilorald, 10-21
FOR HAUtNcllta Ham nonjl po-
tatoon. J. in IlnrncH, It. F. I). No,
1. 14-19
Compolcnt, oxporloncud lady book
kmipor and ntonoRrnpher naokn ponl
tlon, Ilox 43, Ilorald offlco. 10-13
Tlio Turner ApnrtnMintn, 812 Onk
St., Itooinn and npnrtmrntn to lot
Unrior now manaRomont. I'hoao 283.
, i 1 i ,
Mrx. Nmicy Wcxtcott, of Hynil
iim, s, Y who ileiliirc-M Tnnlnc
la llio r.rf-ntoit inrdiclno on cniili.
Hiyo It liullt her up lo ulirro alio
in Jimt brlmrnl of ner llfo mid en-i-Kr.
1 1018 DodRO
Al condition.
1 1020 Hpocln!
Hlx Htudobakcr
1 1918 Ilulck
now car; euarnntpcd.
Four now cord tlrcn.
1 1920 Ilulck
A real bnrRoln.
Run only 1000 ml lea
I'honn 170W.
7lh and Klanuitli Avcnuo
FOR RUNT noom with hoard, In
private family, for four Kontlomen
Mot wntor and phono. (!ho In. 306
l'ino Bt. Itiono 358. T2-18
FOR HAMv Four room house, with
bath, chlokon houno and wood-ahed
ItrRd lot, nil In Rardon. 00x100, (fur
nlshid or unturulahod)1. Will rncrl
flcn nt $1250. Apply L525 SnrRont
nvenuo. 1G-21
Hw Cluy
' rlrocnn In itlad to ImVO till ehP
foracltUim. A lo e. n;r"'ft " ' ,lon. llUl ln U..a Inatanco ho hf hln
lnK .. to hla ..uallflca lona. otc.. nnd f
horola the .n.wrr "Jwt It .,,, m KUOKraplir B,lRhtty mlxol
Wn . ! Thn rrlttMf n n tflrl. nml tint n rv
"In an to your loltnr. nt "'") romQm,,r ,.,
CITY OAltltAflJ-Whrn you want
Rnrbngn mnovoil, mil 1 OK U.I.
MinrriNo n. v. o. k.
A apodal moatbiR of. tho D. P. O.
II. will bo hold Wodnosday evening
at which balloting on candidates will
bo hold. 14-18
Apartmonts or nlnoptnR rooms for
ront roaaonahlo, 1000 I'lno. 10-21
FOR RKNT One nlco front bod
room. 1021 Wnshlncton fct. 17-18
klinni John Don who wna.horneU &
t-alaod In thlfl country. & la woll
known, throtufi eul thla country u
ho'haa bnoil Very nctlro. horo In hua
Inoaa lnc ho wna hut ft lad. Ho
atartoif, fo ook hla fortiori with out
n dolfar Of capltol, but, ho uil Reed
JuoVt'mont, & hla hnhlta good, people
I'lkod' (V deal with him & ho Rot on
hla foot, L made money. Ho owne
twenty flvo ahari In thla lliuik, o
nlro homo horn, & Half Intercut In
ono of tho very beat farm In tho coun
ty, but hnd to loar tfilrf coantry on
acct of tho mnlnrln, & aa htf hnd aomo
tlmhor land In OrcRou. ho. ha lo
catod out thoro. Ho can Rlvo you.
dlfforont bankn In thla country, or
any county official, na roffcrnnco.
Wbtlo'ho waa, a ntronR Domocrat, 4
tho County atronR Hop. & ovory offl
cod In tho county la rep. yot, thoy
know him. to bo a Reed bunlnoas man
ft I am auro thoy wonld not hoaltnto
to aay It at any time. Ho Una tho roo
ord of bolnR tho boat bualnoaa mun In
tho County, of hla nRC. thla la a
Country In thohllla whoro thoro la
not much wealth, but John I)oo, ono
year a Rft when ho loft thla county,
wna tho wcnlthloat, man of hla oro,
in the co. & had mndo It by hard
work, tendlnR to hualnoas whon tho
Other follow wh n, aloop & anvinB
evry dlmo'ho mndo. Tho onoa who
know Ihqm boat woro tho onoa, who
won hla boat frionda. Hla family roc
ord la horo na hla Father wouinr
was liornod ft ralaoil horo & nro llv
InR In thla country to day.-ft nny fa
Tor you may bo fit to ahow him -will
bo groatly npproclotcd. not pnly by
him, but, hla frionda, & Klndamnn of
thla country. I am tho proaont cnahlor
Having Taken John Doo'b placo, at
tho Urn ho loft thla country."
Tho amalloat man In tho world
anta a dlvorco. Wo hnd nlwaya aup
poaod that tho' amalloat man In tho
world was tho follor who loft town
bouao cloanlng tlmo.
r ' Tut,(?ut ,
Mary ban a llttlo calf,
9 An whlto, nlmoat, as anow
Her hoao aro ipjido of akeotor not,
And that la how I know.
Light In lark l'lner
"Tho sltuaUon makoa mo fool llko
tho boy who'll ho naked hla mothor If
he might go swimming, and was told
that ho could, but ho must hang hla
elothoa on a hickory limb and not go
near tho wator." from roport of
BAnator Stfodo's speech before the
Indiana Bar A"?"0"1
Tho Colyum has always had deep
jespoct for Senator Btrodo's orudl-
J. I. Johnatono wnnta to know why
a fonrdlng bIrb couldn't rend llko
thla: "Uonrdlng' by tho week, day or
wihti: nn..Ti:i nuniiKVi:
OIA'MI'IA, May 18. Acting Gov
ernor Coylo today Rrnntcd n 30-day
roprloyojo itsom Vblto, sontimcedJ
to hunR May 20, for tho murder of Linton, nn Krcrett taxi cab driver.
rotnombor Uiujo
Oorniany aaya that If aho pnys hor
dobta aho will bo broke, which makoa
Gormanr ono of n good ilzcd crowd.
Ah, n
niiangli to mako of tho itiormald a
murmur maldl.Theao no' bathing
aultat For why shouldn't tho funny
llttlo hollo of Noptuno'u court mur
mur nRalnat tho fate which proventa
hor from, wearing anything bo Juunly
as a costumo of chocked RlnRhamT
ainghanv aults hnvn boon ao popular
on tho Florida coast thla winter!
Would that tho northern reaorta do
nothing-to Interrupt their courao. A
blurb from n Chicago nowapapor so
ciety pago.
Wo submit tho nbovo as a fair
samplo at metropolitan Journnloao.
What tho writer la trying to aay, of
courao, la that It la all right to wear
bathing eulta mndo of mntorlal call
od gingham,
A health nulborlty ewya that ovory
clerical worker ahould havo 70
nniinrn foot of offlco room, nnd In tho
young onion season most of 'om know
how to got It.
"Mpthor, may I go out to swln;7"
"Yes, my darling daughter;
Hang your elothoa on a hlctory
limb, I
But'don't go near tho wator."
Br tho iway. Tumor and 1'atter Is
tho namo of a firm In Bucyrus, Ohio,
In enso you wantod to know anything
about UucyrtiB, Ohio.
"Rain tonight and warmer, oloar
Ing Saturday and colder," enya tho
woathor burro, nnd then truthfully
adds: "Woathor unsottlod." f
Tho Qormnns still think that thoy
can nldostop that Indomnlty. Ovor
there thoy not only bollovo that Jus
tice Is blind, but they think that aho
Is crazy.
Tho Dam Truth Is tbo title of a
new ArUona publication, We wore
tempted to contrlbuto until we loarn
od that Jt refors to Irrigation.
Tred FUt says tbess are wonder
ful days for writing poetry nnd clean
ing the back yard,
IssssKat turt 0 .
Cssk.-' ' f
1 1 Mr. Auto-Kno Says
J You need not consult tlio
T Onljii Imnnl to find ont If
riillmtclplilu Diamond Grid
Huttorlcfl aro lct(cr. Ask
any of tho hundred of sat
isfied ojicr.
The Electric Shop
123 So. Sixth St.
Phone 127
4 4.4..4-4-44-4'4'44' 4-4----4'4-4'4-4-44f4M4
sh. BJsHssy ' V. i
-J-AA AAA-. R.
"I Just think Tanlac la tho grcatcatj
modlclno on earth and I can novor
pralso It onouRh for what it's dono
for me.
"For two years I was In a badly
run-down condition. I had no nppo
tlto, and aftor ovory meal would bo
In awful dlatrcfM from Indigestion
and bloating. My norves wcro on
oilno, and I could novor got a good
uiRlil's Hlcop. I folt tired and worn
out all tho tlmo, waa losing wolRht,
and many tlmca I wns o weak I
couldn't look after my housowork, I
Jurt felt miserable
"Tanlac helped ono of my frionda
so much that I began taking It and
It has certainly built mo up Into
nplondld health. My appotlto Is so
big I can hardly Rot cnouRh to cat
now, nnd I am novor troubled n parti
do with bloating or Indigestion. My
nerves aro as steady as clockwork, j
nnd I slocp llko a child at nlRht. I
have recovered my strcnRth nnd am ,
Just brimful of now llfo nnd onerRy ,
In fact, I feci better than I havo In i
years. My gratltudo towards Tanlac
Is unbounded."
Tho nbovo statement was recently
made by Mrs. Nnncy Westcott, 121
Market St., Syracuse N Y.
Phone 531-R
We glvo alt our work personal attention. Use nothing but first ,
class material. Let us glvo you figures on yonr painting.
133 N. 4th St.
Res. Phone 531-R
-Swrvd pipind hot
with pure crfvr?
We take
n m&
Take Home ePcpen
Dovghnuh 30?
Klorldit Grapefruit
Runldst Orangoa
t you wont fresh cgotablos
nnd fruit, coino to tlio
Whero you can savo money
Oreon Foas
Summer Squash
New t Potatoes
10 to 8
521 Main
i Cherries
Green Peppers
p. mi
Phone 8S3
Spiders' wobs may bo preserved If
thoy nro sprayed from an atomizer
with artists' shellac and then pressed i
cnrcfully against a glass pl.fto at tho
snmo time sovcrltiR tho supporting!
strands. Many spider wobs nro boau-'
tlful, hnvlng Interesting characteris
tics ot tho species to which thoy be
long. A classified ad in The Herald will
find what you havo lost.
If the Wood Dealers
Sold Service
Do do not sell current; wo sell service. That sowih 44
doesn't It?
Well, suppose the Hood dealer sold acrrlco instead of wood, k
would tend to your furnnc and your range, take waj the aafeea
and dean tho fines. You would buy so much heat.
Now you buy so much light, although you pay according to tho
current yon consume. Iltit tho ncnlco is performed wou yoa by tikis)
company nt the substations and power plants.
That Is what wo want to glvo you efficiency scrrlee. It Is tho
aim of this company to liavo none but aatlsfled customers'. Xo
matter what It Is, It you haio a grievance, or are dissatisfied a
your Mil or do not understand our rates, please come and
us or wlto us about It.
If you Jiavo any suggestions to znalce. we will sladr avail
selves of them aa our aim la constantly to Improve our scrrlee te
you aa last aa too development or acienco ana nomas ability
Calitorma-Oregon Power
.0 o
. .. i
I . fH ,
i V-v'
A a aw "- 1J I
IK .i . . 'M. i 7'
s pipe won i ouria your v
tongoe if you smoke R A.!
3 -'
frlnct Albtrt h
mtU In teppy rrj
bt'i My "u "n't
Ranaoni potinil
mnd ttall pound ttit
humUorM andlitlta
r'unJ ctyttQl cfars
u miliar alth
png9 mrfsttntr
Get that pipc-party-bee buzzing In' your .smoke
section! Know for a fact what a joy'us jimmy pipe
can and will do for your peace and content! Just
check up the men in all walks of life you meet daUy
who certainly get top sport out of their pipes all
aglow with fragrant, delightful, friendly Prince
And, you can wager your week's wad that Prince
Albert's quality and flavor and coolness and its
.freedom from bite and parch (cut out by our exclu
sive patented process) will, ring up records in your
little old smokemeter the likes of which you never
before could believe possible!
You don't get tired of a pipe when it's packed-with
Prince Albert! Paste that in your hat! '
And, just between ourselves! Ever dip into the
sport of rolling 'em? Get some Prince Albert and
the makin's papers quick and cash in on a ciga
rette that will prove a revelation!
CopyrUit 1921
by R. J. Kernel.!
Tobacco Co.
the national joy srnoko