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Do It
Today's News
Member of the Associated Press.
'Iftiviilll V'r No. Mil
r put nun vrc ,
D TUD n T , &&rt.
uuHniui inniiiiiM . aw
OPPKLIN, Hlloslu, May fl Twn
)i ii ml red HIIuhIum soldiers, cointiiiiiiil
i'i liy Colonel llonil. of tlin llrltlnli
army, imirunlod (Irons Hlrtilllz, 20
inllim tmutlmnst of horn, last night
wlilln tho town was under heavy u r
Ullnry flro from Polish Insurgents
Colonel llonil tirKoil Ilm ulllitd com,
mission to nonil rolnfiiri-niiii'iits
French officials horn reported limy
woro unable lo furnish mum HiiMlorn.
Imlni; Hliorl of men In tho plebiscite
Tin I'olim lint reported lo Iin In
pmunMuilim of tlio mitlm uiiHcrn see
tlon of Hlli'niii iin far north (in Uiiho
berg. Fighting Id mill RoIiik on lit
Itylmlk In NiiMtliurn HIIohIii
Orgniilrntlon In lining roiitrinplnt
si of .1,0110 Uiwr Hlli'itlun (InrmtuiH
un clvlllnn pollen to reinforce tho on
timto irooM.
Olio French soldier was klllnd nnd
two wounded unil savnrnl ItalliuiM
wounded In tlm flRhtlng lit flroK-v,
Klrohlltz Thn Pole after enter
ing tlm city agreed lo permit Ilic
ititiiiitit mill triinpt to rniiiiiln
In tln'lr liurriirkH. Tlm Interallied
rcprosiintnlUn lit expected to nrrlvn
tmliiy to ni'Kiitliilu with thn Insu
Runts TIik ItisurKom urn report-
cil to Iin fnrrllily recruiting tun!
Including the Oorinnns
WAIIHAW. Mny fi - I'nninflrini'il
ri'POrtH rocitlvi'il horn Buy tluit Ailiil
Iiiti Korfunty. fornmr I'oIImIi plulil
clt riiiiunntiilor In Uppi'r Hlh-nlii.
wno mm proriiiiiimn iiiiiikuii lonunroi
Dm I'olUli ItiHiirKi'titH. linn Iiimmi nr -
roMiMi ny nut inmr-nii pmoiHrmi
nloti. toRctlior with IiIh ctitlro
two i'i.iui yr crii.TV
to iit'itoiaitv ciiaiuikk
Arthur Sturm nnd Fnd Kmnk
untonsl plena nf not Ritllty In the
rlrcult court lain yentcrdny to thn
liurRlnr) rliarnn, which followed the
holdup of thn O. M. Youiik rnomlnK
hoiiMi on Oak atrvnt ixvdrnl mnntha
iiKo Sturm nlno plnnded not Kiillty to
it charRo of niwntilt with n dnnRoroim
wiiipon lt In alleRcd to havu umdiI
ii mm In hold-up ointnitlona
m -
Independence Plea
Presented Board
By the Filipinos
MANIIV. P. I.. Mny C Major
(Setieral lA-onard wood and Oumuron
Forlien, former Kovcnior of thn I'lill
Ippluei, named by Prealdent llanllnR
ii n u apoclol mlimlon to InveHtlRntn
rainllUona In the Philippine mittlud
dowifto work Immediately upon thulr
iirrlvnl. They will hold lieminKa for
four hours each day,
Ono of tho flrnt matters) brought
txjforn tlm ooiiunlniilon was the peti
tion of Klllirinoii for InilciHinilfnt ru'
ernment. Sleuths Outwit
Chinese Gamblers
HAN FItANt'lSCO, Cnl . May fl.
Tho Chinatown aqund or thn Ran
FranclHCO pollen utiKiiKed In u buttln
of riiIIu with ChlneHo recently Htolo
ii clinptor from Unit llnrto'y "1 Ii
Iheu ChlneHU," wIiohd principal chnr
ncterlHtlcH wero "ways that r dnrk
mill tricks that uro vain" und omer
Red victorious.
Tho police hud Information that
ClilncHo, fearlnit to Ruinlilo In thoir
homcH boeAUSi) of tho squad's netlv
Itli'H, had shifted to tlio lnsldo of
finned llmouilnns parkod uIoiir tho
curb, Efforts to, trap thorn wero
blocked by lookouts.
Two police; dotootlves iIIbriiIhoiI
thnnvtielves as moiimors In a Chinese
funenil procosalon. HcatterlnK "devil
lwpnrs" In their paths, they mounied
until they drew aloiiRslile of u luxu
rious HmoiiHlno. KlRht Clilncso wore
found RnmblliiK bohlnd drawn cur
tnlns. Thny wero urrested.
Plan New Bridge
Across Williamson
It. C Rplnk loft thlH nfternoon for
Chlloquln with two brldso carpon
tors, to make OHtlmntes mid plans
for tho now brldRo ncrouH tho Wil
liamson river, on tho west sldo of
Chlloquln. liy liulldlnR this brldgo
and building a connoctlng highway,
tho nroBont dotour will bo atralRhl
ened and direct ontranco Into tho
town gained ovor n food with a
IiIrIi, dry Btirfaco nnd a much bet
tor grado than tho old road, ac
cording to Mr. Spink.
Ills Interest In tho matter Is tho
dovolopmont of tho new West
Chlloquln townslto, thnt Is bolng
placed on tho market by Abraham
Charlie. Ho Is tho sales ngont for
tho ownor.
A logging crow Is Rotting nut
tlmbor for tho brldgo bIIr and
stringers, which will ho sawed at
tho govornmont mill. Othor brldgo
material will bo gotten out as soon
us tho mill starts, which will be
within Id days It Is oxpectod.
, , " """wwagRt1
' ?-... V ..
French military chief who tins
iliuwn plans for tho di'intmitratlon
against (leriiMiiytlf tlm demand of
tlm allies n ro not unit liy Mny 12.
Tin. rcNleiiiitliin of
, wiu iIkiiiuiiiIciI liy Minor Wllov
ii t
Invniilnit. on tint Krouml that Hilton
i im fnlliil lo ro-opi'niti' with tlm (
nuior or Clilof of Tollrn WIIihhi, IiikI
, fnllcil to rK)rt to tlm ixilli-.) clilnf
n, mi houkIH to unili'rinlim thi ml-
ministration In urlous political
Hilton ilelhcnnl his star nnd keys
to Chief Wilson this afternoon.
The situation that culminated In
the dntuund for the luitrolmnn's res
iRiiatlon Jn an outRrowtli of tho diff
erences between tho mayor and coun
cil over thn conduct of tho police
force Hilton Is Mid to have espoused
Uin council's sldo of Uiv controversy
nnd refuned to recoRnlie tho author
ity of Chief Wilson, thu mayor's np
nolnteo ns head of tho department,
whoso apKlntmont ts bolnc consist
ently resisted by threo members of
tho council whenever opportunity
Mayor Wlloy said today thaUtio
felt that tho city's welfaru was belnR
Impeded In tho matter of ollce pro
tection by the illsiienslon Inlhe diw
partment. where tollllca should havu
no part Ho foil Hint Hilton's rourso
had been antoKonlstlc and his ntmo
vol was necessary In tho Interests of
hnrmony and effectiveness,
Hilton maintained that tin had not
soiiRht to harm tho administration or
Injury Us efficiency.
Personal Mention
Mrs. John Foster has returned
from a visit with her daughter
Mrs. Herbert McCarthy at Ashland.
Mr. and Mrs. II. K, Wlnnnrd of
Lorella spent yesterday with her
daughter. Sirs. Fred Fleet. Master
Frank Float rcturnod with them
for n visit of several weeks at their
Mrs, Jus. h. Hull who has boon
visiting at tho Herbert Newell homo
hero, returned to Pendleton this mor
ning. Mrs. P. II Unrtwrlght Is down
from Chlloquln for n few days fhot
plng trip.
Kivin Mccormick, of l;ugcno. Is
hero for u few (law ou business mid
visiting wftli relatives.
Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Collier and
small daughter left today for an nu-
tomoblln trip to Kugeuo nnd Portland
Frank Crouch, representative for
Hwlft nnd company, with headqunr
ters nt Medford, is hero for a fow
days on business.
!;. W. (lowoii Is down from Chllo
quln attending to business matters.
A. it. Campbell wns In from Pine
drovo yestordny for tho day.
Mrs. O. 12. Pllo who has boon visit
ing hor son who Is III In tho hospital
bore, ro'tuniod to hor homo at llrity.
Air. and Airs, lleorgo luioy who
hnvo lieen living at Algnmn, loft for
Sacramento this morning to reside.
Mr. mid Mrs. H. Knight of Chll
oquln, woro passengers for Ashland
this morning whoro they expect to
visit for n rouplo of weoky.
Mr. und Mrs. Milton Porter who
woro mnrrlod horo yestenlay, loft
tnH monlnB for Wbodlnml, Callfor
Mrs. J. F. Johnston who has been
visiting friends horo for sovorul days
returned to Roddlng this morning.
Tho Jolly Dick Lonsdula company
loft for Snlom this morning, where
thoy open n summor'fl ongngomont at
thn llllgh theatre ot thnt city.
Mlsa Flota Hnll, of liorkoloy, Is
visiting Mrs. Herbert Newell.
Frank Sexton, county club leador.
was In from Ills ranch on tho Merrill
road yostorday.
Edward C. Clark who Is nfflllntod
with tho CnllfrnlnrOroKon power
company, has gono to Dunsm'ulr for
u few days business trip,
PaBRongorR on thn nutnmobllo
stiiRo for Ashland and Medford HiIh
morning woro Mrs
Seeds, Ronton
IloworB and S, II. Stephens
Myr K
fiw4JLftBl fmWsX 'iV $ EsKt I I S SBEkJK l
M I T-fli-i-PfcttLTlK Kl ''1
BJlB B flHf flHv EUHjTR2kl J
1 ' V -i --- BttoLLsmtJasssssmin
Tv & Bv Lvi
IV9fHRGiHBl 9H'fcyiiM
Tlm Cormnim lmvii refiicl to comply with tho nlllos' demand to ro-
I mow all tlic Itclclmlinnk K'tld markn from llorlln to Herman banks In Co
Junii'H Hilton liiRtm nnd Coblcnz, cltln undor nlllod control
LONDON', May 6.Tuo Evening
Standard says a moraontuons Irish
confunnco will bo hold In London
during tho weelt-end. Dlstlngulshod
Irish iirolatMi, Bamonn Do Valora
nnd other leading Sinn Folnors ore
exacted to be present, tho nowspa
lor udvlscs.
DUItLIN', May 6. A conversation
between Sir James Craig and De Va
lora yostarday Is said In well Inform
ed quarters to have reached an lm
passo over tho question of a repub
lic for Ireland. Do Valora Is reported
to havo tried to win over Sir James
to tho Idea for a republic for the
whole of Ireland. Sir James replied
that no negotiations on such a basis
could occur and tho Interview was
terminated thero.
Blames Producers
For Fluctuations In
Livestock Prices
WASHINGTON', May 6. Fluctua
tions In tho livestock market are
lnrgoly duo to tho unscientific mark
eting by tho producors, and tho renl
trouble nt thn 1i.iju nf thn ntiratlnn 1
not so much thn itncknm nmlilnm n
tho producers' nroblom. Thomas i:.'
Wilson, presldont of tho Institute of
Amorlcnn meat packers, told tho
lioiiBo committee on agrlculturo In
opiMwIng tlio Norrls-McUtURhlln bill
to control tho packing Industry.
PORTLAND, Mny 6. Cattlo and
Blieop Bteady, hogs firm, primo light
$0.25 and $9.75; eggs and butter
Tho body of Clydo W. Jones, who
died Wodnosday ovontng at a
hospital, was taken to Alameda today
by his parents. Tho funorul will take
Placo from tho family homo theiv.
)oath ii3 causod by pnoumonln, In
stead of miliaria, ns first roportod.
PARIS. May 6. Tho communists
are conducting an ncttvo campaign
ngalnst tho mobilization which resul
ted In four streot battles during tho
night botwoon tho com mu Hints and
the mounted Ritards. A nttmbor of
soldlors and police wore wounded by
rovoivor shots, rocks and bottles.
Many woro nrrostod.
SALEM. May C. Tho public sor
vlcn commission today notlflod tho
Portland Gas nnd Coko company
Hint it win in a row days order fur
thor reductions In tho gas rates bo
on n no tho gna company Is now nblo
In obtain oil 20 cents a barrel
choopor, owing to lower transpor
tation rates. Thin rniliiiMfnii. nniile.
lont to $125,000 annually, follows
tho cut of March 29 of $100,000.
Pays to.Advorttse" the comedy
uccoss which Is to- bo presented nt
uiinutnuqua on -t tie fourth night by
tho Kclghloy Now York Players. Is
absolutely clean and wholosomp. This
fact Combined with thn rich Amnrl.
canlsm of Its humor, tho rapldrflre
Idiom contained In tho dlaloguo and
tho many clovor situations effected,
marked its Now York production as
me moat successful comedy drama In
Tho story Is told with a contagious
vcrvo and vigor and tho dlaloguo Is
wrltton with a real feeling for that
partlculor typo of humor that has
boon recognised as purely American
slncotho days of Hen Franklin.
Tho Now York Sun says. "Iloforo
tho company has been beforo you two
minutes tho play will reach out after
you and tap you genially on tho back.
nnd you will bo awnro of a warm.
comfortable feeling that will causa
you to settle back contentedly, with
comploto trust that It ts going to
kcop you jovial nnd Interested tho
wholo ovenlnp. It makes tun of ad
vertising hut is ono of tho best ads
tho advertising man can have."
Tho control character Is soaked In
tho gospel of advertising. Ho claims
that tho reason wo eat hen's eggs In
stead of ducks' eggs Is bocauso the
ben advortlses hor product.
Tho refreshingly clean tono nnd
gonial humanity of "It Pays to Ad
vortlso" will mark It ag one of tho
big features of the entire program.
liocnl "publicity. Junior Chautauqua
and tlckot committees hnvo boon or
ganized, with E It. Danncr. Mrs.
I.nuronco K. Phelps and E. M. Chll
coto or chairmen, respectively. They
will add to their working forces by
other appointments within tho noxt
fow days.
Oftlcors of thn main organization
nro W. S. Slough, president; Capt. 0.
C. Applegate, vice president; Bert
C. Thomas, secretary, nnd E. M Chll
coto. treasuror. Tho officers composo
tho commit too on grounds.
Tho Chautauqua opens May Si nnd
closes May 29.
ministration has decided to accopt
tlio Invitation to bend nu unofficial
roprcsontntlvo to tho supremo council
and tho council ot ambassadors.
Tho doclsion was reached after tho
president nnd tho cabinet had do
voted virtually all of today's meet
ing to n discussion ot tho subject.
Tho doclsion enrrios with It thn do
tormlnntion to havo tho United States
represontod on tho reparations com
mission, m '
Tlio Musicians' UIU ' KIvIiIK n
canco tonight at tin1 tteomtlnavlan
hall. Two orchestras, ei inK nltor-
nately, will furnish coi iinuns music
1 n
SW't ' T
mf $A
tF ' r't " " i$i
W'iw'sssmLt'-"' '
Tho horo of Verdun, who will prob-
ably head tho military forces of tho
allies If they solzo tho Frankfort see-
Palmer method awards for pen.
manshlp have been made to pupils of
local schools as follows, according to
announcement of the teachers of tho
various schoels:
CVnirul School
Silver Star Primary Ilutten: Fred
Fisher. Huth Dabnor. Itobert Martin.
Thornton Smith. Herschel Burns.
Troy Cook, Ardls DeArmond, Virgin-
la Ayors. Uobby Iloyso. Ixils Monroe,
Owondolln Martin. Harold arlfflth,
Myrtlo Bunnell. Chester Hamakcr,
David Porklns-Itolland Furlatt, WH -
lard Cof fman.
Palmer Method Butten: Ooorgo
Morryman, Thonuui Massoy, Forrest
Todd, Helen ChaneyTJennlo DcUoll.
nichard Martin, fary Working. El-
roy Call. Charlck Johnson. Herbert
Phillips. Dale McCormlck. Delbert
Powell. Eugcno Yadon. Virginia Poy-
ton. Angus' Walsh.
ProgToss Pin: Monroe Kimsey,
Rertrudo Fexetto, Thelma Grlulo
Allco Hansen-. Florence Robin. Ruth
PAfnr, Chtm MrrtnntAl fatmn
Hera Woinlo. Lois Weedon. Joy Ev
ans, Donn Mo .tore. Charles John
ston, EHtclla Luscombo. Inland Oulll.
Jean Thompson, Evelyn Francis.
Helen Abbey, Gordon Smith. Llddyi .
Von Bortliolsdorf, Florence Hector, I Clydo Poole, aged 12 years son of
Cora Wilson. (Mrs. Gladys Poole of Mills addition.
Illrersldc School had his ankle fractured last evening
Palmer Method Butten: Evolyn when his bicycle, doflected from Us
una-, jului-3 luTvcrs, tora uioan,
Everett Stearns. Frank Rcdkoy. Ger-
trudo Wlard. Robert Cono, Lotltla
Helen Jlnson, Fred Carsten-
sen. Jack Elliot. Armond Ulrloh
Progrcsa Pin: Ruth Christy, Ada
Orahood, Ethel Dodge.
MitlN School
Palmer Method Butten: Perry Pro
vost, John Hawkins. Nina Batt. Mat
thew Kohn, Eva Miller, Edna Stills,
Darn Kestorson. Elbert Stiles. Frank
...uu.u, u.a iiiuhuuu, ivuu umu,
Oulda McMullen. William Stolzon-
mueller. Margaret Stolzenmueller,
Robert Morrison. LoVerno Tomas,
.nuurjcu iiuii. i.esue oiiiey. -
Silver Star Primary Butten: Nao- , . ... ,
mi Kinkade. itfusiness Women s
I'cllnin Hay Srhnol -- .. , . ,
Sliver Star Primary Butten: Vo- Meeting I Omght
rla Sweotman, Volma Allen, Freana
Pretto, Fay Avery, Inwrence Sand--1 -h n.i.- -.. . , . .
ers. Marloy Hcnti. Virgil Bell. Cor- K1Th,0n,hn?,a'.u" C,Ub.r
don Bentr. Robert Lowe. Harold1 "' ' a I t L'h, ' hld Lls rSula
Yancey. Alma lMrks. Herbert Plnolll. ' JtSn m nS. chambor ,,f
Harryetto Boall. lulse DeChalno. tcm'"nn,n Z u nPorU of commit.
VinnVn Yuiiinn teo aPPooted last weok to secure
Palmer Method Button- Ella Bate-1 ub "V'.h V'f0'??1;
mnn Annn nn r-inim wiitinn, nnfn. cations from tho stato federation of
man. Amlrnv Ynnonv. Hnnnl,! Jlarlnn I
carl inncey.
Fnlrvlcu School
Sllvor Star Primary Button; Ruth
M. Chllcoto. John Delzell, Iiura
Goldsmith. Collno Clark. Edwin Rich
ardson. Ooorgo Whlto, I.etta Kenyon,
Olonn Rockard. Ernest Pollock, Viola
Pndorwood, Elsie Padgott. Bennott
Roes, Clifford Jay. Holey Dlngman,
Henrietta Jobcs. Elwood McKlm. Ho
mer lmmn, Cornelia Vun Motor,
Richard Anderson, Carl Van Motor,
Alico Perroll. Elizabeth Parks. Les
"""' " ' - '.i
lie Purott, Molvln Motskor, Donald
Kenyon. Leo, Obonchaln, Josephine
Dollarhldo, Alfred Yaden, Donald
Moorland, Viola Smith. Isnbol Grif
fin. Palmor Mot hod Butten: Alva M.
Frost, Allco Holms, Ruby Young,
Dayo Surgdorf, Margarot Lockwood,
Addlo Jenkins, Ervln Padgott. Dar-
rell Covort. Mildred Rldeout, Harry
Motaker. Bruce rerklns. Esther
Wlckstrom, Albort Dollarhldo, Hazel
Progress Pin: Lorln Sharp. Albort
Dollarhldo. Don Huffman, Frank
Griffin. Mildred Rldeout. Ooldlo Ja
eoby, Ruby Young, Margaret Smith,
Marlon Clark.
Improvement Certificate: Marga
rot Smith, Goldlo Jocoby.
OUIXIO.V Tonlcht nnd Rnfnr.lnv
fair- cooler tonight In east portion;
light to heavy frost In cast portion In
early morning.
Thlrty-cno feet more of casing re
main to be driven In tho Klamath
Oil company's well, nnd It In ox
pected tho water flow will bo shut
,cut. Apparently tho holo Is fairly
clear for tho remaining 31 foot. Tho
reamer -naa being used this mora-
Mng, hut It was reported by those
who had been out to tho well that
.thero was slight obstruction to bo
ovorcomo and tho casing Is oxpect
od to bo down tomorrow to tho
depth of 1465 feet. Hero It strikes
a tough clay formation that will
glvo a firm foundation for tho foot
lot tho casing and prevent tho water
from leaking In aroand tho bot
Tho 1465 foot depth Is not tho
T T,? L hole, which Is down"
fco water 1.V37 and th. cfi? t
motion makes an Ideal sotting for
iuo uuuuui ui iuo casing.
Tho noxt step Is to cement in
tho top of tho holo to keep tho cos
Ing from lifting If a heavy flow ot
gas and oil Is struck.
Tho cap for tho well will bo set
and all will bo In readiness to check,
the escaping oil should tho drill
strlko tho body that it Is hoped Ilea
only o fow feet further from tho bot
tom ot tho holo.
, AH told, this means about a
!!' ,,wor ,fbfo,r1 tmdrl!"n.B '
?.??! d, cr tho drill starts It
w'l,1Ibo,,but Vho:lrtl,mo',,t '? h0,ped
""I'L 'h ""' ?" .lody te. trucl5'
. Tno reamer In tho past few days
has como to tho surfaco with a
,CJ , nK,?t ". .nd a"Phalt uPn ".
" ,r ' .nd tno Bau C8CBP.e ,n
,'"mes wnnver the tools are
""?,' , , , .
, Aro.und tne First Stato and Sav-
Ln-S bank 'horo ,s nl otmospboro
" ,Pervou tenseness, masked with
, t?,,,; JT eBr,Jp a "r "d &
half Captain Slemons and his aa-
f,nCiatS hnar?ubccn ,n,Bcd,,n P"1'
"nR "T0 tho MolU- a""0 -
?rS?mln Bunerou obsudea and
j?f orArl "'backs They boUereT
i,b,ar a .Profltabjo c well.
p?ba lr a U8h,er. "coming uo" and
lh, o end of operations In sight.
jmruona-io anxiety ror tho hasten-
"" w' tu '""""" " nTiaent.
Hit Mnnrl 0i1
rf. M gv 1f g
Bicycle; Goes Over
Bank; Ankle Broken
course Dy a pllo of sand, plunged
ovor tho 17 foot embankment on Pine
street In tho roar of tho Elks temolB
and landed wheel and rider In th
tennis court below.
Tho bicycle landed on top of tho
rider, who was badly shaken up. Ho
wag rescued by passers by. Medical
examination revealed bad bruises and
the fractured ankle.
The boy coasted down the Pine
street hill. His bicycle had a poor
oraKe. ii attained a high speed by
tho time it reached line streot and
whon It struck the sand pllo the rldor
, quickly lost control
business WOIliens Clubs will be dllV
cussed, and possibly a delegation will
bo named to attend tho Portland con
foronco next month.
Appointments recontly made to
completo representation of various
professions on tho local council are:
Florence Bradley, from tho Bluebird;
Mrs. J. R. Horshborgor, of the rest
aurant employees; Mrs. C, E. Huf
man, from Hector's store: Volman
Meredith, from tho Pacific Telophono
and Tolegraph office, and Mrs. Lula
Hutchtns, from tho post otflco.
All business women ot tho city are
urged to attend tonight's meeting,
prepard to actively share In tho work
that-tho organization alms to accomp
lish. Charles Lenz, a Fort Klamath
rancher, Is In town fop, a fow days.
O o
Weather Probabilities
o o
Tho barometric pressure, as
recorded by tho CycloiStorma
graph at Underwood's Phar
macy, has remained practically
unchnnged for tho past 2t
hours, although thoro has
boon n, slight riso sinro- 7
o'clock this morning. Indications
favor a contlnuanco of rresont
woathor conditions for at loast
twolvo hours.
Forecast for noxt 24 houra.
Generally fair, with brisk winds
which will diminish.