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Tho city council tonight will hold
ah oxtrn Measlon, pursuant to last
Monday'! adjournment, to consider
war and moans (or mooting tho
deficit on tho first, second and
third paving unit bonds, which oro
dao May It '
I'ollco Judgn Loavllt today In
preparing a dotallod Utoracnt of
tho delinquency on tho throo unit,
for comldcratlon by tho council.
In a recont publlihod notlco to de
linquent property ownors In tho
Improvement districts In question
tho dollnquoncy Wai fixed at ap
proximately 116,000. Thoro bare
boon somo payment! alnco. Judge
Laavltt wna unprepared with fig
ures this morning but said tho do
flclt had been considerably reduc
ed. Ilentltatlon that tlmo Is appar
ently hero for a "go easy" policy In
regard to Improvement matters Is
being forced upon tho attention of
citizens. It Is understood that tho
Obambor of Commerce forum meet
ing next Wodncsday will bo glv
n to a discussion of tho municipal
financial problem. '
As tho bond payments on tho
first, soeond and third Issues aro
duo Monday, It appears probablo
that tho council mnst tako soma do
flnlto action tonight to socuro tho
mono to meet tho deficit. They
must docldn whether or not thoro
aro other funds nvallablo from
which the money can bo tempor
arily borrowed.
One definite fact has apparently
boon established and that Is that
tho charter forbids, borrowing from
other Improvement funds, ,snd this
loaves the administration with quite
n sliabla problem on Its hands.
Business Women
Organize Club
At n mooting of tho business wom
en of tho city last night, It was de
cldod to form a Duslmwa Woman's
club. I'lans wore mado for a club
room and an employment agency for
tho girls. A mooting of all tho busi
ness women of the city has boon call
ed for next Friday ovonlng at tho
chambor of commerce at 7:30, Tho
nuccoss of this organltatlon doponds
largely upon r.ho Intorost shown by
tho women und nil nro urged to at
tend. Tho officers oleotod at last nj Kill's
mooting were: Clara Calkins, presi
dent; Iloulah Janrls, secretary, and
Fay West, vlco president.
Auto Busses Are
Cheaper Than Train
Lumber Co. Finds
UOHHtS, Cat., April 29. Dotorm
Inod to dofoat tho high cost of rail
road fares a Sacramento onxploymont
agency has ovolvod a plan which
shows pro ml so of revolutionizing tho
business of transporting laborom
from ono point to anotbor quickly.
A fow days ago a lumbor company In
this vicinity placed an ordor with tho
ngoncy for a cortatn numbor of mon.
In duo courso of time tho mon arrived
on tho sceno ready to go to work, but
not on the CMC, as customary.
Tho employment agency, by caro
ful calculation, arrived nt tho conclu
sion that mon could bo transported
from Bacramontto to this vicinity
cheaper by largo auto bussos than by
train. A machine carrying alghtpon
men was used for tho first trip. This
mothod probably will bo omployod
extensively In this locality horoattor
until railroad rates aro materially
j HONOLULV, T. II., March 6 (Dy
I mall).' Ico water In Honolulu la
' going to cost moro during- tho cora-
hngiumraer than It did -In 1920. Tho
) Ico companies say Incroasod edbod-
ulo of prices which thoy put Into of-
foct In Juno, 1030, hw failed to make
good their losses and another hoist
In cost to consumer ha ben nuuoun,-
ced.HIgh costs of operation, say tho
companies, are responsible for tho
Lloyd George
aW 5fcV(fKt, 'ui'jiagK A
Ilrltlsh promlor would exact full
roparatlon but Is Inclined to fix
terms In accord with aorman abil
ity to llquldato debt.
8BATTLK, April 29 A nnnll boat
containing 5 men from tho Umatilla
nwif lightship aro missing aftor bo
lug coat adrift last night In a fifty
two mllo gulp, anys a w I roles i men
sago. Tlia mon put out for tho otca
mor Quoon to rocolvn somn books and
m.ii:u!nc-i fur tho lightship. They did
not return to tho lightship. Tho boat
was lost neon drifting toward tho
r shoro of Vancouior Island. Tho
Q-n advised by wlreloss from Tut
sf )V that idio had put back to search
foi tro boat, but wns unablo to lu
cntn It.
Tho uumos of tho missing men
am Ilobert Nelson, engineer; E.
Antonson, V. Helkol, J. Olson and
Jons Munson. Hopo Is oxpressod
that thoy bavo mado a landing.
IThoro was a 60 mllo galo oft tho
coast last night. Tho cuttor
tinohomlah won forcod to sook
shelter aftor losing ono boat and
Uiavlng nor hatches Bmashcd, while
ihuntlng tho missing mon. '
Financial Report
Encourages Church
1 In vlow of tho fact that tho Em
manuel Rapttst church has boon
pastorless, until recently, for 18
months, and that only tho prayor
mooting services woro hold, tho fi
nancial statomont for tho yoar,
read at last night's business moot
ing, was consldorod by tho con
gregation as most encouraging. A
f200 balanco on hand was shown,
aftor oxpondlturos during tho yoar
of moro than $1,000 for missions
.and othor work.
I Now nppolntmonts of offlcors
woro as follews: Miss Iloulah Jar
vis, suporlntondont of Sunday
'school; Miss Luclllo Larkoy, clork,
and William Saunders, treasuror.
Tho Ror. J. It. Dickson, now pas
tor, will arrive from Roseburg soon
land will preach his first local sor
mon May 16, Tho Ilov, G. L. Hall,
stato missionary, who has boon tem
porary pastor, loaves noxt wook for
now fields.
BALKM, Or., 9prll 29. George
T, Collins of Medford, hufl accoptcd
tho appointment from Governor 01
cott aa n mombor of tho tourist infor-
' matlon bureau, created by tho lost
loglslaturo. Mr. Collins Is managor
of tho Mason-Khrman wholosalo gro
cery's plant at Medford. Ho Is ap
pointed to fill tho vacancy causod by
thp Inability of K. C. Simmons of Ku
roiio, ono of tho original appolnltoos,
to accept tho nppolntmont.
aid to iiAW opnoitna
MEDFOItD. April 39, Aftor con
oidarlng annonymous throats against
tho Medford pollco or rocont nrrosts
of drunkards and liquor sellers, the
Executlvo Conunltteo of the Medford
Legion has Issued a statomont plodd
ing its support to tho office! s of tho
law In any showdown between th
forces ot law nnd order and vlco."
Tho etatomont doclares "tho loglon
can be dopondod upon to support the
WASHINGTON, April 28. Tho
Prrsldont and tho cabinet nro under
stood to hno dlscussod tho (lennnn
ntlKiratlons" again ioday.
It becamo known that (Intuit Brit
ain mid Italy had not doflnltoly re
jected tho Gorman offer as a basis
for negotiation!!. It Is understood,
how-over, that tho French and Del
elan vlows woro that Uio terms wcro
unaccoptnblo, '
Secretary Hughes Is undoraood
to bo hopaful that negotiations bo
tweon tho allies and Germany can bn
reopened. Kvcn If a final doclslon Is
not reached before tho French begin
to movo Into additional Gorman torrl
tory, oxchanges can contlnuo after
that tlmo.
PATHS, April 29. Dr. VonOort
ten, head of tho German war burdens
commission, rcfusod to attend tho
mooting of tho reparations commis
sion today for determining tho, time
and tho mot hods of tho German pay
ments. I'romlor Ilrland loft for, Lon
don to attend tho supremo council,
Saturday. Ho has tho unanimous
French support for direct actl6n In
enforcing tho penalties upon Gorma
!ny. LONDON, April 29. A dispatch
says that Lloyd George will consont
!o tho occupation of tho Kuhr dist
rict only aftor an ultimatum grant
ing a certain amount of dolay.
Carl Y. Tongwotd has been choson
as manager of tho hotol at Crater
lako and tho establishment will open
July 1, with a party given by tho
officials ot tho Crater Lake National
Park company, Thoso mattora woro
t settlod at a mooting hold In Portland
by tho Incorporators, says the Ore
gonlan With plans laid and a mana
ger selected, tho agitation for Im
proved conditions at tho lako has as
sumod doflnlto shnpo.
I Tho Crater Lake National Park
company has been Incorporated un
, dor the laws ot Oregon. Tho officers
1 oloctw! nro Eric V. Hauser, prcsl
.dent; ft. W. Price, first vlco-presl-j
dent; Vernon II, Vawtor of Medford,
vico-prc-Biuum anu in-nsmur, urauo
T. ColllnB of Medford, eocretary
treasuror. Tho board of directors will
bo olocted later In tho wook.
It Is tho Intontlon ot tho company
to make Crator lako son-Ico on a par
wlUt tho sorvlco at Yosomlta and
Glaclor national parks and to mako
a modoll establishment for tourist.
Special attention Is to bo directed to
transportation facilities boUccn Cra
tor luko and Medford. A formor head
stago man from Yosomlto Is to bo
managor of tho transportation sor
vlco, and announcement will bo mado
lator as to the schodulo and stages.
Tho company confirmed tho action
inkon by tho c'ltltons' committee ot
Medford, ot wlilch Mr. Vawtor was
an actlvo spirit. Tho option on tho
hoto, property, wjiloh was taken by
A. 11. C. Dohrmann, presldont of the
Yollowstono national park, lias boon
(urned over jo tho now company, Mr.
Dohrmann'a eolo Idea In making tho
transfer 1b to get tho ontorprlso un
dor way as quickly as possible.
A. L. Parkhurat, who had tho ho
tel at tho lako, Is now ontlroly out ot
tho institution. Ho oxprossod him
solf yesterday as woll ploasod with
tho result ot tho offorts of tho Crater
Lnko commission In bringing about
plans for tho adequato dovolopmont
at the lako.
"Crater lako had rodchod a dogreo
of Importance In the future dovolop
mont ot tho touritft business ot tho
state that rendered It impossible
longer to neglect the Interests of the
poople of Oregon,'' said; Mr. Park
hurst. "Tho growth of other parka
has mado it absolutely imperative
thole n very large dovotopruont toko
A now oxocutlvo commlttvo for
tho Klntnuth county Itd CrosH chap
tor was chosen at last nlght'H
meeting. Tho commltten will bo
called together, probably early noxt
woek ,to select tho officers for tint
coming year. Tho commlttoo con
sists ef:
lA'sllo Itogors. Miss Twyln Head,
Father J. V. Molloy, Mrs. William
Uanong, Mrs. Thos. Ciimpholl, Mrs.
Callaghan, Marshall Hooper, B. S.
Henry, Dr. A. A. Soulo, ltcv. C. F.
Trlmblo, Fred A. Uakcr nnd Judgo
I). V. Kuykondall.
With tho exception of Mrs. Ga
nong. MJhs Twyla Head, Fred A.
linker and Leslie Hogors, all of
tho persons named hava not prev
iously served en tho" exocutlro
Receipt and disbursements for
ll'o past year woro reported by tho
treasurer aa follows.
Hal on hand Juno 30, '20 J2.383.09
Misc. Ilocolptii 72.76
Donations . 903.07
Memberships 2.3CC.00
Tota.1 - $6,726.32
Home Sorvlco 1 918.36
Disaster and Itcllof 20.S0
Public Health Nursing. -.. 976.71
Hont, Light, etc 67.59
Postogo, etc. ................... 24.00
Uomlttanco to dlv. hcadq. 1,173.00
Total - $3,220.16
Tho secretary's .report showod n
membership In Klamath county ot
2,267 annual membors, ,12 cohtrlb
utlng.and two sustaining members.
It showod that hospital and modi
cal trcatmont has been socurod for
flvo ox-iorvlco men and two civilians
during tho year Four others hnvo
applied for medical aid. Vocational
training has boon secured for threo
dlsablod vatorans at government
oxpenso, and five ctbor applications
forwarded. Two of thoso woro re
jected and threo aro ponding. Ad
ditional travol pay and overduo al
lotments havo boen socurod tor four
and compensation for disability has
been secured for flvo disabled ex
sorvlco men. Material relict has
boon glron to ono soldlor, four ex
sorvlco mon and olght civilian tarn
Ilea. County rollof and rollof from
other agonctcs has boon secured
for six famlllos. '
Tbo executlvo board has a busy
yoar, holding various mcotlngs and
conference with school officials and
with agonctcs working for ox-ser-vlco
men's bettermont and their
families' welfare
Dr. Dan Clark, northwest direc
tor of civilian relief addressod tho
mooting, outllnod plans ot tho Red
Cross for poaco sorvlco and rocom
mondtng certain lines ot work. Ho
urgod support of tho county health
nurso, a hoalth center for tho dis
tribution of information, and tho
study of tho Rod Cross homo nurs
ing courso.
WASHINGTON. April 29. Tho
house Immigration restriction bill
was roported favorably today-by tho
sonato Immigration committee, after
elimination ot tho provisions allow
ing special privileges for tho ontrnnco
of minora and porsons subject to re
ligious persecution.
PORTLANQ. April 29 Tho Leach
Cross and Joo Goodman ton round
bout last night was officially doclar
od a draw, though nowspapor opin
ion favorod Cross.
place qt Crator lako In tho ucar fu
turo. 'Mr. Hauser and Mr. Vawtor, w Ith
othor membors of tho cqmralttoo, dc
aorve tho thanks ot thcTontlre state
tax tholr patriotio offorta In develop
ing a satisfactory soluttou. The Im
provements which aro to bo made
this year will give greatly Increased
facilities for taking better caro of tho
tourists who are deilrous of visiting
this acenla wonder."
Mr. Tengwald, tho uctlvo managor,
formerly was managor of tho Hollnnd
hotel at Medford,
Premier Briand
Hoad of Iho French cabtnot, who
domnads that Gormany pay to tho
uttermost mark the sum fixed by
tho reparations commission.
Erncst Elfcndahl ,a promlnont lum
berman of Klamath Falls, died hora
last night.
K. W. Elfondahl left hero last
Saturday for San Francisco, hoping
that a chango In cllmato and treat
ment would benefit him.
Many friends, who knew he was
In 111 health, will bo deeply gTler
od to hear that be was unsuccessful
In his battlo against death. ,, ..
Tho decedent ws associated, lost
season with tho Associated Dox
company at Dorrls, an enterprise
which ho and other local lumber
men and Investors founded. For a
tlmo ho was manager of tho plant.
During tho 1919 season he was with
tho Modoc Lumber company and
boforo coming hero ho was for
many years general manager ot tho
La Molno Lumber and Trading com
npay at La Molno, Cal.
Tho family residence sold a fow
days ago. In this city was- in tbo
Hot Springs addition. Tho doced
cnt's Immedlato family consists ot
a widow, daughter, aged about 9
years, and a son, agod 12. '
The boy had boon III for sovoral
months, following an attack ot In
fluonxa, and friends bellove that
worry ovor tho son's condition, as
well as anxloty for his own health,
aided In lowering Mr. Elfendahl'H
Vitality and helped to bring about
his death.
1 WASHINGTON, April 29. Tho
Knox peace resolution was attacked
by Senator Hitchcock, ot Nobraaka,
a domocrat, aa "Idlo and lneffer.!vo"
and as an nttompt to dictate tho In
ternational policies ot tho president.
I In a minority report submitted
'today by democratic membors of
tho senato foreign rotations com
mittee, tho Knox poaco resolution
is doclarod to bo "fraught with
untold difficulties."
....WASHINGTON April 29. Nomi
nations of 84 postmasters, tho first
mado by President Harding alnco
ontoring office sont to tho senate
Included David W. Morris, Modes
to, Cat., and William J. Warner,
Medford, Oro.
ST. PAUL. April 29. Tho state
suprojno court denied a now trial to
L. C. Townloy, president of tho na
tional non-partUan loaguo, and Jo
seph Gilbert, formor organization
managor o't the league, convtctod dt
conspiracy to teach sedition, 'Tho,
case was tried June 23, 1919,
new world record of 63 4-5 seconds
vaa made byuA. PescJi of Notre Dame
university In the, first heat or tho
four hundrod and forty yard hurdlos,
at n meet horo today,
Tho Pelican Day Lumbor com
pany's sawmill will resume opera
tlons within 'a few days, It waa aa
nouncod today at tho office of tka
Pelican Say plant in answer to in
qulry. Ono shift will be operated
at tho start, ponlng tho arrival of
H. D. Mortonsen, who Is now In
Son Francisco. When ho arrive
tho question of operating two t&lfU
will bo considered. '
About 160 men will bo employ
ed, meaning additional jobs for
about 40 men as a large part of the
Pol lean Bay crow baa beea em
ployed upon repair work during
tho winter.
With ono shift operating, the
output of tho Pollcan Bay mill will
bo about 166,000 feet of lumber
1 Kwatui In ReuulBg
' Tbo Ewauna Box company's mill
has been In operation slnco tho
first ot the wook, working onn
shift of 26 men dally. Tho box fac
tory has not yet retched a norma!
but Is producing a little more than
76 per cent of its fall capacity, it
was roported today.
I Dig Lake Start Monday
1 Tbo Big Lakes Lumbor com
Ipany announced today that it's mill
yrould start Monday morning, oper
ating ono shift, 25 man. Tho Big
Lakes has Installed a new boiler
and overhauled Its plant, somewhat
Increasing tho capacity. It will saw
about 60,000 feet of lumber' dally.
It was reported.
The Klamath White Pine com
pany, whose now milt at My
plngton wns finished late last fall,
has not .fixed a doflnlto date for
starting E. W. Dee, the mana
ger, is cow In California.
It is expected that rtart will
soon bo made, however.. The Kla
math Manufacturing company's mill
has been operating for ten days, be
ing the first local mill to open.
Forgery of Hotel
j Man's Name Charged
A B. Huntington, employed by
tho Central hotel, was arrested last
night on complaint ot Ouy Gar
rett, hotol manager, on a phargo
ot forgery. He Is accused of hav
ing passed six five-dollar checks
forged with tho hotol manager's
signature, threo ot which reached
tho bank and were cashed.
Arrangements were being mado
for the arraignment of Hunting
ton In tho justico court this afternoon.-
j Huntington has been employed
J by tbo Central hotel far several
.months as Janitor. Ho was a hol
ograph operator, and was a man
ot moro than ordinary Intelligence.
Offlcors said that ha was intoxlca
tod when arrested, and it is said
that habitual Indulgence In liquor
is the- sburco of much of his trou
ble. r .
Sportsmen Meet
Tonight At C. of C.
Local sportsmen aro urgod not to
forgot tho meeting tonight at 8
o'clock, at tho chambor of commorco
rooms. Many Important matters aro
scheduled tor discussion, among oth
ers tho arrangements tor tho stato
fish and gamo commission mooting
hore In June.
WASHINGTON. April 29, Falling
to reach an agree mon t with tho ship
ping board and the American steam
ship owners on a bosla for readjust
ing tho wages and the working con
dltlons in a oonterenco today Itho rep
resentatives of tho unions announc
ed that thoy would lay their cose be
fore President Harding.
WUATttlSH I'MVUADinnxisB n lj
Tho Cyplo-stormagrapa ai up
dorwood's Pharmacy has recorded
but little change in, tho barometric
pretsuro during the paste 24 hours,
hence a continuation of present
conditions may be expected.
Forecast for next 24 heurs:
Continued fair, with brisk wjods