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Flflwntli Ywir No. ftlOO
.! I
A --r
U . .il.
Patrolman Charles Wynii wan to
day nuaponded by Mnyor Wlloy, pend
ing Investigation of chnrgos thnl fol
lowed tho nrreiit nf Wyun last night
by Conntnblo Morley nnd tho alleged
dlncovory nf n bottle In his pockut
that la Niinperted to contain liquor.
Wynn wnn allowed hla liberty after
the nonrrh on tlio promlno Hint ho
would nppenr If complulnt wna filed
nRiilnnt hint.
Hay Gun Wit lmvm
Conntnblo Morley. District Alton
noy Ilrower nnd City Councllmnn
Vnllmor nnd IlognrdiiH, nccordlitK to
thn ntory told by Wynn, suddenly
nnlored tho'offlco of Mm. T II. Jolly
collector, between 7 nnd ft o'clock
hint evening, while Wynn wnn thoro
on n biinlnenN errnnd. Moroly shoved
n rovolver tiKnlnnt hla body, lie told
hla auperlora, nnd ordorod him to
throw up hli hnndn. Ho obeyed nnd
wna nonrchnd. Tho arrottlnR squad
took a small bottle, containing nn
Inch or two of whltn liquid. Tho
bottlo la In tho nsnmilon of tho
dlstrlrt nltornoy, who nald today tho
contents had not bean analyzed. Tho
bottle wna Inhaled "llorle Acid Holu
tlon." Wynn wild ho got It earlier In tho
evening from nn Indlnn nt tho Crater
Cafo. Tho Indlnn bohayod nn If ho
were Intoxicated nnd tho pollcetnon
searched hltn. and kept tho bottlo,
allowing the Indian to ro
On llulnr Errant!
Then, Wynn'a ntory Roea, ho went
off duty. Hence ho did not turn tho
bottlo In nt tho pollco ntatlon but
kept It In hl pocket. Ho wus cnllod
to Mrs. Jolly's offlco therentter nnd
went, bollovlnR that ho wna cnllod to
dlacuii tome bill, left over from tho
tlmo he ran n pnlnt nbop burn, that
had been placed In her hands for col
lection. Tho raid and urrent cntno an
a total nurprUo.
The raid wub conducted from tho
ndJolnlnR offlco. whuro tho arrestr
InR party concealed tliumwilvtw fdr
somo tlmo. Dunbar & Dtinbnr, uo
cording to an "Insldo" ntory of tho
occurence Patrolman James Hil
ton wna one of tlio rnldlnR party,
but rcntnlned In tlio other office
Whllo It wna nald tho recently
organized "Uiw nnd Order 1onguo.
wna responsible for RntherlnK tho
nvldonco nnd singing tho nrreat W
A. Wlost, ntlorney for tho orgnnl
xatlon, nald today that tho league
hna not boon formnlly complntod. Ho
stated, howovor, that tho oxecutlvo
rommltteo had been consulted and
woro Informed of developments
Chief of Pollco Wllnon aald today.
that ho recommended tho """I""'"10"
of tho patrolman, penning a iru.i. ...
thn charges. Mayor Wtloy said that
ho would mnko tho fullest Invoatlgn,-
District Attorney Ilrowor declared
that until ten mlnutcM boforn tho
nrront, ho know nothlnK nt tho mat
ter. Ho refused to nnmo tho portion
or pornonH who Inld tho Information.
Ho aald no names worn montlonod,
but ho wan told thnt If ho wont to
the collection offlco ho would find
a mnn thoro with liquor In his pos
session. Didn't Know Who It Wiw
Dotectlvo Morloy BayB that at tho
tlmo ho cntorod tho room ho did not
know whom ho wnn golnR to nrroat.
Wynn hna retained William Marx
an counaol and wnn nald today thnt
a complaint would bo brought
aKalnat Morloy for falno Imprlaon-
mont and nHBiiult with a doadly
weapon. Tho first clinrgo Is techni
cal, bused on tho allegation that
Wynn wiih nrrostod and dotnlnod
AgalnHt his will. Whothor action will
bo taken nRnlnut othors of tho raid
ing party, or not, wna not lntlmatod.
Tho bottlo takou from Wynn was
oxhlbltod to tho Inlorvlowor In tho
district uttornay'u offlco. It Is a six
ounco bottlo, about a quartor full of
rathor cloudy, white liquid, bearing
a drug ntora label on which tho
i words, "Boric 'Acid SoluUon" aro
, typo-wrltton.
Wynn Turn In Star
.,i Wynn turnod hl Btax ovor to
CJbief of rollco WJboii tltls rn.orn.luR.
following suspension. Tho calef sMd
ho hid no knowledge of the c&ee and
bad formed no opinion. Ho snld that
If Wynn was Innocent und tho victim
Allies Will Discuss
Penalty If Germany
Refuses to Pay
I'AIUH, April 20. Tito Ilrltliili
it ml French military londora .Incluil
litK Marshall Foch wilt con for In
England Sunday with Promlora
llrliiiul and Lloyd Ooorgo regard
Ini; tlin ponnltlos of Gormnny In
enso mIio refuses tlio raparntlmiH
payments duo Mny flrnt.
l'rnmlur Ilrlnnd will Innlst (lint
tlio Ilrltlnh flnK nlinll fly with tlio
I'ronch trl-colnr over tlio Hulir ills
trlrt, nayit tho Kcho Do I'nrlH.
WASHINGTON, April 20 - Fnr
morn from nil pnrtit of tlio United
State hold a mooting hum t oil ny
under ttio nunplcen of tho National
rnrmorn Union nnd decided to tnko
tliolr fight for reduction of frolRht
rutrn direct lo I'ronldont Harding.
They reached thin decision nftnr
thn farmers' MpokiMini'ii conferred
with thu Interstate Coininiirro com
mission to unto lower rate Tlio
officials of tho Farmers' union mild
tho president prolmlily would bo
ntkfd to cnll ft ronfnrcnco of tho
shippers, federal rnllwny agendo,
stool Intnronts and banker to dine tun
tho voluntary rnllrond rato readjust
ment to rostoro It to tho accuntomod
C. OF C. F
NOW 119,000
Ti..i chnmbnr of Commerce mom-
bnrnhlp wns swelled to a total of
348 by today's campaign.
quartofs 'reported ' following tho
noon luncheon, n gain of 172 slnco
Total sorvlco fund subscriptions
woro announcou ai o.uuu.uu, u
gain of tGGO.GO over yostordoy's
total. '
Tho total amount now plodged In
memberships nnd sorvlco fund con
tributions Is JlC.18G.IiO. Tho goal
Is $20,000, with two moro dnya to
rnlna tbo npproxlmntcly, $4800 thnt
Is lacklnR.
KUCJKNn, Or., Aprtl 20. Mm.
Mnry Hoborta Illnohnrt, notod wri
ter; her husbund, Dr. D. M. Ill no
hart, and their two sons will tako
a 30 days' trip In tho Cascade
innuntalnB this summer, according
to Harry G. Haynos, hunter nnd
'gul,0 of McKonzle IlrldRO. who has
been engaged by them.
Tho trip will bo started noar
Mount Hood nnd will bo contlnuod
through to Crator lako.
Jamos Honnossoy, laboror who
came boro two or throo weoks ago,
wnn examined for sanity boforo tho
county court this morning. Tho
court took nn nctlon, holding tho
mnttor far furthor Investigation.
iwrnt MIM AT iu:ni
SAI.KM, Or., Apr. 20. A paper
mill apparently In contcmplatod nt
llend. John Stoldt of Ilnnd, has filed
with tho stato cnglnoarlng dopart
mon an application covering tho
proponed appropriation of 120 sec
ond foot of wator from Deschutes
rlvor for tho purposo of manufactur
ing papor at llend.
of a "fruma-up," as ho claims, bo
(tho chief) would bo glad to havn tho
chargos proved, but If Wynn Is
guilty of unbecoming conduct ho
would bo glad to havo that fnct un
covered. "Thoro Is no plnco lit tho pollco du
partmont," said tho chief, "for Inef
ficient or dlsboneat m on. nut in this
specific caso I am. of an open mind,
Tho Investigation will show whothor
tbo charges havo basis or not."
District Attorney n rower said to
ddy that, If tho contonts of tho bot
tlo proved on analysis to bo liquor,
tojA would be a formal complaint
Hied ajaJnet Wynn. Otherwise no
further action would be taken
through the Initiative of his offlco,
ho statodi
In renponso to tin Invitation by
tho locul Chamber of Commerce
dellvorod and nupplemonted by
Uhnrlos Hall, president of tho Btato
Chntnbor of Commorco, tho board
nt tho recent Astoria moating, do
cldod to hold tho next moating ol
tho board In Klnmnlh Falls.
Tlio meeting dates of tho board
nro approxlmntoly 00 dnya opart,
making It llkoly that tho local
mooting will tako plnco about tho
mlddlo of Juno. '
Definite nrrangomonts dopond
upon tho progress of plans for
organization of a largo parr of
mlddlo western farmern for a tour
of Orogon during tho summer. Tho
nlan was Indorsod by tho direc
tors and William Hanloy, of Har-
noy county, will loavo for tho oast
shortly to orRanlxo tho touring
When thoy nrrlvo thoy will bo
m.t nt soma point In onstorn Or"-
Ron by tho board of directors und
a mootlnR will bo hold, mil inia
will probably bo subsoquont to tbo
Klamath mealing.
Tbo board wont on rocord an fa
vgrlng a national system of recla
mation, bollovlng thai sucn pi
will work to tho host Interests of
tho ontlro western country.
Iloturnlng from tho Astoria meet
ing Mr. Hall drovo from Portland
In his car, which has boon In
Portland slnco tbo closo of tho log-
Mslatlvo sosslon. Ho was met ai
Ilosoburg by Mrs. Hall nnd tnotr
son. Thoy droro from Medford
Monday, by wny of Ager. ns tho
Oreen Springs rontl is roporwu iu
bo still obstructed by fnllon trees.
hmid.'tnil urrtvcil in iinio mr
to proslda al tho Chamber of Cftt-
morco dinner Monday.
Seeking Man For
Portland Shooting
I'OnTLAND, April 20. Officers
today aro Booking Josso IJoydston. n
Vnncouvor, Washington, barber,
whom they accuso of shooting Mrs.
Mabla linker nnd husbnnd, Thomas
Ilakor. horo yestorday. Mrs. Ua
ker Is In a hospital In critical con
dition, shot through ,tho boad. llor
husband Is shot In tho arm. Tho
pollco say that Hoydson fired at
tho couplo as tho result of Jeal
ousy, his attentions to Mrs. Dakor
having boon rojeclod. Thoy woro
unablo to find any Indication that
ho committed sulctdo as a noto
In bis harbor shop Indicated.
Hrlck work on tho now sales
building for tho Kwauna Motors
company at tho corner of Seventh
and Klamath wna started this
morning by Contractor It. W.
Smith. It Is oxpoctod that tho
building will bo complotod within
30 days. John Thomson will do
tho carpontor work. Tho plans for
thn building waro furnished by
Goo. It. Wright.
MUs Holon Cowglll, assistant
stato club loader, will bo tbo prin
cipal spoakor at n big mooting to
bo hold Friday ovonlng at tbo Mt.
Lnkl church, dealing with tho noodH
and bonotlts of club work. Tbo
Mt. Lakl pooplo Issuo a gonoral
Invitation to all Interested porsons.
nofreshmonts will bo provided and
a warm wolcomo is assurod.
Uasoball enthusiasts will moot at
tho Chambor of Commorco rooms
at 8 o'clock tonight to discuss tho
prospocts of a city loaguo. Three
or four teams are tentatively lined
up.' The wholo matter will bo gono
Into this evening and any rganira
tlon or Individual Interested is In
vited to bo on hand.
OREGON Tonight and Thurs
day rain. !
WA8IIINOTON, April 20. VIr
oroua opposition to tho ratification
of tho Colombian treaty wob voic
ed In tho ncnato today by Konator
herrls, republican, of Nebraska. Ho
rcforrod to republican supportorn
of tho pact as 'irulilior stnmpa" of
tho whlto house.
WASHINGTON, April 20 With
out question of doubt, tho Colombi
an treaty, which Is now tho speclnl
ordor of buslncns of tho senate will
bo ratified whon tho vote Is taken to
day. Hut for tho promptness of tho
ndmlnlstratlon In urging tho senato
to tako Immodlato nctlon, tho results
might not bo so satisfactory to tho
( friends of tbo treaty. An It Is, thoro
will not bo ninny votes to spnro
, nhovo thn roqulslto two-thirds of tho
I "naiors proscnt nnd voting. Moat
of tho enemies of tho treaty lildo
behind tho memory of former Prent-
dont Iloosovolt in tholr opposition,
but tho fight for tho treaty Is led by
Chairman I.odgo of tho foreign rela
tions committee, perhaps tho closost
political friend tho formor president
President Harding has only boon
In offlco six wooks nnd no matter
how much somo of tho Itopubllcan
loadors would profor not to havo tho
Columbian treaty ratified, thoy nro
even moro dotormincd to have hnr
mony and co-oporatlon botwocn tbo
legislative and exocuttva departments
of tho govornment. Thoroforo, tho
first roqulslto of Prosldont Harding
In connection with a foreign troaty
will bo approved by tho senato. Woro
his request toxomo a year later, af
ter disagreement nnd difficulties, it
Is lmprobablo that i tho administra
tion could muster a twcMhlrda voto
nocessnry to ratify this troaty, -which
has boon tbo subject of blttor arRU
mom for a numbor of years.
Ovprromo Objection
Somo of tho objectlonablo langu
age In tho original draft of tho treaty
has boon eliminated, thus enabling
somo of tho formor opponents of tho
treaty to now voto for it. Also thoro
Is now tho quostlon of commercial
rights and prlvlcgcs or tho Amorlcan
cltlion. of groator Importance than
heretofore, Involving oil and plati
num concessions of great vnluo. In
fact, citizens of tho United Statos
havo Just rocontly secured conces
sions for platinum In Colombia,
which glvo them practically a world
monopoly of this metal, now that tho
Russian mines aro In no position to
competo in tho production of plati
num or Its distribution. This plati
num concession Jias been socurod by
tho Lowlsohn Kxploratlon company,
Now York, through Its control of tho
South Amorlcan gold and platinum
company, which Is tho formal holder
of tho' title and concession. Tho
Unltod Statos government undor tho
tornvs of tho concession. Is to have
first call on all tho platinum neoded,
nftor which tho Ilrltlsu Rovorumcnt la
to bo supplied boforo tho gonoral
public can purchase any platinum.
Tho Columbian government, of
courso, has prior rights ovor to thosq
of tho Unltod States und (irotut
Tltlos to all lands ami riverbeds
taken ovor havo boon passed on by
tho highest courts of Colombia, so
that thoro is no possible quostlon us
to tho validity of tho transactions.
Tho revolution In Russia has forc
ed all tho largo operators of that
country to Busponil"workf! loavlng
Colombia the only dopendablo pro-
ducor. Tho normal annual conuump
tlon of platinum by tho Unltod Statos
alono Is double tho present produc
tion of tho ontlro world. Colombia Is
oxpoctod to recover about 60,000
ounces this year. Asldo from Colom
bia and Russia, tho wholo world has
novor producod moro than 1S0O
ouncos any yoar, and most of that
has boon Incidental to tho production
of othor metals. Colombia and Rus
sia have tho only Important doposlt
thus tar proven,
Adolpn Lewlsohn of New York, Is
president of the South American
Gold and Platinum company. Other
Interests in addition to the Lewlsohn
Exploration company, of which Fred
oriel: Lowlsohn Is prosldont, aro
Japan Refuses to
Change Attitude
On Yap Question
TOKIO, April 20. Tbo cabinet
yesterday decided thoro was no rea
son to alter Japan's policy on tho
Yap mnndato question becauso of
tbo recant Amorlcan nota, accord
ing to tho Nlcbl Nlchl. A decision
will bo rcportod Friday to an ex
traordinary meeting of tho diplo
matic advisory council, tho nows
papor adds.
Tho foreign offlco would neith
er confirm nor dony tho roport.
WASHINGTON, April 20 Sena-
tors and roprosentatlves from oleven
of tho for wostom states perfectod
an organization today with a vlow lo
finding a common ground upon which
thoy can work to solvo tho question
of Japanese Immigration.
United efforts by tho states dealing
with tho Japancso ImmiRratlon
problem, was urged by Senator John
son, of California, who was mado
chairman of tho organization and
dlroctcd to appoint an oxecutlvo
commlttoo composed of ono senator
and ono representative for each of
tho oloven states, California, Oregon,
Washington, Idaho, Utah, Novada,
Arizona, Now Moxlco, Texas, Oklaho
ma and Colorado.
V. 8. McClatchy of Sacramonto,
said unless tho Japanoso woro exclud
ed thoy ultimately would swamp tho
whlto raco.
CHICAGO, April 20. Charges
that a "capital combine," hcadod by
12 Now York financial Institutions
Inaugurated a policy of nation wide
shut downs, was mado boro yestorday
boforo tho Unltod States railroad la
bor board by W. Jett Lauck, econo
mist for tho unions which aro argu
ing for porpotuatlon of their nation
al ngreoments with tho railroads.
Mr. Lauck named about 100 men
who through Interlocking director
ships, bo claimed, centered In these
dozen Institutions control of tho ma
jority of tho country's Important rail
roads, and of basic raw materials. Ho
charged that:
'This Intor-related
capital group
deliberately doflatod tho farmers and
then undortook by precipitating In
dustrial stagnation, to doflato la1
bor." Tho railroads, bo assorted, woro
tho chosen vohlcle for this labor
drlvo. Layoffs of repair men on rail
roads In recent months ho chargod,
woro dollborato, whllo much of tho
ropalr work was lot to outsldo com
panies who charged tho roads about
twlco what the tamo repairs would
have cost In tholr own shops. Ono
purposo, ho said, waa to got this por
tion of railroad labor out of govern
ment Jurisdiction by forcing It to
work for outsldo concerns. Theso
concerns, ho said, were largoly undor
this sanio financial control as tho
Tho document that Mr. Lauck pro
Bontod mado about 125,000 words.
It waa prepared by tbo Amorlcan
Fodoratlon of Labor Dureau of Ro-
search, Railway Employoo's Depart'
mont, and entitled, "Human Stand
ards and Railroad Policy."
JobiiBon Mattboy & Co., of London,
asBayorti to tho British govornmont,
and tho Consolidated aoldflolds
company ot London. Sovoral Impor
tant Amorlcan capitalists aro Inter
ested as Individuals,
Rich In Gold
Thoso platinum deposits are also
rich In gold, and from- them thoro
has boon taken more than' $200,00,
000 of gold slnco the Spanish discov
ered thorn. Tho natives had been
working them for centuries, for gold,
but threw tho platinum back as they
considered It- worthless.' Platinum
has boon precious only In the last
Tho announcement from Wash
ington of tho application to tho In
terstate Commorco Commission by
Robert E. Strahorn for pormlsslon
to Issuo bonds of tho Oregon, Cali
fornia and Eastern railway company
would Indicate that tho first stop
towards financing this undertaking
has been mado. Mr. Strahorn's state
ment that ho had "found a wicket
through which ho can market
theso bonds," may bo taken to
mean that ho has not boon ldlo
In his efforts to properly flnanco
his road. Tbo local officers of tho
railroad has bcon requested by tho
Interstate Commorco commission
to furnish a largo amount of tech
nical Information and Superintend
ent Bend has had a forco of clerks
at work preparing tho data, nil of
which Is now boforo tbo commis
sion. If tho Issuo Is approved and tho
bonds marketed, sufficient monoy
should bo avnllablo to completo tho
lino to 8prnguo rlvor and work
on an extonslvo scalo should soon
bo undorway.
The roadbed of tho lino with
stood the ravages of a trying win
ter and Is In splendid condition.
Tho grndo for nlno mllos north of
Dairy Is complotod and all of tho
ties nro on tho ground and part
of tho steel. Tbo end of this
grado la about seven mllos from
Spraguo rlvor.
Work on tho grado for tho
branch to Bonanza Is proceeding
and it Is reasonablo to cxpoct this
part of the railroad will bo la op
eration this year.
Tho first car of logs to. tho now
Sbaw-Dertrant mill came la over
tho Vofhbj week. Ono mill on
tho lino is nlroady operating and
others aro getting ready. lor ina
season's run. Logs and lumber
aro being delivered at loading sta
tions. It Is estlmatod that ton
million fcot of lumbor alono will
bo at loading stations tor shipment
this spring nnd this .added to tho
summer cuts and othor freight. In
dicates largo tonnago for this
Tlmborworkcr8, culinary alliance
and carpenters' locals have tnkon
momborahlps In tho Chamber of
Commerce James Slovens, presi
dent of tho central labor council,
told those present at tho mooting
!at the Chamber of Commerce rooms
last night. The labor leader advis
ed Individual mombors of tho
unions to tako memberships. Tho
Rov. C F- Trlmblo. Secretary T.
L. Stanley, L. W. Dopuy and Dr.
Harvoy Mlllor nddresaod tho gath
ering, urging tho coordination ot In
terests. . '
PORTLAND, April 20. The
Troutdale stato bank building, near
horo, this morning was wreckod by
an explosion which blew off tho
outor doors ot tho vault. Tho In
ner door waa loft Intact. Tho rob
bers worn frightened and oscapod In
an automobllo without tho loot.
Tho grand Jury, which has boon
In sosslon slnco Monday, may bo
rciidy to roport upon tho cases sub
mitted to tholr examination by to
morrow night, said District Attor
ney Brower today.
Weather Probabilities
Tho barometric prosauro, as
rocordod by tho Cyclo-Storra-agraph
at .Undorwpod's Phar
macy, Is slightly hlghor. today
and prospects aro favorable
for "mora sunshine tomorrow
than has, been In cvldonco tho
Isst few dayei ,
Forecast for. next 24 heurs:
Probably clear: Increasing
windsiStorm brewing In north
woat, '
T Mill