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ffl$2 iRxxtnma Htalh
A Class Ad Will
Do It
Todays News
Member of the Associated Press.
l'lftr'lilli Vim Nu. ItniMI,
. N
C. OF C.
Morn t Is ii 1 1 noil pornoim 310 nc
ro rill in; lo organization figure
Jolnt'il Innl night fit Hid community
dinner ut tlin Whlto I'ollcnn hotel It
wiih tlio largest, banquet crowd, mild
local speakers, over gathered In
'Klamath Fulls, Chnrlcn Hull. Iminl
mnstor , pronldont of tint ntnto rliiim
Imr of comniorro, hiiIiI tin did not nx
uRgcrntu when lio mild It wax Urn
liirxi'Kl liiiiuiiuit irowd with myru la
iIIoh present, Hum lio linil nern In all
bin chamber of commerce uxjiorlmicn
Co-opomtlon In (tin key to com
munity success, declared Dr. Harvey
Mlllor, of tlio Sacramento elm m Imr
of commerce, cliluf speaker "It In
not what yon do lint tlio way yon do
It." iiald Or Mlllor, and for three
quarters of an hour thereafter Im
bombarded Bt In audience with rnpld
flm epigrammatic phrases, fit which
the following arn examples
"A commiinlly either 'hniign to
gether or hangn separately If wo
muni hnlig, lot'n havo company."
"It In hard lo nwnketi Ihn average
community to IIh collective responnl
lilllty." "Tlio chnmher of commerce stands
for organized nffort toward commu
nity progress Wo nhould slrlvn to
npeak well of our community .and
not seek to magnify Itn fault "
"Tlio only trentmnnl deserved hy
thn knockor In to tin knocked down
and hauled nwuy "
"Don't Im a dead onn Tlio only
difference between a grave and a rut
In thu length and breadth."
"There urn ttfo wayn to nttack a
community -onn In to rrltlrlm and
abuse It; thu other to lorn and norvn
It. I.ovn and imrvfco win "
Hpoaklng of thn dlssanslonn In
communities. Dr. Mlllor nald that
thorn wan no troirlito In gelling op
posing ondn of a town together tc
engage In a "icrup "
lln nald Klamalii I'M In had a wnn
dorful asset In Crator l-ako and that
wheroyor Klamath Knlln In npoken of
on thn outside, tho natural scenic
wonder ontem tho convornatlon alnn.
lly toam work, ho nald, It nhould hq
possible (or Klamath Knlln lo uttract
ovnry highway travnlnr who Jour
ney from lon Angelon to Portland
through Klamnth Kails.
Dr Mlllor praised tho womon v. or
korn In civic development Womon.
ho nald, worn pant miinlors of detail,
and In that characteristic luy thn
great atronRth they added to tho
community team work
Ho praised thu dinner norvod tho
RalhorliiR by tho ladles of thn t'ltrls
tlan. Melhodlnt. Proabytorlan, Him
tint and Hncrnd Heart churchon. Klflv
ludlen took part unit proved excel
lent ratnrorn Tho food wan perfectly
prepnrnd mid thn sorvlng wn rapid
and without a hltcli.
I,. W. Penny, caninalKti innnaRpr,
announced that $6,700 had lionn rain
ed for tho nervlrn fund tin to Innt
evening, and thnt two lending Imnkn
had contributed J 500 each.
Hn niferred to tho ortlcln In tho
Horalil of yesterday afternoon, call
IriK attention to tho $3800 deficit,
hut panned over It IlKhlly. mvlng
thnt (ho flnthiinlnsni or thn g.i'"rlng
nml their ovldent nupport of tint
ramnalRii twin nufflclont nssurnnco
of tho communltv'n wlnhen. Hn
prcdlclnd unqualified nuccenn for tho
rnmpalRn. Ho wild thn Herald flRuren
woro wrnnR In onn Innlanco bocaunn
Ihn $17,000 Roal had been Increaned
to $20,000 rbmblnod membership
and norvlcn fund. Hn prndlcted thn
remaining $14,300 would bo rained
,1 In Ihren daya,
tfecrotory T. L. Htanlov was greet
ed with prnloiiRcd cheerlitR whon ho
aronn to nddresn tho gathering. Ho
thanked IiIh nudltom feelliiRly, then
ntnted thn policy 1hat ho wan on
daavnrlng to carry out. Hn nald thnt
ho came hero not In curry nut hln
own Ideas, hut to lond bin oxporloncn
to helping tho momhornhlp do tho
thing It wanted to do.
Tho mombo'rn by rnfornndum votn
hint year oxprenned their dnnlren, hn
nnld, and mont of thn work wan well
under way. Home projectn, for In
nlanco, tho Mnk Itlvor dam matter,
had boon nettled. An n ronult, hn
nnld, tho reclamation norvlcn would
npend a million nnd n quarter hero
nnd tho California OreRon rower
company would npend a million dol
lam, Hy followlHR tho chamber of
commerce lend, h nnld, Klamath
Kalln could bo mado tho "bent city
In thn'woHt,"
Krod. A. llaker, W. H. Heohorn,
W, A. DoUoll and A. M. Colllbr. ma
Jorn of tho nollcltallon rampalKn,
which boRnn nt 0 o'clock this morn
InP. worn other Bpnnknrn.
Thn nollrltlnR ouonel thin morn
Inc with n blR rnllv of tho tnama at
chnmbn'r of oommmw hendqtiartem
nnd a ntreet pnradn In which novornl
hndr,od nehool cMlrtron and cam
pnlgn workors took part.
;fout datk set
- NEW YORK. April ' 19 Tox
Rlckarrt, today anpqunccd tho Hemp
novCnrponttnr bout, la to to foiRlt
nt Jorsoy City, Saturday, July 2,
Start Northern Cal.
Derrick; Crater Co.
Directors' Meeting
Material for thn Northern Callfor
n In Oil (omliany'n derrkk, elr.hl
inlli'H Houth of Merrill, In holm; I
hauled by truck lo the well nlto t .
day from thn noiirenl railway npur,
a dlntunci) of noiuo IK mllen The rlR
billldern nrn on the Rroiind nnd the!
rlR will hn built before the mid of
thn week. The work In helm: done
by thu crew who built the Crater Oil
compnny'n derrick north of Merrill
Lumber for both rlR wim furnished
by tho LukoHldn 1. Umber company
At ii mvotliiK of thu directum of
thu Crator Oil company lant nkht
V (.' Loliman, maniiRnr, wan In
ntriiclod to ro to California and
iieek to traco the car of mnchlnery, I
nhlpped from Taft r ntly Teln-
r.rnuiH have failed lo locale the rar
and thn company In nuxloiin to net
It hern and Ret to work
I'urchano of n truck wan the only
other biinlnonn, oulnldo payment of
roullrio bills.
Klamath Kalln renldeiitn went on
record ybntnrdny afternoon In favor
j of adeqiiatn school facilities, when
they ratified thn Innuauco of tCO.000
bonds for school purposes by a vote
of lflfi to 27
I Tho total voto cunt, 193, Ih an un
usually larRn number for a nehool
'bond election, especially In vlnw of
ithe fact that no largu umount of pub
licity was Riven to thn subject Ap
parently, unmovod by propnRnndn of
I any sort, tho voters mado up their
minds that tho city needed morn
school room and cant their ballots ac
icordliiRly Mom than half tho Innuo, $33,000.
I wilt Imi lined to buy a site for a new
'school midway between Pelican liny
and ShlpplnRton, and build and equip
a reboot tborcou Of thn balance
M lln Addition and Kalrrlow nchooU
will draw $12,000 each for additions
to the present hullillni;n.
I . m
West Coast Lumber
Men Meet April '29
Industrial problems of consequence.
uvcesaltnto an early and rep resent a-1
live mvctltiR of thu lumber mnnufnc-i
turora of Western WnshliiRlon nnd ,
Wostorn Oregon, nuys thu Went Count
Lumbermen's Association, which an
nouiicen nuch n meeting to ho held nt
I Mullnomah Hotel, Portland, OreRon,
Friday and Saturday, April 29th, and
April 30th.
Ilunlnesn sessions will bcRln
promptly nt 1 .30 each afternoon.
Tho first day's session will bo do
voted almost exclusively to consider
ation of proposed chntiRtm In Stand
ard Classification (Undine and Dress
ing Rules for DoiirIiis Kir, Sltkn
flprucu, Wostorn Hcd Cedar, Western
Hemlock nnd Port Orford Cedar.
Thn Association's RrndlnR rules
committee has recently completed an
extounlvo revision of present rules
covering tho RrudliiR of Western for
est products, and thu commltton'H
' rules will como up at tho Portlnnd
meeting for fliml adoption, amend
ment, or rejection.
At tho first day's mectlnR thorn
also will bo considered ii report on
uniform ordar blank, and terms of
salu as recommended nt a recent con
ference In Chicago of manufactur
ers, wholesalers and rotallors.
Oonernl Industrial probloms nnd
Association policy will fouturo thu
program of tho second day's session.
Local Bowlers Lead
Medford 600 Pins
Thn Medford Klkn bowling team
left for homo this morning, riofoat
od In all six gnmos rolled with locnl
KlkH. Klamath Kails now leads tho
championship contest by COO pins.
Tho six romnliilnK games will bo
howled at Medford next Sunday
evening, In tho six locnl games Tom
Wattors scored tho highest avorngo.
Toam matos lny It to 11 fluke of fate
but Tom sayu It Is scientific train
ing nnd lack of stugn fright, duo to
many prior public appearanrun:
Last night's nceres:
Smith M 175 147 4(10
Wold 137 147 1B9 443
Hoborts 122 133 165420
nowman 181 120 151 452
Diamond 149 108 169,510
733 773 791 2297
Klamath Falls
Haydon 144 223 201568
Jostor 176 130 155461
L&vonlk 230 18.2 103 60C
Van Bollen ... .1S 177 177517
YJatters ....... 19S 204 160566
906 916 895 2717
Mason for Huydon In Second,
Noll for Haydon in third,
960.000 SCHOOL
COST 59.450
An wan to he expected, the Herald
announced that thn Chamber of Com
merce Ih nearly $4,000 In debt, wan
u decided surprise to those who have
u deslro for n vlrllo organization, one
whose work is to hn constructive In
stead of altruistic and Utopian. Today
many nrn asking the question, What
lias been done with all of thn money?
If the verbal statement of the secre
tary Is correct, there are flOD paid
momburn now Thin would reprenunt
tr.Or.O. Add to thin the deficit of
$3X00, the amount admitted by thn
secretary that the Chamber owen, It
would Indicate that It linn cont $1HI0
to run thn Chamber of Commerco for
nlnn months, or slightly over $1,000
a month. It Is stated by somo who
claim to know authorltntlvoly thnt
thero Is a considerable sum In unpaid
salaries not Included In tho $3800
deficit, but no official Information Is
available. It would seem Hint the
wlso thing for tho officers to do nl
thin time would bo to make a flnnn
rial statement, no thnt those who are
asked to pay their money would hav i
somo Idea of the use to which It 1 ,
to ho put. ,
Home strong criticism of Tho II
aid wan to bo henrd Innl ovenlnK niu'
today becaiiRo nf lln publication of
tho fact that a deficit nxlnts. It comes
mainly from those who are directly
Interested In tho liquidation of tho
Indebtedness. Their supromo Intorost
seo mn to rest morn In tho payment of
tho ilobt than It dots In tho success
of tho Chamber, nnd If tho drlvn for
funds succeeds to thn point whom
their liability reason, nil will bo well
Hut If expressions heard today Indi
cate tho drift nf tho sentiment, some
one In going to receive a surprise
Many of those who feel, for business
reasons, that they must Join, havn
signified their Intention to pay the
first Installment nf 2fi per cent and
then If tho present porsonnel Is rn
turnod they will refuse furthor to
contribute towards keeping a water
logged hulk nflnnt An one bilslncs
man expressed It "I would sooner
put mr money. Into Crator Oil stock
than this, uuder present manage
ment. In tlio eaim of tbr oil company
I would get n run Tor my money and
Im contributing to doiclop what wo
hure got to have to savu most of us
from bankruptcy this year; while
on tho other hand, I got what tho of
ficers choose Hi glvo me, nnd It de
velops nothing "
NKW VOItlv, April 10 Itenewed
bonds of friendship among American
republics, with roconsocrntlon to
peace and liberty as an example to
tho war-wonry world, woro plight
ed hy Pronldont Harding today at
tho unveiling here of tho Statuo to
Simon Ilollvar. South American
President Harding said tho old
world might find Inspiration for re
construction In thn example of tho
prosperous family of states living to
gether In peace In thn western hcml
phem. Ho exhorted tho American
ropubllcs to Rlvo tholr strength nnd
resources to tho aid of tholr strick
en sister nations across tho sea In
Mass Meeting of Labor
Tonight at C. of C.
A mass mooting of union and non
union men and women has boon call
ed to bo hold nt tha Cto iiiihnr or Com
merco this ovonlnc nt ' o'clock .:
hear nddrosson by tho Nov. t K.
Trimble and Campaign Manager !..
W. Dopuy on (ho scope and plan or
tho expansion of tho Chainhar ot
This mooting was decided an by
thn Control Labor Council at Its ses
sion hold Krlday, April 15, at which
time tho question ot whether or not
orgunltod labor should cooperate
with tho Chambor of Commorco. Af
ter cnnsldorablo discussion It was de
cided to act favorably on tho propo
sition for tho general good of tho
community, and to show that tho la
boring forcos stand roady at all times
to assist in nil things that' will tond
toward tho uplift of all concerned.
Tha public. Ia Invited to nttond this
1ST DAY RUSES $1 1,000
nosults of the first half day's
nctlvo campaign for Chambor ot
Commorco memberships, compiled at
tho,. noon luncheon ot campaign
workors, showed 174 'Biemborshlns
socurod, representing $4,360, and
$1,65.5 for tho sorvlce fund.
Today's subscriptions aro thoro
foro $6,005. Adding subscriptions
The fulled Hlnli'H reclamation
fund apparently ban not est aped be
ing effected to some extent by thn
general financial condition Congress
does not impropriate money from thn
general treasury for reclamation
work but from a special fund known
as the reclamation fund, madn up
from the sales of public lands, frcm
nil land leases and from repayments
by I ho wator users.
Whon congrenn made provision for
thin year's reclamation work It was
estimated that about $20,040,000
wan available, or on average of op
proxlmntely $000,000 for each pro
ject For the Klamnth project, the
allotment was $1,213,000 onn of
tha largest Items In thn bill.
It has nlnco dnvolopod thnt. for
various reasons, tho fund would bo
far nhort of tho appropriation, per
hnps much lens than half tho early
entlmnlo upon which congress bused
i reclamation appropriations. Tho
u.ii for each project must tbereforo
be reduced In proportion
Thu reclamation sorvlce must limit
tn program of expenditures to the
total monoy certain to bo available
and thn known proportion for this
nrojoct may not exceod half n million
dollnm for thin year. Howovor. a
much larger sum may lator be found
to be nvnllabto.
Similarly, tho amount of money for
each feature of tbo several projects
must bn reduced except one. Thn
impropriations hy congress nro based
upon estimates for tho several feat
ures. For Instance, the- estlmatei for
thn Klamath project Included certain
amounts, respectively, for rnnnls,
laterals nnd structures for thn Irrl
ntlon of Tuln Lnko lands: for n main
canal, etc , to Irrlgato lands in Lnlr
soil valloy; for drainage works, nnd
for operation nnd maintenance nf
tho existing nyntom, etc Tho opera
tion and malntonnnco Item In, of
course, unreducible, but tho other
amounts must Im scaled.
Even thn amount thnt In now
known ran lie expended on tho sev
eral features of tho Klamath project
will onablo tho reclamation service to
adopt n lsrro construction program
for tho Klamnth project.
lunula) WASHINGTON IU'ltllAC
WA8IUNGTON, April 19. Itall
road companies will lose, tha guaran
tee of C.4 per cent now provided for
In tho Ksch-Cummlus hill If Senator
Cnpor can accomplish It.
Ho bcllovos that this feature of
thn transportation act Is responsible
for much of tho difficulties of tho
country and particularly tho reason
for tho lack of freight moving ut tho
present tlmo.
Ho bellocs that tho law which pro
vides that tho Interstate commorco
commission shall fix a rate for trans
portation which will produce earn
ings amounting to 5 Mi per cent I.i en
pablo of working both ways. In a
spocch ho'wlll mako when ho Intro
duces tho now bill ho will state that
ho believes tho commission should
now on its own motion reduce tho
ratos which hnvo paralyzed business.
Ho argues that until tha provision
for this guaranty Is removed It should
ba mado to adapt Itsolf to business
conditions and tint commission
should not wait for shippers or rnll
road owners to ask for n change In
tho rntos, but should proceed to a re
vision downward without furthor no
tlco. Not only would bo wlpo out tho
guarantee feature, but Sonntor Cap
por proposes to urgo onothor bill to
strengthen tho power of stnto govern
monts over lntra-stato ratos and tho
conduct of transportation tn gcnoral.
Mr. and Mrs. Leo Cornish nro tho
parents of a baby boy, born ostor
day morning. Tho now corner has
boon nnmod Van Allen Cornish.
taken for tho sorvlco fund boforo
tho drlvo oponed tho campaign com
mlttco'roports a total of $11,400 to
date. Tho goal la sot at $20,000.
The division sbowlns today was:
Members Serv'. Fund
Whlto -.55 $150
Grocn 36 975
niuo ...., .....38 230
Gold 45 300
Germany Has Until
Apr. 18 to Transfer
Cold for May Payt.
PAltlH, April 19 - -Tho allied rop-
arntlons commission but given Oor
mnny until April twenty-second to
transfer tho gold holdings of tho ,
llolchbnnk to Coblcnz and Cologne
branches of tho bank If Germany re
fuses to comply with this ultimatum I
tho commission wilt roqulro Immedl-
urn imivt-r ui lliu Kvm iu im uum
mission Itself '
figure pisses
I Colonel William It. llolablrd, Cal
i Ifornla pioneer nnd railway builder,
1 died recently nt his homo at Sierra
1 Madre, California, Colonel llolablrd
I will bo romombered In Klamath
j Kails as tho confidential representa
tive of tho lato K. H Hnrrlman, bo-
fo ro and during tho construction of
tho Weed to Klnmath Kails branch. .
It was Colonel llolablrd who nut into !
execution tho plans of Harrlman for
building tho branch and who first, j
with his chlof, saw tho Importance of
tho Modoc Northern lino and tho Na
tron cut-off, both projects that worn I
adopted by tho Southern Pacific
while It won in tho fluid.
Colonel llolablrd was In and out of
Klamath Kalis for about flvo years,
up until ten years ago. Ho became
known to many residents and was
highly respected.
In 1917 Colonel HolaiiLrd was ap
pointed rccolvor of tho Oallfornla De
velopment company, at a tlmo when
bankruptcy threatened thu wboto Im
perial Valley project In southorn
California, and his sound business
Judgment averted tbo crash and put
the company on Its foot ngaln.
Ho was a natlvo of Vermont, a
Civil War veteran, nnd ono of tho
really great figures In tho develop
ment of tho West. Ho had traveled
extensively In tbo Far East and else
where and his remarkable carreer
was most notoworthy.
Jack Lacoy, former omployo of tho
Central Auto Service, Is la Jail
at Chlco, and Roy Patch, who came
horo to work fo,. tho Star theatre.
Is In Jail at Fortuna, Cat, charg
cd with soparato auto thefts anil
awaiting) extradition. Constable
Fred Morley, through whoso ef
forts tho men wero arrested, ex
poets to loavo about Friday to bring
them back.
Lacy loft hero with two pas
songors for Alturas, according to
Dctcctlvo Morley, discharged his
orrand, and Instead ot returning
started on, presumably for his for
mer homo In San Bernardino. Ho
was intercepted at Chlco by of
ficers who had been posted by a
telegram from Morloy. Tho automo
bllo was rocovorod and brought
back horo.
Patch purchased an nutomobllo
from Marquardt & Wood, local
dealers, on contact, moling ono
payment. Ho started south In tho
machlno and disposed of It In
Dorris for $350 roprcsonttng that
ho owned It. Through a violin,
which bo had ropalred and shipped
by express to Kdgowood, Cal.,
then ro-sblppcd to Fortuna, Do
toctlvo Morloy traced tho fugltlvo
to tho Humboldt county town. Ho
was arrested by tho shorlff and
lodged In tho Eureka Jail. Tho car
was rccovored.
bond offer
Tho bid of th Durfeo, Nlles com
pany of Toledo, Ohio, for tho $52
735 Mills addition sower bond Issue
wns accoptod by tho city council last
night. Tho bidders offor par valuo,
less $3,650, approximately, that tho
city agrees to pay for attorney's In
vestigation, printing tha bonds and
lncldontal oxpenses.
Charlos do Cuman replaces Fred.
Gronnon as city garbago man under
nn order ot tho council.
An amendment to tho garaga or
dinance, requiring construction of
tiro proof material and concreto
floors for garages attor November 1,
192.2, was passod.
Pormlts woro granted as follows;
Ropalr ot old bath houso; flvo room
Iioubo, Hot Springs addition, Don
Holding, $4,800; four room houso. J.
C. Reckard; signs, F. M. Upp, 832
Main streot and Central Labor Con
ell, Firth streot. Restaurant
men petitioned for perralsr
aton to sell their, garbage to
private bidders. Tbo spatter was laid
Qver.,a yeek. Minor- matters came
up. Including Installation' of moro
lights on tho oastorn end ot Main
streot and tho sanitary condition of
MF'G. !
Machinery ropal,. at tbo Kla
math Manufacturing company's mill
at Shlpplngton will bo comploted
in a day or two and tho mill will
start cutting Thursday or Friday,
said O. A. Krauso, manager, this
morning'. Mr. Krauso loft for Ya
kima, whoro tbo Earl Fruit com
pany has another plant. '
Tho local mill will bo oporatod
at full capacity employing two
shifts. Tho lumber market la still
dull, but tbo "plant has a big log
supply that mast bo cut, said Mr.
Krauso and It Js hoped that by tho
tlmo operations nro woll started
that tho brightening market will
have gained more strength,
which It Is feared will roduce the
Frost conditions nl California,
fruit crop, aro atfoctlng the big
shook market temporarily, ho Mid,
curtailing tbo demand.
Biff Iakes Haktofc IKly
At tho Dig Lake mill on Lake
Ewnuna a 160 horso power boiler
Is now bolng installed, preparatory
t otho soasons run. Tho boiler
will furnish additional steam and
Increaso tbo dally cutting capacity
from 10,000 to 15,000 foot. Tho
now Installation will cost approxi
mately $78,000. Tho work la bo
Ing dono by tho plant fore.
Operation of tho Big Lakes all!
depends somowhat on tho comple
tion of tho boiler Job. It was sta
ted at tho ottlco of tho company
Ibis morning that tho mill would
bo running by May 16.
Personal Mention j
n'ay Crawford has returned homo
after a two weeks visit In San Fran
cisco, . Mj' F. Wight of Seattle, la hero
looking after business Interests and
also renewing old acquaintances.
Wm. O. Hagelsteln, a banker from
Doris, who has been spending several
days here attending to business mat
ters, returned to his home today.
' ' C.'V. R. Scbylor left for bis homo
'at Dorris this morning attor spending
several days hero attending" to busi
ness matters. .
Mrs. A. B. Murray left for Sacra
mento today to Join her husband.
Mr. and Mrs. Murray havo been liv
ing hero but expect to mako their
homo In Sacramento.
Mrs. G. Hlttreln and small son
left this morning for Sacramento
where they expect to make thelt
J. F. Nash, a lumber man ot Verdi,
Nevada, who has been looking oVor
tbo lumber situation horo, roturned
to his hefmo this morning.
C. F. Klynn, formerly ot the Chll
oquln Lumber company, who has
been spending a tow days here, left
for San Francisco this morning.
C. A. Krauso left this morning for
Yakima, Washington, where tho
Carl Fruit Company has a branch.
Ho wns accompanlod as far as Port
land by W. II. Tralncn. also of the
Karl Fruit Company, who has been
hero on business.
U O. Hoagland of tho Uulck Sales
and Service Company, left this morn
ing for San Francisco to be gone a
week. Mr. Hoagland has gono to re
colvo a car load.' of Dulcks and ex
pects to drlvo oWovhome.
Mr, and Mrs. Guy Merrill from
Merrill, aro In tho city on business.
R. 8. Sutton ot Dairy, Is here on
A. G." Green was a passenger on
tbo Medford stago this morning.
Mr. nnd Mrs. J. Minnlck loft for
Medford this mornlnR by auto stage.
S. B. Iccnblcce of Pine Grove, Is
horo on business.
Among those registered nt tho
Whlto PoIIcan Hotel nre: C. W. Che
ney and wife from Eau pialre, Wis
consin, nnd F. T. Smith from Seattle,
Among out of town visitors today
Is Wm, Chalmers from Wce.d.
J. A. Hownrth from Klnmath
Agency, Is In town on business.
Marfan Daley, a sheepman from
Bly, Is In town buying suppllos for
hln ranch.
Dan Colwoll nnd family from Mer
rill, aro In town for tho day.
Mr. and Mrs. Gono Hammond
from Merrill, nro horo today attend
ing to bunlnoss matters.
Mrs. Jonnio Hum. who Is qulto 111
with Influonxa, was takon to the hos
pital yentordny.
Fred. Nltncholm returnod yester
day from! Now York nnd Chicago
whoro ho bas boon visiting for somo
Weather Probabilities
Tho Cyclo-Stormograph at
Underwood's Pharmacy, Is re
cording a sllRhtly lowor presa
uro today, but not enough to
Indicate any marked change In
present weather conditions. Our
cloudy weathor is undoubtedly
caused by sn extreme "high"
wind to the north ot us.
Forecast for next 24 heurs:
Continuation ot present weath
er conditions.
Q. K.. barn- It was decided tp provide
tbo lights. -Tho barn matter was re.
forred to1 a committee 'nnd tbo city
health officer for Investigation,