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Fifteen! h Vitiir No. fltHMI
CHICAGO. April IK H. II. Wll
lownkl, cnshlcr of thu statu bnnk nl
Clcoro, engaged In ii Kun hntllo Willi
U nutomulillo linnilltM today nnd do
foattid llioni, killing odd, wounding
two und capturing two unwouudud.
Only tin) driver of tho car. who ro
mnlnod oiltnldo tho hank, escaped.
Oct Worllllrnn I'nlwr
Hlx liandltH, who hold up two hank
monnongor on tlm IIIIiioIm Cuntrnl
train oarly today, escaped with two
satchels filled with cancullud cliockn
Tim robbery wan elaborately plan
ned, Two robber followed tho mm
anngors when thoy boarded tho train
nt Itandolph street nnd tho nthur four
Jolnod thrm nt Vnn Duron -street,
half n mlln furthnr south.
Tho robbora escaped with tholr
worthless souvenirs nt Twonty-suc-ond
James Httiphvni, president of the I
Central Labor council of Klamath j
Falls, U tho latest candldatn put '
forth for the nfflco of state organltor I
for tho Oregon Dtuto Federation of
Labor. Mr, Hlephons' nomination was
nnounced Tuesday by W. E. Klinsey,
socrotary of tho Oregon Stnto Fedora
tlon of -Labor,
Klamath Falls han become an Im
portant geographical point ns far us
tho Oregon Stnto Fodorntlon of Lab
or Is concerned.
W. II. Klucknor, a mombor of car
pontorn Union No UOfi, has been
named for tho position. About n doz
on nominations have been previously
announced. April 25 has boon sot as
tho dale for closing of tho ballot
Tho state federation plans to put
on an extensive organlratlon cam
paign this year Tor capita tax wag
raised to 7 cents a member by tho
fodorntlon nt Its convention nt Pen
dleton Inst fall. Otto It. Ilartwlg. nt l In. fmlnrittlnn. nxnectn
to mnko a trip through tho ntato
shortly to visit nil unions ntflllntcd
with tho organization. ,
A substnnlla! Increase In tho num
ber of unions outsldo of Portlati I has
beon marked tho past year. Hood
nivor. Tho nolle. Corvallls. Eugene, j
nnd Klamath Falls nil hnvo ndded to
tho number of labor organizations ex
isting n year ngo. Labor Nows
dep't; Portland Tologrnm.
Frank Lee, 14, Dies;
Relatives Allege
Whipping As Cause
Frank l,oo, 14, dlod In a Los
,Angulcs hospital Tuesday of spinal
raonlngltlB which, according to
throo nttondlng specialists, was
brought on by a whipping said to
havo boon ndmlnlBtorod him "oarly
In Fobrunry by n toachor In Las
Vegas, Nov., grammar school for a
minor Infraction of rulos."
Tho boy woh confined to tho hos
pital ton woolen.
At Las Vegas, denials woro mndo
recently by tho school board that
tho boy was lnjurod by tho whip
ping ndmlnUtorod by Profossor
Btowart. According to tho state
mont, Stowart punished tho hoy
with a strap In his prosonco nnd
on tho request of a woman toachor
and. tlfat tho punishment was not
brutal and tho boy played with oth
'or pupils In tho yard afterward.
Many rcsldonts of, Po Valloy.rp-
.LBymi?erltbo,Le famlly;lfp,'- Dora
Let mother of tho ded boy, and
Br bfdther, Earls F. Egllngton
lived In Poo Valloy for several
years. I
Seeking Background
Here For Filming
Lumbering Drama
With a view to securing a location
suitable to tho production of a mo
tion plcturn play, thu plot of which
In laid In mills nnd lumber rumps, M
F. Murphy, of Universal City, rupru
nunthiK I'rlViclllii Dean, widely known
atnr, arid compnuy, In horu looklni;
over local woods and ml I In.
Tho coining of tho motion plcturo
producer shown that Klamath In got
tlnK n reputation an n lumbering con
tor outsldo tho Immodlato lumbering
clrclos, Hliould thin territory bo chos
en (or tho filming of tho play thin
nummor n company of CO or 80 poo
pla will he brought In to taka part
In the locking nnd milling scones.
In company with officers of tho
chnmber of commorco Mr. Murphy
started on n trip about tho country
thib morning, looking fur suitable
background for tho play.
C. OF G.
Practically nil tickets for tho
Greater Klamath dinner have cither
boon obtained or spoken for, and
ttioso who hao not already paid for
tholr tlckotn are asked by tho dinner
committee-) to call at chamber of
commerco without delay as unclaim
ed reservations will bo sold. It Is an
nounced that many who have defer
red getting tholr tlckotn until tho
"elovorvth hour" will be disappointed
In finding there are nonn loft. Owing
to thu limited sealing cupaclty of tho
Whltn Pollcan Hotel dining room on
ly 27C cover.- will bo laid for tho
dinner that Is to bo served Monday
utonlng. AH persons obtaining tlck
ets oio requested to bo In tholr places
prom.itly nt 6:30 p. m.. as tho pro
gram will begin nt that tlroo,
norol's orchestra han beon ougag
cd to play nt tho dinner. Tho musical
program will ntso provide for com
munity singing, led by K. P. Law
renco, nnd tho Women's Quartet,
composed of Mlrn Ilond, Mrs. Molby,
Miss Calkins and Miss Morodlth, will
bo foaturod. Dr. George M. Mnllotto
Is nlso on tho program for a solo.
Tho Sorvlco Fund Commltteo hold
Itn flnnl meeting following n lunch
eon at tho chambor of commerco to
day. A number of subscriptions to tho
servlco fund nlrendy subscribed woro
roported, and tbo totnl amount of
such plodges slgncd'bnforo tho nctual
drlvo boglns. will bo announced iA
tho dinner Mondny evening.
Bnocinl automobile wlndHhlold
stlckors Advertising tho campaign, nl
so, window cards, hnvo hocn distribu
ted by tho Publicity Commltteo nnd
nro In evidence In tho downtown
district. A number of local morchnnta
havo given notice of tholr Intontlrtn
of providing special show window dis
plays calling attention to the mem
bership drlvo next week.
At tho meeting of tho team work
ers nnd tholr cnptnlns and majors
yostorday nftornoon, cards of pros
pective members to bo solicited dur
ing tho drlvo, woro allotou.
WASHINGTON, April 15. Sona
tor McNary has arranged to present
tho demand for tho Oregon co-opora-tlvo
poultry producors for a duty on
eggs to tho ways nnd moans commit
too for consideration In connection
with tho pormanont tariff.
CHICAGO, April 15. Sam Car
dlnolla, master mind of a robbory
gang that oporntod horo, aud Joooph
Costlnn nnd Snlvatoro Forrnru, con
victed of murdering a follow coun
tryman, woro hanged hero today.
A. D. Mooro of Merlin, Orogon,
was In tho city yesterday front Bon
anza, near wboro, with associates,
ho own,s qulto a tract of tlmbor.' Ho'
c'amo over for tho jmrposo of Inspect
ing his holdings and 'to loam Just
wbst.progroEo vas being insdo with'
VallrdVd -cot'rutitroijiys'.n Is. bis 'la
tentlmfto's'iact a small jnlll uYa'th
property Just as soon as shpplog
facilities aro available Ho loft today
for his homo In Morlln.
Herald WiimIiIiikIoii Bureau
ty million acres of land In tho arid
nnd somL-arld states of the West will
bo reclalmod and mndo productive, If
Unltod States Sonator Chorion L. Mc
Nary ' bill ndvnnclng $'250,000,000
to tho reclamation fund la enacted.
Tho bill han been carefully drawn
no as to avoid objections mado In tho
past to similar legislation, nnd Sena'
tor McNary bollovoa that It .contains
tho dilution of tho reclamation prob
lorn of tho West.
It Is roported that tho mcasuro
will bo roportod out favorably soon
from tho commlttoo on reclamation
nnd Irrigation, of which tho senator
Is tho chairman.
Choice To Sen loo Men
"This bill." said Sonator McNary
today, "Is donlgnod to promote tht
agricultural dovolopment of tho six
teen arid and soml arid ntntos of the
wont. A nroforonco Is riven to all et-
sorvlco men on 'nil the public land '
In oach of tho projocts contemplated,
and also on oxcess land, whleb moans
that acrosgo beyond which any ono
Individual Is permitted to enter Into
a contract with tho secretary of tho
Intorlor to soil nt nn agreed valuo
itufAFn wnrlr nn th nrnlnel Is started.
Tho maximum farm unit In tho rec
lamation projects under this dim is
100 acres. Tho secretary of tho In-
IMJU-m-h-h- ' '
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Personal Mention
Ooorgo Porlor, connected with tho
Modoc Lumber company, la In tho
city today. Mrs. Portor accom
panied him and thoy are guoata nl
tho White Pollcan.
V. T. King nnd W. O. Chand
ler, who havo bocn In tho city on
business connected with tho South
ern Pacific company, returned to
Dunsmulr 'this morning.
Frank D. Leo, ono of tho woll
known lumber buyers of tho north
west, accompanied by Mrs. Leo, ar
rlvod "hero last night from Ilond
Ho comes for tho purposo of visit
ing local dealers and,, If conditions
aro right, to placo somo ordors.
Tho roads, Mr. Loo said, woro
nboralnal In placoa. while eomo
stretches v,oro flno. '
A. E. Kruso, owner of tho Do
Armond mill In tho Swan lako soc-
tlon. arrived hero last evening from
Portland, having mado tho trip by
nuto, coming in by way of tho. Top-
soy grado.
Dr. Pnttorson of Merrill Is In tho
city from Morrll. Tho doctor, It is
said ,1s planning on making this
city his homo and oponlng otflcos
Mr. nnd Mrs. D. F. Lawton wont
to Wood this morning to meet G.
A- HalUwoll, who Is returning from
Hoddlng with his car. Mr. and
Mrs. Lawton had novor onjoyod the
privilege of soolng tho wonderful
ly beautiful sconcry In tho vicinity
of Topsy and took ndvantngo of
this opportunity to do so.
y n "- left this morning for
Medford, where bo will visit for tho
next ton days.
Mrs. Allco Grey roturnod to San
Francisco this morning after n hrlof
visit with hor atstor, Mr. H. H. Ed
monds, who rosldos at 813 Llncolu
street. I J -j f
Mrs. E. M. Holmes, accompan
tod by hor two children, loft this
morning for her homo In Junction
City, Orogon, aftor a Bhort visit
with Mr. nnd Mrs. L. K. Portor of
this city.
Oscar Allstrom wont to Wood
this morning, where ho will ontor
tho omploy of tho Wood Lumber
company. '
Guy Merrill waB In tho city from,
Merrill today attending to buslnoss
Robort Griffin of Chjloquln Is in
tho city on a brief business trip.
,Jvan CartwTlgnt was among the
P9avOB U( liuupquiu -wild ( IU
the city ysteVdV-' '
'R. C. 'Brink. he'Spriaic Creek tr.JI
nhto, Is In tho city In tho Interest Of
his fa'mout fishing resort.
LONDON, April ln.-Announco-niont
that tho rnllwaymons nnd tran
sport workers ntrlkc, called for 10
o'clock tonight, had boon cnncellod,
wan mado at 4 o'clock thin afternoon
by J. II. Thomas, gonornl secretary
of the rallwoymens' union.
falling a conferonco of roprcsen
tatlvoH of minors from all roil fields,
nl u dato which will bo fixed tomor
row, was decided upon this evening
by tho executlvo commlttoo of tho
minors fodorntlon, after tho ratlwny
mon and transport workers had can
celled tho sympathetic strlko.
Frank Hodges, tho mlno workers I
secretary, said that this nctlon meant
tbst tho strike would continue.
Premlor Lloyd Ooorgo announced
In tho houso of commons this aftor
mm thnt tho coal minors had rofus
rd to reopen negotiations for tho set
tlement of their strlko on tho basis
suggested by tho government.
Eagle Ridge Tavern
Will Be Reopened
in answor to tho general wish of
a largo numbor of thu pcoplo of thu
county, Dr. Gaddla announces that ho
hat decided to once more open Eagle
nldgo Tavern to tho public. This fa
mous resort has remained closed
since ho purchased It from Mr. and
Mrs. Griffith, who erected It. With a
vlow to making tho resort ono that
will moot domands of tho most exact
ing guest. Dr. Gaddls has secured tho
sorvlcos of Frank D. Fletcher, of
Berkeley, Calflornla.
Mr. Flotchor has had wldo experi
ence catering to tho needs of tho
tourist and will make n special effort
to make Eagle Itldgo so attractive
that Its reputation will becorao wido-
)prcad. Ho arrived hero last ovenlng
nd loft this morning for tho Tavern
and will begin Immediate prepara
tions for tho oponlng. Ho hopes to be
ablo within n few days to hnvo hos
tolry In condition to accommodate
smalt outing parties.
OKEGON Tonight nnd Saturday,
fnlr; hoavy to killing frosts in tho
M'-V'"''" "
nun Johnson, woll-known among
tho tlmbor pcoplo of tho district,
went to Bray this morning, whore
ho haa a lumbor piling contract
with tho Bray Lumbor and Box
company. '
Mrs. O. W. Burdick left this morn
ing tor a ten days visit In Portland.
Sldnoy Smythe. connected with tho
Warren Construction compsny, wont
to Orants Pass this morning on busl
noss for his company. Ho will bo
nway about a week.
A. D. Hnmakor of BIy was In tho
city yostorday on business.
Churlos 11. Howard, tho Ashland
stago man, arrived In tho city last
Dee Alexander of Chlloquln Is reg
istered at tha Hall.
Charlos Zumbrura nnd E. W. Brow
or, rosldonts of Fort Klamath wore
attending to business In tho city yos
torday. A. C. Glongor mndo a flying visit
from Chlloquln to tho city yosterdny
J. D. Waltz, presldont, nnd William
O. Hagolsteln, cashier, of tho Butto
Valloy bank nt Dorrfs, woro horo
yos(erday on buslnoss for tholr finan
cial Institution.
Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Fannan, who
havo beon residents of this city
slnco last Novombor, loft this morn
ing for Ashland, where thoy will
rosldo In tho future.
Fred Martin loft this morning for
bis homo In Soattlo, aftor a briof
visit with his frlond, II. Barrett.
Mrs. F. C. King wont to Wood
this morning to moot hor husband
who haa boon spending tho past ten
days In San Francisco on buslnoss.
Mr. King is news agent on tho run
botwoon this city and Wood.
G. D. Hoffman, representing Hall
Luhrs & Co., of Sacramento, left
this mdrnlng for the south after
klelUng his customers In this sec
tion. ' - 5 ,-
t. r rvRpl-!. visa ya' been" la'1
Ri Pluff Ior.'.tbe rst (fevers! Months
retutned horo last evening to stay
for a whtlo.
Lawn and Garden
Owners Complain
Of Poultry Pests
.Numerous complaints that poultry
running at largo Is again becoming a
nuisance nro being received at police
headquarters, said Chief Wilson to
day. Householders who havo fatlon In
lino with tho city bcautlfltailon pro
gram and planted lawns nnd flower
beds, aro bowalllng tho ruthlesn rav
ages of tholr neighbors' chickens,
nnd nsklng tho pollco protection for
their garden plots.
Chlot Wilson assured tho Herald
InterTlower that tho protection would
ho forthcoming. Thora Is an ordin
ance, ho said, compelling nil poultry,
fanciers within tho city llmltn to
keep their stock penned and tho law
will bo enforced without oxcopllon.
Tho Scandinavian Fratornlty of
Amorlca was organized here last
night with 73 chartor members, mak
ing It, according to A. J Dorven of
Tacoma, northwest district represen
tative of the fratornlty who organiz
ed tho Iodgo, tho largest lodgo In
the northwest district, comprising
Orogon, Washington, Idaho, Mon
tana and British Columbia.
With the flying start that it has,
Mr. Bcrvcn predicted a bright future
for tho local lodgo, which will be
called Scandla. Initiation ceremonies
will bo hold next Thursday night nt
which time fifty members will bo ob
Heated. Following are tho officers elected:
Tom Eldc. president; John Thorson,
vlco presldont; A. M. Melby, record
ing secretary; John Vale, financial
secretary; Tod Shredor, treasurer.
Lars Hcdluod, chaplain; Eater Vale,
marshal; Nols Nelson, assistant mar
shal; Algot Westman, Inner guard;
Axel Bcckstrom, outer guard; Soa
rort Wnldon, CnrI Youngren nnd
Louis Stoln, trustees.
LIST OF 111'
Tho circuit court has Instructed
Sheriff Low to stAumon tho follow
ing Jury panol to appear Monday Ap
ril 25, and from tho list will bo sol
octod Jurors to try tho cases set for
trial during tho term following that
date: Otto Holdrlch, James Blnlr, P.
8. Puckott, J. W. Lindsay, A. M. Sut
ton. Potor Hour, W. S. Slough. T. M.
Cunningham. Goo. Burton, I7d Jao
obson, Ed Smith, Herb Philips. C. K.
Buckman, II. P. Dow, Henry Grimes.
G. B. Cozad nnd H. Brady.
NEW YORK. April 15. Irish far-
mors havo suffered heavy lotisos thru
tho destruction to tholr co-operatlvo
croamorlos by Drltlsh forces, E. M.
Nowman, travol lecturer, says an nr
tldo on "Ireland Today" In tho Ap
ril Issue of Tho Mentor Magazine.
Co operative creameries, Introduc
ed and organized by Sir Horace
Plunkott are an Important factor In
tho now prosperity of tho rural dis
tricts. More than titty of these creameries
have boon destroyed by British gov
ornmont agents In reprisal for alleg
ed Sinn Foln outrages, Nowman
says. Most o'f tho farmers are ad
mittedly innocent of wrongdoing tho
writer 'doclares.
MEDFORD, April 15 Smudging
to, protect tho fruit crop from frost
effects was general this morning In
the Rogue River valley. Tho mercury
dorpped to.26.6 at tbo coldost period.
ViOHINqTQVt JMPrtli IS.T-Potcr
X jfsv: orRhodsrlfUad. eov elali-
ter tb 6lytfe.,'Bta.'!beea fleeted Vy
President Jtarawg as nnniaior 10 nu-
I moula
rim in ninniiTr,
nufw uiDru 1 1.
An arbitrators' agreement In tha
stnto highway right-of-way litiga
tion, filed last night with tho county
clerk marks tho settlement of tha
legal controversy that has been pond
ing for a year. By Its terms the coun
ty Is obligated to pay Mrs. Sophia
Henley, Con Curtln and Robert
Cbcyno, throe of tho ranchers who
opposed tho light-ot-way condemna
tion suits and sskod largo damages
for alleged trespass and damago, ap
proximately F18, COO.
Tho rancher's, under the settle
ment, agree to drop all litigation In
opposition to tho highway, waive all
claims for trespass and damage, and
to assume the responsibility of build-
tug, ndoquato right of way fences and
connecting culverts and ditches for
One suit only remains, the action
of C. Bowman against the county and
other dofondants.-In which plaintiff
Is roprosonted by a different attor
ney. Bowman .It In understood, will
probably follow the example of his
neighbors and arbltrato his differ
Charles Lodmls represented the
plaintiffs on tho arbitration board
and Fred Bueslng the defendants.
The two wero empowered to choose
a third momber, but were able to
roach agreomont without doing so.
,Ha'd the cases gone' to trial, U Is
understood that an affidavit ot.pre
Judlco would have been filed' against
Judge Kuykendall and a cbaaga .of
vonue to Jackson, or some adjoin
ing county, asked. In the llkely.evwt
that the change of venue was grant
ed It would have meant the expMse
of transportation of numerous wit
nesses to the other county and ex
penses of their raaratenance- for
couple of weeks.
In' the settlement Robert Cheyne
Is granted a total of $2,914. SO.
against $5,134.80 aslced In bis com
plaint. The award Is as follews: Land
value of tho right of way, $150; $1,-
764.80 damages; $500 to each at
torney for fees.
Mrs. Henley asked $0,010.40 and
Is awarded $257. land valuo; $1,9G7.-
30 damages, and $500 fees to each
attornoy, a total award of $3214.80.
Con Curtln nskod $10,1G4.60 and
was awarded $6,767 of which $412.
50 Is land value; $'5,354.50 damages.
and $500 to each' of the opposing atr
Progressives Attack
Colombian Trmity
WASHINGTON. April 15. Repub
llcan sonotors of tho progressiva
group, headed by Sonator Johnson of
California, today renewed tbolr at
tack on tho pending Colombian trea
ty, but administration leadora sent
word to President nardlng that rati
fication of tbo treaty was assured
whon tho vote was taken nott Wod
nosday. Prohibition of the shipment of
arms and ammunition to any coun
try, where thoy might bo used for
revolutionary purposes, has bocn ask
ed of congress'by tho state depart
NEW YORK, April 16. The Am
erican Sheet and Tin Plato company,
n subsidiary of tho IJnlted Btatos
Steel corporation, has announced re
ductions of from $7 to $14 a ton on
various products.
Weather Probabilities
o o
The Cyclo-Stormagraph at
Underwood's Pharmacy show
that tho barometric pressure
has boon rlBln,r slnco yester
day's report, although since
' npon today the tendency baa
been eUgbtly downward.
No particular change Is ex
pected In. wealber conditions
but the. Indications are more
fsvorable for 4,talr, warmer
.weitlr. , than, taey bare been
'rtV'a aumbir. ef days.
Fcreet(or ntt 01 hours
Fair weather, wjtb brisk
winds which "will diminish.