The Evening herald. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1906-1942, April 08, 1921, Page PAGE THREE, Image 3

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    I'Aoia thrum
jwhuy, avjuuj s, iuai.
mmmmm " 1vjru.i'Aj-uTru-uruTjl
KOll HAI.IC-7Tlmbor, cheap If tnkon
oon AddroiiB "Timber" Herald.
farm machinery nt a bargain nt
llnwlo (Inrago. 7-13
FOR BAMS--Thn following goeds:
Cook itnvo, Iron bods, nprlncn,
mntlroMiis, rockors, Dining rlntlrn.
Dining Ulilo, Mhrnry tnhln, Couch,
Hug anil plllowH, Commode und kIahh
etc. 33C Hauth Hlxtli Ht. 7-9
IJarirnlns In Used Cant Klamath
Fnlls Auto Co. 224 Main. a 1-4
Spring In coming on und you lmvo
the house clearing litis. Wall. I lmvo
Kit It, tool ImVh got together.
I'KIIKINH rilltMTimi? H01IHI4
"Tint funilfdicr of Ifuppy Hium-n"
FOR HUNT Ono InrKO furnished
hounokooplng room. Apt. 10 Me
MllilVn Apts. 7-8
Ntirmi w Uli in niatornlty casus. At
812 Oak Ht. l'hono 283. 7-S1
Domountablo whools In Htock (or
Ford and Uhavrolot car. Klamath
Fnlls Auto Co. 224 Main. 31-U
Ilnvn You 8 Krlly todny?
KOIl HAI.K Modem 4 room nnd
hath, all now plumbing, gnrago, Frost
proof out soller -Hco ownur ut 1021
Manzunltn Ht, Hot Springs addition.
Farm machinery nt a hnrgnln nt
Howie flnrngo. 7-13
for bam: oh hunt 12 hwui
work horses. Weight 13G0 to 1G00
pound, ago 6 to 7 yrs. Inqulro L. H
llolllirook, Mnlln, Oro. 7-12
KOIl HKNT or will let on Hhnrus,
no to 100 ncron Reed farmltiK land
about 2 mlloB from town at the En
terprise ranch Land uiidtir now Kn
torprlsn Irrlgnllon district ditch
I'or Information call 2G3J 4-9
KOIl HAI.B OH THAD13 For piano,
cor. lot 13 Illock 30 Mot Springs
Addition. l'hono 478J. 15-8
Mr. Klnhnrman. Fishing rods mailn
to ardor, old rod rupalrod. SutUflod
customers all over tho U B. all work,
ntmnlutoly guaranteed ir you rmn or
evor nxpoct tn flnti wrltn for prlres
on repair work and built to oritur
rods. Ilnrry I. Ifohson, Lyons, Ore
gon. T-18
MBTIJNt I,ot iib toll you how to pay
tho mortgage off tho cow, to huy n
i car, to gnt a homo, to mako hair
grow on your bnrn dome
IIOWT Oritur now Homn of ttiono flno
llarron-Tnnnrnd whlto Leghorn
rhlcks, $12.00 por 100; delivery
May li to July 1 8 weekn old pul
lots $12.00 por dozen, dcllverlni:
June 1 to August 1.
Al-Ml Corning. Cullf.
llnvo Yoti Horn Kelly tixliiy?
KOH HAI.U Chuap, ratigo. kitchen
rublnot, and round dining tubln.
Cull after G 30 p. m 1232 Main Bt
IlelniB Apis. Downstair. 7-9
Fnrmors ran navo mouoy on farm
ing machinery at tho llowln Oarngo.
KOH BA1. I'aylng huslnnsii, must
sell owning to other business. Hon
Dick & Co., Cth & Klamath Avu.
Ifnvo You Hrrn Kelly lKlity?
CAItH KOH HIKti Without drlvors,
Klamath Palls Auto Co. 224 Main
Bt. 31-9
Hayo You Hem Kelly today?
furniture aepnrtmnnt of my buul
num. Will give good deal to right
party. Btoro 25xGO feet on Main.
A good chance tn get a wall os
tabllshod, going business at a
masonnble price W II Ross. Don
Main Btreet. 1-tt
WANTKD To borrow 11200. for 1
year. Residence proporly n secur
ity X. Y rnre Herald 2-8
KOH 1 truck, 1 Btudeliakor,
1 Huiiabout and other cars Boo
Dick, filh and Klamath Ao 7-9
KOH HAI.i: Shingles. No. 1. I'liie.
lout 20 years and that's lo:ig!
enough. I4.B0 per M. Peoples Warn I
house, Cth. Bt. 228W 7-9
B A .
Spring Is coming on nnd you hsro
tho homo clearing bug Well, I baro
got It. tan' let's get together
itrkinr FimviTimn iiormn
"Tim Fnrnlttinr of Ilnppy Hoinr"
CAP. KOR IIIR Without drivers
Klamath Kails Auto Co 224 Mnln
Bt. 31-9
CITY OARRAOK When too want
garbage removed call 10P-23.
Partners enn save money on farm
ing machine nt tho Howlo Oarage'
Bmall amount of short tlma mon
ey, for loans or discounts, Ooo II
KOH BAM', Mocks Phono 483M
J. V Outhrlo. 20-8
ChamlMirlln, 62G 8th.
Tell yourttrnubles In tho Furniture
While they luit, U B I, Htorago
llatterles $27.50 Al Howlo Oarage
FOH BALI-: Bpcedsier or racing
type seats Mao 20 gnl. gniollne
tonks. Klamath Palls Auto t'o 324
Msln St. C-9
POIl HAUB 1 Ford Delivery rnr.
good condition, new motor. Klam
ath Pulls Auto Co. 224 Main Bt C-9
THUCK FOK HinH Por light nnd
heavy trucking, also block wood.
$10.60 per load, one nnd one hnlf
rord. Phono 178J 014 Mnln Bt.
KOH BALK 6 head of good work
horses and ono 3 yr. old colt P. W
Ooorgo on the old Ky Taylor nlnre.
Keno road, C-12
FOH BALK Now itnil used marine
engine. SAn Hay Telford, at thn
boat shop. 120 Conger Ave. 5-9
KOH HKNT 8 room houso furnish
ed, 39 Main St. C-9'
Hnvo You Been Kidly today?
POH BALB in II. V. Single Phnso
Motor, nearly now, also 4 Inch
Jackson Pump and about 126 ft.
pipe. Write li. P. Ooortson, Klnmath
Pnlls-Merrll! Itouto. n-9
Expert typewriter repairman, bost
local raforencoa. Hotel llnll, Hoom
239. Call mornings. C-12
FOH BALB Ily Ownor, G room
house, modorn, on pnvemont, Ilox
0. T). Herald offlco. n-9
FOH HALP) 1 10 H x 12 Center
crank Ajar Rnglne. 1 40 H. P.
locomotive, Type Holler, both In good
eondltlon. Inquire I.elsnd lumber Co.
O ranis rasa, re. 4-9
FOR 8AM9 Oood ranch In Hoguo
Hlver Valley. Knqnlre 133 N. 4th
St. French Hand Laundry. 4-9
FOR 8ALI3 Oood paying 'business.
Box P. P. Horald offlco. 4-9
WANTBT) All round womnn. for
Pronch Hand Laundry. 123 N. 4th
St. 4-9
WANTKD About 400 hoad of bucks
to pasture nt 65 cents per head por
month. John 3, Hunan, Merrill, Oro.
FOR SALE Two Kentucky six foot
slnglo disc drills, with pross whoola
nttachod. Only used two wooks,
Choap. Inqulro DoLnp and Hnydon's
office. 31-13
WABHINtlTON. April 8 flint
tho remedy for tho scarcity ota mil-
I lion homes In tho United States llos
, In providing bettor transportation,
abundance of fuel, credit for loans,
nnd full Information on tho .beat
I mothods of construction, Is contend-
'od by Sonator William M. Caldor'ot
Now York, chairman of tho sonato
commlttoo on reconstruction, In a
report mado public Monday.
To accomplish tho doslrod ends,
Sonntor Caldor has rocommondod to
congress ton loglslatlvo lnenaurosj
I' they nro as follews:
A bill to establish In tho depart
ment of commoreo a division for tho
gatborliiE nnd dlssomlnntlon of In
formation as to tho bost construction
practices and mothods, technical nnd
. cobI data, and mattora rotating to
city planning, etc., In order to en
courago standardisation and Improv
ed building prnctlcos throughout the
A bill to provldo for tho gathortng
and publication by oxlstlne; govorn
mental ngonclos of current facta aa
to production, distribution, avail
able suppllos, standards of quality,
coats and realization of coal.
An nmondmbnt to tho transporta
tion act dlroctlng tho Intorstato com
moreo commission not to doclnro
without hearings an mnorgency which
will glvo proforonco of priority in
An amondmont to tho fodoral ro
Horvo net to'pormlt tho fodoral ro
sorvo board to direct tho uso of snv
IngH nnd (Imo iloposlts of national
banks for long-tliha loans, tnus gtv
InR such deposits grentor socurlty
nnd supplying a sourco ot'long-torm
money for homo building.
A homo loan bank bill to provido
for district homo loan banks which
may soil, undor fodoral supervision,'
bonds socurod by tho nggrogatod
loans doposltod by tho member banks.
An amondmont, limited to flvf
years, to tho rovenuo act of 1918, to
We Can't Regulate
Crop Prices-but
We Are Regulating
Clothes Prices
The new models are here!
Double-breasted, half belts,
pleat pockets.
We'll be glad to show you your
favorite color
$32.50 $35.00
and $40.00
You'll Like the Style - You'll Like the Ouality
You'll Like the Price
"J Ain't Mai at Nobody"
provide for tho oxomptlon from ox
cess profits and Income taxes of tho
profits on tho sales of dwelling
houso construction.
An amondment to tho rovenuo act
of 1918 to exempt from taxation in
terest on lonns up to $40,000 on Im
proved ronl estate usad for dwelling
purposes, when such loans nro hold
by an Individual. .
An amondmont to tho rovenuo act
of 1918 limiting tho taxation of pro
fits from tHo salo of cnnltnl asset
.by providing for tholr taxation as J
of tho yoara of 'accrual rathor than
as of tho yoar of tholr salo.
An amondmont to tho rovenuo act
or mis to liraiL tho surtax upon
saved Income to an amount not In
oxcoss of 20 per cont ot such in
como. An amondmont to the postal sav
ings law Increasing tho limitation on
doposlts as to amount and tlmo and
authorising tho rate of tntorost to bo
chnnged from tlmo to tlmo and pro
viding for compensation ot postmas
ters for tho extra dutlos.
Tho report rocognlzos tho presont
systom of taxation as an Important
factor but takcB a firm stand against
national, stato or local govornmonts
nttomptlng to rollovo tho housing sit
uation by tho granting ot subsidies
or by tho oroctlon ot structures at
govornmontal oxponso,
Tho housing shortage alroady Is
untlon-wldo and Is increasing, tho
roport Bays. Spoolflc situations In
llaltlmoro, Boston, Now Bodford,
Philadelphia, St. Louis, Now Or
loans, Cleveland, Detroit, Omaha,
Dcnvor, Now York, and other cltios
nro dealt with. No attempt is mado
to dotormino tho oxact amount of i
nionoy that will bo required to bring.
about complete reconstruction, but a
need for approximately S1G,000,
000,000.00 is shown. This Includes
six billion for railroads, fivo billion
for houses, two billion for public
utlltlos, and "sovoral billions moro"
for highways, watorways, and so
Tho commlttco holds out hope tor
tho avorago cltlzon in two rogpocts.
It says that tho cost of building can
be brought down substantially and
that tho cost to tho government ot
trying Its recommendations would bo
In addition to Sonator Caldor, the
signers ot tho roport nro Senators
Wm. S. Konyon, of Iowa, and Wal
ter R. Edgo, ot Now Jorsoy.
Phone 531-R
We give all oar work personal attention. Use nothing; but tint
class material. Jt us q(ve yon figure oa yoar painting.
133 N. 4th St.
Rm. Phone 531-R
Mrs. C. N. Case spent Sunday at
tornoon at tho Morrison homo.
Tho farmers nro vory busy plow
ing and getting ready for seodlng.
, Kenneth Case 1b homo for a tow
days visit. Ho is attending high
school in Klamath Fulls.
Mrs. Mary Choyno, Mrs. Hurt Daw
son, Mrs. Scott Johnson called on
Mrs. K. D. Morrison Wodncsdny af
tornoon. Mr. Robert Choyno Is hauling his
balled hay to Midland.
Mr. John Stewart Is hauling hny
to town. .
Mr. and Mrs. Charllo Steoman
camo In Thursday from California,
tor a Bhort stay, after which thoy
will return to tho homo thoy havo
lately purcftasod noar Santa Ana.
Mrs. H. D. Morrison called on
Mrs. John Koontz and Mrs. Cbas.
Stboman .Monday afternoon.
It Can't Be Dene!
It Was Done
Thoy used U My tkea waa ae etker area like
Mother utet to mice. Ykat vu true ketera BAKE
niTH waa put en the Market. BAXjIRlTB OVENS
AND BAKJIJtlTB UBTHOM did tka buaineaa and today
you can get a Wat of bread poeaeaainc tbat delielous,
lasting, appetlstnjr davr JUaetoter found only la bread
made at home. Thin krwl in toU ewlaalveiy nt the
Rex Cate and The Unit. U fj Ue Mire exclusively in
Thn Sex CnB.
Lia Wri and Garden Seed Murphey V Seed Store
PH&NE 87
124 Se: Sixth St.