The Evening herald. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1906-1942, April 06, 1921, Image 1

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rr LW m aHP
A Clan Ad Will
Do It
cuj? ituewtuj
Today? New
Member of the Associated Press.
I'lfKviilli Ycnr No. miHH.
approved gy
Mom limn n scorn of mini ropro
snntntlvn of different linen of busi
ness In Klamath KuIIm, constituting
the servlrn fund Committed of thu
expansion niovommit (or tlin Kliim
nth County (Miamlier of Commorco,
mot at homltiuiirtorn hint night mill
nftiir going ovor tlin contract nntnred
Into between tlio directors of tlin
chamber nmJ tlio Amarlcan City llur
mil carefully, decided to lend tholr
bunt nimlntnnco, Individually and col
locllvnly, for tlin success of tlio cam
paign. Tim cominltteo wont Into n
lengthy illacniiHlon nn to Uiu needs of
Klnmiitli County nnd tlio part tlio
Chamber of Commerce may lake In
brlniflnic about accomplishment. It
wns tlio opinion oxprosand thnt tlio
tuntnttvo goal originally apoclflod In
tlio contract. $17,000 wuii too low,
nnd It wan rniauu 10 izu.ugu ium
ImrihlDii nnd iilniUn to tho sorvlro
fund nro to bo signed for n period of mllo north of Merrill
thrcn years, nn tho lonlntlvo work hi Hunk houses and n cook liouao aro
foro tho chambnr Is of such mag-j being eroded for tho rig carpontors.
nltudo nnd Importancn that aorao of , and for lutor mo by tho drillers. IO
tho nctlvltloa will extend beyond u cal enrpontorn nro doing tho work,
t.orlod of olio or two years Tho Inat enr of mntorlnl dnllvorod
It was oplaInod by tho commlttoo contulnod tho wood for various
that tho plnn for flnnnclng tho or- shafting, also tho cams for tho Riant
Sanitation provide that at loast 400 whool on which tho drilling cable U
momboni at $25 Mhnll 1m sought, mid colled.
In addition u snrvlco fund of $I0,- Tho ahnf ting matorlnl In Iron wood
000. Tho rovonuo from membership , from Australia, n wood thnt la hard
duos will bo uaud In defraying tho or thnn oak. nnd uaod In proforenco
ndmlnlatratlvo ovorhond exponso.'to oak bncnuao It la cheaper. Kach
whl lo thnt durlvnd from subBcrlp- .bonrd foot weighs seven pound Tho
tlons to tho servlci) fund will bo wwd dlamtitor of tlio ahafta la 10 Inchua,
In carrying out tho special activities and thero wna nbout CO lineal foot
provided, for In tlio program of work
TIiobo actlvllloa. of rutlior a tenia
tlvo outllno to bo suggested for tho
conaldoratlon of tho mumberahlp at
tar tho comnalgn baa boon complet
ed, will bo announced through Iho
total ureas and In campaign lltora-
turo after they have boon flnnlly
Thoao' prraont at tho meeting
were: K. H. Ilnll. chairman of thu
sorvlci) fund commlttoo; J K. Swan
son. M. 8. West. K W I. J''n
.fnrtln. Otis KrniiBO, C I. Daggett,
i:. II. Thomns. J J Kurbcr. O. I)
llurke. Jumes Mllno. J T Porklna,
K. Bugurmnn. W. If. Kllngenburg.
Will lloldwln. M l. RvniiH. T M
Watters. C. 8, Currln, M. A. Cnllag
linn, T. I.. Htanlny nnd llurgo Mnsen:
also h. W Dopuy nnd Ilrlqo W. lloa
kins of tho Amorlcnn CJty llumnti
riold staff who nro assigned to as
sist tho local organization In Its ex
pansion campaign. '
AsslBtant Campaign Managor
, a...n. i
Olcnn M. Still last evening ad. ressoa
tho women of tho American Legion i
auxiliary. -
Tho campaign nrrangomonto com-,
mltteo win mooi mis jiuiii"u.
comploto arrnngomonts for tho Com
munity Confornnci Hint Is to bo hold
tomorrow ovonlng, Thomas II Reed,
of tho polltlcnl sclonco department of
tho University f Cnllfornlii, will ur
rlvo In Klnmnth Kails tomorrow at
tornoon from llorkoloy.
Come From Portland
Via the Auto Road
M. S. Luster, of tho Kwauna Motor
company, with Mrs. Lcstor, urrlved
horo lust night from Portland, hav
ing mndo tho trip by uuto vln Eu-
gono. Medford. Agor. and ropX
Krado. Thoy luft Portland Sunday
morning, and visited nlong tho way.
Thoy mado thu trip in a Ilupmobllu.
tho Kwauna Motora company hnvlng
takon tho ngoncy for that car In UiIh
district. They ivvoragod 2C miles to n
gallon, and tho oil consumption was
very low.
Tho Ewauna Motora company tins
also takon tho ngoncy for tho Ovor
land nnd tho Wlllys-Knlght cara.
Place Bars Against
All Immigration
against Immigration from Europo
will boplacod May 1, under plans an
nounced by republican loaders. Bonn
tor Dillingham has vroparod for Im
modlato Introduction In the now con
rreBS, an" immigration-restriction bill
vetoed by WlUon It would limit Im
migration for ono yonr to throo per
cent of tho population of niton origin
now In tho country.
Merchants Bureau
To Discuss Rates
Tonight t tlio Clinmlior of Com
morco rooms merchants nnd busi
ness moil will liold u mooting, nt
which freight rnti'H uinl ntlior mut
tors will bo discussed
It Im ilrolmlitu thnt tlio qunntlon
will ho raised an to whether tlio
rnto rodurtloiiH propoBud liy tlin
Bouthorn 1'nclfle will ho accepted
or n reopening of tho rnto enno be
fore tlio Intnrntnto commerce com
mission nnKnd.
With tho shlpmonl to thu woll Mlto,
yoslorday, of tho lout carload of tim
ber, tho Crntor I.ako Oil and Qn
company hns nil tho woodnn motor-
lal for Iti first drilling oporntlon on
tho ground Tho nlto U about a hnlf
or u, tnaKing n wrigmy cargo.
All of tho tlmbor wan furnlihod By
tho I nfcrsldo I.umbor company.
Tho npron cominltteo of tho St.
,1'uul Episcopal Guild will glvo a
card party In tho dining room of J
,no Wul, ' "'lean hotel on thu
ovenlng of April 20. Further pfans
.will bo unnouncod Inter.
LONDON, April C Tho oxecutlvo
body of coal mlni-rs today accepted
tho govornmont'n propositi that tho
minora' delegation mot representa
tives of tlio ownurs and tho govern
ment with a vlow to ro-oponlng no-
.,-- Ior .ottiomont of tho
Tho mIno own nccopl
tf prop01Bi
,0N0Ni A,,r c.Tho trnnaport
workers fedoratlon today docldod to
support tho minora strike.
LONDON, Apr. 0. Vitctory owners
of Turin, nn Important Itallnn In
dustrial contor, liavo declared a lock
nut says a dispatch, nnd troops hnvo
occuplod tho factories.
Uncle Sam Insists
On His Full Rights
WASHINGTON, April 6. Nows
notos on mandates havo boon sant by
tho Amorlcan gpvornmont to Japan,
(Iroat Ilrltnin, Franco, and Italy, and
tho occasion for Bonding thorn Is snld
to bo tho rocolpt of Japan's roply to
tho original Amorlcan noto which
protosts against Japan's mandate
ovor formor aormnn Islands In tho
Pacific north, of tho equator, Notos
broad enough to covor all Amorlcan
rights growing out of tho world war
form part of tho sorlos bogun by For
mor Socrotar Colby In which tho
Unltod States Insistod upon its full
rights as ono of tho allied and asso
ciated powora.
PARIS, April 6. Tho allios. roply
to tho Amorlcan mandotos noto will
probably oxpross intonso satisfaction
If tho Unltod Statos Is disposed to ro
sumo collaboration with tho allios In
sottlomont of war quostlons.
market' nnroivr
PORTLAND. April 6. Hogs
weak: sheep, alow; eggs. Irregular,
bids ranging from 18 to 30 cents,
selling prico unchanged; butter, 4
cents lowor.
Tho clnirgo has boon mndo by thnno
Intorcatod In misrepresenting Tho
Herald that It did not publlah tho
correct figures whon It gnvo to Its
roadurs tho torniM of tho ontract .
ontnrod Into by tho dlroctora of tho
Chamber of Commorco and tho
American City Iluroau and that this
contract dooH not call for 2D com
mission. L. V. Dopuy, manager of tho
cumpalgn, said yesterday that Tho
llnrnld story was accurato and tho
only criticism ho would offor was
tho ommlsBlon of tho avorago throo
year torm percontago, In otnor
words tho Amorlcan City Iluroau'a
Intorprotatlon of tho contract. His
figures, haa been Investigated and
ratified by local bankora and busi
ness mon
Averaging tho commissions for tho
throo yoar term of tho contract and $7,000 budget fund. Tho aggro
makes tho co'mmlsBlon ton and a i;ato of tho two Is $17,000. If the
fraction per ceht, ho said.
That thoro may bo no quostlon
as to tho terms of tho contract, It
Is being published today In its en
tirety. That portion of It bearing
tho pay "of tho American City Bur
eau Is as follews:
"2. Tho party of tho first part
agrees to pay tho Iluroau for tho
nbovo sorvlccs as follews:
"(a) A commission of twonty
flvo por cont (2G) upon tho col
lections actually mado of such
momborshlp duos as shall bo ro
colvablo during tho first yoar fol
lowing tho campaign.
"(b) A commission of ten per
cont (10) upon tho collections ac
tunlly raado of such momborshlp btforo, aftor, or during tho corn
dues as shall bo rccolvablo during mission period shall bo subject It
tho socond year and third year fol- tho regular commission charge. In
lowing tho original campaign. jsouir aa thoy covor any portion of
"(c) A commission at twonty (said jcrlnd.
per cunt (lO) upon tho collrc-. "3. Tho method shall bo as fol-
tlons actually" niado of such flnan-
rial plcdgos or payments, othor than
momborshlp dues, as shall bo ro-
Lcolvabto during tho first year fol-
lowlng tho campaign agreement
shall havo bun completed.
HPIXTAL AOItKKMKNT tho party of tho first part to tho
"4. It is further agreod that Hureau by tho paymont of fifty per
within thirty (30) days after thojeont thorof In cash nnd tho ro
concluslon of tho original cam- imalnlng fifty per cent In a seven
palgn, If tho total cstlmatod In-1 months' negotlablo noto.
coma ns represented by tho mem- j "(b) If tit tho beginning of tho so-
bcrshlp and ffnanclat pledges and
paymontn In possession of tho party
of tho first part shall then ox
ceod tho contract goal by flvo por
cent or more, sotCTomont In full
ffl'r tho Ilureau's sorvlccs In lieu of
sottloment spociflod In Artlclo
shall bo mado as follows
"(n) A cash paymont, covering
estimated commissions tor tho first
year, less ton per cont;
"(b) A noto duo thlrtoen
months aftor tho closo of tho cam
paign, covorlng ostlmatcd commis
sions for tho second yoar, less ton
por cent;
"(c) A noto duo twonty-flvo
months aftor tho closo of tho cam
paign, for ostlmatod commissions
for tho third yoar, less Usn por
cont. '
"5. Jho torm "ostlmatod com
missions which would becomo duo
to tho Iluroau it collodions should
bQ'iuado In full on all momborslilps
and applications for momborshlp
THIS AOREEMENT, mado this 20th day of Novombor 1920. by Klamath
County Chambor of Commorco of Klamath Falls, a corporation organised
under tho Uwb of tho Stato of Oregon, horlnaftor deslgnnted ns the party
of tho first part, with tho AMERICAN CITY nURBAU. Inc., a corpora
tion organlxod undor tho laws of tho Stato of Now York, horolnaftor
designated as tho Ilureau:
1. Tho party of tho first part, horoby rotains tho Uuroau In tho ca
pacity of organlratlon counsol for tho following eorvlces: '
(a) To organlto nnd direct a campaign tho purposo of which is to en
roll 400 mombors. moro or loss, plodged to pay annual duos of $25.00 a
yonr for a period of throo years.
lMucatloiuil, MomlKTshlp nnd Financial Ciuiipnlfiii
(b) To procuro additional financial plodges pr paymonts aggregating
Sovon Thousand Dollars ($7000.00) a yoar, moro or less, for a porlod
of throo yoars. to bo UBOd by tho party or mo iirst pari in sumuiuiuiB u
Hopes for New
Reparation Schedule
WASHINGTON, April 6. Hopo
that negotiations would bo reopened
botwoen Germany and tho allied gov-
and financial plodgofi In possession
of tho party of tho first part at
tho dato of acttlcmont provided for
In Article 3, Section (a) of thin
"0. Tho notes provided for In
Artlclo 3 and 4 shall boar Interest
at tho current local rata of Intorost
on commorclal paper, and shall bo
nogotlablo at tho bank dr banks
In which thu party of tho first part
doposlts Its funds."
Tho Hornld overlooked tho pro
visions of Articles 4 and G In Itn
statement of Saturday. Artlclo 4
make It obligatory for tlin chamber
of commorco to mako a cash settler
mont with tho American City Ilur
oau If tho pledges and payments ex
coed flvo per cent of the contract
goal. Tho "contract goal" Is 400
mnmborshlpn or momborshlp plodgcs
I amount collected in cash and plodges
oxcoeds this by S por cent, then tho
chambor of commorco shall pay tho
first year's commission In cash, less
ton per cent; and tho socond and
third years with negotiable notos,
less ton por cent, tho notos carrying
8' por cent Intorost.
"Estimated commissions" means
that commissions shall bo paid on all
mombarahlps and applications for
momborshlp and all financial pledget.
There Is a provision, howovor. that If
tho estimate oxcoeds tho amount of
commission actually earned, then
tboro shall bo on adjustment, as
provldod In soctlon b, artlclo 3.
''(d) All dues and pledges paid
"(n) Within thirty days from
tho termination of tho membership
and financial campaign, scttlo-
mont of tho estimated commissions
, for tho first year shall bo mado by
rond fiscal year, commissions oarn
cd by tho Iluroau on tho basis of
actual collections for tho first year
shall exceed tho nmount of estlmatod
commission for that year, payment
shall then bo mado by tho party of
tho first part to tho Ilurcau In cash
for tho amount of Buch excess; but
j If tho commissions onrned shall bo
, less than tho estimated commissions,
J tho party of tho first part may deduct
tho amount of such over-payment
from Its subsoquont paymonts to tho
"(c) Within thirty days from tho
tormlnntlon of tho first fiscal year,
commission paymonts for tho socond
nnd third years shall begin; and such
paymonts Bhall bo mado quartorly by
jtho party of tho first part on tho bas
is or actual collections until final
sottloment of all obligations under
this agreement shall havo boon cora
plotod." Dolow Is a vorbatlm copy of tho
contract, completo:
to Page 3)
ornmonts for a now schodule of re
parations was oxprcssod In a nionv
orandum transmitted to Berlin by
tho state dopartmont. It was son) to
Lorlns Dressol, American high com -
mlsslonor, for communication to Ger-
man officials.
Highway Bridge
Contracts Let
PORTLAND, April rtr Harhan
and Marshall were yostorday award
ed contracts for stato highway work
In Klamath county by tho highway
commission as follews:
Crossing on tho AUamont canal
on Tho Dalles to California high
way, $3997.
Crossing of tho Oregon, Cali
fornia and Eastern railway near
Dairy, $2,9G2.60.
CHICAGO, Apr. 6. Tho comploto
machinery nocosaary for farmers to
handlo marketing of grain, outlined
In tho report of tho 'cominltteo of
sevontocn recommending tho estab
lishment of corporation to bo known
as United States Grain Growers In
corporated was submitted to a rat
Iflcatlon conforenco o ncoopcratlvo
grain marketing assembled horo to
day. Secrotary of Agriculture Wnllaco
In an address said the Department of
Agrlculturo should lend tho farmers
tho samo aid In marketing crops ns
In tho production of crops.
Plans call for the optional pooling
of grain, tho compulsory pooling plan
having been dofeated In committee.
All members of tho corporation
must bo bonafldo grain growers. The
membership fee Is ten dollars with
no assessments. Tho corporation Is
to bo a non-profit, non-stock com
pany, with no divldonds, and operat
ed on a eost basis. Expenses, after
membership fees are paid 19 io bo
mot by deductions from the sale of
If tho farmers grafu Is -old
on a commission basis tho deduction
is to bp one por cent of the valuo of
tho grain, corresponding to tho "pre
sent commission charges.
Tho contract binds tho farmer for
tho exclustvo handling of grain for
five years and Is rcnowsblo thorefore
from year to yoar.
Tho momborshlp campaign now be
ing conducted by tho, Amorlcan Cities
bureau was tho principal topic at
tho chamber of commorco forum lun
cheon this noon. L. W, Dopuy, assise
tant to Drlco Hosklns who has charge
of tho campaign, gavo bis reasons
why ho considered tho contract en
torod Into with tho American Cities
bureau a good contract. W. E. See
horn and W. A. Dolzoll, also spoko
In favor of tho campaign to lncreaso
tho momborshlp and scopo of tho
chamber of commerce Tho lattor
urgod upon his hearors tho necessity
for taking cara of tho tourist crop,
which ha estimates Is worth at least
$250,000 a year.rosldont E. D. Hall
addod his support to tho forces In
favor of tho momborshlp campaign
In his talk, Mr. Hall mentioned a
suggestion by Claudo Daggott, of tho
Ewauna Dox factory, that overy mor
chant In town who rccelvos goods,
procuro a stamp with tho werds:
"Ship theso goods In wood contain
ers." and to stamp thorn upon overy
ordor sent out. This would assist In
tho offort to lncreaso tho demand for
woodon boxes, Instoad of tho papor
containers now used In at least 50
por cont of tho shipments recolvod
About a dozon ladlos wore prosont
at tho dlnnor, and received a 'hand'
during tho Introductions of visitors.
Secretary Stanley announced that
thoro will bo a mooting of tho mer
chants bureau at night o'clock to
night. Ho also called attontlon to
tho community conference to be held
In the tabernacle tomorrow night, at
which President Thoe, H Reed, of
tho. University of California. twould
. be presont and- make an" address,
Lively singing featurod the lunc
eon as before.
A campaign against tho bootlo,
on a unit plan, with local organi
zations In tho various Infested areas
of tho coast states, was' tho schomo
adopted by tbo congress of timber
men, entomologists and forestry ex
ports, which adjourned lato yes
terday after two days' session.
In this district tho Klamath-
Lake Counties Forest FIro associa
tion, which has boen combatting
tho bcetlo for tho past flvo or six
years, will carry on tho work, with
an organization broadened as tho
result of tho conforenco and Its
oxchango of progressive Ideas.
A committee was appointed to in
terview Colonel W. D. Grcolcy,
chtof forester of tho United Statos,
now In Portland, and seek to on-
list his co-oporatlon. On this com
mlttoo aro Gcorgo M. Cornwall, C.
S. Chapman, A. J. Jaenlcko amd R.
II. Sbaplor, all of Portland.
Six resolutions wero adopted,
among them a request for stato ap
propriations In the bootlo Infested
states of Now Mexico, Arizona, Cali
fornia, Nevada, Oregon, Washing
ton, Idaho and Montana, and tbo
provlnco of British Columbia.
Another resolution asks federal
co-oporatlon and tho appropriation
by congress of a sufficient sum to
consorvo tlmtoer from loss through
unnecessary insect dopredations.
Others nsk tho co-operation of
tbo railroad systems operating In
the Infested states and tho Cham
ber of Commorco of thoso states
and also tho United States Cham
ber of Commerce.
"tjho local Chamber of Commerce
and tho Forest Fire association
w?re thankedjfor tjielr co-operation
In "tho campaign 'so far and for
bringing about the conforenco. Ap
preciation Is also expressed to tho
federal nnd stato forestry officers
and entomologists tor tholr attend
ance and Interest.
"Through Information presented
by representatives of tho federal
government, and states," says tbo
resolution, "It has been possible
for thoso attending this conference
to secure a much moro compre
hensive Idea of possibilities of con
trol work than would otherwise
havo been possible
Elks Will, Install
Tomorrow Night
Installation of tho new offcers Is
oxpectcd to attract all members of
tho Elks order to tbo tomplo tomor
row night, and. a social evening with
plonty of amusement and abundant
refreshments Is promised after the
Induction ceremonies.
Tho officers-elect are:
C. A. Hoyden, exalted rulor; Durgo
Mason, esteemed leading knight; Dr.
Paul Noel, esteemed loyal knight;
Glen 'Jestor, esteemed lecturing
knight; M. P. Lavenlk, treasurer;
Henry Momyer, secretary; Jas.
Swansen, trustee, 'and A. F. Sal
flcky, tyler.
LONDON. April 6-A hitch devel
oped last ovenlng in tho proposod re
sumption of tho negotiations to end
tho minors' strike Lloyd George an
MEDFORD. April 6. Smudging
was provalont In tho Rogue rivor
Valloy today as a protection against
hoavy frosts.
SALT LAKE CITY. April, 6.-It.
Is snowing two again 'today, prob'
ably Interfering with tho second scho
tluled game of tho Pacific Coast
WASHINGTON. April 6. Myron
T. Horrlck has decided to. accopt the
ambassadorship to France. ,
Mr. and Mrs. C.'E. Ireland, who
havo been hero several dayB vlsjtlhg
with friends, left for Portland today,