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A Class Ad Will
Do It
Todays News
Member of the Associated Press.
I'lrtiynlli Yt'iir. No. 11(18(1.
(luorgo T Collins, olio or Mudfnrd'ii
thrpo ropm.innlntlviiH dm Out Crntnr
Ijikn spuclnl Improvement commltton
liim wrlllon tlm llnralil IIim following
Intlor, dntPil lit Mc.lfonl, Mnrch .10.
nxplnlnlng Moiironl'M vIowh In (III!
Crntnr Liikn tmittnr:
Editor llnrnld:
I hnvn licun Inlnrpnti'd In rending
ono or two articles In your inxir re
garding tin) proponed chuiigon to bo
inmln nt Crntnr Lnkn ami It would
appear to mo that you linvn n wrong
Impression of I In' mnttur.
Tho niuiilliiK which wiin held nt
I'ortlnnil was miiroly n preliminary
mooting for tlm purpono of flmllnn
out whnt, If anylblliK. could lm dono
to Improvo tlm condition nt tho Inko
and It It developed that It win pos
sible tt do something to formulnto
plain to tlmt and.
It wns itncldod lit that meeting to
hold another mcutlng at Mcdfnrd
within tho nun two wcoks, In tho
meantime ttin Portland committee
and tlm Medford would Kathor 'h
Information nn soumed necessary ana
try and porfoct n permanent organi
zation with a duflnltn plan of pro
cccdurn. An noon ns tlm dato of tlm
mooting at Mcdford In dnflnltoly fir
od It M our Intontlon to nnk your
Chnmbor of Commorcn to uriiil n rep
ronontntlvo and join us In working
out plnnn wn liavo In mind. It li my
personal opinion and I bpllovn thin
opinion li shnnid by tho otlmr dlrcr
tom of tlm Mcdford Chamtiar ef
Commorcn, tlmt whenever onn com
inunlty dopondn for Us succpsb upon
tlm holding back of anothnr. It It
barking up tho wrong tron. Wo rr
not working that nort of n game.
Wo agron;wllll tho dtntutunnt mudc
by ttin Secretary- of thu Klamath
Falls Chnmbor of Commorcn thai It
would not bn possible for us to Im
provo condltlonn at tlm taka without
Klamath Kail shnrlng In whatever
bonoflt might accruo, but wo do not
agree with him that wo am going
uliond and do tho work and briar the
oxpnniu) without Riving Klnmnth
County nn opiortunlty to do Imr
Win wnnt your holw and coopera
tlon, Wn mcoKnlro your rlKlitn In tlm
mattor and at tho namo tlmn wo uro
not unmindful of tho advantages that
will accruo to un by having your as
sistance. I linllnvn that both Mcdford
nnd Klnmuth Falls would bo bolter
off If wo nt Mudford will omloavor
to routo tourists going Into tho lukn
from thin mIiIo, to como out from your
Hldn nnd for you to reclprocnto by
roulInK tourists going l from our
iildu to coiim) out on our sliln. than
for both of us to try nnd route tour
'Ists coming out tho iinmii wny thoy
wnnt In.
I Initio to llvu to moo tin) ilny whon
thoro will bo half n doron porfoctly
good rotitos Into Crntor I.nko nnd tlm
wholo country on both sides of tho
mountuliiH benefited tlmroby.
An statiid iibnvo tho Klamatll
Chnmbor will bo notified In nmpln
tlmo to attend tho mooting to bo hold
shortly. You cnu rest assured Hint
you will not bn railed upon to put up
a largo num of monoy an It Is not tho
Intontlon of thin commlttoo to go
uhoad at tho printout tliua upon n
basis of raining a. fund hucIi as hus
boon tnlknd about but yo bollovo 11
great deal of Improvomont can bn
lind ovon for tho coming sonsou
which la cIohu nt hnnd, If wo will all
get togothor nnd holp.
Very truly yours,
Kd nole: Tlm Uorald has novor
doubted Hint whon tlmo enmo for
contribution Klamath county would
bo nskod to do her share. Thin ob
vious certainty Is, In fact, tho basis
for tho Ilornld'n bollof that Klnmnth
county should linvo boon roprosont
od In tho- discussion from tho begin
ning. ThqJIorald doos not bollovo
that In a mattor ho vital Klamath
county's lntoroats will bo host uorv
od by following whoro othors load,
'and1 cannot ngroo, In tho light of all
oxperlonce, with tho "foldod-hands''
-J policy onuhclatod by tho nocrotary of
e Jloroatb, chamber of comroorco.
all 'history no mun'.'comm'unlty or
Itlonhas ovor hulltf successfully on
I. policy of attempted rcapne whoro
trj Old tin? souing.
Came From Mcdford
In Nine Hours
M A. Dobbin, or tho Fairbanks
Mo mo company, who In hero trim
snotlng business with tlm (I (' Ior
(in r company, told tho llnrald thin
niornliiK tlmt ho drovo from Mud
ford Hi Ih morning In ulno hours. Tlm
roiul from Mcdford nn far mi Klinn
ntli Hot Springs In good, utul thoro
wan no troublo gottlng ovnr It. For
nbout night miles fnrthnr, however,
tho rond Ih bnd, but most nny enr, ho
says, can negotiate It Ho cainn via
Topny grndn, nnd roiiHldnrn IiIk tlmn
! for tho 1 10 iiiIIpii, vory good for thin
tlmn of ypnr
An nrgnnlzntloii or owncm nnd rop
runnntntlvcM or tlm snwmllln of thli
region having n capacity of Ions than
40,000 fcjt par ilny, wan nffi-ctod nt
a moutlng hnld In tho Ho Caf'i Knt
urdny nvrnlng, 20 inlMti being rupro
sontnd. Tlm organization will bn
known ns tlm Cnllfornla-Orngon Lum
bermen's nssoclatlon, nnd Its meet-'
Ings will bo hnld for thn purpose of
discussing conditions portnlrilng to
tho milling Indiist-v and to gtvo Its
niombom nn opportunity to giu to
gnthor soclnlly and boromn bellor ac
qunlntod with nnah nthnr. Marlon
N'lno, of thn Wh"lo 1'lno LunbiT
was choson pronldont, and Alfred D.
Colllor, of tho Swan I.nko I umbnr
company, was choson rocrnlary
trensurnr. 1 Is ostlmatrd that tlm mllU rep
rcsontcd In thU association will glvn
employment to nt Innsl 1,000 men,
this bolng thn approximate nr.mbT
of men onipluyvil by thorn Ian! ymr.
(loargo Cornwall, editor of tho
Portland Tlmberinoii, wan th) prin
cipal .irnaknr nt tho dlnnor Mr rorn
wnll la on his way back to I'orlluid
nftor tburlng tlm while mid
plno bolt of California, his address
ytn ropleto with first-hand Informa
tion regarding tlm milling outlook.
Mr. Cornwall, basing his forocast up
on tho plans made by thn largor
mills, bollovcs thnt production this
ynar will bo from CO to 70 per cent
of normal. Freight, niton are tlm dom
inating factors In deciding t'.io extant
of thn domand of lumber.
Tho mattor of board uni wages
camo up for giinornl dla.-iiKilon.
Thoro Is slight chsneo for a rodti-v
tlon In board this year, tho mill men
ut tho meeting stated ns noarlv every
mill lost heavily on Its hoarding
ImiiBo last year
The Womcn'ti uuxlllary of tho
Amorlcan Region will glvo an enter
tnlnmnnt In thn West hall of tho Odd
Follows" hull tomorrow night which
they sny Ih going to ho somothing
entirely now and will embody many
surprises. What tho nature of these
surprises will bo they would not dl
ulgo, but thn music and singing will
bn equal to tho best thoro Is In the
community. Hut, thn surprises! "JuHt
wait and son," Is what tho committee
In chargo of thin entortalnmont hns
to any td nil other Indies. Incidental
ly, there will bo nn chnrga for admis
sion, nnd overy ono Is nskod to bo
thoro at S o'clock sharp. Mm, Flor
ence Ilrnndcnburg, Miss Paulino
Ilond, Mrs. Porcy llurko, Mrs. Annn
Iloldon, nnd Mrs. Florence lino com
pobo tho commlttoo In chargo of tho
ontortulnmcnt, Tho proccods will be
placed In tho fund for dlsnblod sol
dlors nnd tholr doponilonts.
Pepper-Cotton Mill
To Open May I
Tho Poppors-Cotton Lumber mill,
nonr Macdool, will open up with u
capacity crow nbout tho first of
may, according to information re
ceived horo today. This mill conv
pany Is building soven miles of rail
road to connoct with tho Southern
PacUlo near Macdool, four miles of
It holng already complotod. A crow
Is at work grading and laying
tracks. Whon operating, tl)ls mill
gives employment to ab'out 160 mill
men and loggers. Tho mill has n ca
pacity 0t 76(009.
Annnunoomont wan mndo ut tho
(Chnmbor of Commorco expansion
'tvunpnlgn hoad'tuartorn today that
jtkio campaign arrangemonts com
mittee, of which M. A. Callaghan
In chairman, In engaged In arrang
ing tho dntalln for n big town meet
ing or community conferenco to bo
hold at tho tnbarnnclo Thursday
nvcnlng, April 7, beginning at 8
o'clock. Tho community conraronco
will liavo nothing In common with
thn iiivlval program which will glvo
way to It. An effort will bn raido
to induce residents from all parts of
thn county, as well ns tho city It
Holf. to como out thnt evening and
hear nn outllno of tho now move
ment launched by tho Chnmbor of
Commerce. Invitations with admis
sion telkots nro bolng mnllod to nil
of tho Individuals of tho city and
county whotio nnmos havo boon In
eluded on tho DrcsDOCt list ud to
this tlmo, although tho committor
Ideslrps to mako It plain that thn In
jvltatlon to thn public Is generally.
and n fromnl Invitation will not Ik
nacessary to obtain admittance but
for fear that somo namo may unln
tontlonally bo omlttod from tbo In
vllntlon list, tho commlttoo makes
this explanation.
Music nnd KrKNikcm
Thn conforonco program will bo
featured by music, entortalnmont
numbers and local and out-of-town
speakers. Thcro will bo no solicita
tions mado for funds or mombor
nhlps. A spoclal Invitation Is ex
tended to tho woman. Drlofly, tho
commlttco explains, tho conforenco Is
Intended to afford tho opportunity
for ovory person intorostod in tho
i advancement and upbuilding of Kla
math county to acquaint thumsloves
with tho expansion plan of tho
Chamber of Commorco. The do
tails of tho program will bo tnndo
public as soon as completed by tho
Thoro woro two commlttoo jnoot
Ings this afternoon tho campaign
publicity and tho campaign speakers
committees bolng callod togothor to
map out tbo work thnt lies ahead
of thorn.
At 1 o'clock this afternoon tho
thought survey was conducted ut tbo
high school by Director L. W. Do
puy, assisted by H. K. Gootr, super
Intcndont. Questionnaires woro dis
tributed among tho students and
they woro requested to fill out
answers to tho following questions;
1. Whnt vocation do you expect
to pursuo as a llfo work?
2. Do you Intend to remain per
manently In Klamath county? (If
not, why not?)
3. In whnt, In your opinion,
should tho Chnmbor of Commorco
undortuko to nsslst you In prepara
tion for your llfo work?
A, As u futuro cltlion. what do
you suggest that tho Chnmbor of
Commorco undorlako for tho general
Improvomont of Klamath county.
A mooting of tho womon of Kla
math Falls and Klamath county was
hold at Chnmbor of Commorco head
quarters at 3 o'clock this nftornoon
to hoar an outllno of tbo plan, and
tho part tbo womon may piny In
civic activities of tho organlzatlpn
Tho Amorlcan City bureau staff
nsslgnod to tho Klamath county
campaign has been nugumontod by
tho arrival of aionn M. Still. IIo
will assist tho campaign director lit
tho organization of tho county for
cos, nnd nlso will hnvo chargo of
tho nfflco detail work.
President Wants Knox
Resolution Introduced
WASHINGTON, April 4. Tho
president Is understood to havo ap
proved Immodlnto ra-lntroducttons of
tho Knox poaco resolutions whon con
gress roconvonos next wook. Final do
clslon has not boon ronchod as to
whon It would bo pressed for adop
tion. Hopo s said to bo ontortalned in
admlnlstratlvo circles that doflnlto
progress toward a cpncnrt of nations
on a ntfw world poaco program might
be fofslblo within a siort tfm.e. For
that mason. It waa estimated, thr
months or so might bo allowed to
olap9o boforo action on (be Knpx re-
hi'juuuh vy vuumiu,
A largo party of tlmbormcn, head
ed by Jnck Kimball left for tho old
Dovorenux tract this morning to got
flVsl hnnd Information regarding tho
rnvogoH of tho plno bootlo, which has
boon a thorn In tho sldo of timber
ownurs of this region for years. Tho
party probably will bo gono nil day,
nnd will return In tlmo to attond u
banquet In tho Chamber of Commorco
rooms thin avnnlng. Prominent Um
bo r men front all ovnr tho northwest
wero In thn party. A comploto list of
thesn men could not bo obtained this
morning, but u tentative list, most of
whom nro known to bo In tho party,
ticorgo 8. Long and Mlnot Davis,
WoycrhaoUBor TImbor company; E
It, Cox, Long-Doll Lumbar company;
t'rif. W. J. Chnmborlaln, O. A. C,
Win. M. Wheeler, Sopor-Whcolcr
company; J. K. Patterson, John M.
Miller, JamoH Kvcndca, U. S. Durcau
of Entomology; F. A. Elliott, Stato
Forostcr; K. J. Eberly, Asst., State
Forester; F. K. Amos, A. J. Jaonlcko,
U. S. Forestry servlco; Col. C. S.
Chapman, Wastarn Forestry and
Conservation Association; Goo. M.
Cornwall, editor "Tho Tlmborraan";
Donald Draco, U. of Calif. Charlos W.
King and assistant Forcstors, Long
Doll Lumber company; Walter O
West, Supt. Klamath Indian Reser
vation; Jnmos A. Howarth, Klamath
Indian reservation; Wm. C. Hodge,
forester, California Forestry commit
oo Forest Buporvlsor Hall of Shas
ta national forest, Slston.
Tomorrow, tbo ontlro day will bo
dovotod to an effort to outllno an
offcctlvo campaign against this beet
le and tho chamber of commorco
room will bo allvo with tlmbormcn.
Tho government will ho asked to
lend Its aid In this campaign, ni
horotoforo tho only Interests that
havo been waging a fight aro private
Tho first of a series of boy scout
outings which will bo held at Inter
vals of about two wcoks camo to a
vory successful closo about 10:30
Saturday night, when 30 scouts,
raombcrs of tho high school troop,
with their patrol leaders and n num
ber of interested business men, re
turned homo tired but happy from a
day of fishing and othor recreation
In tho vicinity of tho Keno dam. Tho
scouts, patrol lenders, nnd members
of tho scout executive commlttco
went by boat from tho Ackley mill
whnrf to tho bridge, where thoy .dis
embarked, nnd proceeded to tho dam
on foot. Solocting nn Idoal site, thoy
struck camp, and then devoted tho
most of tholr tlmo to fishing. Tho
rlvor was high, and Scoutmaster
G-ootz and son, woro tho only lucky
flshcrmon In tho crowd, tho formor
catching ono fish and tho latter tlvo.
Out tho boys bad good sport and
workod thomsolves to a stago whoro
tholr lunch at noon, and supper at
night, cookod ovor camp fires, woro
keenly enjoyed.
About six o'clock In tho evening,
M. S. West, Don Zumwnlt, nnd
Charles Forguson arrlvcr at camp,
tho latter- bringing his big victrola,
which holpod mako tho aftor suppor
hours, during which tho bays sang
nnd told stories, supromoly enjoy
able. Don Zumwnlt and O. Poj-ton
woro tho principal camp tiro story
Tho raon who took part in tho out
ing nro Tom Wtattors, Judgo D. V.
Kuykondall, Itobcrt (lootz, R. K.
Wright. E. Doauchamp, A. C. Yadon,
Andrew Colllor, Don Holding. Chas.
Martin, George Doll, M. S. West, Don
Zumwalt and Charles Forguson.
TtWd ofYhte death'cMorley Lans.
1 ft .TNsti -am f Trh'miii T-stir".
ot Chlloqulnjjias'lust reachod here,
Tho roporttates that a companion,
yesterday in pjaVplJe o lW Wll
Local Men Buy
Hales Meat Market
Jack Hales nnd Dili Stolnmotz,
ploncor butchers of tho city, have '
purchased llnlcs' Moat Market at I
101C Main streot, from Ooorgo Of
field. Last fall Union sold tho market I
to Mr. Offlold, having docldod to try
his luck In Drltlsh Columbia. Aftor '
spending a faw months thorn ho de-
cldod to return hero and ra-cntcr tho I
moat business. Mr.
Stclnmctz nlso
disposed of his market last fall, slnco I zens of this community Friday oven
that tlmo confining his attention to Ing toward tho organization of a
his ranch and other business. Doth j Ilvo chamber of commorco which will
men havo a wldo clrclo of friends I cooporato with tho county body at
who will bo glnd to wolcomo thorn
back into tho buslnoss affairs of the
I city.
wwikwinw wiiwbbw
Duslness conditions In Portland
havo shown a marked Improvement
during tbo month ending loday. Set-
tlomcut of Income and oxcess profits
taxes, which held public attention
during tho first 1G days cf March,
was followed by a revival of buying,
according to reports ot wholosalo
und retail morchants. Collections bo
camo oaslcr and contidonco has boon
in a largo measure restored.
Reductions in tho prlco ot lumber
and othor building materials "!
stimulus to tho building game. Tho
reaction along this lino Is particu
larly notlccnblo In tho construction
of now residences, records for March
showing a larger number ot permits
issued than during any previous
month for tho past 10 yoars.
Tho total number ot building per
mits Issued during tho month was
1300 and thoy call for thVcjpondf
turo ot $1,47C,4C0. Of this number
314 pormiU woro Issuod for sow res
idenecs, valued at ?1,0S9,6G0. Tho
homo building movemont Is gath
ering impetus and promises to gain
in strength during tho spring nnd
" "
summor. .
. . . ..'. ... . .
ino rocoru ror .iiarcn contrasts
favorably with that of February.
whon 232 roaldonco normlts. vnlued
at $893,350. woro Issued. Accord -
Ing to II. E. Plummor. chief build-
Ing inspector, there are at present
more than 600 houses under con -
structlon in tho city. .
Tho local bulldln oroernm I.
kcoplng paco proportionately
similar movements in Los Angeles
and San Francisco and is In marked
contrast to tho apathetic spirit cf
Scattlo and Spokano. Employment
Improved approximately 10 per cent
during tho month.
Dank cloarlngs for March totalod
$133,304,349.7C, compared with
$173,172,976.98 for tho correspond-!
Ing month of last year. Oregontan.
(Ed. Nete: Tho samo favorablo
condition, on a proportionately small
er scale, prevails hero, according to
local records.)
Two Cases are
Summarily Decided
Tho first two cases on tbo pro-
sent court calendar woro disposed
ot quickly this morning, Judgo D,
V. Kuykcndall docldlug In favor ot
J. C. Kimball against J. Sbaugh-
noasy in botE Instances. Suaugh-
nossy had sued for rocovory of
money on notos in both Instances,
and Kimball had filed counter
claims. E. J. Elliott, attorney for
Shaughnossy, filed articles for pro
Judlco against Judgo Kuykondall,
who disallowed thorn, and Instruct
od Mr. Elliott to proccod with tho
caso. Tho lattor refused, and Judg-1
mont was summarily glvon for tho
dofendant, his countor claims of
$700 for labor and $250 for monoy
said to bo duo on notes being In- i
cludod in tho Judgment. W. H. A.
Rcnnar, attornoy for Kimball, then
asked Judgo Kuykondall to issuo
n bonch warrant for Shaughnossy,
alleging that his statomont to tho
effect that ho bad paid cortaln notos
constituted rprjury. This mattor
will bo arguod before action Is
which struck
tbt youngster, bis
death followlni
alnjoft Immediately,
It Is unders
tbo Indian
agent Is Invoi
loath. Tho
funeral willy
1 T D
iLLLBhidcath. Tho permit GetiMiHHHiH:
ijijijijvrow. prodjPjPjPjPjPjPjPjPjPjPjPjPjl
DOHHIS, Cal., April 4. A vory
I pretentious start was mado by cltl-
l Yroka toward tho ultimata roalUrt-
' tlon of many Improvemonts long
i nccdod.
First in Importanco Is consldorrd
tbo Weed to Klamath Falls highway
through this valloy. Other matters
pertaining to Irrigation nnd shipping
facilities will bo taken up lator.
The preliminary organization was
affected by tho election of Park Sher
man, temporary chairman, and Joo
Walton, temporary secretary-treasurer.
Mrs. J. P. Dowmnn, who was np-
pointed chairman of tho membership
j commlttco, mado an actlvo canvass of
Dorrls Saturday securing $250. Mom-
bershlp fees wero placed at $1.00
with tho option of contributing mora.
Sovcral buslnoss houses started tholr
rontrlbnttons with $10.00 and guar
anteed more If nocessary.
A mass meeting is planned for
Wednesday evening of this weik
whon permanent officers wltt bo
elected and committees appointed.
This hlrlw will wnfl In i1ftA Cilln.
bonitlon wth tte ehlBbcr orftalwd
at Macdool last week. Tho two or-
gir.lzatlons .will sond delegates to
Klamath Falls to meet with 'cltltons
ot that placo for tho discussion ot tho
Weed to Klamath Falls road.
Retarding Building
Difficulty, In convincing prospec
tlvcMtomo'Gnllticrs that .Totall 'build
ing material prices' have" ben re
duced materially within the laat tow
I .- ,- .- 1 ,- . .. A
DlM " nonius uucs. u7,rrni
I onnttiA(lAn Vinnm In th a liMlrlVw nf
uuu4,.uvv.u- . .u . ......... , t
thn United Htntei. with
tno siaio-
i ---
mont toda'r of Elater ot tho
,a,d8 Lumber company.
' "PcPl0 n08llot0 t0 bu"d bocaullc
'" nro undor tho tal Plon'
I lnttt lt cosl8 M much to oroct a PIaco
.tod" as II won,d haTO C08t a year
or "S"." Mr. Slater. "As a
matter of fact, ovorythlng that en-
tors Into tho construction of a house
or building has been reduced to thy
point where further prlco declines
can hardly bo expected.
"Lumber and general building ma-,
tarlal prices are lower today than
thoy havo been slnco 1917. Every
thing has been perceptibly reduced
In prlco. Labor, too, is plentiful.
"Tho law ot supply and domand
rules In the building material world.
Whon tho building boom that Is im
minent in thlscountry- gets under
way It Is difficult to say just how
for tho prices may climb.
"Now Is tho opportuno tlmo to
build. Pooplo who aro holding off
from building In the hopo that thoro
will ho oven further decllno in the
market are going to bo fooled.
Economic conditions in the United
States aro such that wo shall never
sco a return to pro-war prlcos on
building materials.
"Savo money by building now."
United States Makes
Reply to Germany
WASHINGTON, April 4 Formal
statomont ot tho United Statos as to
Gorman reparations Is contained In
an oxchango ot communications with
! tho German govornmont mado public
today by tho stato department. The
Gorman communication from Dr. SI-
mons. German foreign minister ot
March 23, states tbat it wan ontlrnly
clear to both govornmonts and peo-
llo that Gormany must make ropar-
Jatlons to tho limit of hor ability to
pay, but sought examination of urn
biased oxporta to dotormlno tho ox
ton t of ber ability. Secretary Hughes'
reply statod that tbo Unltod Statcv
government recognizes In the Slmonn
memorandum a slncore doslro to- re
open negotiations with tbo allies on a
now basis, and hopes tbat such ne
gotiations once resumed may lesdtp
a promVt settlement,, which illiiMti
idij M't) JUBlltlUUf ,
permit Ge
b luo louiaa Mi jun '-iimiii .jiHK,