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Klamath Falls' First Auto Show; Lend Your Aid and Make It Grow
Ij lEuetttng Mtmlh
More Autos
Good Roads
Bring Tourists
And Ready Cask
Mean Better
Member of the Associated Press.
l'lticu mvh oknth
jlllrrnt" ""
WD v a
oil cony
'WVr oul " ,,rl11 u,r "" ""' rl
t u put at least unn well iluwii
ihli H ""' A '" T'"""!"""
Bipifrr ' '" I'.invU Oil ami (la.
waraar '" '' n1"'1 "r"c,," "f, "'
corporation with '" -",,""r cl"rk
lJr . ..
The Incorporators am A I
norni""" llnrrr ,'l,k w A
WiMt and '"' A "krr Th" r"m
or I, cspllallied fnr IS&0.000 in
tutors " ""' r, ,"M1" ,',,",",,
ill It li hoped ' complete orgnlil-
Milan wllhin '" WN,k"
jj y Thompson. lni will lm In
hir of drilling, has boen a res.
i,n of Klainalb Kalla fnr lw"ii yeara
in a half Hi has hail 14 yeara
ef practical eiperlenrn In Callfor
tU, Montana Wyoming anil Tmaa
Tf last " he unk was ,n tli"
Milboa field Mlaalnn Valley. Cali
fornia ami H wa a MOO-fnnl luiln
Mf Th- rnin-in firmly telnea In llin
filira of Klamath county ss an nil
"When I rmn hern from Ash
lied bi laid I drove, nvnr In my
nt On the other ililn of Ihn Iske
I itoppnl '"" "1 '"""' T am!
I loM tar son llin Ihat llin forma
tin marked an nil rnunirr anil It
ll pM-Qltar (hat there worn no
dtfflekl In alfht '
Holy Week Program
At Catholic Church
following iba program fnr Ihn
Mnalndr-r of lluly Work at Hncred
Kurt rnurcb
Wnlernlsy 7 Jo p m Hormon
1'alhrr J V Mutiny
Tagrxlsy l o m
Profession anil Itnposltnry
Tar4ar 7 Jo p m lluly Hour
rrl4iy I Jo a m Maaa
Friday 7 Jo p m Stations ami
ernoa by Father J V Mollojr
Saturday morning sen Ice, fnr
Holy Haturilar will Ur in progress
frn I JO unul n clock, wbrn Man
ill be relrhrated
Sexton Organizing
Dairy Record Clubs
Ilry bvrd record keeping rluba
r txlaic formed throunhout tho
"lry by Krank W Keiton. club
ldr, for the purpose of nbtatnlnK
l tlcht of milk, teat and feed
rKordi dally for all mimths
Tl flrat club nritanlied la in thn
Ulllff Illll ttlalrlrl will. It II !
....-, "mi i, it, li
ft. a local rluh leader Heren nth-
ri ir metntien
Mr Riton ripncti till to be nnn
I tk most practical prnjecta In
b work becnu.o ln ,uiy Inst
record nf each lco w show
proftublo ones, nlan the "board,
uxjriiTi:i or .issai'i.t
Jfa llnrvey. tried ynalerday for
"Mult U,on v,.nil nMn,lorKi WBi
"Willed by th jry l( yrMr,iay
"rnoon The Jury a. nlll ly
tt iibm Ttl mlU WWB w nwuU
" "man financial trniianctl
MNC1T0N, Mnrch 22 A
. lion com. .nil, roi,r0M In
lB( '"UOJ today ,y .r.a,U,.ll llnnl-
"Mrll,",'1 "U r,,v,"l0 wl '
tour. ' 1" ",,1,J,'C,,, ''"r tho now
-uih.u. .":."?; ',hr '"",or"
iiih . ."""iiK inn trnna
'"kin, .' '"' rKnlntlon of
"B and coal n.i...(.i- ....
froblom, roKtilatlon of
""iritini. - "" nun nn
'Hauun r'C,l"' nro oPoclU
"Cd J'il,hn l,ub,fC, " h con-
to rocelv. ...?"" ,m convened
Bnhi., ' Comiltilcatloiu m
Bfl ado by 10 oxocutlvo.
Engineer Crushed I
To Death When
Train Hits Slide,
PORTLAND. Mnrrh 22 I'atilik
II (o)lni, engineer wm killed lust
night wlmu Ihn 1'iirllaml llpokann
tlimllln train fnr llmiil rnn Intn n alliln
llar l.yln, WnalilllKtnn Tim alliln
wnn rnuanil tiy n rlnmlliurat
Til" ntiKllln tniini nvnr ninl Cnynn
won crualiml Id ilnutli Imniinlb l
Tim flrmnaii rrniri by JiiiiiiIiik
S'dliti nf Ihn roachm Ml Hm Irark
mill tin pngrif;r wnrr li'itl
A romplntn rounrll (irnaxnt
In llm rouncll chambers of thn city
hall laat nlcht to rnuslder only an
tttrlore amount nf prosy, mutlun
business Thn principal business of
the session was thn nrrriilliii; of a
bid for thn purchase nf thn Mills
addtl"ti anwnr Umds the re.tnan.
Hmlth. A t'smp company of Tort-
land. Ore(on, purrhaslnie Ihn nntlrn
Issue of ltn,7J& at par with thn
stlpulallnn that they be Krantnl
1 I17J7&0 for atlnrneys' fr-.s. print
I In K iMinds. ami Incidental eipensea
'Thn council dnbate.1 thn proposition
!nf acceptlnc thn bid lth the 11717
iCO added to the bonds, but prntwrty
Ovnera present at Ihn tneetlns; sta
le.1 ihat they bellnred almost entry
naaer nffecte. by the Issue Mould
Im wllllni; lu pay to or three dol
Urs ritro In order to bne thn work
I'nit Immediately ami also to pro
lert tbeiusnhrs acalnat a flurtuatlnr:
bond market Only nnn other bid
was I reltr.l. but It was much blith
er thru thn onn accepted
Another bid waa recelte.) from
Durfee, Nile and company nf .To
ledo. Ohio, who Offered par value,
prorldlnc the city suli pay iJCSO
attorneys fer. prlntlnic bond forma
and Incidental expenaea '
Varlr.1 lWiiilla CniUlnl
t Tho permits granted were as fo.
i tl O Cook, three room bungalow
at 1021 Washington street, approxi
mate cost 1700
Itay llunaaker. three riMim dwell
ing In Mllta addition, cost 1740
I li li Arnica anu nuuin
well, to operatn pop corn and peanut
aland at thn corner nf Hlxth and
Main atreeta
J C Hmlth. to build private gar-
'age, brick and cement. In Hot
jrlpringa addition
I Chris Itotige. dwelling In Hill-
ialdn addltlnn. cost 11400
Klamath Creamery company to
I convert building at 4 lit Main street
! Into creamery, and to move thn hack
wall of the building 10 feet; also
In Install bnltnr and other equip.
incut. ,
' Mr II. McDonald, who request
to conduct n rooming house nl 421
Main street waa laid over Inst week
fnr Investigation, wna given thn de
sired permission, nn Investigation by
rounrllmnn hnvlng illarlnaeil every
thing nhout thn rooming house In
good (inter
Tho long-deferred bill of the Cen
tral Auto Service, laid over from
two weeks ugo, was ordered paid
when It wan ascertained Hint nn
Item, pertaining In service rendered
during the flue epidemic wan pared
down to the city's just share. . .
The hill nf llin Wnnvn Hunt hos
pital, for services to Houston hole!
flro victims, wns laid over ugaln nn
tho ndvlcn nf the rtly uttorney, who
snld tluit payment mlglit bo Instru
mental lu plnclng responsibility In
tho event thnt certain claim against
llm city for damngea In thin fire
should ho brought Into court
dels linnmpx Tor I'iiII
Mr. I'oloriton, who fell on n do
fectlvo sldewnlk In front nf tho Dr.
Honlo residence, was awarded S73 fiO
In pay fnr nurRlcnl Horvlcen, with the
provision Hint n rolouan from nil
llnhlllly In delivered to the city.
' A patlllon to Improvo Main ntroet
trom HprlnB to Hant Main, nml Knut
Mnln Ktreot from Mnln to Rlxtli,
rUK I lit MILLb l
alno on Wnnthnd averiuo to tholMrcat to tho Southern Pacific tracks,
city limits, vJh hard aurfaclng ma-1 wan Uld over until tho property
terlal, curblnr, and dralnc. was owners could settle the question of
nld over fo rn short time, pending the extent of tho district which
tho chuiiRluK of tho name Slukol, would bo oxpoctcd to boar tho ox
streot to Kast Main. jponso.
Two Carloads of Dairy Stock
Will Be Imported by Farm
Bureau If Public Supports
Klanutlli rniinly haa tnknn InnK'ibn ro'inty a lalry Industry
atrliln tuHiinl tin- fatnhllahmmil of
tlinrnuKhbriiil alnrk In thn li'if ro
IliK Imlnatry In thn pam two ynnra
Thn nmt proJit of thn mini try farm
I biiri'au I n hnltnr Krarln nf ilalry
ilofk ami tin first nirivn In tint min
I linlrti whm niBiln VfKlnril&v aftttrnrifin
hmi a ruiifttmnrn of local banknrn
niul thn incrnWa of thn nzorutlvn
rommllti'n of thn (arm bureau (lnrlij
'I to I in port two car of ilalry cowi
If aufflrlnnl Iritnrnat ! ahown by
farmnra to warrant It
All four Imrika wrn rnprnM:ntcl
i A Oordon ws present for thn
Klamath Hlaln bank, K, M llubh fur
the American National and Charles
Hall, whosn work for betterment
the dairy herd of (?ooa count f
traded morn than state wldn alt'
tlnn. for thn Klrat National jpt
i W Hleniens waa absent berau
oilier business hut sent word that the
Klrat Hlatn and Harlnr.a bank wo Id i
suport any project that i uld h Iji
Tarn to face Willi the uncomfortr
able fart that thn pine beetle, the
destructive, little Insect now ravag
ing tbn forests of this region, haa
been gaining In strength far beyond
tho efforts of private owners of tim
ber to combat It, J V Kimball, of
tlm Weyerhaeuser Timber company,
and Charles W. King, nf the Ixiug
llnll Lumber company, have made
arrangements for a monster meeting
to be held born April th and fth.
at which definite and effective mea
sures will undoubtedly bo taken to
eradicate this Insect, and prevent
another era of destruction similar to
the present one.
The pine beetle has been a thorn
In the aide of timber owners for
years, and since IJU1 the Klamath
l.akii County Korest Klre nsaocln-
., i . i..i..i..- .1.1. t......t.. i
,. ,., u-en ..... ""M,.mb,rinwl fr(, that the expenditure
niong me oniy non lines nun tun'
aisled of the falling of the trees
barking them, and Hi on burning the
bark Thn association knows thut
thin method can be classed an crude
and expensive, nnd knowing thnt they
were beaten In the battle looked
about for morn effective menus of
rarrylng on the tight
The national forests and tho In
dian reservation, where the govern
ment wus doing nothing to supple
ment the effort of prlvnto ownern,
have become verltuble breeding
grounds for the beetle I.I Ho efforts
to rid tho district of noxious weed,
tho association knew that every
agency controlling timber must do
Its part or tho effort would bo un
availing According!) tho state leg
islature was Induced in pass n law
which provides Hint upon applica
tion by a timber owner. Ilia ntnto for
ester In nuthorlted to determine u
lonn of Infestation, nnd If CO per
cent of the owners In lliln district
ngreo In the Institution of n cam
paign against tho beetle within th'n
district, every owner In tho I'lrtrlct
must hear bin ahnro of tho burden
assumed lu tho campnlgn.
All iiwnnrH of pine timber In
Northern California and Southern
Oregon, Important officials nf tho
Htnto forestry mirvlro. represent
liven of tho Klamath Imllmi reser
vation, foromont entomologists, nnd
roprenontntlvoa of nil tho big tine
bor associations In thin region "III
bo hero to attend tho mooting. Tho
Anothor petition covering tho nav-
Inn or Crescent avertun trom Canby
Thn wholo aiirri-mi of Ui rnnW
nmnt lilnK' on thn Intnma nhnwn by
Inlrynmn nml fnrmnra I' II '
Thnnmn. ronnty nr;nnt, urr.1" "II I'r-1
noun who want bnttnr blon I in llxtlr '
ilalry Imnla to ailvlan thr ronnty
aKntita offlcn bi-fom April lat I
Thn ti'ntatltn plan li !o brine In '
both rnclatnmd ami h I a; .i Rraili alo'k
nml both Mnlatnlna ami Ji-ri-y Thn
proportion of purnbri'iU to hlRti
Krailra nml of llntatDlna to Jrrvyx
will ilnpml upon thn ilrnand
'Thn farm burrau will hark thn
mom to thn limit," aald Mr Thorn-1
na. "and thn banks pdKn thnlr iup
rt It U up to thn dalrymnn to in
truct ua now a to their dnalrm In
t .in mattnr. Klamath rounty can do-
wlop Into n creat dairy community j
V horn thn feed and natural advan-'
i taic- and after yesterday's confer-'
enm I ferl that we ran makn the
projert a blr success If the public J.-1
sire la behind I' " '
first day. Monday. April 4. all of the
tlmbermen and officials enumerated j
above, and all others Intvrettod In i
tho project, will be taken to thn I)e
verenux tract on tho old Fori Kt. '
math mail, where the des'ructl'.!. i
wrought by these beetles In this
tract, will be shown. The methods
adopted to combat tho beeilu will
also be demonstrated, and vrt'h this
Investigation at a working Lists, It
Is believed thnt effective maurei in
he fight can be worked out Then
will follow tho meeting of April 5, In
tho Chamber of Commerce rooini.
and the campaign will bo outlined.
A tremendously expensive campaign
Is expected by all who have studied ;
the situation, but considering the ;
millions of feet of timber that havesi
been despoiled by this beeilu. the'
will bo Justified This moitim; muv
result In the extension of the scope
of tho Klamath-Lake counties Kor
ea! Fire association, or In h" organ
ization of several similar Dnis. i.ll
of which will work In harmouy Ir.
tho campaign
A supreme effort will bo made ,
to Institute artificial campaigns
against the beetle In tho Crater I.ake.
Deschutes, und particularly In tho
Fremont nntlonnl forents. and In tho
Klamath Indian reservation. Small I
holdings, ns well as the larger prl-j
vale holdings, are Intermingled with I
government property, nnd It In Ken
orally conceded that tho only way to
fight n winning fight Is o secure tho
government's co-operntlou.
Colonel W II. Oreeley. chief for I
eater of tho United States forestry
sorvlco la expected to attend tho
meeting, (ioorgo S. Long, of tho
Woyorhaousor Timber company, and
K. If. Cox. of tho IxttiR-lloll Lumber
company will surely bo present, ns
woll nn other prominent tlmbermen
An effort will ho mode to secure n
Inrgo nllco of tho $25,000 appropria
ted by tho government to fight tho
beeilu. for In this big r.impalgn.
AlT).l)iaLi:U ILL
Saturday, nftor working Uko n tro
Jan nl thn Anno earago helping to
put tho big garago In nhapo for tho
auto show, Low Arena, of tho Vhlto
I'ollcnn garuge, wont homo nnd wont
to bod and has been In bod since
that tlmo. A bad cold, with some
thing nkln to lagrippo or pneumonia
symptoms, mado him qulto 111, but
ho Is boIdb to mako an effort to at
tend tho closing evening of tho auto
ihow today.
Tlicro nro nbout S.O00 Mohamme
dans In tho United States.
Portland Asks State !
To Secure Rehearing
Of Phone Rate Case,
roilTI.A.VO. March 22 Tho
Cortland city council Into ypxtnrday
naked thn Kovnrnor u Inatruct tho
attornoy Kencrnl to tako atnpa to an
'urn n mhrnrlni; of thn tulaphono
rate raaj and to Inrllo other cltlc
to Join I'ortland In thn fl:ht.
OreKon hotel men duclded to tend
er payment for telephonn aerrlco at
thn old rated and flfCht through tho
rourta any nttompt of thn company
to rut off thn xervlcn until a final
Kittlenvnt before Iba public lerrlco
rommlxalon Thn hotel men adopted
u resolution aaklni; the comtnlailon
for u rebearliiK
Fund For Vowell
Family Raised
Thn crowd at thn auto show laat
evening raised 1100 30 to aid thn
Vowell family, a widow and six
children whose husband nnd father
died Sunday, leaving them III and
Thn Moose Ixidge. to which Mr
Vowell belonged, la raising a relief
fund among I La members, and some
outaldn contributions are coming In
One resident, who did not want hli
namn mentioned, left ten dollars with
thn Herald last evening after he bad
read of the family's circumstances
(UltltOM, AMI CAI'I'I'll
iu:m:aski on ho.mis
William Carroll nnd Thomas Cap
ner. arrested on a charge of oper
ating a still In a residence at 39
Main strent. were released under
bonds of 1750 each by t'nlled State
Commissioner Ilert Thomas today.
Ram Head and G. 3. Havre signed
Cnpnor's bond, and Mr, Howe. Ilryan
Hawklni- nnd N II. Drew signed Car
roll a bond Tho men will bo given
a hearing before Commissioner
Thomas Thursday afternoon at 2
The regular meeting of St Paul's
Kplacopal guild will be held at the
parlor, of tho 1'rcsbyterion church
Thursday afternoon. March 24 All
members are requested to attend as
Or Van Wattera will probably be
Tabernacle Builder
Will Arrive Tonight
The Iter. Robert O. Lewis, choir
leader and organlter, will arrive to
night from I'ortland to arrange for
building tho tabernacle on Pine
street for tho Dulgln evangelistic
meetings. Tho place will seat 2000.
Tho building committee asks ev
ery man who will help to be on hand
Thursday morning with elthor ham
mer or say. or both and give as
much of his tlmo as possible for two
duys. A couple of hours aid will bo
Thero will be a union prayer
mooting of tho five churches engaged
In the campaign, at the Presbyterian
church nt "'30 p m. Wednesday
ovonlng" said the Itov. K I. Lawr
ence today. "Mr. Lewis will be pre
sent nnd help to completo our com
mltteo organizations. Kvery member
of a committee and every one Inter
ested In tho meetings In urged to be
present. On Friday evening tho big
chorus will have Its opening rehear
sal nt tho tabernacle at 7:30 p. m.
Kvery one who haa signed a pledge
for tho chorus Is Invited to bo pre
sent. Wo want tho biggest chorus
this city has over listened to hero."
Mrs. K. H. Thomas, wlfo of the
county agricultural agent, had tho
misfortune this morning to catch her
hand botwoen tho rolls of an elec
trically driven clothes wringer,
bruising It badly. Sha will carry
tho Injured hand In u sling for tho
next threo or four weoks, said Dr.
Campbell who dressed tho wound.
Chris Raw. E. M. Gentry. W O.
McCarthy, and 0. W. Gontry, who
woro arrested Sunday on a charge
of burglarizing tho Qulgley camp
store, were brous&t before Justice
of the Peaco Gagfcigen yesterday
afternoon, but being unable to raise
tho necessary bonds wero tukon
buck to Jail to await their bearing,
i Tho second day of Klamath Falls'
' first auto show passed ont In a
1 blazn of glory .tho daneo attract
ing a largo crowd. Aisles between
i rars on cither sldo of tho show
; room worn used an dancing floors,
and tho cement floor, over which
, corn meat bad been sprlnglnd cop
J lously, snmed to add to tho nor
j elty of the occasion, oron though It
I did not add to tho graco with which
, some of tho dancers tripped through
, tho Intrlcato steps. It was a dls
i tlnctly festive night, and even thoso
I who did not daneo seemed to ba do
rlrlng a great deal of pleasnra
I watching thoso who did.
It was notlceablo, also, the num
ber of women who took an Interest
In the cars on display, many of
them first admiring thn interior
linos, then tho upholstering and In
I torlor equipment, generally coding
, their Inspection by climbing Into a
car. setting comfortably back In tho
seats, and staling smiles that Indi
cated satisfaction. Soino of tho
women wero Interested In the eng
ines and other mechanism, but It
was evident that the Interest was
jnot of tho casual kind, but of that
nature that foretold purchases per
haps In the Immediate future. The
men also displayed deep Interest,
and tho dealors who were always
in attendance were busy all evening
answering relative to their displays.
While no attempt was made to learn
how many sales hare been, made aa
tho result of this show, thero is
scarcely a dealer who has not suc
ceeded in disposing of two or three
cars. '
Dean's orchestra, and Jimmy Dow
ny, he of the enormous, musical
voice, again did their share toward
entertaining the crowd.
Yesterday afternoon was "kid
dles" day, and they were there In
I several hundred strong. Naturally,
.tho free lunch counter held the blg
gcet attraction for them.
The four young ladles who aro so
liciting memberships for tho auto
'association continued to do good
work. They aro Fern Hanks, Es
ther Calkins, Lucllo Qeckley, and
.Frances Humphrey.
' Ono of the most attractive booths
was that of the Metropolitan gar
I age, which was prettily decorated
'with Shasta daisies, Klamath Falls'
.official flower. Tho bean Jar at tho
Nelson &. Shields booth also has
I many visitors. It would ontall a re
i petition of statements to tell all
about the attractive booths. Suffice,
to say each la .drawing Its share Of
i visitors, and the show, from every
I angle, is a tremendous succeeaV
Tonight the show will close with
I another daneo and other features,
and the public Is Invited to be pre
sent and help mako tho last hours
ones that will be remembered until
j the next annual show Is held next
year. '
CAMDEN. N. J March 22. The
supordrendnaugh, Colorado, was
launched at tho Now York Ship
building corporation's yard here to
day T
Tonight's program at the auto
show wll Uncludo two selections by
tho Chamber of Commerce quartet,
"Massa's In tho told, Cold Ground,"
and "Tho Old Oaken Duckot." Thlt
quartet la composed of Dr. George A.
Mulleot, E. S.' Veatch, Dr. Herbert
Mnllctt will sing "Out Whoro tbo
West Iloglns,"
Last night a ladles' quartet, com
posed of Mrs. A. M Molby, Miss
Paulino Uond, Miss Clara Calkins,
and Mrs. John Lynfosty sang two
toloctlona, "Doqdeomer'a Droam" by
Sherwood, and "My Lady Chlo"
which wero warmly received. Mrs. A.
M. Melby's contribution, "Lovely
Spring," by Coenen, was heartily
Tonight, dancing wilt not besln
until 9 o'clock.
.r i
- s