The Evening herald. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1906-1942, March 21, 1921, Page PAGE TWO, Image 2

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MONDAY, maiiuii ai, mat.
. O-
The Evening Herald
rltKD KOCI.K ,
-CUy KUltor
ed In developing Urn nrt ot dlsUJIIng.j
"Old Jim" hnit become ctilnnstoil
with Iho law. j
For car "OKI Jim"' Howard has,
boon n picturesque character of
niithnm Orecon In lilt' dais before
Published dally except 8unday. byt ,. .,., ,.. .,. hn ,vn, m(i rr'
Tn HorMd Publishing Company of o rocu,lu.,y flm, qlmt) t tlu
whisky whlrh ho distilled under lie
ense from the government
Jim's full came through tho jon
Klamath Falls, At 119 Klghth Btroot.
Entered t tho postottlco nt Kla
math Falls. Ore., for transmission .,,, ... ,om nttor-ttn- moonshine
Th fnilirnl lnrv In Judge Uolta
1 court acquitted Jim on two counts,
hut convicted him of possession of
the malls aa second-clsss I
i liquor.
Hcnn will pronounce sen
V l..ll.l tlsuka la Atllalvitlf
.ntltli..! to the nse for republication ' tenee early this week, It was not bo
of all news dispatches cre'dltcd to It. lieved that Old Jim ' will nttempt
or not otherwise credited In this ,0 a.,p0l,
paper, and also tho local news pub- m
Uaher Herein,
WMlSAW. Ind. March 21
gll Decker, aged 19. Saturday
VI r-con-
Telegram Whlngton Ilurtu i
WASHINGTON. March 21 Sen-1
ator Stanflcld -will get a placo on the '
major committee of postotflces and
post roads lie wlU reintroduce the I
$100,000,000 road measure Introduc
ed by Chamberlain with the asjlst-1
ance and co-operation of .Senator Mc-,
Nary, an dwill be able to push It !)
reason of membership on thli com
mittee. Governor Stanflcld Vlll also le a
member of the committee on public
lands, made possible by tho relin
quishment of this place by Senator
McNary. Senator Stanfleld lll also
fesse dthat he struck l.oro Loett.
hts 'double." with a crowbar as he
step In a cottage on the Tlppacnnoe
rhcr. near here. atuP several hours
later took tho Unconscious body to a
nearby railroad crossliiR where n
bURRy contalnlnR tho body was
struck by a train.
"The devil drove me to It. " said
Decker, after signing tho confession
He denied that transferring his
own clothing to l.ovolt's body wa a
part of tho plan to collect Insurance
totalling nearly tSO.OO payable to
tho slayer's brother. Fred Decker.
In the event of Virgil's death
Memories of his early religion, nv
vlvcd by letter urging him to con
have a membership on tho commute J fcM anJ forKltcnoss coml(lnet,
of claims, where ho can be n touch . wfh tho go,tcaInK ,,,,, ot tho
with tho war and other claims, and
motherly advice given by Mrs C H
wm bo on the civil servlc. committee. f-Mooa ,hc ,,,., ,,, rcgultla n
wnica win uauuiu ui. mu niii:i.
claims and pensions. Tho assignments
received by lilm are considered very '
good and give Oregon added strength (
in the senate. 1
Senator McNary retains his chair
manship ot tho committee on Irrlga '
Hon, ono of tho most Important com
mittees for tho West and Oregon. H
goes up to fourth place on the loiri-.
mlttee on- agriculture and Is rlly i
higher In line than tha as the sen-
ators ahead of him have other major
Norrls of Nebraska Is made chair-1
man of agriculture, which Is good for
t Deckor's confession
25 jjr' Lfisa riiwfi-'' jnt't.-5s3ttlli .,'.;. XKnr,.
Oak floors are often found In such comI surroundings that
few imagine how llltlo they rust Very few people roaUi" how
much they can gel for their money to laving N Imh Oak floor
over old floors
The distinctive modern and urlUtlc aipiraucn of home. n
well as Its health and comfort, will bo greatly Increased by Hi"
uo of Oak flooring Oak flooring Is rich and iheorful In color,
and Imparts an air of elegance nnd refinement to u home
Kor permanently artistic floors we recommend lng-llell Fork
cd Leaf-Oak Flooring. It Is uniform as to color and texture, per
fect as to manufacture and Is of superior quality. Its remarkably
smooth surface Is unsurpassed, and li makes an Ideal foundation
for a beautiful Interior. "
Lot us know the site of the rooms you wish to floor You will
be surprised and pleased at the figures we can quote you on
S-lnch Long-llclf Forked Leaf Oak Flooring
Big Basin Lumber Company
Telephone 107
Main ami Spring pilrret
Klamath Fails, Ore., March, 21, 1921
Mr. Business Man:
Wo carry a large stock of Carter's typ.
writer paper because we believe that Car.
ter's is the best that money can buy . It Comct
in five grades as follews:
I.'xtrn Light wiilghl -Medium finish . ni,Ml,
ly light weight, strongly carboulmd h.i-i r,,r mk
UiK many copies nl one time- at many tlitira
Light weight Hard finish A utility t.itl,,,,,
amuttllir.. lor making one to twelve ropi. Adsip,
fur romblnatlon offlro work
t IlKilAT
ttlrtiiitnrd weight- lUtra hard finish
A ninudant ghl. iiou-smulllug rarbon fur K-nrtt
ulflre work one to sU copies ultra nltgti' rMf
cut writing and l lung llvod
Klatidard weight ,
Mallfn'turnil of sultrier slock, Dili carl, n t ,
adapted to general OFFH'K usrt
HlUi UtT
Htnndard weight
A haid flnUh carbon made on blur tluur ..t (r.
i-rnl offlru uses
We also carry a full line of all classet of
office supplies.
By The Sationcry Man
adJlts. and 6 cents for children l
CHICAGO. March 21 -Charges
that tho railroads, knowing tho rail-
the West, and the other Repub'.lciM I road labor board had no powor to en- chlng that
are Page. Kenyon. Wadswortn. Mc- force Its decrees, woro trying to quality of tho picture shown will!
Nary Capper, Keyea, Gooding, Ladd ' smash the labor unions through pub-1 bo tho same as before, and will be
Theso prices beccmo effective to
night, nnd I want to say that I have
never donn anything In my business
career that gives mo such much
pleasure as tbo opportunity to make
this announcement." ,
This Is tho way Ted White, mana
ger an dproprlotor of tho Mondaln
thoatro, announced this news to The
Herald this morning. Mr. Whlto
wants tbo public to understand that
tho Drlco of admission la
III be
I INfc.W
WANTKD Work by tnanuter. rum
patent In drive 5 J, . or X Imrw
team Addrmn i::i I'lcaiant Ave
liiono 322W 2t-2
WANTKD Unliable Isdy to rare fui
small hoy durlug day Inqulrr Hnr
aid office 31.23
WANTKD Ifouseki-nper No hravy
work, small family, modern hoim-
thu only I Inquire Herald offlcn 31-53
lowered tho flee. 2I-23
o. :. s. Nonci:.
and Norbeck. The West Is dominant lie opinion and wero attempting to raised wbenover the opportunity pro- Vo 61 () K H TuM,iny Marrh 22
through I sents Itself, lie slates mat no nas,7 30 m Initiation. Ilefrfthmeiits
for th Visitors welcome
hn rniilil rnn- - I I'M l, II
in ihi. cnmmiiiee. influence public opinion
Senator McNary also moves up on , false, paid publicity, wore raado bo-1 been waiting Impatiently
th commerce. Indian nffalni and'foro the board Saturday by Frank tlmo to come when
manufactures committees, as he was i Walsh, the union's attorney, when slstcnly make
the HOW and WHY of the powerful aid
of Chiropractic to nature. How long will
you Wait when it costs you nothing to
find out if this science can help YOU? It
takes thinking people to keep pace with
advancement in science, and these only
are RECEIVING the benefits of Chiro
practic. No charge for Spinal exanvna
tion. Drs. Mallett & Mallett
Office Over UndcrWood's
Phone 539-J 7th and Main Sti.
made him consider
dropping this
(1 IffiM ruhri.BMtitinr t tiit If m.
prevailed upon to retain bis place on t he began the second day of cross oven though tho time from ftnan- minlt,on Typewriter company will 1m
Indian affairs by Senator Curtis. I questioning of railroad officials, ,clal standpoint Is not eiactly rlpo n the city a few days to demonstrate
chairman although pressure of work' "e asked T. Dewltt Cuylcr. chair-' j for him. ho bellov.s that tho public the Unproved model No lo also the
ma nof the association of railway ex-, win support nis euon 10 oring. - . -- - - --"- ,' "V
. . .i..... i..... .nn.i. n.i,. .i..,- , t'oani (an nim at tho Hull Hotel
ecutlves. whether Ivy Lee. press , Prices, at least movie prices, down t( 2.2j.
agent, was not Imployed because he a sane basis, and he feels that tho I 11,
was an expert In breaking down ipatronago of the people will be such poll AM.K
unions - that lie win re repaid for maxing, les, iioth male and remain inq
. ' !. J.L 1. ..
the reduction "I'm not In the mo.M m bi si-ss
buslnees to get rich, said
I Personal Mention
"No" replied CuIer.
Walsh charged Lee published false
U J MrCarlhr. renresentlne Dcr-
r A Carter, of San Francisco. Is ! statements regarding the salaries of
hero calling upon local garages and , l officials In mine publicity
machlno shops, and finds that busl-, Ktton out In 19H.
ness In machine tools Is picking up i
KLIUIXKi; ULl t-.iut
remarkably. Mr. McCarthy wat
schoolmate of Paul T. O Dowd. of T,ep , have n car ,, ,ko t0 drlTCl .
Tbo Herald advertising department, n. You heed furniture and would UntOn tllgn JCnOOl
down In tho Golden Gate city. I like to buy It. Call l-v and I win
J. H. Short, county hospital su-' enJ for you; also tako you home.
perlntcndent. and Mrs. Short chap
eroned a party of tbo patients at
'tho hospital at the Klamath county
auto show yesterday. Today Mr.
-...I 1m Cti., nl.n tn tirlni ftin!
" -"" " f """ ---I wages
children ot tnc summer scnooi ois
trlct to tho ehow.
set rich, salil Mr '
Whlto. "but I am In tho hu.lness lo1M,HX7,l,1,:',,'nId!rS 1T?Uh """"I' '
, . . ,, . .. I sake Initialed v. J II Iteward ,
make an honest living. Thais all I ic,rn , Herald office 21 2
want nnd I hellove the rn-opln will
lie with mo. These reduced
begin tonight."
have just received a
carload of fine monu
ments and markers, all
llZlTi designs. Stop and
look them over.
Bonds Carry By
The War Is Over Ll Majority
DoWn Go Prices Malln voters sanctioned the Issu
"Tho war Is over, worVlngmcn's anco of bonds for the new union high
havo 'been lowered, and tho
day of 25-ccnt and iO-cont movies
Is ovor too. I hollovo In living and
letting live, and for that reason I
have reduced tbo prlco of admission
school Saturday afternoon, 9.r to 30
ho election drew out a heavy vole
Tho bond Issue will raise 3!i,00Q and
adds only ono mill on tho dolUr to
tho taxation of property In the ills-
I to my movie houso to 28 cents for trlct
Tbo Agricultural Appropriation
XI til, approved March 3, 1921, carried
an amendment which allows grazing
permlttocs on tho National Forest un
til September 1, 1921, In which to
pay their grazing fees. Failure to
mako paymont on or before Septem
ber 1, 1921 shall bo sufficient cause
for revocation of the permit and of
tho grazing preference of tho permit
tee, and trespass proceedings may bo
taken to collect the value ot the for
age consumed.
This amendment, It Is understood,
applies for tho year 1921 only, and
Is made by congress to'holp the stock
men ovor a period of financial strin
gency. m
Jim Howard Found
Guilfy By Federal
Jury At Portland
"Old Jim" Howard was found guil
ty Friday at Portland of violating tbo
Uwfl of the United States In connec
tion with illicit distilling in Klamath
For tbo first tlmo In his 00 odd
years, much of which hn been pass-
prices MIllHAl.Huil TKAIIK FOIl HAY .
i ii. in. numy now, new; i i' in j
Walking Plow, new, 1 pk tooth1
harrew: 1 SO gallon gas lunk. 2 sad
dles K L French. 13; Jpanade, I
jl'honn r.OlJ 21-2C
I Tho meetings of the Milieu of th I
II. P. O. I; will lo potiponrd until
I the first Tuesday In April It
Pint o;nt Pi;iti':r class.
Genrgo rMwafds. or tho I'alaco
Market, modestly lays It all to tho
Klamath climate, hut Its Mint" tredlt
to daddy and the lad's mother, too.
.George, Jr , five months old, entered
at tho baby show at tho Han Francis
co auditorium last week In competi
tion 'with tho finest youngsters of the
. "'E-L1.. . .1 t. '
Klamath Falls Marble
and Granite Works
1040 Mnin St
ijoldin utaie. finished n irt plant
He wan among llin few 100 xir cent
IKtrfort haliles. according lo llm vnr
dirt of the Judgea Mrs Kdwarda and
George Jr. urn still Ultlug In Han
la ifu lPH
i I 1 1 i, i Jm " BBSSBSSSBMM3SJ r WTSxT rtf i SxSTSTavM
g?JiJJJJJJJJJJJjKllMtef.. .-.7-.qBTaTfltias
PKItKINH I't'll.VITIMti; HOt'Hi:
"Tlio ri.rnlthri- of Hnpiiy lUiltten"
Tell your Iroul.le. in ffijjjl!!
ion to pkhkish tub niy,
Tho census ' t" triUti
Prll.llof Island. ms I b,V. " .
Its ''
Intnl. l.fHio.ono
i hi. rait
t Itnr ktinwn HIIII" ,,v "
look charge of lb .rl Ini"1"
lf,( AdTorllsIng psys
Try '
You owe it to yourself to investigate it thoroughly'
and let our expert explain its advantages over oil other
types of tractors.
.!. 1 1 1 1 M H4 ! W ,",, '