The Evening herald. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1906-1942, March 11, 1921, Page PAGE THREE, Image 3

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miDAT, MAncn n,
madh in klamath falls
nnd build up
Jwnod nml operated by Klamath
falls business men 28t(
THIRTEEN LOtS--On Wurdwi Avii.
Call 201 Wlllltv llldg. 10-11
roil KKNT Hunted bedroom, 1017
High Ht. Phona 144 W.
FOR KENT R room murium house,
I'j blocks from Mnln, oltlinr fur-
nmiioil or unnirtilMiuil. Imjulro 1129
I.lnroln Ht. nftor 0 P. M.
LOOT Wntermnn fountain pnn. Ho-
turn to L. Wall, 611 Mnln Ht lie-
ward. 10.1 !
JTOfl RENT Nbw, elenn liousokonp
Inr rouiiin nt 121 Crescent Avo
Splendid homo for tlio rlKlit pnrty.
No chlldmn. Mint Klvo roforenco.
Also, frost-proof gnrago, with water
and llxlit. I'liono 394J. 10
WILL I1UII. I) A homo to null desir
able tenant. Oood rantrnl locu
tion on 8th Ht. If Interested nddross
J. A. P., llernld. 10-11
FOR HALE Onklnnri "Four" speed-
Bier; Ilosch msgnoto; Reed tires;
new pnlnt. Klntnnth Knlls Auto Co.,
224 Mnln Ht. 8-12
Call nt 201 Wllllts llldg. 1011
rOIt IlirT Officii rooms Iiiqulru
f O. li. Knlsity, G3I Mnln Ht.
roil Jli:.NT Two large furnished
housekeeping rooms. 400 Bo. Riv
erside. I'll 0110 4 67W. 0-11
roil SALE Ford touring; now sent
rovers; now pnlnt; now top; tiros
good. Klnmnth Knlls Auto Co., 224
Unln fit. 1-12
tion ns housokaoper, In motherless
family profurrud. Cnlt Kellogg npls.
4. 0.12
FOR HAM! 1917 Chovrolot tour
Ing; new hnttery; now pnlnt; good
running order. Klnmnth Fnlls Auto
C. 224 Main Ht. 8-12
WANTKD-vYour watch or clock to
repnlr. Ornrge L. Met, Jeweler.
022 Mnln Ht. 9-23
WOMAN WOULD LIKE cooking for
smnll crew In logging enmp or on
rnnch. Phone 012-M, 712
WANTED Land on tJpper lakn for
rutting cord wood, logged off or
timber. It. (I, Herald office Cll
roil HAM! Ford Bpeodstor; factory
body; new pnlnt and upholstory;
dandy. Klnmnth Fnlls Auto Co..
124 Main fit. 8-13
FOR RENT Pleasant furnace-heat-j
ad bedroom, adjoining bathroom,
use of telephone and bath. Dr. Dam
rast. Phono 447-R or call at 327
Jefferson St. 36-28
WASHINGTON, D. C. March 11.
Mlco mid chipmunk, aro helping
to reestablish tho foroats of Oregon
nnd Washington, according to off.
elnls of tho forest norvlco, United
States department of agriculture.
Studies mario J. V, Hbfmann, dlroc
Studios mario by J. Hofniann, tliroo
tor of tho Wind Illvor forest nxparl
bnvo shown that a largo pnrt of tho
young fir growth coming In on burn
ed or logged nroan In these ntntos
1 not wholly duo to Hooding by oc
caslonal trees which nro loft, but In
pnrt to seed burled by small ro
dents beneath tho duff of tho far
ost floor.
In tho wost mlco nnd other ro
llouts nro iisunlly conriomiiod an
workers of ovll' In, tho forest. Tboy
ofton do coiiNlriernhlu ilnuuigo to
food supplies, nnd their nppotlto for
plno nnd fir seed Is chiefly respun
nlblo for tho nbnndoniuont nt nt
tempts to reforest hurnari-over and
wnnte nronn by dlroct flooding moth
eda. Sometimes, howovor, tho
work of theso llttlo nnlmnls Is bono
"In tho Douglns fir region," says
Mr. Ifofman, "tho foroats produce a
heavy eeod crop every two or throo
year. Rodents collect tho seed from
tho cones In largo quantities and
bury them Just bononth tho eurfaco
bf ttoo soil, r'ort of tho e'o'od tbua
stored aVay1 Is eaten, but anon and
soli movement often cover many of
tho )ionrris so thut tlioy nro novor
found, Whon logging; operations
opou up tho stand, tlioso seed cor
foil HUNT Tliroo rooms, unfiir-
lilshud. 021 Oak
Thoro will ho n mooting of Klnmnth
brnnch, Chnptor No. 2, Knights Rone
Croix, Hiiiidny, Mnrch 13th, 1921, nt
10 A. M., Mnminlc hull, to nrrnngn
for our KiiHtnr Convocation. Thin
order Is obligatory. Coino early.
J. 13. IIHATTON. 32nd.
10 12
curo tlrsL-cliiHs roomliiK housu;
closn In; on pavement; furnlturo of
tho very bent; $10,000 down, bulnncu
(IOOI) CHANCE For n homo, four
roouiN mid bnth; 1 Ith Ht., $1,400
down; $2,000 on terms.
IMJAUTIFUL, Modern homo on 8th
Ht., $0,000; rensonnbln pnymont
down; bnlnnco terms. Cnti bo bought
runilnhod or unfurnished.
BEVe'rAL CHOICE Reslrtonrn lots,
well locntod, for snln nt hurgnlns.
MODERN HOME With bullt-lns;
three lots; fruit nod nliailn tree
growing; wnndorful gnnlen; enn bo
bought furnished or unfurnished,
$4,000; tormn.
furnnce, hnlf block off Mnln Ht.;
$0,000, hnlf down. Will soil fur
nished If desired.
901 Lincoln Cor. 9tb. I'hono 030-W
Frost mny kill your whent nnd
ml Vllllr fitlrnfiklnN. nr vmi tiinv lnn
your job, but the grocery bill will
keep right on. Hnvo yourself thin
Hnrrv unit tin Inili.finrifli.nt tiv Inivlm
our Ilnrron Tnncred White U'ghorn
rlilrk. nt 1 1 " Ml tinr 111(1 nml mir B
weekn old piflletH for July delivery
nt $12.00 per dozen. Tlmy will bo
inying in nepiomoer nnn Hiny on ino
job nil wlntur, nnd you'll be hniirilng
your grocer eggs nt 7c onch, nnd be
will bo soon bo owing you. Order
mook is rilling rnsi. so order nnriy.
Dollvory nny time nfter April 20.
Corning, Cnllf.
Wo bnvn a limited amount of mon
ey In lonn on well locnted modern
dwolllngs within tho sewer district,
on tho monthly payment plan. Wo
represent the Kqultnblii Hnvlngn R
I. nan Association of I'ortlnnd, nnd
nro In. position to glvn prompt ser
vice. If you need money for Invest
ment purposes or to repny n lonn,
como In nnd nsk nbout tho Equltnhlo
ruiM'OTi: a KMiTir
033 Mnln Ht.
One 1917 Hudson, good mechani
cally; new ton; now pnlnt.
One 1917 Hudson; looks good nnd
runs bettor.
Ono 1920 Dart; now pnlnt nnd a
MirrilOI'OMTA.V garage
"ITT OAnnAOB When vou want
arbago removed call 10F-23.
mlnnto nnd produco a now stand of
llttlo trees,"
Tho Wind River experiment sta
tion Is but ono of sovornl similar es
tablishments mnlntnlnori by tho gov
ernment In tho nntlonnl forosts for
solving formtry problomn. In this
pnrtlcular enso many thousands of
riollnrn have been saved annual
ly to westorn lumbermen through
tho nsslstanco of rodents In restock
Ing cut-over Innris. This Is ono ox
nmplo of tho vnluo of tho experi
ments being carried on by thoso sti
tlons, which nro so Important to tho
perpetuation of our forests nnd de
pendent Industries.
In tho Pacific Northwest $00,000
annually Ik needed for this work, and
only through ndequnto funds' can
much needed results bo secured.
l)i:Vi;i,()l'IN(l AMAZON'S
Mnrch 11. American women nro
gutting taller unri henvlor, Dr. Clellu
Duol Mosher, medical adviser for
womo nut Stanford Unlvorslty, lias
uniiouiicoil nftor comparing records
of 1023 wommi who hnvo outoreri tho
unlvorslty durlnir tho pnst 30 yoars.
Modern fashions nnd Incronhod
physical activity among women nro
given n h ronsoiiH for tho Incronsos.
Tho presont Htylos, Dr. Moshor said,
do not Intorforo with physical grow,
th ns did tho Htylcti of other gonorn
Resigning from tho vlco presl
rioncy of a bnnk to bocomo nn oil
ririllor n ToxaB man will don ovoralls
to lonrn tho'drlllor'n gamo "from tho
surfaco down."
Hlrtlis aro oiitnumborlng doaths
In Frnnco for tho first tlmo In ye"
This la tho most oncouraglng Bjtmp
torn ot tho couhtry' rodovevy from
the war b ravages.
Contrnry to gonernl bollof tho
American Indian Is IncroiiHlug slow
ly In numborB nccordliiG to tho In
illun commissioner,
Outbursts of Everett True By Condon
I oh, Hecijo, evef?sxTt J I
&Ai, t0 KOO S.C2C2 N TH "
pPTivi THAT VovR. OLD 35aga
rmeMD smith KICKoo tonff'iJWLs
THflT tSXPfZ&SSlON HAS it- 1
; A KICK, AL.K. RtCHT, I oomck!!
. OUT T'S ve-V Poor. H J-
TG ClftQJM5TAMgg"' yr7fflt--
Packers Employes
To Ask Injunction
Against Wage Cut
OMAHA, March 11. Pocking
house workers In n conference hero
today considered application for nn
Injunction against the reduction of
wnges of readjustment of working
hours, If nn appeal which has been
miiilo to President llnrdlng falls.
This was announced by Redmond S.
Urennnn, the workers' attornoy.
JIJNKAI'. Alnska, Mnrch 11.
Study of tho reindeer of Alnsku has
been undertaken by United States
government experts at a biological
survey station established recent
ly at Unnluklcot, near St. Michaels,
In tho western relnrieor country. Dr.
E. W. Nelson, who Is In chnrgo of
Ho station, reports that study hnn
been mndo of tho parasites and dis
eases ot tho reindeer and already
means of prolonging liven of tho anl
muls has been found.
It Is reported that since Annotto
Kellermnn purchased u hoiiso at
Santa Monica, Cal., and taken her
dally dip at dawn, tho price of nlarm
clocks In that city has doubled
"Homorun" Raker mny bo
bumping tho pill ovor tho Amorl
can League barriers ug.tln Clark
Grltnih Is making overturos to
Mnnagor Hugclns for a swap that I
would glvo Wnsblngton Rahul
Ruth's predecessor us u fouco-
uuninr. luu inns wouiu llKo to
cou nakor and Ruth in a home.
run duet in 1921
Advorllslng brings oftlcloncy.
Equity No. 12(15
Stato Land Board of Stato of Ore
een: Plaintiff, vs. Robort L. Malone
and Eva Malone Defendants.
tho nbovo nnmod Dofendants:
OF OREGON; You nro horoby sum- 1
monori and required to appear nnd 1
nnswor tho complaint fllod against
air 's ,"ftF" & m
you In tho nbovo ontltlod suit, with
in six weeks from tho dato of tho
first publication of this Summons In
iThu Kvonlng Horald, a nowspnpor
printoa and publlsbod In Klamath
County, Oregon, which said first dato
Is tho 20th., day of Fobruary, A. D.
And you will tako notlco that If
you fall to nppcnr and nnswor, or
othcrwlso plead within said tlmo, tho
plaintiff, for want thorcof, will ap
ply to tho nbovo cntltlod court for
tho relief prayed for In Its complaint,
For Judgment ncalnst you Robert
I,. Malone and against Era Malonol
- -H.l I. !.- - irAnn uf.t T
far and In tho sum ot $460.00 with
Interest thereon from tho 12th. day
of November, A. D, 1917. at tho
rato of six per cont per annum: And;
for tho further sum of Ono Hundred.
Dollars as Attornoy'a fees: And
for lta costs and disbursements horo
And for n docrco foreclosing tho
mortgago glvon by you and Eva. Ma
loeo to tho plaintiff upon tho fol
lowing described premises, to-wlt:
tlnon thn HRti nf hn KVU Thn
W.4 of tho NEU an dtbo 8E of'
tho nku or section 19, In Township
41 South, Range 14 East ot tho
Wlllnmotto Mercdlan, is Klamath
County, Oregon.
And foreclosing you and tho de
fendant Eva Malone, and all persons
claiming, or to claim, by through or
undor you, or olther of you, of all
iiHii. uwu, juiurusi, ciaiiu, nun ori
oqulty in and to all and evory part
and parcol ot said described real os-'
tato and ordering tbo roal property I
nbovo doscrlbed to bo sold by tho
Shorltf of Klamath County, Oregon,
In tho mnnnor provided by law gov
ornlng sales ot real property on ex ex
ecuteon: This summons Is publlshod pur
suant to nn order of tbo Ilonorablo
D. V. Kuykendall. Judgo of tho Cir
cuit Court of tho Stato of Oregon for
Klamath County, which order Is
dated tho 23rd, day of Fobruary, A.
D. 1921.
Attorney for Plaintiff, Loomls Build
ing; Klamath Falls, Oregon.
Fob 25 Mar. 4-11-18-35 A 1-8
Sealed proposals will bo recolvod
by tho Common Council ot tho city
of Klamath Falls, Oregon, until
Monday, tho 14th day of March. A,
D. 1921 nt tho hour nf8 o'clock
P. M. ot said day, at tho city hall
In said city at which tlmo nnd placo
proposals to purchase will bo opened
nnd considered, for tho purchnso ot
r00,73S.00, city ot Klamath Falls,
genera! obligation bondB, payablo 20
yoars from dato of issuo, bearing n
rato ot Interest not oxceodlng six
per cont por annum; Interest payablo
Boml-annually; principal nnd Intorost
pnynblo at Oregon Fiscal Agency In
tbo city of Now York, Stato of Now
York, or at tho oftlco ot tho treas
urer ot said city as detormlnod by
mutual agrcomont of purchaser and
council. These bonds nro to be Issued
In denominations ot ono thousand
dollars, ($1000.00) each, and to bo
numbored from ono to flfty-ono in
cluslvo. Said bonds nro to be Issued In
pursuance ot Ordinanco No. 498 ot
said city; and aro to bo issued for
tbo purpose ot installing n sowor
systom In, tho torrltory known as
Mills Addition, in accordanco with
lio plans, specifications nnd esti
mates ot tho city cnglnoer. Each pro
posal to purchase said bonds must bo
nccompaniod by n chock for B of
tho amount ot tho proposal cortlflod
by some rosponslblo bank and pay
able to Bald city. Proposals must bo
sealed nnd ondersod: "Proposnls to
purchase Mills Addition sowor
Said bauds aro to bo sold for cash
at data of dollvory, and for a prlco
not loss than par.
The right to reject any and all
proposals, Is beroby reserved.
By order ot tho Common Council
Police Judge ot tha city of Kla
math Faus, Oregon.
Feb. 10 M-14
Wo ICnt too Much Stent Which Clog
Kidneys, Then tho IJnck
Most folks forgot that tho kldnoys,
like tho bowels, got sluggish aid
clogged nnd need n flushing occn
alonally, olso wo hnvo backacho nnd
dull misery In tho klrinoy region, o-
voro headaches, rhoumatlo twinges,
torpid llvor, acid stomach, slooploss
noss and all sorts of bladdor disor
ders, You simply must koop your kld
noys active and clean, and tho mo
ment you fcol an acho or pain In tho
kldhoy region, get nbout four ouncos
of Jad Halts from any good drug
Btoro hero, tnko a tablospoonful In a
glass of wntor beforo breakfast for a
few days and your kldnoys will then
act fine This famous Baits Is mado
from tbo acid of grapes and lomon
Julco, combined with llthla, and Is
harmless to flush clogged kidneys and
stimulate thorn to normal activity. It
also neutralizes tho acids In tho urlno
so It no longer Irritates thus ending
bladder disorders.
Jad Salts Is harmless; Inexpen
sive, mnkos a dollghtful effervescent
llthla-water drink which ovorybody
should tako now nnd then to kcop
their klndnoys clean, thus avoiding
serious complications.
A welt-known local druggist says
ho sells lota of Jad Salts to folks who
bollovo In ovorcomlng kidney trou
blo whllo It Is only trouble
(iriinduiotlicr'n Ilcclpo
llrinc Itnck Color nnd
I.mtro to Hair
That beautiful, oven shade by
dark, glossy hair can only bo had by
browing a mixture of Sago Tea and
Sulphur, Your hair Is your charm.
It makos or mars tho faco. When It
fados, turn gray or stroaked, Just an
application or two of Sago and Sul
phur enhances Its appoarance a hun
dredfold. Don't bothor to preparo the mix
turo; you can get this famous old
A 1
Stop Rheumatism
With Red Pepper
Rhoumatlsm, lumbago, neuritis,
backache, stiff neck, soro muscles,
strains, aching Joints. When you
aro suffering so you can hardly get
around, Just try "Red Pepper Rub"
and you will havo the quickest reliof
Nothing has such concentrated,
penetrating beat as red peppers. In.
stant relief. Just as soon as you apply
Red Popper Rub you feel tbo tingling
To look one's Nst and feci one'a boat
is to rnjov nn Intido bath each morning
iu i(uu jrooi me ByBicm iuo uroviuuB
d&v'a waste, sour fermentations nnd poi
sonous toxins leforc it is absorbed Into
the blood. Just as coal, when It burnt,
kaves behind a certain amount of in
combustible material in tbo form of
ashes, so the food and .drink taken each
'day lc&vo in tb alimentary organs a
certain amount or indigestible material,
which if not eliminated, form toxins and
poisons which aro then sucked into the
blood through tbo very ducts which are
Intended to suck in only nourishment to
sustain tbo body.
If you want to seo the glow of healthy
bloom in your checks, to sea your skin
get clearer and eleorer, you are told to
drink trery morning upon arising, a
glass of hot water with a tcasnoonful
of limeetono phosphate in it, which la a
harmless means of washing the waste
material and toxins from the stomach,
liver, kidneys and bowels, thus cleans
ing, gvtoctculng and purifying the entire
....... , . . . I
not water Jiacn Morning
Puts Roses in Your Cheeks j
rnclpo Improved by tlio addition H
other Ingrodlonta at a smnll cost, rH
ready to uso. It Is eallod Wreafe'i
Sago nnd Sulphur Ccfmpound. Thta
can always ho depondod upon H
bring back tho natural color d In,
tro of your hair.
Everybody usos "Wyeth's Baa; a
Sulphur Compound" no rr becnuaa It
darkons so naturally and oreirfy thai
nobody can toll It bos baon appUW.
Ypu simply dampen a spong or aafl
b'fush with It and draw this throli
tho hair, taking one small atrnfed a
a tlmo; by morning tbo gray hair
has disappeared, and after another
application It becomes beautlfntVf
dark and appears glossy and loa
trous. Adv.
Face, .Nock nnd Arma Eaally Ha4
Smooth, rViy Specialist
Any breaking out ot the skla, avaa
fiery, Itching eczema, can be qalakly
overcome by applying a little Wantna
Sulphur, declares a noted akin ap
elallst. Boeause of lta germ destroy
ing propertlos, this sulphur prepara
tion begins at once to soothe Irrita
ted skin and heal eruptions sue), as
rash, pimples and ring worm.
It seldom falls to remove the fer
ment and disfigurement, and yon
not havo to wait for relief from em
barrassment. Improvement quickly
shows. Sufferers from akin troaala
should obtain a small Jar of llaatka
Sulphur from any good druisist a
uso It like cold cream. Adv.
Tells now To Get Quick Relief
from Head-Colds. It's Splendid 1
Got a small bottle of Ely's Cr
Dalm from your druggist now. Ap
ply a little ot this fragrant, aitlaaa
tlc, hoallng cream In your nostril.
It ponetratea through evory air pas
sago ot the hoad, soothes tha in
flamed or swollen mucous mem
brane and relief comes instantly.
It's Just tine. Don't stay stntfa4
up with a cold -or nasty catarrh Ba
llet eoxnos so quickly, adv.
Watch for tha opasUac MT 4 jM
local auto ahow.
heat. In three minutes, it warms tha
sore spot through and through. Traea
the blood circulation, breaks up tha
congestion and pain Is gone.
Rowles Red Pepper Rub, ma4f
from red peppers, costs little at amy
drug store. Get a Jar at onca. Almeat
Instant relief awaits you. Use it lar
colds in chest. No matter what yraj
have used for pain or congestion
don't fall to try Red Pepper Rub.
alimentary tract, beforo putting moro
food into tho stomach.
Girls and women with sallow akins,
liver epots, pimples or pallid complex
ion, nlo thodti who wake up with a
coated tongue, bad taste, nasty breath,
others who aro bothered with headaches,
bilious spells, acid stomach or constipa
tion should begin this phosphated hot
water drinking and are assured of very
pronounced results In one or two weeks.
A nuarter pound of limestone phos-
Phato costs very little at the drug store
ut is sufficient to demonstrate tbat lust
as soap and hot water cleanse, purlflea
and freshens tha skin on the outside, so
hot water and limestono phosphate Act
on tho inside organs. We must always
consider that internal sanitation ia vast
ly more Important than ouUido clwll
nets, because the akin pores do not ab
sorb impurities into the blood, while tha
bowel pores do.
Women who desire to enhance tha
beautv of their coinolexion should iusi
try, this for a week and notlco result,'