The Evening herald. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1906-1942, February 26, 1921, Page PAGE SIX, Image 6

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PORTLAND, Fob. 26. Sllmula
Hon of tho northwestern lumbar In
dustry Is forecast by tho roport, re
ceived In locnl railroad circles, tlint
officials of tlio trnns-contlnentnl
lines, In cession nt Chicago, had
agreed uppn a material reduction In
tho lumber rnlo n8 far cast ns that
According to theso advices tho rato
to St. Paul and tho Missouri river
will bo reduced to 66 Vi cents por
100, and tho rato to Chicago and
St. Louis to 73 cents. Though this
basis Is partially tentative, It is bo
llovod that It will represent approxi
mately trio now rate, constituting n
reduction of 7 cents.
Mildred Notches has (lied suit
for divorce In tho circuit court
against Martin Lotchos, alleging fall
tiro to provldo ns cause Sho asks
custody ot two minor children.
Personal Mention
n mm,
ma heart
Tho Impromptu colcbratlon ot tho
Sacred Heart academy Monday nftor
noon, tho first held In tho now
school building, marked n chango In
tho routlna of school affairs and sug
gested various possibilities to both
tenchors and pupils. Tho girls hall Is
largo enough to nccommodato tho
ontlro school and niako a tlno as
scmbly room. Hcroaftor, when no
want to got togcthor for mutual Im
provement; amusement or patriotic
demonstration, tho need ot a hall will
not bo nn obstacle Tho ordor ot tho
exorcises was as follews:
Tho Star Spangle! Danner ....School
Adagio, llnydcn, Piano Solo ........
.. .. . ...........Uaniona Dall
Our First Flag, Recitation
... ......... .A Thackor
Tho Good Old Times, Heading ..
Patrick McAullffo
Valso, Decker, Piano Solo .--Ada Dall
Dettor Than Doing Washington
...... ............ .nuth McNoelcy
Tho Soldier's Song, Violin Solo,
.... ...... ..... Walter Ilannon
Tho Greatest Hero, Discussion .
........ Sixth and Seventh Grades
Dansc, Pastorale, Chamlnado
.......................Elliabcth Ramsby
Pcnclopo Peneolck, Recitation,
.....-.. ....Raraona Stout
Doat Song Mendelsohn Clarlco Elliott
America Tho Deautlful, Vocal Trio
........ High School
A History Roviow .. Eighth Orado
Violin Quartetto, Encoro Saxy,
Walter Hannon, Anita Lawr
ence, Diehard Doguo, David Tot
ten, and Opal Cardwell, Piano.
The program rondcred was all tho
moro enjoyable becauso nobody know
what was coming. Each room bad
been asked tho day boforo to con
tribute something toward a fitting
celebration In honor of tho Father
of Our Country. When it was ovor,
favorable comment on tho merits ot
tho contributions was hoard on all
sides, but It was generally conccdod
that for amusement tho eighth grado
carrlod the palm. Gcorgo Dertram as ,-
a dependagoguo was so realistic ono p. c. Grlmshaw, of Merrill, at
might easily guess that his ambition i tended tho Elks' ball given hero last
pointed toward a professor's chair) night.
At the Theaters
As a result ot Iho perils encount
ered In tho making of motion pic
tures, notably "Tho DovII'd Garden"
which will be soon nt tho Star
tlio.ttro, Sunday mid Monday, Llonol
j Unrrymoro, tho famous star of this tunny attractions thoro,
Refreshed aftor n vacation of al
most two months spent In Santa liar-
barn hur former homo, and In other
California points, Mrs. Edward En
plnosn arrived Inst night, bringing
with her tho knowledge that how
ovor bright and balmy tho South
land may be, nnd regardless of tho
thoro Ik
film production, has lncroasod, tho
amount ot his llfo and accident In
surance. In this motion picture which Is
doclarod to bo tho greatest cinema
achievement ot his caroor, tho dis
tinguished actor has a particularly
strenuous rolo as William Dale
something about tho ntmosphoro in
Klamath Falls, nnd somothlng In
tho rugged construction ot this
region, nnd tho gonial companion
ship ot Km resldonts, that eclipses
tho attractiveness; down thoro, nnd
sho b tat os that sho is heartily glad
D. F. Doll, of Macdool, is in towu
on a brief business and ploasuro trip.
Frank Tho ma, crcamory operator,
Is lioro from Merrill.
G. M. Strowbridgo is in town from
Chlloquln on business.
Mr. and Mrs. F. L. Terwllligor left
for San Francisco this morning.
Ed McOroora, of Malln, Is horo on
a business mission.
Dort Marshall, of Olonc, is a visi
tor horo today.
W. E. Lyod is in from Midland to
day. Nate Ottorboln Is enjoying a visit
from bis friend, T. W. Shaughncssy,
a friend of his Portland days.
Hoy Gregory, who calls Sacra
mento his home, Is a visitor hero to
day. A. J. Edmlstls, who has been in
town a wcok on business, left for his
homo in Macdocl today.
Davo Llskoy, who ranches In tho
Merrill district, Is In town today say
ing hello to his many friends horo.
George Franco left for his homo
In Macdoel this morning, following
a short business visit hore.
a.,.. I... nt tin.... I. ....A hkhIh Y.llr.t
man ot vlolot temper nnd passion., many others who Incllno to lono
Ho fights n groom who Insults ajsomonoss nttor leaving nn almost
woman, throws a disturbing llrltlsh' life-long homo, Mrs. Ksplnosa bo
soldier out ot a postofflco, nnd later Moves that this trip lias cured hor,
chokes to death, tho man who had nnd sho is now ready to sing "homo,
botrayed tho confidence ot his wife
And lastly Mr. Ilarrymoro was
slightly burned whllo enacting a
rosette scono nt a tiro.
sweet homo" nnd that tho homo of
which sho will sing moans Klamath
Kails. Mrs. W. T. Leo, who mado
tho trip south with hor, Is stilt In
I.os Angeles, but Is expected back
It has been recorded that tho por
centagu of participants in film pro
ductions who nro Injured in dis
charging thotr duties docs comparo
with Injuries sustalnod In factorlos.. Miss Margaret Callahan, who has
Thero aro fewer fatalities, ot course, been in Portland for somo tlmo, has
but Just tho samo tho averago movlol returned homo, and nnnouncos that
actor or actress places his or hor! sho has purchased a varied and chic
llfo in Jeopardy froquently for tho1 assortment of spring and summar
sako of raeallsm, and extra lnsurancoj millinery which will delight ovory
Instead of a -wireless station. And
his pupils well, may Professor Dort
ram bavo less troublo teaching them
patriotism and correct English than
ho had last Monday.
After Father Marshall had dis
missed us with a lesson of encourage
ment drawn from Washington's ex
ample ot heroic fortitude, a few of
the music pupils got together and im
provised an orchestra. Thoy expect
to add to their repertoire of popular
airs something very appropriate for
the occasion the next tlmo wo cele
All property owners In tho Mills
addition aro roauestod to meet at
tho corner of East Main street and i nla-Oregon Powor company, aro hero
Glenn D. Garrett, who has been
under medical caro in San Francisco,
Is said to bo improving nicely.
C. L. Halllday, ot tho Plevna sec
tion, was hero on business yester
day. Frank Denton, of Medford, was In
town today enroute to Fort Klamath
whero ho will transact business.
Jack McAullffo, tho Fort Kla
math rancher, roturned homo this
morning, aftor spending two days
hero on business.
After a week's visit horo with her
sister, Mrs. Guy Eckwald, Miss
Margaret McGrath has returned to
her homo In San Francisco.
Paul McKce, president, and P. O.
Crawford, engineer, of tho Calif or-
Wantland avenue, tomorrow after
noon at 2 o'clock, tho object being to
go over tho streets proposed to bo
Improved, and. to discuss the matter
from a viewpoint of first-hand information.
. Charles Reed, ot Merrill, is here
for a brief visit.
from San Francisco.
Tho Woman's Auxiliary ot tho
American Legion will hold a busi
ness meeting In I. O. O. P. hall Tues
day ovenlng, March 1st. After tho
meeting a pork and bean supper
will bo served to tho membors ot
tho American Legion. All members
are requested to be present.
promlums aro paid by moro peoplo
In this industry than any othor for
this reason.
woman or girl who intends to buy
n hat that will bo both becoming and
fashionable Hor millinery storo on
Main stroet, noxt door to tho Stylo
Shop, will bo opon from now on.
$1000. Ilnlanco llko rout. Tho Ryan
Realty Co. CI 2 N. Otli St. 30
LOST (llrl'a glasses near Fnlr
vlew schuol. Phono 113-M or loavo
at Dntinor-Patty Co.
KOIt HALE 1020 Roo Mix, practi
cally n now enr, at a very t.ttrac
live tfrlco. Dunham Auto Co. 20-4
LOST Open faro wrist watch with
wrist chain attached. Reward If
roturned to V, W. Patrick, Btiir
Theatre a-3
FOR RENT A nice four room
bungalow furnished. 11 10 'llc,n;
qulro Viking Grocery,
Orogon Ave,
KOIt HALIO Peerless Anconn eggs
tor selling, broil to lay, originated
from, prlto winning stock, II por 1G,
Ilnrgaln In fur bearing, chockored,
glnnt rabbit. 1 and up. To mnko
room. Phono 2M6-M or call 232B
Khurlolu Avo., Mills-Add. 28-1
KOIt SALE A-l milch cow; 2 Iiolf
or calves, C and 3 months old. In
Thoro has boon on my food lot for
thn past two winter ono roan 2 yoar
old holfor, branded OF on left hip,
uppor hit and hole In loft oar, upper
slopo and under halt crop In right;
2 0-1 A. L. MARSHALL
Thoro Is always hot wnlor nt tho
'now Hot Springs Imthlioiisu. 28
William Desmond, starring in woat
crn comedy-melodramas distributed
by Exhibitors Mutual, had ft ludi
crous, tho' rather painful experience
wnue ono oi mo scones in "A F0R SALE Now 4-room bungalow ,
Sago Drush Hamlet," his latoat pic- furnlahod. Cheap, torms. 20111
ture During a big fight In a bod Eberleln 8t. 20-28 j
room a feather-bed bursts and tho ' "" " "
"gooso raiment" is blown all SfSLViS' "SlS
tho battlers. Desmond, gasping for
air Inhaled somo of tho downy par
ticles. Tho angel food tlcklod tho
gonial star's palato and mado him
"light-headed" for sovoral days. '
Mondnlo Sunday and Monday. I
A plcturo that pleased last night's
audlcnco Is on again tonight. Taylor
Holmes In tho presentation ot his la
test screen success, "Taxi."
In this fcaturo Mr. Holmes plays
tho rolo of a taxi drivor who makes
all-night cruises around tho districts
whero bright lights gleam, finally
driving his way to happiness and for
tune under tho most unexpected circumstances.
FOR RENT Pleasant furnaco-hcat-od
bedroom, adjoining bathroom,
uso ot tolophono and bath. Dr. Dom-
orest. Phono 447-R or call at 227 ,
Jefferson St. 26-28 I
WE CAN SELL you a houso cheap. I
As a specialty threo room plas-'
terod houso with bath, lot 58x140 .
i on pavomont. I'rlco $1550. Cosh'
I $500. Ualanco llko ront Tho Ryan.
Realty Co. 512 N. Mil St. 26
four room, modern houso, com
pletely furnished on 10th SU. This
laA sood buy. .I'rlco $3000. cash
Siemens in Statement
Says Bank Will Open
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nanclal machine that was traveling
the highways 'ot commorco undor
full steam, when It was brought to a
dead stop instantly. Such a stop
pago has Its cftoct upon a business
institution Just as it docs on a ploco
of machlnory. It has takon tlmo to
bring back to normal adjustment tho
disarranged mechanism. This read
justment has reached a point now
whero tho finishing touches aro be
ing applied and when tho hour ar
rives for mo to mako tho much-wlshcd-tor
announcomont, you may
rest assured I will do so.
In tho raoantlmo, I want you to
know that I approclato your loyal
support, and to toll you that tho day
Is not far distant when you will
know that it has not bcon mis
placed. J. W. SIEMENS.
OREGON Tonight and Sunday,
gonorally cloudy.
Something to Consider
The Foundation of the Prosperity of Thi City is its
The Lakeside Lumber Co. Pay Roll from February to Decem
ber last year was nearly $50,000.00 (about $5,000 per month).
This money was spent in Klamath Falls.
Every merchant, lawjer, doctor, Insurance man and preacher got part of it. It went Into the
cash registers of every store, restaurant, picture house, hotel, pool room, dance hall and garage.
The chunches, the undertaker, tho tax collector, the landlords, tho Red Cross, tho Itinerant beggar
and the fraternal orders all got their part of It.
Every person who bought WINDOWS, DOORS, MILLWORK und LUMIIER from us contrib
uted to this PAY ROLL. Wo bellovo tho citizens of Klamath Falls appreciate this contribution to
Lakeside Lumber Co.
THE true harmony of outline of the
new Scrlppt-Booth Touring Car
gives it conservative individuality that
you will recognize aa being more care
fully worked out than ia uaual. Ita die
etamped fenders are solid and clean
curved. The bevel-edged plate-glass
windows In the full-lined Pantasote top
savor of costly equipment aa does every
other detail in the car.
The scientifically designed chaiala on
which this body is mounted is worthy
of such coach work. Its long, wide
springs and 115'' wheelbase Insure the
maximum of riding comfort. Ita sis
cylinder valve-ln-head motor secures
the utmost of driving power from the
Scripps-Booth is indeed moderately
priced for a car of such magnificent
123 S. Fourth Phone 60-W
Hill MU0Kti bbbbwSiIbbS
Reduction in
Prices of
Prices have been reduced on all Kodaks in our
stock. Upon some of the box models the reduction is
as much as 25, while upon the higher priced ones the
savings amount to as much as five dollars. We have
a complete line and will be glad to show them to you,
whether you contemplate buying right now or not.
We maintain a completely-equipped finishing de-
partment, turning out the very best prints and enlarge
ments from your films.
Only the best VELOX paper is used, thus insuring
high class, brilliant work; 24-hour service. Bring us
your next roll.
(jMerwoods RiariMY
rijoTtv i