The Evening herald. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1906-1942, February 25, 1921, Page PAGE THREE, Image 3

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Wlioii IMIxixl Willi HuljiMir
llrliign Hnrk IIIm lliviutlfiil
LtlNlrtt At Onra
Cray Imlr, hownviir himflsomi). do
nates advancing ago. Wo nil know
tlio ndvnntiigiin of n youthful nppnnr
nncn, Your Imlr In your rliiirm. It
tnnkon or mnrn tint fnco. When It
radon, tiiriin (tray, niul looks ntrnnlc
ml, JiiHt a row npiillcuttoiirt of Hiiro
Ten nnil Sulphur enhances Its np
pnnriincn a liuiiilrciilfolil.
Iliin't lny grnyl Look younRl
Either propnro tlm niclpo nt lininii
or Rot from any ilriifc Htoro a bottlo
or "Wyoth'n Hngn nnil Biilphur Com
pound," which In inurnly tlm old
tlma rcclpo Impro oil liy llio nddl
Hon of other liigroillrnln. Tlioti
snntln of folks riironuuoiiil thin romly-Io-uko
preparation, because It dnrk
nnil tlio Imlr beautifully; lionliloii, no
ono cun potwlhly tall, nn It darkon
ho nnturnlly niul evenly. Yon moisten
n npongn or oft brush with It, drnw-
Iiir thin throUKh tlm Imlr, Inking onn
small ntrniul nt n tltnn, lly morning
tlio grny Imlr illmippimrH; nflor mi
otlior application or two Us imliirnl
color In restored, runl It hocomon
thick, glossy nnil IimtroiiH, nnil you
appear yearn younger.- Ailv.
MAMN, Kuli, 2B. An nttnrk of np
penillcltlh mused Rudolph Kllma to
hn tnkmi to Merrill tliln wook to 1111
dorgo nn oporntlon, Tlio conn do
volopml Hiiililunly mid mado operating
necessary. I)rn. Krooso of Merrill
tihil lr. Lamb or Klnmnth Falls, por
forinod tin) oporntlon.
MAMN, Kill). 2fi. Jim Otoinnn,
resident of tlm Hlinntu Vlnw miction,
ruttirnml Saturday from tlio Oregon
Agrlciilttirn college, whnro ho hml
been Inking n short cotimn In dairy
Inn. oil In nt prnNiint nt tlio homo or
Ills fnllior, Joseph Otoinnn. Ho atari
cil tho roufho Innt December, nnil I
now iiuallfylcd to do milk tontine and
otlior dairy work.
Mnt your hijuncn nod npnrtmontii
thill you wish to rout with uii. 123
8th HI Klnmnth Exchnngn. 31-28
twinkle, Oregon, mIio nay ntio Um
Ikvii rrnloml to pcrfoct linnllli
by TiinliKi nflcr ImvIiik niifforoil
for l!(l yonr. Hor ntntement li ro-iinirknhlc.
The Best for the Best
Taylor Holmes in
, Tukn a Joy rlilo with Tuylor HnlinoK In hi tnxl mid ho hnppy.
High spued coini'ily hlttliiK on nil fours.
TWO BHOWB 0:30 8:30
ComlnR Hunilny tho Mb western favorltn William Desmond t
In a knockout western plcturo called "A Sago Brush Hamlet.
sHk Jsfcr I
Hsf f
Don't Cough All Spring
Let a cold get the least headway and you
are holding out a good invitation for a long
aggravated period of coughing, and all the
other disagreeable things that go with a
cold The best way to stop a cold is to have
on hand a ready help.
This changeable weather is detrimental to
health and for that aggravated cold you
now have, or the cold you have just con
tracted, you will find Our Laxative Cold
Tablets to be a thoroughly reliable remedy.
Our Cough Remedy for those indications of
trouble in the throat and lungs. A combina
tion much wanted and works wonders.
( inditrwooft Pharninf v
rv jujAtvu n taijL& urcnuun wirn
puSTfvl QUY THCIR DRUGS Iaccu'acvI
yuri-rLAruMtrvMi'rbrv" " " "f -
"For tho lagt twenty yoars I hato
mifforod from utomnch troublo In ltn
wornt form. I wnn In inliury all tho
tlmo. U I look n drink of coffeo or
milk or oron iwntor, It would causo
bolclilnR and Ran. In fact, absolutely
nothing would digest In my stomach.
I olwnyi had an nwful burning ion
nation In tho pit or my stomach.
I bullovo I havo tnkon almost a
waRon load or soda for stomach trou
blo. I would havo to tako It nlgbt
and day, Onn would Moat mo up so
lmdly I couldn't fasten my clothes.
At times my heart would palpltato
nnd flutter so badly I would nearly
smother and I would baro to gasp
for breath. In fact, I thought I bad
heart troublo,
'I wan vory fond of cbeeso and tbo
loast blto would throw mo right Into
spasms. I iron also Tory fond of
onions, but they would upset mo ter
ribly. "My wholo system wan out of shapo
and I was alio bothorod with rheu
matism and neuritis. Pains in my
arms nnd other Joints woro almost
unbearable. I had to carry ono or
my arms In a sling and couldn't ralso
It up to my head. My hands would
nwoll up and for a long tlmo I was
In Just nn nwful condition.
"I told my husband I guossed I
would havo to glvo tip and dlo, as tho
doctors' mndlclnos and othor things
I took didn't do mo nny good. Then
ho got mo soma Tanlae and said I
hml to tako It. Well, before I finish
ed onn bottlo, I round tho things I
would eat did not bother mo so
much. I knpt Rrndunlly getting bol
ter and finally after. taking flro bot
tles. mV troublo was entirely reliev
ed. I can now rat onions, cheeso or
anything I -wnnt. In fact, I am In
perfect honlth I novory way. My
nourltln and rhcumntlsm havo also
left mo. I know that flvo dollars'
worth hnn dono mo moro good than
n hundred dollars' worth or othor
medicines. I will sing tho prnlso or
Tnnac an long as I llvo."
Tho abovo romarkablo statement
wns mado by Mrs. W. P. nakor,
whoso address In Mllwauklo, Oro
gon n. P. K. 2.
Tanlao Is sold In Klamath Falls
by Btnr Drug Co., In Lorella by Jamos
More. Co., ond In Merrill by South
ern Oregon Drug Co., nt Modoc Point,
13. A. Sutton & Son, nt Dairy, W. P.
Bodgo. Adv.
Special: This Week Only
V Pt. Can Floorlac and Varnish Brush 10c
Spring is coming
Brighten up
This coupon and 10c entitles
bearer to pint can of Floorlac
and one Varnlth Bruin. ( Only
one of each to each purchaser.)
Varnish that old furniture and marred
, woodwork with
'' ?
Phono 107
Spring and Main
Tho City Knglnnor pursuant
to tho resolution or tho Com
mon Council horotoforo ndopt
cd, having under (Into, or tho
21st day or January, 1021, riled
plnns, spaciricntlons nnd olslmatos or
tho cost or Improving l'lno Stroot
from Klnventh lltrcot to Ksplanado,
Including Intersections; and tho Com
mon Council having tnkon tho samo
tinder advlnnment nnd finding said
plain, specifications and cstlmatos
said plans, specifications and esti
mates for tho Imporvnmont or l'lno
Street from Klovonth Street to Ks
planado, Including Intersections, bo
and tho samo urn hornby approved ;
Kl), that tho Common Council lioro
by declares Its Intention to Improvo
said portions of l'lno Street, In ac
cordance with said plans, specifica
tions and estimates; said Improvo
ment to consist of paving said por
tions of l'lno Ktroet with Concrcto,
llltullthlc or Wllllto. Tlm estimated
cost of tho Improvement or nnld por
tions ot said strcot by placing tbero
on eltbor Concrcto, llltullthlc or Wit
and placo for tbo hearing or objec
lllo to bo $12,CC2.90, said cost In
cluding grading, rolling, curbing and
cement sldownlk.
i:i), lly tho Common Council that tho
following dcscrlbod proporty bo and
Is horoby declared bonofltod by said
Improvement, to-wlt:
Lots G. 0. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11 or lllock
2, Hot Springs Addition to City of
Klamath Falls, Oregon; Lots 1, Z, 3,
4, C, lllock 3, Hot Springs Addition to
City ot Klamath Kails, Oregon; also
proporty described as follews: Jlo
glnnlng nt tho Intersection of tho
Southerly lino or l'lno Slroot -with
tho easterly lino or 11th street;
thonco northeasterly along tho south
erly lino or l'lno Street. 120 feet:
thonco southeasterly at right anglos
to l'lno Stroot, CS feet; thonco south
westerly at right angles to 11th
Strcot 120 feet: thonco northwester
ly along tho easterly lino of 11th
Street to tho point ot beginning; also,
Ilcglnnlng at tho Intersection or tbo
northerly lino of Main Street with
tho easterly lino of 11th street run
ning thonco cnsterly along tho north
erly lino of Main Slroot, C8 feet;
thanco northerly parallol with 11th
strcot, 100 foot, thonco wosterly par
allol with Main Stroot, G8 root, to tho
oostorly lino of 11th street. Thonco
southorly along tho easterly lino or
11th stroot to tho point or beginning;
also, Doglnnlng at a point on the
northerly lino or Main Street, 120
root easterly from tho Intersection of
tho northorly lino of Main Stroot and
tho easterly lino or 11th strcot;
thonco northorly nt right angles to
Main Strcot 240 fcot to tho southorly
lino ot Pine Street, thenco easterly
along southerly lino ot Pine Street
120 reel; thenco southorly at right
angles to Main Strcot, 240 feet to
tho northorly lino or Main Street 120
feot to tho beginning; nlso, Ilcgln
nlng nt a point on tho easterly lino
or 11th street CS feet southeasterly
from tho Intersection ot tho southor
ly lino or Pine Strcot with tho easter
ly lino or 11th street; thenco south
easterly along tho oastcrly lino or
Uth street 7l feet; thenco at right
'nnglon to 11th strcot northeasterly
58 foet: thenco nt right angles north
I westerly parallel with 11th street 75
Tho City Engineer pursuant to tho Resolution of tho Common Coun
cil horotoforo adopted, having under dato of tho .... day of January.
1921, filed plnns, specifications and estimates of the cost of Improving
tho alloy In lllock 17, Original Town, of Klnmath Falls, Oregon, Includ
ing Intersections; nnd the Common Council having takon tho samo under
advisement nnd finding nnld plnnn, specifications and estimate satu
factory, IT IS IIERKUY RESOLVED, That said plnns, specifications and
cstlmutes for tbo Improvement of said alloy bo ond tho samo aro noroby
AND HE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That tho Common Council
horoby doclarcn Its Intention to Improvo said alloy In accordanco with
said plans, specifications nnd cstlmatos; said Improvement to consist or
paving sold alley with Concroto, llltullthlc or Wllllto. Tho estimated cost
of tho Improvement of said alloy with either of tho pavements mentlonod
abovo to bo $1829.00.
AND HE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, Uy tho Common Council (bat
tho lollowlng described proporty bo and is norety aeciareo Denonioa oy
said Improvement, to wit:
Paul Lambert
Z. J. Powoll 3GU ft. on Main St.
from Bed
in Morning and
Drink Hot Water
Tolls why everyone should drink
hot water each morning
before breakfast.
To soo tho hoalthy bloom In your
fnco, to eoo your skin got clonrer and
cloaror, to wako up without a hoad
nclio, backacho, coated tonguo or a
natsy bronth, In fact to feol your
best, day In and day out, Just try
Insldo bathing ovory morning for a
Uoforo broakfast each day, drink
a glass or real hot water with a toa
spoonful or llmostlno pbosphato In It
ns a harmless moans or washing from
tho stonvnch, ltvor, kidneys and
bowols and provlous day's Indlgostt
bio wasto, sour bllo And toxins, tbus
cleansing, swootonlng and purifying
tho entlro allmontary canal boforo
pitting moro food Into tho stomach.
Tho action ot hot water and llmo
Btono phosphnto on an ompty stom
ach la wondorfully Invigorating. It
cloans out all of tho sour fermennta
lions, gases and acidity and gives
ono a flno appotlto for breakfast.
A quarter pound ot llmostono phos
phate will cost very little at the
drug store, but Is sufflclont to dem
onBtrato that tboso who aro subject
to constipation, bullous attachs, acid
stomach, rheumatlo twinged or
whoso skin Is sallow or pallid, that
ono wook or Insldo bathing will havo
thorn lookfng nnd roollng bottor
overy way. Adv,
Beginning at tho Southeasterly
cornor of Lot 1, Block 17, In tho
Town or Llnkvlllo (now City of Kla
math Kails,) Oro.; thonco North
wostorly along tho Westorly lino of
Klrth Stlcot, 112 foot; thonco South
wostorly parallel with Main St., 3C
rt.; thenco Southeasterly parallel
with Gth Rt., 112 rt; thonco North- Jonnlo D. Hum
bastorly along Main St., 3G feet to tho and
point or beginning. Ralph Hum .
Beginning at a point on tho North
orly lino or Main St. 3Cft Southwest
erly rrom tho Southeasterly corner
or Lot 1 or Dlock 17 In tbo Town ot
Llnkvlllo, (now City or Klamath
Falls,) Oregon; thonco Northwoster
ly at right nnglcn to Main Rt. 112 ft;
thonco Southwesterly parallol with
Main St. 30 ft.; thenco Southeast
erly parellel with Fifth St. 112 ft.;
thenco Northeasterly along tho
Northorly lino of Main St. 30 It . , . .
to tho placo or beginning.
Beginning at tho Southeasterly
cornor or Lot 2, Block 17 In tho Town
of Llnkvlllo (now City of Klamath
Falls) Oregon; thonco Northwesterly
at right angles to Mala St. 112 ft.;
thenco Southwesterly, parallol with
Main St. 3G ft.; thonco Southoaat
ly parallel with Gth St. 112 ft.;
thenco Northeasterly along Main St.,
3514 ft to tho point or beginning.
Beginning at tho Southwesterly
cornor of Lot 2 Block 17 In tho Town
of Llnkvlllo (now tbo City ot Kla
math Falls,) Oregon; thenco North
easterly along tho southerly lino ot
Main St. 31 ft.; thenco wortnwesi
erly at right anglos to Main St. 112
ft.; thenco Southwesterly parallol
with Main St. 31 ft.; thenco South- ,
easterly parallol with Gth St. 112
ft. to point of beginning. i II. Page
Boclnnlng at tbo Southeasterly .
cornor of Lot 3 Block 17 In tho town
ot Llnkvlllo (now City ot Klamath .
Falls,) Oregon; thonco Northwester
ly at right angles to Main St. 112 ft.;
thonco Southorly parallol with Main -' f
St. 22 ft 10 Ins.; thonco Southoastor-
ly parallol with Gth St. 112 ft. thenco
Northeasterly along Main St. 22 ft. J. O. Beardsley
10 Ins, to tho placo of beginning. " -
Beginning at a point on tbo North
orly lino ot Main St., 30 ft. North
iaslorlv from tho Southwesterly cor- t.-'
nor of Lot 4 of Block 17, In tho Town
of Llnkvlllo (now City of Klamath
Falls,) Oregon; thenco Nortbeastor-
ly along Main St. 80 ft.; thenco - .
Northwesterly at right angles to Main V Jft
St. 112 ft. thonco Southwesterly par- r
allel with Main St. 110 ft. to 4th St.,
thenco Southeasterly along tho East
erly lino ot 4th St. 46 ft.; thonco v
Northeasterly parallel with Main St.
nn rt tfiAnrn flnnthwnfnr1v narsllnl
with 4th 6C ft. to point of begin- Charles Loomls
j onn ioomcs
3ft. on Main St.
30 H oa
oi ii. on main du
lift. 10 In.
!a Ma
a Main Sb
i k n or catarrh
; ;. How To Get Relief When Head
utut iiuvc mtv oiuui-u up
4Jl!jLO.A fr-M93$d
Count fifty I Your cold In head or
catarrh disappears. Your cloggod
nostrils will opon, tbo air passages ot
your heat will cloar and you can
breatho freely. No mero snuffling,
hawking, mucous discharge, dryness
or hoadacho, no struggling tor breath
at nlgbt.
Got a small bottlo of Ely's Cream
Balm from your druggist and apply
a Uttlo ot this fragrant antlsoptla
croam in your nostrils. It ponutrates
through overy air passage ot tho
head, soothing and healing tho swol
len or Inflamed mucous mombrane.
giving yon instant roller. Hoad
colds and catarrh ylold Ilko magic.
Don't stay stuffod-up and miserable.
Rellof U suro. adv.
It your watch nooda ropalrlng
bring It to Ooo. L. Motr, C22 Main
St. 2'
First National Bank
Lot 5 ot Block 17 In tho Town ot
Llnkvlllo (now City ot Klamath
Falls) Oregon; oxcopt tho southerly
8 ft. thoroot.
Lot 6 ot Block 17 In tho Town ot
Llnkvlllo (now City ot Klamath
Falls,) Oregon; oxcopt tbo Southorly
8 ft. thoreof.
Lot 7 ot Block 17 In tho Town
of Llnkvlllo (now City ot Klamath
Falls.) Oregon; oxcopt tbo South
erly 8ft. tboroot.
Bank of Kla
math Falls, Ore.
feet; thonco nt right angles to 11th nlng.
street soHUiwcsior.y f coi ,o . Hoglnnlng at tho Southwesterly
po nt or beginning, nil en d Property c of Lt 4 ot Dlocl 17 ,n Town
Wi'"1 !2tSPirinBnAi,0J?nti?h.T f L"lvl. (now City of Klamath
ot Klamath Falls. Oregon, and that 0 . thenco Northeaster
sad Property abovo listed and des-1 , n, Ma(n st- 30 ft thonco
crlbed bo and horoby Is declared to NortnwMtorJy. at Tiebl angica to
bo nssossed for tho oxpenso of said Ma,n st f 66 f; thonco Southwestor
Improvoment. hy( namUM with Main 8t. 30 ft., to
AND BE IT FURTHER RESOLV- tho Easterly Una of 4th St.: thenco
ED, That Monday, tho 7th day of J Southeasterly along 4th St. 66 ft, to First National
March, 1921, nt tlio hour or 8 ociock tho point ot beginning.
P. M. at tho council unamDers ni
tho City Hall, bo fixed as tbo tlmo
tlons and romonstrances against tho
said proposod improvement and tho
Pollco Judgo is hereby directed to
causa notlco of said hearing to be
published as by Chartor provided.
County ot Klamath,
City of Klamath Fnlls ss
I, A. L. Loavltt, Pollco Judgo of
tho City ot Klamnth Falls. Oregon,
do horoby cortlty that tho forogolng
Is a duly enrolled copy or a resolu
tion adopted by tho Common Council
on tho 31 day or January, 1921, de
claring its intention to Improvo Pine
Stroot from Elovonth Stroot to Es
planado, Including Intersections, and
approving tho plans, specifications
and cstlmatos ot costs submitted by
tho City Englnoer.
A. L. LEAVITT, Pollco Judgo.
110 ft. on Alley
80 It. on Mala St.
30 ft oa Mala St.
S. D. Matthews 65 ft oa Ptai St.
Stella Mang
J. W. McCoy
65 ft.-on Pine St.
65 ft, on Pin St.
and that said property abovo listed and described be and hereby Is de
clared to bo tho proporty to bo assessed for the expense ot said Improve
ment. AND BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That Monday, the 21st day ot
March, 1921, at tho hour ot 8 o'clock p. m. at the Council Chamber In
tho City Hall, bo fixed as tho tlmo and placo for tho hearing ot objections
and romonstrances against the said 'proposed Improvement and the Police
Judgo is horoby directed to causo notlco ot said hearing to be published
as by Chartor provided)
County ot Klamath,
City ot Klamath .Falls as.
I, A. L. LEAVITT, Police Judgo ot tho City ot Klamath Falls. Ore
gon, do horoby cortlfy that tho foregoing Is a duly enrolled copy ot a
resolution adopted by tho Common Council on the 14th day of February.
1921, doclarlng Its intention to Improvo tho alloy In Block 17, Original
Town, ot Klamath Falls, Oregon, and approving tbo plans, specifications
and estimates ot costs submitted by tho City Engineer.
F23-M5 Police Judge.
Break Chest Colds
With Red Peppers
Easo your tight, aching chest. Stop
the pain. Break up tho congestion.
Fool a bad cold loosen up In Just a
short tlmo.
"Rod Pepper Rub" Is tho cold rem
edy that brings the quickest relief.
It cannot hurt you aid It cortalnly
sooms to end the tightness and drive
the congestion and soreness right
When heat penetrates right down
Into colds, congestion, aching mus
cles and soro Joints, relief
comos at once,
Nothing has such concentrated,
penetrating heat as red peppers. The
moment you apply Red Pepper Rub
tor colds, backache, sore muscles,
still nock,, lumbago, or the pains of
rheumatism or neuritis, you feel the
tingling heat
In three minutes the congested
spot Is warmed through and through
When you are sufferlDsTso you eaa
hardly get about, Just get a jar of
Rowles Red Pepper Rub, made from
rod peppers, at any drug store. You
will have the quickest relief known.