The Evening herald. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1906-1942, February 24, 1921, Page PAGE FOUR, Image 4

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FOR' SALE Miscellaneous
WANT TO )UY? Wo havo a Tory, roil SALE Household furniture
carefully soloctcd list or housos, First class condition. Call at Con
lots, business property and farm tral Hotel. 23-26
lands. It will pay you to sco us be-
foro. spending your money. Chllcoto FOR SALE Ono medium alio trunk,
ft Smith, 633 Main St. 21-24 1 good condition; man'n black over-
''cont, good ns now. 628 Oak St. Room
VANT TO SELL? Wo nro real os- 10. 23-2S
into specialists. List, your pro-..
porty with us, and wo will hustlo to FOR SALE- Small dairy and Reed
find tho buyor. Chllcoto & Smith, i paying milk rotito. No rcasonablo
633 Main St. -. 21-24 offor refused on I must soil. Wrlto
v.N. W .,. Dox B94 chlloduln, Orogon. 23-25
FOIt SALE IS head good logging
DRESSMAKING First class work, horses, with harness; lmraodlato
i guaranteed. Mrs. Jcfforson. 2-A delivery, Ileason for soiling, putting
Main St. 23-2 In caterpillar tractors. Sco F. E. Mc- tlons and estimates; said
i Kcnnan, winto renew noioi. as-zc
FOIt SALE Dry limb wood. Soo Al
Crtal or phono West End Gro- GET YOUR ORDER In for shndo
cory. 21v-26,j trees, roses nnd berrlos, for spring
jdollvcry at onco. I havo tho latest
CAnPENTElt WORK, odd Jobs nnd prices. Will mnko-my regular spring
repairs neatly dono. Phono 515-M. delivery In April nt 1014 Main St.
10-6", a. 11. unio. 23-ZG
CITY GARBAGE When you want
garbago removed call 10F-23.
xenci: ixvitixo proposals to
purcilvse skwiiii llONDS
Sealod proposals will bo rocolvcd
by tho Common Council ot tho city
of Klamath Falls, Oregon, until
Monday, tho 14 th day of March. A.
FOR SALE Ono 12-20Rumoly oil , P; M, of M,(l aay at tho clt h
pull tratcor. also 3 bottom 14-Inch n Mld cltJ. at whlch tlmo and'pmco
5"8 Ci,.fn.- dJ; U.?d. n.bUi,l0tProPsa'.!' Purchase. will bo.oponed
""""".'" """"" vwuuinyu. ana considered, ror tho nurchasn of
Ion. MotTlll. Ore. 21-25' i fen iir. an -i.- i.-i..-.i. .,,.
Twv,fww.vv, .iij ui mauiuiu ruiiu,
John Zblndcn, Merrill, Ore. 21-25'
Faro 25c each way
Loaves Rex Cafo Leaves Pelican City
7:45 a. m. 8:00 a. m.
12:45 p. m. 1:00 p.m.
5:00 p. m. 5:30 p. m.
Ttcckard Rent Service
Phono 77
Tho City Engineer
to tho resolution ot
mon Council heretofore! ndnpt
cd, having under date ot tho
2Ut day ot January, 1021, tiled
plans, specifications nnd otslmntos of
tho cost of Improving l'lno Street
from Kloventh Strcot to Esplanado,
Including Intersections; and tho Com
mon Council hnvlng taken tho samo
under ndvlsemunt and finding said
plans, specifications nnd estimates
said plans, specifications nnd esti
mates for tho Imporvomcut of l'lno
Strcot from Elovonth Strcot to Es
planado, Including Intersections, ho
nnd tho snmo nro hereby npproved:
ED, thnt tho Common Council horo
by declares Its Intention to Improve
said portions of l'lno Strcot, In ac
cordance with said plans, spoclflcn-
mom to consist or paving said por
tions of Pine Street with Concrete
Illtullthlc or Wllllto. Tho estlmntod
cost of tho Improvement of snld por
tions of snld Btrect by placing there
on olther Concroto, Illtullthlc or Wit
nnd placo for tho hoarlng of objec-
mo to no fiz.uuz.un, gald cost In
cluding grading, rolling, curbing nnd
content slilownlk.
ED, Ily tho Common Council thnt the
following described property bo nnd
Is heroby declared benefited by snld
Improvement, to-wlt:
Lots 5. 6, 7, S, 9. 10, 11 of Illock
2. Hot Springs Addition to City of
Klamath Falls. Oregon; Lots 1, 2, 3,
4, 5, Block 3, Hot Springs Addition to
City of Klnmnth Fnlls, Oregon; nlsa
propony described ns follews: Be
ginning nt tho Intersection ot tho
Soutliorly lino of l'lno Strcot with
tho easterly lino ot 11th street;
menco norincaRioriy niong tho south'
thn easterly lino ot 11th streot;
i thonco northerly nt right angles to
pursuant Main Streot 240 foot to tho soutliorly
tho Com-! lino ot Pine Street, thonco enstorly
niong southerly lino ot l'lno Birooi
120 foot; thonco southerly nt right
nnglos to Mnln Street, 210 feet to
tho nortliorly lino of Mnln Htreet iau
feet to thu beginning; nlso, Begin
ning nt n point on tho easterly lino
of 11th streot 65 feet snuthcnslorlr
from tile Intersection of tho souther
ly lino ot l'lno Street with the oaater
ly lino ot lltli streot; thenro south
easterly niong tho enstorly lino of
lltli street 7r feet; thonco nt right
nnglos to ltth streot northensterly
5S toot; tlienco nt right angles north
westerly pnrnllol with 11th streot 75
foot, tlienco nt right nnglos tn 11th
street southwesterly 58 foot to tho
point of beginning, all snld property
being In Hot Springs Addition to City
ot Klamath Fnlls, Oregon, nnd thnt
Bald property abnvn llstod and des
cribed be and heroby Is declared to
bo nssossed tor tho oxponso ot said
EI), That Monday, tho 7th dny of
March, 1921, at tho hour of 8 o'clock
P. M nt tho Council Chnmbors nt
tho City Hall, bo fixed ns tho tlmo
tlons nnd remonstrances ngalnst tho
snld proposed Improvement nnd tho
Pollco Judgo Is heroby dlroctod to
causn notice ot said hearing to bo
published ns by Charter provided.
FOR RENT Furnished rooms with
bath. 416 Pine St. 23-25
FOR RENT 1 four room furnish
ed Apt.; I largo front room suit
able for two gcntlomcn. Leo Apt. Cor
ner 5th and Walnut Sts. 23-24
FOR RENT Cozy slcoplng room.
Hoat, hot and cold water, bath.
522 Klamath Avo. 19-24
general obligation bonds, payablo 20
years from date ot Issue, bearing n
rate of Interest not oxccedlng six
per cont per nnnum: Intorcst payable crlr lino of Plnn Street. ian r.-
semi-annually; principal and Interest tlienco southeasterly at right angles
paynblo at Oregon Fiscal Agency In I to Pine Streot, C5 feet; thonco south
tho city ot Now York, Stnto of Now I westorly nt right nnglos to llth
York, or nt tho offlco of tho trcas-l Street 120 feet; thonco northwester
uror of said city as determined by ly along tho onstorly lino ot 11th
mutual agreement of purchaser nnd 'street to tho point of beginning: also,
council. Theso bonds nro to bo Issued Beginning nt tho Intersection of tho
In denominations of ono thousand northerly lino of Main Strcot with
dollars, (J1000.00) each, nnd to bo tho onsterly lino ot 11th strcot run
numbered from ono to flfty-ono In- nlng thenco castorly niong tho north-
?!?,. .. ... . . crljr llno ot Mnll- sTeot. 58 feet;
Said bonds nro to bo Issued In tlienco northerly parallel with 11th
pursuance of Ordinance No. 498 of strcot. 100 feet, thonco westerly par
snld city; and nro to bo issued for .nllol with Main Strcot. 58 foot, to tho
iTM .""'""v " """ caB,.?rl: ,,n? ot 11th street. Thence
5i?.i:Wai3.,fJt0 t."l0?""ra-.Si'!';.thrty .!.? tho ooatoriy lino of
--. a.uuawwas lit UWkUIUtUILU MH
tho plans, specifications nnd est!
County of Klnmnth,
City ot Klnmnth Falls ss
I, A. L, Lenvltf, Pollco Judgo qf
tho City of Klnmnth Falls, Oregon,
do hereby cortlty tbnt tho foregoing
Is a duly enrolled copy ot n resolu
tion adopted by tho Common Council
on tho 31 dny of January, 1921, de
claring Its tntontlon to Improvo Plnn
Streot from Elovonth Street to Es
planado, Including Intersections, nnd
npprovlng tho plans, specification
nnd estimates of costs submitted by
tho City Englncor.
A. L. LEAV1TT. Pollco Judgo.
Sixty per cont of tho normal freight
carried by all tho rnllronds of tho
United Stntcs consists of tho total
products of tho mines.
Tho 14 th Belgian nutomobilo show,
held recently In Brussels, was n suc
cess In tho amount ot attention
which It secured from tho public
and In enthusiasm arousod for now
.miiis Auumon, in accordance- with nth street to tho nolnt of heelntiTne
mo pians. speculations nnd cstl-lnso, Beginning nt n nolnt on thn . , m. . .
mates of tho city engineer. Each pro-'Sortherlj -lino of Main Strr o in ' moM- Tho b'lnK. howoTcr. was
Rheumatic Joinct
R6 Pain Rjht Out-Trtflhkl
Rlmuinntlsm Is "pain only." Not
ono ciiho hi fitly roiiulres Intornnl
trentmont. Stop drugglngl Rub
soothing, penetrating "St. Jacobs
Oil" directly Into your soro, stiff
Joints and muiiclos and rollof comes
Instantly. "Ht. Jacobs Oil" Is n harm
less rhoumallsm euro which novor
disappoints and cannot burn or dU
color tho cklii.
Limber up I Quit complalnlnitl Pot
n smnll trial bottlo ot old-tlmo "St.
Jacobs Oil" nt any drug storo nnd In
Just n moment you'll bo freo from
rhoumutla rln, soronoss and stiff
ness. Don't suffer! Rollet and a euro
nwnlto you. "St. Jacobs Oil" baa ow
ed millions ot rhoumntlsni sufferers
lit tho last halt contury, aad la Jvat
aa good for telatlea, nouralila, Urn
bago, baokaoho, sprains and await
Slborln producos moro fur than any
other region In the world, North
America bolug second.
Tho West Virginia stnto peniten
tiary will soon bo solt-Hiipportlng. A
cont mlno on stato properly will bo
operated by tho prlsonora. Tho now
mlno Is now within eight toot ot a
vain ot flno coal which undorllos 106
acres ot tho prison farm,.
Tho City Englncor pursunnt to tho Resolution of tho Common Coun
cil heretofore adopted, having under dnto of tho lay of January,
1921, Mod plans, specifications and estimates of tho cost of Improving
tho alloy In Block 17, Original Town, of Klamath Fnlls, OreKon, Includ
ing Intersections; nnd tho Common Council having taken tho aamo under
ndvlsoment mid flndliiK ald planH, specifications and estimates aatli
fnctory, IT IS HEREBY RESOLVED, That snld plans, specifications and
estimates for tho Improvement of said alloy bo and thu snmo aro horeby
AND BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That tho Common Council
heroby declares Its Intention to Improvo said alloy In accordance with
said plans, specifications and estimates; snld Improvement to consist of
paving mild alloy with Coucrnlo, Illtullthlc or Wllllto. Tho estimated cost
of tho Improvement ot snld alley with either of tho pavomonts montlonod
nbova to bo 11829.00.
AND BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, By tho Common Council that
tho following described property bo nnd Is horoby doclarod benefited by
said Improvement, to wit:
FOR SALE Real Estate
FOR SALE Four room houso with
bath. Corner Washington and
Klovcnth. Phong. 317-M. 23-24
FOR SALE Partially complotcd
four room bungalow $1,762. Ono
block from pavement on High strcot
Inventory materials on hand to com-
plcto exterior,. Included. Will sell at
cost account leaving city. 1400 will
handle, balance tonus to suit. Splen
did opportunity for ono desiring mod
ern homo In good location, wrlto L.
II. Haines Care Pine Doz & Lumbor
Co., R. F. D. 5, Yakima, Wash., tor
particulars. 23-4
FOR SALE Flvo room modern
bungalow, completely furnished.
Splendid furniture nnd rugs, lot
50x110. Cement basement, atono
foundation, on pavement, this is a
lovely homo and a good buy. Price
$5000. cash $2500, balance Ilko rent.
Tho Ryan Realty Co., 612 N. 9th
St, 23-24
Modern 5 room plastered houso on
tho paving, good location and neigh
borhood. Has dutch kitchen, Iota of
built-in conveniences, Indirect light
ing fixtures, full basement, and co
rn on t walks. Paving paid In full.
Prlco only $4500. Terms.
J. T. WARD ft CO.
Pono 375 834 Main St
, ViViViVi-i-i-yVVVVi-iffririn n t
posal to purehnso said bonds must bo feet castorly from tho Intersection nf I m)t M brlsk n had bccn eI,octo(l
tho amount of "the proposal 'certtf led ' " northerly lino of Main Street and I The census ot 1920 shows 21,
by somo responsible bank and pay- "
auio to said city. Proposals must bo
scaled and endersed: "Proposals to
purchase Mills Addition sower
Said bonds nro to bo sold for cash '
at data of delivery, and tor a prlco I
not less than par.
Tho right to reject any nml nil
proposals. Is heroby reserved.
By ordor of tho Common Council.
Pollco Judge of tho city of Kla
math Falls, Oregon.
Feb. 10 M-14
Women! You Can
Diamond Dye It
Old, faded skirts, waists, coats,
Bwoators, draperies, everything,
whether wool, silk, linen, cotton, or
mixed goods, can be dyed any rich,
fadoloss color with Diamond Dyes.
Buy no other dye! Adv.
Telia now To Open Clogged Nosi
trlls and End Head-Colds,
You feel fine in a few moment.
Your cold In head or catarrh will be
gono. Your clogged nostrils will
opon. Tho air passagos ot your head
will clear and you can brcntbo freo
ly. No morodullness, headache; no
hawking, snuffing, mucous dlchargo
or dryness; no struggling for beatb
nt night,
Toll your druggist you want a
small bottle of Ely's Cream Uaim.
Apply a llttlo of this fragrant, anti
septic, cream In your nostrils, lot It
penetrate through every air passagol
of be head; soothe and Iwal tho)
rswollen, Inflamed mucous membrane,
and relief comes Instantly,
It Is Just what every cold and
-catarrh sufferer needs. Don't stay
stuffed-up and miserable.
If you wero offfercd a llfo insur
ance policy that did not absorb any
pnrt of your premium, in a comnnnv
that was safo and sound. It Is noti
likely that you would rofuao It. in
fact tho agent offering such a policy
would bo swamped with business.
Well, that is practically what W. A
Bullock, ot this city Is dolntr. Iln In
selling a policy In tho Occidental
Life Insuranco Co. of Los Angeles,
Calif., that docs this very thing
Hero Is how R Is done:
Ho will wrlto you n policy on tho
20 year endowment nlan cuarantnn.
ing you that in tho event of death to
return all doposlts made by you in
nddltion to tho full faco of your pol
icy. Should you become totally dln.ihloii
from sickness or accident, tho com.
pany havo mado special provision !
wnoreoy you win navo no furthor
payments to mako and will pay $10
per month on each thousand dollars
or insuranco you carry which Is not
deducted from your policy nt death.
Besides, your policy rnnturca the
samo as though you had mado tho
payments yourself.
This Is ono ot tho best policies
ever ofterod by any legal resorvo
company and has other special fea
tures Just as remarkable as thoso
outlined above. Boforo you buy that
Insuranco .you nre thinking about. If
you will call Mr. Bullock, 43-W or
drop a car to 1405 Oregon Avo. Ho
will bo mighty glad to tell you all
about It. Adv.
In education tho United States
occupies ninth placo, which means
that most of tho civilized world Is
nhead of us, according to official re
port of tho houso commjttco on education.
List your housos and apartmonts
thnt you wish to rent with us. 123
8th St. Klamath Exchange. 31-28
Aches, pains, nervousness, dim.
culty in urinating, often mean
serious disorders. The world'3
standard remedy for kidney, liver,
bladder and uric acid troubles
I JbZJ RQCQjgf Crop
I ?SiiS3s3MKHfcfesJ
j renuutn.ruur7inauti
Paul Lambert
and Plwtrn'Cukle It tba
standard reference lor
gTOWNf of theNonhwnt.
of Strdi.Trrcsand llanta.
tprarera. Dairy Supplies
aad equipment.
planted, and every
acre cultivated, yield tho
biRRcst return. Diamond
Quality Seeds nro tested
and adapted to the clima
tic and soil conditions of
tho Northwest. You can
"bank" on big; crops when
you plant Diamond Qual
ity Seeds,
Ask for Catalog No. KM
Special: This Week Only
V Pt. Can Floorlac and Varnish Brush 10c
Spring is coming Brighten up
fiOLI)i;.V OAK
This coupon and 10c entitles
bearer to Jf pint can of Floorlac
and one Varnish Druih, ( Only
one of each to each purchaser.)
Varnish that old furniture and marred
woodwork with
brlnr quick rtllef and oftan ward off
deadly diseases. Known as tho national
remedy of Holland for moro than 203
years. All druggists, In tbta alias.
Ltb for Ik nan Cold Mdl on trttj lor
aad acctpt bo tmllatlaa
I i
V. II. Pobo
I'liono 107
Spring nnd Main
IlcKlnnlnc at tho Southeasterly
corner ot Lot 1, Illock 17, In tho
Town of Llnkvlllo now City of Kla
mnlh Falls,) Oro.; thenco North
westerly along tho Westerly lino ot
Kirth Stlcot, 112 feot; thonco South
wosterly parallel with Main Bt., 30
ft ; thonco Soulhcnstorly pnrnllel
with 6th Ht., 112 ft.: thonco North Jonnlo H. Hum
castorly along Main St., 30 foot to tho nnd
point ot beginning. lph Hum
IlcKlnnliiB at n point on tho North
erly lino ot Mnln fit. 3Cft Southwest
erly from tho Southeasterly cornor
of lot 1 or illock 17 in tna Town oi
Llnkvlllo, (now City of Klamath
Falls.) OrcKen: thonco Northwester
ly at rlRht hiikIi-h to Main Ht. 112 ft;
thonco Southwesterly parallel with
Main St. 30 Si ft.; thenco Southeast
erly parellel with Fifth St 112 ft.;
thenco Northeaitorly alone tho
Northorly lino nt Mnln Ht 30 U ft
to tho placo ot beginning.
IlcKlnnlnK t thn Routhenntorly
cornor ot Lot 2, Illock 17 In tho Town
of Llnkvlllo (now City of Klamnth
Falls) Oregon; thonco Northwesterly
at rlrht anslcs-to Mnln St. 113 ft.:
thonco Soulhwostorly, parallol with
Main St. 3C Vi ft.: thenco Southeast
ly parallel with Sth Ht. 112 ft.;
thenco Northeasterly alone Main St.,
SRii ft to tho point of beginning.
IlnglnnliiK at tho Southwesterly
cornor of Lot 2 Illock 17 In tho Town
ot Llnkvlllo (now tho City ot Kla
math Falls.) Oregon; thenco North
easterly along tho soutliorly lino ot
Main St. 31 ft.; thonco Northwest
erly at right angles to Main St. 112
ft.; thenco Southwesterly parallol
with Main St. 31 ft ; thenco South
easterly parallol with Cth St. 112
ft. to point of beginning.
Ileglnnlng nt tho Southeasterly
cornor of Lot 3 Illock 17 In tho town
ot Llnkvlllo (now City of Klamath
Falls,) Oregen: thenco Northwester
ly at right angles to Main Bt. 112 tu;
thonco Soutliorly parallel with Main
St. 22 ft 10 Ins.; thonco Southeaster
ly parallol with Cth St. 112 ft. thenco
Northensterly along Main St. 22 ft.
10 Ins, to tho placo of beginning.
Beginning at a point on tho North
orly lino ot Main St., 30 ft. North-
msterly from thn Southwesterly cor- , ' I.
nor of Lot i of Illock 17, in tho Town '.
of Llnkvlllo (now City of Klatsntn
Falls,) Oregon; thonco Northeaster
ly along Mnln St. 80 ft.; thenco
Northwesterly at right angles to Main
St. 112 ft. thonco South wostorly, pnr
nllol with Main St. 110 ft. to 4th St.,
thonco Southeasterly along tho East
erly lino ot 4th St. 40 ft.; thonco
Northeasterly parallol with Main fit.
30 ft.; thonco Southwesterly parallol
with 4th GG ft. to point ot begin- Charles Loomls
nlng. John Loomcs '
Beginning at tho Southwesterly
cornor ot Lot 4 of Illock 17 In Town
ot Llnkvlllo, (now City of Klamath - '
Falls,) Oregon; thonco Northoastor
ly along Main St. 30 ft.; thonco
Northwostorly at right nnglos to
Main St.. GG fL; thonco Southwester
ly, parallol with Main St. 30 ft., to
tho Kastorly lino ot 4th St.; thonco ,
Southeasterly along 4th St. GO ft. to First National
tho point ot beginning. Dank ot Kla-
Flrst National Dank ninth Falls, Oro,
Lot C of Illock 17 in tho Town ot
Llnkvlllo (now City ot Klamath -
Falls) Orogon; ozcopt tho southorly
8 ft. thoroof.
Lot G of Illock 17 In tho Town ot
Llnkvlllo (now City ot Klamath
Falls,) Orogon; ozcopt tho Southorly
8 ft. thoroof.
Lot 7 of Illock 17 In tho Town
ot Llnkvlllo (now City ot Klamath
Falls,) Oregon; ozcopt tho South
orly 8ft. Ihorcof.
Sift, on yla 8t.
30 Si ou Main St.
Z. J. Powoll 3& KT It, on Main St.
3 ML on Main Bt.
J. O. Ileardsloy
IXJt.'lO In.
on Main Bt.
110 ft. on Alloy
80 ft, on Main Bt.
O. D. Matthowa
StoIIa Man
80 ft. on Main Bt,
65 ft. on Plao St.
SB ft. on Plao St,
J. W. McCoy 65 (t, on Plao Bt.
and that said proporty abovo llstod and described bo and heroby Is do
clarod to bo tho proporty to bo assessed for tho ezponso of said Improve
mont. AND HE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That Monday, tho 21st day ot
March, 1021, at tho hour of 8 o'clock p, in. at tho Council Chambers In
tho City Hall, bo (Izod as tho tlmo and place for tho bearing of objections
and remonstrances) uealnst tho said nroDOsod Improvement anil thaiPnllrn
Judgo Is heroby directed to causo notice of said hearing to be published
as by Chartor provided. ' '
County of Klamath,
City of Klamath Fullsfit.
I, A. L. LEAVITT, Pollco Judgo of the City of Klaraith Falls, Ore
gon. do heroby cortlty that .tho foregoing la a duly, enrolled copy ot a
resolution adopted by tho Common Qouncll'on tho 14th dny of February,
1921, doclarlng its Intoirtlon-io Improve the alley In Dlock 17, Original
Town, of Klamnth Falls, Orogon, nnd approving tho plans, Bpoclncatlons
and estimates of coats submitted by tho City Englneor, . i
Police Judge,