The Evening herald. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1906-1942, February 12, 1921, Page PAGE THREE, Image 3

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Filipino 'Boxer
to Tour America
MANILA, 1 I Jnn. 1. (Ily Mnll)
Donclo Cnlmtioln, Filipino claimant
f 'I'lll mi
Head Stuffed By
Catarrh or Cold ?
Use Healing Cream
Instant rnllof no waiting. Your
eloggsd nostrils opon right up; tits
air passages of your head clear and
yon can brostha freely. No itnoro
hawklnit. snuffling, blowing, head
ache, dryness. No struggling for
breath at night; your cold or catarrh
Dot a small bottle of Kly'a Cream
Ilalm from your druggist now. Apply
llttlo of thin fragrant, antiseptic,
hoatlnK cream In your nostrils. It
penntratei through ovary air psssago
.'of tho hoad, soothes tho Inflamod
'or awollen mucous mombrano and ro
Hot come Instantly.
It's juit flno. Don't itay stuffed
up with a cold or nasty catarrh.
to ilio lightweight championship of
tho far cant, lino Binned n contract
to fight In tho lnltod Btntos nnd
has unnouncod thnt ho will loavo
for Hnn Francisco within ' a fow
Arthur O'Connor, Ban Francisco,
who has promoted sovornl flRhts In
Manila, ban Onbnnoln's contract and
will loavo on nn early stonmor to
nrrnngo boutn for tho Filipino pug
ilist. O'Connor said ho hoped to tnko
Cnlmnola to Now York for his first
flRht on tho mainland.
MISSOULA, Mont., Poll. 12, Ao
cordlnR to reports rocolvod by tho
federal forest sorvlcu officials horo
never baforn In annals of Montana
has llviiotock woathorod on tho rant;
os eo wall as this winter and there Is
doclared to bo ovory prospect that
they will oscnpo sorlous Ioshoh dur
InK tho remainder of tho sason.
Thoro has been little feeding, ns
rnnga grass has boon Reed and also
Wot foot cnuso colds, thin solos
causo wot foot. Wo fix tho solos,
tho solos fix tho colds. Ilrndloy
Kvann llopalr Dopt, 11-12
Supply and Demand
Regulate the Price
of Lumber
Right now the demand
is far in excess of the
supply and is sure to be
more noticeable next
spring. ,
4,000,000 Homes are Needed in the United
These will be built and this means a great domand for lumbor
and naturally the price will Increase.
I( Is only reasonable to expect lnmber prices to advance.
Deride to own home. Tlace your contract while prlcea are at
Our plan booka are ready for your Inspection. .
Big Basin Lumber Co.
Exclusive nop'resontatlvos of National Dulldors Duroau
From five to twenty-five
miles per hour in nine
seconds flat that is
standard performance of
"Glenbrook" model.
Take just one ride in this
car and you will imme
diately appreciate the
difference between "old
school mechanics" and
strictly modern" science.
HftTtti if rif Mttot Ctrl 4 MtUr XntU
Imperial Garage
The Office Cat
All About Mabel
Thoro was onco a 'Ilokah named Ma-
And eho sat on tho dining-room tablo;
Bho got very roo
When nn Odd. Follow said:
"Oh, look nt tho logs on that
Throo-lnk Nows
Then off of her porch hustlod Mabel
Bho got right down off 'tho tablo
And tho things that sho did
To that Odd Follow kid
Well, you would novor think eho
was ablo.
Hurh Reflnrd Flnmor
(Medford Mall Trlbuno)
I'ractlcal Jokers Monday afternoon
placod an Imitation dead rat In tho
coat pockot of Miss Paulino Thomp
son n clerk at Martin J. Reddy's
Jawolry store When tho young lady
dlscovorcd tho "rat" eho promptly
fainted, which was not what tho Jok
ers oxpoctod. At this Juncturo Dr.
If ayes appcarod and Miss Thompson
soon revived. Tho rlngloadors of tho
Joko woro moro frightened than tho
Prediction fof 1021
(Dy tho Astrologer)
Miss Venus has received orders
to vacato tho 1020 flat tho first of
next month! a Mr. Morcury. having
secured a loaso on tho prorolsos for
This Mercury person is considered
a doubtful charactor at best, and tho
chances aro that bo will start sorao-
thlngNof an unroasonnblo nature Tho
fact that Miss Venus was ejected
makos him oat a lowbrow and a bum
to start -with. Miss Venus was bo
having hersolf all right In this U.
8. A. neighborhood, and thoro was no
reason or oxcuio for raising hor rent
to tho point where no rospoctable
woman could pay It. Mils ' Venus
would havo bcon Justl'flod In taking
a wallop at hor landlord, had she
any arms or hands to do It with.
Mercury has n habit of disturbing
business conditions, and It may bo ex
pected that tho low-brow clement of
socloty will bo ublo to purcbaso farm
Implements, shoes, automobiles and
othor necessities at consldorabla less
than thoso articles aro now otter
ed. Ono of Morcury's pot aversions Is
pork, and as tho prtco of pork chops
Is said to govern tho world's markets
It Is to bo expected that Morcury
will kick all tho grunts and othor
Inflations out of tho pork price.
Therefore look out for a drop In
It may bo doflnltoly expected that
It will bo coldor In tho northern
statos than In tho southern.
Tho winter In tho statos of Wash
ington and Oregon will bo wot. It
will rain consldornblo thoro, whllo In
California tho famouB sunshlno will
bo on tap. ,
A notlceablo incroaso in dryness
will occur In Chicago whoro Morcury,
has already-established a connection
with Judgo Konosaw M. Landls. It
Is also probabjo that Chicago will
havo somo new pollcomen.
Farmers should "not plant their
crops until tho ground is thawod out
In tho spring.
Onions will bo strong ns usual.
Fish worms will bo scarco.
Cox's army will bo Jobless.
Woman will bogln waring cloihoa
Raisins will cost moro.
Friday will bo lucky for somo
peoplo and unlucky for others.
With Mercury on tho Job nobody
nood bo surprised at anything that
happons la fact, wo predict It.
Hort Wltbrow predicts' that tho
fato of froo eoods onco mora threat
ens to distract tho nation.
What Mary Lacks
Mary doos not rougo hor lips,
Nolther doos eho paint. .
Is sho a hit among tho mont
You know darn woll she ain't)
Is this tho Mary with tho lamb
That high-priced piece of mutton,:
Well, it It is, We're strong for her,
No matter what she'll put ont
Blissful Innoccnco
Af tor, Don. Loomla had been called
several times by bis slstor Aileen and
didn't got up, his father wont to tho!
foot of tho stairs nnd callod, "Donald,
Donald." No nnsVor. Ho going to
Donald's room ho askod, "Why didn't
you answor when, I callod first?"
"Well father, "wns tho hasty reply,
"I didn't hoar you until you had
callod twlco. Father seeing tho Inno
ccnco of his son's statmoiit said,
"How did you know I callod IwlcoT"
Donald at first stumped, answerod
"Woll I Just sub-consciously hoard
nottcm i.nvit1no 1'iioi'onalh to
purchase hi;vi;u ho.viih
Bcnlod proposals will bo rocolvod
by tho Common Council of tho city
of Klamath Falls, Oregon, until
Monday, tho 14 th day of March, A.
D. 1021 at tho hour of 8 o'clock
P. M. of said day, at tho city hall
In said city at which tlmo and placo
proposals to purchaso will bo opanod
nnd considered, for tho purchaso of
$50,735.00, city of Klamath Falls,
goneral obligation bonds, payabla 20
years fromSlato of lssuo, bearing a
rnto of Intcrost not oxcoodlng six
par cent por annum; Interest payablo
soml-annually; principal and Intcrost
paynblo nt Oregon Fiscal Agency In
tho city of Now York, Btato of New
York, or at tho offlco of tho treas
urer of said city as dotormlncd by
mutual agrcomont of purchaser and
council. Thcso bonds aro to bo issuod
In denominations of ono thousand
dollars, ($1000.00) each, nnd to bo
numbered from ono to flfty-ono in
clusive. Bald bonds aro to Jo Issued in
pursuanco of Ordlnanfb No. 498 of
said city; and aro to bo Issued for
tho -purposo of Installing a sower
system In tho terrltdry known as
Mills Addition, In accordanco with
tho plans, specifications and esti
mates of tho city engineer. Each pro
posal to purchaso said bonds must bo
nccompanlcd by n check for 5 of
tho amount of tho proposal certified
by somo responsible bank and pay
ablo to said city. Proposals must bo
sealed and endersed: "Proposals to
purcbaso Mills Addition sowor
Said bonds aro to bo sold for cash
at data of delivery, and for a prlco
not loss than par.
Tho right to reject any and all
proposals, Is hereby rcsorvod.
Ily ordor of tho Common Council.
Pollco Judgo of tho city of Kla-
mothballs, Oregon.
Fob. 10 M-H
Darkens eBaatlfally nnd Restores
Its Natural Color and
Lnstre At Onoo
Common garden sago, brewed into
a heavy tea, with sulphur and alco
hol addod,"wlll turn gray, streaked
and fadod hair beautifully dark and
luxuriant. Mixing tho Sago tea and
Sulphur reclpo at home, though, Is
troublesome An oasior way is to get
tho rcady-to-use preparation, Im
proved by tho addition of other In
gredients, a largo bottlo, at llttlo
cost, at drug atoros, known as
TVyeth's Sage nnd Sulphur Com
pound.' thus avoiding a lot of muss.
While gray, faded hair is not sin
ful, wo all deslro to retain our
youthful appcaranco nnd attractive
ness. Dy darkening your hair with
Wyoth'a Sago and Sulphur Com
pound, no ono can toll, bocause It
doos It so naturally, so ovenly. Yoa
Just dampen a spongo or soft brush
with It and draw this through your
hair, taking ono small strand at a
time; by morning all gray hairs
havo dlsaappeared. Aftor another ap
plication or two your hair becomes
beautifully dark, glossy, Boft and
luxuriant, and you appear years
younger. Adv.
1 1
Wo Eat too Much Mcflt Which Clog
Kidneys, Then the llnck
Most folks forgot that tho kldnoys,
llko the bowels, get sluggish asd
cloggod and nood a flushing occa
sionally, olso wo havo backacho and
dull mlsory In tho kidney roglon, jo
voro headaches, rhoumatlo twlngos,
torpid liver, acid stomach, slooploss
noss and all sorts of bladdor disor
ders. You simply must kocp your kld
noys actlvo and clean, and tho mo
ment you foal an acho or pain In tho
kldnoy region, got about four ounces
of Jad Salts from any good .drug
storo horo, tnko a tablospoonfuf In a
glass of wntor boforo breakfast for a
fow days and your kidnoys wilt then
act flno. This famous salts Is made
from tho acid of grapes and lomon
Julco, comblnod with llthla, and is
harmless to flush clogged kldnoys and
stlmulato them, to normal activity. It
also noutralltes tho acids in tho urine
so It do longor Irrltatos thus ondlng
bladdor disorders.
Jad "Salts Is harmless; Inexpen
sive; makos a delightful offervosoent
llthla-watoV drink which everybody
should tako now and then to keep
their kindnoys cloan, thus avoiding
sorlous complications,
A wpll-known local druggist says
ho soils lots of Jad Salts to folks who
bollovo In overcoming kldnoy trou
ble whllo it is only trouble..
Wo do quality shoo repairing.
Ilradloy-Evans Repair Dopt. 11-12
List your houses and apartments
that you wish to rent with us. 133
8th St. Klamath Exchange 31-28
Rhcumatic Joink
R6 Run Right Out-Trylftl!
Rheumatism Is "pain only." Not
ono case In fifty requires Internal
treatment. Stop drugging! Rub
soothing, penetrating "St. Jacobs
Oil" directly into your soro, stiff
Joints and muscles and relief comes
Instantly. "St. Jacobs Oil" is a barm
loss rheumatism euro which novor
disappoints and cannot burn or dis
color tbo skin.
Limber upl Quit complaining! Get
a small trial bottlo, of old-time "St.
Jacobs OH" at, any drug storo and In
Just a moment you'll be free from
rhoumatlo pain, soreness and stiff
ness. Don't suffer! Relief and a care
awaita you. "St. Jacobs Oil" ha ear
ed millions of rheumatism sufferers
in tho last half century, and la Just
as good for sciatica, neuralgia, laaa
bago, backache, spralas and swellings.
Cigar Stand
A 'fine stock of Cigars, Cigarettes 'and
Latest' Daily Papers, 'Magazines -and
Telephone 1SS-W
Trade Your Ford on a
Larger Car
I need a Ford touring or roadster; body not ma
terial but must have first class engine and chassis.
If you want one of the very best easy-riding, easy
driving light six touring cars a leader in the $2500
class get busy and we surely will make a deal.
Uses no more gas than the average Ford, quick"
pick-up, and lots of pep and go. Run less than 10,000
miles. Get a look at this car; and it won't cost any
thing to take a ride in it.
Acme Garage