The Evening herald. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1906-1942, February 09, 1921, Page PAGE FIVE, Image 5

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i4f tfe? Theater
JVlBN feci so sure of themselves in buy
ing Florshcims in theso days of tips and
downs in shoo prices-so sure of the shoe
they are getting, so sure of the lightness
of tho price that we are selling more
Florshcim Shoes now than formerly.
Measured by value, quality, service, com
fort; style, satisfaction, Florshcim Shoes
are always reasonable in price
" Aint Mad At Nobody"
VIco-Prosldont, Uuaranty Trust Company of Now York
lly i. L. O'NKIIj,
In order to accomplish with a
minimum cxpondlturo ot tlmo and
money, tho vast amount ot detail
work which playa an Important part
In tho operation or a hank, a largo
and ever-Increasing numbor and var
iety ot labor-Having machines nro
employed, Tho ipood with which
work can bo dono by thoso machines
makea many ot them practically In-
dlipcntablo In any largo Institution
'where tho volumo ot business nocos-
altatea maximum conservation ot tho
time consumed by details.
' Kveryono, ot courso,' Is familiar
with tho typewriter. To turn out
Its thousands ot lottera, tolegrama,
cables, torma and memoranda, tho
Guaranty Trust company uses In
IU New York offices alono moro
than 700 typewriters.
To consorvo tho stenographer's
tlmo In certain classes ot work, tho
correspondent uses a dictating ma
chine a buslnoss phonograph, tho
spoken work being recordod on a
wax cyllrlder, which Is later placed
on transcribing machine, which re
peats tho letter to tho typist.
Montlon must also bo mado of tho
automatic typowrltors, which pound
rapidly away In an uncanny fashion
with no apparont guiding powor.
Thoy work on tho prlnclplo ot a
player' piano, holes. bolngSaut In a
long strip of paper which whon run
through tho machlno establishes,
cicatrical connection with ho proper
letters. Thoso aro doprossed as
though they had boon struck with
tho human- finger, and tho printing
Js dono aa fast as, or faster than
iy,.mo epooaioai lypisi.
The Guaranty Trust company usos
160 adding and 21 calculating ma
chinos. In cases wharo accounting
Is of n routlno nature tho work ot
the' bookkeeper or auditor Is roduc
ed to a mechanical operation. This
Is dono by a sorting and tabulating
machlno. It comes In throo units.
Tho first roglstors nil tho doslrod
facts by means of holes, punched In
cards especially designed for tho
(purpose Thb second sorts tho cards
Into any groupings doslrod, nnd tho
third summarlios, tubulates, and
' gives (no totals. For Instnnco, In
rocordlng tho salo of foreign drafts,
cards aro punched us to Issuing
bank, amount, country drawn on,
and any other necessary facts. They
nro 'then put Into tho Bortlng ma
chlno and rapidly sorted as to coun
tries, banks, etc, and finally arc
summarlzod and provod by divisions
and balancod. Tho machlno Is not
only a tromendous labor savcj-, but
doos Its work with absoluto accur
acy. As a protoctlon against fraud and
Inaccuracy, chock writers which Im
press tho amount of tho check Inio
the ttbro of tho paper with indollblo
ink aro usod. Special writors aro
usod for dlrldonil chocks. For In
stance, If n man has CO, sharos of
Stock and Is entltlod to a 3 par cent
dividend, tho dial Is set for 69
shares and tho chock Is written
(both In words nnd numerals) for
$100. All chocks, drafts, and stock
certificates aro cancollcd by largo
perforating machines which atamp
tho duto and tho word "paid", or
similar Inscriptions In largo letters
through tho paper ot tho checks, a
handful nt a tlmo, making It Ini
posslblo to uso them again, white
not spoiling thorn as rocords,
It a doposltor presents a choek at
tho paying teltor's window and tho
toller Is suro of his signature and
Identity but not sura that tho
Amount la on deposit, ho Drossos a
button on an electrical mnchluo,
which rings a buzzor In tho book-
koeplng dopartmont. Ho then wrltoa
tho customer's namo on a brass
Plato with a metal stylo and an ox-
act ropToducton of tho writing Is
registered on a long strip ot papor, In
tho Ijookkooplng dopartmont. Tho
bookkeeper Immodlatoly replies by
writing tho customers' balanco In
tho samo way and It Is duplicated
on tho machlno In tho teller's cage.
This Is dono. whllo tho teller Is
counting tho monoy and soldom re
sults. In dolay. Its great advantage
over tho tolephono or verbal rnoa
sago Is that tho figures aro actually
written nnd may bo preserved ns a
rocord, thus reducing tho possibility
of mistakes to a minimum.
In order lo niako chango quhkly
paying tollora uso nutomatlc cash
lors. Tho push ot tho doslrod key
on tho machlno causes tho oxact
chango to drop Into tho toller's
hand. Tho paying tellers may also
uso an automatlo coin wrapping ma
chlno which counts and wraps In
rolls Jargo'atacks of looso coins,
opon nt each ond so that tho coins
can bo soon whon handed to tho
For speed and tho elimination of
ctorlcnt drudgery, tho addressing
machlno Is Invaluable Namos and
addresses ot depositors, stockhold
ers, and others aro stoncllod by spe
cial cuttlngvraachlncs on smalt metal
Plates which aro fllod In long trays
until wanted. Whon tho occasion
arises tho plates nro placed In tho
addressing machlno, and cards or
onvolopos aro run oft at tho rato
of many thousand an hour. Cus
tomers' namos and addrossoa may
bo prlntod In advance at tho top of
tholr monthly statements by this
machlno, and with tho uso ot win
dow onvolopos, tho addressing of
onvolopos Is thus mado unnoeos
Bury. Thoso familiar with the
bookkooplng dopartmont ot a bank
know tho tromondous amount of
extra work that would result if
this Information bad to bo writ
ten by hand or typed on customers'
statements, and tho onvolopos ad
dressed separately. '
Among other labor and tlmo sav
ing machines may bo mentioned ono
which signs eight or ton copies of
a document simultaneously by
means of fountain pons, controll-
Jubilee Singers to
Be Here Feb. 17-20,
Tho Tonnossoo Jublloe Slngors, of
natlon-wldo reputation, will fill an
ongagomont hero at tho Mondalo
thontor on tho 17th, 18th, 19th and
20th of ithls month. An harmony slng
ors Jmd dancers thoy probably havo
no superiors, and almost ovory place
big enough to support a thoator has
onjoyod their work at somo tlmo or
othor. Thoy aro thorough in tholr
itinerary plans, and ffcV that reason
have a gonornt roputatlon that Is
ocllpsod by no othor aggregation of
ontortalnors now appearing boforo
tho footlights Thoy sing somo of the
now songs, but novor forgot tho old
fnvorlton, and any audlcnco can get
Its till ot ploasuro through this son-
slblo entertaining system;
Fancy dainty Illlly Burke, tho pop
ular Paramount Artcraft star, a burg
lar) Fancy her Jimmying opon win
down nnd burgling with real knlgMs
of tho Jlmmyl That aho is a real ar-
tlst'ln this lino of work (but only
from tho standpoint ot tho artist
howoror) la Indlcatod by nor por
trayal of tho stellar rolo In "Away
a oca Prudence," a delightful com
edy drama which will bo shown at
tho Star Theatre tonight.
Charming Miss Durko'a comedy
powers -wtsro. nover shown to better
advantage than in tho rolo of Vrud
onco Thome, a daring sorloly girl
who profors flying to hor lover't at
tentions and Is brought to her tenses
through a kidnapping arranged by
him. Prudence Js forced to Ilvo with
n band ot crooks who compel her to
team all of tho tricks ot tholr pro
fession, Miss nurke showed markod
ability In Jimmying open windows,
scaling walls, throwing knives and
breaking into houses "mud oven
shooting craps. Bho disguises in a
noat suit of boy's clothing, but also
finds opportunity to don a clevor
chocked suit and sovoral evening
drosses with her usual charms.
In tho flying scenes Miss Ilnrko
woars a. leather coat belonging to a
girl friend who saw sorvlco in Franco
nnd in trousers and holmot ot a
French ace. Percy Murmont Is hor
leading man. Others In tho cast In
cludo Dorothy Walters, Charlos Lane,
Maudo Turner Cordon, Ilrndloy -Darker
and Albert Hackott. Josephine
Iovott wrota the story and tho con
tinuity -was by Kathryne Stuart.
John 8. Ilobortson was tho director.
Trade Your Ford on a
Larger Car
I need a Ford touring or roadster; body not ma-?
terial but must have first class engine and chassis.
If you want one of the very best easy-riding easy
driving light six touring cars a leader in the $2500
class get busy and we surely will make a deal.
Uses no more. gas than the average Ford, quick
pick-up, and lots of pep and go. Run less than 10,000
miles. Get a look at this car; and it won't cost any'
thing to take a ride in it.
Acme Garage
lie is
The Lono Plnot school -will havo a
Valentino party and basket social at
tho school houso Saturday evening.
Fob. 12. Tho monoy from tho sale
ot tho baskets will bo usod to buy a
phonogmph for tho school. Most ot
tho children who havo 'boon out ot
school on account ot sickness aro
back again.
Miss Mario Dolan called on Mrs.
Enman Friday evening.
Chester Enman wont to Merrill
Mr. nndMrs. J. E. Enman, K. W.
Enman, Wilbur Eastwood, H. Samon
and Mrs. llarvoy, wero buslnoss visi
tors at Klamath Falls Tuesday.
"An engineer friend of mine put
mo on to Tanlac a abort tlmo ago,
and It's tho tlnost thing I've run
across to build a follow up and mako
him feel like aomothlng," said A.
Evorton, woll known conductor for
tho Southern Pacific railroad resid
ing at 466 Hancock St, Portland.
"I sufforod from stomach troublo
nnd nenrousnoas for two yoars boforo
Tanlac flxod mo np. My work a con
ductor kept mo up ovory other night
and I had to slcop the next day, but
I gol bo norvous I could scarcely
aleop nlgbt nor day. My stomach bo
camo so disordered that nothing I
ato aeomed to digest proporly but
caused mo intonso pain. Why, I was
simply miserable nearly all tho tlmo
and was In such a bad fix I knew I
had to find something to sot mo right
or I would get down complotoly.
"It has only takon six bottlos of
Tanlac to build mo up to whoro I
fool as strong and woll 'as I ovor did.
I can oatanythlng I want now with
out Its causing mo a bit of troublo,
and my' nerves ore so steady I Just
sloop like a log, In fact I'm enjoying J
tho very best ot health sad eaa't say
enough for Tanlac.
Tanlac Is sold In Klamath Falls by
Star Drug Co., In Lorella by Jamos
Merc. Co., and In Merrill by Sonthorn
Oregon Drug Co. Adv.
Frank Stewart and Charles Mack
woro county seat visitors Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. Iran Iccnblco and Mr.
and Mrs. Arthur Schrolnor vlsltod at
tho E. A. Schrolnor home Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Schubert, Jr.,
vlsltod with Mr. and Mrs. Wm.
Choyno Sunday.
E. A. Schrolnor has Just finished
building a now' house for Joe Cass.
Sorvlcos woro hold last Sunday at
tho Emanuel Daptlst church by Iter.
C. L. Hall, state missionary ot Port
land. Ho Is planning to romaln and
speak at tho church next Sunday
morning and ovonlng. Sunday school
will bo conducted at 10 a. m. pro
ceeding tho morning sermon.
All are cordially Invited.
Moslem Mosque Still
Stands In Germany
WTUNSDOHF, aermanjVJaa. II.
(Oy Mall). A reminder et the time
when the former Zmperor William
attempted to pose as a leader in the
Moslem world, remains' her la the
form ot a Mohammedan mosque,
which was erected by the kaiser ia
tho first years ot the world war.
Eight bundrod orthodox adherent
ot tho teachings ot the Koran regu
larly worship In it.
It is the only mosque in Oennany
and William II built it for the
bonetlt of the Cossack aoS Xlrthl
Tartar war prisoners who were eap-
tured while serving with tho Ria-
slans and French. Aa InUraarat
camp surrounds It. Under' the law
ot tho, Koran, the mosqae must err
or bo destroyed.
There has been considerably criti
cism ot the former Oaiperor for
having erected It and for the yea
aont government for maintaining- U.
In reply, the official declare It fa
their duty to give tho Interned Tar
tar an opportunity to worship ac
cording to the dictate of their
faith. Thoy point out that destruc
tion ot the mosque would bo a seri
ous offense In the eye of all Mo
A cUaalftod A will sail It
4 &
od by a master pen In tho hand
ot tho slgnor. Tho papers to bo
signed, aro usually In shoots and aro)
carried under tho pons aa fast as
thoy can bo slgnod and removod.
A machlno which endorses chocks
operates, so fast that It would UVo(
sovorai mon using runoer stamps 10
do tho work In tho samo tlmo.
Incinerators tor tho burning ot can
celled bonds, coupons, etc., aro usod
In many banks. Thoy aro largo fur
naces with vory tine grating to
prevent tho smallest coupons from
escaping and electric blowers to
force tho burning.
A machine for cutting coupons
from a largo number ot bonds at
ono tlmo la also' widely used.
Machines which test tho quality
'and roststanco ot. paper are of spe
cial Importance In tho seloctlon of
envolopes which must carry valuable
(contents and stand up under tho
strain ot much rough handling.
Many banks uso electrically driven
machines which print tho corner
card of govornment envelopes by
moans of an automatic feed at tho
rate of from 20,000 to 25,000 a day.
There is also a machlno which pho
tographs wills, document, chocks,
signature cards, and' othor papors
and develops and prints them, whilo
anothor machlno dries them in a few
mlnutos by eloctrlcity.
Printing presses, electrically drlv-
on multlgrapbs and mlmoographs,
paper cutters, perforating and
punching machines, and automatic
bookbinders to bind papers nnd
rocords by machinery, are also
among tho many tlmo and labor sav
ing mnchlnoB which havo como Into
moro or less gonoral ueo In largo
financial institutions.
&- - r
We are pleased to announce to our oldTpatrons and to th,
puolic in general that we will open for business on Wednesday
morning! Feb. Ninth; Nineteen-Twenty-One. We wish to, assure
everyone that the policy of this market "Square as old Abe'1 shall
be followed at all times. We will carry a large stock of the
finest, fresh and cured meats, poultry and eggs,. We will buy
airect rrom tne tviamaui iouniy farmers uiereoy eiunmaunir uij-?i
middle man's profits, 'giving the public the benejfit of the lower
Main Street, Cor 3rd.
Phone 5H-J