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Today a News
Member of the Associated Press,
I'lffwnlli YonH. N. lilt I.
Wireless telegraphy nxporlmonts
hnvo boon no successfully prosocu
ted by lucnl boys, particularly tho
Nludonts of tho high achool, sold
Professor J. H. Hoes, professor of
clonco of tho IiIkIi school, that
thoro ura not loss than a dozen re
ceiving ntatlonm nnd aerials In
thin city over which wlrcloss mes
sages Bent from long dlslnncos can
bo hoard with compartlvo oaso. In
toroit In wireless telegraphy haa
boon groatly atlinulatod alnro Pro
fessor lloos Installed a receiving
attlon, which perhaps, with the
100-foot aerial on tho roof of
tho achool, la giving tho boat roaujta
of any In tho city. Tho high achool
rocolvlng atatlon la what la known
a tho panel typo.
Thoro aro no Bonding atatlona In
tho city, but Professor Ilooa la con
templating tho Installation of ono
cither In tho high achool or at hta
homo. When thla la dono, othora will
Th0 local high achool currlculm
dooa not Include n courao In wlro-
leaa telegraphy, but I'rofoiaor Ilooa
hopoa to boo It taken up and veiled
with credit advantagoR.
Wbllo "Intoning In" at various
times, tho boya havn heard mos-
sagos from Sesttlo, Ban Francisco,
and Intermediate points, Explain
Ing tho secret of wlrolcas telegraphy
Id tho way bost undoratood by tho
unltlatod, Profossor floes sold that
message aro transmitted by dots
and dasbon which Impart musical
tone, In duration tho sounds being
omowhat Identical to tho dots and
dashes of tho ordinary telographer'a
Tho height of tho aerjal, con
tinued. TrofeMor Reese, la wore. Im
portant than Its length, and In thla
respect tho norlal nt tho high achool
la ao located that It will giro un
usually good satisfaction.
Wlrolcas wavw, said Professor
Ilooa, travel 188,000 miles socond,
tho iimo as light waves, but they
aro of groator volumo, ranging up
to aoveral hundred yards. Thoy
loavo tholr point of origin In tho
form of aphoros, and will go through
opnquo substance such as hills,
ruountnlns, and buildings. Whon
they encounter metal conveyors thoy
bocomo retarded, and thla obstruc
tion operates tho telophonos, Kach
time a wnvo encounters a metal
conductor It bocomua diminished but
tho porcontago of docroaso In volumo
la ao small that wirolcss atatlona
over a vast region can bo sorvod
Most of tho rocolvlng stations and
aorlnls In thla city havo boon In
stalled and oroctod at an approxi
mate coat of $25, tho norlal In most
Instances consisting of two masta
connoctod with wlrea nn conductors
Professor Iloes said that tho Interest
hero la ao koen, and. tho boya loam
o readily and ongorly, that many of
thorn aro bettor versed In soma
pbasos of wireless tolography than
he. In fact, tho profossor Bald,
somo of tho boya aro ovlnchig so
much Intorost that tholr parents
are somowhat approhonslvo regard
ing tholr Interest In other studios,
but aftor nil, tho boya who havo
takon up tho work aro learning a
great deal about electricity, a most
Important study thoso days,
High school girls, tho profossor
eatd, do not taka much Intorost In
wlroloss tolography, but tho major
ity of tliom display IntoroBt whon
they aro gtvon an opportunity to
"llston In" In conversation.
Evory day tho correct tlmo Is ro
colvod hero from 11:55 to 13
o'clock, tho Bocouds being tlckod
off according to nn Intermittent Bys
torn, and tho tlmo as rocotvqd 'is
always accurate
Tho 25 or SO boys who havo tak
on up tho study boro aro consist
ent In tholr experiments and stu
dies, and Intorost In tho work Is
gradually Increasing, giving thorn an
opportunity to comblno work and
play In a profitable manner.
KANSAS CITY, Fob. 9. -Crude
toll produced In Kansas and Okla
homa has droppod until today tho
prlco Is half what oil was selling
for 16 days ago.
0 if '
Old Colonial Times
To Be Recalled By
Library Club Social
A luminous mooting nnd nodal re
ception will bo hold by thu Woman's
Library club Friday nftornoon nt tha
library rooms, and nil ladles of tha
city nra Invltod to attend.
Tha business mooting opens nt
2:30 o'clock nnd nt Us clond thorn
will bo n Roclnl tlmo, plannod along
colonial IIiioh, with tho fostering
of hotter ncqualntnnco nmong tho
ladlos as Its objoct.
Any ono who has relics of col
onial times Is requested to bring
them to tho mooting. , It Is hoped
to havo ulto a llttlo collection to
display. - J
Tho chamber of cmnrnercn quar
tette opened tho after dinner fea
tures at tho forum mooting In tho
Ilox cafo this noon, tho Introduction
of guoflts following aftor a fow "hot
shots" by tho chairman, Fred Kloot.
Tho guests woro C. C. Williams,
traveling passenger agont of tho
Bouthorn Pacific; A. E. Ilhodcs,
traveling freight agent for tho
Missouri-Pacific railroad; W. II. An
drows, generat frolght agent for tho
Toledo, St. Louis & Western rail
road; Dr. K. Mallett, and Miss
lllackford, principal of tha Central
school. Cuonty Coronor Earl Whit
lock was Introduced as a now mom
bor whom "wo got boforo ho got
kWaltir C. Thompson, of tho Mo-
doe Lumber company, an entomolo
gist; who ,hu,xlvoav much jitudy ' to
the western plno beetle, spoko point
edly regarding tho monaco of that
Insect to tho tlmbor Industry. Sixty
per cent of tho timber of tho coun
try Is west of the Itocky mountains,
and CO per cont of thla amount Is
In tho states of Washington, Ore
gon, and California. Thla county,
said Mr. Thompson, haa moro tlm
bor than any other county In tho
Tho plno bootlo, explained Mr,
Thompson, burrowa Into tho troo and
cuts off tho flow of sap, killing It.
This Insect, under normnl condi
tions, Is always present. Under or
dinary conditions tho oxtent of dam
ago to timber Is from 1 to 10 per
cent, but In somo parts of this dis
trict tho damngo runs as high as
CO por cont. 8lxtoon per cent Is
tho estimated 'avorngo.
Thoro aro 10,000,000,000 feet, of
tlmbor In thu county, said Mr.
Thompson. Private andcorporato
holdings aro bolng given tha bonoflt
of protoctlvo measures through a
largo oxpondlturo of monoy, but
unless tho government cooperates
thoso offorts will bo frultloss. Thoro-
foro, said tho speaker, tho urgency
of campaigning against tho plno
bootlo should bo kopt beforo tho
public and coneroes. Twontr-flvo
Ho 35 por cent of tho timber of tho
bounty Is In dungor, Bald Mr,
Thompson, and xthls loss would
havo n dotorront offoct upon tho
progress of this onttro roglon.
Talk Rcdlfttrictlng
Characterizing Mr. Thompson's
talk, tho first ono by tho way, as
(ho bost talk Qf tho day, Chairman
Fleet callod upon Frod Ilakor to dis
cuss n syatom for redisricting tho
stato with a vlow to obtaining moro
equitable, roprosontatlon for each
County. At tho present tlmo, Mr.
Ilakor sold, tho sonator from this
district lives In Prlnovlllo, and tho
two other roprosontattvos aro from
Deschutes county. Ills plan would
bo to Incroauo tho sonatorlal ropro
sontatlon to 36, n sonator for each
county, nnd ono roprosontatlvo from
oach county. Undor tho constitu
tion 60 roprosontattvos aro author
ized, and tho remaining 24 should
bo selected from tho population con
tors. This would glvo ndoquato
roprosontatlon In lieu of a systom
"radically wrong."
J. H, Garrett and Samuel Holden
made a trip to Dorrls by auto yostor
day morning, returning u tho evolv
ing. Abomlnablo road conditions pre
vail, thoy said.
Mint Not Injured
Discovery Means Much To
Development of Local Culture
WJntor froozlng doos not kill mint
on tho Klamath marshes. This was
proved yesterday by tests mndo by
Johrt N. Davles, manager of tho
Klamath Mint compnny on tho com
pnnyjs laud on tho .Coledonla marsh,
whon bo wont over tho ontlro tract
planted last fall, somo 1C or 20 acres,
nnd In various parts of It dug thru
tho frozon crust and found tho mint
roots undornoath sprouting and bud"
ding with great vigor.
This test resolves tho final qws-
tlon a question that has existed In
tho minds of many mint cuMurlsta In
othor parts of tho stato who want to
como to Klamath county In regard
to tho aucccsfl of tho mint .industry
lioro. It shows that frost has no do-
torrent offoct upon mint culturo, and
tho growers will now go ahead and
plant to tho full oxtent of tholr phy
sical and financial capabilities.
Mr. Davles brought back with him
from tho marsh a lump of frozen soil
nbout six Inchca In diameter In which
ono of tho mlqt roots was Imbedded.
On tho under sldo of tho frozen crust
tho roots woro branching out and oa
tho upper sldo llttlo tendrils were
budding nt tho tips, showing that the
plant was awakening to tho first call
of spring and proparlng for a season
of lusty growth. All over tho tract,
said Mr. Davles, (ho samo growth
was manifested.
Within thirty dnys It Is bellovcd
that spring will bo far onougb ad
vanced to allow tho boglnntng of cuj
tlvatlon and tho Klamath Mint com
pnny plana to break ground for; n
Inrgo mint acreage. Thoy havo an ani-
plo supply; of roots to plant all trio
ground that thoy will be able to get
In shape this year.
Another doubt resolved by tho
(Tly Associated Press)
SALEM, Fob. 9. Among 19
measures ennctod by tha legislature
and signed by tho governor aro tho
Norbtad bill providing for tho
preliminary surrey for an Intorstato
brldgo ncross tho Columbia river,
tho two Dennis bills, ono rotating
to tho circulation of falso state
ments as to tho standing or reputa
tion of banks, and for othor relat
ing to tho conviction of minors.
Thoy also Includo tho Patterson bill
croatlng a stato budgot commis
Tho house bills passod and slgn
od Includo a moasuro by Marsh
providing for tho llconslng of nur
sorymon and their agents, and ono
by Kubll doflnlng criminal syndl
calslm and sabotago, and providing
Tailors Are Winners
By a Close Margin
Tho Rex Cafo bowling team lost
two of throo closely contested games
to Bodgo's Tailors on tho Elks alloys
last night. Tonight Hoagland's Dulcks
nnd Undorwwod's Druggists will stage
tho performance. Last night's scerea:
Hex Gnfo
Nool 209 174 163546
Wiley .... 146 153 169468
Bhoets 144 161 146451
Wilson 37 148 167453
Amoroso 210 156 175541
846 792 820 .
Bodge' Tiillorit
W. O. Smith .. 171 166 185522
McMillan 165 154 195514
Olds ! 173 139 161473
Wolst 146 174 147467
Bodgo, 138 165 170463
783 798 858
SALEM, Feb. O. Governor! Olcott
luw hIkiuhI 11 moro bills, Including
tho port of Portland nnd tho Joint
road committee measure.
by Frost;
frost tosts Is tho advisability or non-
advisability of fall planting. Last year
tho growers wcro a llttlo chary of fall
planting, but Mr. Davles says that
now thoro Is no reason to fear for
tho successful growth of lato plant
ings and this will speed development
Many Wlllametto valley growers
havo their eyes upon Klamath coun
ty, with Its largo areas of Ideal
mint land, but reports of frost dang
er havo kopt thorn awaiting the out
como of tho oxporlments of tho two
big companies now In tho flold tho
Klamath Mint company and tho Pa
cific Coast Mint company.
Now that It is proved that frost
does not Intorfcro wit II tho growth
of tho plants It Is probable that tho
coming soason will sco an Influx of
cxporlcnccd mint culturlsts anxious
to ocqulro tracts of tho marsh land.
Tho Klamath oil, as shown by tho
crop distilled by James Watklns, Jr.
of tho Pacific Coast company, last
fall, has a high monthol content, and
tho quantity of tho yield Is greater
than Is produced in othor parts of tho
stato or on castorn mint farms. When
a sufficient amount of this high
grado oil Is avaltablo to mako an Im
pression upon tlfo castorn market,
Klamath Falls will undoubtedly bo
the mint growing center of America.
( Tho avorago yearly consumption of
mint oil In America Is nbout 400,000
pounds nnd tho demand is growing.
Tho annual production Is around
250,000 pounds. Tho remainder Is
Imported. This moans that Klamath
county could find an Immodlato mar
ket for 150,000 pounds,, or the.
product of somo 3,000 acres of mint
land beforo there was need to hunt
a foreign market.
(Dy Ansoclated Press)
NEW YORK, Fob. 9. Retail
trado conditions aro rapidly ap
proaching normal and dally Improv
ing, sail Salmon P. Hall, president
of tho national retail drygoodd as
sociation, in nn address to tho or
ganization representatives gathered
In convention hero today.
Ewauna Motor Co.,
Enters Local Field
Tho Ewauna Motor company Is
tho latest addition to tho nutomo
bllo business of tho city. The now
concorn . Is composed of M. S. Les
ter and Joseph Jennetto, tho former
having boen In chnrgo of tho stock
room ot tho Dannor-Patty Motor
company, tho latter coming hore re
cently from Lake county. Tho room
at 123 Fourth streot, formerly oc
cupied by Tho Evonlng Herald, has
been lcasod by tho now company
and will bo altered and equipped to
moot Its demands. Tho Ewauna will
be distributors for this and Lake
counties and northern California for
tha Scrtpps-Dooth car.
Weather Probabilities
Tho Oyclo-Stormagraph at
Underwood's Pharmacy has reg
istered a slight but steady rlso
In baromotrlo pressure since
midnight, but tho chango has
been slight and no marked
chango in weathor conditions
may bo oxpectod during tho noxt
twolvo hours.
Forecast for noxt 24 heurs:
Gonornlly fair weather, prob
ably cooler.
Secretary Stanley of the chamber
ot commerce announces that the noxt
forum mooting will bo held In the
chambor ot commorco rooms on Wed
nesday, Fobruary 23, and 'that n fine
speaker would be on the program.
Old Boy With Fork
Is Now Fair Game;
Lenten Season Open
Today Is Ash Wednesday, tho be
ginning of Lent, that period of solf
sacrlflco lasting 40 days In which
moro man and mero woman aro ox
poctcd to continually remind them
selves of tho biblical excerpt, "Ro
mombor, O Man that dust thou art,
and unto dust thou slialt return."
This also Is tho beginning of tho
period, 40 days as most citizens
of this community know, In which
thoy aro advised to "chase tho devil
around tho stump," and to step on
tho old boy's tnll every tlm.otho.chaB
er nrrlvcs within stopping 'distance
This period, first observed In tha
first years of tho "A, D." ore, has
been obsorved ovory ycarjijnco that
tlmo, and oven though eald'dovll
seems to be as actlvo as over, tho
peoplo of Klamath Falls are not a
bit discouraged, and most of them
aro prepared, through -tho churches,
to glvo tho short-horned gentleman
anothor stronuous run for his money.
With th0 solemnity tho
lmportanco of tho day, Ash Wed
nesday, tho first day of Lent, was
ushered In at Sacred Heart church
thla morning with tht . 1-V.rtlon
of mass and tho dlstrlbhtloB'oti&sh
c, the latter typflylng the season
of penancq and that "dust thou art
nnd. to dust thou shall return."
Each, Wednesday and "Sunday
evening at soven-tblrty o'clock -services
will, bo held throughout-'tho
Lenten awason. A special.-aermon
wlll'o'TTeeMho'neraVl ml
Jecta embracing tho teachings and
doctrines of tho Catholic chnrch,
other sormons being announcod on
days of special significance. The
choir has proparod appropriate music
for thoso services.
Mass will bo celobratod each
morning at 8 o'clock and oach Frl-
'rlnv nvnntnr nf 7-7IA n'rlnrV HArYlrnB
will bo held, In addition to thoso t
Wednesday and Snnday nights.
CAPE TOWN, Fob. 9. Tho party
headed by Premier Smuts won in an
eloctlon yesterday In which tho issue
was accession from the British em
pire. Tho Smuts party defoatod
that of Ooncral Hortzog who favored
Tho Pacific Coast Mint company Is
planning to plant 300 acres In mint
on. Its Calodonla marsh land this
spring, writes James Watklns, Jr.,
m'anagor ot tho company, from Eu
gene, rwhero he Is Investigating mint
Work of cultivation will be start
ed oarly In the spring, Mr. Watklns
oxpoctlng to bo ablo to start by April
1 at least, and boforo that if pos
slblo. Six or seven hundred acres will bo
turnod over altogether and planted to
various crops, halt ot It In mint.
About 400 acres ot tho tract Is al
ready undor cultivation,
A largo pump has been rocelvod
hero for dralnago work on tho com
pany's tract and will bo oporatlng by
March 1st. About two weeks ot
pumping .will bo necessary, and Mr.
Watklns foels that cultivation will
bo possible 'two or throo weeks lator,
which Is a fortnight earllor than Is
usual on marsh lands.
The Pacific Coast Mint company
recently purchased much new culti
vating oqulpment, Including a six
disc plow which will bo drawn by a
caterpillar ongno.
"The mint Industry has come to
stay,' says Mr. Watklns, "and the
Pacific Coast Mint company la go
ing to do Us share to haston the tlmo,
which we believe Is not far off, when
It will be ono ot Oregon's, largest and
most profitable industries,
I LL PUT 300
Tha following artlclo " 'discussing
Insect doprcdatlons In local timber
and tholr disastrous effect was pre
pared by Charles E. Oglo, field man
for tho Klamath and Lake Conn
tics Forest association, and gives a
great deal of Information regarding
tho habits and ravages of tho var
ious bectlo spiclcs that aro found
Tho seriousness of tho Pine
beclto situation situation Is not be
ing realized by all those who own.
timber, and yet a trip Into tha
woods on tbo west side of tho Up
per lako noir recent cuttings will
convlnco the most skeptical of the
necessity for Immodlato action.
Whll0 the Klamath and Lake
Forest Fire association Is doing all
In Its power with the limited means
and scanty support given It, only tho
combined action of all owners will
exterminate, this pest, astlmber 'left
untreated only forms a breeding
plac0 for vat booties, which relnfost
trcato'd in. i.
Slash re - stumps also form per
fect breeding places for these In
sects and should bo promptly des
troyed after logging operations with
nlj logs which have been loft on the
Treea found to bo Infested ahould
be cat and tho bark burned to des
troy tho Insects In all stages, eggs.
larvae, pupae and adult beforo they
hare a chance to spread.
Aa Infested tree may bo detect-.
ed by the fading foliage In . tha
MrlBg of tho year and closer exam
ination will reveal pitch tubes and
(tec work of wood, peckers who drill
Into' tnT tJarkr to get""tho larvao.
which may bo tonnd fay the thou
sands If the brevlcomaa havo mad
tho attck ' by simply cutting part
way through tho bark and upon re
moving tbo bark down to th'o sap
ono will find their thousands ot gal
leries running In every direction
through tb0 cambium or tnnor bark.
shutting oft the flow ot sap and re
sulting in tho faded appearance of
tho tree.
Tho work ot the montlcolao, how
ever, differs from the brccvlcmas
In that their gallorles run paralell
with tho grain ot the tree, with the
work ot the young or larrao running
at right angles In the cambium.
They nre never found In the bark
at any stage, completing the early
stages of tholr lives beneath tbo
cambium and only coming through
In tho adult stage after the tree la
The montlcolaav are tha obJjj
beetle found las jfagar plno timber.
Tho flathead beetle la not so dan
gerous although they are responsi
ble for tho spike top treos found
In such numbers through the tim
ber, whllo the tonucus or round
hoad beetles aro nearly altogether
a secondary pest confining their op
orations to treos primarily attack
ed by other booties or Injured from
othor1 causes.
Another pest which Is doing
much damage Is the turpentine
beetle which attacks a tree at tho
baso leaving tho tree with a largo
base scar making It more susceptible
to fire and tho attacks ot other
beetles, and while this Insect's op
erations rarely kill a tree by them-
selvos they aro doing a great deal
ot damage.
The protection ot the timber
against these Insects means a great
deal to this section of tho stato
which Is largely dependent upon the
timber for support and It Is to bo
hoped that tbo bills now before the
state legislature will pass and pro
vldo a means of exterminating them,
aa they are now destroying far more
timber oach year than forest fires
and tholr numbers ara steadily In
creasing. oi Rourr court notes,
Two Judgments by default nreta
granted lato yesterday, ono to Cor
nelius Sullivan against Charles Dug
gan and Jerry O'Sulllvan for 11235
and costs, and one In favor of H,
Welch for 1778.65 from W. B. Dond,
Tbo third was granted Jo J, W; Hen
ry In tho case against Louts Rahn
and, Edith Rahn,