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Member of the Associated Press.
Fifteenth Year. No. 6003.
Price Five Cents
Facing, tho Indisputable fact Unit
this county nnd this roglon In gonoral
Is woofully doflclont In roads, rond
signs, maps, and In ovorythlng olno
except natural attractiveness which
bring Joy and traveling satisfaction
to tho honrt of tho automoblllst, tho
auto doalors of this city have- takoii
tho roliiB In tholr haritln and nro do
tor'mlnod to rovorso tho ordor of
thlngB to tho extent that no county or
soctlon of tho stnto can point tho fln
gor of scorn at thorn and say with
truthfultnoss that thoy aro not Ml ve
to tho opportunities for securing
tholr sharo of tho automobllo travel
to which tholr sconlc beautlos, Indus
trial advantages, and other assets en
tltlo thorn. This dotormlnatlon bo
camo ploaslngly apparent at a moot
' Ing of automobllo mon hold In tho
chambor of commorco rooms Satur
day night, and tho enthusiasm was
not conflnod to tho doalors alono, but
to garago men In general and to
ovory sorvlco station man In tho city.
Tho mooting demonstrated conclus
ively that tho auto mon want to do
things In tho right way, and affilia
tion with tho chnmbor of commorco
was docldod upon as a sonslblo way
In which to strengthen their propos
ed campaign.
Tho Oood Roads association, an
old established organisation hero,
will bo morgod, or "dissolved" It tho
term Is mora appropriate, Into 'tho
Klamath Palls Automobllo associa
tion, nnd It Is tho object of tbo local
llvo wlros In tho auto gamo to elect
officers and a board of 11 directors,
and to adopt every method; neoded to
make the organization generally ef
fective. -It wasproposejTjto cljoso the
directors from among tho auto men
of this city and surrounding town,
and thus add vory deslrablo strength
to tho association, for It Is.apparont
to tho promoters of the association
that tho organization cannot attain
deslrablo potency unless all commun
ities in tho county aro represented.
Tho association would havo a mul
titude of duties to perform. Of first
Importanco would bo that of working
In harmony with tbo county court In
tho Improvement of tho roads of the
county. It would bo Its duty to loam
whoro monoy Is to bo ezpondod,
whoro It should bo expended, and to
mako rocommondatlons to tho county
court and Its county road builders
-which will demonstrate unselfish In
terest and at tho satr.o tlmo Impart
tho knowledgo that tho county court,
in Ub efforts to Improvo road oondt
tlons, is receiving tho support of tho
Road maps aro absolutely essen
tial. Any person who has traveled In'
unfamiliar places will tostlfy to tho
truth of this statomont. Road signs,
and ones that will toll tholr stories
'.plainly, day or night, must bo put
-up. It Is an undisputed fact that it Is
'iralmost Impossible for residents of tho
county to fool suro of their way un
loss they havo travelod tho route so
many times that it would bo hard to
loao the road. Thoso signs, according
to tho llvo onos who attended tho
meeting, should be ready for tho use
of the tourist by tho first of April.
Crater Lake, tho biggest sconlo at
traction in tho northwest, If not In
the wholo United States, Is deserving
of mora attontlon from automobllo
mon, nnd oven though tho Klamath
Palls Automobllo association would
bo a county organization, It was evi
dent to ovory person at tbo meeting
that It would be a mighty good stunt
to includo tho routo to tho lako In
tho road sign campaign, and this
wonder of natural wonders, almost
at Klamath county's door, will be
favored with everything necessary to
guide tho tourist to It.
There aro 1,800 automobiles In
this county, and therefore the pro
posed campaign to secure a member
ship of at least 1,000' should not be
a vory strenuous one. Simply a mat
tor of persistency and consistency,
say the automobile men. With a nom
inal momborshlp fee It would bo pos
sible to maintain an information bur
eau that would bo an invaluable aid
to all travelers, and that would place
the stamp of progress upon tho au
tomobile men, and other business
men of this county. Parking, traffic
-laws, and In fact everything of In
terest to nujolsts would be given con-
Would Make Robbery
At Point of Gun
Capital Offense
(By Assoclutod 1'roen)
SALEM, Jan. 24. A bill propose
Ing capital punishment for holdup
mon was Introduced by Sonator
Kuiiio when tho legislature reconven
ed today after recess. Tho bill would
j mako It punlshnblo by hanging to
assault with Intent to kill or to placo
a victim In Joopardy of llfo during a
robbory or attompted robbory.
Tho Orogon dotogatlon In congress
Is urged to support tho nmendmont
to tho fodoral constitution, extending
tho term of tho president from four
to eight yoars, In a Joint resolution
Introduced today by llonrosontatlvo
Loo of Multnomah.
As an artist, Leopold Oodowsky
Is tho mastor of thorn all says
Huneker. Ho Is a musical alchem
ist, who turns ovorytblng ho touch
es Into living gold, so that It be
comes Illumined like u boautlful con-
coalod Grecian lamp, when tho but
ton Is pressed.
Tho compositions ho analyzes,
soom like now ,yol ho doos nothing
to them but rovoal hidden beauties
ulruady In tho music. Ho treats
each pleco as a deop student of
scrlpturo might a boautlful Dlbla
passago, drawing out Its subtlo boau
tlos and truth. Ills Interpretation
stand out In the mind's eye like a
bas-relief, tho phraso lines being
as finely drawn as In a beautiful et
ching. In fact his art Is cloaoly akin
to etching, In that it takss a flaa
sonse or tho art to appreciate a
groat etching.
His ton''irlngor8',i'rb like ten leve
ly voices, each revealing tho hidden
boautlos of Its part independent of
tho others, tho wholo forming a
wonderful wob of marvelous poly
phony so transcendental at times,
that only tho Initiated can fully ap
preciate It all.
"I onco called him a "superman"
of piano playing," says Huneker.
"Nothing llko him as far as I know
Is to bo found In tHo history of
piano playing since Chopin. Ho is a
pianist for pianists, and I am glad
to say that tho majority gladly roc-
ognlzo this fact."
Mr. Oodowsky will appear In Kla
math Falls at tho Scandinavian Hall
undor tho auspices of the Musical
Study club, on Thursday ovonlng
January 27.
slderatlon by tho association, with
committees to tako all phases of tho
automobllo requirements undor their
wing (aid mother tticnV'tnto mhifir
Ity, William Loe, Louis Hor.glnmi, J,
H. Garrott, E. R. Danner, and R. H.
Reed compriso a commltteo appoint
ed at tho mooting Saturday night to
perfect plans for a more sturdy or
ganization, and for a good working
affiliation with tho Klamath county
chamber of commerce, and as this
commltteo possesses the nocossary
"got thord" ability to do thlngs.'ihov
Undoubtedly will havo something
tanglblo and chock full of auto senso
to offor to tho meeting In the cham
ber of commorco rooms next Wednes
day night.
Ono thing more. Evoryono remem
bers tho scarcity of gasoline which
probably affocted this community
harder than many others during tho
summer Just paBt. This, of course,
was a gonoral situation, but tho uuto
mon are determined that they will
not bo caught napping this year, and
another commltteo, consisting of
John Martin, Louis Hoagland, and F.
D. Patty will straddlo their Job at
onco and impress the gasoline dis
tributors with the fact that thti coun
ty uses an immense quantity of gas,
and that It Is the desire of the auto
men that a supply sufficient for their
needs be consigned hore early In the
season, not forgetting at tho same
tlmo'that tho sales ovon In the winter
time are not to be sneexod at.
Affiliation with tho American
Automobile association Is ono of tho
objects of tho local association, and
whon this Is accomplished the tour
ist travel will be in lino for a won
derful impetus.
Everyone Interested In autnmobll
ing and goog roads is requested to
attend the mooting Wednesday night.
1 T
GENE, Jnn. 22. For moro than
two-score yoars 'Professor John '
Straub, doan of men, has boon teach
ins flrcok nt tlin University of Ore-
gon and In that tlmo ho has taught ,
4o.onn rinBn nrmrrtin in firm.
.....ii., ..i tr i. ,i.n ,
rocontly made. Ho Is still adding .to
that big number at tho rato of savor
nl hundred a year.
Forty times, from cover to cover,
ho has taught first yoar Groek, tho
Anabasis, Homer, tbo now testament
and Plato, with archaeology thrown
In for a thousand weoks or so. He
tolls tho Greek boot blacks of Eugene
to shlno his shoos, In their own
tongue Studonts wonder how ono
head can hold so many conjugations
and declensions. Ho reads Greek for
Mlnlstors scattered all ovor the
northwest learned from Professor
Straub how to road tholr Greek
testaments, for tho studonts at tho
Eugene Dlblo unlvorslty for many
yoars havo been coming to blm 'for
their Greek.
Whon ho first camo to tho Uhlv
orslty back in tbo iiovontles, there
was only ono building, a faculty of a
half dozen, and something llko ji
hundrod studonts. Ho used soma
times to toach, In addition to his own
classes, tho classes of former Presi
dent Johnson, whllo tho latter stop
ped out across tho campus and shot
enough ducks tor tho two of them.
It Is a tar call from that day to this.
Doady Hall Is still thoro, to be sure,
but it no longer standi in architec
tural solitude and. the, duck marsh!
or me oucn aro no longer to d
... ..-. - .;
Dut In one way things nro 'much
tho samo. Professor Straub know all
tbo students then and he knows
nearly all of thom now, and bo
knows almost all who have come and
gono in that long interval. The capa
cious momory that never forgets a
conjugation or declension, also nover
forgets tho faco of a student or a
graduate of tho University of Ore
gon. Ho has had his fun as he has gono
along, and baa playod his practlca'l
Jokes. Ono student, a shark In short
hand, was accustomed to wrlto out
his 'translations botwoon tho lines.
Profossor Straub, who also knows
shorthand, got hold of tbo book and
substituted a phraseology on tho ord
er of Peck's Bad Boy, much to tho
embarrassment and dtscomtlture of
the student, and the -delight ot the
(When he first came to tho Univer
sity, he Intended to write books, but
ho1 holds tho rich heritage ot friend
ships that has come as a result ot
nearly a halt century of teaching as
far moro valuable than his name on
the backs of many volumes.
Each spring he has many moro
calls to dellvor commencement ad
dresses at high school graduations all
over tho state than hp can possibly
fill. Ono year the high school at Jun
eau, Alaska, was anxious to get blm
tor their address
jy-uUAUVX-lj-vvvvvurir-inri"i" - ,. - - - - ...........
The Annual
B ZT s. SRO f ssssssBfesS v-$
m 1 rf ZfSi. Jt ssC f W "'l I
7 A l ''& f sksisril I Ot VWls
M. L. Dlotsky, ownor of tho La
Voguo stores, has roturned from
Now York nnd brings tho Informa
tion that tho business tldo has turn-
d nd 'hat t,m,cs aro Wttlnaj better.
T Indication of improving
'conditions I
s tho Now York monoy
market. This has recently shown a
doclded Improvement and tho sontt
mont oxprossod whlto I was In Now
York was that tho worst had passod
and thoro would be no furthor reces
sion. "As to the mercantile sldo of the
market," contlnuod Mr. Dlotsky, "I
think that has changed also. Silk
that was selling in November below
pro-war prices has raised from 20
to 50 cents a yard. Amoskcag glng-
hnm ,, B0Ing nghor now tnan ,t
wbb 30 days ago. Thoro may bo a
light drop In heavy woolens, bnt it
will not bo of groat consequonco.
Tho fact Is tho pressuro that caused
tho slump is gono. Morchants woro
forced to sell regardless ot loss, be
cauBo tho banks woro demanding
tholr money and merchandlso was
sold without consideration of loss.
'Everywhere you will find that sur
plus stocks havo boen cloaned out
and all old seasonable merchandlso
has beon dlsposod ot. Morchants
now aro In tho condition ot tho sick
man who has fully recovorcd from a
violent sickness thoy feel bottor
than they have for a long tlmo and
thoy are glad that It Is ovor with.
Thoy aro facing the future with a
clean slato. Their stocks aro in
good shapo and tho prospects for
business are bright.
''The .merchant is not the. only one
who has lost by the slump. That
part ot tho public that watted tor
prices to go .still lower will lose
now, for prices are on the upward.
.Thoy will' not reach the height they
attained and 'no one can expect to
soo thom evoV return to' the loVel
ot pro-war days. "It mnct be remem
bered that the Increased cost ot pro
duction controls and until everything
olso drops down to pro-war lovel
tho cost ot merchandlso cannot do
"Thero will bo a stabilization ot
prices within tbo vory noar future
and 'then- you will seo things remain
at that lovol for sometime. Business
is going to bo good; Increasing until
we will reach a degree ot prosperity
undroamod of in tho History of our
country." '
J. P. Wells, city school superin
tendent, announces;: that tho Fair
viow school will .be-ready-to receive
pupils tomorrow morning and a tul)
attendance Is desired. It was plan
ned to hold school there this morn
ing, but- the- moving operation en
tailed more time than was thought
necessary,, a number of pupils go
ing to. tho school only to find that
It was not ready for thom. There
will be, no such disappointment to
morrow morning, said Superintend
ent Wells.
. . . . ... - - j.j.j. .--. - -- -. - .--.j
- - - - - - - . - - -ww-ww - --
Seed Catalog
Local Basketball
Team Defeats Agency
By 33 to 26 Score
Tho Klamath All liters, this city's
promler basket-shooting sharks,
Journeyed to Klamath Agency Satur
day night and after tangling with
tho hoopstors from tho Indian school
omorged from tho fray on tho long
cd ot a 33 to 26 score Tho report
brought back by tho victors is that
tho vanquished boys wero In tho
gamo until tho last minute, and that
thoy know a tow things about tho
gamo that would bo a valuod posses
sion for any toam. Hans Wagner
and Laurel Camp starred for tho
wlnnors, but tho wholo toam played
well, and each was a factor in tho
victory. Qulncy Baker, playing tor
ward for tho Indian lads, also play
ed a star gamo. Aftor tho game
tho basketball teams and tho crowd
ot spectators onjoyed a danco and
general good tlmo.
Next Friday night at Merrill tho
agency boys will play tho Merrill
team. Tho Klamath All Stars havo
no schodulo boforo thom.
Tho lineups of tho teams In Sat
urday's gamo follew:
Klamath All Stars Indian School
Forrest Cooper , C P. Paulina
Aard Ady G L. Wilson
Hans Wagner F A. Baker
Laurel Cary F B. Baker
Gorald West O B. John
Geo. Carr Sub
Tho much discussed automobile
show, proposed for this city thla
winter, haa been placed upon A def
inite basis, at least a far a the
date are concerned; "March 14, IE,
n,d,sl. 'which fall upon Monday,
Tuesday and Wednesday, are the
(fates -upon' whlchthOShowwni be
hoid,- and tuemain floor pt tho
Scandinavian ,haU has-been., secured
as the display, .floor,, while the base
ment of the same building will bo
devoted to the display of tires, ac
cessories,, oils, and other things used
to the automobile business. Threo big
days and big nights too aro what
tho promoters, ot the show offer tho
public, and as the exhibit Is qulto
limited In area, only those who
make applications early will bo able
to secure display space. Local agen
cies will bo accommodated first, and
Jndged by the enthusiasm shown by
auto mou-iO'far; there will bo a well-
filled floor, and. galaxy of splendid
cars, with the newest devices, to In
terest" the: public.
Music, decorations, dancing, and
other attractions will be provided.
Briefly, this show wilt be tho equal
ot any-show held In. any city ot 10
times, its-slze this season, nnd tho
Commercial Exhibit company, which
Is promoting- the show, fools .that
Klamath .Falls and Klamath county
Is due to show tho peoplo ot tho
nortnwest is traveling in the
van. with the progressive communi
ties, ef: the-country. "Watch for this
show." That's all tho promoters
have-to say at this time.
100,000 Orientals
California, 1920
SACRAMENTO, Cal. Jan. 24.
The report ot tho dlroctor ot tho
1920 United States census, showing
100,933 Chinese, Japanese and Hin
dus reside In California, has been
mado public hero by Milton J. Fer
guson, state librarian. Tho report
was sent from Washington D. C.
Tho compilation ot figures was
sont from Washington In rosponso to
a telegraphic request for Information
for the use ot reapportionment com'
mlttees of the legislature. The con
stitution provides that aliens In
eligible to citizenship are not to be
counted-in the redisricting process.
' H. O. Wortley, formerly of the
Union Taxi company, has opened a
taxi service with headquarters at the
Jewel cafe. He operates a closed
car and says that ho will endeavor,
to contlnuo the samo efficient and
courteous service he has always giv
Abner O, Roberts was. granted a
divorce from Adonia A. Roberts by
Judge D. V. Kuykendall today.'
T 1
Working consistently, but pardon
ably unequal to tho task:of comploU
Ing tho huge building within tho
tlmo allotted to them, tho crow ot
mon at work at tho now Sacred,
Hoart Academy on Eighth stroot, la
now engaged In performing tho last
tasks, Just odds and ends as it were
that are necessary boforo tho build
Ing can bo occupied.
This docs not mean that tho Inter
lor of tho academy will bo finished,
according to tho building plant
when It Is occuplod probably a coo
pie of weoks hence. It docs moaa
however that all the plans for sani
tation, flro protection, and general
convonlenco of students and teachers
will havo been carried out, and
whllo tho mural effects and many ot
the Interior conveniences will be
missing temporarily, this condition
will not detract from tho adequacy
of tho building from a housing,
toachlng, and studying standpoint.
Work on the interior will not be
discontinued, but will bo carried on
as fast as circumstances will permit.
The acadomy will occupy three
floors. Designed In accordance with.
"safety first" precepts, tlvo flro es
capes provide exists from tho top
floor. Also, there are five ontrancos
or oxlts on the ground floor, which!
mako 'it possible for class rooms, Is
tho event of flro or other danger,
to be, emptied within a very tow see
la the south wins; ot the top floor
Is the boys.' dormitory. This is larg
light, and airy; and wlirbe ftraUfc-
4 coB5fortab'ssiorWi-iv-w tex
making it comply as near as possible
to all' tho demands of "-home, sweet
home." The girls'" dormitory is - on
this floor also, and infirmaries, one
for1 tho boys and one for tho girls.
adjoin tho dormitories. This girls'
Quarters,11 needless to say, will be
equally as pleasant as tho boys' dor
Kitchenettes, lavatories, and oth
er necessary apartments aro also on
the top floor. In tho court, between
tho north and south ells, out-door
sleeping porches will bo built, with,
entrances from tbo main and top
The class rooms occupy tbo main
floor, pleasant little recitation rooma
adjoining them. These class rooma
will be approximately 26x30 feet
each. On entorlng the building from
Eighth street, the visitor will be
ushered into the office, and then
into tho parlor. Off the office oa
tho west' side is tho chapel, and next
to tho chapel, is the sisters, study
room. A modernly constructed
music room, the principal's room,
and several pleasant study and ante
rooms aro on this floor also.
Play rooms for tho children ara
on the ground floor. There Is one
for boys and ono for girls. They ara
large and pleasant too.
An immense dining room for pu
pils, ono for the sisters, and wolt
equipped and strictly sanitary kitch
en and scullery aro in the north end
of this -floor. So also, is tho laundry
and boiler room. Near tho kitchen
Is the storage room, with a "glory
hole" beneath It In which will bo
stored vegetables and things like
Before many moons, moro ot the
building plans will bo carried out,
these plans including tho. two sub
stantial class room additions. But, for
the present, tho acadomy will be
utilized under thq convenient, sate,
sanitary, and very adequate condi
tions described in this story.
The dark fir trimmings and white
walls and ceilings, now in ovidonce
In most ot the rooms, will be car
ried out throughout the building,
and when all tho building, plans are
completed, this school will undoubt
edly be the peer ot any school of lta
kind in the northwest.
Luther Hasklns' ranch houso in
Merrill district was destroyed yester
day by tire that is said to haye start.
ed from a detective flue. This ia
according to a report reaching thla
city. The contents of tho home were
all burned.