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    wp lEugtttttg Herald
Fourteenth Year No. 4056
Price Fire Cent
Whlln follower of onn enmp or
Ihn other In (hit municipal campaign
havo been morn or lea loud In, catl
ing public atlnntlon lo tlio merits of
their various candidate, llttlo etten
lion baa been paid to tba various
measures on tbn ballot. Believing
that meaaurca In tho city campaign
am equally Important with man, Tba
Herald Intunda to make tome Inves
tigation of them, and If apace and
tlmo permit, give tho public tho re
aulta of Ita Inquiry.
There am candidate for all of
tho ofllrea In tho field. Nothing can
prevent the election of one or the
other of them.
Tha meaiurea, however, may or
may not carry and tho defeat of
aume of them at tlila time would bo
a aerloua misfortune, both from the
standpoint of community welfare
and progress, and from tho view-
point of fairness lo tho new city ad
nilnUtrutlon thut will bo eloctod,
Kor tho fourteen measures on tho
ballot nro there by sotectlon of tho
outgoing .admlnlitratlon. Tim pres
tint officer have fiiuml tholr way
hampered by rriitrlctlnns that Ihcso
measures nro deslgnm! to overcome,
or hav been unable to lako cortaln
proKriiMlvo lo, bncatMa of the I'b
kmic of uilo'iuiito legislation. There
forii tlm mi'nxuri'R nm presented to
Km of $92,100
In any event th bond Intoront
in lint hi! met by a tax of 7 mill oil
the dollar, sp that In the first In-
atanre tbn voter lanctbniii .1 tax of
13 plua 7 tnllU, or 20 mil), lo rae
152,465 plua 37,00, cr I81.3IS
In the second cae the lax would k
23 plua 7 mllla, or 192,100 plut
137,100, a total of $120,000,
The reason for separating the
queatlone on the ballot ,la that. In
tha flrit budget only necessary gov
raaaeutal expense were taken loto
consideration, 1: -t
In the second budget the est, of
the peoplo for approval or duapprov
al by men who have had at Itaat two
year a of experience In city govern
ment, and It la to bo aaaumed they
deem them noreaaary or they would
not have placed them on the ballot.
It la generally conceded by all
with whom tho wrltvr haa dlacuaaed
tho meaaurca that the two moat Im
portant am the laat meaauro on tho
ballot, regarding tho need of an In
creased tax levy, and trio charter
amnndmont, appearing on tho ballot
aa No, 312, Yea, and 313, No, relat
ing to tho Incroaan of tho clty'a bond
ing powers,
Tho argument agalnat tho Increas
od tax levy la, briefly, that higher
taxes are u hnrdshlp upon tho prop
erty owner and diHcoiirago Immigra
tion to tho city.
Analysis of tho mcasuro shows
thut It proposes, In one subdivision,
to rot asldo far this year tho consti
tutional six per cent limit and lovy
a tax of 13 mills, rulilng 52,46S,
axcluslvo of tho (27.900 thut must
be railed to moot tha Interest en
bonded Indebtedness und In another
subdivision proposov to raise, by
making tho rato 23 mills, exclusive of
tho bonded Indebtedness Interest,
ATHENS, Greece, Oct. 22. -Ho.
porta of tlio condition of King Alex
ander of (Irooco urn not satisfactory.
Ills tomporatura shows disquieting
fluctuations, tlio latest physicians' re.
porta said.
IIOMB, Oct. 22. Tho Injuries In
fl let txl upon King Alexander
by a irtonkoy rocontly, and from
which ho remains critically III, were
the result of a plot to aaaosalnote the
'ruler, aald Dr. Wldsl, of I'arla who
haa been attending the King. He
made tho statement laat night while
passing through Home, aaylng that
the monkey had beon Inoculated with
rabies germs.
mm m
"This Is the first tlmo since the
fire marshal law was enacted that
an official or citizen haa charged
politics aa the basis of or for the In
vestigation of a flro where human
Uvea were loat and I hope It wilt bo
the laat," aays II. II. Pomeroy In a
statement to A. C. Harbor, atate fire
marahal, In which he declarea that
hla report of tho Houston hotel fire
waa careful and Just
Mr. Ilarber sfn declined to reopen
the Investigation aa requested by
Mayor St ruble.
Made Garaful Inquiry
I waa never more careful in the
Inveatlgatlon of a case" says Mr.
I'onveroy," and I nm willing to aUnd
buck of our official report to the min
utes In detail." adding further. "I
1 do not know the politics of, a single
An affidavit charging that anl(llvldual In Klamath Palls and In
agreement vxlsts botwvon tha Kla-j'" opinion tho sumo can bo said
math county court and state highway t Deputy Allen."
commission, by which tho state Is lot Mayor Mu-ublo's Clutrgrrt
pay morn than Its lawful sham of lno rojoinacr oi ir. romeroy,
construction of tho Klamath Kails- hl h chargo of the Jocal Inquiry.
Merrill strotch of Tho Dalles-Call- ltod by 0. W. Allen, Is based on
fornln highway, thus circumventing tuo following statement of Mayor
an existing Injunction of tho circuit 8,ruul0' following tho publication of
court against spending any of thoi1"0 deputies report, to Governor Ol-
county road bond fund, has been filed cett:
by Mrs, Hopbla K. Henley, who so- Tno nenrmg was in tho offices or
cured tho original Injunction. 8ho "". wuncan ami wiioy, prosccu-
asks that the hhrhway commission ting attorney and doputy prosecuting
nn.i nii.,.r .i.i. ninn i. ..ntnin.,1 attorney, respectively of Klamath
from carrying through this alleged
Hearing of thu matter has been
set for tomorrow,
Following tho order of Injunction
of October 5. last, restraining the
county court from spending the road
bond fund on tho Merrill section of
nlghway. affiant alleges that the
hlghwsyiomro!silon .secretary of
stale, board of control and "atate
treasurer' entered Into n erraage-
meat with the Klamath county court
whereby the atate waa to pay fifty
per cent of the construction coat;
whereaa, tho law provldea that the
elate aball bear only 20 per cent at
the construction cost.
The arrangement provides, It la
alleged, that the atato aball be re
imbursed at aome later date for the
oxtra amount expended.
Affiant allegci that legal authori
ties cited In the original Injunction
suit sustain tho claim that the ststo's
shsro of cost Is 25 per cent and that
It Is unauthorized und unlawful for
It to pay a larger share. .
Such an arrangement Is a plan to
circumvent tho court'a Injunction
ordor and affiant asks, that alt the
county, both of said attorneys having
free access to alt the proceedings
and knowing at hit times what was
going on.
Schemed for'tt'lley
"And right here Is the point, gov
ernor, that I wish yon would careful
ly nete: The hearing waa conducted
by Pomeroy and Allen In the office
Of Wiley and Duncan. Mr. Duncan
ably assisting tha fire marshals. Pom'
eroy and Allen submitted their re
port to Mr. Barber and the latter la
turn signed it It nttarly eeademned
the present city administration and
attempted lo ruin the future of the
mayor and council. No copy of this
was sent me, bat copies were sent
to other parties, notably to the Even
ing Herald which la deadly opposed
to the present administration. The
ICerald published It In fnll In the
Issue of October 8, About the samo
time Mr. Wiley announced himself
as a cnndldato for major. (Tho last
sentence is emphaslted In capitals.)
Objects to Publicity
"I do not know what consideration
moved your officers to thus nfjx
(nttfo In capitals) and In an unfriend
ly and unfair way In local politic.
I respectfully suggest that you havo
a full and Impartial Investigation
In interview! today with local
parties to the alleged political
plot charged by Mayor Btruble
la hla letter to the governor, a
Herald representative aecured
tho following statements:
Wilson B. Wiley, asslaUnt
district atterney: "The charge
that there waa any1 'plot' to die-
credit the city administration
la absurd, aa far aa I am con-
earned. Tho Inquiry, was con-
ducted In Mr. Duncan's office,
which Is separate from me, and
I took no part In It. I waa not
In the room at any time that It
was being held, nor In any way
connected with It by advice or
suggestion to any of the parties
conducting it."
District Attornoy Duncan:
"My capacity In tho Inquiry waa
Jtobort Oootz, principal and coach
for the Klamath County high school,
left thla morning with 16 boys for
Medford whom tho local team and
Medford will again meet in combat
on the football field tomorrow. Al
though tbo dispute over tho last
gamo has not boen settled. Klamath
wilt carry out the achedulo as ar
ranged the first of the year, but be
fore Mr. Oootz returns he will go
on to Salem and testify at the hear
ing before the High School Athletic
association of Oregon, in regard to
tha matter.
In spite of the fact that two of
Klamath's beat men were not able to
accompany their team thla morning,
there waa a great deal of confidence
that the local bora would have no
trouble walking away with a victory.
Captain Ted Montgomery la laid un
with his foot In a plaster caat as a
result of Injuries received In the;
game with Ashland last week. Ernest
Miller Is acting aa captain during his
absence. Frank Peyton, fullback I
out 'of the game because of a bad
ly cut hand, received when ho Jam
med a cork Into a bottle In the chem
istry laboratory. Tho bottle broke
and Peyton's hand was cut to the
(Continued to 1'ugu 2)
NEW YOHK, Oct. 22. Business
proepecta aro unusually bright In the
United 'Stat ea and abroad, Elbort
Oary. bead of tho United States
Steel corporation told tho convon
' tlon of the Amorlcun Iron and Stool
Institute bore today.
Tho business skies aro practically
without clouds, aald Mr. Oary.
, MAKH 910,000 HAUL
ROSEDUHO; 06t. 22. The safe
In the poitofflce aad.atore of John
Hedden, ,'a $ -lower Uzipiju' nil-
wrc etolea. The, robber weaned,
Imlntf ao clews as to thalr Ideality.
parties thereto bo Immediately ro
stralnod from carrying the alleged I'mado of the, flro marshals doings In
schomo further. , and about this Investigation, such In
Tint defendants Involved aro tho, realisation to devolop tho sources of
Klamath county court members, i Inspiration resorted to by Mr. Pom
Oskar liubur, contractor, tha sub-'eroy nnd Mr. Allen, and the motives
contractor, county treasurer, the i that they had for nuking such nn
members of tho statu highway com- unfair rupdrt as that thoy bo- gen-
mission, board of control, governor, ernusly published."
socretury of state, treasurer, and any In another paragraph Mor Stru
others who In their official capacity bio aays: "Mr. Pomoroy and Mr,
f part of It. U abmrdly fata."
might bo connected with tho hand
ling of tho construction or paymont
This Is tho latest development In
tho strenuous fight being mado by
Mrs. Henley, Robert Cheyno and
other valluy ranchers to pfovent the
building of tho statu highway
through their property.
In reply to Inquiry on the sub
ject by tho Klamath Wool Orowors'
association, W. O. Durbln, forest su
pervisor, aays that tho Lava Bed
country will bo Includod In the Mo
doc National forest,
No formal notlco of the fact had
been sent before, he said, because tho
proclamation of tho president, haa
not yot been received at Portland.
The papers were drafted and aent
to the president several weeks ago
and there la every reason to believe
the matter will be settled In abort
time, hut no definite atatament can
ho made until. they are returned
Hth, .the teoldeit;aL.atgsiaUra, gay
Mr Durhlg,, although" It, 'It Brae
tlcally assured tho area wfll ho In.
Allen, also Mr. Harbor, may havo nn
Interest In electing Mr. Wilson 8.
Wlloy as mayor of this city, but I
respectfully submit to you, gover
nor, that tholr Infalr and biased med
dling In local politics should bo
checked up by your otflo."
"I request that you glvo thin mat
ter your attention and that you ad
vlso mo It you approve this schomo
resorted to by your officials to qlnct
a candidate who aulta them."
lllantca Public VtUlilea
In a postscript Mayor Strublo
adds: "The parties directly; respon
sible for this holocaust, that Is, the
Pacific Tolephone ft Tolegraph com
pany and the California-Oregon Pow
er company, wore barely mentlonod
In Mr. Barber's report. Why? It Is
a known fact that. it took is minu
ted to get central and there was no
water to fight the fire., Why were
not these facta enlarged upon?"
Governor's Reply
Following Is the reply of Qovernor
Olcott to Mayor Btruble'a letter:
Hon. I. R. Btruble,
Klamath Falls, Oregon.
Dear Slrf .
In acknowledgment of your
t letter -U 0 o he. SthW leave
t ad via -that lander the law
Mr. Barber, State laearaace,
ComsUesloaer, In reaaoBetMe, f or
carrying- oat tho dutlea of, the
State Fire Marshal's office.
While Mr. Barber happened to
be absent from the state at the
time you made request of thla
office tor assistance In Klamath
Falls and deputies from the Fire
Marshal's office were Instructed
to proceed to Klamath Falls and
make a thorough Investigation,
nevertheless Mr. Barber, as
State Fire Marshal, (has entire
control of this situation. I hare
complete confidence In the in
tegrity of Mr. Barber and his
devotion to the work of the Fire
Marshal's department and I feel
certain that be would counten
ance no proceeding such aa you .
charge In your communication.
I may personally aay that I
have no knowledge or Interest
whatever In Mr. Wilson S. Wi
ley's candidacies bo they what
iney may. wnatever was done
by this offlco was done at tho
request of yourself and your
Ifoalth Officer and wo havo no
Interest whatsoever in local pol
itics In Kotmath Falls or any
other community.
Inasmuch as this Is a matter
coming solely under the Jurisdic
tion of tho Stuto Flro Marshal
und you have made charges re
flecting on such department, as
a matter of Justice to It I am
taking tho liberty of referring
your comknunlcatlon to Mr.
Harbor for such attention aa he
may deem same to warrant.
Very truly youra,
. Oqvernor
Upon rocelpt from the governor of
Mayor Struble's letter. Mr. Barber
directed to the mayor tho following
answer to the accusation made
Hon. I. R. Struble.
Klamath FallH, Oregon.
Dear Sir:
Your communication of the
9th Instant addressed to the
governor haa been referred by
him to thla deoartment. for at
tention. Since you have made a
, direct attack upon the Fife
Marahal department It seems
only proper that we should re
Ply to your communication al
though It la at all tlmea dtstate
ful to me to take, up anything
outside of auch matter aa come,
to ua In the. course of our. of
ficial duties. I, therefore, as
nro you that, there is nothing
personal la m reply. Since-your
attack la directed to the Flro
Marahal department mr reply la
, addressed to you In yonr offi
cial capacity.'
huMffeiwoen CJuuved
- 'Thtidepartoicat aadVa.flra
1 gglSSnSHtffg-nK Us-.
'. $f- Htw Pravaatfoa? worth?
entirely by virtue of my posl-
tlon as state attornoy. The fire
marshal's deputies conducted
tho examination of wltnessos,
formulated tho questions, and
their report was prepared with-
out any suggestion from me."
E. J. Murray, editor and pub-
llsber of Tho Herald: "Tho
charge that Tho Harold was a
party to any political conspiracy
to discredit tho administration
and advance Mr. Wiley's can-
dldacy for mayor by such meth-
dds Is ridiculous. As a matter
of Information to which the
public waa entitled The Herald
did Ua duty and published the
Inqalry report. Any Intimation
that. I. or any member of The
w iieraiassiaa. anew in aatance w h. - -oe-ch f0i0wln- th xlnntln.
daa lha jlMak tf tins slmiet ms ' . .. ' ....
. vw. . .. ....; u ., -i0r lne nun taaceoatrsuer oritur-.
WASHINGTON, Oct. '12 Amorl-
can business must purge Itself of Ita
own "misdemeanors" before It can
hopo to exert the fullest Influence la
the atfalra of the nation, Joseph H.
DeFrees, president of the Chamber
of Commerce of the United State,
declared la aa addrese laat night be
fore the American Bankers' associa
tion. "One of the most fruitful source
of the unrest In thla country at tho
present time," aald Mr. DeFrees, "la
the belief on the part of a groat
number that business In many In
stances la aecnrlng aa Inordinate pro
fit. It U the theme of the agitator,
and la used aa Justification for var
ious unfair exactions which are put
upon business. We are quite ready
to complain In the pubtlc Interest,
about excess profit taxea an dlnade
quato production for a fair wage. Let
us do all we can to correct our owa
misdemeanors and then our voice
of protest will have a larger in
fluence In correcting those of
Mr. DeFrees said he saw hope'ln
the growing ability of American bus
iness men to organize In the mood
of helpfulness as well aa In sympa
thy with tbo public Interest. He be
lieved, that thla development might '
In the future provide a solvent for
the troubles confronting the nation.
WASHINGTON, Oct. 22. Discus
slon by the American Bankers ssso-1
elation teMjsjroffUM .criticism
certain New York banks by'ControlVf
en of Currency Williams culminated
In the adoption of a report by tbo res
olutions committee-" cendemning:
"dangerous, attach by unnamed .ln-dlviduals-.cs44sjecrdlt
structure? of
the comtff."- "-'-- c
innnn pier urn i
-jiuwuLniLL ,-:
BV. bb aaaaalBB. aayjaaaafat ssauanl aaaav . aVa aaasv f T
wi mmw
j- " Jiatf; ' ,rr .f
Won t and orgaataO
reacr reiterated hla chaaaa. that
Now York beaks are demaadtag "ex
tortloaaU" rate ot lnUrost-and that
Instead of criticism, ot hla charge
"the plainly Indisputably proper
course Is a change ot policy and re
formation of the abuses which have
come about Imperceptibly. My stand
la that the bankers will find and ap
ply a cure for the evil that has been
The resolutions committee report
'expressed complete approval ot the
federal reserve system and condem
ned any effort to use tho government
funda or force to arbitrarily hold
up or to force down prices.
Appreciation ot the enterprise of
George A. Wlrtz of the Klamath
Falls Music house in bringing to this
city tho celebrated Belgian singer,
Mile. Vcrlet. is shown by the eager
ness with which local people axe
seizing, invitations to tho -concert,
which will be held Monday night at
tho Elks' temple.
There are about 600 seata In the
hall and Mr. Wlrtz reported today
that most ot them have been spoken
for. At the rata the Invitations havo
been grasped the hall will be filled
to the laat seat by Monday night. To
Insuro against disappointments,
those desiring seats should communl-'
cate with Mr. Wlrtz before all are
H. 'Wood Tieat'swaa
or of tho International, Timber Work
or mH ,wha waaitwa, of
iU afewvdaya a; aad.
'.'will perhaps" call upem tha govor-
aor here Si connection with tho af
fair, Is stated la a teletraoi received
at the governor's office yesterday.
At the governor's 'office' It waa
stated action in 'the matter has been
deferred until the Wood party ap-r
The telegram la signed by C. Co
vert of Seattle, president ot the In
ternational Union ot Timber Work
ers, and states also that the union
baa written to the attnrre general
of California.. The telegram foleows:
"Our Vice President, H. 8. Wood.
and others will perhaps visit you on
Important matter ot mob attack upon
Mr. Wood at Susaavllle, Cat.
"We ask that you give the nutter
your earnest consideration In the In
terest ot Justice.
Wo have written your attorney
general and letter, lo you will fol
It Is claimed at Susanvllle that two
Investigations doveloped the fact that
Wood carried an I. W. W. cord.
Captain O. C. Applegate, who re
turned yesterday from a Inspection
trip over the Strahorn railroad line,
reported today that everything was
looking fine In the country through
which the road passes and that tha
grading for the road to Sprngue river
Is several miles beyond Dale.
The captain waa particularly pleas
ed with the Bonanza crops, which he
says- aro marvelous compared with
those of other years and that the
finenea of them Is all due to the Irrigation-
from the springs out thoro.
The - Bonanza people were to start
gradlac for the railroad from Dairy
to Bonanza. Aa agreement waa made
betweeav peoplo of the Bonanza dis
trict, aadi -Kr,., Btraham that thor
sava road hotwooa'tha t
SALEM, Oct. 2. The state hglh
way department today announced
that $1,500,000 worth ot state high
way bonds will be offered for sale
at the next meeting of the highway
commission In Portland, November
6. This will be the first 'block ot
the $10,000,000 highway bond Issue,
authorized at the special session ot
tho legislature last January, to be
TACOMA, Wash., Oct. 22. A
movement from rural districts to
cities la shown In population statis
tics from Washington. Though the,
state made a gala of' 214,916 since
1910, there waa a falling off in
rural communities.
Thirteen farming counties la the
atate lost population la the ton year
period, aad aa purely (.agricultural
aunty auda aajr. considerable gain.
Between fo iwoi tbo etas laoreaa r ova to- taa
wo'ild make the growth of ottlea of !, ppuUthl
' itR.i
'It c'Ms,
-v &t