The Evening herald. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1906-1942, September 11, 1920, Page PAGE FIVE, Image 5

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TM6 IVIW1N0 JttRALD. KImath btaiij, qmqoh
"t M
o o
I). Iloyland and William Morse,
lira victim, wnrn ubln to he up yes
torday morning nnd will soon bo dis
charged from the hospital,
Ray Talbot left this morning on
tho south bound train,
Midway betwoen tbo midnight and
the dawn
L. They still were living; but when
All the New
tho day was young;
Our souls turned sick beside their
ghasMy beds, ' ,
Tho crowd bad wept and their
first dirge was sung. ;
Llko forest Arcs sweeping through
I dead leaves,
Dan and Dave Llskey were In the
county seat yesterday attending to
business, from their ranch In Swan
Ijiko valley,
Aa swift but in tho open
may flee.
Miss Jean R, Norvell of los An go-
les, Is ezpected In tonight for a visit
with Mr, and Mrs. Leslie Rogers.
Miss Norvell will be tbo guest of tho
Only In traps like thla the flames
may leap
Upon their helpless prey, and such
things be.
Itogors for tho nest throo weeks,
D. ' JTw I'll ls rJ daB1 f
Dis. ly rSMuiBBBBlBBSAAbk
Hral A' P ark 11 bbbbbbbbbbbbw'B.NII.
bRUaMkv1bbbkbbV bbbbbbbbbbbbm fl24K
mmSMBhrMHl bbbbbbbVIJbV B-M',vyi
il r I iT Mm D !
and they plan to take her to all the
Give Children a Chance at Music
For the several years that the youngsters are too
young to take music lessons they can be trained to
sing the childhood rhymes to the accompaniment of
the Gulbransen Player-Piano.
Later they can start their regular practice and
parents meantime have had all the advantages of the
world's best music in the home.
A child's education depends upon the parents
and without some sacrifice on their part the musical
and mental education is liable to be under average.
Arrangements may be made at our music house
so convenient that most every home can have this
Standard Player.
dOUNTflV -8KAT .. . MO
Earl Shepherd Co.
One Busim
507 Main S
Muiic Exclusively
lamath Falls, Ore.
. 4
Hereafter the Herald will publish
the mean and iiulmia tempera
tures and precipitation record aa tak
en' by the U. S. Reclamation service
alatlon. Publication will cover the
day previous to the paper's Isms, up
ttf o'clock'of tkafdaV."" ' '"- -
Pre- .
Max. Mia. elplUtlon
Sept. 1 88 4
Sept. 2 89 6S
Bept. 3 90 C4
8pt. 4... IS 49
Kept. C 83 44
Sept. 80 43
Sept. 7 83 47
Sept. 8 7S 42
Sept. 9 73 38
Sept. 10. (3 4C
Mrs, V. Krallngcn and a friend,
paiilnic tho White I'elleaa garage
latt evening at 9 o'clock, discovered
rubblih pile burning near tbe
bulltllnar. according to Mra. Kralln
grn'a report to the Herald today.
They warned garage employee, who
put tho flr'o but.
J t K N '
WASHINGTON, Sept. 11. Tho
president today appointed Mabel T.
Boardmnn, (or many yoara a member
of tho eiecutlvo committee of the
Red Cross, oi commluloner of tho
District of Columbia, She la tbo
first woman momber of tbe commit'
Ion which dlrt'cta tho dlatrlct gov
Over Central Garage, Klamath Avenue near Fourth
Dancing every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
Straight Admission ' Ladies Free
, Everybody Welcome
The Rex Cafe
Special Sunday Dinner-l&S
Olympla Oyster Cocktail
nipo Olivet
Pickled Beeta
Fresh Shrimp Meat Salad, Mayonnaise
, Cream of Chicken, With Rice
Baked Salmon Itallenn
(Shoe String Potatoea)
Choi Of
UBakod Virginia Han. Candled Sweet Potatoea
Breaded Veal Cutlet's, Paprika Sauce
Minced" Chicken In Cream, a la King
Mashed Potatoea
Fruit Punch
Steamed Head, Rica
Choice' ef:
Lemon Ice, Vanilla or Chocolate Ice Cream
Cabinet Pudding, Vanilla Cream Sauce "
Cafe "Noir"
Interesting parts of the county.
Mr. and Mra. C. 11. Underwood
and Mr. and Mrs. Will Baldwin are
leaving this evening for the Lake 'o
tho ,WoodR, where they will spend
the week-end.
Yaak Logon la a lty visitor today
from the Klamath Indian Reserva
Ivan Houston was a passenger on
this morning's atago for Medford,
whore hn will spnnd a few days be
fore going to Kugeno to take up his
studlea In tbe high school there.
Ills high school work will be finished
In January and at that tlmo Ivan will
enter tho University of Oregon.
II. O. DoYoung, Mr. and Mra.
deorgo W. Walker, Mrs. Hattle Mot-
loy, Mrs. Walker Hyter and Mra.
Minnie Kenny of Los Angeles, Cali
fornia, are hero on a sightseeing
tour. They came m their car from
Crater Lake last night and espect to
leave hern some time todsy, Mr.
Walker, who Is a member of the ex
ecutive committee of the Cltltens
National Bank and vice-president of
tho Citizens Trust and Savings Bank
of Los Angeles, Is host for the party.
Major C. E. Worden left tbla morn-
Ign for bis home In Portland after a
brief business visit In Klamath Palls.
E. R, Rcamxj 'president of the
First National tank, was a passenger
on tho morning train for his home In
Kan Francisco, after several weeks'
visit In this city.
F. R. Laughton received a tele
gram yesterday bearing the news of
the accidental shooting of his broth
er, Ray, at Busanvllle, California.',
No particulars were contained In the'
message and Mr. Laughton left thla'
morning -for Alameda to attead the
funeral of his brother.
1KB. Jplley la axity visitor from.
the Klamath Agency attendlnr to
matters of business here.
J. H. Church arrived yestorday
from Busanvllle, California, for a
brief visit bore.
Will Adams Is In tbo county seat
todsy from his ranch near Merrill,
attending to business.
Mra. Kathrino Wright left on the
grain this morning for San Francis
co, whero she will meet her grand
daughter who Is coming to Klamath
Falls from Honolulu for an extended
Lloyd Riches left this morning for
his home In Portland. He aald bo
fore leaving that be could not say
enough about hla attraction to Klam
ath Falls and that he could think of
nothing finer than the opportunity
to be In buslnesa here. ,
There! waa a buslnesa meeting of
the Bpworth League Thursday nlaht
at tbe home of Mr. and Mra. Will
Wood, at which officers for the com
ing year were elected. Will Wood
iwaa mado president, Mra. J. II. Lin-
testy, fourth vice president and Wil
liam Holloway, treasurer.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Davis left
this morning for Washington, where
they will visit relatives and friends
of Mra. Davis'.
Mrs. R. I). noil of Pasadena, Cali
fornia, Is a visitor In Klamnth Falls
today. Sho Is registered at tho Whlto
Pelican liotol. i
Mrs. J. 0. I'lorco and son, A, II.
I'lorco, oxpoct to loavo on the stago
for Ashland tomorrow, nftor a wook's
Visit boro. Thoy are back for the.
first time In nlno years, but up to the
time of tholr removal to Now York,
Mra. Pierco and her son wero well
known Klamath residents. Mr.
Pierco,' who Is attending school In
Boston, Is returning for the opening
of the now term. This haa cut their
Mslt here with old friends rather
' Dr. J, 8. Reld, Emanuel Baptist
evangelist, has been delayed and will
not arrive from Portland as schedul
ed, but If lie gets In on time Sunday
mgnt the services will be held aa
wai anuounced several days ago.
Hide them with earth and bide that
earth with flowers,
Yet shall the heart recall that
foarful sight;
Tho arms outstretched from win
dows wreathed with flame,
Tho voices shrieking terror
through the sight.
Was it a monster brought tho 11 res
of Death?
Or some avenging angel sternly
To say "If ye will learn no other
I tako these lives to drive the les
son home."
By Vera Miller.
"County Spirit," the official organ
of the.,Klamath county chamber of
commerce, la off tbe press again.
The aecond publication of the breezy Utlc art.
little paper la better than first, prov
ing once moro .the old platitude that
'all good things improve with age.
BUDAPEST, Aug. 21. (By Mall.)
"Tho peoples of Europe are In a
dark, deep pit and they must work
themselves out of It," says Roland
Hcgcdus, bank director and lecturer
at tbe Budapest University.
Tho United States Is richer than
sho knows but sho cannot recon
struct Kuropo by loans. AJ1 the na
tions of Europe aro beset with a
succession of political and economic
problems thst are well nigh insolv
able. "Russia Is tbe key to the situation
and until some sort of consistent
government is established there, we
can hope for little here. '
"What the United States can do,
perhaps, Is to work to secure free
trade among these Central European
Countries. None of us can do any-
business with tariff frontiers.
"I believe the paper money situa
tion will force a revision of the peace
treaties. All these llttlo nations tfre
living from hand to mouth, printing
up money to keep going. Poland Is
hardly a year old and already she
has, a national debt of 13, 000, 000,-
00 marks, with a 40,000,000,000
deficit. The same Is more or leas
rue of Czecho-Slovakla, of Hungary
ana or an or us. -roe armies are eai
tog up halt our Incomes, yet each na
tlon Is afraid to disarm because of
possible attacks from neighbors.
"With this paper money carnival,
Central Europe can not trade with
countries having better moneys, such
aa,, Spain, Holland and Switzerland.
1 Thla slfuatlon also applies to Italy
and France.
"Meanwhile our Civilization la go-'
Ing by the board. Because of the
We welcome -the hard-to-please. These fall coats
are so brimful of attractive style that we are confi
dent you will find just the coat you are looking for.
- And it's surprising how
reasonably they are priced
and yet are so well tailored
socarefuUy finished and
so cleverly made through
out ,
That they represent the ut
most in quality, reliability
'Which this season is so
important to every woman.
Our stock is now com-
plete with many, lja;l
Vogue new coats the?'
latest word in fashion '
Which are awaiting ,
, your inspection.
,f a , ,
I, MIOWERA. New South. Wales.
Aug.'!. (By Man.) The Prince of
Wales had the time of his life here
among the hard-riding, atraight
shooting, outspoken ranchers and,
exchange, our universities and read-lby Ma adaptability and good fellow
Ing people can not1 afford to sub
scribe for science' or law' 'publica
tions of England" or 'the United
States. ', '
"For tho same reason our'educat
ed but Impoverished classes can not
go abroad to And work., provided
they could secure passports.
"These conditions are not alto
gether the results of a big war but
of a bad peace which has fallen
harder on Hungary titan any other
country. Clod made hor the center
of a geographical unit and tho peace
frontiers ruin not only new Hungary
but the parts taken away."
BERLIN, Aug. 20. (By Mail.)
The newspapora announce the retire
ment of Max Relnbardt from the ac
tive management of his chain of Ber
lin theaters.
Relnhardtf who haa dominated the
German dramatic world for more
than 15 years, Is said to be disgusted
at hla Inability to Induce the authori
ties to repeal or modify the amuse
ment tax, which, he atatea, Is bur
dening his enterprises to a point,
where they aro no longer profitable.
He will retire to hla country seat
near Salzburg where he will devote
himself to 'agriculture and some
more complicated problems of dram-
Oerbart Hauptmanu, a dramatist
and Felix Hollaender, who haa beeai
Relnhardt'a chief assistant, are men-
UomA m the jelat succeeding direc
gpS Bsr-,-mf'"wTL
Exclusive La Vogue Agent
aHammmBmH iMJ ISmmK ImmC "
sh'lpmade himself extremely popu
lar. He J won their respect when he
entered five races against these pre
mier horsemen and won all the
The ranchers are having a quiet
smile 'over 'an -amusing bu somewhat
embarraaCiaif incident la which the
Prince was involved. WitatOs usual
"hale-fellow-well-met" ieaWfctg, the
Prince on Me occasion astefl everjr-
lone la the kese to hat a drank
with him. ,
After, the 0ttaks had ,t4ea serve
the heir, to' the 'richest threue In the
world discovered he had no money
He called oa Admiral Haiatv who la
touring with him, for fuads but the
only reply was: "I havea't a shil
ling on mo, air."
Finally another manlier of the
royal party ciske to tho rescue and.
the drinks wore1 handed around.
Jewel Cafe
Special Sunday Dinmer, $1.00
RKI.I8HKt?jt . , ' , .
' . Mission Ripe.Ollvoa f
Cream of Chicken, Prlncesse " 'P."
Sweet Gherkins
HearU of Lettuce, Thousand Island Dressing,
Halibut: Cutlets Saute, Qherkla Sauce
.' -V (
Yanr Choice ef:
RosstHam. Plantation Style"
Chicken Fricassee. Egg Noodlee, ., . V.
Fried Spring Chicken, Country Gravy-
Mashed Potatoes, Cauliflower, Au Gratia
i ' Choice of , ,Mit
Vanilla Ice Cream Boston Cream Pi j-
Apple Roly Poly, Nutmeg uauoe . k
? -( J 4 s St-,W
... -.B.l ,11. .VI.1 ?-.
imhww mum t i ,
-. t. i j
.' "
A otaMtfted AdUl aU it,
tors. , r
I .ik
. r'
Ai.v at' ii, -i-t.