The Evening herald. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1906-1942, July 01, 1920, Image 1

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TV "iJCaBa'flT" J"1""!
Fourteenth Year No. 3961
Price Fire Cents
Iomcufc MMs'isiX
& r 'l-
At tho meeting of Hi- dln-cliini of
tho Klamath county chamber of com-
merco hold at tho rooms of the chain-
bur on Fifth street, Tuesday, Br
organlxed plan waa worked out, an
tar aa pracm:.ii i in,. ...... ..
the handling of llm congressional
committee which will arrive here by
train at 7:30 p. in., July 7, to look
over the Klamath project.
On the arrival of tha party at the
White Pelican hotel an Informal re
caption will occur to enable farmora
and olhera to become acquainted with
these vlaltora upon whom so much
depends aa tn thn proper and contin
ued development of this reclamation
t. 1 lltMl mativ nt III.. flir
. .. ,.MKy- . " ' " " I
mnra roaldlnic unurr iun Tiiriuu
canals rnn make It runvenlent to im" " 7r uunmuri. wn k ... ,;,,;-
on hand for Ibla "free for all" and I" " nd early this morning, when ceding today called for tho final
Informal rwcopilon ' August W Fell, r.C years old, n rcsl-' nomination speech. The ono aet
.. . ' . ,i .,.'. ,. .,, lent of Klamath Kalln for the lis spunch'on the program waa that of
On tin. morning of the th. s soon y (J;rornor Cornw, of Wnl,t Virginia
as can h arrangrd. W at a, in ( fl ( ,,m ,l)ncn , nomntttlo John W. Davla.
aharp. elxht or nine of the bial rara U w Kn mm hn,o amtaaaador lo Orwl llrlUln.
tobehad. andunderlnlelllKenteon. K(rrMi A ()f Knnah K(lu, MeMo0t Palner Gor(ir(1,
trol. will be rrady to ciivey he pJrly Cmrlii ()f Wof Jor0lh,n lmchcock Cumrolngs, Bdwards.
through the agricultural district, via nm, (in y (( Kllllnttth 'nrnittla M,.m,(h and Owen had been
aierrni ami aibiui hi im... ...... -
lueso u.. .....,.-.. ..". Aillhnil na Kr.ltlk ,,,, of Mudford, Hon beforo- last ovcnlns'a adjourn
pany lh....i can se., how the lutein- Tm ,,,,, tlrrlv., ,,nru yPB,rdny IIR.i.
gunl distribution of water has trans- mA f( lur1e , , McAiloo la ldtog i";
formed the erstwhlli, sandy sar... cor- li((int y miMaK that McAdoo
red Plains l..t. u the f t.est, Ml(m w ,,(i ,-rn n ,.,,.1 , hm ,ho nidc trick ,n Oi.
and inot productu., ulfulfu und raln nm, eamo ( Jo Un(,( BMn noninBt(,n bfl ,Bcr
fluids on the roust wl,n ,1(,y f ,0 H ,,, woM clrc(u of o)J ,n(J i)mocrnt'C loaders
They will ! " uiiolluir marvel 'ftni) m,,,! n ftlaho whero ho farm-. worked through tho night devising
which bus Im'hii wrmiKht In the Imnlnj,,,) for om yt.nn, Movlnc to Klnm- moans to stop his nomination.
of Tub. lake by tuklng away lostjnth county ubnul If. yearn ago he ev champ Clark waa being dlacaaaed
river, Tule Uko a only fveuer, so mai
,1... InlfM ..lirit rnin.rllltf &C.UD0 nOfri
;" "" - ,,........ .... nn ..t-. ..... ...,. ...... iicaiIOO poopio 10 inai idutd wmwh
In Orogun und California, boa fallen1 bridge, In partnership with thn lato3unt,M Hn Inner circle combination
already 20 fuel and has uncovorcd a, O. Uiwls. The buslnon lutor l I f orpatalled them thero would bo dls
30,000 ucres of land, much of which Vfoped Into Fanners Implement cosc, another coalition which would
is now In grain und alfalfa. Kupply House on With shrent. Homnlpr0(juco n Alison backed dark horse.
ItoturnliiK via Foe vulloy. n rich'nnven years ngo Mr. Plul disponed of Tho nnmo of non)or . Cummlngs
area now blmimmlng as thu roso hU Interest In thk concern nnd un-icroppcj out when over an od minis
through Irrigation, and llonaiua, tho til his Illness forced him to retire ,rnton dark ,oro were being dls
clovcr leaf city, which through Irrl- Inst fall hn waa blacksmith for the ',CUMC, xho nomo of Vice Frcsldont
gatlqn plans now iniiliirlng. Is to bu H. Heclumallon Korvlco horo for !Mnrilhn Waa generally linked with
the business center of ono of thu about sU years. tmt of Cnnn,p clark when a corn-
richest aroaa In southeastern Orer.on.l During bis long rrsldonco hero 'x' tilnatlon of candldatca-to broak tho
mo pany win no imc ... rnumu...
Falls about ISt30. enjoy a repast ut!
tho White IVIIean with a number of (which thn slightest reproach never
our clllxens. nnd then proceed to Fort" rested. Tho community 'will ahnro
Klamath and Crater lako In tho aflwr-
party to remain one day to view that Tho funeral will bo hold tomorrow
groat natural wonder and enjoy thejmornlng nt 10:30 o'clock from Whit
facilities to bo provided for their con- lock's chapel. Thoro will bo no scr
ronlenco by tho management there,' vices at tho chapel. Tho I. O. O. F.
and the next day, July 10, proceed to. w'H conduct tho services nt Irjo com
Il.n.1 tn cars to Imi nrovlded br that etnr. Three pall bearers will lie
Members of Party
Following aro tho members ot tho
.congressional party
Appropriation committee James
jW. Q6od of Iowa, chairman of the
oommlttoo; Joseph W. llyrna of Ton-
, J. M. Hvans of Montana,
A. Oalllvaa of Massachusetts,
O. B. Shemp, W. R. Wood of Indiana,
Louis V. Cramton of Michigan, Uur
ton M. French, J. J. Began, N. J. 8ln
nott of Oregon, chairman of the pub
llo landa committee N., W. Shrove,
Joseph O. (Uncle Joo) Cannon, for
mer spenkor of the house of ropro
eentalivtn. (
Roclanintlon sorvlco committee,
, A. P. Davis, dlroctor nn,d,hend of tha
TQclumntlon, sorvlco; F. O, Wymoth,
cuof oiiRlneur; J. 11. Ileadlo, dlroctor
of systom. '
Nailannl park sorvlco Hleplicn T,
Mather, dlroctor of imrks; J, A. (lul)l
van, Jr., HtunoHraphor; A. K, Ilnrtn,
Tho party will lo mot nt Wood by
II. D. Nuwoll, projoct inrtnugor, tho
Tioiird ot illroctora ot tho Klamath
Irrlgntl6n"(llHtrlct, uttd porhapa other
local clllxerih.
Ft. Klamath to Foro'
"Tho progrossvo poopio of Fort
Klamath, tho business contor of that
groat meadow callod Wood Rlvor vol
toy, do not propose to be outdone by
other soctlons in contributing to tho
convenience ot tho congressional
commlttoo while they are swinging
around the circle in Klamath land,"
aid Capt. O. O. Applsgate, ssoretary
of the local, chamber ef eommeree
.lassv. "i
ut ther will. In w haai
lr sast am 'to flak tha
4. 'i!
Mri'ii: riKwriKrr of
iii:;iiin(J voth today
A UAM I'll AMimif'fl lulu I
I'roiipi'rts for Imlliitlni: lulu to-
day for presidential candidates (
went glimmering tin tlm dulo-
galea to the Democratic national ,
riiiivmitlon iiml for llm fourth
day's session. A lung mill till-
'a litp fliflil ikviir llm titiiiriifi txt tin. a
,,,, ,, ln wncn ,
. nppottm of VrvMni wHOn
wenj torca t ttCei,pi lhu l(1.
, mltilatrntloti'M plank before It
could ba adopted, ao delayed tho
work of the platform committee
that there la llttto likelihood of
a, imllmln ..,. ..
morrow. 4
A lonlnr, hut bravely fouaht lint
i,iu i.. .. ........... ...... i.. .
Kn) n)(, W( hrolUvn ,.;, ,.,u, of
.uullshud a blacksmith ahpp and lm-M R possibility. Tho aaawar of tha (condemnation proceedings and lBe-
tiliiiniint IiiibIhmiii aiAMr .I.m f.fnlr H.,... . . .' . ... ' A VTF.lf...l ,t ..?!Ja.-W-m.k.-- .41.'..
uxiui.uu u idi'uuiimiu .im (iiii-nin,
loyalty and good cltlxenshlp upon
tho grief of relatives In tho pnsslng'
chosen from the i; O. O., F. lodge and
threo from the Woodmon of tho
World, to both of which fraternities
tho docedent bolongod. llurlul will
be In th'o local cemotory. From 9 to
10 o'clock tomorrow morning the
body will lie In atate at Whltlock'a
chapel and friends may call.
The Oregon-California power com
pany aaka that automobllo drivers
notify them in tho futuro when It Is
their intention to run over fire hy
drants. 'The plpo nt tho cornor of
tho W. O. Bmlth placo on Conger
nvonuu was run into by somo un
known porson yesterday nnd tho
Hinlth lawn was Irlgatod with city
wator freo ot chargor and tho pet
koiu iisu nun n narrow escnpo irom
... . . L ' J . .
UU...K 1.1. u lliu nvor.
!...... I.. au s i a I
i-iiuiiiii in inn Wlim pun Ol town
wore without wtvtor for several liouraOBnr,,U8i Arthur Wllg0n( u Kj
yesterday afternoon, nnd as n rosult femth, Dunbar & Dunbar, Do Lap &
tho Jnpincso laundry mado wild
muttorlnK about tholr clothes which
woro In tlm stonm, nnd In dangor ot
being ruined,
party at Fort Klamath on July 8,
when tho mon ot Klamath Falls land
thoro with them. Thoy will convoy
thorn to Crater lako themselves.' At
Crater lako tho Rend party will be
on hand to move them on to the me
tropolis ot central Oregon, after they
have spent a day at the crater."
Captain Applsgate received the tn
formatioa ot. tha plana at, tho Fart
sri.fc aaasM sn a - --t--
r"",T, WWWW uj4Bnl$paaaap fBwjB
,. SAN FRANCISCO, July 1,-Irro.
conclllaLIo opponenU of McAdoo
claimed n Mock of at least 400 bitter
vnon,lM who wouW l,,nna t0 tbe ,ut
und Prent nl nomination. McAdoo
( '" ' -? -- "
a.TOln" ' "'' iw.
a declared they worn aura of accessions,
auracira ny meir Bnuwing ui j
During tho debate In the rcaolu-
Hon committee. Senator Olaaa and
llrynn claahod over flryan'a publlahcd
crltlclim of the nob-committee aa a
"aerret body." When Henator Olaaa
objected to It llryan replied he wovld
ue It attain, or uny other word he
should choose,
VotlnR for presidential candidate
will not beKln until the platform has
tm,.,M M.lfi.ii,.,! Tim rinvftfitlnn nro-
fornm)ly ,,!.,! before tho conven-
McAdoo wavo waa being dlscussod
Former Representative Carlln, Palm
er'a chief ot staff, refused to admit
that tho attorney general could not
Cox-Palmer Combination
E. II. Moors, ot Youngstown, Ohio,
tbo Cos Hold marshal!, aald "tala may
bo a grasshopper convention but I
haven't beun Informed aa yet that any
of tho Cox delegatea are going to
.Nevertheless the report persisted
that thore waa some kind of an un
derstanding betweon the Cot and
Pal'mor men and thnt the managor of
these candldatea favored the nomina
tion of any one rather than McAdoo.
Claims of strength for the leaders
ranked about this way when Ithe Cos
convention got ready for business
Ixcal fire insurance ogonts met
Tuosday ovenlng, and plnnnod a tom-
IHtrary organisation to be known as
tho Klamath Insurance nssoclntton.
At R. Wilson waa mado temporary
president nnd Perry O. Do tem
porary secrotnry. A mooting was ar
ranged for July 12, for tho purpose
ot forming a pormanont .organtzn
,". ..
'rl.n.n l.rnn n 11,1. Oral ,nn(lnr
wnro. Hnccntt & niomontn. Paul
liny don. Tho following additional
agents hnvo slgntflod tholr doslro to
bolong; Jas. Drlscol, Klamath Coun
ty Abstract company, Fred Ruestng,
W. S. Slough, Jool T. Ward. '
The funoral ot Mrs. R. A. Alford,
who died early yesterday morning,
will be hold tomorrow afternoon at
1:30 o'clock from the Presbyterian
church. The Rev. . P. Lawrence
wlU officiate.
John 0parg soya he will aet re
STATE moon
flf.anrf In lAirnl afllnti nn II.M nnvt f
.. . V .i. i .i. j.
of momlicra to both aldei of the dla -
pute, nnd alleged rcaort to direct ac
tlon en tho part of some ranchers,
baa' created a situation In the valley
south of here, where Oskar Huber'a
highway building crew la grading the
Klamath Falla-Malln section of The
Dallea-Callfornla highway, that ia
developing considerable frlctloa and
seriously hampering the contractor.
One Injunction, suit, filed by Mrs.
Rophla 8. Henley ugalnet, Klamath
county, Ita county coart, the atata
highway commission aad commission-
era, Oskar Huber, contractor, and!
oinera, ia pending ia iae circuit court,
rialntlff utlcges unauthorised tres
pass upon her property, which ahe
souks to restrain.
On the other hand Oiatrlct Attor
ney Duncan Is preparing an Injunc
tion petition on behalf of tho county,
seeking to restrain Robert Cherne,
another rancher, from turning water
from his Irrigation dltchea Into the
road, miring It ao that the grading
cruws cannot work. This petition
will probably bo filed today.
j A ruling on the petition of Mrs.
Ilenlcy Is expected today.
rotitioner links, beside tho ro
straining order, fl.OOO damages.
whlch alio claims hus already boon
done to her property, condemnation
proceedings were brought against nor
by Klamath county, June 18, 1.
she alleges, but denlea the country'a
authority to condea.a,tbe land. One
plain point of reliance ia an alleged
an proviaing marine aiaie may siari
diately "thoreaftefvei)ter'"r1!pori" 'the
land Involved. In thla instance, how
ever, it la alleged, the atate la not
suing and tho county ia unauthorized
to sue. It la further alleged that tho
county ault attempts to condemn tho
right ot way but makes no mention
of "ditches, fences and crops, which
aro damaged, for which the $1,000
reparation la asked. Petitioner de
clares that sho has mado a cash
tender ot $1,000 to defendants it they
would not place the road upon her
land. "
C. A. Lelghton, Mr. Iluber's supor-
imenacni. siaiou, lasi evening wai
the action of the ranchora waa aerl- Co,er trnstee to MfefUmr(, the ,n.
ously hampsrlng the contractor and tereiUof tho boBd-holders and d Is-
,diZrialm,"lnr the 'UU f B- C-te
except that in the trouble zone, which m-a..i0B mnrt tndiTtdni.. hirh
.. .K- . nil., a- ..-.. a.fcl.
b avuut ww uhiiw ivatut wo
controversy has been growing for
weeks and constantly becoi
v&rmnp. IlMldaa ft nrnlnar watr m .
tho route ot the highway through
their property Mr. Lelghtoa allegea
tb'at water waa let. loose a few nights
ago oa Ute camp of J. W. Moorman,
sub-contractor, and the crew was
forceeMo get out la the night aad
dike their tents, to keep their beds
and belonginga from being soaked.
Rumors, that ranchers have stop
ped the graders with shotguns wsre
donlod by Mr. Lelghton. He said
that about 10 days ago Qeorge Khe-
halt, one of the, opposing farmers,
fotused an engineering party access
to his land and drove them off, but
no vlolenco took placo, except In i
mthor heated languago,
Tho following ranchora nro defend
ants In condemnation sulta filod by
tho ceunty: Robort 11. Choyno, U
llownian. Con Curtln. Sophia IIenloy.ond holders would Intervene and '""j y?l V" 1 ' f
George Khohalt and Haze. Rusta- foreclose on tho property caused tho, Yt" T ZL
mento. , joun Follows to tako stops to bring
At this particular season tho tl10 Property to n, BOlvont condition,
ranchora assvirl 'tho dumago follow-1 Inasmuch ns tho lmlldlng la prob
ing tho road building Is Increased' ""' mnsketnblo at ny tlmo for $75.
muny times over work . nt other i 000' tho dlfllculty was not groat. It
porlods of tho year on liccount ot,s "ndorstood that members of tho
Irrigntlon. Tho grndors toar up tho ,oaBe havo Pledged tho amount ot
dltchea. It fa assorted, depriving the tho denc,t' 10,000 to $12,000
land of water nt a critical period and nmon& themsqlves and that Mr. Col
ruining crops. Tho wator Is thero ,,ar'- M trustee, has approved tho
now for uso. norhons bv tho tlino lbo.
ditches nro ronalre.1 ...In thn fttmnm
will not be available and tho year's
crop ta lost. They declare that If the
county and highway commission put
the road through tbey are bound to
pay for damages to crops, ditches,
etc., and unless aa amicable set
tlement la arrived at a wide possi
bility ot future damage acttoaa is
oieaed up.
ll?llllArt f fl-unM. .UIIIItA.. .
plank, around which lodatn.
flcht In tho platform commlttfco
la centering, read or follew:
"Wo hanrtlly congratulate the
Dnmncratlc party on Ita aplcndld
Icodorahlp, In the anbmlsalon of
. 'ho ratification of the prohlbl-
'. .. , , , ,. , . , T
tlon amendment to the federal
constitution, and will pledge
strictly to enforce the Volstead
4- law, honestly and In good faith,
without any Increase in the al-
coholle content of permitted
beverages and without any
weakening of any other of ita
provisions." 4
Soft sounds of clicking Ivory and
clinking coin, accompanied by mur
mured ejaculations, such aa "Come
you seven," "8hoof the whole
piece," "Fade me, boy," "Oh, rou
loren," apprised Chief of Police Wll
aon and Price Recob, fedoral officer,
the nefarloua work waa afoot in the
alley back of the Gun storo last even-.
Inc. Quietly they swooped down on
I the little party and as a result of the
raI(1 r0y Knight. McKlnlcy Cohen
nn,j c. Schonschln appeared before
p0llco Judge Loavltt this morning
nna- PBd fnCg 0r l0 cach( for thlt
; form of gambling generally known aa
i snooiing craps,- in wnicn legal
eBaor 0f the United States of Amer
lea was used as stakes.
The arresf establishes a precedent.
tcred on the police court docket.
1. 0. 0. F. HULL
Difficulties ot the I. O. O. F. Hall
association have apparently been ad-1 in extolling tho federal remrvQ sya-..'
Justed, the circuit court ycjterdayjlem and financing ot the war, eei"i
- i,.,, , .. AR.. I'-u
I .-.. ..., .uu...Uu..., wuivu
ne! has been pending for several months,
rtwoipiaintjg Mked appointment of a re-
"". eel ver to take charge ot Income from
' ; - - " -
the organisation's property. This
under the adjustment that has been
made is found unnecessary!
From statementa ot members it Is
understood that the I. D. O. F. Hall
association will be dlasolved'at once
and custodianship ot the hall and Its
revenues revert to the I. O. O. F.
The financial troubles have exist
ed ever since the building ot the hall,
wflfMl raa Sn.mM.1 hv m SRn AAA
bond issue The issue was Insufflel-
cnt, nnd udltlonal loan ot $8,000 had
.to be floated and In consequence the
building started with a deficit. Then
canto arrears ln taxes and the build
Ing, while a good revenue producer,
has cnrlcd a $10,000 deficit for
years. Prospects 'that eventually a
point mtght bo ronclied -uiioro tho
"." ui ""anciai reuajusimom irom
,ho hondholders' Standpoint
stander In the squabble," said Hn
Lelghton In discussing the raattor,
"and as usual ia getting the worat of
it. The ranchers, I believe, have bo
STudge against' tne contractor. Their
battle la with tha county court, but
we ara subjected1 to. personal attack
o'tha-etoy Is-cdstla M'tflat
01 ON UN
SAN FRANCI8CO, July 1. The
Democratic platform, as dratted br
the sub-committee of nine aad sub
mitted to the full committee declare
for the ratification of the peaee
treaty, aa being required to preserre
the honor and Integrity of the na
tion; suggests that the Irish question
can be brought legitimately befera
the league of nations for setttemesrfj.
and ia silent on "prohibition." It
advocates collective bargaining far
farmers, opposes compulsory arbitra
tion tn labor disputes, declares toe
the recognition of the new Meilaaa
government" when order is restore.
calls on the governors ot Tenneanesju
Florida and North Carolina to raUf
the suffrage amendment.
Ia many respects the platform fat-
lows that adopted by the Virgin!
Democrats and publicly approved by
President Wilson.
The league of natlona plank ia par
ticular will be taken virtually as a
whole from the Virginia platform.
although in other respects there have
been tnodiflratlona and manr new
sections bavo been added. Tho pre
amble sends greetings to Presides!
Wilson, commending his achieve
ments in the Interest ot the country
and of tho who,' Mror,d' nd 'N'1
I , Republican congress la
general terms.
Following is a synopsis of tho plat plat
eorm: League ot Nations Repeats tk
Virginia plank wKh little Tarta'tlea.
condemning the action o'f the
Republicans In adopting
BTuimist iwiiuw m-.ot M9'mmamu
treaty and -such membership ia- tas
lesgue as would In" no wise Impair
national integrity.
Conduct ot tho war Praises tha
administration's conduct ot the war
and commends the patriotism of
American sons to aid their govern
ment. It praises the military ana
naval forces, with mention of General.
Pershing by name.
Finance Again Incorporates tha
language ot tho Virginia JJemoerata
Tasatlon-Critlcliea the RepubkV
can congress for falling to revise tk
war tlm. Ux schedule, and d.-rt.
i .,- o.v.. ... i
luemea me nepu oiican claims or eeea-
omy, declaring that no moaey waa
saved except at the expense ot effl-
lclency of government.
- " - " - ''"""
High cost of living Blames dimin
ished production for high prices and
declares the Republicans respoasibsa
in that they delayed peace, by falling
to provide the president with neces
sary legislation.
War investigation Condemns tha
Republicans for their use of appro
priations In Investigating the conduct
of the war.
Profiteering Pledges the party ta
tho enactment and enforcement at
such legislation as may be required ta
bring profiteering before the ban at
criminals Justice.
Tariff Refers to democracy tariff
doctrines nnd declares tor research;
on tho subject by a non-partisan com
mission. Hudgot Dofonds president Wil
son's voto of the budget bill, but ad-
unclor tho direction of tho secretary
of tho treasury with consolidated,
Postal rorvlco - Commends tha
Democratic administration ot tho
postal service and nial;ea a blanket
declaration tor higher salaries tor
postal employees; advocates greater
uso of motor vehicles in transporta
tion of mall and tho oxtonslos of the
parcel post.
Free spoech Declares for fraa
speoch and freo assembly speech ex
cept insofar as ft may attack tha Ufa
of the nation. '
Agriculture Praises tho PeeH,
w" " . HHtnuunsi'iNBl, !t
loan nanu aac other' nm TTgliu : .. ;M
iion; enaerasa bmwswisj sanaMaJatg' j
ana researeaea mm prsaaswsn; i
Uhar fVltowa na
.7Ri g-f ,..
turn to thaaeeUhet party.
Tha contractor to tha tawat hy-
alsBBBN"re .MW JVe
K I i-
.Vlj. ,
-r tf jfy
J. V
ASftf t.v"wV
BawassnaassBBBBh i
- .,t- r ta-