The Evening herald. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1906-1942, May 10, 1920, Page PAGE SIX, Image 6

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MOXTtAY, MAT 19, lgeM
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My pop He
HAD him giwn
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it JAV. M6J"
Once Leopard Had
One and He Broke
Out in Spots '
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I in or rAofent ) 4era
'S9 v:
W r
Chaatauqaa days are Jat ahead. They provide for yon
and year family a week aupremoly worth while In every
respect. Noted lecturers, musicians and entertainer
Hag te you a als daya' program of Elltsoa-Walte quality
whose value caaaot be measured by money alone. The
Mat Is small the dividends bit.
Tare Ratertalameata
,SU Spteadid Lectures
Twelve Procrams of Music
.Tweaty-ooe Atlractloaa
Bay that aeaaoa ticket today. II. C. of L. hat not touched
It. It la MM fl.St lea tbaa 12 cent a apiece for attrac
tieea worth aiaay Uaiea that much. It saves yoa a five
dollar Mil over baylag single admissions.
Klamath Falls
MAY 24-29
Mr com c a
aekeuttea fee wwas sagrace tatMawt te the sums Itr rsilr-
Mim sstrssrtatl s eSMt eeMara yea. I.S .see. allow
the Diinram eaailauireuea'a eaitaatea,
Beterasa the tekgrase. eaMe aad talefheae llae to their ewatre.
aeetea a rsllrsea rwrnatsattee law whlth U arsasaaced eaa pt the
greateM toaatractlve laaeawe ever stae ases the eulite beets.
led aad eatorted the feed eaatrel act to smsal eearaiag.
the war-risk esseraaeo law to tetmse the auewaaeaa to
aariaaaiy lajared ssMtars.
the eerHskt aata law beeaaae af the aardehita It eateues
ease eartraKarai later wis.
Fmldid saalBeaal eaaiaeaitlea tor W-aaM aad everwerkas aav
elsyss at the into! aerrtea.
Jfaaiad the federal reaerre an to trerMe tar eftaalaalUa to are
ssets aad euead ear terete Hade.
Aathertses ay Uw the ssserearaUsa el the Aawflsaa Lsgtea.
frames aad sassea a SMesare to taedtute the SsSfastlat et agrteel-
taral tress, tatleaias Ue etotk. aad terresateg Ue enseals
sake awy leaa ea sestr setsrre by farsslag eaaiaiodluef.
added a stsvlslsa to the federal crimlaal eade to awr rlftmaar
aeaJab then ef awtor vaaka la traaaaertatlea.
laatmrt the ailewaacea to woaaded aad dwahted aaUlera ef the Wtrld
Passed aa art to eaferae the astleaal srohlbltlea aBieadateat. j
Created aere Uberal arerlalaa far the meUoael tralalaf ef weaaded
fUesd aaea .the .atateu beeke aa an aad ateerel taad-leailaf Uw
waiea eaeai
to be el aa
whieh eaeaa as the aatarel latiarm sf the eeastry aad srsauasa
Tfcs asssaslfss Clssaissi has aaseasd the srsdlcats waato
UMiid br DaascraUc nalMsto Is Ika bsbm st war as4 celled a ball
to ranker aUsaaa.ef eaelie faada which task the Ism sf eatrttit'
alaader sad craft, larastlsattoa bare clearly established thai W.U-.
Hess aaaa-kwUlsaa hare bees saaaadered la tefrkh erejecta far whleb 1
tat kueayera are tossy esrryls the hesTtsM hardeae la hUtsry. J
I Tata Usaaeafse Osaareaa. la the face sf ebstratttoa sf alt deaetVI
BMaaU hesds st Wishiaaaja. ass aaajaellsd nwswihawst aad ecsaecar X
by eatUas el ewrsarkusiss tar ligesuM aaa theaaaaOa et sMieatl
ssaytoyee aad aha aaflaMsd the eray et gererasMatal aawaraaaata,'
aakaslaleastaaV i
Tbs RrssbUsM Caatreea, aVeata'CKetaMleaa Valtad ttatof
ay arasaars at astas sas asrwss. ABMneasswa
M sisatae at fwaNsaaareaaat wawa.
lav avaviMv vi wi iMnnir
fists I fcs sail
laa vaaaTsai saa sear aaraaa taa essasry
aad Ra treat
wtsatysr aatrleU"
lu retard It brUUaat with
Ure werk la yet ealy fairly bar.
Warren Hunt
A thoroathly equipped Imtltutlon
affordlnc aneicelled facllltlea for the
Of Course
Our Stock it coining in
every day.
I out-tell any one in town in
my line. Shelf Hardware.
scientific treatment by hospital meth- T runkl, Gript, StOVtl,
odi of medical, aarglcal and obotet- .Raket, Garden Hoet, Pailt,
rlcaleaaaa. . Icu I. mA UmmA
The aav aad modem fireproof build
906 Main Phone 459
Ing contains prlrata rooms for bed
and ambalatory cases, completely
eqalpaad examination and treatmant
rooms, Roeatgea Ray, clinical and
research laboratories.
L. h. TRUAX. M. n. -GEO.
A. lfA88KY. M. D.
A well-bred rarltlan la said to
ears a comfortable livelihood by flg
urlnc its tbo UtU gueel at dinner
parties which otherwlte woald bo at
tended by only II persona.
MANILA, I', J.. Afll . (07
Mall). f bo sagar crep'ofll-l20
In the Pblllpplao Ulaads, aow belag
fcanretted, aggragatea -llS.tOO tons
for export, and betweew 71,099 and
100,000 tons for home coaaampiloa,
according to flgarea compiled by
chambers of commerce, and mana
facturere and exporters..
Centrifugal sugar, ( per ceat
pure, forms cly a amall percentage
of the production of the Maada, the
bulk of, the sugar prodaeed belag
muscaradoa, la which a Urge per
centage of molasses reaaalaa after be
ing produced by the opea holler pro
cess. Out of the IIM00 tons estimated
available for export thla year It.ttO
tons are ceatrlfagaU 'tad HO.tOO
xnuscarados. Practically aoae of the
latter Tarletf U asported to the
United States, Chlaa aad Japaa Uk
Ing tbe moat of It.
Growers aad maaafactarers, how
erer, predict that wlthla a ahart time
the ratio of ceatrlfagaU to maaea
yados will be rerersed, by reason of
tbe modem methods of manafaetare
being introduced.
There are at present 20 sugar cat-
trala In operation In tbo Philippines,
and eight others are nnder cooitrac
tlon or aro planned for Immediate
The' labor problem is becoming
serious, according to producers and
manufacturers. ' Many of- the natives
bare left the Island. Some bare
gone to tbe Alaska fish canneries,
others have taken up a seafaring
life, while a number hare migrated to
the Hawaiian sugar fields.
The tractor has replaced the cars
bao in some localities. Producers
and manufacturers assert that double
tbe present output could be cared
for, If a supply of common labor
could be obtained to plant and har
vest the cane.
Efforts are being made to Induce
the government to render assistance
along tbe Una of more Intensive cul
tivation of tbe soil. According to
statistics, tbe yield per acre haa bees
etatlonarr for many years, as little
more than three quarters of a ton,
while la some cane producing coun
tries five tons an acre are obtained
In tbe island of Formosa under
Japanese methods of intensive culti
vation, a yield of ono and a half tons
an acre is obtained, and growers
claim that the soil and climatic con
dltlons there are inferior to those 'in
the Philippines.
While figures on local consumption
of sugar are not given as exact, vari
ous authorities place the quantity at
between 1C and 20 pounds per capita
on bis way throagh Honolulu recent-
REBUILDING FAST I ?,lT2?.ll Kar Em M hea
..vrnnnm -.... i. ,-.. ' Concrnlnjc tho latiRuaico RCbOOl
IHIH WW id 4yiu A Of IUJ ridels . . . .. ,, t . .
-Name, of several hug. Cuuard. Pr0,"m. I"11' ""' ""
..niii, u, v bii!?b! laiiKuano in
stitution. lc. Whcclor said;
"I am sorry for tho situation In
which tbo foreign language schools
of Hawaii find tbermclvcit, but they
niunt roallio that Hawaii Is Ameri
can territory and that Kngllth Is tbe
language of America."
At a Commercial Club luncheon
where Dr. Wheeler was tlio guest of
honor during bis few hours' stay In
Honolulu, tbe California educator
pleaded for a better understandlpg
by Americans of tho people of the
Far East.
BMflfr. J
Western Floral Shop
in person If at alt possible.
A visit here will show how
thoroughly we are prepared
to meet any floral need from
flowers for the table to the
decoration of the largest
church for feast, festival or
wedding. Our cut flowers
are received fresh every day.
You will find your favorite
nere at an times In the per
fection of Its beauty. Mod
erate prices are the Invari
able rule.
MB). L. O. MOOR!
TIM scalB
ocean liners sunk by unemy subma
rines during tho war aro to be per
petuated In now vcols new under
construction. It Is announced by tho
Cunard company. Tbe company hn
nearly tons of passenger
ships now building.
Of tbe vessels whose name nrn
given nono will approach tbe 4lzo of
tbe Maurctanla or Equltanln, but
they will be big liners of Intermediate
type, ranging from 20 to 600 fse: In
length. They will have spacious ac
commodations for passengers, and
wilt also be able to carry large quan
tities of cargo. '
There are four ships of the 600-
foot class, the Franconla, the La
conla, the Scylbla, and the Samaria.
There Is only one veitel under con
struction In the 550-foot class, tbo
Tiburnla, a name which appears for
the first time among the company's
ships. The 620-foot class comprises
seven vessels, the Alsunla, Ardaala,
Auranla, Ausonla, Ascarla, Albania
and Antonla. Of these the .first five
are tbe names of vessels tost In the
war, and tbe Antonla appears for tho
first time. j
Among army ofOcers In some of
the European countries tbe custom
still prevails of wearing a ring set
with turquoise as a talisman against
a violent death,
J. H. Garrett 4 Son
Automobile Expert
522-538 S. Sixth St
When at last Spring
arrives, you will wish
that you had fixed your
car sooner; so we are
suggesting that you
bring it in to us to-day
and let our expert me
chanics start to work on
it We have a modern
and complete repair
shop and can assure you
of service and depend
able work.
M. J. Twomry, Maaagcw
Phone Mala 7
When In need of loggers or any
kind of help write, wire or phone
this office.
Itrddlng'a Iradlng Agrary
HONOLULU, T. H Mar. 18. (By
Mall.) One language In Hawaiian
schools was the slogan offered Amer
icans of the territory by Doctor Ben
jamin Ide Wheeler, president emeri
tus of tbe University of California,
If the Wood Dealer
Sold Service
We do not sell current I
doesn't It?
we sell aervioe. That eoaad odd
a year, aa against a consumption 01
about to pounds per capita In the
United States.
"Tbe Introduction of 50.000 Chin
ese into tbe sugar Industry of the
Philippines, would, through tbe ap
plication of more intensive methods
of agriculture, wblsb are not possible
under existing conditions, doublo the
present sugar production from the
area at present under cultivation for
cane," said Oeorge H, Falrcblld, a
large exporter, In a review of tbe
agar situation, published In tho
April bulletin of tbe Philippine cham
ber of , commerce.
Well, suppoM the wood dealer sold service Instead of wood, he
woald tend lo your furnace anil your range, take away the aahtw
and clean the flues. Yoa would bay so much heat.
Now you buy so much light, although you pay according to tho
current you consume. Hut the service Is performed for you by tills
enrnpuny at tho substations and power plants.
That is what wo want to give you efficient service. It is the
nhn of this company to liavo none bat satisfied customers. No
matter what It Is, If you huve a grlovanre, or are dissatisfied about
our bill or do not underload our rates, please come In and aee
us or write un about it.
If you have any suuRCHtloni to make, we will gladly avail our
selves of tbeut as our aim Is constantly to Improve our service to
you a fat as the development of science aiul human ability permit,
California-Oregon Power
under and by virtue of a writ of ex
ecution In foreclosure Issued out of
tho Honorable Circuit Court of tbe
Stale of Oregon, for the County of
Klamath, In the case of tbe State
Land Hoard of the Btala of Oregon,
plaintiff, vs. Mary It. Hassan and
William nasselt. Colin V. Dymeat.
Prednrlck W. Carstens and Mary C.
Carstens and Jamea A. Haker. de
fendants, which aald writ was datod
on the 13th day of April, A. D. 110,
I will, on. the icth day of May, A. D.
1920, at tho front door of the court
house of Klamath County, Oregon,
In the City of Klamath Kails, Oregon,
at tho hour of 2:15 o'clock In tbe
afternoon on satld date, proceed to
sell at public auction to the highest
bidder for cash, all the right, title
and Intoreat of the said Mary !U
ItaMott and William llassolt. Colin
V Dylnent. Frederick W. Carstens
and Mary O. Carstens and James A.
Maker, In and to
Tho southwest quarter of tho
southeast quarter: tho east half of
tho southwest quarter, and the north
west quarter of the southwest quar
ter of section twenty-six. In township
thlrty-nlno south, range twelve east
of Willamette Meridian, togothwr
with tho tenements, hereditaments
and appurtenances thorounto belong
ing or In any wise appertaining, to
gether with all water rights appur
tenant to ssld land or to becomo ap
purtenant thereto,
or so much thereof as may be neces
sary to satisfy a Judgment rendered
in tno a novo entitled case on thn
31st day of March, 1920, which said
judgment Is for the sum of four
hundred dollars (1400.00). with In
terest upon the said sum from the
sth day of October, 1917, at tho rate
of six per cent per annum; and one
hundred dollars (f 100.00) attorneys'
fees; and for the further sum of one
hundred thirty-three and 60-100
dollars (1133.60), with Interest on
said sum from tbe 4th day of Octo
ber, 119, at the rate of tig par cent
per annum, and for the sum of sixty
one dollars (161.00) costs, and the
costs and expenses of this sale on
1920 t0d lbl "th dty f Apr"' A" D
Sborlff of Klamath County,
Apr 1S-1S-26-8-10
atlonal Foreat Timber for Hale
Sealed bids will be rocolved by the
District Forester, Portland, Oregon,
up to and Including May 26, 1920,
for 2,000,000 foot U. M. inoro or loss.
or nny part thereof, wind thrown
yellow pine, Douglas fir and whlto
fir, upon a deslanuted area within
Townships 33, 34, 35 and 30, Ilnngo
a., w. m., wimin vraior National
Forest, Oregon. Dpposlt with bid
tiuo, mo rigm to rojeet any and
all bids reserved. Iloforo bids are
submitted full Information concern
ing the timber, the conditions of sale,
and tho submission of bids should be
obtained from the Forest Supervisor,
Medford, Orogon, or the District For
ester, Portland,-Oregon. 26-3-10-17
Whales' teeth pass aa curreacy In
tbe FIJI Islands, They are painted
white and red, the red teeth being
worth twenty times as much as the
white. v '