The Evening herald. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1906-1942, March 24, 1920, Image 1

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fourteenth YearNo. 3877
IWumna Iteratf.
HLSUffiT !
ic q II 1 1 n i m n
A V'ltlllHl.l I . . -- W Mill
Price, Five Cent
Vlrllinl ilmoM titl.t.Ml In thn navy '
t .mpiirimi-nl at (t,n tltun l.n
t'lilUil HUI.,0 iiilnil (titi war
tn'Miili. Harris ..nKi aUl
nut chief of thn bureau of ,(.
Chiirlra Cordon.
m n A i w biuua uity, h. d., Mar
.1 H-l I i "W,U al"ut n,n-lonths "f
""" I l! I ' l'10 C"y Voto tnrounout tho
I U 111 BtatO rCCOrd(!(l. tnlllllnlnil'riiill.
J . .UM( .-
, of yesterday's primary on the
ifaiiMM ,i .i.. i ""' (itirdon, a tins Urairar. Mnrn vlmum,. ..i,,. ...i ........ . .. ' ...
r "- ""iik inn war. I... tin.. I a - ' '. ""-......, ......,.. w." nun nui"T I'll uurHL'inen L nr Illn InniihlraH A
lliiluv l,f,.. n... u . iinitieil liy Hhnrlff Gcorg') lllim-l IH'lltloilH Minn nnv Ihr.m.rln... ,,.! i...i. ., . . . . .
I. ..' ' """"' vtl. phrny rnei-fillr ., r,.. t .1... .... I . .. ' ...'""" .."" ' " "" tunuiuaics snowed
eiiiii i roimii it.... - ... . . .1.. .i-i ilium tiruijn win un 11111 -iincn a vi'.nr iiir.m. Intnl.. ... mo . ..
Wostorn Night Celebration" of tliu j precincts:
ElkH, according lo tho announcement i Wood, 22,679: Lowdon 13-
Ifllllflf. !..... ...I .. . .
. ... ..... ..... .... "., . ....ii....i... ....... .. .. ' . . .
c.irt rnllllilwrK iur uiii rum i-.-m i.nn- norma prlmm nuthnriiln. i..r. f.
, o( II" !"' '"rinwil com ... "" " "M """ k""" ,'a, ' ," unlln Ihl. morning In cuitody
Lull "", ",, ,'"f,, ,l,,,r,cl l "" '""' ',"'" "r"" ''iKl'lwnlch. to complain IHh
L ,m .lrn I" rtlW Id- rlt, J '' 3"r,"""'-B,,i'1 ,,,nl "' in-r- mni0 ll0 U l,Kn,l to hnv o-
1( .rrrl.rl for thn toVliiK of 'T "" "rrUllM of tin. n.- n.,,,,,1 ant AuruhI nffr nervine two
", ' ... M'lnry nf Hip navv 11ft.... 1.. . .!.,. ... .
tvlary of thn ,1Mvy oft,,,, ,., J,nrn of a t y,ir rnlcnca for an
of the utaff of "Illlla" who have the
I) Ik affulr In chargo.
Indued, It will he a monntor throe-
rlng circus for each of tho throo
floorn of tho Klk Tomplo will ho
. . il iun"1? mi" 11 ir hiiiisi . "" w '" "i uiii yiiar irnienca lor an tin,... k. i"n . m . ....
"" w .... mi, v.liniorillll . 1 ...
ui,,i, I, , , , ....... n.iui.. ..luiiiuuja 01 1110 local
Sheriff Humphrey ha hcen con- .0dK0 havo , .r,.n m. ..
" -.. wH..up, ,,w wuiui,
natUifil "ul) ruiwiiHtuwt wtirt
,tti to Lk" rli'Tir" t vnrloiin il
mil ef llm ttrny Tim ti'ro,ini.
rflhn commitli' follow ;
INltb .nit Karillntl--,lrii Hurt
Unklti. Ir A A Kniiln. (SeorKn J
liluo. Dr Mprryiimu, llrnf V. I'
Urtff. Itirri'nlloit- H"y H J
niur. J r wiui. rnpi. u r ,t
f!, Ml" Nolo llnwkliiii; Jtivmilln
r!l?unry II II Dimlmr. Kutfn'r
. ..l.ll !!. I'.l tlH.I II II.....I..M ll . I '
7;,,.; a. r " : r: ... '-" r?'":i r ' . chnr.0yT
" ' '""inrini-n. nnn . nhkeii tim Nherlff
Iftaw; in-priuinicy u v. iir"i. u Kirmmii will, 15.000 ccimmunlHt
28.T; JohiiBon, 17.GC0. Senator
Miles I'olndextor polled a small
I full-ill all uIoiik that hu had tho riKht
limn, hut ciorilon. or Draper, denied
II Thl mornliiK tin took tho
prison officer to tho Jail and utatlon
mI him hi'lilnd a pillar Cordon was
,lrd from hi tell nnd tho Ruard look-
-il him over "Cood inornlnR. Char
ley," hu huld. slepplnR forth, havlnj;
fllllv r...r..l..l il. ,.
u't'iifi . .. ' v"'"'"i in" mun. (iooil, Cermiiny. Mar. 2 - KU ' mornlne . ,irn...i ,.!
RPRCI c n acu
lk.O. H Hurkn. I'lly OrRMtilratloii Kunril near lirm lam nlt-hi t
til flllll' Mr II l: W'altini. potl utale that 2 rn killed and
hit. un u a PU4UW, rrmi , niorr iiuui 100 wouiulcil
hWr; Industrial- P. l'rkor. M I
CWfll, Mr Clirli Oty. j COI'KNIIACKN. Mar 21 The
Cupula, will tm Beleetml hy thn f rtiiallim of n 'mw Cnrmnn c.ih.'nct
teaalll. to lakn rlmreo of thn n matter of only j fiw hour, with
nrm In nry prctt,ci. anil the ' Indnpunitent Kwl.ill.t. Hiir. nf
u.t- lu I..... .111 l. ... .. I. MhI.Ii.h - .......I . . ... .
nptmt in min "in 'imu.n niimfTU i h wi'n.iii iuinriaiit poritinl-
U ild In K'rurliiK data mi 11x111111: "'" """unlliiK in ,t Ii'lr-r.ini from
tt:4itloa, A houno to houau cjii- ' 'tin
1111 k Im Hindu mid imiry limnm-
k win w iiiimitieii n tut -f YOUNG LOGGER NOW
tirttloBl bvarlne upon tlm prol.l.una PHYSICALLY WEI I
bt dull with. Upon Information 1
Hubert Ityan. the joutiR locctir
"It's all off You'o cot It
mil." admitted the prisoner.
Cordon was first arrested hero
011 complaint of stealing a rifle from
J. J HlrlKer1 camp. Sentence was
deferred by JuiIko Chapman on con
dltlon that ho ro to work. Ho was
riven a Job with tho Union Oil Com
pany and was wnrklnc thoro whon
1... .. I .. ... ..
nir.irn njr nneriir iiumphroy as a
UtiSKiucd plans for remrdylni; thn
i(t dlKOTcred will bo ha mid.
A pner.l meetlnc of all workers
br title bettnrtniint w tin held Mou-
r ifttrnoon at 2 o'clock. In the
who wmb committed to tho statu lion
pltal for thn Insann a few weeks
bro, and who mado a couplo of sen
sational escapes from tjuardi, has
Blnco tho cIobo of tho lust big cele
bration, for now gamos and foaturcs.
Krom Nevada, California, Montana
and ovon some of tho Southern states
havo como contributions in tho way
of novel gumes nnd a score or moro
of experts of-plonecr days In thowest
and Alaska am busy reviving tholr
skill In tho handling of theso games
so as to bo ready for tho tondcrfoot
from tho first Btart of tho big time.
This Is tho one big social event of
tho Elks that has been open to tho
public and tho Interest has been bo
great that from a one night affair at
tho beginning It has been necessary
to oxtend tho celebration for three
nights In order to accomodate the
members and their friends who
wished to attend. The dates for this
year havo boon sot for April 15, 16
and 17.
Tho local lodge has grown (.0 a
MJ inrnooii HI 3 o CIOCK. in 1110, """"' vi..,nn iiuui Ruaru, UJ
p..fttlmM ll.i....l. !.. ...l..i I UruCtlrnllV rnrnynrnil Ilia llallnl nhn
..-.MM.V, IMI.IIIKII 111" l .'Hint i;Ul- " "... .-.. ..... ...n. ..M.-
tlitw and captains, a lint of wnrk-',nl 1",n"i' ."I'l Bhorlff Humphrey
kii. . . .. In.tnv II.. I. I. It.. !...!.. I t.
"iin asm iipun maun, and luitlilra- "' " " "" uuiiiim uom
loa lo sttcnd thn mcntlnK havo been j l""'',r RUnr'1 Ui" teoi- "which wore
iiffldtd. Any willing worknr, ro-',mr"y 'roien from fleeing barefoot
ufdlswof prnvliius notlflniilon, will,'" ,,,r ,now ,,llrnK "Is ocond es
1 vflroiiiril at thn mt'utliiR It In i,," l,uv" "enlcd nnd hn Is conval
Hb Intltiitlonal affair nor In r.ny ,hrl"K ff"'" I'linimonla rapidly. Ho
irea ili-Mrlrtrd Thn only ii,nll- vvl" '"' iak"n "' ""' lal" ,10M'ltal
'Hon nrrnmiury Is wlllltiKiii'wi f "' " '"w ,l"),, M "'" "h,'rlff
rln.mlttork fortliniiilviiiin.m.iiit T'"' l'',l'""l, "",,lnl -ndltlon Is
' lb futillo welfare. Ho tin. t-iii-' "-'Kl. NVhlln hn says his name
in l onkliig every one. If they "" "'"" '" '" ,""""" "r "nw"'-
IIiik lo ork. to com., to thn '. . . V
'HIm . Mon.lav T .llM-harced from thn army under
ni. n wii, .,,,.,, , , Ihnt luimn Sheriff Iiumphroy has
puini win draft us many workurs ... ... . . ..
i nomiM,. n...i ..1. 1 1 . .irnmmiiiilciitiMl with a sister. Mrs.
pooioln and ohtuln pledgns of , , , .,
'Irprcfnce. hut anyone who is not l"";,";"",;r"1 ho " T 1"ono' need not feel that th..y,:N:,V",,n "Ul hu" "0t U' "CnnI fr0'"
Inlcntlonally overlooked, or "'r m
'corTry''1 "," "mmm'cl"u':1 COUNTY'S SALVATION
y?yB:ir i armyquota. $3,390
rp j Kliimiith counO's iiuota In thn
lelegraph Tabloids stntn hiiiigoi iiistriimtioi! for tho
' j Stilvntloti Army financial program In
WAHIIINCTON, Mar. 21 -.'I'lm I'1-11 In 3.3!0, tho stain advisory
I'oal piiMltlon of thn American I'ouril Imn nnnniiiiced. Tho iiuota
...... ... I m . V . . il.. I ... lll I llArt .1
wuiiicni mat thu Turks should lio,1"' "regon was iimmi 111 i.u.wuii hi
"is in Illn nlllii.l .........
....'.. nil ii. Milium 1 ii,
Ifh hflH I1.1..,. ...... 1 ... .... ....... 'llin hImIii wnm lirnMilllt
..,,, ,,iinrij i i,u, Bl-ll, --
rtmoiit and which will ho tniiiB-j T"" c"""'' litns nro revised on
N soon, I tlio basis of Increaso In thn Oregon
budget made by thu cmiveiitlnn to
Include the purchase of thn property
Kntl Otlimlln fni-,.l. I. Ul i..
" .MM,,..,, ,,, m0 11UCKOI I found a chuck fnr 17 r. nil 1111..1
out and hearing tho forged signature , n")",or8hlp "ceding 560 and theso
of C C Cohln. thn Union Oil Coin-l' u "cattorod over Klamath
imny's manager. Cordon denlod In- j uml Lake coun"es nnd Modoc county,
linllnn of passing thn forged check.!0""'0"1'8, From Present indications
which hn said ho filled out "Just a lurB attendance will be hero from
for fun" iLakovlew and Alturas. Ono of the
features that Is being arranged for
Is tho prlros that will bo distributed.
ranging from merchandise and farm
products to livestock, and guests are
bolng advised to bring ropes with
thom to lead homo tho feathered
chickens, pigs and bull calves. Trans
fer companies will maintain offices
in the building to handle othor goods.
v..i iiiui nit) I llfKH HIIOUIII 1.0 1 " "i"" "" " t-.
from i:uropo Is reHtateil In," recent hoird meetliiK at Portland
0 llm allied supnunn com ell, ,t wlileli delegatus from all parts of
Thoro Is no Ilkllhood that Con
gress will pass tho $2,000,000 reim
bursable loan appropriation bill for
Indians of tho Klamath reservation,
says Clayton Kirk, representative of
the Indians, who returned this week
from Washington. Congress is pur
suing a strict retrenchment policy
ami an regular appropriations and
bills scheduled ahead of tho local
bill havo boon pared to tho bono.
Tho policy will preclude nny nctlon
on tin. loan bill at this session, Mr.
Kirk thinks.
Kdwnrd U. Ashurst, who returned
from Washington a few days ago, In
speaking of legislative prospocts to
day took the view that -when Con
gress acted upon tho reservation
matter, It would hn along tho lines
of tho ponding Slnnott nnd McNnry
bills for a gonoral opening of the
reservation and partitioning of tho
tribal lands nnd assets.
y from thu Whlln MmiHii lees
' two liourn. X
'A8IIINOTON, Mnr. 24. Knlluro
Rovornmont to nld former norv
'"en has rosultod In tho I. W. W.
lnR drive to got nurh men Into
organization, tho Houho ways
me.ns commlltnn wna told today
' B' Holdon, Htnto ndjutnnt of
-'uricon Legion, of Utah.
VAHIIINOTO.V Mar "i Presl- ,,,cl,"," lh" l"lrc,,,80 of ,hn l"""l'orl'
huh .' .... -1: . ito hn Hindu Into n Salvation Army
W hi e , , . ' " Ii..lHlrll nnd Agricultural school
- 1 11 . . ;iUv r 'Un ,,,,y" T"" "rst "m,K,,t ot ,SHt-
il. . V . ,lr,V0 ' " i wlileli contemplated tho oxten-
lav, .i"8 Aox,,m,rln' " lon of the Salvation Army Home
.ny from II... mfi. i ii. 1.,. ' . . ..
Keivlcu program to tho romoto ills
tilctH of the Htnto was declared In
milliclimt to hiimllo the big program
outlined by tho stnto board aftor a
Btudy of tho county hoard confiden
tial roporlH.
The Kliuimth county advisory
hoard Is headed by Coorgo J. Wal
ton. Othor momhers aro It, II. Dun
hnr. vlco-clinlriiinn; Miss Inor Hall,
Hee'y: It. P. Croshock, J. W. Slo
iiioiih, O, I), llurko, I.esllo Hogors,
C. II. Undurwooil, E. H. Vannlco,
IC. Sugnrman, Marlon Hanks. Ed
mund Chllcotu nnd Hort C. Thomas.
Slnco tho Klamath Falls Tubllo
1 11...... mil rnlnnsnrl from dUQXan-
tlno a numbor of books out nt that
tlmohnVo not boon returned. Miss
HuwftlnB, tho librarian, who Is re
signing, would llko all overduo books
In nt an early dato and oaks all
patrons of tno iinrnry 10 maim euro
that thoy havo not carelessly laid
iiMldo ti hook wuicji Biiuuiu uu tu
tu mod. ...
r- A. h, l,oavltt, wlfo of tho
Police Jmlgo, sllppod and foil on
r stops of hor homo on Con
'vonue this nftornoon nnd frac
n anltlo. Bho wan tnkon to
Varron Hunt Hospital fortroat
Tho fun oxtont of tho injury
"0 rovoalod by tho examination
EfJON Tonight nnd Thuraday,
modorato southorly uuloa on
Tho contrnl labor council nt Its
meeting last night pledged its nld to
thu Social Duttorment committee in
tho coming campaign for n city
clean-up. Thn council ondorses tho
campaign in nil Its branches bettor
housing, provision of parks and play
grounds, dealing with juvenllo do
llmiuoncy, city sanitation nnd other
details of tho outlined program al
though In discussion at Inst night's
labor mooting emphasis was laid on
tho industrial Burvoy Included in tho
committee's schodulo.
Affiliated unions have been noti
fied of tho nctlon taken by tho coun
cil, which, through Its Bocrotary. has
also communicated its willingness to
assist tho committee. 0. P. Parkori
president of the council, Is also n
moinbor of tho committee
Appeal from tho Judgment of tho
Justice court, imposing a fino of $50
nnd costs, was tiled In the circuit
court yesterday by John Brosnan of
Merrill, who was accused and 'found
guilty in tho Justlco court sovoral
months ago of a mlhdemeanor In
connection with the Christmas Day
row at Merrill In which John Dono
hey complained of an assault by
Urosnan and othors. With costs
tho enso Involves about J 100.
Tho suit of P. M. Cleaves against
J I.. RlnftTO and l'dward Snntrv. cn-
partners was dismissed yesterday on
motion of plaiptlfT. It was an action
to collect uino $130 by foreclosure
of propirtv nt Crescent.
Tho court set tho trial ot tho enso
of Porter Parsons against John Don
ohoy nnd E. S. Torwilligor for tho
coming Jury session. Tho Jury is
cnllod for March 29, nnd a number
of casos nro sot for trial. In this
last nctlon plaintiff nllcgos that de
fendants sold him Gl shoop, ropro
sontlng thorn to bo clean nnd
healthy, whon In reality thoy wore
infected with scnblos.
NEW YORK, Mar. 24. Twenty-
two Ilrltlsh merchants, representing
tno largost department stores or the
United Kingdom, will soon sail from
England for a six weeks' tour of the
United States to study American
methods of retail store management
with a vlow of establishing its uso in
England. Tho merchants, who will
be tho guests of tho National Retail
iry Ooods Association, will visit
most of tho principal cities in the
Chambers of Commerce through
out tho country aro Joining with the
national association and local mer
chants' organization In preparing
receptions for the visitors and giving
thom an opportunity to study Amer
ican mchods at close hand. Secre
tary of Commerco Alexandor has
promised to welcome tho visitors in
tho namo of the country and pledged
tho aid of tho department in making
their visit a successful one.
A special car will carry the visi
tors on their tour. The itinerary In
cludes stops at Pittsburg, Dayton,
Cincinnati, Cleveland, Toledo, Chi
cago, St. Louis, Kansas City, the
Orand Canyon, Los Angeles, the
Yosomlto Valley, San Francisco,
Portland. Seattle Salt Lake City,
Colorado Springs, Denver, Omaha,
Milwaukee, Detroit, Buffalo, NIagra
Palls and Boston. Side trips also
will bo mado to Washington and
Tho first religious housa of wor
ship in Klamath county and one ot
tho oldest landmarks of tho city
around Which thn memnrlna nf all
I the old timers arn closely lnltrwnn
will soon be a thing of tho past and
In Its place will be erected a fine
modern brick residence that will bo
In keeping with tho other new edifices.
that are fast going up along Pine
Contractor Wattenburg on Mondar
morning began tho wrecking of the
old First Presbyterian church near
tho corner of Third and Pine, where
St has stood for tho past 35 years.
Instead, however, of following his
usual custom ot building a home for
somebody else, he has this time de
cided to erect a hmoo for himself.
and his friends agree that ho has
chosen one of the most sightly points
In tho city for this construction.
Mr. Wattenburg will erect a brick
residence one story and a half In
height and containing eight rooms.
The cost is estimated at between nine
and ten thousand dollars. Work will
commence as soon as the old build
ing can be removed, but no predic
tion of tho date of completion can ba
made at this time.
While everyone will rejoice to sea
tho fine Improvement announced,
there are none of the older residents
but that will heave a sigh of regret '
as they see the old meeting house
fading from view.
FOR $3,000,000 FUND
Dr. and Mrs. Coorga Wright and
daughtor, Henriotta, returnod"last
night from an oxtenelvo trip
throughout tho oast. Dr. Wright
took post graduate courses at Har
vard and Chicago, specializing In
surgory and obstetrics, and during
tho trip visited a number of tho big
eastern hospitals to loam ot the ro-
cont advances mado in tho Hold of
medlclno and surgory.
LONDON, Mar. 24. Mrs. Hum-
nhrov Ward, novelist, died tndnv
at a hospital horo, ot heart dlsoaso. society.
PORTLAND, Mar. 24. The aver
ago obsorver docs not think of tho
cunning little ground squirrel as a
dostructlvo pest, but it really is n
icoetly pot, and, in largo numbors, a
real monaco on nny farm. Such is
tho conclusion reached by William
T. Shaw of tho division of zoology of
Washington Stato college. Mr. Shaw
has made a close study ot the subject
aftor many experiments on tho agri
cultural experiment station farm
near Pullman.
With whoat at $2.10 an annual
cost of a squirrel is $1.76, says Mr.
Shaw. Whon it Is recorded that in
sevon years 7,000 Bqulrrels havo been
trnpped on tho 416 acres ot College
farm at Pullman, a fair idoa may bo
gulnod of tho damago dono by tho
squirrels in tho intestod districts, un
less proper atopa aro taken to chock
Mr. Shaw rocontly lectured on the
aubjoct boforo tho Portland Audubon
Saturday, April 3rd, tho range
men of Klamath county will bo of
fered as good an opportunity for
purchasing Hereford bulls of high
quality as was offered to the ranch
men March 13th, when tho shipment
of Shorthorn cattlo was sold.
Arrangements havo been made
for tho consignment of twenty young
Hereford bulls to be sold at auction
at tho O. K. Barn on the date above
mentioned. Theso bulls aro all reg-
Tho national organization ot the
Young Women's Christian Associa
tion is out with a World Service
program for raising funds to carry
on the enlarged after-war work
among girls and women, not only In
the United States but in many lands
overseas, particularly Prance.
Tho French government has asked
tho y. W. C. A. to remain la that
country and train their women for
leadership in this work.
At General Pershing's request,
hostess houses aro being erected near
tho big American cemeteries In
France to provide food, shelter and
comfort for American tourists visit
ing the graves of our brave boys.
All this means that tho women of
this country must stand behind the
national organization and assist in
securing funds and the work is en
listing the sorvices of such women as
Mrs. John D. Rockefeller Jr., of New
York, who is chairman of the na
tional education and finance cam-
, . , .... . . . """ ouucunon ana iinance 1
Istereil nnd slinnlil mnVn nTi-nlant ""-u
... .. Paign committee, and Mrs. J. p.
animals for rango purposes. There w u 1 .
1 ..11 1 ... DjDruauor, ot xacoma, who Is
:r of bulls in the ccn- ,, , . . .. '
ffnanco Chainnnn nf thn Vnrlh...
aro a number
signmont that would mako good
animals to head puro brod herds.
Most of theso bulls aro clred by
Lord Donald which tact Itself speaks
for tholr quality.
This consignment is from tho K.
II. Holowny ranch near Albany. Full
particulars may bo obtalnod from
tho County Farm Bureau office.
sale nv r. w. o. a.
Ladios of Klamath Palls will hold
a candy and enko sale Saturday from
10 to 5 o'clock at Roberts & Hanks'
storo to aid in raising this county's
quota ot tho Y. W. C. A. national
3,Uui,uou fund. The share asked
of Klamath county is only $300.
Tho Musical Study club announces
tho third nnd final concert of the
winter sorlos for April 16, with Tho
following well known artists. Mr.
Bulottl, tonor; Miss Boatrico Barlow,
pianist, and Miss Allco Qenovluve
Smith, harpist. Tho concert will
take place at the Houston opora
WASHINGTON, Mar.. 24. Con
gress has no constitutional, authority
10 pass over tno President's veto tho
Joint roEoultlon declaring a stato of
peace botween tho United States and
Oormany, Senator Thomas, Democrat,
of Colorado, doclarod to tho Senate
The slogan of the campaign Is
"Servlco for Girls Everywhere" and
tho national goal is $3,000,000. Of
this, $80,000 has been assigned t,o
tho Northwest field, which comprises
tho states of Oregon, Washington,
Montana and Idaho. Oregon's share '
is $21,600 and Klamath county's"
share is $300. '
Mrs. W. S. Slough has been asked
to take charge ot tho work in Klam-
ath county and undor hor direction
intorested girls and women are en-?
deavorlng to raise this monoy within
the next few days, as tho campaign $
closes March 31. ,,
The raising or this $300 at this '
time will probably be a long step
toward socurlng a Y. W. C. A. or-
ganizatlon in Klamath Falls. The
Northwest Hold staff sont a field
socretary hero last summer to look .
this field over and it is tholr hopa
to effect ap organization In this city
'n tho near future. $
SAN FRANCISCO. Mar. 24. Cane ,
sugar supplied Pacific Coast points
by the Western Suear Reflnlnir Com. U
pany advanced from 15 to 16 conts 1?
pound today, tho second rise in four
days. Executives of thn California
Retail Grocers association said tho
use orougni sugar to tno highest '
point since the Civil war, As a re- ',
suit of today's advanco, sugar will
retail horo at 18 cents a pound.