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W$ lEuemtta
Fourteenth Ycnr No. 3870
Price, Five Cents
Twonty-flvo dollars n month In
crease each wm Krniitttil tho pollco
.i)ml)orn anil city teamster taut
night by tliu city council on motion
of Councllinun Uip. Mr. Upp stig
jjtvilcil that tho pollco forco consist
of two momliura hereafter, nnd that
7.". of tljo II 10 paid T. M. Durham,
thn patrolmnn who resigned lnnt
week, bo used to Increase the snlar-
of the remaining two men and
thu city toamater. This wilt give
Cblof Wilton $150 monthly, and J,
W. Hilton, patrolman, and Jolin
kiUag,-taauU.T. IUQ each.
The Jioaltfe..hoard reported that
-thu Southwell barn In Falrvlow addl-
lion, against which clUionn of the
-neighborhood filed a petition for
condemnation as a , nulaanco last
week, would bo removed by tho own
er as Hoon an possible It appeared
that ho was farming at present and
would liko from 30 to 60 days to fin
ish the work. Tho council wan sntls
flod to await ilho conclusion of tho
forming for the barn's romoval.
Tho ordinance closing portions of
certain stroota, avenues and nlloyH on
tho luko front, requested lost week
by Uurgo W. Mason nnd M. 8, Went,
wub Introduced without opposition
nndpowied two readings. C. .J. Fer
guson, attorney for petitioners as
sured tho hoard tluat If tho streets
worn closed a manufacturing plant
'would bo placed on thn bUo at once.
Ho alno said ho would havu a' dcod
to rights of wayw for any future Raw
urn that tho city might wish, to build
crops the'Vroperly would bo prepar
ed and fllodMiefore tho 'ordinance
comes up for rtftiY pasifage. '
Michigan RVtulun , resident, peti
tioned tho coiincll to ehforce tho
building or sldowalks from Main to
Spring street, nnd asked that stops
1)0 taken to keep existing walk free
trom obstruction of trucks of lum-
tier, etc. They also aak that a sldo
-walk bo built along tho lot 'at tho
corner of Boat Main street nnd
"Michigan avenue, 'Tho mattor was re
ferred to tho street committee
Paving of Pine stroot, hotweon
Eighth nnd Klovontb, was requested!
In n petition signed by W. P. John-
Bon, 51. P. Evans nnd others. Tho
petition was filed and tho city en
gineer Instructed to obtain estimates.
Most of the' toobj that enmo with
tho flro truck have, boon lost or dis
appeared, tho mayor roportod. Tho
council ompow.ored Flro Chlof Am
hroso to ordqr nil tools nocessary.
Hydrant plugs Jiro not uniform, it
r -developed In dlscusslon.flnd tlio Cnll-fornln-Orogon
Powor company will
V bo Instructed to, reduce all, plugs to
one slzo, so that thoro will bo no do
layJn adjusting wronches to fit tho
plug In enso of flro.
Tho following permits woro Issued:
.J. C. Rlchtor, flvo room bungalow,
$2D00, Lot F. Block 68, Nichols ad
dition; O. A; toughn, four room
bungalow, Lot 3, Block 93, Klamath
addition,. $1400; two bungalows,
Lots 4 and r, Block 28, First addi
tion, cost of both H000.
An amendment to tho garbage or
dinance, Increasing tho cost of haul
ing ashes and other dry rubbish from
50 cents to ono dollar por cubic yard
was Introduced, and passed two read
ings. Fred Grenn'on, garbage collec
tor, said ho figured that this would
iput his Job on a paying basis. Tho
Tates on garbago in containers ro
maln the , Same 2 R cents for ton gal
lon cans or lees, not moro frequent
ly than twice a wook, and for larger
canB or more frequent emptyings a
proportionate increase in cost.
Mombors of St. Paul'o "Episcopal
Guild and persons who haro recently
come to Klamath Falls and haro not
yet 'bocortw affiliated aro urged to
meet with Bishop Robert L. Pad
Hock tomorrow afternoon, nt 2:30
o'clock, at tho I. O. 0,a F. hall, for
gonornl discussion of church work.
At 3; 30 o'clock thoro will bo bap
tlflra and confirmation, 'and at 4
o'clock' thoro will bo a communion
wood i,i:.dh i.v tiii;
ST. PAUL, Minn., Mar. 10.
Tho Itupulillnui presidential
primary closed last night amid
rain, Hle't, blizzards and howl
ing gains. It gave Wood a plur
ality of suvunil thousand over
Johnson, uccordlng to available
returns. Hoover, although not
a candidate, ran third ahead of
Aftftoclntcri PreNM Nummary
Dateless Civil war In Gormnny
scorns Imminent as the result of tho
refusal, of tho government at. Stutt
gart, under control of President
Etwrt. lb- carry on negotiations with
the react lorinrlt" Ebert 'demands tbe
unconditional surrender of tho royol
utlonlitn. Fieri In, In tho grasp of a general
strike, keeps threatening thn strike
leaders with death If they Impair tho
public service. ,
Kxtromo measures are promised
today and It Is posslblo that the cris
is of tho revolution wilt quickly fol
low. Tho details am obscure,
Kbnrt controls tho southern nnd
western sections of Germany and .the
Kapp soldiers northeastern Prussia
and Silesia. Severe fighting Is report
ed from various points.
Tho shooting of a young girl and
killing of four civilians ' In south
'lerlin has angered the working
Classes. Several were killed by.
troops In Lelpslg. The Dutch nro
closely guarding tho frontlor and
watching tho former Kaiser and
Crown Prince. Thirty persons, in
cluding women and children, were
killed In "clashes , In Hamburg, and
15 fatalities, aro reportof.' fStag
Inltz. A Coibgno .dispatch saya' that'
Hindcnburg advises Kapp to resign.
COPKNHAGEN, ,Mar. 16. The
Hanover Tageblatt says Hindcnburg
Iras' published a declaration that he
M not connected with the Gorman
rovalution which ho disapproves.
COBLENZ, Mar. 16. -Tho Ameri
can occupation army, of 18,000 men
Is nelng issued full field equipment,
under orders Issued before tho revo
lution. Thercnro no military activi
ties, however.
OENEVA. Mar. 16. A Stuttgart
dlspatnli quotes Premlor Bauer of tho
Ebert government ns saying ono of
tho conditions proposed by Von
Luettwltz was tho repudiation of the
Versailles treaty provisions provid
ing for tho demobilization of tho
nrmy, anjjthoflesrvu'ctl6nMwnr mii
torlals. ' jyThOf.preWlor djocjared that
Luott'witj; safd tftp.onfpTrhould
propnro for a now wnr.
Last Saturday, a vory Interesting
meeting wfts hold at Mpntaguo at
which thoro woro representatives
from tho Farm Bureaus of. Shasta,
Tehama, Siskiyou Countios, Califor
nia and Jackson, Josephine and
Klamath Counties of Oregon.
'Grant Nelson represented the
Klamath County Farm Bureau. Some
of the largest cattle interests In
Northern California were represent
ed. Tho ob'ject of this mooting was
to launch a plan of markotlng beef
cat'tlo direct to ithe packers, thru a
Bales association, slmlVar to the plan
that Is bolng used In marketing hogs
In the San Joaquin valley.
The packers aro back of tho move
ment as well as the cattlemen. The
general plan Is ito arrange for a ser
ies of sales at convenient, points
whore several loads of'cattle, either
coming off tho grass or out of the
food lets, can bo assembled. At tbeso
sales tho cattle assembled aro grnd-
od, irrospoctlvo of ownership, ,the
sales manager In charge kooplng ac
count of tho number of animals each
owner has In each lot. Tho buying Is
thon dono directly by tho packers on
a basis of tho grade of eattlo. ,
OnEaoN Tonight and Wednes
day, fair; moderate Northoast winds.
on ill in
Homewhoro in this state or In Cull
forula there Is an cx-Canudlan sol
dlor who no doubt feels that thu
government for which ho gave so
many months of his young life has
forgotten him, and that all tho prom
ises made before and utter he enlist
ed to the effect (hat tho boys who
Joined tho colors would be "treated
right" when they came homo, were
a delusion 'and a snare.
Several months od C. W. Can-lean
called upon the Home Service
worker of the Klamath County- Chap
ter of tho Bed Cross to secure Infor
mation regarding bonuse and other
benefit the Canadian government is
granting to veterans of the late war.
The Information was promptly forth-,
coming and the nocevsary letters of
application written. In due time an,
important looking letter lncioaea in
tin official envelope arrived by regis
tered mall. The letter was "held at
tho Rod Cross offlco for a tlmo In
tho belief that Mr. Carriran would
call. When he failed to appear an In
quiry was mudeat the postofflec and
It was learned that ho had left town.
supposedly to some point in Califor
nia, but had left no forwarding' ad
Tho Bed Cross feel certain that
tho letter contains papera of great
value to Mr. Carrigan.Jf not the bon
us Itself and Is very anxious to turn
it over to him. Unions this article
chances upon the eye of some friend
of Mr. Carrigan or should como to
tho. attention of ""the Canadian him
self, It will perhaps never occur to
htm that the failure to receive what
Is due him from bis government la
owing to his own carelessness. Th,9'
Bed Cross has found that Canadians
are not the only 6nes who "are miss;.
Insr nut mt rntrftrnniAnt hnnfliiik tww
cause of their own neglect. Manyel:
our own ooya woo ieei most oiuer
towards the government for what
seems to be unnecessary delays In re
plying to thellr Inquiries or applica
tions' for compensation find upon In
vestigation that they have failed to'
give a correct or adequate address
land that every effort of the govern
ment to reach them, even with the
assistance of tho, "Bad Cross, has re
sulted In failure.
Sawmills In tho Chlloquln terri
tory aro actively preparing for a big
output and an increaso over Jast sea
son In many plants, according to re
ports from there.
Bedford & Crane, of tho Spraguo
Rlvor Lumber company, are putting
siding on their m(U. which was loft
open last year, and will bo In shape
to start within a week or two. The
mill Is located about flvo miles above
Chlloquln on tho Spraguo river.
The Modoc Lumber company is
shut down for alterations on tho
powor plant. When the mill starts
It Is planned to work two shifts part
of the season and the output will be
increased materially over last year.
Tho Chlloquln Lumber company Is
also making power plant alterations,
besides generally overhauling the
mill machinery. They will run this
soason with a considerably enlarged
capacity and plan to mako an exten
sive cut.
The J. J. Stelger mill, a new plant
that is just In process of. completion
three and a half miles wesCjpf Chllo
quln, are sawing timber for their
own construction purposes. They
sawed all the timber for use in the
mill frame. , ,
Thomas Stoele aui Miss Beth
Holloway, both employes of tho Box
cafe, wore married at 10; 30 o'clock
this morning by tho Rov. E. P.
Lawronco at tho Presbyterian manse,
Tho wedding was a quiet affair.
Tho brldogroom was attondod by
Boss Nlckorson, proprlotor of the
Box cafo, and Mrs. W H. Powell,
cashier, was the brldosqiald.
Not to bo outdone by the J.owden
supporters, the advocates of Leonard
Wood for president have decided to
form an organization for Klamath
county and with that end in view aj
meeting will bo held in the council
chamber this evening. Walter L.I
Toozc, who Is here In behalf of the
candidacy of General Wood,- will ad
dress thn mooting. Tho fpllowjng
epitomizes Mr. Tooze's estimate of
the candidacy of the man he .wants
to rce In the White Heuse:
We support Leonard Wood for, the
presidency because his ' record 'la
Cuba as Governor Genernaad'in'tJie
Philippines prove htm to be one of
the most masterly and successful
executives of modern times. Aa Gov
ernor; General' of Cuba,' he found a
country disrupted; disorganized-aad
seething) with thevcune' of' yellow
fever,, with not a pubUc'scbool on tne
Island, under the power of bis ag
gressive, ceaseless' and untiring' lead
ership, the scourge- of .yellow feyer
was erauicatea nor only irom Cuba,
but from the entire world. '
A stable government waa firmly
established and when his work was
finished he left behind blm one of
the most sanitary and best governed
republics on the Western Hemis
phero. Moreover, 275,000 children
were attending the publlcsT5h"oofs' of
Cuba. -. i
He was almost immedlatelypalled
for a like duty In the Moro Province
pf the Philippines, where for 400
years Spain had fought with' the na
tives to establish at leasta' seml
clvlllzed government aqd had failed.
Tafc was Governor General of the
Philippines, and Leonard Wood's
duty was to establish a civilized and
aane government InTthai country of
Malay, pirates, slave dealers: Mohom
Jtoedans and Christians, and he did It
after suffering untold 'prjjatlq'lja w'Jth"
his Amertwa soldiers.., Cuba: and
Morbland. stand as lVving; monuments'
o the. wonderful executive and nr.
tanlzl'ng. capacity of Geier'ai Leonard
nr j w .. rT- ; .
iiuou, lo.uwuiuu wooa ana ineo-
uure iwuswroi. win,. -mrougn an. ume.
he givea.-tna credit of preacbtag-tbe,
years before' the great war and to
them this nation-owa a'debt of grat-
uuae never can repay. Lest
we forget, Wood and his two ions
were In the late war. and ever stood
ready to do and die ton-pur beloved
country. We are proud' that Gene'r-
al Wood, who has. come9 up from Che
ranks, is recognized as at B military
genius "not only in America but tho
world over. With the- ' Bolshevists,
anarchists,- communists and the I. W.
W.'s and kindred orgaaizations run
ning rampant in this .nation and.
threatening the destruction, of the
American government am, the low
ering of the American. Flag, whom
do tho. voters desire for, President?
Surely not aiplumber, anartbit, or.a
school teacher, but: it. strong man
who haa proven on the" field of ac
tion .that he is a. great, executive and
a peerless- organizer of good, govern
ment. The election; of. Leonard Wood
means peace and a stable, govern
ment that will always function,
Thfr vigor of the- campaign for
General Wood la .no- ways; dismays
the followers ot Governor' Lowdeiu
One, of. tho leading- local supporters
ot .the. Illinois governor today de
clared: "Just wait until the yotes
are,, counted. The people ot Oregon,.
when they learn the real character
of the man, will love Governor Low-
don as the people of Illinois lovo
htm, Americana always- have and al
ways will admire and. back a self
made man, and no .man place the
Jtlme, ot Lincoln has aspired to the'
White House who. so closely fits into
the Idea ot ''salt-made" as does Mr.
Lowden. He haa shown; that he post
sesses all ot the executive ability of
any ,of the other andidwtea and he
has that which none other has a
knowledge of the plain people front
personal experience."
PENDLETON, Mar. 16. Fire of
.unknown origin started- this morn
ing at Boardman and destroyed a
million foot ot lumber insured for,
? 3 0,000, tho property of tho Ballan
ger Lumber company. Hasklns storo
and several other buildings woro
senate leaders woiik
Senate leaders are working to
day for an agreement to vote
on the ratification of tho peace
treaty this week. A new reser
vation setting forth a general
' declaration of the Republican
policy Is under consideration
by party leaders.
H Is understood that if the
ratification program falls the
Republicans will submit a res
olution declaring that a state
of peace exists.
(This is a tale ot the quest of the
brimming 'chalice, and the plot of
the; story la spread along a couple of
thousand- miles of Pacific shore line.
so one must not expect to encompass
all Its' romatlc and adventurous de
tails In a few brief newspaper para
graphs. But the reader with experi
ence, Intelligence and imagination
wlll doubtless piece out the missing
parts suitably.
When J. I. Johnstone, ot the John
stone furniture company, and R. J.
Sheets of the Link River Electric
company, on prosaic business bent,
reached San Franicsco. they found
the old town Just" as one would ex
pect to find It after tho never-to-be-
fnrcntlAn .Tanuarv 16th. "r
From a "wee drapple" ihe queen
ot the Pacific had turned to the wee;
Jee, and everybody was doing it. A
small Inyestment in one ot the myo
tic boards and a little manipulation
produced startllnglr divergent re
sults: Ran' one run as follews:
At Tla. JuaaaYsMexlco,
k"BinithaJiouthelm,un,- is
Tbe'goMet'- flrps,' men rattle chips,"
The ponies stiU do : run.
! But a pecuKai--thing about the
wee-Jee is- its versatility. The next
l decipherable message read;
Parched and dry is Tankeeland
Diy- from' sea to sea
East, or west, north is best,
Vancouver, B. 'C. " '
Further than this events axe mere
surmise, except that Mr. Johnstone's
business' called him" to San Diego,
Cal., and Mr. Sheets, by a peculiar
coincidence, found. he had urgent
matters awaiting attention across
the .Canadian line. The tale might
well end here If It had not' been for
a remark dropped by the northern
traveller after his return" home, for
both, are "now back in Klamath Falls,
anent the 'peculiarities of British ar
English.- craftsmen, he says, have
much. to learn In connection with the
use1 of the plumb line. Not a building
In Vancouver but is out ot plumb
and: they lean in many divergent
Telegraph Tabloids I
O : O
ST. PAUL, Mar. 1G. Tho north
west is in the grip of one ot the
worst blizzards of the winter. Rail
and wlrocommunlcatlon are serious
ly Intercepted. South Dakota wire
service is virtually cut off.
SEATTLE, Mar. 16. Two masked
men early this morning held, up the
I international, revenue oftice.escap
ing with I'le.OQO'in cash.'" :
LIMA, Mar. 16. The, Peruvian
legation and-consulate andseveral
private residences in ' La Paz, the
Bolivian capital, were attacked by a
mob last night. Feeling between
Peru and Bolivia over the question
of a sea outlet runs high.
WASHINGTON, Mar. 16, Fuel
oil bids opened today- by tho navy
department, covered less than ono-
fltth- of the 5,000,000 barrels asked
for and prices quoted were 100 per
cent abovo those ot current con
WASHINGTON, Mar. 16. General
Wood today asked and was1 granted
two months' leavo of absence to con
duct his presidential campaign.
Municipal suffrage was givon to
single womon and widows In New
Brunswick in 188C,
LEGE., Corvallls., Mar. 16. Klam
ath county Is recognized by the col
lege as a place of great opportuni
ties. The college recognizes that he
water power so Ideally located be
tween forest and agricultural, 're?
sources in this county will stimulate
rapid growth and development. Tna
college through Its various depart
ments has helped the county out In
many ways.
C. J. Mcintosh, agricultural prefs
editor, who is well acquainted- with
the people and conditions of the
county predicts that Klamath Falls
will be as large as Spokane, within
10 or 15 years.
Klamath has the largest body 'of
merchantable timber on the coast
which represents an Immense source
of income. Great waste is being ac- ,
complished, however, through thB
work of Insects.
"A board walk four feet wide and
reaching from Portland to New Yerk:
could be constructed from all of. the
timber that was destroyed In Klam
ath county last year by the yellow
pine beetle," declares A. L- Lovett,
professor of entomology. . .,
The department. Is always ready
to help the people In combattjng .la
sect pests ot all kinds. A bulletin on
the Dine beetle has just been put one
ta-aAiJ available. Hints wilt be give
on iignung grassnoppers.
The soils department has held
three "short courses in Klaaath ajid.
maintained soil agent for 'the last
three .years. Some previous ftndy ,
was made of Irrigation iatters ok
developing marsh and alkil Malal
TWswMf reported in Bathnlm 117.
Jaauajy-'lMfc -fryjj -
Examination and repdrt-has ibeeti
made of several reclamation :prsJof
inciuding' theLbneoPine; t Horiflly
and "Liangell Irrigation' districts, ii
the,,Norih Van" Brimmer drainage
district. "Some progress" has beeft.-.
made in improving the structure ot
heavy alkali soils and deep, .rooted
sweet clover, has been made to grow.
Much, wild hay andtule land has
been made to produce exceH6h't
yields of forage crops. -with water
controlled, as the wild .growth re
quires much-less water. An Immense
acreage ofthls.tule and wild, mead
ow land await.. development.
The snow .storm has played havoc
with the .pig .rodeo, that was to have
been held in' Merrill tomorrow, and
as a consequence It has been .in
definitely' postponed. The racetrack
and grounds are too muddy to per,
mit of the show, even. .It the weather
was such as to encourage the big
attendance that was expected It the
present storm had not occurred.
The postponement ot the,; rodep,
however, will have no effect upon
the Sheepmen's ball and banquet,
which will be held in the Merrill
opera' house and Riverside hotel to
morrow evening.
Robert Ryan, the young logger
who escaped from the guard taking
him to the Salem insane hospital,
and after being recaptured es
caped' again by leaping from a
moving train near Macdoel while be
ing brought back, to this city fop
treatment, for pneumonia, was safely
delivered to Sheriff Humphrey last,
night and placed in the hospital.
The Macdoel constable who
brought Ryan hero said that ha
jumped trom tho train bare-tooted
and In his underclothing and ran
five or six miles. He had only a short
start when two cowboys; took his
trail on horseback but he circled
about and beat his pursuers back to
the Macdoel station by five minutes.
Ryan's feet aro frozen but if; is be
lieved that the condition will yield
to treatment. Tho pneumonia is inv-