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SATURDAY, FKIUll'AKY 14. 1020.
LAND IN 1321
"&zMUUk &
BOSTON, Feb. 14. Secrets of Baf
fin Land, one of the portions of the
Arctic still unexplored, will be the
objective of the MacMIUan expedition
"which Is in preparation now for de
parture in the summer of 1921. Al
though the region was visited sever
al times before the Pilgrims crossed
Evelyn and Lucille Frances cele
brated their eleventh and eighth
tfthe Atlantic to Cape Cod. Baffin Land I birthdays with a party Wednesday
Miss American-'Why didn't they gtveyouadlstlnauishedservlcemedalF
The Yetran-"It seems mine wasn't a distinguished service."
rfma the point'of view of explorers
'and scientists Is still one of the rlch
ittt and most alluring fields of re
tearcn in the north.
evening at their home. Til Oak
street. The evening was spent in
games, after which all .enjoyed a de
licious Runner. Those nrecent were:
lU.wbole western shore, more than . skiiiinrton. Mv and Mart
l.ouu miles in leagia is- uni thruoij
defined on the charts. 'Eskimo, have
Georgia 'Whitman, Morris
'Elizabeth Powell,
Helen Cofer", Francis Gllmore, Alma
Vanable, George Banta, Charles
Johnson, Elton and Vernon Frances,
and Evelyn and Lucille Frances.
'- told1 wonderful tales of vast lakes
and towering mountains in the' In
ferior but white men have never visit
ed that section. Its flora and fauna
aave never been studied; little is
Tb- r m rf 4ia mnrAmflnte nt tliO ttrifll
- wrents along its shores; and facts' M'9S l1 l0?0 f0""'0 Toast t0 K C' H' s" Scott Mc'
ot geology, mineralogy and meteorol- t0 thve 500 cJ,ub' f whlch , she ' aKendree; "Them Compositions."
the coming of scientific """'""' DU -luluu Dm.u6. .. Garrett Konop; to Miss Armstrong,
There will be a
us well us the
to increase tho
1 their needlework.
business meetlug
social afternoon
St. Paul's Episcopal guild held a
business and social afternoon at the
White Pelican hotel Tuesday after
noon. The class of 1920 of K. C. H. 8.
Insurance Company
of New York
Largest margin of assets in excess of legal liabilities.
No company more, economically managed today.
No capital stock ; company belongs to the policy holders.
Low net costs. Large dividends to policy holders. High cash and loan
Our Policies Contain the Best that the
Science of Life Insurance has Yet Devised &
Let us fix up your insurance needs. It's worth doing.
Office Phone 373
gave a party at the home of Mlssi
itS Perl? FrlJa? cveo'B Febr fr$Mfr$M$fr $$& $
ary u, izy. aiums, caros ana'
music filled the evening with joyous
Geo. C. Ulrich
District Manager
"The Insurance Man"
Office over First State aad Savings Bank
Residence Phone 19SR
entertainment until a late hour, De
licious refreshments wore served,
durfng wbclh toasts were given, iilss
Meta Chastain presiding as toaBt-
mlstress. The toasts were as fol-
ogy await
The party headed by Donald Mac
Millan, Peary's Lieutenant on the ex
pedition that reached the North Pole,
plans to leave Boston about July 1,
1921, and to reach Baffin Land in
less than a month, with good luck,
high score was won by Miss Nellie
McAndrews. Dainty refreshments
were served by the hostess. Those'
present were the Misses Nellie and
Calvin Peyton; to the Annual. Mar
caret Upp; to "Smiles," Ledu Hur
vey; to the boys, Lillle Jones.
Those present were: Miss Arm-
Esther McAndrews, Minnie Bnrnum. stronB faculty advIsor; Margaret
Upp, Winnifred McCormick, Anna
Drew, Elsie Fisher, Grace
Gertrude Parker, Margaret
Tho following winter will be spent on Johnston, Anna May Johnston, Mrs.
the western shore in latitude 69. The rva Earnest and Miss Jennie John
camp will probably be Just south of(ston
the entrance of the dangerous Fury
and Hecla strait where the ships ofj The regular meeting of the Mis
Captains Parry and Lyon, seekers of slonary society of the Methodist
anorthwestern passage, were blocked, church was held at the home of Mrs.
a century ago. That Is 160 miles C. V. Fisher on Thursday afternoon,
north of the Arctic Circle and 700 'After the regular business meeting
miles south t)f Etah on the short ofj and the study of the missionary
northwestern Greenland where Mac-, topics, a social hour was spent. Re
Mlllan's Crockerland expedition pass-if reshments were served by the
Miss Joy Evans entertained with
a jolly masquerade party In honor
of her birthday last Saturday even
ing. All of the sixth grade at the
Central school, of which she Is a
member, were Invited. The evening
ed four winters.
During the winter attempts will be
wade by dog teams to explore the
coast northward and in the following
summer the interior of the island will
oe penetrated. The plans for the ex
pedition call for an absence of two
years from this country. In case a
IknnnB in a ra Ann A (nr n Vnllnf
,uuBCi al, ucc.,. " waa 8pent In garaeB( a(ter which a
expedition will be sent according todeHcJoHs supper wag tQ
present arrangements. If the ship is is Tnoge nt vm
crushed in the Ice, the party plans to DorrJg Ruth
retreat by dog teams to Fort Church-1
... ... ... ...,.. Helen Cofer, Maryellen Bradford,
111, the trading post at the foot of , ' ' '
'. , . , . . ... .Veronica McAndrews, Zepha and
Hudson Bay and to return to civlll-i T , ,,,,,,
., .. . Jean Rogers, Walker Deer ng, Tom
. Watt, Gordon Smith, Richard Bogue,
m Basil Brown, Jennie Delzel, Dolores
1 North, Bonnie Lucas, Ward Mortell,
HEAVY INVESTMENTS Meredith Hutchins, Chris Meredith,
IN ENGLISH FIRMS Charles Johnston, Harry Wemey,
mm LIddy, Gertrude and Slegrlfrled Von
LONDON, Jan. 28. (By Mall.) Brekelstorf, Burge Mason Jr., Kan
The enormous amount of money now ten Hamaker, Esther Veatch, Addle
being put into new Industrial and.Jenklns' Florence Robin, Lena
financial concerns in this country is Lewin. Goldle Lewln, Alsa Massey,
shown by figures just published for
the past six months. During that
period 5,414 companies were regis
tered in London, with a capital of
252,734,282, while those registered
in Edinburgh and Dublin totalled
451 companies, with 13,260,400.
, Of the above amount, textile and
clothing companies absorbed 30,
000,000; mines, 24,000,000; ship
ping,. 22,000,000; banks and fin
ance, 22,000,000; oil, 20,000,000;
motors, 18,000,000; engineering,
X13.000.000; food, 14,000,000, and
insurance, 1Q,000,000.
I desire to extend my thanks for
the kindness and sympathy shown by
kind friends In my bereavement, thru
the doath'of my husband, the Rev; M.
(C. Rossman.
Wont Ads bring results.
Miss Bend, and Miss Nellie McAn
Mrs. R. C. Groesbeck, .Miss Augusta
Parker and Miss Alta Ralph enter
tained the Kedron club at the Pres
byterian church on Tuesday evening.
After the business meeting the
evening was spent in needlework and
conversation. Refreshments were
served to the Misses Ruth Avery,
Fannie Virgil, Avis McLaughlin,
Waive Drew, Jennie and Anna May
Johnston, Agusta Parker, Alta
Ralph, Mrs. Bert C. Thomas, Mrs.
W. S. Slough, Miss KIdd, and Mrs.
R. C. Groesbeck.
The ladies of the B. P. O. E. will
hold the first of a series of enter
tainments to bo given by the club
which was recently formed by the
ladles, on Tuesday afternoon, at 2:30
o'clock. Cards will be the principal
entertainment of the afternoon, but
It Is expected that many will bring
Hackland, Leda Harvey, Jean Perry,
Meta Chastain, Lillle Jones, Esther
Haines, Lucille Larkey, Wendall
Lawrence, Martin Ramsby, Garrett
Konop, Raymond Harlan, Calvin
Peyton, Charles Yadon, James John
ston, Scott McKendree.
Mrs. Byron Hardenbrook enter
tained at cards In her apartment h In
the White building Monday night.
Five hundred was played and .he
prizes fell to Mrs. G. B. Cozad and
Mrs. Everette Hardenbrook. The
hostess served dainty refreshments
at the close of the game. Those
present were: Mesdames Lottie
Martin, Glenn Jester, Harden Car
ter, Gerry Cozad, Roy Durban,
Everette Hardenbrook, Merle Hous
ton, Jimmy Wutkins, Frank An
drews, the Misses 'Bess Kllgore.
Verda Cozad, and the hostess.
Elaborate preparations are being
made by the management of tho
White Pelican hotel for tho valentine
party to be given tonight and a large
number have expressed their Inten
tion of being present. Approprlato
decorations ore being arranged and
everything possible being done to
make this one' of tho most enjoyable
evonts ever given at the hotel.
Manager Short Is hero from San
Francisco to usslst Mr. Milne and
those who attend are assured of ono
of tho most enjoyable entertain
ments that the winter season has
CODY, Wyo., Feb. 14. Peter Per
rin, 100 years old, who was In the
audience at Ford's Theater at the nn
tlonnl capital the night vfen John
Wilkes Booth assassinated President
Lincoln, and who came to Wyoming
as a settler during the dnys when this
state was a pnrt of the Dakotn terri
tory ,was a Cody visitor recently
Mr. Perrln, or, ns his friends pre
fer to call him, ''Old Peter," enjoys
nothing more than to relate talcs of
Ihe frontier days dnys when he
come west to help lay the steel for the
Union Pacific nnd to aid In the con
struction of Fort Steele. He has not
yet been compelled to resort to the
iifio of glasses in reading and to nil
outward appearances possesses much
of his mental and physical vigor.
Mr. Perrln was n member of the which chased Booth out thru
the stage entrance of the Ford Thea
ter, and later killed him after he had
teen surrounded In a barn in Virgin
ia. He was also a soldier in the Un
Ion army during the 'dvll war.
SERBIA LAND OF I No " maiden will consent t-
CRIPPLES REPORT b0 mnrr'c' Intay, Certain days or
' the week, too, are prohibited Mon-
LONDON. Fh. 14. Sir Jnhn i.vnn dl,'r' "" Instance, to hold to bo un-
Thomas. the widely known orthopeolc lucky lv ,uluro Beneratlons. Satur
day is reserved for widows, Tuesday
Ix considered Impossible on account
of Its being n duy devoted to wltch&t.
nnd evil spells, nnd Friday and Wed
neMliiy iiru fust iluys. Sunday there
fore Is tin day almost always chosen
for the celebration.
surgeon of Cardiff, who returned re
cently from Serbia, says tho land Is
filled with cripples, many of whom
could be cured or Improved If modern
orthopedic methods were available.
The state of the wounded and dis
abled holdiura of Serbia Is said to be
piteous. Theso men aro without the
simplest appliances nnd tho country,
lacks surgeons with tho requisite , i
knowledge of now methods. The fr.r!- In ",0 tol""y Co,,rl (,f lho St,,l of
tun Red Croxs Society In Great llrlt-' 0ruRon f(,r K1'l"'n" County,
nln Invited Serbian surgeons to entna1 In tno ,m,,",r ot U,u C8"" of "
to Unglnnd and study British orthop- " ?ulrc1"' k'cenci1-
yjjj.g j ,untir m iiuiiiii Kiven nun urn un
dersigned has filed In tho abovu en
titled court and matter his final
nccoiint and that Saturday, March 0,
1920, at 3:00 o'clock p. m In the
court room of tho above untitled
! court In tho County Court House at
H- The Klnmnth Villi. KInmntli r,inlv
. ... . .-...., ......... UW.....J,.
1 B
Sacred Heart Churcn, corner 8th
and High streets. Rev. Hugh J. Mar
shall, pastor.
Children's mass 8 o'clock.
Adults Mass 10:30.
Evening service, 7 o'clock.
The Christian Science Society of
Klamath Falls holds services at 113
Fourth street every Sunday morning
at 11 o'clock and every Wednesday
evening at 7:30. All are welcome
Tho subject of lesson for Sunday,
The Sunday school session is from
9:45 to 10:45 every Sunday morning.
The free reading room and free
lending library is open from 2:30 to
4:30 on Tuesdays, Thursdays and
SHANGHAI, Jnn. 13. (By Mull).
Fear of Bolshevism entertained by
employers In Shanghai Is n factor
which Is making more difficult tho
hard lot of the hundreds of Russian
lefugees who have been fleeing In In
creasing numbers out of Siberia Into
China. '
The growing colony of theso Rus
sian refugeos, whoso numbers swell
ed after the Siberian capital of Omsk
fell Into tho hands of the Bolshnvlkl,
has become a problem in the city of
Shanghai. One handicap upon their
efforts to obtain employment has
been the reluctance of employers to
give work to persons from Siberia be
lieved to have been exposed to the
Bolshevik Infection.
Members of the colony here which
numbers several hundreds have es
tablished a school where English Is
being taught to the new-comers. At
first one or two of the colony Itself
acted as Instructors. After a few
weeks volunteer teachers came for
ward nnd classos nro now being held
day and night In the shabby and
cramped quarters provided at No. 73
Range Road. Another undertaking In
the colony Is a community food kit
chen, Unwillingness on tho part of many
of the Russlnn newcomers to recog
nize the Kolchak administration as
the government of Russia tins kopt
many from registering at tho Rus
sian consulate, which, it Is statod,
can extend aid only to regularly reg
istered Russian cltlzeoB.
HELENA, Mont., Feb
state highway commission and tho Oregon, has been fixed by tho court
Montana state college are cona- n8 (ll0 mo nm, pnce , whch ho
borating in work In tho laboratory of wl h(.ar Ul(J ,,, rna, uccounl an(l
the college at Bozeman, testing rock Hett)e ,lle snn)0( nmI ,., nnv
for road purposes. Rock and con- lnB objections thereto shall fllo their
crete, or both, may be used for the sa(1 objections or uppeur personally
extensive work to bo begun In this aiul 0,,Jecl t0 the conflrmntlon of tho
state this year, and to contlnuo. It Is Ha(1 account on or before tho said
planned, on a large scalo for a do-, duto above mentioned.
Tho results of the test, which will
be continued In the field after tho
laboratory phnso Is passed, will bo
submitted to the commission and to
tho federal road authorities,
Dated ut Klamath Falls, Orogonr
this 1th day of February, 1920.
Executor of tho Estate of II. G.
Fnlrco, Deceased,
r,-l 2-1 9-20-4
Jewel Cafe
Special Sunday Dinner, $1.00
Cream of Chicken, Jardlnloro
Cold Slaw Ripe Olives
Salmon Cutlots, Parsley Butter
Banana Fritters, Vnnllla Snuco
Fruit Jello, Whipped Cream
1 i
Choice of
Fricassee of Chicken with Needles
Young Klamath Turkoy with Dressing
, Creamed Potatoes String Beans
. Pumpkin Pie or Hot Mince
Milk Coffeo Tea
610 MAIN ST.
JtMajMH '""
ifj'u hjjjswwm jiiiM'w.'.iit'"tti'"'' jy
'iwmmnK'Wwww nm r- fnyr tr-wr 6' '