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Fourteenth .Year No. 3836
PATHS. Fob.,, 4. Kurt von Iors
or,; head of. the. German pencil doo
satlon hero, returned to Premier
'' .nHllerand 'tho Ihit, containing' the
atatnea of the QurmnnH whoso nxtrn
tltlon In demanded by tho Allien,
hlcli was handad him last night,
nd Informed Mlllornnd Hint ho hud
resigned and wnii leaving for Horlln
, by tba first trnln.
Baron von Lersnor told tlm Anno
elated Press that no Gorman olllcor
coDld be Initrumontal In carrying
oat tho extradition clausca of the
The list of names contained 890
Germans accused of violating tho
lawa of war. England .demands 07
for trial, Franco and Belgium 334
ach .Italy 20, Poland G7, Rumania
41, and Serbia 4.
In ofllclnl circles tlmro was fool
ing that the Allloii should Innlnt upon
the extradition of tho Germans. It
la bellored that Germany Is disposal
to uso every pretoxt to avoid tho
exeeutlon ofc, this and other treaty
provisions. '
The Allied council of ambiu.adara
was called. Into session to discuss tho
extraordinary situation created by
riaron von Lcrnnor's resignation and
will Issue a second communique after
a second mooting tonight.
BERLIN, Fob. 4. Jlaron von
Lersner has been relloved of his
office. Ofllclals boro said ho had
been explicitly Instructod to trans
rait the Alllod note of tho Allied ex
tradition domands to his govern
ment. ' l
. r
'-The Nevcrallpa mot with u Blight
reverse In their dash for tho boad of
the column, when thoy dropped two
out of throo gamos to tho Spark
Plugs on the Elks alloys last night.
They still hold socond placo, how
ever. W. O. Smith .Is back In first
place for high Individual avorago,
1M 1-3 for' 12 games. Last night's
Rpark Plugs
1st 2nd 3rd Totnl
Rogers 189 189 186 G 6 4
Barry 148 141 1152 441
'Hoagland 177 193 177 G 47
Walters 183 137 146466
697 660 061
Nevrrsllps j
,1st 2nd 3rd Total
jlVan Bellon 167 162 178487
Noel 182 173 144499
Hardenbrook.. 132 149 171 452
'Mason 166 200 1G6 522
637 674 ' 640
, Standing of tlm Clubs
Won Lost Pet.
Sawdust 7 4 636
Neversllpa 8 7 G33
Spark Plugs 7 7 GOO
Rookies 6 6 G00
Duffs 6 6 GOO
Ducks 4 8 333
Tomorrow oyonlng, February G,
'the Elks of Klamath Falls lodgo will
observe Past Exalted Rulers' night
' In the lodge room of tho Elks tomplo.
. On this occasion past oxnltod
rulers of tho local lodgo will occupy
the various stations, with E. D. Hall,
first to serve tho local lodgo In tho
.'capacity of exalted rulor, acting as
the presiding officer, aftor receiving
the gavel from Exalted Ruler O. II.
Tho following past oxaltod rulora
' will occupy the various chairs on this
' occasien: Hunter Savago, J. J.
' Parker, O. F. Stono, O. J. Ferguson,
W. O. Smith, and W,, S. Wiley.
All Elks are urged to be present,
as a very attractive programme has
been arranged. There will be spoclal
musical features by Carl 'Schubert,
James A. Nownham, and others, and
the entortalnmont will bo In tho na
ture of a smoker, with romarks by
W. A. Del-ell, Fred Fleet, and W. O.
Smith. Lunchoou will bo sorvod.
in Ennui
All Oregon men who sorvod In any
department of tho military forces
during tho groat war aro entltlod to
n sorvfeo moilnl proparod for distri
bution by tho ntato of Oregon, upon
presentation of proper credentials to
tbolr locnl posts.
Klamath county men should. ad
droHit I lie necrotnry of Klamath post
No, 8, American Legion, giving tho
data of their enlistment, tho or-
gnnizatlon In which they sorvod, date
Of dlscbargo Anil" present placo of ro
sldenco In order to rocolvo tho modal
which Is Oregon's tribute of grntl
t'ude to thoHo who fought In dofonso
of their ntato and country.
This modal Is entjroly apart from
any other dlHtlnctlvo award, and Is
not to bo confused with tho French
momorlal certificates, which ''will. bo
distributed February 22 by local
posts to tho relatives of men Who
died In tho sorvlco of tholr country.
Tliu potato sorting and grading
domonstrnllon ut tho Farraors'
WureluMiso tomorrow morning will
bo of particular vnluo to potato
groworB thin' year, as tho Indications
nra that tho acrongo going Into po
tatoes will bo Vu lllclon t to furnish a
considerable amount for outsldo
markets. Potatoes that go to an
outsldo market will "bring a much
hotter prlco If properly graded and
sortod. It would also bo greatly to
tho udvantago of thoso shipping po
tatoes to unlto on ono or two stand
ard vnrlotles, so that wholo cars may
bo shipped of tho tsamo variety and
of a uniform quality.
Flnul argument in tho case of
Tomasso Ambrogbcttl against R. E.
Strahorn, which has been, ou trial in
tho circuit court; was completed this
nttornoon aand tho case wont to the
jury. Ambroghottl is suing for ap
proximately $2,300, which ho alleges
Is still duo on' a contract for grading
and preparing a railroad right-of-way.
Tho dofonso in tho trial con
tended, among othor things, that
plaintiff was not only paid all to
which ho was entltlod, but was over
paid. 'Ambroghottl was roprcsontod by
Portor J. No ft and Ilawlos Mooro of
Medford and II. M. Manning of this
city. Defendant's counsol is R. C.
Tho jurors who will docldo tho
cuso are: Joo Wright, John T. .Cox,
James"- Hull, J. O. Taylor, O. M.
Klrkpntrlck, II. J. O'Brien, W. W.
Lowls, T. J. Nickerson, L. D. Ross,
F. It. Wilson, G. H. Van Mootor, L.
J. Qrimth.
Through a deal closod this morn
ing, Rufua Mooro purchased 'from
tho Wocd Lumbor company tho mill
site on tho west sldo of tho rivur
which ho formorly ownod, but sold
about ton years ago to tho Dig Basin
Lumbor company. Nothing could bo
loarned today about tho purposo tor
which Mr. Mooro designs to ubo tho
proporty, but It was authoritatively
slated. that It would not bo tho site of
a mill. t i
U. S. HAS 28,000
According to tho state bank boc
tlon of tho Amorlcan Bankers asso
ciation, thoro aro now in the United
States 21,028 stato-charterod, bank
ing Institutions, Including commer
clal stato banks, trust compnnlos and
savings banks. Tho total resources
of such Institutions' aro $25,965,
836.30, Thoso .statistics have been
compllod by Socrotary R. N. Sims of
tho national association of super
visors of Btnto banks. Thoro are
also in tho Unltod States 7,705 na
tlonal uanks, with total resources of
$20,709,650,000, The total number
of banking Institutions in the United
States Is thorefore 28,733, with, total
resources of $46j765, 225,836.30.
Tho recent tour of the Prince of
Walos in Canaca and tho United
States was officially Aimed, 16,000
foot bolng roqulred for tho Canadian
visit alono.
A, B. Epperson, chairman of' tho
soliciting committee of tho Klamath
County ;- Chamber of Commerce
stated today that ho bad completed
chocking .over tho list, of subscribers
for memberships furnished by the
former committee, and that tho now
commlttco is now practically ready
to rosume tho membership campaign.
A little moro than $3,300 has been
pledged to the organization. Tho
goal of the present campaign Is to
at toast double that amount. ' ......
Whllo the work of solicitation has
boon ,dormapt,. over the holidays,' or
ganization work has not been en
tltrely cbeckod. A qnletiedncatlonal
campaign baa been kept up by. sup
porters of the movement and there
Is bettor understanding of tho plana
and purposes of the organization
now than exlstod at the time of tho
last mombersblp campaign. It Is
believed that renowal of active soli
citation will bo met by whole-hearted
support of tho entire community.
At tho laast mooting of the or
ganization it was decided to abandon
tho old namo of Klamatfi Commer
cial club In favor of the broader title
of Klamath County Chamber of
Commerce, in order that It might
roprosent in name, aa It always has
in fact, the activities' of 'the entire
Personal Mention
Mrs. C. L. WoldlorVrf Seattle is
boro for a visit with her brother,
Jnmos Milne, resident manager of
tho White Pelican hotel. She la on
her way homo from California, after
Bovorat months' visit with relatives
in Los Angela and Oakland..
E. Archer, who has considerable
reputation aa an expert pool and. bil
liard man, has arrived from Portland
to take a position at the Mecca Bil
liard parlor. He la to have full
charge of the billiard end of tho
Mecca and Is going to mako a spe
cialty of keeping the tables in Al
condition. ,n,
Mr. and Mrs. Georco ,C. Mason of
Mill City, Oregon, are Jhore for atvislt
with Mr. and Mrs. cnarles uarnoii.
Mrs. Darnell and Mrs. MaBon are sis-
tors. The visitors will remain for
somo tlmo, in fact are looking about
with Bomo lntontion of locating hero
If conditions are favorable.
Dr. Lamb, who has had offices In
the Swanson building since ho has
been located In this city has moved to
the Wblto building and is now in
stalled in the offices vacated by Dr.
Schloef. Dr. Schleef will leave soon
for a business visit to the Willamette
valley whore, she has extenslvo prop
erty Interests .and' will probably dis
continue her practice in this city.
B. S. Stuckey, who has conducted a
cabinet making shop at 1124 Main
street, has removed to his new quar
ters at 11th and Pine stroet, whore
ho has erected n new, shop. It Is his
intontion to establish at thla point a
shop whore he will mako a specialty
of all glass work and cabinet malting.
Later he will add machinery tor the
manufacture pt Bash and doors, par
ticularly of tho high grade character.
Andrew Ryan.'ono of the old tlrtoe
and well known residents or tho
Spring Lake section Is in the city for
a few days.. Ho Is Just recovering
from tho offocts of a kick from a
horse, which broke three of his ribs'.
Miss Kandy, Oregon representa
tive of the American Red Cross, ar
rived Jast night from, Portland, and
wlil bit here far two;or three days to
confer, .yrlth of f icors'and membors of
the, oxocutive committee of the local
upo, urossjcnapier on uuuiib iu w.o
local field, Miss Kandy Is stopping
at the Whito Pelican hotol.
Ilss Eleanor Drehor has returned
from a, visit of several months in nan
Francisco and has taken a position in
tho First State and Savings Bank..
Mrs. Edmond Qowen has returned
from n month's vacation spent In San
. riNlss Josle Low- left this morning
for San" Francisco 'for -air extended
visit among friends and will take spe
cial work In vocal jnuBlc whllo away.
Miss Eunice Van Denburg has re
turned from a vacation visit with re
latives and friends In tho Willamette
valley. .
The withdrawal of Toby Miller
from his agreement to moot Billy
Huff In a middlowolght boxing con
test.horo Fobruary. 11,, has notiunsot
tho .plans of. tho niurilclpal boxing
commission, anounco'd Matchmaker
Winter Knight today; Miller Informed
Knight yostorday afternoon that ho
was not In training ajjd folt ho did
not havo tlmo to proparo for tho
match, so had decided to withdraw.
Tho matchmaker, however, wns not
onllroly taken by surprlso and Mill
er's anoun'ecment caught him with a
sail to the windward. Ho bnd been
negotiating with Ed 8tokos Sailor
Boaco as ho is known in ring circles
and had the sailor lad where ho
could lay hold 'of him quickly, nnd
although he had, to romaln up halt
tho night to carry on long distance
negotiations with tho boxer, Knight
was ablo to announco this morning
that Stokes will bo here to moot Huff
In a ton round bout a week from to
night. While tho sailor lad Is a newcomor
to the coast, ho wears laurels galnod
In mix-ups with somo of tho dought
iest fighters In tho Atlantic fleot. His
naval service expired when tho fleet
vlsltod tho const last fall and ho has
had a successful career slnco around
tho bay. Portland fans heard of his
prowess and he is on his way to Port
land after tho local bout, but Huff
has, boon amassing a little fame him
self and tho naval champion is not at
all averse to mixing with tho local
middleweight. Portlanders are not al
together without knowledgo of Huff
and Stokes knows that he would get
a warmer reception from the Rose
City fans If ho blow in with Huffs
scalp 'in his war bag.
The sailor Is said to have the ad
vantage of weight by from fivo to
ton pounds. Huff has been training
consistently slnco-hls. bout -with. Fid
dlor last month' and promiseVto'bo in
condition where a catchwolght con
tost, with his opponont on the heavy
end," doesn't' worry him a whit.
Billy. Papke of Sacramento, who
boxed a draw' with Bud Stevens of
Portland here last month" is schedul
ed to 'appear again, this tlmo a ten
round contest with Mlckoy Brown, a
San Francisco lightweight. Brown is
boxing Frfflay night" at tho Dream
land rink'lh'San Francisco with Ed
die Mooro, and Papko also has a con
test on this week at Sacramento with
Al Prouo. The Amorlcan Legion Is
conducting tho Sacramento bout.
The remaining four rounds of 'tho
24 round card that will be offored
hero next, Wednesday night will bo
Btagod In a preliminary between Earn
Grafton, who knocked out Young
Fonvllle in 18 seconds at the last lo
cal contest, and Young Eaton.
Tho study dopartmont of tho
Woman's Library club will hold its
regular monthly mootinc Friday
afternoon, at 3 o'clock, in tho club
rooms in the library building.
The "Music of China" will bo, tho
topic of a paper byMrs. Fred Mills,
and Mrs. D. M. Smith will read a
paper on "Janannsn Mnolr. ", Mlaa
Armstrong wlll'ioad 'tho discussion
of "ThoDrama of "China and Japan."
Anyone' interested in. China and
Japan is Invited to this meeting. '
The library board holds its regular
mooting on tho same day, at 2 p. m
H. I. McKim has purchased an In
terest with George A. Wirt- In the
Klamath Falls Music House. Plans
are being mado by the Arm for an
Immediate Increase in facilities for
handling' their business. A now de
livery car haB been ordorod and a
patent equipment for loading pianos
Is also on the way.
Mr, McKim brings considerable
experience, gained through associa
tion with his brother, who Is the
proprietor of a large music house in
the- east, to 'aid 'the success of the
local enterprise.'
OREGON Fair, except probably
rain near coast; modorato easterly
Arrangements havo , been
mado by tho census supervisor
for tho listing of any ono who
4 has been missed by tho enumor- 4
ntor. Every citizen knows
4 whether or not' ho, or sho, has 4
' been listed. If npt.'or It there ls
;nny doubt, calliiqow and tho '
official enumerator will call up '
on you.
Cnpt. J. W. Siemens and' John
Siemens Jr., attended tho monthly
director's mooting of tho Dorrls bank
of which Capt. Semens is president,
yesterday. Tho building' is bolng re
modoled and tho banking room mod
ernized, all of which, is greatly ap
preciated by tho Dorrls people From
Dorrls thoy went on to Matin, where
thoy found tho now bank thoro oc
cupying part of tho now Kallna jiluld
Ing and doing business. Tho trip cov
ered about 115 miles and thoy stated,
that with tho exception of about five
miles between the Keno school houso
and the ranch of J. W. Tower, they
found the roads in excellent condi
tion. .
Frank Ward, bootblack In tho op
era houso block, was fined $7. GO yes
terday by Police Judgo Leavltt for
drunken an disorderly -conduct.
When Ward's promises wore search
ed by tho police, It is alleged that a
keg containing raisin mash was fop.nd
and liquor. In his possession indicated
that he had been making his own In
toxicants. Tho federal authorities at Portland
wore communicated with, bn'tas no
distilling apparatus was.fjjnnd, thoy
did not desire to preip-rrrosecution on
a moonshining charge, it .is under;
stood.-'BO'-Ward -was' turned "over"' to
tho police-court. '
Telegraph Tabloids
, o
MONTESANO, Fob. 4. The prose
cution has two peremptory chal
lenges loft. The defense has four.
It is expected the jury will bo com
pleted tomorrow and tho opening
statement made Friday morning.
Several veniremen aro ill at their
homes. '& -1
LONDON, Fob. 4. A Constanti
nople dispatch reports that import
ant engagements, havo taken place
between national forces and French
troops in the region of Marash and
AIntab, in Turkey in Asia. Marash
Is reported to be soriously endan
SPOKANE. Feb. 4. Threats de
clarod to havo been mado against
the life of Superior Judgo R. M.
Webstor here .who Issued a perma
nent injunction January 5 forbidding
I. W. W. activities, has caused the
aassignincnt of a Bquad of pollco to
guard hliu.i it became known today,
SEATTLE, Fob. 4. Tho trial of
C. L. Byron, Soattlo timbor cruiser,
and E. M. Comyns, Portland attor
ney, charged with using the mails to
defraud In connection, with a', land;
Boiling' scheme by representing to
clients that thoy could, fllo claims' on
governmont land grants, was-started
.Notice is given to members of the
Ladles Athletic Class that all mom
bora, also all who havo boon mem
bors, aro roquested to bo present at
the gymnasium, corner of Fourth and
Klamath, over tho Dodge garage,
Thursday evonln'g, Fobruary 5, at 8
o'clock. Every lady In the city Is In
vited to attend and see tho class
&? - .
alties suffered by alumni and under
graduates of the University of Penn
sylvania in the war totaled 207
killed, 166 wounded, and lp taken
prisoners. Honors were awarded to
Price, Five CenU '
M'CORH 110
f j
f ' T ? c
Portland, and twd Portland physi
cians, Robert II. Ellis and J. C.
Elliott King, aro associated in the
purchase of tho old McCornack
ranch of 8,000 acres, five or six
miles from this city on tho opposite
sldo of the Upper Lake, from the
nophowa and nieces of tho late E. P.
A large part of the purchase is
swamp land, known as the wocus
marsh, and its reclamation requires
extensive diking and draining. 'Dik
ing operations have been In progress
for the last year or two, under the
old ownership, and the new owners
havo purchased' the Klamath Queen,
tho dredger used In tho reclamation
work, and will carry out tho project,
which involves tho building of 'a
number of moro miles of levees and
drainage of the marsh by pumping.
The Portland people aro reportod
to havo paid in the neighborhood of
$100,000 for tho 8,000 acres, and It
is said to be a moderate price for the
land, which when reclaimed will be
ono of tho most fertile spots in tho
county. The new owners havo not
announced their intentions, but it Is
considered, unquestionable that they
have purchased the land for specu
lative purposes and will placo It on
tho market in small tracts as soon as
it is drained. A portion of the ranch
Is timbered, but the timber was sold
to the Klamath Lumber & Box com
pany by the former owners, and Is
being removed. The marsh acreage,
however, predominates.
The heirs of E. P. McCornack are
widely scattered, and having many
other interests, preferred to let tbV
land gov- ffiosowhowa-wiroos "wftl be
affixed to the deed when the nnal
Signatures . are obtained are .Robert,
Eugene F., Mary E., Agnes. M and
C. C. McCornack and Helen McCor
nack Colten.
WASHINGTON, Fob. 4. The mur
der of three American workers' 'In
Syria has been reported to the state
department. Tho Americans were
part of the convoy for tho American
relief supplies and were kilUd "Jby
Brigands February 1st, near'El Mali,
North of Aleppo." The names 'of the
Americans were not given.
NEW YORK, Febv4. Throe mem
bors of ttye American relief convoy' re
ported Blpln by Brigands, may have
been natives and not Amoricans," of
ficials of the. Near East relief com
mittee think. Much.ot the transporta
tion of food and clothing is done by
natives employed by the committee.
The Woman's Missionary, society
of the Christian church will meet to
morrow evening, at 7:30, at .the
home of Mrs. J. L. Beckley, 1018
Washington street. A full, attend
ance of memberA.isdesIred. Friends
Interested in missions aro invited."
Through a deal which was closed
this morning, C. C. Wbitmoro sold to
Gust Soderlund his ranch consisting
of 63 acres located about five miles
from this city on the river. The deal
was made through the agency of Joel
T. Ward.
Frank Smith, a negro, was fined $'5
by Police Judgo Loavltt, yesterday for
carrying a concealed weapon.,
,' .
, NOTICE. f '
' -. ,
Until arrangements can ba-4
made that .wlllirisiirB a, supply .
of paper- sufficient to enable ' ,
The Herald to return to Its re-
gnlar size. It will remain as it
Is today, with the exception, of '
Fridays, when we are permittee!
to print, eight pages. We shall
return to our regular size at $he '
earliest date possible.