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Fourteenth Year No. 3835
Price, Five Cento
NEW YORK, Fob, 3 Charging
thnt "llio coiuputltlutiri anil rivalries
of ovungollcal (leluimlniitloim In tliu
Unltod Hiatus hnvo-iumiltud In an
tonndlng wnalo am) Inefficiency" and
that H6 percent of tho I'rotoHtnnt
cliurclioH liavu a total sealing capa
city of nioro tli m it r.3,0(iu,u()() ur tliroi)
tlmuH tholfroqulrtiiiiont, tliu Rev. Dr.
Robert Wostly Touch, pnslor of a Ro
fornioil Episcopal church In Nuwurk,
N. J., mnkcfi a pluu fur organic mil mi
ot 22 national church IjoiIIoh.
Dr. Peach's recommendations, to
gether with others, will tin discussed
by Tho Inturchurch Council on Organ"
lc Union which begins a four dayH'
bohbIoh In Philadelphia today. Tho
Neark clergyman Ih ono ot Till com
posing tho Ail Interim Committee re
presenting various Protestant do
momlnatlomi which wna appointed
lust December upon an Invitation hy
Hid rri'Kliylerlnti church, to approvo
n plan for bringing about a merger.
In li Ih statement, a inlnoi'lly report,
ho declared that Protestants had
built porlmpit "ino.uoo superfluous
churches at a cohI of $r.00,(0(i,(00."
Too Jinny llulldlngN
"If not a single church had' been
built In tliu pant lit yearn," lie mild,
"thoao HtiimlliiR in ltldO .would ac
conimodatu at a single survlco ovory
1'rotuntiint' coiiituunlcuiit of tho yoar
I'Jl'J anil bvury Roman Catholic In
our country, baptized InfanlH Includ
ed, and, boaldoH, ovury man, woman
imd child In Canada. Culm and Porto
Itlco and there would mill bo much
room to apuro.
"Those 80 porcont of our churches
reported ovor throo Hillings for oVury
riommunlcaiit. At lliu sumo-timo, tho
Itomun Cothollc churchuH reporting
had ono silting for ovory two imdono
fourth inombortt a ratio of nearly
sovon to ono In our dlBfavor. Tho Ro
man churches aro crowdud, our,, on
nn average Iosh than ono-qunrtpr fill
ed for It Ih thu exceptional church
which, ut Kb principal Sunday servlco,
has an attendance equalling SO pur
cent ot IIb communicant rail."
Million iiro Wasted.
Tliu upkeep and thu salaries In
cident to malntnlnlni; survlcoa In Pro
teatant churchea, Dr. Poach Haiti,
"niako noccaanry thu mlalng annually
ot mllllona of waated dollars; niako
ncceaBary, moroovur, gruelling of
forta to ralao thla monoy. Inuvltably
thoro has urlHcn tho (Iront Protestant
Ordor of Mendicant Paatora and Sia
tera, unincorporated. Inevitably alao
baa followed u wliluaproad defuctlon
of church momborB, weary of contin
ual solicitation to rIvo outright and
to buy tickets for suppors, ontortnln
montH, bazaars, otc. Not tho Riving
has r.opollod, In most Instances," con
tinued l)r. Poach, for tho American
peoplo aro genoroiiH but thu need
less calls for uneconomic giving.
Upon members who remain stead
fast havo fallon tho heavlur bunions,"
ho said. ''This defection nlso Is main
ly responsible for Increasing tho two
out of thrco empty puws caused by
ovor-churchlng to throe out ot four.
Lot not tho pastors nnd mombors of
exceptional congrogntipns blindly
question tho general validity ot thoso
estimates. Withal, wo havo thousands
of Bottled communities without a sin
Klo church. In Ohio, for oxnmplo, tho
rocont Methodist Episcopal survoy
has discovered scores ot townships,
six miles squaro, without a slnglo ro
sldent minister. To wicked waBto wo
add woeful lnofflcloncy.
Groan Under HiiiiIpiim
"In our division," said Dr. Poach,
"our pooplo nro groaning under tho
burdens caused thoroby, and under
tho roproach of Incompotoncy, not on
ly, but tho unchurched miiBsos Ignoro
our woakonod tostlmony and rojoct
m..m n...nnl. niti. urnlilntMU nrn mlllri.'
UUI U',UU(, WW. i'iuu.u.i.u .w ......v. -.
piled, our fellowship Is marred, oui'l
Lord is dlshonorod. Those aro tho
conditions organic unity Is sot to
euro." x
The Rov. William H. Black D. D.,
of the Prosbytorlan church, Marshall,
Mo., another monibor of tho Ad In
terim Committee, In a minority ro
port, advocatod tho uao of tho termin
ology of tho Unltod States govern
ment for characterizing tho proposed
new unltod church nnd opposed a "ro
Btatomont ot tho fundamental doc-
BALEM, Fob. 3. Govornor
Olcott today appointed I. N.
Day, Portland mumbur of tho
Hindi li'glalatlvu commission, to
luvimignto (ho feasibility of ro
movlng tho rails of tho railroad
extending from tho O. W. It.
& N. lino on tho Columbia river
to Hem!, imlng them to extend
rail ronnoctloiiH from Rend to
Klamath Kails. Tliu roadbed
from' which tho track Is, ro
movod would hocused us a
statu highway.
oUior fiiuinliojrs of thu Inves
llgatlng commlltco aro Senator
Itllnur of Pendleton nnd Repre
sentative Ritrdlck ot Rodnnyid.
The city Is willing to pay one-third
tho coat of converting (ho old city
hall building into an emergency hos
pital, In rase It Is needed for Influ
enza patients, providing lU'sharo 'Is
not more than $200, thu rlty council
last night Informed R. II Dunbar,
president and tho ltov. K. P. Lnw
renru, Hi'crotary of tho local Hpd
Cross clmptur, who appeared boforo
thu council to lunru whnt co-oporn
tlou might bo ilxpoclcd In handling nn
Influenza outbreak.
Tho county court has not leflnltoly
promised any monoy, but Mr. Dunbar
said ho laid tho matter before tho
commlHslonors a ml thoy expressed
fnvorablo opinions and, If tho omer
goncy urli)08, ho assured tho co'im'll
that ho bollovod tho county-would do
Its iflinro, nnd tho Red Crosa, ho de
clared, would go thu limit in co-ope
ration. ' ' l ,1
Mayor Struhlo agreed to look tho
building ovor and mnko nn estimate
of tho cast of essential repairs, aleo
to supervise their Instnllntlon. A bath
tub Is ono of tho primary noeds. Con
nection must bo mndo with tho city
water mains and some carpenter
work and a gonornl cleanup Is noc
esaary. The council told tho Red Cross
members that tho city had no money
available for operating tho omergon
cy hospital In enso it should hu need
ed. Tho point was not pressed by tho
Rod Cross representatives, who snow
ed to think If thu building was put In
sbapo tho monoy for operation could
bo secured. In fnct, In vlow of last
year's experience, It was bollovod that
the hospital would bo nearly self
supporting. WASHINGTON, Fob. 3. Taking
up tho contentions of Roar Admiral
Sims, Socrotary Danlols took emphat
ic Issue with tho admiral boforo tho
senate Biib-commlttco today. Dnnlols
assorted that SIiub, during shoro duty
in tho Spanlsh-Amorlcan and the
world wnr "demonstrated nhlllty of a
high ordor" and his own record no
doubt inufluoucod Sims In placing
shore duty nbovo soa duty in tho sea
zono. Tho socrotary showed that dur
ing thu Inst 25 yonrs that Sims had
Borvod about nlrm years at soa.
Daniels pointed out that ashore n
man decides Important questions with
tlmo to wolgh tho pros nnd pons whllo
at sea tho commnnder In immlnont
danger must mnko a moment's decis
ion whon bis ship Is attacked and tho
slightest mistake is fatal.
trlnos of Christian bollof," doclarlng
that ''all ovnngollcnl churchoB rocog
nlzo nnd teach that tho holy scrip
tures aro tho Inspired word of Qod
and nro 'tho only infalllblo rule of
faith and prnctlco."
Otlior suggestions nnd minority re
ports which will bo prosontod to the
Council woro mado by tho Rov. John
S, Romlg ot tho Moravian Church and
Alfrod C. Garrett of tho Society ot
Friends, both of Philadelphia. Invita
tions havo boon oxtended to 12 other
Protestant denominations, making 34
in all, to bocomo mombors ot the con
ference pluunlng organic union-
In stop with tho progress that
Klamath Falls Is making and in
keeping with tho growth of tho or
ganization, tho Masonic lodge, do
elded at a meeting held last evening
to purchase n alio and build a homo.
With that end In view, loU 7 and 8,
block 10, original town, or tho
southwcBt corner of Fflth and Pine
stroots, havo boon purchased from
J. W. McCoy. This property has a
frontago of 112 feet on Fifth street
and 120 on Pine street. Tho price
paid for tho property was $6,720, or
at tho rato of $60 per Fifth street
front. " "" r
l' Somo tlmo ago It was doclded to
investigate tho' feasibility c"'pnr-
chasing property and erecting a
homo, and with that endln vloir a
building commlttoo, consisting ot tho
nvo officers ot the lodge .and eight
mombors was appointed. Tho 'mem
bers of the committeo wore George
Chastaln, W. C. Van Emon, W. U
Foster. C- C. Chltwood, B.. ,U,
ReanrcA, Frank Ward, Marlon Hanks,
Gcorgo Ulrlch, Curtis SoUer, J. F.
Kimball. Gcorco arlzzlo. E. E.
Magoojind Arthur Wihon. After a
careful study ot the various, locations
considered". It was doclded that tho
proporjy pnrcnasea was tno most
Hultnblo for tho purposes for which
it is to betusod, and tho comraltteo'a
report to that offact was adopted.
i Plans and spcclncatlons "-will bo
propared Immediately for a two
story building on tho corner lot. Tho
lower floor wilt bo used for buslnoss
purposes and tho upper floor for tho
lmlgo. It Is tho Intention to have it
erected this yoar, tho structure to be
ot class A construction.
Roconcllatlon of differences be
tween cattlomon and sheepmen ovor
grazing privileges on tbo public do
main In tho eastern part ot tho coun
ty has reached a stage ot settlement,
and both parties havo agreed to sup
port a bill in Congress, authorizing
tho addition ot all public lands in
tho disputed area to Iho Fremont Na
tional Forest. Disposition of the
brazing prlvllogo will then be admlri
latorod by the government through
tho forostry service.
At tho annual meeting of tne
Klamath Wool Growers' association
at Merrill last night tho matter was
discussed and J. H. Carnahan, rep
resentative ot the association, in fur
thering the necessary legislation, was
Instructed as to tbo 'wishes ot the
W. C, Von Emon, attornoy for tho
Cattlomon's association, is their leg
islative delegate. Mr. Carnahan and
Mr. Van Emon oxpoctto lcavo short
ly for Washington to place the mat
ter boforo congress and use all ef
forts to speed tho passage of tho nec
essary legislation which will placo
tho lands in the forest rosorve.
About 250,000 acres la-Included it)
tho proposed reservo, embracing all
public lands In the area described by
i straight lino (following tho west
ern township line ot townships 41
nnd 40 south , range 11 east, and
townships 39, 38 and 37outh, rango
11 '1-2 east, Wlllamotto Meridian)
fiom tho California' boundary tp the
Klamath rInaWrosorVatlon line,
thonco skirting "'tho reservation
boundary to 'tho Lake county lino,
thoncq south to the California line
nnd west to thepolnt ot beginning.
Tho western boundary lino is tho first
township line east of Dairy!
Harvey DePuy and Miss Bertha
Owen, both well known residents ot
the Midland district, were married
Sunday afternoon at the home ot Mr.
and Mrs. Charles Turner on Michigan
avonuo by the Rov. E. P. Lawrence.
Mr. DePuy has a ranch hear Mid
land, where the couple will reside.
His bride is a member of a well
known family In that district.
Rl 0
. . . - L.
. T-rr. ..
Installation of 'a 2S0 candlo power.
elcctrla light at tho Intersection of,
Fourth and J'lno streets, where tho
new Wnrrcn Hunt hospital is located,
und a 400 candlo power light ntlhc!
nowr Presbyterian church corner,
Sixth and PJno. was authorized by tho
city council last night.
Street Improvement matter's camo
up for discussion, with tho presenta
tfon of a petition by property owners
for tiie Improvement of Blxth nnd
SevoHth streets from, Pine to' High
and Mlgli street from Sixth to Eighth.
Tho'flotltlon calls for paving tho full
Width! of tho thoroughfares but Mr.
Whlw, who presented it, explained to
the eiuncll that somo of tho property
ownws would prefer narrower pav
ing. She council decided that differ
ence! on this matter could bo settled
after tho publication of thq resolu
tion of Intention to niako tho im
provement, and acccptbd tho petition.
Mr. White stated that while thoro was
a difference of opinion on tho width,
al ifertlcs Wanted tho. paving done
feryono was willing to yield to
Iqlon of tho majority.
question of paving Washington
'r. t...X.,(.k .... t, ir xr ir
k property Owners who want to
oi-work botween First and Third
s. laid over from last vear
start '.A as soon as possible. The city
aires ly has plans and cost estimates
for heso blocks. Councilman Upp
state 1 that when tho Improvement
was . ogun It should be carried clear
through to Fifth Btroot, to givelfthe
city ail approach to 'the hlnh school
Mr. UlP said that hcfwould bo against
starting tho Improvement untlUthe
blocks from ThlroMoFlfth werojlfli;
eluded. As a result! o'f' tho "dlscuaaiea
the tnsyor was reqiiestod to secure
iiuiir.iiiu unj. cnMincycsuyiaicB ana
plasaVfoc.thc wok-from-Third street
to-tho high ch'qol.'ito wa.prcsentedTt'J
iiia tuunun uv an eunyineeimg.
No 'more bllj3 will bo allowddi'it
tho council adheres to' its, expressed
intention; unless the purcha'so is mado
upon a requisition issued by the ppl
ice judgo in regular form. Thlsvfol
lowod the' djs'cpvery, during' tho al
lowance ot bills, of several small bills
which woro not, Itemized and which
nobodyeomed to know much about.
Mayor Strublo staled' thafalf Ib'ity
employees, Iron tho" mayor down,
woro required, to securo a requisition
for ovoy purchaso mado, but employ
es, needing nn artlclo In a hurry,
wont .to-a' store and got tt'nnd had it
charged iotho city. When tho mer
chant's' bill- comes in thoro Js no' ro
cord In the,ppJlco judgo's offlco to
show its vaHd'ty As a jesult' thoracis
confusion and oftep a great'oai of
needless Investigation boforo,. tho" bill
can bo 'allowed.. Merchants have been
warned, said thomayor, to charge
nothing! to tho city's account' unless a
proporly signed requisition form Is
shown, and it was the opinion of tho
council 'that heroatter, tho rulo
should bo enforced without oxcoption.
Permits Issued
Pormlts wore issued ns follews: F.
W. Van Busklrk, prlvato garago", lots
5 and G, blopk 57; Frank J. Smith,
throe-room bungnlow. Mills Addition,
$1500; Alec Davis, to conduct tho
Country club rooming house; J. W.
Wntklns, Jr to conduct tho Town-'.
send flats rooming housq.
Electrical Inspector.
S. R. Redkey, head ot tho sorvico
department of the California Orogon
Power company, was appointed city
electrical inspector, in placo ot Mr.
Beauchamp, who has resigned.
HAVE $14,000 HOME
Permission' was granted tho Scand-
anavlan socioty ot this city by the
city council last night to construct a
two-story flroproof brick building at
tho corner" of Ninth and Walnut
streets, to be used as a lodgo hall and
for other, activities of tho socioty,
' The building will- havo a floor
space of 52 by 100 foot. It will cost
$14,000. Work on It will start short
ly, and it is expected to havo It fin
ished within 60 days after it is start
Edward A. Johnston and Jennie
White ot Chlloquin wero married
yesterday by J'ustlco of . tho Poaoo
Chapman. -
and e
tor t
see ti
cli.vcjim; to offick
PORTLAND, Feb. 3. Dcsplto
tho fact that ho was presented
yesterday with a' signed order
dismissing him, Frank S. Myers
maintains his position as post
master. Myers asserts that tho
senate must contlrm tho Presi
dent's action before it will bo
oomo effective.
A number of complalntsiaro reach
ing Tho Herald about tho chicken
nuisance. These complaints should
bo filed with tho police, for it is (heir
business to see that tho ordinance
covering this matter is enforced.
Tho ordindnco provides that chickens
must bo kept within an enclosure.
Where owners aro so inconsiderate
of their neighbors as to permit their
chickens to run at largo, a tolephone
call to tho chief of police will abate
tho nuisance.
Chief Wilson states that ho is go
ing to permit no exceptions to -the
rule. This will be cheerful nows to
pooplo throughout tho city who are
trying to improvo their property and
it is information that should ho
taken advantage of by thoso who
havo chickens, as it will savo them
a visit to tho police Judgo and the
paymont of a fine.-
Tho regular business session of
tho Woman's Relief Corps was held
yestordjy afternoon.
Tho following committees woro
appeinted: Relief, committee, Mrs.
Jcnnlo Hum, Addle Walker, Mar
.jorio.Otterbein, IvyNorth and Burd
McDonald;,, executive comnjittoo-;-Llna
Martin"; 'Florinco Branden-
burjj,. Pearl. MarUn,&thcrinogp.lH.
ertsdUP ahjl Npllio' Whltlock; audit-
ing committeo, Lizzlo Ramsby, Mar
garet Wlthrow, and Minnio Mont
gomery; homo employment commit
toe, Ella McMillcn, Georgia Sloan,
Jennie Sechorn, Stella Skillington
ana Lean Smithe; conforenco com
mittee, Imogeno Hampton, Myrtle
Martin, Carrie Maier,,Hattio Keller,
and Amelia Whltlock. . ,
It was decided by tho corps to
present" an American flag to Post No.
8 ot tho American Legion ot Klam
ath Falls.
Aftljo next meeting, February 16,
an appropriate program wil'l bo
given to commemorate tho birthdays
ot Washington and Lincoln.
Tho sanctity that, doth hedgo
around a. United States mail bag is
nothing 'to William zVllman', tho
tramp ai-rested for" entering the
Southern. Paolflc.frolght depot -last
,woek andbroaking opon packages
from which -lib took certain edible
articles that appealed to him. At a
hearing boforo Justlco Chapman yes
terday afternoon Zlllman was bound
ovor to tho grand jury's action on a
chargo of Iarcony of a house.
Zlllman used a U. S. mall pouch to
carry his worldly goods about with
him. When questioned ns to his
possession of thq bag, ho said ho got
it whon ho entered a postofllco and
warehouse at Norman, near Duns
mulr, Cal. It appealed to him as a
handy thing to carry his pack in and
so ho used it.
Thq first steel for tho new throe
story buildings ot Collins & Still at
Fifth and Main and M P. Evans at
Tontlr & Main was laid down on tho
ground yesterday. Two cars of stool
beams and girdors havo arrived and
anothor carload is coming. M. P. Lnv
enik has chargo ot tho hauling of the
structural matorial and finds It hoavy
stuff to handlo.
Tho foundations for tho buildings
woro excavated and lined with con
croto last fall and tho romalndor qf
the task of construction Is from the
ground levol upward. In obtaining a
construction permit from tho council
last week, A. F, Helde, architect for
both buildings, stated that work
would start within o. wook aftor ma
terial was on tho grouud.
Representative Randall of Wiscon
sin on Jnnuary 24, Introduced in the
House of Representatives a bill pro
viding for tho legal assembly In gen
eral council ot tho Indians ot the
United States, and for a general elec
tion among tho Indian tribes to
choose delegates to an ' Inter-tribal
council l0 u "old within 15 days af
ter tho election at Washington D. C.
Tho Bill reads as follews:
Bo it enacted' by tho Senate and
House of Representatives of tho Un
ited States of America in Congress as
sembled, That tho Secretary of' the
Interior is hereby authorized and di
rected to causo a proclamation to be
issued and circulated among the In-
dlans of the United States announcing
that said Indians may legally as
semble In general council, cither trib
al or intertribal, and meet in accord
ance with tho provisions ot the first
amendment to tho Constitution of the '
United States of America, to peace
ably assemblo and petition Congress
for the redress of any grievances or
wrongs and transact any other busi
ness not inconsistent wlthlb" Con
stitution of tho Unltod Stalls.
Sec. 2. That tho -Secretary of the
Interior "is hereby further authorized
and .directed fo causo a general elec
tion among'tho Indian -tribes for tho
purpose of electing and eslectlng one
delegate from each trlbo, band, or
faction of tho Indians in tho United
States, and said "delegates shall as
semble In the city ot Washington, Dis
trict' of Columbia, vlthln fifteen days
cftcr said election' and 'there form
i;nd constitute an intertribal council
qr'lcaguo of'Indian nations.
v ocui o. iiiai cam iuuuiii ui icagua
ihv rtilpc, nnil rntrnlnMnnA madfi from "u ""- &-!
time- to time by itself; tbet the re
cords of said council and their pro- ,
cecdings, and the records of any trlb- ,
al or intertribal council when proper-,
ly certified to by thq proper officers
of said councils shall bo prima facie
evidence of tho desires ot said coun
cil in so far records may relate to
the wolfaro of tho Indians constitut
ing said council. I
Sec. 4. That there, Is hereby appro- i
printed tho sum of $10,000, or so1
much thereof as may bo necessary,
out of tho availablo funds ot tho
Treasury of tho United States not
otherwise appropriated for carrying
out tho provisions of this Act.
Consolidation on Fobruary i'bf the
Southern Paclllc"funea north and
south of Ashland, Ore, under the
jurisdiction ot Federal Manager W.
R. Scott is announced by the United
States Railroad Administration. This-?
cbango restores tho organization ot
tho railroad's Pacific system as it
existed before federal control, and is
in preparation for tho return to
private ownorshlp on March 1. Since
tho lines wero taken ovor by the
govornment, tho portion north ot
Ashland to Portland has beon oper
ated by Federal Manager J. P.
O'Brien In tho northwestorn region,
and the lines south to.Ogden and. El
Pasoby; Federal Manager W. R. Scott
In tho Central western roglon.
Federal Manager Scott announces
tho nppointment of H. A. Hlnshaw as
assistant to tho fedoral manager,
with hcadquartors at Portland. Hln
shaw was formerly goneral freight
agent at, that point,
wlnds. -Fair, moderato easterly,
Until arrangoments can be
mado that will Insure a supply
of Papo.r sufficient to enable
Tlio Herald to return to its re
gular size, lt will remain as It
Is today, with tho exception of
Fridays, when wo aro permitted
to print eight pages. Wo shall
roturn to our regular size at the
mifltncf flntn linaatlila
" "uv " l'1'w