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official papkr or
Fourteenth Year No. 3828
Price, Five Cents
' I
MONTHHANO. W1H1 , .Inn 20
Jtlilgn .lulili M WIImiiii IIiIh afternoon
, ilmili'il tho motion for chiing" or veil
no In tlio Cmitriillu murdero hearing.
Ho huIiI tluil tlio Hliowlng lunch- by tlio
ilnruiiHii In lii'liuir of u rliiuiKU wan In
ni.f f Idnnt.
'Thn law does not iiiirnill a second
(liniign of vimuo In nimm of thin rlnir
nctnr In my opinion," milil tljo court.
W II. Allln. iittnrnoy for tlio prn.ii
oi'tloii, nttnoked'tlin elmnirtor of two
H'Kiuirit of iifflil.ivllH prenonted liy the
diifuiimi. Ho declared that Itoy I.nniP
itt or lloiiulani, who wiih an Invontl
i;ator for tlio dofonso, lino boon n
Btrlko'orgrinlzor nnd was nrroatcd ns
n draft dodgor. Joseph Schrnyor of
Aberdeen, was nlno n ilrnft dodgor,
lie clnluird.
Attomoy Vnndovoor, of tlio dofonso
milil Mint organised Inhor wan In
lutumly Interested In -Hid trial.
MONTKH'NO. WiikIi , .Inn 20.- -A
niotlon for rliiuiKU of ve-niui In tlio
enmi of ulovon I. V W. charged with
tlio CViitmllu inurdorH wnn made to-
ilny liy Attornoy Viitidovcur' for tlio
llllfllllBO. Ilo offered ILH OXlllllllH dip
pings from northwestern nowHpupors
which lio un kiitiilnod tended to create
prejudice iiKiiIiiBt Hi" ilufctiilnntH.
MONTKSANO. Wash., .Ian. 20.
Eleven mini. wild to lio itiutnlmrs of
tlio IniliiHtilal Workers of tlio World,
fnrod trial hoio today on charges of
flrnt lUiKrcii mnnlor In connection
with tlio klllliu: of Warren ). (irlmin.
ono of four nifii win,) woro Bliot to
iloath In mi ArmlHlIco Hiy parade nt
Contralln. WuhIi.. Nov. II. I'Jl'.t.
Two oflmr alleged I. W W.. also
(barged with murder, liavn not yet
boon iipprehondod.
Tlio lrl1nis or tlio .shooting wuro
nil Contralln resilient and forimir
narvlru Wn; (Srlniin. ti lieutenant
tmil forinm1 PuUoixlly or WiiHhliiRton
roothall rttn'r; Kiiu-Kt Halo lliililianl,
iilioo donlor; Arthur McKlfrcBh, drug,
glst anil Hon. ('nHgrunda. bootblack.
' 'In Ihi) prlnonor'H dock of tlio sup
erior court hero today worn Elinor
Smith, llrltt Smith, Kay IJockor.llort
I'alkonor. .lainoB Mclnornoy, llort
IlIanil.'MIko Itluslinn. KUboiio llurn-jldock the wheels of proRrcss of tho
ott, l.oron HohertH, .lohn I.amh, and dovolopmont of tho. West. Our oast
O. 0. llland Thoy pleadod not ullty, orn 'frlonilH iiiiihI know that tho West
at ("hohallH nnd worn 'Rrnntod a elecUid tho President, and wo of tho
cluiiiKU orvonuo lo Montiwino. wlld-and-wooly know, and moro so
. In tho InvoHtlKi'tlou many oyo wit- uvpry day. thi tho West now holds
ncHHes Hitld thoJIret sliootlnit wiih ho-( h" huliinco of now'ur, and all wo want
Mini without wiiiiiIiii; or provocation Ii fair treatment. Wo demand It and
hy thoso Instdo the I. W. W. hull. I nro koIiik to flRht for it nnd ns u l'n
Sonia fluid the flriiiB hoRnn Trom thoi Hod West, and Koclamntlon Is what
hull nrter a tilnglo hhot from tho Av- wo want.
nlon hotol, opposite the hall. It Is Mp tlmo. that somo of thoso
At tho coronor's Imiiiost DivKronk.
lllcltfoul, Contralla physlrlan and for
mer hui'vIco man who wiih marcliliiK
In the parade testified that tho shoot
liiB' hoRnn only after tho nmrchers
Htartcd to riiRh the hall.
tl !... 1.1 .. u.. I I .1 .nilit In It II If Ik 1 tltllll
ii v v i'j vtii I'ltri. mini in uu iiviju,
nn I. W. W. nreaulMir and tho ulayor ft-w 'other puny appropriations will
of Hiihlmrd,,'wiH spliltod fiom tho not sntlfy tho West. All of that end
Jail In tho nli;ht following tho Hhoot-jod with tho ynr. '
inir. Uio electric lights of tho town Wo huvo patiently waited for tho
IiuvIdk hnen cut off. Ilo wan taken (
hy n inoli to. a hrldRo over tlio Che
hulls rlvor whole ho was IimiRod.
Several servlco men who woo
wounded hy shots hnvo completely
rocovorod:- '
Twenty-rour men, roiinilod up ut
ter the shnotliiR, wore, charged with
criminal activities hut snvornl of
thoso huvo sluco boon released.
.$.-)(()( HIM I IT HALM IS
AWAitinoo i.ocaIi
SHATTLIO, Wash., .Inn. 20. Mur
Rarot Purcell of Klnmnth Palls, Or.,
llbtenod BoiloiiHly to the wooing of T.
II. ninlr', of'Seattlo previous to April
IS, 101S, and then Ulalr wont awny
for a whilo.' Miss Purcoll nvowod In
cou'rt that she lonrnod ho was unnlilo
to fulfill Ills ongiiBoment of marrlaRO
with hor hoiyutso ho already had ,n
vlfo. It was pn Api'll 18, 1918, thn,t
thp, two toenmo engaged, Miss Pur
roll 'f old tho court. ' She was suing
for $10,000 for l'roach pt promise
Numerous lottorB nnd a gold on
RnRemont ring woro produced In
court ns ivldonco in tho case, .ludgo
W. A. Ileynolds of. Pacific coifnty
hoard tho case Tho Jury brought In
n vordlct awarding Miss Purcoll $fi,
000. Illnir said ho did not havo ?C,.
000 and did not know whoro ho could
got that mbch. ,
Judge F. N .CalkliiH of Modfnrd
opniiud court hero this morning to
hoar iicvoral owes In which Jtidgo
Kiiykondull Ih illH'iuallllud,
Tlio llrHt ncllon Hot for trial Ih tlio
oiiiii) or llnllur against Hopkins, In
wlilrli tlio Ikhiio la iiiiiIIcIoiih prone
(iitlon, AttoruoyH In tlio courthouse llllgn
llon expect noun) tingles of this mnt
tor to ho hoard at thin session of tlio
court. A hoarlui; on domurror Ih
scheduled and It Ih pohhIIiIo thai tlio
'court may try tlio ontlro nialtur at
t It Ik 1 1 mo. At ImiHt It Ih expected that
It will ho dullnltuly not down for
hearing, ovom If a later dato for tlio
trial Ih llxod.
Holnw Ih uii uddross hy Fred It.
Ittod. of Pocatollo, Idaho, cxocutlvo
Kociotury of tlio Idaho Iteclamatlon
iiHhoclatlou, which touclioB closely tho
sltiiuUoii that Klamath county, In
comiiion with all western' projects Is
up iiKiiliiHt. Tho addresii was kIvoii
liefoio thn recent orRiinlzatlon of tho
WoHtoru Irrigation nsKoclatlon nt
Salt I.ako, the flrnt 1I; Btep In orKn
iilzutlon for the flRht that Itoed nd
ocates, iih follews:
Let the Wvst ori;nnl7.o nnd flKht,
not with hoinliH nnd rlotn, hut with a
ritod prlnclplo that pur ran bo I.i Just
mid rii;ht and reclamation wo are
i;oliiH to hnvo.
Tlio West Ih liooidnd with tho Mow
er of tho land oiiHt of tho HocklcH.
Wu are a liruvoi wholosomo peoilo on
t;iiK(id In hulldlnc up a Kronl commbu
wealth wost'of tho HocklcH.
Wo of tho West nro not aHklnc Tor
oharUy or douatloiiH; wo want the
I'nltel StnteH Government to loan us
on kooiI hccurlty monoy enouch to
reclaim our arid, HW.'iinp, nnd cut
over lauilH or tho West.
' Wo nro eenorous, law-abhllnR poo-
pie, hut wo nro not koIiik to permit
no poiiticul acroDats of any party to
ensturn' nnd soutliorn "Lords of Poll
tics" were proporly Introduced to the
leal West, nnd cducntcd to tho fact
tlitit west of tho Hockios .n real com
mouwonlth Is in tho tanking, nnd that
a llttln sop In tho shape of n'fow pub
lic huildiiiKS, somo hlRhwnys, nnd n
West's share of consreasionul npprop
rlatlons for dovolopmont purposes,
nnd wo nro, going to orgnnlzo and do
nuind our rights. Itoturne'd soldiers
and sailors will soon tiro of tho dilly
dallying promises nnd hot air
being Meddlcd to them, nnd when
thoy make tholr powor folt wo will bo
pioporly Introduced and tho West
will b6 reclaimed.
Honorahlo Franklin K. Lnno, So
crotary of tho Interior, nnd ono of thn
brainiest mon wo hnvo hnd. In hlglr
position.') In public life for many
yoars, Is working dny'nnd night for
Koclamntlon. Tho citizens of tho West
and roturnod soldlors nnd snllois will
jsoon nsk tho questien: "Why Is ho
unniporod by Congress in tlio RVont
hiimuno work ho Is nttomptlng to do,
which Is nlso nafo business proposi
tion!" Tho constructive dovolopmont of
tho West Is n bigger luopositlrm,
morb beneficial to humnnMy, moro
Important to tho United Stnt'os than
nny political party with Its hrokon
promises and clip-trap Juggllngs. A
long suffering people tro, thnnk Hod,
Pt Inst wnklnR up, and tho signal
firca of bettor conditions fir human
M nro to bo sem In tho Itoeky Moun
tain roglon awl Hclnmatlon Is oar
It is rldlculon", unfair nnd mon
f.tro"us thnt thor) should be nny quib
blli'.g over a. flo hundred million
IB 10 BIEOj SEi delegate;
Tlio nonrost relatives of men who
died during tlio World War nro ro
qucBled to send tlio full'nntno of tlio
BoldlorB, sailors, or marlnos making
tlio supremo Hiicrldro to tlio Hccrotnry
of Klamath Pout, No. 8, American
yuKlon, uh Hoon iih posulhlo, In order
that tlio men may ho rcmemhorod In
tho prcHontnllon of memorial cortl
flcatos of tho Kronch Kovornmont.
PrcHcntallon' ccromonlcB will ho
hold hy local pimts of tho American
heglon on Foiiruary a, i-jhi,
WaHhlngtou'H birthday.
With tho names of tho men who
dlod should go tho names and ad
dresses of tho next-of-kin and tho
prolinblo 0plnco whero thoy can ho
renchad on February 22.
Amonu tho Klamath county men
who nindo tho supremo Bacriflco woro
Howard IIorrh, Van Kllon Cornish,
and Ilny Peters. IlclatlvuB or friends
of there men Bhoiild scnif whntevor
Inrormntlou they possess aa to tho
n'extof-kln to tho secretary of Klam
ath Post nt onto. Thero nro othor
soldiers, whoso names nro not re
culled, imrhuiis somo who nro un
known to tho local post, who died for
liborty. Anyone having Information
about uny soldier who luld down his
Ilfo In tho Bcrvlco of his country
should scud tho Information to tho
sccrotary of tho local post Imme
diately, bo that tho presentation of
momnjlnls can bo mudo on Febru
ary 22.
Heavy siiowb and sovoro cold
woathor in the Pacific Northwest and
tho Interior sections of this district
havo brought livestock off tlio ran
ges and forced earlier winter feeding
Hum usual, requiring lusnvy pur
chases of food, at exceptionally high
prices, nccording to n statement Is
sued through tho Associated Press hy
headquarters for tho Twelfth Federal
reserve district.
It Is anticipated, however, that tho
snowfall will result in satisfactory
ran So condition In tho Into spring nnd
imrlv mi miner. Winter wheat was
practically undamaged hy tho coldj
and tho heavy snows will greatly ln,..
crensoa tho moisture content of the
bpII, thereby Improving tho prospecta
foi lnrgo per acre yields during 1920,
Fruit trees in Oregon, particularly
poach and pear trcos, havo .suffered
from freezing. Tho oxnet amount of
damage, howovor, will not .bo ascer
tainable for somo tlmo. In. California,
barloy is sprouting vory stowly and
lack of rain Is causing Bomo anxiety
concerning prospects for 1020 crops.
Tho major portion of tho Washing
ton commercial applo crop of 19,320,
000 boxes, wlilrli compares with' a
'191S crop of 12,888,000 boxes, is out
of tho hands of tho growors, paving
"bton mijrkotcd at rocord prices. Tho
denlors are now suffciing a loss ro
portod nt approximately ?750 por car
through tho iccont drop In prices nnd
tlio Jioavy 'losses duo to frcezhiR of
fruit in common storngo and In tran
sit. dollar appropriation for Reclamation
when, without bnttlng'nn oc Con
gross npproprin.tes largor amounts
for purposes of far loss importance
tc tho people A closo scrutiny cf tho
Rlvors nnd Harbors appropriation
ovory year has omitted a porky oftu
vla. Tho tlmo to net Is right now. Wo of
tho West hnvo boon tho victims of
too much political pussy-footing Wo
havo llstonod to tho cooing of tho po
litical siren too long. Wo'vo been
drugged with too many political nar
cotlcs. All of that woro our yostor-
days, but our today is difforont. WolW, Houston
want a snunro doal and want Con -
gross to roclnlm our West.
Lot us thoroughly orgunizo Idaho
by nil Joining tho Idaho Reclamation
Association, nnd all othor Wostorn
Stntes each organlzo, nnd then organ
ize nn Association of Westorn Stntes.
nil on sound business principles. Wo
will then havo six million of peoplo
nt our" back. Then approach our Un
do Snm with n. boiled-down business
proposition to loan us. tho monoy to
loclaiin, our Wpst and w,o will not
knock In valri.
WASHINGTON, Jan. 20. After a
conforeme with the 'secretary of tho
Interior relative to tho Icnslng of tho
marsh lands In upper Klamath Inko'
to I)oak & Drown, San Francisco con-'
tractorB, Senator Chamberlain nnd
Iteproscntatlvo Slnnott telegraphed toj
tho American U-glon yost at KIam -
nth Fn1ln requesting that tho postj
send a personal representative here.
A roproKotitntivo of Doak & Hrown
attended the hearing and said tho
, fr1 tt()1(, C01B,,Icr !lcccI)tnB cash
compenhatlon for diking the public
lands on upper Klamath lake In liou
of tlfe leasing plan whereby tho lnnd
would bo used for SO jcars In pay
ment for tho work.
Ho said however, that tlio firm
would resorvo tho right to cancel Its
contract any tlmo within six months.
J. II rnrnahnn, commander of tho
local legion post, stated today that
tho, telegram from Washington had Francisco in eight days'was Inaugur
bcon recolvod, but It was not feasible latcd. Today plans are being mado to
for n member of tlio po3t to bo pros'
out at tli3 hearing as the post has
been under great expense In fighting
the lenses so far and tho c-jit of send
ing a delegate would outweigh the
benefit that might be derived. Percy
A. Cupper, state engineer is on tho
ground and represents tho Legion's
attitude, ns also are memters of the.
Legion's nntlonal legislative commit-1
too which has hendquartors In wash-,
Emirs np.
Two postponed contests In Iho Klks
tournament. sclicdtilo woro rolled off
yestordny, tho Novcrslips taking
thrco straight from tho Sawdust Club
In ono, nnd tho Hookies two out of
thrco from tho Huffs in tho other.
Quito a chango Is mado in tho club
htanding by the first match, Ackloy's
Sawdust Club no longer holding a
porfect rocord, while tho Neverslips
omorgo from ' a cellar position to
sharo second placo'wlth tlio Rookies.
W. O. Smith is still high with an
individual avorago of 195 S-9 for
ino games; Laenik ranking a colso
ticcond with 190 1-3, and Van Bellen
third wlfti 1SI! or a liko number.
Tho score fo"r tho two games yes
terday follews: '
Xcvcrllps -
i ui
, 1st 2nd 3rd Total
Van Bollon .... 195 1CS 1G7 530
Rogers 192 1G3 1S0
Hardonbroolc. 1G3 1S4 221 SOS
Mason 170. 17.4 3 53503
72C CS9 721
Nool howled third framo for Rog
ors. t
Averages: Van Bollon, 17G 2-3;
Hnrdonbrook 1S9 1-3; Mason, 107-2-3,
Saw dost
Ackloy 197 172 177 51 G
Lonnox, 12S 14S 1G0 43G
UoLap 113 147 15S 448
Ambroso 133 1S1 183497
, G01 GIS C7S
Avorages: Ackloy, 1S2; Lonnov
14C 1-3; UoLap 149 1-3; Ambroso
1G5 2-3.
Hookies '
Hnydon ....'....'.. 179 1S4 1S5 34S
Carter 150 144 1G9 4G9
Jnfforson ........ 158 175 119 4S2
Upp 15S 18G 1,74 51S
'G51 GS9
Avorages: Haydon 182
15G 1-3; Jorforson, 1G0
172 2-3.
L. Houston 153,150
Mooro 1SS 137
-3; Cartor
2-3; ' Upp
100 4G3
10S 4G4
1.&3 514
20G 150
15S 173
705 G10 G2S
Averages; L. Houston 154 1-3;
Mooro 1G7 1-3; ,'Vr Houston 154 2-3;
Smith 171 '1-3.
Standing of tho' Clubs.
Won Lost
Sawdust 5.3 G25
Rooklos ...' 5 4 555
Novorslipa G 4 555
Uuffa 5. 4 G55
Spark Plugs 4 5 444
Ducks 3 G 333
Tho rabbit drivo hold In Poo Val
ley yestordny on tho Stewart ranch
was tho most successful of any drivo
yet IIiIh ne.ifion. Seven hundred rah-
blts were killed during this drivo. A
mui drive Mas mado Thursday into
t. 8.imc pt,ns which resulttd In
killing about thrco hundred rabbits,
Another big drive will bo' held In tho
i00 valley district next Sunday,
February 1 Tho people will meet at
tll0 Homer Roberts ranch, near tho
upper Vqo valley school house,
(G0 ycar ago tho pony express which
. carried letters from St. Louis to San
establish a transcontinental airplane
mail servlco, and trail-blazing flights
have been made aa far west as Oma
ha. It was a great achievement when
the pony express was started to car
ry the mail to tho young but bust
ling state of California In 1800. Its
inauguration was preceded by tho
publication in a St. Louis paper In
March, of that year, of tho following
"To San Francisco In eight days.
The first carrier of tho Pony Express
will leave the Missouri river on Tues
day, April 3 and will run regularly
weekly thereafter, carrying letter
mall only. Telegraph mail eight day's,
letters ten days to San Francisco.,'
Tho population of San, .Francisco
and other California towns eagerly
welcomed this 'scrvlceThringlng'Uicm
into touch as it did with tho states
from which tho gold hunters and oth
er fortune seeker's had migrated.
Ten riders going each way, with
changed horses every twenty-flvo
miles, brought the pouches of mall
across tho thousand mile wilderness,
Tho pony express, with Its fast rid-
ors, among them "Buffalo Bill" (Col-
onol William F. Cody,) then a young
man, was one of tho most .romantic
features of tho great western country.
Wany were tho adventures these dar
ing ri'dors had. They averaged seven-ty-flvo
miles a day, but often covered
double that distance. "Buffalo .Bill"
onco mado a rldo of 384 miles when
thd messenger who was waiting was
hilled. Often chased hy Indians or
''snipped" by outlaws, the, pony ox
press rldors were exposed to death
at all times, and they braved rain
nnd snow storm, as part of an every
day duty. .
Ono of tjio memorable achieve
ments of tho pony express was the de
livery of Lincoln's inaugural address
in 1SG1, when all tho western coun
try was waiting for tho momentous
news, from tho Capital. The address
was hurried to St. Joseph, Mo., tho
"taking off place" of tho pony ex
press. Wrapped In oil skin nnd put in
saddlo bags tho nddress was started
on its way amid wild cheor's. Fresh
horses waited at overy ton miles, and
tho final ten miles beforo roaching
San Francisco was mado in 31 min
utes, Tho message was enrried by tho
riders n total or 1,950 miles in 1S5
hours, an average of a little moro
thnn ton milts an hour. That was
wonderful in thoso days.
Local ban'c tlcurlngs 'cr-the week
ending January 24, 1920 woro $282.
424.14, according to tho local clear
ing l;ouso statement, against $171,
3G8.57 for tho 'same porlod In 1 310.
OREGON Rain or snow and cold
'or; modcrato northerly winds.
Two carloads of Paige cars hnvo
been received by tho- Imporial gar
ngo and nro being unloaded today.
PORTLAND, Jan. 2G. Thc convic
tion and throo-yonr1 sentence of Marie
13qul for violation of tho ot lounge
net by a sneoch at a Portland I. AV. W.
mooting will stand. Tho supreme
court todny refusod to review tho
V wi(J M4.WhJU
WASHINGTON, Jan. 2G. A resp
lution carrying an appropriation of
$500,000 for flghling tho Influenza
was adopted by tho senate today.
CHICAGO, Jan. 2G. Today'B In
fluenza toll was tho highest eo far,
with 250 deaths, but tho number of
new cases decreased. Officials bo
licvo tho epidemic Is waning.
PORTLAND, Jan. 26. A woman
died hero today from influenza, the
first death so far reported. There
are 14 cases here.
While there arc rumors thnt a fow
mild cases of influenza havo devel
oped in Klamath Falls, Dr. A. A.
Soulc, city health officer, stated this
afternoon that ho had not received
a report of a single case within the
city limits. He said that he had
heard of a case in a family, named
Cunningham, in the neighborhood ot
the Lost River gap.
Harry Scribner, said to be an ex
bartender from Dorrls, who has been
living hero for the last few months, is
in the hospital with a partly severed
wrist and badly lacerated scalp, and
J. W. Moorman Is in Jail awaiting
hearing on a charge of assault 'with a
dangerous weapon with Intent to
kill, as tho result of another hot
blooded attempt to solve the age-old.
equation the eternal triangle of two
men and a woman-Mast evening. The
third figure'in the equation la Moor
man's wife, proprietress of theMoor
man rooming-house at Eighth aad
Main strects.and the daneeroaa wea-
rrTniThwTl?5Wc3rmi -,
force a solution of his domestic prob
lem was an ordinary handsaw.
Moorman's story to the police Is
that he found Scribner and Hn.
Moorman in an affectionate embrace
and, blinded with rage, seized the
first weapon that came handy and at
tacked the man he believed was at
tempting to wreck his home. Scrib
ner retreated before the attack of the
enraged husband, receiving some sev
ere scalp wounds in his flight. He
tumbled down the rooming house
stairs into the street with Moorman
in pursuit. Finally he fell, exhausted
from loss of blood, on tho sidewalk
opposite the rooming house, with a
gaping wound in the wriBt, which
severed cords and arteries. A crowd'
quickly surrounded the spot and the
police'came to the rescue of Scribner.
A tourniquet was bound around his
wrist and he was taken to the hospi
tal, while the officers took Moorman
into custody.
Reports frojp tho hospital today
said that ScrTfbner's condition was
not dangerousTand he will recover in
a few days.
The seat sale for the Ruth St.
Denis concert took a brisk spurt
Saturday night. There are' a few
good seats loft and these are on sale
at Earl Shepherd's music store, but
in view of Saturday's sales it seems
likely that tho house will be entirely
sold out. before Thursday night, the
ovoning of tho concert. .
Miss St. Denis, with her company
of nino dancers, besides Ellis Rhodes,
dramatic tenor, and Pauline Law
rence, pianist, will arrive Wednes
day night. Tho company carries Us
own electrician to provide the proper
lighting effects for tho dancers.
Klamath Falls is probably the only
ono of tho smaller cities of Oregon
to sccuro a St. Donls engagement,'
and whon tho handicap of distance
from tho main lino is considered, in
nddltlon to'tlw other obstacles which
tho Ladies' Musical club overcame in
securing the performance, it adds
bistro to tho triumph of their achlov
ment. J,g(jj
The machinists and auto me
chanics of Klamath Falls have or
ganized a union and expect to re
coivo tholr charter Thursday qight,
at which tlmo ejection of officers will
bo held.