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Fourteenth Year No. 3820
Price, Five Cents
''' I Mil II II ! I I 3
T Ml
DrMtlc Amendment to the American
Constitution, Forbidding Manufac
ture or Hale of Liquor, WIllTio
Law One Minute After Midnight.
Constitutional prohibition, ef
fective at midnight tonight, and
tie enforcement HlezlsUttoa en
acted by Congress, make the fol
lowing provisiens:
,Declaro unlawful the manufac
ture, sale of any beverage con
taining one-half otfone per cent
or more of alcohol.
Declare place wharo liquor la
old in violation of, law to be
common nuisance, abatablo as
such. x
Search and solzure powors given
prohibition enforcement officers,
oxcopt for tho search of prlvato
dwellings, unless used for tho un
lawful sale of Intoxicants or In
part as places of business.
Liquor aolzod to bo destroyed,
vohlclcs and othor proporty to bo
sold and proceeds paid Into United
States treasury.
Advertising of liquor by any
method prohibited.
Permit munufacturo at homo
Tor personal use of non-lntoxl-eating
ciders and fruit Juices.
"While "non-Intoxicating" Is not
dofliiod specifically, tho term "In
toxicating" Is construod by law to
moan ono-bnlf of one per cent or
"T'nioro of alcohol. ,
Pormlt manufacture of alco
holic liquors for sacramental and
medicinal usos, under restrictions.
Pormlt manufacture of alcohol
for industrial and scientific usos,
Pormlt possession of liquor in
' homo If purchased beforo prohibi
tion became effective
Physicians prohibited from pro
scribing liquor for patient unless
In good fait h thoy bcllcvo It will
afford rollot from ailment. Not
moro than ono pint can bo pro
scribed In any month for ono per
son. Completo records of sales, In
cluding names of persons obtain
ing liquors, required of manufac
turers und druggists.
Various penalties for violation
fixed, tho most severe bolng $2,000
flno and two yeurB' Imprisonment.
WASHINGTON, Jan. 10. Consti
tutional prohibition becomos effec
tive at midnight tonight.
From 12:01 a. m. tho "munufac
tuto, salo or transportation of In
toxicating liquors within, tho impor
tation thereof into, or tho exporta
tion thereof from tho Unltpd States
and all territory subject to tho Juris
diction thoreot for beverage pur
poses". Is prohibited by tho 18th
'amendment to tho constitution, and
tho Unitod States becomos tho first
nation of tho world to mako such a
provision part of its baste law. Con
gress has dotlned an intoxicating
liquor as any beverage containing
one-half of one per cent, or moro, of
Actually, the advent of constitu
tional prohibition will make little
dlfforenco In the dally 11 fo of the
people of this country, as they have
been living undor the nation-wldo
war-time ban on alcoholic drinks
since last July. There have been
eager h opes entertained by the
thlrstyfby distillers and by specula
tors holding large quantities of
whiskey for higher prices, that War
time prohibition would be lifted be
fore today, in accordance with the
recommendation of President Wilson
to Congress, but Congress refused to
do so and the arid spell now about
to begin undor authority otthe na
tion's constitution, '.which prohibi
tionists doclare will continue in effect
for all tlmo, inasmuch as It could bo
revoked only In tho samo manner, In
which it camo Into oxlstonce, will
permit no opportunity for tho replen
ishing of prlvato collars or tho un
loading of Investment etocksv There
aro two cases ponding In tho supremo
court, hawovor, njtacklng constltu-
LONDON, Jan, 10. Atton
tron )t tho British pooplo Is
flxud on tho'Nenr EaBt, whero
recent Rolshovlkl successes
havo carried tho "rod" Russian
armies almost to tho threshold
of India, Porsla, and Mesopo
tamia. Cabinet members and
chlofs of tho British army and
nary are today In Paris, whore
they wero summonod yesterday
and aro conferring with Lloyd
Oeorge on military and naval
matter In connection, it Is ho
llered, with conditions in south
western Asia.
A wireless dispatch, via
Basle, Switzerland, says that
Odessa, the chief Russian port
on the Black sea, has been
opened brCUe Bolshorlkl.
PARIS, Jan. 1C. At a Joint parlia
mentary caucus of tho. senate und
house of deputies, which today cast
a secret ballot for choice of nrosl-
dontlal candidates, tho vote resulted
In Paul Deschanol. president of tho
chamber of deputies receiving 408
and Georges Clomcnceau, French
premier, 389,
Sonatora and deputies aftor tho cau
cus, generally expressed tho opinion
that tho vote means tho elimination
from public llfo of tho "Fatjier of
Victory," Clemonceau bolng neither
senator or doputy.
-. , .
tlonal prohibition, ono by tho itato
of Rhode Island, tho other on be
half of tho Retail Liquor Dealers'
Association of New Jersey.
, Still Stock on Ham!
Thousands of gallons of whiskey
remain In bonded warehouses, with
no chanco to bo sold at prevailing
high prices. The liquor can bo taken
out only for medicinal and scientific
usos, with the bureau of Internal rev
enuo exerting oxtromo precautions to
seo that none of it is used In viola
tion of tho law. During tho last two
months many, owners of alcoholic
liquors, foreseeing no opportunity
for salo In this country, havo endea
vored to rush the surplus to other
countries. 'Lack of shipping space
provonted moro than a fraction be
ing exported. Cuba and the Bahamas
havo received most of what was sent
abroad. Thoro were 70,000,000 gal
lons on h5Hwhen;vvy-tiliUrphl-
umon wenio eM, W,unt
nrnnnni! la nnt lrtintim Itu 'In vli
" fW J M VV ItMUITUl MU1 ta, wuv-
ably lea sthan 20,000,'000 gallons.
Attocks on constitutional prohibi
tion, began In several states, appar
ently aro not viewed with alarm by
tho roform forces. After tho supreme
court upheld tho constitutionality of
war-tlmo prohibition and tho mea
sures to onforco it, Wnyno B.
Wheeler, general counsel of the
Anti-Saloon League of America, an
nounced that tho only question left
on which the wots could mako a fight
wob whether prohibition was a
proper subject for constitutional ac
tion and whethor the amendment
had been adopted legally. He con
tended there was no doubt on the
subject. New Jersey officials, who
searched state department records of
the ratification of the amendment,
announced they had found no varia
tions in language which would war
rant attacking it. ,
Enforcement of constitutional
prohibition was lodged iy Congress
with the bureau of internal revenue,
which for years has been in close
touch witl distilling and brewing
interests In the collection of excise
taxes and active in running down
"moonshiners.' ' Evidence collected
by the bureau will be used in prose
cutions by the department of Justice.
Enforcement Bureau
Commissioner Roper has estab
lished an entirely separate division
in tho bureau of internal revenue
for tho enforcement of prohibition,
headod by John F. Kramer, of Mans
field, Ohio, as prohibition commis-
F. M. Qarjch has purchased tho
stock, fixtures and good-will of the
Wlnnek company., in that sentence
Is told the story of tho rise In the
business circles ,of this city of two
men whose success has been such as
to be classed a phenomenal? The
announcement will come as, a sur
prise to the ffleads and patron of
both firms, and the news of the re
tirement of the W'nnek company,
which consisted only of Mr. and 'Mrs.
Wlnnek, will be received with no less
regret than will the success of Mr,
Oarlch tie welcomed br those who
know ,blra, Mr. and, Mrs. Wlnnek.
came to thin rlfv -from 'Prlnnrlllar
- . --- .-...
where they hd met with splendid
success In tho general merchandise
business, and bought the Ward and
Obonchaln grocery, Since that tlmo
they hare beet) Identified with every
thing that had for jts purpose the de
velopment of Klamath Falls and its
business Interests. The city can HI
afford to lose people of their enter
prise, and their decision to retire
oven it t 1b only temporary, Is a dis
tinct, loss to Klamath Falls.
Tho business career of IMr. Garich
has been meteoric. Filled with an
indomitable energy that brooked no
obstacles, ho has tackled Job's that'
many hard-headed business men said
would prove to bo a failure. As a
result of his progressive spirit,
Ninth -street tcday Is graced with
nlna splendidly built and perfectly
appointed homes. Theso ho has built
ono at a time and sold when there
was, no demand for houses. They
stand as an illustration of what a
man can do if he tries. When he
Dan Cupid, as usual, yf'is on
the Job In Klamath county ilur-
lng 1919 and made a g'ojwi
showing despite the fact that
nearly halt his work for the
year was undone by ttiedlv-
orce court.
The records show that in 12
! months 138 marriages were
performed In this county, and
teen of the divorce suits. were
performed la this county, and
during the year, but 42 ter
( minated In a court decree -dla-
solving, the matrimonial .bonds,1
lear;ri5 still pending. $
purchased Jho grocery now known
a3 tho GarIcij',grocery, next to the
postofflco, It was the general opinion
that ho had made a business blun
dor, but he put tho samo energy Into
that establishment that he put into
tho building of his houses, and the
result hair been one of the surprises
of the business circles of the city.
His buying of thq Wlnnek stock will
bo recognized, as a shrewd move, as
this stock Is one of the best bought
nnd cjoanest Jn the city. The loca
tion Is a splendid one und will bring
to it all of his old customers, as well
as hold all of tho natrons of tho
Wlnnek company, Associated with
him will he W. U, Foster, who has
been Identified' with the Garich gro
cery for some time.
jaey win take over tho bus ness
qn.$ie,2Gth of this month and he will
consolidate both stocks.
Jupt as soon as thoy get their af
fairs in shape to do so, Mr. and Mrs1.
Wlnnek will load their automobile
on tho train and go to southern Cali
fornia, where they will spend a few
weeks In enjoying a well-earned rest.
Mr. Wlnnek todayfeellngly express
ed his appreciation, of the splendid
troatmont both 'ho and Mrs. Wlnnek
huvo received slnco coming to Klam
ath Falls.
"Words fall us In expressing our
appreciation of, the cordial reception
always extended to us by the people
of Klamath Falls," saldrjlr. Wlnnek,
"and we want them to know It. Per
sonally and in a business way we
have enjoyed every minute of our
stay in this city. We haveno other
thought than making It our home,
and Just as sqpn as we get a little
vocation, we will return here and do
.what little wecau to help malcefjt
the great city I am. sure It Is going
to be,"
vCmCAOO, Jan. 16. Reginald i)e
Koven, American dramatic'lckgcer,
died here, early today from aBfexy.
The Robin Hood play is his most'not-
ed opera. 'SWSEL f
. , r , . asm
" z
The work of census enumeration
Will be practically completed in this
city tonight, It' was reported today,
by Wll Lee, who Is in charge of
the assistance extended to enumera
tors by the Business Mens association
but la order to pick up stragglers;
who may hare been missed by, the
numerator" in the two week's cam"-
pafgfl, arrangements hare been made
by the Business- Men's association; to
accept Information . from, 'anyed
knowing 'they-tare-notvur-
ated qt the' office of the California
Oregon Power company or' the First
National Bsnkf ' '
As far as families are concerned It
ti believed. that the census Is practi
cally complete, but there are some
persons living alone .and away at
work during the day, roomers outside
of the reguldr hotels and rooming
housef, and floating laborers, who
have not been reached. The total of
these persons Is hard to estimate, but
doubtless It would make a consider
able difference in the census figures.
Any one knowing that he, or she,
has. not been enumerated may 'still
rectify the oversight by calling up
or seeing Leslie Rogers at the First
National Bank or the California-Ore-gan
Power cdrapany's office.
V. F, KayAi secretary of the Cen
tral Labor council, stated this morn
ing, that a canvass among foreign
laborers of the city reveals a large
number who have been missed In the
census. Kay stated that the member
ship lists of the unions contain the
names, of many of these persons and
salclJie would be glad to check them
over Tvlth 'theenumerators to ascer
tain those whollad missed the enum
erator. ,
A campaign, to raise funds among
the Italian cqpny for relief of San
Francisco families of, fisherman lost
in the storm outside the Golden Gate
heads recently', showed that many
Italians had not been reached by
tho enumerators, says Kay. Through
the Italian, committee in charge of
the relief subscription, propaganda
In" favor of the census was spread
nnd perhaps, some of the recalcit
rants, who for -want of information
confused the census with the selec-
Mt'A .l-oft ft InmmA Inr mtoatlnn-
nalre. have since been enumerated.'MARINES BATTLE
but the fact' apparently remains that
ther.e are still gaps, and-large ones,
n a complete enrollment of tho city's
population. a
In the country districts the census
does not. close , until the end of tho
month, as enumerators are compelled
to tsecuijfe a mass of agricultural
statistics in addition to the popula
tlon figures and many of tho farms
they must visit to get the Informa
tion are in remote sections.
during the same time 7 0 divorce State LegUlatare Completely Viadl-
actions were commenced'.'Thlr- ! .,. . . . .
Klamath County Loaen Notbese
la Settlemeatt of Fight.
SALEM, Jan. 16. The governor;
today signed the Norblad-Hadley-Bean
fish and game commission MIL
PARIS, Jan. 16. Representatives-
of France, Britain, Italy, Greece,
Spain, Japan and Brazil, UvU 6f
the council of the League of Nations,
met in the "clock room" of the
French foreign office this morning
for the first meeting in the history
of the league.
The council organized by electing:
Britain-, 'as general secretary. Bour
geois, in the opening speech, express
ed regret that Prelsdent Wilson was
"The greatest fight In the history
of the legislature of Oregon ended.
last night with -flie complete rtadl-j.
cation of the state fish and gaaw'
commission. Klamath county gets '.'
member and-will lose nothing." -
This brief telegram to the Herald
from C. F. Stone, resident member ot
the state fish and game commission,
who has been at Salem during the
week In connection with the Investi
gation and legislative change ot the
state fish and game control system,
tells the tale of the overthrow of tho
plans of a small coterie of disgrunt
led Portland "sportsmen," to oust the
members of the old commission un
ceremoniously and create a new
commission (hat would do more sub
servient to their wishes.
It means that while the people ot
'Oregon convinced that newer, needs
In regulation of soortlne and com
mercial .fishing necessitate that the
perosnnel of the commission should
be larger, and dlvldent Into depart
ments to take care ot both the re
creational and commercial branches
of fishing, are satisfied with the
work accomplished by the men who
composed the commission in the pasi.-
Leon Bourgeois, chairman, and con
firminB-Sl?rTcrummond,'of-Great44uiufiana-that the' stand of' the
T.1. ' t . n I -- .-x-..,w,. . -.. ,.n.
commission in refusing to truckle to
Governor Olcott, in Ihe matter of, re-,
instating William Finley as state
unable to take the place of presiding, biologist, after it had, with "the cob
member of the council.
The first formal protest to be filed
with the league was received almost
before It came Into being with to
day's Initial session. It was presented
by tho envoy of the elected govern
ment of the Irish Republic "against
sent and acquiescence of t has. gover
nor, discharged him f rom ''thatrpoat-
tion has been ratified by the major
ity ot people of the state through.,
their representatives at Salem.
And It means that the work that
has been done In Klamath county fa.
the unreal slmulance by England' of the matter of protection and propa
interest in an international league of
Telegraph Tabloids
ESSEN, Germany, Jan. 16. Sev
eral persons havo been killed und
rnny "wounded In disturbances at
Dulsberg and other towns of the in
dustrial district, where 219,000 min
ers are1 striking.
PARIS, Jan. 16. Reports that the
French naval forces at Toulon have
mutinied and have not been confirm
ed. Nothing ot the alleged disorders
are known at Mersellles.
WASHINGTON, Jan. 16. United
States marines and Haitien gend-
prmes yesterday repelled an attack
on Port au Prince by u force o 30(J
bandits, more than half ot whom
were killed, wounded or capturedt?jf
ter beine pursued outside the"clty,
The total marine casualties, was
two privates wounded, accordlhff.'fto
a report of the engagement received
by the navy department today.
' v
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The special 'meetings which are
being held at tine Methodist church
aro proving yery successful and the
church Is fjllod , to capacity each
evening. Mr. Johnston's singing Is
delighting all wb,o are privileged to
hoar him Vnfl Dr. vDanford is a very
forceful spoaker. Tho meetings will
continue ano'thor week and tho mem
bers ot the church aro doing their
best to mnke everyone feel at homo
and welcome.
BERLIN. Jan. 16. Attempts of
radical labor leaders to provoke a
general strike yesterday, as a pro
test against shooting memoery oi
the mob which I'jltormed the relchstag
"'.V..1. U.x.j
DUllatng '4'uesMy, nave laueu ui
pletely. ' ','
PARIS, Jani 16. Premier Clem
enceau to'da'y announced that he
would wlthdrayr is a condldate for
president ot thp, French Republic. He
asked his supporters to vots for Pre
sident PoIncare,',for a second term.
The lockout 'declared by the em
ployers at Barcelona, Spain, threw
200,000 persons, out ot employment,
caustng a dally 'loss ot wages of
about $3,000,00,
" fr
According to a telegram
today by J. H. Carnahan. co
er of Klamath post, AmerlcanLe
gion, the senate Joint memorial' to
Congress urging the passage, ojj'jthf
oinnon nut restoring xu.uuu -acres
ot marsh lands on the Upper. Klam
ath Lake to homestead entry,' with
preferential rights to ex-service men.
woa adopted by the state senate be
tore recess last night. The housSthad
earlier adopted ithe.mempriaU-?''f fj
The Episcopal Guild ha, about
completed plans for the blgmasque
halt to be' given this evening aty the
White Pelican hotel and a largeVat
t en dance Is expected. Thole twhd
were fortunate enough to.recol in
vitations aro planning; $n a 4eIJgt,-
lut evening, nnd it Is expectearthat
the fund will be greatly ncroased for
tho new church which it is, hoped
wU bo built soon. "
London's famous police statlon'nt
Scotland Yard has accommodation
gation of fish and game during he
last few years will not be undone,
for Klamath county will have a cora
mlssloner on the ground as should
be the case, for Klamath county last
year produced .four-fifths of the trout
eggs used in re-stocking state
streams, and sold more sportsmen's
Jlcerses than any other county, ex
cept Multnomah.
SALEM, Jan. 16. Legislation,
following out the program ot the '
state industrial accident commission.
given by the governor as the primary
reason for calling a special session
ot the legislature, was passed by the
senate last night in the form ot threo
One bill provides a flat Increase oft
30 per cent in.all compensation bene-,
ffts; one creates a rehabilitation,
fund, and the third merely returns
to the Industrial accident fund $400,
000 set aside by the last legislature
tor the construction of-a 'hospital.
i i' a
TOKIO, Jan. 16. The Japanese,
government, according to newaW
papers, sent Instructions Wednesday
evening to YiTKlchi Obta, minister t
China, to ,notlfy the Peking gororslC
ment that Japan had succeeded H
aerWanyiuJlghWjaftKa province,
Shantung, by virtue of "the peace
treaty of Versailles signed January
10. and was ready at, any time ta
negotiate for their return lo China.
A single grain-ogoldj-after. havi
toon converted . intn i,nu i'
cover 4G kniinra'tnoKA ".?"' Mr d
-. . . .,..M.a
1 1: m
for threo thousand policemen "
S 1 " 1J
. - -