The Evening herald. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1906-1942, October 20, 1919, Page PAGE THREE, Image 3

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    rmAY, 00 ?0' i0i
Goodrich Tires and Tubes
National Auto Accessory Gomj
Next to Postoffice
Of 1
Phone l?l
nP SALE Real Estate
n-9 room modorn house,
tfw frUU '"""iH0'1
Tait r I uuvo a fow choice ros-
' WJV. tott A few cholco Bi.mll
donco oi. "... ntl I1)1V .,.,.
ir'u' wuh ic- nio"
JjQJ jnui" '
rTliL u Modorn 7 room homo
F0 i ta-2 lota Hocond Hot
lorlnii. u """.: -- i7.r.
ijjj WOll HI., uwhu..
FOR SALE -Miscellaneous
!bIo Al Milk cows nil of
'I t comlnc fresh hooii , 3 dozon
' fken. nnd 18 turkeys, will bIbo
eb 3 or "horses cl.oap. Sou Hob
"Jl u mile west of Mlllor Mill
eru, w """ is-3t
an flALB 3 In. form wagon and
Fw bum tonBUo with doublo
,. tnd yoke. John N. Bclinlti
Klamath FoUb. 180t
wR8ALB Or will trade for Indian
Und tbo Klamath Marsh; one
tnumwar. six cylinder touring
fir CTlmdore have boon ground und
Swlutom. now top. also 2 now
tord Urea nnd ono extra tiro. Ilox
A. D. C Horald 8tt
ron BALE 10 sows, 1 boar,
..ner oln. Poland Chi
boar, 30
Lower Lake. E. M. Hoppo,
FOR BALE Chovrolot 490, good
condition 400.. Central Onrago.
OBED AUTOS Saxon "Six" and
Dttlck "Four", for sale. Hoagland
McCollum 8-tf
FOR SALE A Chovrolot, a Ford.
Maxwell and an Onkland. Inqulro
A. C. Henllno, 327 .Main fi-tt
call the Klamath County High
School phone 350. Girls for typing
copying and filing ; also gonornl
homework, caring for children etc.
Bojw for clerking, mosBongor aervlco,
chore), etc. Special attention la giv
en to this Borvlco by tho school
authorities and nn effort Is to bo
made to mnko ofllclont, convenient
and profitable both to tho student
and to tboBQ requiring tholr sorvices.
WANTED Qlrl for gonornl houso-
work and cooking Mrs. O. Q. Lab-
aree, Bly, Orogon, 1-tt
WANTED Woman for gonornl
houie-ork for small family, mid
dle afod woman proferrod. Perma
nent work. Apply County Agricul
tural offlco. 18-Ct
WANTED Middle aged womnn na
housekeeper In small family for
two or threo months. Work light
Wages good Herald offlco C-tf
WANTED Ambitious Americana to
prepare tor good salarlod office
positions. Individual Jnatructlon.
Two free scholarships among' first
enrollments. Register now, bogln
anytime. Medford Dusinoss College
Bpoclal communication
Klamath Lodgo No. 77, A.
P. & A. M., Monday ovonlng,
Oct. 20, at 7:30. Work In
the E. A. Dogroo. Visitors
Dy order of
W. M.
Phone 480
' Ice Cream
729 Main St.
'ack Monrow, Prop.
r. Tobacco, Soft Drlnk.l
Peel and Billiards
Barber Shop in oCnnection
film Mnnvivt
"Courtesy and Service"
WANTED TO HUNT -Furiilsho.1 or
partly furnished Iioiiho or apart
ment Oct. 17th. Addrois .1 W M.
l'rnd olllcu t(-:it
FOIl IlKNT FiirnlHhod rooms. In-
iiulro after (i o'clock. 023 Jeffor-
oon St., between Glh nnd 7th 10-Ut
VOll I.i:ASl To losponslble parties
that have equipment and cash to
llimnco themselves, a dcnlrnlHo ranch
Adross M K. 0. Horald nlllin 8-tf
jfcJfci lm)lmlmt tmmgmmmmy
LOST In marsh above Aironev I.nkii
ono curly-haired brown Chesa
peake dog; nnmo on collur. Notify
Dr. F. Wentorllold. lfi-3t
WANTED Clean rags, will pay r.
cents u pound for them. Central
Onrngo. jc-Ot
WANTi:i) To rent Dodge machine
(without driver) for Sunday. In
qulro Hector, Tho Hornld lC-2t
WANTED Would like to hear from
somo one, proforably In tho Mer
rill country or near Klamnth Falls,
who has a good feed yard and first
class alfuira huy to food 400 or C00
2-year-old steers for February or
March, on percentage basis. J. P.
McAullffo, Ft .KMmuth 11-tf
CITY OAItHAOE When you wnnt
Carbngo romovod phono 91. 11-tf
World's Greatest Phrenologist,
Palmist and Medium
Itoads your ontlro life past, pros
ont nnd future correctly, giving
names, dutes and llgures in business,
lovo, law, marriage and domestic
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best adapted for and what to do to
bettor your conditions In life. This
lady reads your hand as youv would
an open book. A reading by her
will moot your hlghost expectations,
nnd you will bo wiser nnd happier
after consulting her, sho having tho
gift of removing nil evil Influences
and placing you In an environment
of hrppy thought and contentment.
Ilcndlngs: Sunday and dally, 9 n. m.
to 9:30 p. m. Room fi, Swanson
Hldg., over gun store, Main St. be
tween Cth nnd 7th, opp. Westorn
Union, Klnmnth Falls, Oregon.
PHOND PEYTON for Wood. 112R.
Approving tho Plans, Specifications
ana lsstimaios proparou uy wiu
City Engineer nnd filed with the
Pollco Judgo for tho construction
of tho Fifth Unit of Sowers for
tho City of Klamath Falls, Oro
gon, Including septic tank nnd
outfnll sowor ns shown in said
Plnns, Specifications nnd Esti
matcs; determining tho bounda
ries within which tho proporty
lies that Is to bo specifically ben
efited and to bo assessed for ono
half of tho cost of such Fifth
Sowor Unit after eliminating
therefrom tho cost of tho soptic
tnnk and "outfall" sower run
ning from tho intersection of
Owens nnd Shasta Streets west
erly to Lake Ewauna, as shown
upon said Plans, Specifications
nnd Estlmntes; charging the cost
of said soptic tank, outfall sow
er, right of wny for outfnll sow
or nnd soptic tnnk, nnd ono-hnlf
of tho cost of remainder of said
Fifth Sowor Unit against tho City
of Klamnth Falls and tho re
mainder thorcof against tho real
proporty specifically benefited by
said sowor unit, and ordoring
tho publication of this Resolu Reselu Resolu
teon: Tho City Englnoor, pursunnt to
resolution of tho Common Council
heretofore ndoptod, having on tho
Oth dny of Octobor, 1919, filed plans,
specifications and estimates of tho
cost of milking tlnd Installing tho
Fifth Sowor Unit of Klamnth Falls,
nrnnnn iii pi ml In ir ii concrete sontlc
tnnk 85 foot long by 10 feet wide
by 11 foot deep, to uo locniea ui
intersection of southerly limits of
Klamnth Falls and tho oastern shoro
of Lake Ewnuna, n'ul an outfall sow
er running .from tho Intorsoctlon of
Owens nnd Shasta Streots wostorly
to Lake Ewaunn, nnd tho Common
Council having takon tho samo un
der advlsdmont, nnd finding said
plans, 8pociflcatlons and estimates
satisfactery: . ,
Bald plans, specifications and esti
mates for tho mak'ing nnd Installa
tion of said Fifth Sewer Unit, in
cluding said soptic tank, outfnll
sowor nnd rights of way for said sep
tic tank and outfall sowor bo, nnd
the samo horoby nro .npproved, nnd
that tho Common Council horoby do
claros Its Intontion to mnko and in
stall snid Fifth Sowor Unit, includ
ing snid soptic tank and outfall
sowor and to acquire said rights of
way, in accordance with said plans,
specifications and estimates. Said
Fifth Sowor Unit shall consist In
laying sowor pipes, "y" branches,
manholes, lampholos, sump und
building and septic tank, of tho di
mensions and kinds of materials
shown upon said plans, specifica
tions und estimates, at n total esti
mated cost of $50,730.00 ; that tho
total cost of suld septic tnnk and
sump estimated at $9,000, tho total
tost of said outfull sower heretofore
mentioned, estimated nt tc.714.00.
the total cost of said rights of wayj
nn nuimc mini unci uutiaii sower
ciitlnfated at f 1.200.00, and one-half
of tho total cost of tho romalndor of
said Fifth Sower Unit, estimated at
$13,145.00, Is to bo borne and paid
for by tho City of Klamath Falls;
nnd the remainder of tho cost of
snid sewer unit estimated nW $21,
070.00, to be borne and paid for by
the real property spoclally benefited
thereby, and the City of Klamath
Falls not to bo llablo for said
amounts abovo mentioned unless the
people thereof by majority voto
shall authorize the issuance of bonds
of Mild city to un amount necessary
to pay tiio said rity's portion of tho
cost of said sower unit, soptic tank,
outfall sower and rights of way ns
ED, by the Common Council that
the property hereinafter described
be, and the; hereby declared
to bo boucflted by said sewer unit
to-wlt: '
All tho real property embraced In
the boundaries of tho following de
scribed Fifth Sowor Unit ,to-wlt:
Beginning at tho intersection of
Michigan Avenue nnd Esplanade
Street, thenco In a southeasterly dl-L
rcction following the south bound
ary of tho U. S. Irrigation Canal
right of way to tho easterly point
or corner of Lot 2, Block CO, of 2nd
Hot Springs Addition; thonce west
erly nlong tho southerly line of said
Lot 2, Block 5G, to tho center of
El Dorado Avonuo; thdnco south
nlong tho coritor of El Dorndo Ave-H
nue to a point In tho center of said
nvnniin ntuinHttn Min nnnfhwpqt rnr
nor of Lot G, of Dlock 4, of WII-1
Ilams' Addition to Klamath Falls,
Oregon; thence duo east to a point
duo north of tho west end or point
of Block 23, of Industrial Addition
to Klnmath Falls, Oregon; thence
duo south to tho west end or point
of snid Block 23; thonce southwest
erly to tho northwest corner or
point of Lot 33, of Block 22, of said
Industrial Addition; thence south
westerly along the northorly and
westerly boundary of said Lot 33,
of Block 22, to tho center of Martin
Street; thenco northwesterly to tho
northeast corner of Lot 28, Block
1G, of snid Industrial Addition;
thenco southwesterly between Lots
28 and 29 and 9 and 10 of Block 16,
of said Industrial Addition, to tho
northorly llnorof East Main Street;
thenco southeasterly to 'the north
orly point or corner of Lot G4, of
Block 11, of said Industrial Addi
tion ; thence southwesterly between
Lots G4 and ,55, of Block 11, of said
Industrial Addition, to tho southerly
point or corner of said Lot 55,
Block 11, Industrial Addition;
thenco southeasterly to the north
rm st corner of Lot 5 of said Block 11;
thenco southerly t;) tho southeast
corner of Lot 14, of Block 11, of
snid Industrial Addition; thenco
southerly between Lots 27 and 28,
of Block 12, of snid Addition, to the
southwest corner of Lot 27, of
Block 12, of snid Industrial Addi
tion; tnonco easterly 10 me soum
cast corner of Lot 23, of Block 12,
of said Industrial Addition; thence
southorly along tho westerly side of
Gordon Street to tho southeast cor
ner of Lot 0, of Block 12, of said
Addition; thonco oastorly to tho
northeast cornor of Lot 1, of Block
14, of said .Industrial Addition;
thenco southerly between Lots 1 and
2, of Block 14, of t said Addition,
and Lots 31 and 32 of Block 7, of
said Addition, to the southeast cor
nor of Lat 32, of Block 7, of said
Industrial Additien: thence easterly
tothe southeast cornor of Lot 24,of
.Block 7, said Industrial Addition;
thonco northerly between Lots 23
and 24, of Block 7, of said Addition
to tho northwest cornor of Lot 23,
of Block 7, of said Addition; thonce
northeastorly to tho center of 'he
intersection of Orchard Avenub and
Owons Street; thonco northorly 4I0
tho sbuthorlr lino of Home Avenue;
thonco easterly along tho southorly
lino of Home Avenuo to the north
oast cornor of Lot 339, Block 112,
of Mills Additlou to Klamath Falls,
Oregon; thenco southorly between
Lots 33S and 339 and 346 and 347,
of Dlock 112, of Mills Addition, to
tho northeast cornor of Lot 387, of
Block 113, of said Mills Addition;
thonco oastorly 'along' tho southorly
lino of Orchard Avenuo to tho north
east corner 'Of Lot 371, or biock
122, of Mills Addition; thonce
southorly In a straight lino to tho
southwest cornor of Lot 10, of Block
303. of Mills Second Addition to
Klamath Falls, Oregon; thonco west
erly along tno nortnoriy lino 01 ujo
orloin Avonuo to the southwest cor
nor of Lot 10, of Block 201, of Mills
Sqcond Addition to Klamath Falls,
Oregon; thenco southerly to tho
southwest cornor of Lot 7, of Block
205, of Mills Second Addition to
Klnmath Falls, Oregon; thence oast
orly to tho southwest corner of Lot
9, of Block 205, of Mills Second
Addition to Klamnth Fnlls, Orogon;
thenco southorly to the southeast
cornor of Lot 11, of Block 206, qf
snid Mills Second Addition; thence
westerly to a point 150 feet due
west of tho conter of the1 intersec
tion of Owens nnd Shasta Streots to
a point; thonco northerly parallel
apd 150 feet distant from Owens
Street to Sixth Street: thonco north
eastorly to tho southwest cornor of
Lot 10, Block 2, Industrial Addi
tien: thenco northerly to tho north
west cornor of said Lot 10; thence
wostorly to the southwest corner of
Lot 11,' Block 2, Industrial Addl-
Hon; thenco northerly to tlid north
west cornor of Lot 28, of Block 2,
of said Industrial Addition; thenCo
easterly to the southeust corner 01
Lot 30 ,of Block 2, of said Indus
trial Additlou; thenco northerly to
the northeust coiner of Lot 9, of
mock 3, of said industrial Addition;
thence westerly to tlio southwest
corner of Lot 11, of Block 3, of said
Industrial Addition; thence north
erly to tho northwest corner of Lotf
33, Block 3, of said Industrial Ad
dition; thonce westerly to tho south
east corner of Lot 21, of Block 4, of
said Industrial .Addition; thenco
northerly to tho northcaBt corner
of Lot 5, of Block 5, of said Indus
trial Addition; thenco westerly to
tho southwest corner of Lot 7, of
Block. 5, of said Industrial Addi
tion; thenco. northerly to tho south-,
east cornor of Lot 25, of Block 8j
of said Industrial Addition; thenco
northwesterly to the southwest cor
ner of Block 9, of said Industrial
Addition to, Klamath Falls, Oregon;
thenco in a' northerly direction fol
lowing the west lino of Blocks 9
and 10, of tho said Industrial Addl-
Hon, to tho northwest corner of Lot
35, of Block 10, of said Industrial1
Addition ;thonco northwesterly to
th esoutheast corner of Lot 9, of
Block 58, of Second Hot Springs Ad
dition to Klamath Falls, Oregon;
thenco northwesterly along the
westerly lino of Block C8, and G4,
of said Second Hot Brings Addition,
to tho northwest corner of Lot 1, of
said Block 54, of Second Hot
Springs Addition ; thenco northeast
erly to the placo of beginning; and
that the real property above describ
ed .and embraced within tho said
boundaries of said Fifth Sewer Unit
bo, and tho same Is, hereby declared
to bo assessed for its proportion of
tho coat of said Fifth Sewer Unit
and hereinbefore set forth and in
proportion to the benefits received
by said property; '
PROVIDED, that should property
owners on othor streets than those
ombraced in the F!rtn Sswer Unit
doslro at any tlmo In tho future to
form another sewer unit, partially
or wholly within tho said Firth
Sewer Unit, the proporty embraced
In the said Fifth Sewer, Unit, shall
not be exempt from assessments :or
such other sewer unlt3 to tho ex
tent of benefits received therefrom,
that said sower is to be completed
on or before October 1, 1920.
ED, that Monday, the 3rd day of
November ,1919, at tho hour of 8
o'clock, p. m., at the Council Cham
ber in tho City Hall at Klamath
Falls, be fixed as the time and place
for the .hearing of objections 'and re
monstrances against tho said pro
posed. Fifth Sower Unit and tho Po
lice Judge be, and he is hereby, di
rected to cause notice of said hear
ing be published us by charter pro
vided. That said Fifth Sewer Unit is to
be laid at, in, and along the follow
ing places In said district, to-wlt:
On Michigan Avenue from its
Junction with Esplanade Street or
Avenue southeasterly to the Junc
tion of said Michigan Avenue with
Main Street .and from said Michi
gan Avenuo easterly along tho Bouth
boundary of Lots 4, C, 6 and 7,
Block 53, Second Hot Springs Addi
tion, to the westerly boundary of
the U. S. Government Canal right
of way; from Michigan Avenue
easterly along the south boundary
lino of Lots 1 to 8, Block 55. Second
Hot Springs Addition, to Junction of
El Dorado Avenue and U, S. Gov
ernment Canal right of way; from
Michigan Avonuo easterly along
Wall Street to the northwest corner
of Lotl, Block 57, Second Hot
Springs Addition; from the Junction
of Michigan Ave. and Main St. east
erly to Poplar Ave., from the junc
tion of Michigan Avo. southeasterly
60 feet to the center of East, Main
Street; thosco southeasterly along
East Main Street to El Dorado Ave
nuo; thence southeasterly along El
Dorado Avenue to orchard Avenuo;
thence easterly along Orchard Ave
enuo to Adams Street; thence south
orly along Adams Street to Applo-
gato Avenuo; theuce easterly along
Applegate Avenuo to Owens (form
erly Front) Street; from a point in
the center of Owens Street due east
from the southeast corner of Lot
23, Block ,7 Industrial Addition,
southerly along the center line 01
said Owens Street to the Junction
of Owens Streot and Shasta Street
or Avenuo; thence westerly to tho
east shore of Lake Ewauna at the
junction of said east shoro with the
southorly boundary of the City of
Klamath Falls. Also from a point
In tho center of Owens Street due
oast from the southeast corner of
Lot 23, Dlock 7, Industrial Addi
tion, easterly through tho center of
Dlocks 101, U0 and 113 to a point
in the center of Division Streot due
east of the conter east and West line
running through block 113, Mills
nddltion; from a point' in the conter
of Stukel Streot east of the centor
east and west lino running through
Dlock 101,- Mills Addition, northorly
to a point in the, centor of said Stu
eol Street east of the conter east
and west lino runiilng through Block
100, Mills Addition; thenco easterly
through the center of Block 111 of
said Mills Addition to a point in the
center of Martin Street east of the
conter east and west lino running
through Block HI of said Mills Ad
dition; from points In tho center of
Owens Streot west of the centor east
and west lines of Blocks 102, 103,
104 and 105, Mills Addition, and
Block 200, Mills Socond Addition,
easterly to the soutboast corner of
Lot 488, Block 109, Lot 580, Block
108, Lot 673, Dlock 107, Lot 704,
Dlock 106, Mills Addition, and Lot
1, Block 212, Mills Socond Addition,
respectively; from a point in the
Car Has Afw1
center at Owens Street west of tho
east and west center line of Dlock
201 of g'atd Mills Second Addition,
easterly to a point in the center of
Division Stre'et east from the center
east and "west" line running through
Block 214 of said last mentioned
Addition; thence northerly along
the center line of Division Street to
a point In tho centor of said street
easterly from the centor east and
west litie running through Dlock
114, Mills Addition; from points in
th(! center of Division Street past of
the center cast and west lines run
ning through' Dlocks 115, 116 and
117 of said Mills Addition, westerly
to tho southwest corners of Lot 755,
Block 117, Lot G63, Block 11C. and
Lot 571, Block 115, of said Mills
Addition, all of said streets, ave
nues, alloys, lots and blocks, and
the location, sizes, kinds of material
and method of construction of said
Fifth Sewer Unit being more par
ticularly described and set forth in
the said plans, specifications nnd es
timates filed by the City Engineer
with tho Police Judge of .said city,
October 6th, 1919, refcrenco to
which by all persons or parties In
terested in said sowor unit is hereby
Stato of Oregon, County of Klamath,
-City of Klamath Falls, ss.
I, A. L. Leavitt, Pollco Judgo of
the City of Klamath Falls, Oregon,
do hereby certlfy-that tho foregoing
is a, duly enrolled copy of Resolu
tion adopted by the Common Coun
cil on the 6th day of October, 1919,
declaring its intention to construct
the Fifth Unit of Sowers for the City
of Klamath Falls, including Septic
Tank and Outfall Sewer, and ap
proving tho plans .specifications and
estimates of cost thereof submitted
by tho City Engineer.
13-10t Police Judge.
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