The Evening herald. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1906-1942, August 28, 1919, Image 1

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    gfrg burning Herald
Fourteenth Ycnr-No. 3,714
Price, Five Cent
Pirector of National Park.
V Becomet a Convert
iiitlmi of til ti liven along (hn great
' hlghwaye that tint now being cuii
iHtrilrlctt by dm nliilim nml initloti In
npenklng lit thbi lin said
"My utlmitlon wnn first directed in
thin iimllnr wlilln on rt.lrlp UiriiiiKli
l Xiinlitr Niitltuiiil Park Monk the
hlghwiiy lending l(t It tint i;ritiit for
est tluit witro tin. prlilit of (ho Hindi
Wnshlngton htiro been cut ilon ii.
ntll todny nothing but diiHtilnllnu
ml Imrrannumi incoU tlm eye Tin-
punpln of that Matu awakiini'il to tlm
grirtt lornt almont too lain, They nr .
tmlny working for tlm prenerviitlim
of tbn that bus not been rut In
n few plnees nloilK tli.twt lilKhwnyM
Tlm lilita In for (ho state to purrliamt
IJKRLLV, Aug. 28. I'rofosBor K.
W. Focrstcr. Ilnvarlan Minister tn
. Switzerland, recommends an "honest
.. .. .... , . . ' . ' natlonnl self-Indictment" for tho Ocr-
.Meelliig Will II,. 11,1.1 H ir On.- Ilun.lml nml Turnl.pira llosr mans. Writing In the Tageblatt on
Ity limine. Men Will Arrhe In the, question, of war guilt and tho
Klamath Fnlli on Ijwt Hay of conduct of tho war, ho Hays:
September. , ..Wo mugt investigate our own part
Hunan nml l'ioiiiM-it to lie Well!
Atli-li.lcil hj TIiiiac Intcrentcil III
(hiiiiIIIIuih nf Tiiilny.
Kim'ii Interest In being inanlfi'Ntfd, One- hundred and twenty flvo ro- ponents abroad. Not until then
In this world brutalizing process ij: . n . . s(
,..,.. i. o. ,..., Indications Point to Clear-
iiu . U0 Tl. nMVUlU UU1 UJI"
from tlm owner n strip about three1'" ll'" '"" llial '" l" '"' ,:lv"" l,llK ,,re""nUUvo business men from the wo able to understand the Pari de
lmtiMrn.1 vnr.u i,i. ,.i. .i., ... I itvwiliiK liv h K i,i.i it... ' l'tlanU Clintnbor of Commerce, In- clslon nil tho tragic result of our own
' " "... ii mini .11 - - ,.... ,,..., .,.,.., . . ...
tho highway. Home place, this width lu.llci.llon are that tlm nlnanrrK.Zn,hVnV,yU . L ... .
mnv hnvn lo I.., .c..e.l,l . , J. . ... .... .. . , Klnmnth falls, on Tuesday morning, with which we wcro treated our-
mny hnvn to bo iixci...!nit in ..rn,.rv.. ' ... . . ' """""l" r ". "" ' uesuay morning, wun wnicti we wcro
rater lkr- .n.l "Z U"'hl " ZZn " " rK" """ r"rM "'. H-....nb,.r 30th. and will" upend tho .olve. practiced In the
occupied ter-
!.. In Join t'l
InnulM ....... u H.iMil TtlMl . . ttlll IiIIhIii.'HH tlll'Il. fnrinnrit nt.fl t.rnt..'fluv lu.ri. flit iri inula nf fflin ln.1 Tl..ln. tlx...
niinMd Mr " iraviirimil. 1)1 mr ti ncpn I t,,..v ,.,.i - I " " """ "'"'' .....
m I'lwc ll"th ThrtMi Hi-miIc- ,V , ,, w,( Tn pUi ( (j
ir...lrn on thn IMrcrt HoiHn "f lnniM tlm nttnn
.a IM.. .jl tlk ..... " I Vittttttfa fivwl ilio nn Jnt. .. -.!.. t . 1L. A.-AUA 1
.if """in hu iiiu ua,i uuin nas ruccir miupiuu hi mo iruuiineni 01 prison
fcIBll thin mornlnc br V. C. Van Rmn. nm and tho VflfnmntM Hpnrmrtlnn
I KUinntli KttlU I whh utruck with tliu 0,lll ,m h,lla '" th" vliy lUll ThU ocrotary of tho local organization, of Industrial plant and the deporta-
AirmiKi'niuniH imu-irum r.owara w. woiauaum, wno will tlon of tnoufrands or young glrla will
pnn '" --
TrttH Orrr thr I'nrinr nn.i iw Drllgho, In Vattin
rulloMfMllfurnln Hiiin. , "On tho wny from Anliland to i
i-rty ownorH of the rounty. Through CH" Menu Aiwoclatlon. "Who ever hag the slightest con-
u mlnuniliTittanillni: the aiitioiinL..-i AiiHiirnnco of tho romlng of the Ceptlon of tho rigorous measures wo
nifiit iik made that tho
wl..l..... M....I... .... . iu" iiimwiKii
" m iiiiii.i iiik nil.'. ii iiiini'V lit ,
StfPhtn T llatlirr, aiwlntanl uncr." that highway Wo thru ,llr,'",l' ,,,,on ,""tl" ' tho Am.irlrnni handle the excursion for tho Chamber readily understand tho resentment of
........ inferior and director of mium of tlm finest fnrrm,, I mi ... '" ''"" '" ""'" u" """"' ' " ' commerce. tho French people
.!.... ...L. .n.l Mn.llanii (Irani. ..r Km.... . ..Ilv ll u..i.i ., ... !(-"' "11. '"' "Oilers to that rffr. t '
Otuonai .". " -- " .,... ...t it.
ing of Situation Soon
Train An- Running in Han Francisco
Despite Workers' Hold-Out Na
tional Chief of Brotherhood-. Will
Co-Oprrte Willi Federal Admla
iMmtlnn Unless Workers Ketnn
Saturday Morning.
Tho vliiltorH plan to leave Portland "Wo must bo perfectly clear In our
.wMent of the Now York Zoologl- ilmtroy tint i-ffoct by rutting ilowii,1""1 '"'''" "'"l ,,lr""Kl0U' ' co'"'- 'V fain on midnight of Scptembor own minds In respect of our own guilt
rtlSocleir, tho lloone-,rocktl (luu tr.ns to tlm vnry i-iIk.. of (h high- y A" '""x "M "iIh "" lt'ar",,(1 -11'- Tll0' wl" BPon1 Soptember If we are to bo born again nationally.
flab, iBrsl nll-iiruuiid sporUimnn way? Tlm com of purchasing friiiii I ,,r,,,,l,1"nl ""K" promptly Htuppud 30th. In Klamath Falls and will be Wo must always remember that, j
ud low ot tlio out nf-ilniirn. Hindu tlm prlvutit owners u nt rip on rltlwr
Xlimilh Ksllt flylnK visit, arriving lil would bo liiilgnlflmnt. If the
ttr yesterday nftcrnoiia from Ash- dirrltory li.tloitgr.l to the government
land nJ IcailiiK ilila morning for arrnngiimenM could bo mndu lo ex
5itrmfnlo sml Sun Francisco, by cludit ll from itnl l,ct tin not malic
Tty of Merrill an.l tlm luva beds, tlm iiilMnkn now of c-itt tliif .lni
Both men am deeply In In res ted In whnt public sentiment will In time
ttsof nine up tif the iintluuul pnrkx deiiiniid shall be replaced The trees
c! Iho clllon m an to liii.Kn them tlm lire there now. let u keep Diem "
fUf-crounilmf tint Aiuerli an people. Until Mr (lrnnt and Mr Mstlirr
Ott (etturu of l.ils ininemeut Is of le't this iniirnliiK tor t,li linu heds.
wp Interest to (tin people, of Klnm- uher.t they ulll lnsiect tlm in. rate
tlb count)' -the Inclusion of Dlam- anil other ludirentlng pnlnu In this
osl Itko ltlim the liiiuiuli.rlui of famous suction of Klamath entj.ii I.
CrjKrljkt! National I'.irk This mat- rrnm thnrit they will pro.eed to P;i
tirhMbfcn rrpcalcdly hrough to tne rrninento ami Uieiue to San Fran
t'.ttotlon ot Mr Mutlier and after u fluco
SAN' FRANCISCO, Aug. 28. Fav
orable Indications were augured for
the settlement of the railroad strike
throughout Southern and Central
California in the termination of the
OnlrltlTirl elrllA .nrlnv
nulit,. .....I .,.. .... . .. ... . .!. ... .- ... .. - ..Lt , - .,t ".. fcuuej.
""" " m.i...Keinuiii mr . .iii.jiitieu uiiu.u urn couniy 10 view wnuc ino wnoio wor.u is praciicins I Workers Out fti Ix tiirrlm
the nun of the iiiurt house ' tho resources. 1'rom here they will the politics of might, we on the other ( Workers In San Francisco are "still
p tiro,.... ..I. I.e....... t a ,1... ....n..... ..... . ,. f..... , ...... ...... ... 1 . . . ..... -I .... ....,(.
.... ..,....,...,. i,i.ilhn iu i.u- i-.-.iii- iiiuiui in i iiiiur ium; iiu.i win re- llano nave Hjmuniiiiizuu mo ijuiuii-a oxi ou, trains are
or mis county a message limy uant turn liy way of .Mc.lford. They will ot might and clevitcd It to a new pol
io hear This Is lurtlctilurlv true takii the train north from Medfor.l Itlcal nhllosnhy."
about tlm hunlncss men of tlm ill ( According to Mr. Van Kmon every
They are at a point today ulicni tnev effort will bn mado by tho Business
need enlightenment, direction sml Men's Association to furnish mach-
suggcstlon. and If thoy )iav their lnes for the visitors to make their ffj J ill
own iiiinn-sis in ntiari, ir tiiey in- trip rrom Kiamntli muik to crater
Hpvo in tlm welfare of tlm city mid Lake, and thonr to Medford. Im
cimnty, If they want to bo a part of mediate hteps will bo taken by tho
tthul will lm a direct benefit to them Business Men to plan for tho enter-
tufful InTc-stlgnifou of the merits of
Ui propoiltlun lie lias iK't-lded to uit.j
III Influence with ll c co.ciiiiiii.'iit to
Wtj ilout such n reult.
Intrrrsinl In Mnuer.
Wtb hlj churaci. rltlc thnrnugli
xtulbMaUoliiiertstel Mr. (Irani
ia tie matter The latter mado a
rwcUllrlp o look over tho sltuntlon,
In tin Immediate future, thoy will b- talnment of tho Hose City guests
'out tonight tn hwnr thu one man who m
'tins inner missed an opportunity to, IIOL'SI: I'ASSIIS 1 tl I.I
ork f. r Klitiiinth County. I
1 rp.... .... ...... ...... .... ......i .. tl
"""!. uv iieiu iii .- uMRiiivr.Tns n r a.h $
- )
ii i i tin i
II ! H1U I
Word received from Los Angeles this
morning indicated that the strikers
there had not returned to work. They
i havo not as yet decided whether or
i not they will return to work as order
ed to by their chiefs.
CLEVELAND, Aug. 28. Chiefs of
the four brotherhoods announced to
day that unless the members of the
railroad brotherhoods, that are strlk-
LONDON, Aug 2S - F.ghtlng' ing on the Pacific-Coast, return to
broke out everywhere la Montenegro work by Saturday morning, that the
and reports aro that the whole coun-l brotherhoods will support the Feder-
trv Is In reolution. al Administration In Its efforts to
WiKlll.Mt iu., u i , Aug. zs ... m .
o'. lock In the circuit cou.t room of ;Ti,e louso ,)Ilbfculi a bill today author-j Tho Serbians are using strong "Perate the railroads
w.v ..,.., .... ,u, i.Lient WllsOli to confer the, measures in .o "l'li ,,..clTtv.n.n.. A ,c n.
..... ... ........ the unrlslncs Thev are receiving re-l WASHINGTON. Auc. 2S The exe-
lieriiiaueiii raiiK oi Keuurui on I'erau-; v
uuar nramnaii tonigui at tuo
court housu.
, (MB.
. nte.
Tho bill mm gees to the ton-
tO.SVKT I'.U'TTI'.Iil)
KC.M. Itiixslan 1 aplnnd. Aug CR.
Aiiioiik tho uniformed Ilolshnvlltl .
M It has niso lie. om.. an eilthusl- raptured by the Allied troops on the I BBM), Aug. :'i.--Davo Itilihoux.
i for Ih" piiipo .limn Miirmnnsk rnlluny (rout, wlioro Ant-tlt,'alH'l onlct, wus captimd i.t-m
The matter of plnelug Dlnmoiiil orlc.ui. rnlht'ny triiops operated (or il'iiu yost'-rday through, ul.l gh. n b
"HiUDtntm mi. r I ilm I'nrlt n- several month, was n ,imin.. niB.nMrs. M. Kernel-, whom he h..i
ic, iaiu jir Matliei. -rests iimrii Heniciinvii I'otom'.cowi, now srrvlar i f'"- nsslstmcu Soitlliwick
!K .1... . ...... - .
-.. ...u .vu'H' in iwillliaill rnuiltv ll J a conk for n Cnnii.tlfu. nini. uh .iiscsiKKl eonviel. h In. I. ..a I. ......
nii Oregon Hum it does with tlio presented tlm c.trnnqit contr-.t of bh ;lrtf for home time, bus not l.e
lorernment offirui Unit I might be Amnion who cried omr n Imovs pint- Irnpturwl.
M to Intcrwi in t',e project. If toginph. I r-- -
H ..ill ....... ...... '
-""" Miiiij, i. piop-riv i.i tn nt .Mrs. I'nliimUrv.i. who Is ?" veiirt H tir HrmnuoM
wiloa of Congre,,,,, .,, sinnoi ami old. wiw tnkoti prlso'ior by Canadian court house.
Mm tlmt ti,,,,-,, , ft rpill ,ml),p ,00 (U i-IOK(ur, W,U), ,, ,, ,
fCHIImnnr fr.t. ii . .. .
... ,""' "" m no more limn n Hed (Jtiard uii'form. trousers iin.1 '
I Hear nramwell
'court house.
tonight at the
tonight nt the
Eni n rnnn "mpiy m,iur w"
Mi 1 hi n.i ,,iKlit ut s 'clock
U1..L; UUUU the meeting of i
i . . . . ..
lnforcements. but are net meeting " cuuve council oi mo railway suop-
with success Montenegrins have'"10"8 unions advised the unions to
cut tlm railway between Virpazer!ac,:ePt tho resident's offer for a
and Antlvart on tho coast, according, smaU waBo tncrea. pending the out
to high omclals Iteports indicate; come ot th Bovarnment efforta to
that the country Is in for a recur-'0"1 the cost of "ring
rence of tho Halkan troubles j - -'
j From a local standpoint the rall-
.MEiri' TONIGHT AT CITY HALL. 'roluI btr"e may tsko a serious turn
' ' ' , should It continue for some few day3
important and1 There is a shortage of gasoline In
be discussed ,c..Knath. Falls. According to officials
al the City Hall . ." "" ". """ i-
the local post of'"-' ls entlrel' exnausted and they
Legion All service ,,', , """ '-' - ii. iey
tho American
. . '-iiKJie uiiui i. ueu ijiiarii iiii'rorm. trousers ntui p, pi i lLmm '" l'r""! "'' '" HUvU " "" ""1 wlth "lu n"l" niiimtinltl..ii Ii
-w. V hen It was Drnt brought to pouches strum: oier her breast.. If fl
2 '""Hon I must confess that I Sim said sl... had loft Fotrogrnd nn '' ' S
u, not approclnlo thr t-...i w.ii a...h i ... .. i.. ..
niilnn"'0. ' fl"""y """'" "" "xa,n' " N"l'""r ' Flnuhh regiment flgln-
uon t Hi,, lerrltory In nuestlon. Ing tlm Allies on this front I' .r
llrobeT " 'I)01,MI,,K Thoiimn' 1 Home time slm led tlm life of a sol
trotl i U""",",lll",,"tli: N"PI'irt. dler, with her huil.aiid. Tlio latter
tiketh I""1?'' Au""" wl" will csnipm! at l,rH,i'.lirn.
MMHr, '" '""K ll"" " 'M,r- Mn'- 1'utnmUKWi broke down and
ban. I ii ll """""" "iii'rtod orlud, say Allied officers, when she
(ornc Inte '',l Mr (!"11" bo- was iiuestloned about a si;rai book
niorcslci ;nU i.H ,,,,,, ,r,,,,., . ..... ,.-i,. .,, ,,..,... i, ...... .,.. ,,.,.,
-,-....., i- )n .......7.., ... ........ n..." ...... ',-.ti,,
nuDirn nisT nw ,,ac'nc ,,,'t-
l n H I r 1 1 1 ! ! I Ti"' ,,('s w,, ,iuv
.' 8 J 3 1 1 1 LLJ IJU i the servlcu are 'isually l
2 s Tlm profanity of thu nerago(
-ailor if ho Is profane nt all de-'
(reuses us his service iu tho Amerl-i
can nay lengthens, nrrordlng to!
Captain K. W. Scott, chaplain of the.
men are urged to be present. This
Includes all men who served undei .
tho colors,
regardless of where they
Plans Nationalization of
Min a n- . ,
-... uiino so imthusln.stl
thai if I. i promised names.. Hlio said lor own baby Had
Pictures rut from inngazlucri of many
1" he become, tluu I.V
Ihni l i. j
Hu.inrt, . ' " wl" h, """ '"""I "il Hint slm had no plmtiigmph
-.. U1)
m. ... , "luiuc, nr mioso
'' V.R UMM lr ,1... , ,.
... .- ,"'" "OIIU It w
of him, nml that slm wan trying to
find In tho mng.wineir it plrturo Hint
new that ...i..... . "
cdeiuMi. y"lrM tM" "iisomblo.l him.
ihligamQ " "u" Bl Hfil with i
, Inch,,!,, IMm,,, f,lko. I
. ''"lamomi lnlm ., incll,(, ,,.
Mb M rll ,Bkn " thu place It
'OC.1,01 T.f" Tho Dalles
" roads urn ,"" ,m"y n "1,le''
' m, ' Lb0. "'" tlmt will
D. . "rt,r,lV0lofl,oth
'"Hlghtrni. . " "ml t,m pncl" WASHINGTON, D. C. Aug. 2S
"liable ..'. """"UK It nn In- I'resldont Wilson will leuvu Wash
,lon of ihu - ' 8C0l,lc nttrnn- Inglon next Wednesday on a speech-
vl 1018 COUIltv " . .
Muilly ..., '', mnklng tour of tho country lu tho
eln head of ' (,r,,nt ilntornstH of tho liouty of pimco
S'JI dub of nuw y ,,n""-Crockott ! Tho llrst address that tho niitlim'R
tlw with a n inmi , "" "WmlM-.clilor oxocutlvo will miiko will bo at
i,H Port8inen t f " h,ln" C'"h. Ohio, next Thtnsilay lilt
"anio. Lm .,.. "iiKinnny oniy speech Hi Oregon will be tit
wwerfni ... '" "o (if tho
U cnsorvatin
... .
cnrflliMP Tmin
iirLiimiyi tuun
Jusl entered
ho most pro-1
fane." according to Captain Scott, i
who has been In tho naval service.
An organised ililve or cattlo over U, yenl8f ,,,! Ih iu,Mli,..s captain M ,
.... ...,.,..x ,iii.e i-oini country c. aieeson of tlm Atlantic Heel, the
V the Indians of Klamath Indian . flcul cbaviula w American
lleservntlon and r A lluttow. cattlo Illy
man. nml engineered by Superlnten- ' ..Tllt) , , to mnko ,ho ,' West of the Mamnth Agency. men ,r,my , l0 nn nopvo ,
wss not carried out jestonlriy as plan- ,, aro , CM,erlcnccl!i nnU
ned. according u, W C. Van Kmon. lhov tlllllk tho uso of ,,, ,he
who ,, ,st lllRllt nflor IllVtlstl. 8n n
gating tho Rltuntlon. .... , ., . , . , .,
,, , . . , ... , , "Ii" wrk of tho chnpliiln In tho
KiiinorR of n who e.inlo rnttlo drlv- . ... r. . . c .. ... . '
..,.- , mi ,....... , ,.. ny Captain Scott silil. Is along a.
ii,.,; of the neJervatrnM ? """. T'W
l.'mon attorney for tho Cattlemen's ' " ks ,' l '" y T"" abanl'
Assoctlon, to .cnr out warrants "T n!,K,,tI "0t h0, recoBnla ,
for ii,., rw. f ,1... ..,.1 .,., . ' rcB,,lar clll"1' "Itun.luiits ushoro I
lluttow Tlm warrants won, sworn T"y h"a'; ,0 ' ,0 mon ln t,l Bt,r
undor Section l-.r.l. which prohibits ',V'C '" , w !nt ,ho)r 1kMW nro tho
nnypnu from driving cattlo over 10 ,?,''""' f ,ho ",on '" th" sorvlco
mile's off tho range. Uujy "'y t0 oX ,holr I'robloms and
Every Indication pointed to tlm"" """ ,,,u", lo t,L'u" filming,
fact that Mr. West had authorized n ;'un sl,oakll'B clfn livlng
drlvo of tho cattlo for a illstanco ot '""' ",KU ",Lm '" '"siry aim to
closo to 10 miles, which would hnvo l"" ""'"'""kb oi too uuvantnges or
cost tho rattlo men .1 blgpum of mon- fu,'0', for Promotion.
oy..hml It boon carried out. ' u,lt" t,,re" or fol,r yonra ago, nc-
Mr. Van Eiiioti, who wns nccoinpan-ll'cri""K to cI'tnln Scott, thoro wore
led )i' Fred Morlow cointable. snw (),uy -4 Chaplains In tho navy. Ho;
10 heed of cattlo break thru tho ' wns 0,1 ot thorn, linvlng somo yoars
foiico that hold thorn nt Ynlnnx and 1,ofol' '"ft Iho Vale divinity school.
A., .'miiiii tit ..., .. yj
Glenn E. Plumb
r..AnH r, . .. ...
will have any within the next few-
days. However they havo a car on the
road somewhere between Redding
and Weed. It was shipped on AugU3t
2Cth, from Oleum, California.
May Limit Gasoline.
i If tho embargo continues many
1 days, which will prevent any
additional gasoline arriving, tho
I supply would perhaps be limited to
i commercial uses only. Officals ot the
' Standard Oil Company reported to
day that they had a three or four
days supply on hand, with a car on.
the road,
i No southern California mall was
received last night, nor did any first
or second cln-s matter arrive from
San Francisco or Sacramento. Hope,
i was expressed by postmaster W. A.
i Dolzell this morning that mail service
from the south would bo normal
Ingrain within two days or so. Tho
large orders of army stores that were
purchased by Klamath Falls people
through the postoftico aro due to ar
rive this week end. Mr. Delzell Is un
certain whether thoy -will bo held up
or not.
' "which
Glenn E. Plumb
HlAnn t.. T1 ....... .... .. ...
i . .-,.. ,. n,..i ,wk. t.. ,n, . i ...v.... u, .uii.u, tiiiuruuy lor ioq
most, Portland .tho dato of which has not cscn" ,n, l" m,,or "Par"- lm-, ".. " , "-.'""" . ."."' " ,U""KI railroad brothorhon,la ., n,.nHn
1 ho country for been sot. Ho will also speak lu s.Jwro. marly starved forwant of water ". ",c' .I0. . cn t0 "W beforo tho Houg0 ' ... "rrrT
" m o position tlo. Los Angolos. San Frnnolsco an.l f ( w J"; " "'""' , , . n Commerce Committee to advo-
1111 ...... I ' irnr.t nniit In Wnalilnrr. 'ftO UUnilg Ino War. It Is itvtieeln.l .... w . mau
",. -"" t siock ban Diego will nl hear tho 1'ies - , ,,,,,,, . ., . i. iimnnw hmii..i ,. ,. cato his 1'Iumb plan for the natlonali-
SCCtlnn i.rlll. . . . Int. liv ATr Vnt. Miimn Inlllne- nf 11..-. 1110 Iie I'llCItlC lloet. when cnninlnln .m..wumi
In tlm . "lym- uont during his stay lu California . , , , , . ,, . win hnvn n -.r . . . . 7 z"tlon of tho railroads and the shar-l
"i lllo end win ..... .. ' nltnntiitn.l drive. rn.I naklmr for ne. "HI liavo JU or 25 chaolulna of vnrl. . ..... ... .
o In m"p 'I'"."" fllr8-. w "".. Artmlral Cary (Hay- n7 , nrnvont ,t, S ,.,r. ous denominations. ,nB.r pro "'Ployees. I" a ro-
'""- son, tno President's ti ivulcluii. nml ' . ". ... .."....'. .' ...... n o.... ..... ... "nt spoocti, Mr. I'lumb sad Hint
for nV "TlnM
"" 'Portmnnn,
Mother ;h,lrCs'-'vo Trees.
""II,, ihrnrK",n"'aH secured the
Secretary Joseph Tumulty will iic
conipany President Wilson, along
with ti corps of secret sorvlco men
and stonogrnplicra.
liiitoiiilont West could not bo located
by tno locnl nttornny.
Hear Urnmwoll tonight at tho
court houso.
Captain Scott wns formorly sta
tioned at Sim Francisco.
Hoar Dramwoll
court houso.
tonight at tho
thoro would bo a rovolutlon if somo
such plan were not adopted.
Hoar Bramwoll
court house.
tonight at tho
A letter received from Alice Wels
tor, Is conected with the Fifty-'
eighth Annual State Pair, which will
be held from September 22-27 thla
var urges artists and photographers
lm Klamath Falla to submit their
work tor display.
In addition to the regular display
ot photographic work sent In by'ama
teur professionals over tho state, a
special department will be opened for
tho exhibition ot Oregon scenery.
This exhibit will not be In competi
tion with the other pictures. They
will consist of many other mediums
besides photographic enlargements In
black nnd white, which aro the usual
run of tho exhibited pictures.
Hear Dramwell
'court house.
tonight at tho