The Evening herald. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1906-1942, August 06, 1919, Image 1

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Thirteenth Ycn
Price, Five Cent
frg lEuetttnq HeraO
Called Out Guardamcn to
Maintain Order During
Race Riots in Chicago
Famous Impresario Who
Passed Away Last Friday
5eTeraI Ranches Arc In
jected During Day
pptrf "'" 0,'"l""',, '" K"N
toto "'" r"u v"r
ftntf Are Itr.clnlhm I" All.
Sprtilm I'mi" ''" Kil'il.
Irl frllW N'""1' Vnlunl.lf
Thallbo Application of iiulpi.iir to
themed alfalfa ln"" "f ""' Kl,m"
ub Vlh?r act! a 'no'' '" "'" "'"
ltd Incrcaici tlio yield of till fn
monihirwy materially; tlmt mice
the Initial Invcitment I mn.i!. pro
dnctlon of pu bred livestock U
Jjit i eheip, If not cheaper, limn
thtt of the Icm ilculruble rlntovn, mid
hr nore profitable In the end; tlmt
tmtowen can bo raited with llllln
trouble to produce a very desirable
ijUge. and that a pit slln mule '
laid condition) l most prurtlrnbln
li Khraath County, nnd that thn
(rtodlos of hay for tock food makes
the hijr o farther, with inoro hone
fdil remit to th" Mock, wore
anon' the many thing which n
larte per cent of the farmers of thn
KUaith Bailn learned lit thn big
wrifiof demotiilralinnit hold on (11 f -
r 4iitM
llomilei Will ,. Itoiinde,! I'p By Tells of Ills Vl.ll lo f'lntliliisr Mnnti
Itcpmlineiil ,if .nf,e Pieslilenl
Will Addles Congiess on Costs
of l.hlliK.
WASHIMJTON. Aug. fl. Ihip.irt
meul of .lnst!i. ngeiitH tliroui'i
fin turn, uml What May He Kx
MMtii In id,. Way of High Prices
III tin- Near I'liluie.
C .1 Cnrnii, fiiir. of the IiIk mer
chants of Canton, Missouri, and who'
in.- uuiiir win negin a ,invi. on mi , ,,,. ,.ty w),, MrH (, UK t,,.
profiteer and hoiinli.rH following the; guests of Mr ami Mrs. Karl Cuiii-i-nli-r
given out hy Attorney Cennnil j j; jugs. Rounds a note of warning that
rntinor. might .veil ho heeded hy the people
I'rosccutlon will ho enrilid out un-'oj this county. Three weeks uro Mr.
di-r HiV lover of thn Food Control ! Ciihon wim In Chicago, whore he vJk-
Ail. I'reslihnt WIIhoii will address J t,., Hiiin ol (tin hit; clothing manu-
ioukkmm I'rlday lo make rerni en-1 fi,clurern for the purpose of ascer
ilatloiiH for legislation rtmlgnod tojtnlnliiR why It wan Hint they wore
nlil In reducing tin- abnormal living I constantly rhopplnt; down on his or-!
ioth Tim I'ti'Mlilmil'ti rnhini'l uml lilcrK. IIo ny:
I'li-iotninlticrx will alo inako ri'i-oiu-1 "WIiph 1 went thorf I was ptvtiv I
i.ii-iiiliilliiiiH ) t uniler the collar. I hail hecn dolnp j
lllKli prli.. or HhnoM wok ilvrliiri'il . htmlne-m mIHi tlient for yearn, and
hv the Keileral Trail,) l.'oniinliwlon, I ,..r)tliii i nent In an order 1 wool'
Hi llielr report lo loiiKretK. lo he ilue j Knt word hark that I could Imvo ten
to tln exci-H'lvu profllii taken hy every
ij:,,-T , fJjfr.AW.Wvjrj,.
Work Started Today to Pre
pare Grounds
Grem-Soildcil Plot Xenr Bit? Baala
Iiiimhcr Cmrpany "Will Ilo UtU
izeil Instead of Modoc Rascball
Park I'coplo Urflcd to Glre
Tents to Housing Commlttqo t
Caro for Outside Visitors.
Friends" In tho theatrical and
or twenty or forty percent of It and, operatic world wero not altogether
that prices had advanced I hcKan to surprised when they heard that Os-
i'oeriior I'nink liiMleti
After pemoimlly luvintlKalliiK 'on-
f.ictor In tlw til. oe pioduitlon
i-oiuiiiIkiIoii r!iiineil that parki-t ' j t;et HiisplclnuM. So 1 Just went there to t car Hainmerstoln died last Friday
Kan pjniiiildliii: of shoo prices liy the I InvestlKatu, and when I left I was in a private hospital in New York.
unwarranted incieate In i'ie pi lee o' ' mlRlity Rlud to Ret oven the ten per He had heen seriously ill for some
""'""" """" "" '" "7 ",t" """"" hides TuniierH. manufacturer in: cent and pay whatever they asked, time and there was little hope of
in iiiiniKij. ifwviiimii r ritiin iimihiii ..,i,,ii,.r t. w. ,1 ..ii . ...
-- iriniiin ii iiuiMii nui
of Illinois ordered thn uiohlllzatlou
of lh Ktuto KiiarilKinen
l-'ncp-i SitIoiim Condition.
this unusual man's recovery.
It W'UH hellevcu tliat ono Of thn 'n-i... .iniUm. in,i.ia(.i i fnini. .. HfininierRtelti arnrilnir no a fttrnr
.. . . , . , u; I'.dtiiih iiiuuau 10 u.,ti i .-.--.., WVH. v...0 mu m v.u.
IIU 111 llirm I'rcttlileUt S leCOUIlnelldatlnilH WOll'll I on.llln i.r i...niilv.l In Ita hl.Jmnknr fnumtnrl nnH mnrto n ni-.
tlmt iivim If thn pollen WITH nhlu to t, ..,11()ro .,.,.. , mnko oxlHtlnK torv Tlio nrlnrlnal causo of thn rise I of one of the most famous vanrie.
handle thn Hltuutlon. he wanted Urn ,, effective to cope with the urofl
Mate forces .In ho in u position to l(rK tiir.t lH K0K ,lW.r ,no
help protect lift) und property. , country. 1. is rumored that he inav
nlao ask for a modllted IIccmIiir sys-
CTIDMCD ADMV DIITyTQ ,"im ,'",'', l-lch mnrRlns of profit
hOKMLK AKMY flLUia pij1i ,. P ,,, , ,,rln K lmmn.
WILL GUIDE CURTIS !llate mdurtUu of prices
PI ANP nUFR PITY Itepreientatlves of II different
ri-nE-vci wi i rrmill ,,,, M0W hnvo Jo,,1C(1 ln
thn rouimuulratlou to Dlrettor flen
A 00 horsu-liower Curtis tralnlni: ,.-i m,, i.,,. ,... , ,,,.,
-j , , " vim nit" o I'lmiti tifi till i in iiit'ii in tiT
tmt counly ranches yc.tcrday. un- ,Bn0i ,,rntil hy oxnrlenre, over- - ,, ,., wni5Illl Tls , 1)1I(,vr( 0
dirthe iiiplem of County ArpiiI K. Ar.ny pilots, will arrive In Klnm- ,. . Unl ,llHlanf oll r,.ri)r, w,ere
H.Thoma. In co-operation with a , KaIn ,, AtiRtist I nth, and will lUl .;,, roprescniliiR 2.000.-
roup of eipcrts rroni tins Ori't:on ccrr). pissciiKwis over tho city nndjooii empliDCH, have acted as a un't.
Ajrleulturnl CoIIcro. MirrnuiuliiiK country durlnt; the i:iks f m,,,. wn, t litat the rommunieatlon
The iffalr ycaterilny wns tlio first convention. reemed to he a formal presentnilon
ot Iti kind cu-r held In this locality. Assurance was Khen yesterday of ti, wo(.,. dmiiiiilH that hne al-
tad It wai a iuccwr from start to the early arrival of thn plane hy readv heen tnnde puhllc
J!rt. Including tlio Brand picnic I'rank V. Karrell. n'croinry of the, Oreniilxcd lahor after a more thoro
Inch ,hleh was acned tit the Altn- Mi-dfonl Airplane Corporfttlnn. who IimiuIiv ndvcientn a flritiR Kiuad for
wot ranch, and the excellent Ice was In Kltinatli I-'jiIU urrniiKlnc de-,souin of thosn who are responsible
crwra and cakes, the treit of the lulls Ineldetil to the rnmlnK of the for the wave of proflleerliu; that Is
Klamath Falls ItiulnoHS Men's Asao- phme lie wns accompanied hy I'lovrt (uwnailtiR oer the counirv. This wj?
flitlon, many of whose memhurn Hart, who will pllm thn plnne dor- t'e stiirtllii: -inipment that was
.... vrM r,K ,e enure i.ay. iuK us May in iwnm.-iu. i-uus a ii...... .....: xinnv ny iinen .oiip. cuini , py ,,, l0 tmo ,s POm,B whc vt(lir awcs tj thL Enterprise Land project,
Cliwe to :mi) Attend Ing lte, nhf lit it mllo and n hijlf out of ic Hi-uH-erho. : . 1 ocnnioiUe 1 Urc!iatlIs 1 ere cannot renlnco thoi' .
Uolwcn 250 and .ion were pre- of town, was chosen .vester.luv ;' ncti.e.-n. t eforo the !',.!' Inter- ,orb t" wholesale for the price they ISV.VCOPAI I'D .IA..IST.S
tut, and tb Kiclal features of lh will t'l' crsilcil linil levolod In orr'er , tlitf Commerce Committee L(J mv rttUinK t for. The wise WII.J, Si:T KKKT MOVIYO
Ktaiion ni well ns the valunhlo In- ','"' It he In perfect ahnpa uy tlio nr- (
ttruftlcTlvon, will he Ioiir rcmem- "'" "f lio nhn. HATHS Will. UK IY I'VI'IC VI'I'D.
Wfd hv thocii nlienil'ni? Delevii- tiHhihit'1 in'tv -ffo'i'od tflHiiuiih
tlcnj from Mrrlll. Mnhn, llotnnra. '"I'll I'tuiple n tldo "n clouds In net
udu far out in I s.i"i ''..u,,., - nlnnes handled hv rannhle nHots Is '
'"lei aiftant, wer In evtilenc e, Tho p"1' ",l" "" '"" h0 "'(orneit nua-n
In prices N tho Increase in wages,
which has heen over 300 per cent In
tho list three years, and the shortage
of cloth. Cloth Is so hard to obtain
that many clothing manufacturers
are refusing to accept orders of any
Cloth takes hit; Jump.
"Silk hosiery, white mocha rIovcs
nnd silk shirts arc almost Impossible
to get and large hat manufacturers
will accept no new orders, helnR
doubtful of their ability to fill the
orders now on hand. Cloth, I was told
- In fact shown the Invoices has ad
vanced during the last six months
from $2.7T, a yard to $0.7." a yard,
and from $20 to $27. ."0 has heen add
ed to. the price of suits for women
during the samo period.
"Tho people (iut hero have not
felt the offcits of the shortage he
eus,( western merchants always Io3d
vlllo houses In tho metropolis, and
then fought the Metropolitan Opera.
He made and lost several fortunes
Advices received by county engineer
Darley ln p. letter from Percy A. Cup
per, state engineer, are to the effect
that the I.angell Valley Irrigation
project plans were approved and the
other matters concerned with getting
a project under way will be tended to
at onto.
The Knterprlso Land Irrigation dis
trict bond met last night and plan
ned to ni'vertlse for bids for the con
struction of tho project canals and
tlioy hid also for the sale of bonds,
In order o carry the work en.
hiit It projects will he oxtei.she un
lerti.kliiRs as tho I.nngell Valley sys-
up heavier than do those In the east. tern will embrace 2C00 aen-s while
on account of dibtance from tho .sup-j will he furnished to 2S,nor
man or woman Is the one who buy
i now and not wait for C'Iiirs to i."
Svneoration nnd all the jazz tha
SAl.UM Aiii?. fi InvestlL'utlnn
, , ., , . ., , Men li.mts 1 eel Mr.iln.
Into the Itifi'casu of ra o-. rerentl" ,. .. , . , . , ,,
. . , , ,, 1,1 .r. . i UN. Moe of the mivin s Store
slat toil hy tho l'nclllc Telephone
,,,... . .. , 1 rl Houston of the k I K., K.
Company, will start August 2,th, at ,. , , ., ,
, ii . i i . Siigjrmnn. O M. Hertor of the J. F
Portland, according to advices given ., ,
,.,. MaRtilro Compnnv, C. F Stemwell
rut hv the Oregon Puhlle Service , , ', n ,,
, , , , . , of the Centuil Outfltt tig companv
lfth. Harry Telford ranch on '"""V ',tt'! ' IHhrIiik down n ,ml"""" "" '" , ' i ,, ,,. f! Yan ellcn. all state that
f e Merr-ll road, where ,,c "i on" ' V"eh" " 1,"""'rt ',,,r"' ""(, wMI ,""ltn1,,,l",,nr1, ",1,vamvs ,l,ut pre they are herlnnlng to feel the full of
f. ""Mm of the Ohio hiy rl.nnm r " l '" I'1""" - -iv """ ""' '""I' company on .hortnRo now "For sev-
' m.1 .... . . , i .rt . . ., , .iMiv 'win. wi.e.. ine Ho-riii.eii ii.iriu
son schedule was Imposed.
lower, f'li-thev are going iiiiieli hlgi'-, musical Instruments car. produce i
dr hefoip you will see any decline
Mtoi, moving from . ne point for feme time. Floyd lint, who was
to anolsor. mnile. n procession sev. '' Htu ttfi- t In Ihe air service, spenf
trl ibI'm n length "v" months ln flvlni; over the lines
The fmt flop miiiin In Ihe mornliiK ""' "'" WVRlr'i from. He has been of-
ratoui i-v ,),,, iv,. ,, .,. ,. here, had over 700 hours of flvMi"
Pny, and n,i hPr,. by tho Hnldwln" "'"' " y'!ir '" l;"r",,r'' during hi armv
Hardware Comnanv, was made. c"r"cr l-r.v rnre of Ihe airplane Is
This marlifnc, which u nun!,. i ,, tnken. to :ivolil acrltlents hy SerK""l
.iiev lien, who w"n tormei w !
charge of test blocks at ltoekwoll
assured for those who dance In Klam
ath Falls in the announcement of the
coming of Cole McFlroy and his I'ort
land j.izz hand that will open thel'
stay here with an open air dance
Suture! ty evening, August 0th, at the
partition that will he erected at
Kighth and Main Streets.
.The Jazi hand will featuro Frank
Walsh of Xew York, th-s f;mou3 ja
IQnVAnlAH. .1 . .
"r..i aizo to be operated hy a
"".ouii rnctor. rhnm .... ...
. - ""i-i ii, in,
y of all
' fast as It cm ho rendlly ''''"''I' s"n "It'K". Flank Farrell was
tllfkn.l ,..
,Md hlch ! wry desirable.
."'fcMmvn ii,,,,,.,,
...c conclusion of tlitn ,lei...
yed i. .1.. ,r" """""'
iloaH.. i. ' 'cciny ranch,
tNalaw J. ". """ r,'."","lnR tho
mUei si
t ltrail- ,u "", "f "llH
1 " th9 lno invlen.lo
a uiival nvlttor during the war.
roit.Mi:it iiKsiiMwr
c)Mi:s hack "iie.Mi:
After an iihtoiico of about twenty
Hoven years, Dr. F. W. Hogg returns
to Klnnnitli Falls, lie first ennui here
oial mouths our orders hao been cut , singer. Dances will he given every
i'own." stated Mr. Suwrman. and j night (luring tho Elks Conrentlon. A
i his statement Is almost Identical with flro piece orchestra, alone with r
what Mr Houston of the K. K. K. i 'azz iJnger will furnish the music
had to say. "but I paid little attention Dancing will be free from. S to fl p. m
1 - - 1 ....... ...... !.. ..I MaI.M 1. 1 l . . .. .
I li. li.uBi' .. i- iiu.u in-uu i.iii.iiiih ti,'i,i., s jazz liaild IS WOJI-KnOW-
heavy stO'k, anticipating a shortage j throughout Oregon having p!avii .-'
after thn var. I felt, however, llm j tlio Oaks Aniu.semont Park ln Port
after things got settled down a llttl I Irml before largo crowds.
wo would soon bo hack to normal. l!
see noir I was mistaken. Order nfter IlKTl'ItN' niojl VUAXCIO
order is cut all to pieces and prices I A ypar frcm th(J (a. IIarvey Ga.
are mountiiiK so high that one can't ' )elth ini(ied ln PrilIlm, ,, wna ,
mm " nlfalfa by sulphur had ,vl,m ,,,oro W,1K "l)t,,,l,K U a f,,u'
ee mado under (lu direction of 1,0"B-,S oar tint lirlilKo nnd tlio snutln
Jn' Thomas, inunt horo thu ouphonloiiH nanio of
AKt Thorn
iw bull?u,,,hur lron,,Mnt
iaC; hMo woro utiro'y
ihowed ,,!.:. '.CCm,an ,,,l Klnnco
Held ;,:""' UKn,,i- o
"itcru i in ...
J- Not only 3,' .I'T r'ort of '"0 "PPer lake. In 1808
'Mcher. trronn i IT. U,Q .nIfft,fu 1'" llHlcnod to tho call of tho east and
(MUI" Morally IMOr S01'1 th0 "rc"ort- t0-hlH " 'T'
" fr rank, r f',pn(lrnnco- '" Kendall, who later dl'sposod of It to
0lderablv nghor a Rn,Wlh nn(1 JIr Hnrrllni"'- r. Hogg has been
,0111' cutting ii , A P ot tho I'lnctlclng optomelry In Portland for
yil measurcM , ,CMt fln,,itl1" lnt flltoon years, hut climatic
w,uM' "O pom, i. B,,owod ll "dltlona -forced him to ohiingo his
.. , tile troatmont , ., thQ ncro rt,a'l-'iico nn.l )io decided to answer
" '.WO noim I U,, SU,pl,Ur,.,t, r,,U ot t love, for thoro
Sl?',h not hell . !r tl,,1"'3 "over boon n year since leaving
Wthav ... "' ,mn ntlmlnlitoroil'linr.. l,t i, ., ...,,...., , ....
ttl "in n i . ... ..,,. tioit hv nun iiii. iniii.-i i i u-
-" li I fill Mil.. .....
-. wnuni turn, if i(. finds conditions favor-
niont hnru thu ouphonloiiH name of
l.lnkvllle That was In 1887. Ho pur
chnood tho property now known as
Harrlmait I.odgo, from tho original
owner, and It Is ho who erected thn
log house that for so many years
n lieiL.n...ll tj ...A .tnln. n.i.l I . n A .1 I .1 .-
... . -.UK11I) V tlln linn I., i... - "" " n
cl1 Whlinn .. .. " lltl3 llllllu,. til .I'lin, ,10.1.1 l.i l. lit,, ,i,tiiilt.i.
IIIU SU llll.t. I,n.l . - ' """ " "" "" !"'"
II. ltlley Sells Twentj. Might Feet
Adjeining: the 1'ortl d'.irnge to ,1.
A. Ciump, n Stock Mint Fiiini Lake tln s:,mo price wholesale, and all f i luniled in New York
CatlZe It. .MUCH Ol tile KIOCK WO are nn hninnwnr.l,.,1 .1.1.. ,.. ..
soiling today cannot ho duplicated a' for the moilt of Ju,v wng g(na hQ
I ,
() Page 4)
'"iln ho will romnln horo pormnnent-.1)'.
itis met chants aro In the air." Mr.
Houston says: "Rhortago? Worse
I than that, you can't get the stuff
ostl((0 i Prices aro clear out of sight, and I'
we hud not loaded clear to tlio guards
when wo bought last fall, wlntor and
Mr, Calberth Is a Klamath County
hoy, who was raised noar tho Lo3t
Hirer Gap. When tho United States
enteivd tho war Hnrvoy joined tho
10th Engineers, nnd was with thorn
until his discharge Ho returned
homo on tho trntn last night.
Full operation Is under way to-
Ouo of the quickest real
deals ever consummated In this city
was put through yesterday afternoon firiig I don't know what wo would
when In less than twenty minutes C. ,ic, 110,,.. it will hn roars before nrlces
K, ltlley sold to .1. A. Crump twenty- m,C, tho level at which they aro to-j
eight foot of Main street property ,tlyt f they oror got hack that far. I
udJolnliiR tho ton! GninRO on tho it a a raso of up, up, up. Whoro It
west. Tho transaction was handled WI1I
by .T. F, lagulro. .. stem
Mr. ltlley owned 103 feet, being tor volro tho samo sentiments, tliejfor n da' nntl ft nalf fr01 a broken,
nil of tho property between tho store chief complaint being that It Is ni- ,liea(l on "0 main pinner. Repairs
of tho J. F. Magulro Company nnd most (inposslblo to got merchandise ( woro mado last night ,nnd no trouble
the Ford garage. IIo rcfusod nn at any price. '3 expected rrom now on
offor for tho romnlnlnR 75 feet,1 It would seem that, as Mr. Cnson
Rttitln(f that it was not for salo, and says, It Is the wlso man or woman
would not ho, Ono of tho consldern-' who hujs now, for they aro sarlUR
tlons entering into tho salo of tho dollars that thoy will havo to work.
With each turn of the hour hand ot
I the clock preparations are taking
added life and rim for the big Elks
convention which is but eight days
i So many Elks are coming to Klam-
inth Falls for the three-day session
that decision was reached by the local
committee to start w-ork this morning
I on laying out a 20 acre tract ot land
across the railroad tract from the
I Big Basin Lumber; Company to bo
known officially as the "Elks tent
10O0 Tent will rise.
W. M. Montelius has full charge
of tho work that will be entailed ln
the grading of the tract and putting
it In the very best shape. The propos
ed camping ground on the Modoc
baseball park has been given up by
the Elks and all tents will be pitched
on the plot ot the great tent city that
has room for 800 to 1000 tents.
Every care will be taken to see
that sanitary conditions are the best
throughout the big plot of ground.
Natural hot springs water is bubbling
from the green sodded ground that
covers the tract. Drinking water will
be piped it? and taps will be placed
all over the "tent city". Streets will
be graded throughout the plot and
space will he planned for the parking
of automohlles.
As'c People for tenf.
Of utmest Importance at present
's the d'rt need of every available
tent in Klamath Falls for use br tho
housing and accomodation committee
at the "tent city." According to Mr.
Montelius an entire row of local tents
will be in'tnlled to care' for the many
eptnpers who will come to the conven
tion with their bedding but without
their own trnts. All people in the city
who have trnts that will not he used
should get ln touch with either Sir.
Montelius or W. O Smith, who is
chairman of the housing and accom
modation committee. Fifty or more
tents will be needed to take care of
those who will come to the conven
tion without them. The onlr possible
place that the comimttee can get
hem Is thru the kindness of the peo
ple orer the city.
lit Cenituii from l.nhcUevr
Elks froir. Lnkorlew, number 40 or
more, will also hare a tent "home"
similar to the one planned by the
Uend lot'se. Space will be allowed
tie Lalwriew visitors directlr hBk "
Fnderwood's Drug Store. Many ot
them are already in town arranging
details for their stay next week. Auto
trucks bearing the ndranco luggage
of tho Bend lodge are expected hero
within a few days.
Bend will bring 1T.0 or more Elks,
who are out to break the record ot
attendance, based on percentage ot
lodge members In attemlanco In pro.
portion to tho enrollment ol tha
.stop no ono knows," Messrs. I ('ay nt the Ewnuna Box Company, af-l
nvoll. Moo, Van Bollen. and lie- itor tho factory had been shut dqwn'
BREMERTON, Aug. 6. Tho bat
tleship Oregon may ho put back ln
property to Mr, Crump was that ho to earn Inter on, If thoy put off huv- commission nnd sent to San Francls-
PARIS, Aug. 6. Messages sent to
tho peace conference say that tho
Roumnnlnus havo served an ultima
tum ou tho Hungarian government.
It Is alleged that demands were
made far ln excess of tho armistice
terms. Th6 Hungarians were given
until 8 o'clock today to comply.
LONDON, Aug. f.. Great Britain
is planning on establishing a central
Authority to deal with profiteers, ac
cording to an announcement Issued
today hy SU Auckland Geddes.
wlll liupror it noxt spring with a Ing wlflle- tho prices aro at tholr pre- ro- President Wilson may rovlow
two story building. I sunt level. Itho Pacific fleet from its docks.
. i
1 -i