The Evening herald. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1906-1942, August 04, 1919, Image 1

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(Ug inmmg Iterato
' . f 1
-No. WW
ntn Yer
Price, Five Cents
ffifiC FLEET
Twenty-six rounds of boxing, In
eluding fmr bouts, will tin put on ut
tln upeiu house, starting ut f 30 i
in on Thursday night (if lho Klkn
convention. The bouts will bo i-on- i:wlll,,, vVill Take Place Tomor-
dueled under th.. iun.plr.rn of tin. m ,, ,,.,, of sulphuring
local i;odiV of the Klkn. i-i-lii. win il ii..........
Member of tlic Henri Lodge of the
Klks that lire coming to the big con
tuntlon in mid-August ISO strong,'
will have all the comforts of home
during their stay, according to a tele-.
M.Cartlc IIojn Purchase the Hoag. gram recclted thin morning by W. O. .
loln I.ymiN, I'ucllto Count Chum-
I WW Arrive in l,,on nd I)M,)"t" Wardell, Cunurilnu
l Fleet WIN ,T, champion, will meet In the, niulu
Pacific axn
rI ruled o 'lluise Inlelesfr.l.
IhiiiJ and Kparrvmtorn Itonclws
Near IbuiianMt Many Change
Taking Place In the'
nvrnt of the li la hi In a ten-round
bout at 1 10 poundit. Iloth boxers ure
A grcut deal of Interest ix being
taken In the, big farmer' excursion
Smith, chultman of the accommoda
tlon and housing committee.
The "baby lodge of the Mate" will
bring their own tent which measured Secretary of Wr P
40 hv BO feet. Within .a few dflvs Iwn I
Bill to Congress
,, . .... trucks will start from Bend carrying
Many changes arc taking place n ,. . , , ... ,
' dlshe. and beddlne aa well an a lareo
well known to follower of tho pad. ... . . . .... ,nmnrrn ,.r the rank., of the sheepmen of this ru Tne memw. no doubt intend
Ue.i iov kiiiiu. i.)onn ih working ()(, ,r,.,.,tl of cou,lt). Agent Thorn- county. Indicating that a settling to took all their own meals and toke
out each night ut the opera house lh Tl(, ,,ur10(, f lhu ,.xcri)0II .,Hn to a permanent basis seems to no chances on going without their
from 8 to 7 o'clock.
to show to the businessmen and fur
ttiree allowances.
-n-norfr. of Hush l TV 'oc?' ,n,,,r',M c,,"l"r,, ""oul "" iners of tho county what bus been ac , . , H ' h ,k , "end has also asked Mr. Smith to
mMt ..c,a, iU roum, vm whrh w. ,. ' It Is being recognized by both cat- secure . nano for thpm , k-pn
Isrtadww (Uirny , '.,1 between Kurl Illtchle of Krom rr,,ortl, tliut have come to the "'"""1 ""'I "heP men that the day things lively In their "house" dur-
to KnuJ crm Klamath Fulls und Arlzonu lllll of c,y( furmcr w,o hue linentlgated of 'n 'f range Is over, and with ing the convention period. Their tent
Nrilc WM"1 Sf" Mm "' Arizona. They will meet ut catch- til0 results ruined bv the use of the that end in view the heon men are w' " located close to Main street.
nek ' a"1'"1 "'M,m
weights. Curlny Maxwell nn, miplllr nri, Krvuliy worked up over beginning to nrenare for a future nllhol"5n tho exact Plot of ground 1m
it,.. ,.i.Ur,, ... iii. i.... .. i . . . . ... in Binning 10 pr. pare lor a luiure ..,,,,.,..,.
"""."".. - ""r .... what they nave n. and thlb propos ... ... mlI1BUllv ., , "
no), win go six rounds ut inr. pounds ,., excursion Is sure to lme a stlmii- ' "
iM FRANCISCO. Auk 4-Ilul- lu th stMiil-wlnd-up nfTalr of the U,K ,.fferl ,, t,M. .. n metnoa oi handling their hocks.
hv nartl hrail.uart.Ts ',v,,'l"f' i.ul tukeu the time to look into the Annoiintement Is Just made of the
hjiilMM "J u A Mur-round curtiiln raiser lll benefits to be gained purchase by Charles and Jack M-
l(CiUlaM t, stngi4jy I.. Wild., of Ktutnnth One claxa who should be sure to Cnrl,' ot Property In the' Ilonanza
sijsrd to the pew PAClflc tlrft. in Kt)i oppoHj,,,, (;,.org U1,H f K ,, ,,,, ,r U the business men of fcl-'c"on The former has purchased
Bimtd hve not an join.-.. ,- ,.0,n,t Tnn it,vnc., ,,,,. (lf ,,,, , T1.r,. r,. lVt( .,, f01. me noigiuna rancn. containing iou
llll- this tl-e oue It to themselves UKrvK rt" ol lnls ,H "oer Jrnga-
r- to keen full) abreast of the limes llon' "' ",08t of " '" ln rye and
lors. Jewel Caff und the. I.nwrenr.! on ull matters that hae to do with oa,s ,llK J,I,r- ,l ls their Intention to
Clgur .Store, (.aitles nr Invited to the d.oelniiiueiit of the roiinti ... S(,w u lo "I'-"''" next year. This
M Md omc cat" are yel In rent will h held at the Pastime llll
'. ,n.trucllrn Al'proxl- ",ir'l Parlors, Mpccu Milliard Pur
IcltitriOO rwieU comprise the fleet
n (eel. with armament and otn-
MWlUtifi of the more important
I TttMU. Include.
PwKlnoBlht New Mexico, H"K-
,MotAd!lrlHuh Itodmaii; 27.-
lit iedi: Irngth. 6J feet beam.
S Ml drauxhl, 2S u, feel; St
Iiu; 1 torpedo lubes, cre, liiclinl-
Utftm. i.55: ""'",- -' 1("'"
irkioiM snd Wximlng. 2.00
tw; lecxth, ((I wl! iieam. .i
iitteml the bouts.
tion Plans on the Krtctlon of IUg.
(jest i Factory in the West at
Tlmt Point
ttie can discuss It Intelligently The ranch Is one of the best of the many California Fruit Growers Assocla-
other Is that the) oue It lo Mr. Thorn- ",,e ranches In this part of the coun-
iii He Is deserting of the uttlte. as ' Adjoining It Is the Sparrentorn
well as th nil, support of the ranch, cr what Is known at the prex-
liuslncss men of the city He I us l..- v"i II""' "" lho Gutes ranch. This
luilefutlgable lu his efforts this car. br"P'Tty N to bo bought by Jerry Mc-
utiil be Is ptoduilng results that bate 'ali anil contains ote- 3o arres,
won. for him tho cordial co-operation. Hom,J of uhlcn '8 already In alfalfa,
.onfl'ilenre and est n of the farmers u w al, Uo Improved and turned
Into an alfalfa ranch.
TO BE 510,000 STRONG
All Special Services Will Be Itetate.
ed Universal Training of Yotb
ln Nation Ih Provided for Tto
motion of Offlcrra by Seniority.
WU1 Be Abolished Selective Bee
tle Active Operative During War.
WASHINGTON. Aug. -t. Plans
for the permanent peace army ot
510,000 officers and men, and a sys
tem of universal military training;,
were transmitted to congress by Se
cretary' of War Baker today. In a bill
representing the war department's
One of the biggest box factories of
tho west ls to be erected at once eith
er in Susanvllle or at some point
close to it bv the California Fruit
of the county, it Is no up to the,'"1" M """Ia ra,,cn- Growers' Aoclatlon. according to in-
business men to Join In barking him , These boj.s have also purchased f(irmaton ju made ,.. Te de
up It. this work that will do more for " ar. crop of hay from Francis
J. Hon lie.
Douu in the
Merrill and Malin
months of close investigation and
MKXICO CITV. AUK. t - Allhouuh Klamath County than any other one
Mi miM. """ "'" " "" the Mexlr in congress was called Into uinig linn iiuh iieen uimeniihen in us - coideration as to the desirability
. . lupiinn inn nennian.i nnniHH .. ...
twH tnbei; orflcerimnil crett. 1,- exlruordltuiry seslnn on May 1. for lll8,"r' . , , , . ' 7u'"'h ',er,- of placing the factory at Susauvllle
he M.rposo of ....Mill.. .,....ik. oth- ? w nl'ey of Hie O. K Trans- " the lava beds Is having a very of
S Htotolppl and Wal'o. 23.0rtO ton.l rs. petroleum law that would ear- ,,T C'"I""'V- " ,,,,,t, Kroa"-v "' ",,"".,,.., I' ,.,.,.. ..""'"..u " ' "' not ll was Iue entlrelr to
.lBftb 111 fwii'fc'Run: olllcers ry out th,. provisions of Article 27 of tereste.i in me suumur .amp.iigu una """ '- " "- lht. unfavrrable conditions exlstinK
i... ' .- ' t - he has agree, to furnish all of the ".. e uiuruiorc e- . ,, ,,,, h,,i,a ,., -..
ISQ crew. 1. lit menr ,,n- ,, niiiriiuiuuit, niucn lliuininil- ,.i.i,..i .i... i. ,.. , .... . . :,-""'".- ".'
uiiii.inia fi .i r i i.ii,i au inni t,iiitii iiiul u in iiniii. I lllll' ill i-Sat ...
ArlirM. J7;n ib C"v '- !' oil lands, up lo tho prrsent time "l,M"" "-'""'" "" "' .ljolr. for n0ll r 1 " , ', , ". 7 orn lMcinc timber lands.
JW tan. rA feet (Irniigl.t. the M,, has not b ", brought up w","t "",c,,lrn y a,m,,"1,,1 w ro,t !" "! ,, " , ' ,ZtrT r '' , When the asROclatlon t,ecltIei1 to
'll4 Ni: aU'Sum. office., ami for, In ellhe. the senate or ","r V' "" T " , r , ' ' u n"a rd of 10 000 t, 1 'r CreCt tt "PW Plant' t,,ey SeC"rPd a"
:m. 1.111 men, llu- cl.itmb.'.r ot deputies f'" rul" '" l"' fon,"Ml M,.,,wl or,1,,rs , ' uI,ttjrlh of lft-oon head of , Mtl8fnctory prlce on the
W5.m ft: beam. 03 foe.; petroleum commissions appointed ',", ' "'( rMl "" b cu' fur b" iCha, lo Out n out of t b nT lny. Kwmlnatlon. however disclosed
4.M.I. ' V., nnpr.mii, ly tho louer house ,,. ,odr.n the " I""" .P.-rlatl.,.W U "' ' ' ,,l '' , ' "air; '"e fact t. at they were ,o Muttered
.... Vd nil iur i in nrni' fur ff, hU IUr .UPriMI'.Milllll I1J. l h VOJir. - t. i i.- .)tiu..K .-.
..II "!- rn - - . -. Jlk- l(J jlUiUU 11 U lUlilUI UWlltUll JIIU
rml)rrlmiiiKlit NV Jerwy. Iltleiesu thi't Article 27 Is ill direct
Rtods Islan.l, Oenrgln Virginia and opposition to Aulrlc II of the on-
XtbiuVi, H,9(S ion' length. 411 iltuil"ii. vhlch prohibits reiioartlt.'
tti Wt, li feet, drnught, .26 legislation
Wi lour lljinch, eight S-lnch. 12 I'liofflrlal. teports lire to the effect
llntbrnus; (hreo .1 potind.'rs. eight tli I'resldrnt Ciirinii:i l.ns mmh.!)...!
IjWlMfjur torpedo tubes; oltlceis his hands oi the mutter iiud has put
ililffw each, 1.095 men: 1!) Itmu it mi in nmvt,.u ,,, ri ... i ..,i...i.. i
Itrmont, U.OO Otens: Iciil-iIi ir.r. this ili..nev I., I,,,...i ,,,. r, ...... .r.
I" I . ....,,... - -r. -...,,, IH lHOLII "11 lltVli IIIIUIMIilS
ta .i M('7'W fW'! ',I",IK'"' 26li '" " '''R' (,lfl("r "f " Ameilcan oil
i ;lol runs, ,4; henvliMt, 12- rorporitlon here, the nroleiiged delii-
r,i aml m'W' '31 of r,,Kri"rt In taking up the oil imes-
l--vT,8MU,'''- U-fiS0 "i,ik: "" U,",,I ItlilleiUii tnut Its leaileii
"Mi SO! feet! In... r.i ..-. i.r.. I.... II., . ... .....
Ii . ii'ia, " "'"ins ' iiiiiivuii i nil- in reeon
( Tm ' fMl: rrpw' S" ''"', ",u Provisions of the constitution.
""si. t.uuu tons
'JUT' Denvcr "l"1 Oletelund
,, " 4U fw: 3.100 tons, boa
Mm, crew. 293 men
H.M.fhl, VUksburg, Pue- s
tro-Thcre aro 10S ,i.
, W (ho M(,0 lon.Mush deck
iW, bam after ihn i'i..i a
d the war.
ffi:'-:s: '":"
Hn Vu,i :. ' H0""'y C"'H-
Kerr. ni.V ' '"" H'r "" Mol-
Ii Rantacv ni,. ull"rori1' Hreeso, ,
, cr'Bul'annn. Phiii,. ph., ;... I.OS ANfilM.KS. Cal.. Aug. I Mr
nn "!' iiiiil. i r 1 1. -
Wl) 0n M'n"'' Hathhono ",,(l MlH' H('ar ,-t,wlu1' Wl''' Bovnroly'
Tirbel Pf,Ta,,lt. Dnrsoy, Wnlors' ,mr,101 n",'HliurvlHo lujurvd by flro ;
Wool g" Un- Ynrnnll VvanH' w,,,ch f""""l lmml utploslon lu
fflO UED Ii
801 DIM
i:liloilcs In l,.w ,ui;eliw
Heme Aiillioiitles Oder 111); H-
ttiu.l for .ppi'lien!im of Paities
Who Set It.
morrow h l,lg etelit " ""- "." "- M-uieu, uircugn ,,w.lni. fnr lnL-elnt- It u-:w then tbnt
to::io A. M. '""fcc. Pontiol ot one of tho finest tho movemcnt to "b0ck up" the
Auto parties meet it Telford runrb. langes In Northern California, locat- holdilngs of the various companies in
whine .1 iliMiinnstintlon of the grind- tMl 1" the vicinity of Hornbrook. Tho territory was undertaken, but
lug or rutting of alfalfa hay foi feed '"'1 fr this pio.nt l.i just been,huiv In this direction was lua.k
will bo glti n. clobeil, and they are uou hero pre- s0 slowly t! at the association decided
' I l:J! A. M. 1Mrl,,K for ,,lt, ttaiibfer of their sheep ,0 EO elsewhere, with the result that
Inspection of sulphur demoustrn- to that territory. This will be a it secured a tery favorable proposi
tion on K i: McClay's ranch, wlere serious lois to tho ranchers of tho tion in the vicinity of Susauvllle
ih'tti will be at blind regal ding costs, Merrill section, as it will tnko away Vnder the plan of operation tt se
ii suits, etc nuch ot the market for the hay crop. cure,i from private parties and the
I'Jtilii P. M. i Annountement Is also m.ido of tho gcvornmenl approximately two b'll
Inspnrtlon ot sulphur ilemnnstin- hu'-' of ,l,e I)lck Kinne.tlly herd, con- n feet of timber. The association
llon. 1 Iteeder ranch. slstlng of about .1,000 head, to Dick has entered Into an agreement with
l::in M. ' I.aiey and Jim I.arkln. This means the government whereby It will log
llasket lunch nt Altamont rmch ,lu" retliement of Mr. Klnneally off the private holdings under gov
Pusliiess Men'h Assoc! itlou will film- from tla sheep business. Tho con- emmental supervision. When this Is
ish Ice creim for the lunch. Short "fUuruti. n was not made public, nor completed the land will be deeded to
lulks will in glum on alfalfa sub- ,1IUM Jl1' Klniieally decided Just what the government and it will become
Jects by Director A II Cordtev, Ore- bo Is going to do. He Is very popu- pert of the forest reserte. The n-
. ... .. .. . Int- n,t,n,r ,ln l.n..n 1 ,1.... ... ... ..... .. . . . . ...
goli i;pellllient nlilinn; rroiessor "" "'"h "v-- i'u;n, ..uu uiuy uro 'irciaunii win men proceed 10 10c of
ornment land under the usual
ditlous. Tho proposition is said to
the most favorable ever se-
lu'inlrv I), imrtmcnt. Oregon Agrl- cimou as to tlie future, he will visit cured from tho forest service.
cultural College. "10 oll folks in Iielaud . Sufficient timber has been secure,'
51:510 P. M. i ' to Insiue operations for lho next
Pr (! It IIsloi. Agronoui) Department, "nltod In urging him to lemnln tbo govort
- Oregon Agilciiltural College, iiml "hoiik tluiiu It is quite likely, how- conditions
(jL Professor !:. I. Potter. Animal JIus- oter, that before he reaches any de-be one of
Inspection of demonstration on
MrConimk lanch
1:510 P. M.
Iiisperllou of pit silo ami sunflower
(top for same. Talbot ranch.
twentv years. Approximately 3."00
men will be- emplo.ted in the woods
mill and fectoiv.
(ions to i..Ki:vii:v.
While It has been known among MANY ATTEND SUNDAY
her close f i lends for somo tlmo, tho PICNIC AT ODESSA
announcement that Mis Kdnn Wells ,
has rohlgneil as county school supor-
Tho large crowd that attended the
Intendent will come as a surprise to ,,NCUlsj011 t0 Odessa yesteulay, given
Till nmi'tf.l ni "Hm" nu t 111
... ...'"" ' .-'..'. ! Mrs. Ilai ow's band of the Sacred
,Hr n ' 'niltml. Twiggs. '","' ""' 'i"'- '"""" - ' """ "- "" "-' " takou by Miss Wells Saturday, and 1,, Piiule, wore well rewarded In
:dLna!'BPr' """Mil. je0, ;' '' 'rnl.,g n.o to IV, effect l.akovlew. wheie he will bo engaged c ,. lmm0(llutely np. ' ovinont an J , ensuro. h
W'tr1' K"n,""" Clax.on "'"' ""'" resting null,, easily. He- for sometime In tho construction of cc 1 ,,, Z a
v '. Manilmry Ilamllioii in wnri, for " iilipreheiiHlon of tho the l.akevlew (larago, the new struc- were afinrded throughout the da
inlMr, vii ' "'""'"on. Hoggs, , ,. ..,''... , ,. .,.,.. , ., ' Music was provided for on the
CiJJ am. 1 hatcher. KUto , M o ,, , . ,hl,t was ,,. ,,, JnJf of ..0., 0 fflclont ami " ", ' V U,
tTr T" (Hraorvnl r, la,n '" ' McNnmnra cases, whiter when It caved lu because ot "1 .1 e smllnte, dents as W"BP; .B,CB.n!er, l6tt 'MtCT,l'
? Zltm'- ,PnJ "" I in ' T W,,0TO Uw,or wnrt (,,,,,," 1,,,,-(',,t- " hmvy WP,Kht f m on t,,n roof o m had A Tro Z worker Miss T"T "' l ?"
imtt, Wftii.. ' ""Kiinuicj do- Vll , ,4 . -.! n.., if iiti.1i" .- inLX ,UU1, A tiroioss wot-hor, ivuss about 0 p. m. Tlio crowd woro amused
2'' Olin. 'uri,or' nlPhy ... , . ., wlll lnk0 ......, ,,,.. oils was constant!) trying to pro- and entertained by an astraloglst who
r"irdi ..' '"'"rinntt. I.iini, ... . . ' . ' .... ... ... . moto tho wolfaro of tho schools, and imiiu,i to nn tim ti,o on ti. irin
4 "a inni ... . '! u, w. iiroiio. ot i.os Aiigeies. ac- snow to rnvo u hi uei uniu. mi ...- . .. .. . , . ...,.,. ; -
i ", Nhi..,.. "".iuianan. .. ...... ... .... ........... ... ... .. ...... ,.. .... n.. i.. ,i.i., "" " ",v..,v.. . .. ,u...,.nt,u.u v louine mo oast, oresent. nun rut
--.suripir t,... .mil, iiiiieii iiv ii rriniin iv n n ih linen . ih nun ill inn uei ill i it. imu 111 nun . . - ...-.,-- , - --
'-nt llllll... .. . "rf " ...". -. ' ...... --.
Ttln.i... " '"orris
R taking n tour of Oregon received nock o' tho woods,
S, B. k' -n"y. Morrl
n..i . "', ,Moa,l n '""'"h ii luiir oi tregon reieiveii
ley. ri, ' "'"cioir, Moodv in " "uor """ IM,r 'iH" "
. C. lUnce)r- PerclvnT .J ". bon v,cl,mB ot ft bomh URRy ,n
Btod.'. u,,er. JohnPrnL , rBut' M-oH Angolos. Tho tourlstfl drovo nil
if "UPMn ....' b-onncdy. Ilnnn Ul.i. . .... .... ..
t ( o ""i Miuiillln,, ,,.., " illuming. inoy ion inoir cur
''5 Lee- Young w lam hT0 nn'' 00k ' "tornlng train for
fill in ""' 27S 070 r " aouiii. wr. urouo is tho proprietor
wl ' 8lfl 21? ie 8,10ralmn k0'01 of I,os AnB
l.iTTi.n ciiiiii ni i:s.
June, tho two months old baby ot
Mr. and Mrs. Allen Smlthwick, who
are hero with the Seven Day Adven-
tists, died last night at Merrill fol
lowing a three days attack of eiyslp
olns. Mr. and Mrs. Smlthwick arrived tho
Inst few days from Walla Walla and
wore accompanied by Itev. T. Ii.
Theumlar, who Is taking charge of
tho Seven Day Adventlsts meetings
hero. The little baby of Mr. and Mrs.
Smlthwick will bo burled Tuesday
gains it has made under the dlrec- on N(nth stroot to Ernest McCollum. at 10 a. m. from Whltlock's Undertak-
tion ot tno latter. Miss Hoad as- Mrs. North will turn the property g Parlors. Services will be conduct-
tory to taking charge of the depart- sume1 tne du"cs of her office Satur- over to the new owner as soon as pon- ed by Reverend Theumler and inter
ment again this year. da'r' slble. n ment will be In the city cemetery.
degreo. In choosing Miss Hoad as ro 0f tho excursionists. An nl.iin-
hor successor, tho county court has donee of good food added materially
j exorcised splendid Judgment, for she to the days's enjoyment,
lis tho typo ot progressive, prac- m
Miss Mnblo Menm. who had chargo cal,. Intelligent and energetic oxecu- RKRLS HOOT.
, ... ....,o.. .,ln, .Innnrtmnnt Uvo as was Mlss Wells, and tho C0U11-' T n realtv deal omn1tod (lie list
!ln lho high school and who l.ns been ,ty, wl,J '80 nono ot tho wnlorful WPoki Mrs. Ivy Nor, s0,d her hom(,
In Southern Callfornlu for the past
yoar, Is In tho city at present prepar
All spscial services of the army
that have been built, up will be re-'
talned. Three-months of military
training for young men of 19 will be
made compulsory. Promotion of of
ficers by seniority will be abolished,
as the war bad shown this system ot
promotion defective, said Secretary
Youths would be subject to mili
tary services for two years after com
pleting a course ot military training.
In the event of war the selective serv
ice act would become operative.
Xettet Arihal in the Lumber and
Ilo Plelil Springs a Surprise by
Pin .basing- Holdings of Old Es
tablished Concern.
One of the largest transactions
that iias occurred in the lumber and
boK business ln this territory for
some time has Just been consum
mated in the purchase of the Crater
Lake Hon Company of all the hold
ings of the Bray Lumber and Box
Company The deal Includes the
saw mill and bo factory, fifty-one'
houses, the light and water plants,
all located at Bray, together with all
of the timber holdings of the com
pany, which, it is stated, are suffi
cient to meet the demands ot the
new owners for some time.
The Crater Lake Comp3ny was re-
cently organized In this city, and In
cludes, aside from a number of local
business and professional men, Geo.
It. Pheneger and Claude Chastaln,
who will lcok after the practical end
of the business. Originally it was
the intention ot the company to
purchase a site anil build a new.
plant, the seventeen acres adjacent
to tho Pelican Bay mill having been
seriously considered. Later, how-
over ,it was ascertained that a satls-
trctoiy deal could be made with the
Bray Lumber and Box Compmy,
and it was decided to tako over that
concern, together with Its well es
tablished organization and business.
Too c ipital of tho new company.
which was originally $GO,000, is to
bo increased to $100,000. The offl
ce.s ot tho company are: A. B.
Whitman president, George It. Phen
eger vice president, Claude Chastaln