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ttlfyg ugmg HralJt
0KF,CAI. WW: '
Thirteenth Year-No. 3,G72
Price, Five Cent
lii) swamp mill ovorllowed liiml In law
It must tio liiml of litis I'liiiturtm In
flirt. These I ii 11 1 1 n In tltc I.owci
Kliiiniitli llaslti urn tin longer covit
ml wlllt water, lint uru high mill dry
mill ii h dusty n the noted Lavn IIimIi).
which ln' hut short dlMiture south
mill eust of tint Lower Klamath Ha-
Kill N,
In 1 K1H tint Stan of California
in ml ii application to the General
Land Omen of tint United States to
have curtain land on Hheepy Creek
nit Okluhiiltiti segregated as swump
ml overflowed land. Tint Slate's mil
. .. . i.i,.. i., until lauds of '" Diicntliiii wnii reterted. anil din lands
in'nt ' , iaya and the great val-p, decided tin lake bottom hind by
" !.. ,iIoDiii'iit of these lunds din U H Lntid Department, because
TJ 01 o "'; ., .... ,., irtr. . ,. . .
i 0 PI
Mn rlew of lh" k,""n Me,re1 ,hrt n
l l
I Among tho matters taken up by the
Coin. f ourt at their meeting ntur
day nltrr.on, -was' the dispute over
i the propnred paving of High .Street
O .V white represented the citiposi
Uon and W. II. A. Ilenner upneM thu
side In favor of the paving with a H'te
assessment on all property.
The County Court was concerned .n
-Not since the that the High "School property fare
U tln ni"
PARIS, July 'I
ItOAIH TIIIIOCUIIOIT COUNTV signing of tho armistice has the heart on High Street and Mr. White nsked , Leae Qf Nations and tfc
I of I'nrls heat as It did today All . that they sign a remonstranco to jc, . -
b to Kla.i.l" Knl1" Th" U"r' ,m'y w'"r" vril with wiiht ii about Kliuimtli couniy Is progressing
i '
; France, and particularly Paris, celc- presented before tho City CoiiikII.
,, , . , brated their National holiday In annl-' The Court refused to do this since
Itoud rp.ilr and bulldltiK In and ......... , ..... ,.. , .... .., .' ... ,. ,. ,
tt'jnui; in wic iuu ui hit wubimu urn if icy nuu never Bigueu u, iciiihjii iuj
Peace Treaty Discussed
th start of the French Revolution thf paving of tho street and have al-.
ways taken a neutral stand on the
t otho lompletlun of the work on tho The ,la' ""Kan wltn a triumpnant 1 matter
th LaV ! A"ul ' ... r"",,r van "' """ ,,"r' """ " rapidly and every Indication points ISO years ago
..i.ini of til" i."r .- ndnsit growui in I nit', which is on- . .... . . ti... .i.... i,
. prttlariu .'". ...... , . ....... . .. . .. I otho loinpl.-tlon of the work on tho Thf da bi
,lh Ukc 8i-ttlr- woci. ,y rniirnrutrisuc in i.k i.oiioni .. ., ... manli of the Allied and American The objection to having thh strce'.
i.h I. w"" '""t,",, ",B,Um!:nl ,u'""' " " W"M km,w" f" """ ",K" H "M f" " H,'"rt K","1U," "y troops thru the streets of Paris. (,ver , an!l assessed at a llko r,tc
L the iul)Jfft Mr W"llt", htt"' r"r '' 'l'11!" wl" kw only In plnc.-s HnptombiT or October, according to u ti10Ullun( vounded soldier. from theV omes from persons owning property
iit pint four yi'itrn. '"",n '""" wniiro tint mini is rovprmi win- i-. Miiiyii)iiim-. sinie mvisionai wnr f., t. parade. Marshall Foch, on the level, past end, of the stront.
ldntlfi' ! t,u' "I"'"1" "' th,'"' r to rtl. i-gn-uli-r purt of i-nrh year, way i-iirIiumt. who Is In Klamath Marshall Joffn- and (ioneral Persh-ThB paving would be Inexpensive to
lindi to m-tll''.ii,.i nn,! ,H ,horo,' Tim entlro land iindiir ronlcntliiii In Fulls at present. Mr. Wlthycombe t,g Joined In the great pajeant The the property owners, but those with
f lllr ui, every phs ot tho ln Lower Klmnutlt lluslu are lands Is tlio son of thu IiUo Governor enthusliism of tin- vast throngs that ' property on the west end. and hilly,
sublKt. "I ,,'"r ""'r'''oro' wl" Hecllon 26 of Township S Wlthycombe. swarmed the boulevards of Paris was ! r0cky. section will have nn exponvivo
. ', to lhoo who have mmm Nrih. Ilungit I Kust M. I). M
so v '- . ... ....
Hrnntc Asks Concerning Secret Tr
ty Between Germany and JapM
Hoase of Representatives Falls t
Vns Agricultural Bill
WASHINGTON. July 14. After
"I'm pleased with tho movii of tremendous It Is estimated that over iironosltlon on their hands For this weeks of discussion, manuevering and
. ... . ..tin i.inv Inter lii'COIIlO wlilrh va ilnrlilml iinnn as I.akn lint. Ilin u'nrk nml llin irnlns we nre innk. n million h'-onle from the outlying namn nonni .m, t,ij. -.t ;....i -... . ,.v,n v,,- vgrlnn. mom.
1ntertd In tUU property. Owing (om i.anl In 1832 and nlso other lug eiich week." Mild Mr. Withy- districts nbout Paris participated in property object to paying at the siuie uers 0f the Senate over the country.
to IU lonittli. it will itcinr- ti lt,m )n Hheepy Crook and Okla- combu. "Tho roads leading out from tl.e day's festivities. (rate the wst end property owners) ,he actual mght over the unreserved
nutjllsb It nerlallJ. n portion of It nt- homn. which were decided as I.nko Klamnlh Fulls to Iletid, l.akevlew , will have to say. I
LrlnK oatl '! for t,,n mxt f0,,r 'tlM t.""'l " ". Ierli.g.'nnd Lambs Mill have been In bad KILLS WIFE, THEN "Ids that were to have been M ratlflcation of the Peace Treaty. vrittt
fln, ,ia)1( ) nre iiiAw than a foot higher than tho shape for roim lime We hope to ENDS OWYf LIFE for tho ''""ding of the Merrill brides the league of Nations Covenant at-
-- lands In the east end of the Klnmaih hiye them In fine condition before PORTLAND. July 1 1 Albert Har- and for the concrete- addition to the tached began "today.
nurntlflii 1" "rv "f"M1 '""'" ',,"," WH" ""' service of the the winter months make furthc rls, a shlpworker and former j-aloon Manual Training department of thf Senator Swanson, democrat from
7.' recently .-I'nAoT ulint nutlior- Oovernineiil. Ills work on the Lower work Impossible." keeper, uc d . shin and killed hU high fchool were postponed until ii i . virginra in opening the debate for
oVihnsritler on Hi-Lower KlaiiiMli Klamath llmln bad exteniled over a Woik on the road from Klamath wife. Myrtle. In ihelr H John's home Monday session of the court !,h r-.ilieitinn nUed the Leacue of
lT lite wlin w ...i...i , . i i.u i,.... , , l...fnro their ehllilren. H then killed , the ratification, ralseu tne League oc
t .in .tnte that these settleiiielils ledlte of tint lonilltlon of these Inuils Lambs mill, n dlslunre of some IS blm "If Jenlou- U gsten n the r-jni ir'UOrkVC CAr-m
1,1,1 ... ,i with i- f..- ... .!.,. r ,.vn i. .. iui , cause of his crime. Mrs. Harris was 30 UUUUnouia E.AUC.K
Ate brIUB tnmie i" "-" " -..,...... ,,,,,,, ,n ...... ..... n....- ..n.... ...
in,! umlcr Hie authority of the la who had obtained their knowledge the stute and county co-operative. i'W "M
of lh Slnte of t'allfurnl" reisiiliitltlK only from ncluol ur, as his Pluns will be gent to headnuarters In
thoalcof land nf this chararter. anil knowledge whs obtained thru the nc Kalem on Wednesday. As soon as
Uo under their ronstlttitlonal rlish' mal views, ns his knowlodBO was ob- they linu been approved, bids will
Tho Flat of dllfnrida lias never (nlinjd thru tho uciual conditions . opened for tho construction of the
acquired any title lo these lands un- ,fmi tmrveys mid measurements, etc highnnv. nceo
dcr the Bhuiiip Lni"l '.rant in l !' Thu settlers on the lower Ivlumnth roinbe It shoul
thi:i:i: i..irm:n i.v chicxgu.
CHICAGO,, 111.. July 11. Two
women, imd one lean -re seriously
Nations la face of many objections
' "if .the 1'nited States reiects me
TO LEARN THE LIGHT League." said the Virginia senator.
. FANTASTIC TOE "it wm m"ean that she has skulked In
the greatest world crisis that has ever;
l.ct lm always held llu nbnulim Hnsln are making application to the September, barring uuforseen cor
ilht ami Ulle t 'bee innds by vlr- ht0 f California to purchase this dmuns Tho luipnnx'tnents on the
tneof hrr oerc'Kiity on account of llluj H recession luntt, localise It Is p,.,i highway nro also under the
ttw lani!" ii"i!K a part of tint bed of hR, m ,r) ,) SSUK covored with Mate and county cooperative tie-
Ultt or 1 ower Klnmsth Lake, whlcn M.ftt,,r n, the dute of the Swamp p-irnnent.
wMnavlt.'.t body of water Thvr ,.,, (Jrnllt( ,0 t, ,, of caiiforn- Tl, toa,H win )0 macadamized
liqultcad'Uinctlon between lands of ,n nnd R ,a(, ln,,lMV , high-water limi frn!, possible crushed rock
1Wclisrnr'r ami itttimp and over-iinnrk or ,Pftmlor line of Lower wjl )0 H,j Owing to tho scarcity
flOWM lamls Within Hie intent 'l 1 , icintnnth Lake, ti iiuvluiible body of ..t ,..i, nn.i r.ivnl Pn.l..r tvllt nee.
water. Tho classification of tills rt.sary ,0 to bo utilized.
Intnl. llko In nil ntt (gable lakes and
streams, Is iletormltieii ny Hie iinvi-
.gallon of the waters of Hut lake. GEORGE STEVLNbUN
Tim Supreme Court of Callfornlu BACK FROM FRANCE
In July 1?1S decided n portion ot
this laud which Is now under con
troversy on tho cast end of the Low- After fifteen months of over-seas
rdlng to Mr. Withy- .I,3"r', '?" " 'l!" n ,' "'to . went ovm wlthout a """ Ing President. Wilson to
Id bo finished In late ( n VTl?T,, 'n of ,low t0 dan" are rea"zln foPe them to be question.
ped strei-trars carrying company
guard Manv shots wen fired by
the strikers and the guard-
tiMnlnK of the grant of IS'.O. Tho
fcvcrelcn lands tire the lands below
He ordinary high witter mark on tho
shore of niulgnble lakes and streams
as well ni the bed The Stute has t'f.
power to dispone of lands ot thl'
character until the water has recede J
from them These lands In tho 1 ow '
Klrtiath llmlii hntn been lUintnlU
SAN FRANCISCO, Cal , July 14. occurred."
Scldlers. sailors and marines who ThP SenatP took no action on aak-
appear be-
questloned coneem-v
they made tho mistake of their lives lnK the League and the Peace Treaty.
A veritable dancing epidemic is beln However they did report three resolu
noted among the men waiting dls-! .tons calllnir on the President and theL'
c. . c M c!mrB0 from thc 8ervce at ,,aciflc state department regarding the alleg-
French Statesman Now coast Demobilization points, accord- ll ger"aetv cen Japan an-f-
Head of Council Of Four ing to Art Neal. who 1 in charge of norm,nv. The uolnt in nuestion was '
the Knights of Columbus war work at, he pr0-test gaU, t0 hae been made by n
rorkwrll Field nnd other point, in n, Secret3Vr of State Lansln54
Southern California lung fete!ment, Bnd why Costa Rica .
"HA" heen (lelUKea w,th re-.ung settlement, -and nvhy Costarica.
llpt frnm nipti nt flPTnnlillfmttnn 1 J1 . - i
jsasfcrasr- - i .-,:: ... .,":: ",::::;.;:" was not permuted to slgn e reaca
r wWrt?"
hovereiKV dutv with tho 2Zn KiiRlurH. OeorRo'
.... ti.. .... T .1.. ).. iftvitBliff i1tit ti'tf Ii f hit V
.. i....i .... . . IT I1(1II1UII1 1UHU iu i"' '.. -r. iii' -
v,".. U,"nl,,n,0tn,,,'0WPrNSlal,, Lund, bocnuso It li.ys between SleNensoreturned to Klnmnth Falls
niainnin n t- vi n rm .&, .... .Pi - .
- "" " Kii'invr curi
me :
e Those werT r!n,7 J ' "' " low water murk of a lnt night, where he will be perman-j
ini . . . re"nyoblo body of water. It ently located. Needless to say he Is
la on ,.....,..!, .," ." ," thU land does not lay be, try o.kv more. '
ramie on itiese lands In tho
Klamath Hnsln In tracts of lf.O ncr
1-sch. Some of the settlers havo plnnt
l erops whid, nre growing nicely
ad welU havo been dug on many ot
f tho different locatlons'to sctm
Tjaler for hnusehnld purposes Mr.
ow noldy on Sheepy Creek dug
eltHfeetndltls feet below
he aurfaco of the ground to tho wnt-".Mr.Frnkc.-dugawellon
his set
iiement and It Is m-m- j l ,,
11.. . . ' ' "" '"-"
urmcn or the
low tho ordinary high water murk. .Stevenson enllslcn in tne engineer
ns tho lewis run recently shows soon after America entered thu war
that tho old established meander "'l win sent to Camp Mead Mar land
lino varies from n to C feet ubovo "Is organization inctuileii men irom
tho level surveyor who run the "II ovur the United States. Tho 23rd
meander lino of tl.e Lower Klamath englners were used mainly In highway
lako show that these lands were cov construction, according to Mr Steven
ored with impassnblo Title and wnt- " nlthouRli they were on tho lines
i.... ,... n .i.i, ,,r in 111. during the Argnn offensive. His
i"i iiiiitv i i uiii t m.i'n. " - --
to 4 feut, and In fact. It was Impos-
slblo as well ns Imprnctlonblo to en
doavor to run a Hegiegnllon survey
honorable discharge was given lilm
nbout two weeks ago tit Cnuip Lewis.
ii....i . ,i
. . ....... in .in. water.
ii.. .." ""1 "nst ,'m, of ll,n "nsln '' lands in the east end of tho QTATE CHAMBER OF
"" U WM1 I Mil II 1 . m .. !.. .. I. II.... I.. .... iinnAiliit a
a grouncl to tin. surface or ll,., ..i. thu water nnd dunso growth of Tulo
mm$"-j '"mi
CulT4 'iiti . 'VIH
quests from men at demobilization
points who desire to learn to dance, j '
Atnnv nf Ihpm. IiirI lmnV frnm nvor. I -
' .1 President
sens. Hectare mat tneir wnote periott . , . .. eannin
... . ...... 'treatr. with Democratic Senators,
of leisure hours was spoiled by the,... '.. . . ,,.T..n r v!
. .,,..,, m,.u rving 01 i tan aim Ji"mi u. .v..--
Wilson discussed the i
fact that they were unacquainted with
tho Tersichorean art. "If a fellow
could dance he could get along with
. see. He gave them the impression that
the Shantung situation would cleat
t'T TI.
Ovorfllv," , fr "H Sn',l,,", ""-1
in in I'm iron1 if Htf
IJ 111
n 1011 tho County Surveyor of
Siskiyou county, endeavored to
mnlto ii survey of tho lands on tho
east onil of tho Lower Klamath Has-
Stephen I'lnclion
Tho French forolgn Mlnii-ter,'
c-.A..i.r. ..T)i, I.: rhnlrmnii of tho
.. .. IH M I ...I... .... ... -.-.
HERE ON BUSllNLbb ew councu 0f four. The other mem-
-.i linf 1iq irAfltv (if cl not
tho girls in any part of tho, world , ,lse,i- Ba-,'"h """ ',.',. , !,
even if he didn't know a word of'' JaPan ?al T Rlf '" S
their language," said the doughboy tunB and Kiau Chat, but onl econ, .
,who was bemoaning his Inability to ? riehts tormina ing in sUty or,
".step" while over-seas. "Wall flowers "venty years. That It was expedient
were constantly left out ot the yield to Japan on Shantung In ory
' tuinmont " ' der to have JaPan asa member ot the
I Young women instructors are teach- Ungue of Nations was the opinion ot,
, Ing the soldier boys to dance before the President.
tho regular K. of C. socials, which
tare usually held twice a week. Ac- WASHINGTON. July 14. Hopes
cording to Neal the experiment has of the Hepublicans ot passing the As
been a great success and many e-';Tlcultural BUI with the DayllGht Rar
' sorvico men will go back to their , ing Repeal Rider over the veto nf tha -
homo towns eager to try their newly President were smashed today when
I acquired art. the House fnlled to pass the bhl.
Twenty-three affirmative votes -i
were lacking In order to pass .ha blUW
ikt CACTPDM CIDir u lne required xiiii'unij.
IN LAbltKIM rlKLTlia count iA1 t0 130. The at-v
of V - Ume nrohlbltl'. i al-o 'aibd JiTS
i hers are Itoboii Lansing, Amor
nem- rn firemen are reported killed .rid HoBge Qn n of orflor raJsei
rican f0rtoon others injured in n . Wazo ..o-,. c,..r.linn Yolstdd . ,,. rudtclrj.-
.- f ..A--....l....v , 3. a .!-. Y T.l .. . I-.mAam. mrtnliSktir9i r
Your resources nro stupendous -;8Ccrot,,ry of stato; Arimir j. - stroying u jivu-iui. .iUUuuOU ... Commlttoo, nn ainenduent to tha
I often rocomend Klamath County to fom. n,.tsn foreign secretary, and ,iny Victims were plunged Into tho' prohibition L'nCoree'i.ent Hill
ed out
nn, I ..-. .
lo tho I ii Krow,1K ' r"l's ndiiptod covered with water nnd
Horn. th. '. """ r"'"tlc condl
!'J!" Jr
WlZ" 'n":!V -ettW upon ,y
iw... V1 -"""ii
I otten rocomenu iuiiiiioih i'.' four. lH'ltlsn loroigu nccrmui... """ any h-wuip wc.u i......v. .- . pending Prohibition ITnCoree'i e
In, but In thu full of that year, ho ppo),o j moct n) thp p lC0 ,0 sott)p.. Tom,wsl, Tutonl, Italian foreign piin- jinmos when tho root and walls of 0 d by Democratic Uep-c
found It impossible, to nmko ucli mi( y jiramwull. Men-president 'tstCr It Is pvollably that a body tho building collapsed without warn- ,ve Jgoe Qf jIlss0Urj .vas r
survey on uccount ot tho land being (,lu S(n(0 ()t 0roKOn cn.unbei- ot Cosii-Blmnn,. tu tll0 0m council ot ton will g. . 0 ,er
,lreon. i ,m. . ProP
n ttenso
growth of Tulo. Tls Is a matter of
record. Lnitdn of this character nro
Lake bed
uiorre. who Is in Kiiimaui l aus on a
visit from Grants Pass.
Mr. Drniiiwell is president of tha
only characteristic of i.uko neu ClVimln pass chamber ot Commerce
flowed lata ,,,1 ' nn" Ovor-' land. In 1910 tho County httrveor,nnu H ono ot tho ))0f)t i;0Wn business
'meaning of ii,n o M" lM 'ot s,8kl'" CottHty addressed mo n,0n in tho Southern part ot the statu.
lana Ornnt of isr111"0 n"a VOrflow nor80llul ,cUm" ,n wh,cu ,l B,ntc,,'Ho took a most nctlvo pnrt In tho de
tht constltut r Wlmt ls ,tlthot nB H wna K,,lnK ln, ,u thQ rnU,volopment of mlnoral production dur-
flowel land? ti 'IWnm,, nn,, ovor' ot tho your nnd ho thought tho water .B tho wnr period and litis always
"' ,no land n Vn'0Uf, Aoclslons would freeze over booh, It would bo(i,oenftl Brel,t booster in ndvortlslns
Vfllted Bini n'm'tmont of tho posslblo to mnko n imrvoy ot tho .southern and Knstern Oregon. II. W.
PMmo fn.,.. u' s- Su- land Included In tho numuor of np-.wobstor, manager of tho Copper King
nlf Snprenin r vo" ns lio Collfor- pllcatlona which had boon tiled In
Prlnclm .u;0,.'rl' hnvo uPhM thi February and Mnrch of 1910.
whip ami m,,8t httvo hoon (lo bo c
.. "P and ovorflowmi i - . J
"mo of ikn hi mu
nie'M wlinto ' nnluro or by nny oal minors of Wales can not buy
1" t wnml0r' " MB tho 'harnn- onotiBh boor, owing to tho shortage,
"w laniUi a1u ovorflowod land.'thoy aro buying a browory." A com
Bi,n woro I Lower Klamath 'pany ha sboon formed to purchase
flow lands 1 flwamp nnd ovor-j an doperato It an dthe capital of
aowwnm.. , 18C0, nnd nro not MOO.OOO Is bolnR subscribed by var-
la what u overovod lands. So lous minors' clubs, which aro taking
(to bo continued tomorrow)
LONDON. J uly 14. Uccauso tho
"fcr the gr0nynCan,,hey bo ,,roUKht un out Bhares In tho cot
l ot 185- In order to Hon to membership.
concern In propor-
Mining company ot Grants Pass. Is ae
companylng Mr.- Dramwoll. Ho recent
ly visited Crater Lake.
An arrangement has been made by
tho State Chamber of Commerce to
nmko a canvass of tho entlro state
with tho objoct ot finding oit tho
needs and wiulrements.ot tho differ
ent sections. This will enable the
Stato Chamber of Commorco to bo of
grent assistance In tho" development
ot tho entire state.
Mr. Ilramwell will be hero the early
part of next week In an official capacity.
bo constituted, but tho council ot
four will continue tho work ot ill j
six years, will bo glad to learn of his
-.-..-..- , .-,,,. ...,.
MEET f TONIGHT, .return to iviamnui runs ior u vian.
Tho . regu'lar banquet' ot tho Ei!?ti Wlshard spent four years In
Business Men's, club will bo , China. At the outbreak of the war he
held at 7 P. M. tonight at the ,wus transferred to New orlt where
. . ... .a. ha mnrln KAvnrnl trlnfl nn trnnnnnrtn
Whim Pollcun Hotel. At. mem- ", . '"" -r.Z;. V'JZ'
hers nf tho club aro urged to lu r '"" " " ' ""
bo nrcseut.
With the daylight sovlng repeal a
dead Issue the Agricultural Bill will
bo nnssed with tho ronenl rirtpr ellmt-
Frlends of Ensign L. C. Wlshard. ; nate(, amlno effort win be made t0
pass the repeal as a separate bill. The
who has been In the navy for tho past
poitDOVA, Alaska July 14.
Cordova yestorday did honor to the
memory ot Alaska hoys who paid
the supremo sacrifice In tho war by
unveiling a concrete monument on
Flag Hill. Tho names ot all Alas
kans who died 1 nthe uniform, eith
er In France or In training camps at
homo aro to bo engraved upon a
C. O. Granstleld, In company with
F. B. Stowe ot Washington D. C, are
in Klamath Falls In the Interests ot
the Geological Survey department.
Their eastern headquarters v are In
Washington and they expect to spond
a month or nioro In this In the
lntorests ot the Government Geolo
gical Surveys. TLey will no dount
agricultural district representatives
voted for the repeal. There was no dl-
vlslion along political lines. Late la n
the afternoon the House began a fight
over the motion to permit the sale ot
two and ithree quarters per cent beer
offred by Republican Represntatlfe
Dyer, of Missouri.
bronze tablet and made part ot the' spend some time In exploring the
i i llava beds.
DUBLIN, July 15. Michael
Buckley of Clara ,who recently pres
ented to President Wilson a number
ot Irish blackthorn sticks, has rw
cotved aletter In which the Presi
dent expressed his appreciation ot
th edonor's thoughtful friendship,
and says that he will prize tho
sticks as a very Interesting souven