The Evening herald. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1906-1942, June 03, 1919, Page PAGE THREE, Image 3

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The Honor Roll of Klamath County is an appreciation of the gallant men in Klamath County who
served the Nation in its hour of need.
You are proud of your boy Who is in the Service, and your neighbor is proud of his.
It will have pictures and records of the boys of this County, who have been in the Service and who
are now in the Service. They did their duty when we needed them and it is up to us to preserve their rec
ords in a way that will make them proud that they are from Klamath County.
It will have pictures and biographies of the women in our County, w h o g a v e up their time and
strength for the American Red Cross work.
It will contain pictures and text describing the activities of the men who could not go to war, but
were eager to do their part by helping Uncle Sam with all of his war activities, such as Liberty Loan
Drives, War Stamps and various relief work.
We want these pictures and biographies so that we can prepare an Honor Roll for Klamath County
that will be preserved for many generations.
It will contain handsome colored reproductions of General Pershing, President Wilson and Gen
eral Foch. Each picture will be placed within an elaborate decorative frame smybolic of the activities of
each of these great men.
It will have four distinctive five-color divisional illustrations prepared by a well known artist, typ
ifying the activities of the Army, the Navy, the Red Cross and Home Service Workers.
It will be elaborately prepared with page after page of highly artistic colored designs in the fore
part of the volume especially designed for our Honor Roll by one of the leading Publishing Companies
in this country.
We have spared no expense in making this book one that will be highly prized. We feel confident
that it will be a volume that everyone will treasure and hand down from one generation to another with
considerable pride.
We want your picture, your boy's picture, and biographies in this book.
Below we print coupons that we desire you to fill out and send in at once; If you have a photo
graph, send it along. We will take just the same care of it that you do and it will be returned. If you
have no photograph, come to our office and we will give you an order on a photographer, who will make
the picture for us at our expense. The Headquarters of the Roll of Honor is in the Bristol Building,
Sixth and Main Streets, over Sugarman's. Come and see us personally if you do not fully understand.
Bear in mind, there is no charge, and that we want the picture and record of every boy who served his
country ; also the picture and record of the leading actors in the Red Cross work, Liberty Loans; War Ac
tivities and other drives.
Under Direction of A. C LESTER
Branch of Home
Name of Town
Name of County
The above should bo ued to designate the type of
ITome Service yen hare been engaged In. Fill In carefully.
Name ,
Son of
(Doth Parents)
Date of promotion to rank of
Date of promotion to rank of
Date of promotion to rank of
Date of promotion to rank of
Wounded at Battle of
Killed at Battle of
Died : Place