The Evening herald. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1906-1942, March 05, 1919, Page PAGE THREE, Image 3

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    .KIIXIWIMV, MAIU'H .1, iiio
TUM Qf FNCF. "iy rcNiorfii Annul ho Minim iiiii,,'i ,i. ' .' . ""'" """" """"
I inn w (( piu-Bid,,,, ,lf ..... ,,,,,.,.. " " ' ..V'1 .""."" " '""'ry miy consider- J
nldirkctV In n hlmlliir mm i r ll," , M""l,,,r ", ,P.'Plo who would
w HI..II.U..I hy P...ct 1- " ' Z'IT r,'"'"' "r a0"' .
. ti.iuiiiui Htlrntvl ll Ilea- iliuiurri, liiy In n itidlrlum f,,r m, .."' .!.'. r".r" (. .rllliui Sclenco l not
In, Ml by Dr. John ..IV' !!!!! y '" " . Xi!m: .iS'lL!
!""- IHI"'IIVVil M'lt!)M 1
M. Tulli
.Member of H'" "(mri1 "f '''''"'""hip
0( Tliu Mother Church, Tim Klntt
Church of ClirUt. Hclontlnt. In lion
Ion. Mu
ClirlnlUli Helonro linri comi) (u lin
minlty In p'hixiiiiii! I" Harry; "Crn.
lie In mo a clean hmtrt, O Uotl; mut
renew n rlchl uplrlt within nn untl
reitore unto nif Hi" Joy f thy sulvu
lion." It li" ,'"m" l0 restnro lumltli
In the pluft f "IfkllUMH, rlghtoou
gen In I lie I'l'it'i of xli "imply In thn
place of "'" J0) "' "'" i'""-" "r
fow, uiiilorniiiiulliiK In .the (ilucti of
the com
til are now
'I'll!' t'lllll'I'Nll I'.IIIIKI'll
If oiii'li Intllvltliuil in iYih ..M.ii
worn lulled in i!lu"ni ri'iiton for his
lit iiiIhhIoii In t ruveiil what God
t. now v.. ,,, ( know Mini, iitnl l.ow
' tn i'
V'''' ;iHII.t llM.oir ill solving
!,", " "'' -Mh. Eddy (i.w that
i""" "' ''r. no tloulil l( wntil.i hi ', .,...,. . r V "i ., . ,M '"" r,Kl,t in rlm,slfy ll.., mpiicH ,,,,,,. '"V" of 'V"l! """ "l mankind
I wo grout humlH- mliKliiti mill in l- ,,.".. K0,,'t,,l",: of "'" ,ri" '"Ut
cine. Tiit'mi nmy In. hiiM i . lh ' "''.. '"" . '" work "" " "
paramount hiiiimn liUeri-Mi. for ,., . "!' ""', '"'"'''ctlvo mill IIh prog-
imil only In .. I r mu,i i'"" '" "ct l slow. Thn riminmtivn
... .-.rut (M iiriMIMHI M,,ti n
Spirit, Ifo manifesto. Hlniaolf aplrit-
uniiy, uiry turn worship Him," nld
i;UH, "niunt worship HI in In npirlt
''" I Mid,
Ilowovrr, ovll Is accounted for logi
cally In nrcordnnco with tlio law of
uijiuo(i upponitM Uno of tlie bwh
and In truth " 8u Mm, Kddy wrote, onymo of Deity, you will recall li
(Helenas mid Hvnltli, pnBo 181): Truth. Clod Mm; Infinite Truth.
Ulml 1m ifiiii...iiii.,l l. ,i... .- .
of hU ClirlHlInn tlcl,,,.,,, ',M J:,",I''' tlii'ii, prliuiirlly, ropinciimont
mnnlKiiniiili'il ihi.Hit Inioi.-hit mi ihui' -""";ltmHiiM of litnoniut or Inud-
. -t .... ... .... ' '... .,,..l..f, In, In,.. ..I t I ... . .
(.rl.lli. ol... o..., ...,!.. . ...
,.,,..,, ,...,,, , . 1 1, ,i I, nil l.flll'
liucoiui! i.iiiii mid mIiii'ii ClirlHlli.ii He I
1'itcii, In Hit hiivIiik mid hi'iillni: Kriii',-.
Ih iippllritliln In nil iiimiiinr of ill
rordH, phyhltul. iiinuliil mid montl,
It limy ho loriiirii Om iiiiIvitmiiI p,in-iiroii.
It In HlKUltlcmil t It ii I thn ..(irlliMt
iinili hi'llnfii iil.oiit (1.1,1 with rlKht
..Mi.i'iun in linn.
In rvvldwItiK tin, hlnlory of million
ll Ih HiirprlmiiK lo notn that howovor
ti'viirnii liolli-fH ulmut jety hold
Ity i.imikln.l, Ihtirn Ih im KirlLl,,,-
Hliiillnrlty roiiimoii to thtini nil. With-
tun nxcMptiou tlit'ito l.olloftt huvo pic
ttirlw-il Cod. Inviirlnlily In- lmH l.,n
uirouKh HPlrltua nonio onlv. nun
coiiiprohanda mid loves Dloty." And
uriiIii, (Hclunco mid Health, lmiro
209) : "Splrltuul senio U u coiibcIoiiii.
conntiint, cupaclty to undumtmid (lod.
I recently read n reuort nf n unr.
luon hy a clergyman on the Biihjpct.
.. ... uuiiniiiui ni:i,.'iiiinH ua to
lleiiven?" No ChrlBtlnn Hi-loni!,.,. or.
doubt that ho will ho In liauvch Jut
In tliri dfKrno of hln underntnndlne of
Jenu' Mtatoniont, "For, liohold, the
iviiiKoom or tJOd m wltliln you." Ood
mii heaven nro within tint grnHp of
Mplrltual perroptlon alono. Orthodox
vIiiwh received n Juki rnbuko from u
llttlo child who, when uked whoro
heaven Ih, replied "out In the Rruvo
yurd." Uy IneHCupublo IorIc he hud
concluded thut If Ood and heaven
wore reached through death, ni ho
hud been taught, the cemetery must
bo the gateway to tho Kingdom. Thn
ChrlBtlnn Scientist to wIiobo Inquiry
tho child rcHponded, wub utile to bIiow
him that Hlnco heaven In UoiI'h home,
and dod l ovorywhore, heaven must
bo everywhere. She explained that
God In I.ovo and Ood Is Uood, and
therefore whore lovo and good are
filckncss In' hculcd. nn l dcntrovnil Lihn . .i ..
and harmony stored. Hy prayer lK-!.MIn.J b ,,i lg ?,;' V ?0(l. divine
nurunce is repucea
Ing- By prayer we d
and enter Into tho
son. 1'rayer la that
wim undertand-'S(f.n bn coi .T' r'
raw near to OodU:lr.i . .7 mi 2.152..,.0.rea"ire man
heritage of his tr.esm. .- T.'i ,u8etlon art
procew by which i. mor, Vrniifv ..J'!' ".na c" hvp
tlieto 11 eV di'litlv ikiIIiIhk l.uv.n.l
t,-. .,.,.. ,.. ,.,... . .
:.. . J""",,. ' '""' unu r"y,falo beliefs are destroyed and right tlu,n ih l. i,. ', uu no mre powdr
"nmVnl" '" br,,,B "V" "'l0 '' concepts restored. To know the Truth a, m u Lii? 1 Uilm fne"
equutlon It becomeg necessary to sup-: ? true prayer, Therefore the Chris ' frtL- ' V ? c.e teachea how to
Poho he opj.0! to of Infinite good ,but ! tlan Scientist when ho prays, doe, not - Ui el" 'aV a,!v ' w C,her ,f0!" tfi
remombiir that this suppoaltlon, this I ask (lod for any material thing He r ;?,. 2fIuene fthcr than
opposite of 1 1 u t li must bo a 11,,, and,eol: to apprehend what la already i Lom o It a0.,J,'on.e,1,W-aods
henco iiiiioil. Now a lie's deception existent and bestowed. Ho wki only from Tie Taw nff1 3eMont
n ' I??" J " "'u' E" 1V"B """ ""P" for 8uWco. for wisdom, for 'true1 T to Vadl. i V'ne Prlnc'Ple:
to bo tine? It mint mn.4iiri,f m l-,,i,i,. cj,. u, .'..."'.- '" ' 'mcate ialae nmiii ,
yeu lor i u
tnitb, or foiinletfrlt truth. In .order an unders'tandln'g heart So
to gain Mi-di'iirp. Chrlsiun Hrlence athlist In tho desert, fearing
Hagar ve
for the i over
' m .'.","" cfcnsc!ou" and to p el
-in tlie.n form ng there- hn i.
tor, ome fear; how in J1 '
n. if .,.-." ""'"pon-
...i.. ; ..i .......:' . ''"" '.' " ."""" Ul "r ciinu, prayed the prayer .tvc to s,t,
i,..i i mi mysiory oi nvu is just which opened her blind eyes and re- if Giu co , ,ut.L i "n lne rlner
Ikt; any other myblcry- It.orui.c,yf , voilcd the well of water at hand ktt m, nl, 1CVls' nu doubt the
truth The whole p.oblum or eUl Is,' Such prayer has never faMed, for L Herrtn' H th ? phIum"" uP u."
ono of iKiiorame, or ibsonce of un-ils th prayer of spiritual sense that1 hoiii , ffmi chr,sllan method of
lomudliiK. All the trouble In tho "conaVou.. coSitant. capacity to un ' hoaU
esiinof'Wrr;! tnnd.f5oj " "e W &A?
i ".' . i ei.iiunaif, inn ainf,.ihA. .r -. -
unlWiiso. In Christian Hclenco
mo learning neither to Ignore
(hvhIkiiih nf ri.llL'liniu .,,.il.,....,
I - ..,o.....n in..ii,niiii i, iiiiiiii. .. . . .
iiriiKu mo rwiurouTi. ,, m,.mral,)M il(.iw,.,. ,-,,,., "...i " '"""' t " thu lihago mid lik
oi i ir..ii. otiDiiK iiniiii- mtMiipi,,,,, THI .,,... .,,... ;"V, "L H "'"B.c Mtistm com' rt-jocf ... . .... "u.lclnn worn ciiII.mI i pon to ht-i 1 m . k ' """ "'"' "t make unto theo
Imlhl.luiilit. bodily huvwI iui.1 ,,,,,. ,;, ,, i '.!',"', ,V.. " '': 'graven ,K ,,r y UkuncHH of
a,,k.,..fd. are not Incom- pp,.ud lo for victory. ., ml t,, ..u1 ,,,lM!: .. " N,,w "' ' '"t lin
uni rt jiri-Buiuii . "" i f , ( , Mi-diem,, bpi'ini '""r '" ,,u ",J"C'"'' 'or thu slmplo
Miunillrs in which thoy Ivo- , ' ' " " . t hat. acordlug to the Illble,
are twr rrii-m a. I urrimuro. ,,,., - cmmion b Iiiiiiku mid llkonesB, w
... it....!, (va.rt. iiiiiin MII1I1.H.1R.K. i . '- ' ..r..'. r.u iii.itt, lu ,... f..t.. m .. .. ,
ariw 1,'iiB mo. .Miiii.iii.i ,., r. I...., ". " " uiiiim m mi nun KB, or nrosenoe .
lltt.l. L'l.r.l l1lirll.l,..t.U I . --. MIW...W ,11.1, ,,,,. flbJ .... ... . .. . .
........ ..v.., v.... ...... H0 nvttloiifil nil, .. ...,, ' ini niiimi i iii) progress ot nu- I hrlst on He enca lias enmn tn m.
ill now an- riviii; o m. ri,,,:ot)i IIlt w j , " ' mmiity has been proportional to Iho store tho right concept of henvon, and
turned from lla..aM and "".,,, rmloratlvo mlnlBtry. mid li w i " . ,,r?""r1 " " !"" Inversion of-to reveal It to ho spiritual conscious
Horrd lo hnillh and rospmiHll II (y.1( lck , ,iroly ftplritunl low !r , ""l,lr,"' or,1"r n,ul ",0 waloratlon in!ness, and there is not ono In this au
llaimlonaulr Ihore Is mlg hlyi WM ,1r(, ,,' , . , uiVnloain a c,,"c','"""' ' '"vino Cause as prl- dlonco but may .yield his material
.',1,01. In? " "'" ""'""r l'liylclin" ir " Mn!. . , .. -onso to that divine Influence and
iMCbtd .the llM o your fellow ,. worknr, Wl ,ln,lui;ri,,()f ,,,, .rr , J """"'I'" ncoiH of Dlety have now nn.i horo enter the realm of hnr
Umi ant bltml itium. which has to Invoke the hf.illiig power of (lod rn'V ' ' """ "IC crl"'et forms of many,
Md bad nu-n good and men Tllt) on , M. a kind ...s not "", 'I' ".' to. wood, metalsl Man.
IVr,o,,nl KK-rlpnro the tlmo of phyalm .1 str.-. In ,...,, nr, , ' '"y1 '" ,, '":ln"flo' f'0" n sl"rlt- r MI"d ut c "8
A. one of tin. many who havti rn. " "''"; '"'Jtorlal bias of Its wlit-l,,,,1,1, ,,f , ' , ' j ! rt.Xt io. i ht of no I tl,ou1,t to tt ,,,Khcr contemplation of
turned from Kolngdmvn Into tho nil. fBl .MnnklniMiiw bocn (might to ,. ,, TV" ,,7 .V.f ...'"'', t.?.f.n.01 Cod's creation cstl-
loiiK to tiou ror KitUiitlou from sin. ',...,., llf ,;, ,,r ' ,A ... . hu"u"; mnte ot man Ins risen, of course, no
.hut to roly upon mutter for thu euro I 'r"," o, carrin' ? im VW ?f.m"1 . hlllor '"' eatlmata of Ood.
of mntt-r mid its dirt, belief,,. , . cl" " "'f''"8'' wf n,'"3,"il?,,,.nV KaUe bo"eh aboul 0oU 'lV0 "'
cnuan of tho seiimliii; Inrreaslni: pow-i, , X , "W ,"". And that'(!u directly In eironeous concepts of
or llf flilHK ,nl,,rll ...I.., ..ll.... I tH "M BUrprlslIlg, BlllC) I WUB tnUgllt.lnnn. Hn n fllllli. mnlnrlnl mn nf
I are iddriytBltig BlieriwolVL's
tu.ik of rc"'0gnl7,inc ovll rm n Hn. nil,,,
noting tho lie from consciousness
mid roplncng It with good. ICvll Is
thus losing Its claim upon thought,
as the spiritual understanding of
lod and irnu Is attained.
Hut," you say, "Christian Science
inn i man. .iminni !, ,... . u'"e uiai
weiil Christ Jeu, in teaching how to' t ion, in all it, form, in. ' dl',,Ip,?
Pt! :?,"'' ?"d "Whatsoever things yo de-1 greatest rJt'ra, Z 'fn', tW.
H!f8 V ,r known-'In Christian Selena
P'1' a"docial hygiene, sanit"
- tlon. propl(ylaxi, arW thi,n.u
d i Palliation dealro to know the Mind, so that Chrhtlan aSSfi .
,of "?.". de3"-. ! "Press that are learning to thh7kr.ratJ?
. . . "' l"rff 0't II IIUiBUCtCI LIIIIIIIN Vfl fIPIFin' nisi ni,( . --- .u(j
nor to no ignorant of Itii pretense, but sire when ve nrav. liellnv,, thn V :.. ." "r""e'or.ce the world
to tho'celve them and yo shall havo thorn;- phl and so i'lK" .
j rue prayer then Is comprised In ask- tlon. propllylaxla a ti,.,,. .,
Ill a.n "CLV,"K-. 'l , desire begin at nel?toKS? ?"
found .there Is Cod and heaven: so to!1"!?, ""t done nway with evil. It's
tho child came the Joy of know
' M i .tin , ... i . ,i .. - ..,i,.GQ.iiiii; u, uuu unu ins manuesta'
Inir 'till here. In Bplte of tho uncovering! tlnn. Pr.iv.,- tn ri.ri..i di""- .
Ooif'B etornol ncornoBs, even Ills ever- ? ,ts iithinfiuess." My friends, Chris- eludes the answer, and If' this n
I linn iPiiiiirmini nimnr ... .... . . . i. .
will Iii dally life, desire to ovBrmtnpJmiiiv rV. .i.,. lmnK..elcanly. nor-
1,11 Inll la nn,r, . .7 Z'X.". ", "" V" '."-"' " lOUS
tlon of tho unreality of error and the
presence of uod and his manifests-
tlan Scientists already have' made not so".4he loving Father would sUnd
wonderful progress. We have learn- convicted of caprlciousness and fav
od much about the unreality of evil lorltism. The riches of His kingdom
and to that degree have disposed of, are available iaU who cUm the ?
s claims. It Is true that, although divine heritage
I'ltrlClnn D.lAHnn r.t.n.... ....... . ..., . ... . ..
v.).iai,d.i MLimiiu ,iua ii.uii io ue
tlio imugp of (lod, perfect and spirit
uul now, man still Eeenw to tho phy
sical senses to bo mortal und Imper
fect. Some forms of evil, whnn un
masked, moy continue as appearance,
A little girl I know furnalhni an
adequate illustration of the restora
tive prayer of Christian Sclenm who,.
she frefd herself ftom the bondogc
of sickness thus: "If God did not
make It, how could I be it?" J'ery Ilt-
iiiM Il ,. ,hu ,.... .:, IOOK 10 (Kill for Hit hill Inn rrniii mIm I... ... ;' '" " "' ) Kuimt!
I ,oi; Htm.,, .w ...i ,.vaji i.i iiiin-
Can Science In my own expurlnncn.
Ilecnuso of tho hliii of mmllcul and
tholo!rnl eilurntlou, 1 waa for many
ri uviiriitii in inn unnouiM or....... " '"" n. f..n...ri......i .. r..i ".' .,' V. .... ".'.' . ." ."Vr;. "V".
I'hrlillan ficlriire When my ovp'K"" "n', ,M'"" "naido to gr.utp llitM , v. ... ... ,,., wimom un tnu tiuuior iui oeen ipnecieu in
Boallr worn niienml I fiimid honiih "Itnpllcliy mid ndpqiiocy ur .tlir apir-' 1,,lp'l":l" explmiatlon of ills Inflnlto liumaulty's thought of man as finite iiwakimlnic I had iiuv,r,t"''IJ'WB of (lod uppllfd to tho tils- (flmrncior land material .Christian Science
ownnlrndS "" ' ' truly that every 'nc,:Mt? -' it" 'i' 'af "L'', bnf
and Ihaoroay I then discover".! J',,"', m;w ili" la mployed that approaches tho sub-' nf'a spirit,. the Imago SndP Ike
that th aruwih of Christian Hclenco ""' .""'' '''' "" '" Chriailaiw' wi of C'hrWan Science has n concept SSa of Snlr it
U du. entirely to tho fact that ll l,l'",a,;',;"'VV.J?iI;,;.t,,.Ir !,"!,,,"B 1 1'. '."oty tttU "' """" ,,0ruoT MrH- 1 Nnturnl iclcnco declares man to bo
"rjMti the hurt's groat noed" as no "r" ',,,"" '"'. i'r,K".'"1 '"" J,"!",H t '' '''' "' this, mid she saw also that cWoscd "t chemical elements and
other 8aiciii Ims mot It. Through-'"' ""''"" ',, ,r,' heil1 UI).'.'" ,',H',I",'," HnUn concepts, theio false bo- to bo confined to a physical body. It
out tniriccn years or the study and ; , ..' , . ' ;,.. "' " ,"'' "'mut Cod. nncrntn to hinder the recognizes an Immaterial factor In
protuco ot (.iiriiiiun Hclenco. In pro
portion in my miiiumtaudinR ai
plication of Its illvlno Prlnctp
Bt.,:.H ,"-'.fu" continue. to appear I tie process entered Into her afgume ft
LTn, ,.f .. ""' Pen auer one' against the false sense that seemed to
discovers that It really BtandB still bind lior, but she rejected the erron
. .S rcv"lv" o "h axis, eons concept and realized the aness
nit the Illusion no longer deceives. In , of good. She Bought refuge directly
'lie manner, mortally unmasked. I. i., ,h Tr,i, . ?.," iJ ,.r" c.1'?
shorn of Its seeming poer and real- -he and God are Inseparable. She did
clean, wholesome and nnm.i n.- ?
sound mind produces and malntaina
a sound body as surely as effect fol-
A I'soctlcal Idealism.
. If Christian Science. wore to project
meiely a metaphysical system of
theoilzing about Ood and man, it'
would be the most Impractical relig
ion ever offered to a sin-burdened
and disease-tortured race, Hut th
Idealism of Christian Science has a
practical application to human inter
eots. Because Cod is the inflalte Prin
ciple, He is the source of all law If
therefore, human affair, arc ' i..'
oidered out of chaos, man muat be
governed by the law of God. TMa law
Is spiritual and Its operation In hum-
an consciousness Is to splrituallie
thought. To the degree of his spirit
uality, therefore,, is a man redeemed
run ina nionnpiia av . i . .
niiT iifnnin ., i -... viii uioluius j iiiminr ju nn h
fcvll may seom-to havo its day, but.hrlng on the sickness nn.l riM nni nt man learna something of tbo' truth
because 1, u perishable, its destruc-! ferfie false defense K ah. wm atlli f b0,ut ?od and about hlmself' "S '
ton Is Inevitable. Because It Is a lie moital, she did not think of Kraelf . h?r bef,n' l. "ndersta"i that as the
about something tiuu. t must eo out . , i m; i. "1 ."' 'offspring of God man Is tho ..
Ith iiTpri wlilch It limits to brain matter hold
of Gnus. Ing that form of matter responsible
oso Bovon prominent for mentality. Paul terms this anima-
inl.l nn.. ....I.,. .,.!,.. ...i.i , --,- . " ,.i'imi: m iiiiiiilt 1110 .o.uh.ii.cs an imiiiuiciiii IUV.IUI ill
HII 111 lint'llUIVOrillly I llPSP B i:im I llrni-mo. ,.f I ...,,... I .. ,... ,n ,l,l,. I. ..,, .,.! v....
"" "'."u',!.ii r.,n,.w it,,.,,. ii.t i...h,. . .....?"' .""'".""". "l,-""B" "y ".''.'""..""-" '.l '"" """". "".'
ng anil up. I," "V " - .-... v.. i.uin'uvn iiimiitiuii to ileal w
Indole. ! If ,!, "'"fntlon be true, how ,11.1 .vlthout n true knowlo.lcn
htm rti i hi. iii.l, li,,., ,iiUi....u... rii UW wim was not Joriix' Immi'dliiti) ii, ii,..r..r..m ni..... .,......
of 0 oil's pri-ioiic" and power, and 'lll"'H"0' '""'I'Hr" tho art of ( lirlstlan laynonyiiiK of God. which hIio Hnld tod br'lti waiter tlio carnal mind, or
be coino Into nn evpr enlarging ',,,",,"B' " "",Hl '"' '"''"'tted thut I wirc "lm,.nde,l io oxpro-w thu nntnro lhu mllul of tno flt",t'' "" fu'thor
"nu oi iinniiniim ovit nil that Is un-', '"', "nv" ""'" ""l "irmini power ,'i'iifi ami wiioIpiipss
like rood I Iiuvp ,nnrlni.n.l !,..,.! In his rtiMtomtlvii mlnlBtrv. The Mint. rRrtl-iiro ami llniilil, i,
Ing anil luiv,, b..n wltnosa to tho l"r' nll""'"K to his illvlno Iriiiclik, of them. Bviuiiiyms bIio took directly comcs ln wit" matter, is wholly de
heallnit of iniiny othera. Thcae caaos,"1" hc,,l,K "",1 v!ui: Clirlht aid from the Illblii. and all of them havo Pen'ient on matter for manifestation,
and Truth must be its destroyer. Re-' n self Justification, self pity nor'3,1.01? f Spl.ri.t and P03aees only the
member that truth never destroys elfondemnatIon. Her thought d v,,le- fiPrltual attributes, he be-
nythlng true, its destructive action turned naturally to God, divine Love l f u ,,0..see tUe u,nrealItJr the false
s exerted always upon that which Is her only soured of VpI inf nnn7riiiv,be ef. Ilat lie '8 subject to the so-
inroai for every lie. there Is a as the flower turns to the sun nnrt,ca"e. ,a ,? or raatter. He begins to
Evp'? rBnlrV.C.? .r'L ?lBLyJy "" ?r! Do you wonder that!
sh 0f ninty." 'wmcterlzca It ns "enmity against
ii 4 fir. Mnlir od." Since thlH so-culled mind
' " ,....... I I. ...,
ThlslKrrlptural authority. These wondor "",? B,?cs ".1 , ll ' manor, Mrs. t-aay .. ,..,. ,! ...,11V., UllVft III. ICIDUU1'
Inelttiie culi and chronic conditions, I , "! ' ""' w1"1 '"" nlwiiy
teen a
tlan Sclcn
,. " " ivnitinumi .,, . . .i, . ..ft i .... . . . " iiuttn ivpo tuuii dim iimuii ttii'
tncy, inn ncniuvpil l.y any of tho ""'.'"" hiib oi i urisi in urng juiiii sain, "(lod Is Love," and Is novcr more than material. Spirit
preralllng syMoins of religion nni "" ,l,u "PW "f K'"ry " lovo Ih not a ponton, nor u thing, lovo" and matter are opposltcs In essence
,n,c,n' Tlie lNc.. prcriiiul rt.iiniliT J I" a Principle. Jpbus Bald to the wo- and qualities .
now I do nut apeak Incompetently, i'i,riii,... ui .. !mnn nt Hip well. "Ood is a Spirit,"! Popular theology holds that man
nor do 1 wl.h to api-uk Impertinently ,,,, . . , ""," ,,1,HCOV"rpl mid spirit Is not n pprson nor n thing,1 Is both matoilnl and spiritual; Hint
of materia inctllcu. To qualify my. ""J , Ji V. !' f'."."1 'i1. I,y ", w"lt Ih ii prlnplple. When thu PsalmlBt he has a material body and n splrit
lf to prncllcii medicine, I studied .' ry, ,' , r ,y .,',", '''"'l-lroforrpd to Dolty n a God of truth, mil soul. It will not help to nrguo
three yenrs and graduated nt a slantl- .. " ," ,'" , l"c,pl' r,-,"K,l".l "i ty.l not speak of n person nor a that man Is both material and spirit-
At no place did ij .i. ... i ,, ., ' '"""'"", ni'iig. nut or ii principle: when Moses ""' "lcu "' l""1 casG' le uesiruciion
in unu organ e illsnuH tvinii n ihhiiiuiip hi iiiui nni lie nn worn urn foiiiu n Rplpnrn nn.i .-.. '. - ..-.-
and iiieuliil dlsonlera. I hv. - In aplrlliuil ciinacliiUNnsa to the Health (n. lor.) In nn.wnr t ii ""on " nameu moital man, .Tins
11 lypea of iIIspiiso .m realization of ll Tho power of God .iuohI'iiii. "What Is (I,IT "n,,,! crrl"K-. 8,nn,nK.' ?Vn B,eriai con-
and tliidr vlrtlniM rain.,i to heal mid to nai. so wondroualy Hicornoroiil. illvlno. rin.rn.p inn !,e " . ol . .;""." i'.,.u,m ls not. J e .?n
spiritual power alono. ll'"""'"! "HI. J"us. and w-th tly, ci.riv! Mind. Spirit. Soul, p'rlnclp o Llf,. ,'",.r n," ' "' I, " l,?- r,f,n!S
frlcndii. 1 uni uwarn ti,.,i ti... Jt.tinal Iiiiih for tbrt-ti hundrfd piiib, Is Truth. I.nv.i." Nolo thnt nut nnnnf .. ............ ... ,,, -. .
- -.- .v W,.. , ... , ... .. i . ., . - uv iiiionii iiiiui, i,u iinciics. ul hum
KtllllMnrnl,l. t. !..,. UVUllUUlll to III! lllllll.V. llllll WtlCII llll-: I llCSO wlirdH nxnrPRHPH I, nf .!. ... '. .... ,.i..i,... ..
c n nlnr.. n ii r,, dwrittnoil mid PiniiluM'd. ill Jcbiih' Wiiv. God us (In lt. whnllinr nnrn , ...... , .. ., ....i,..i '...., ..
perfect spiritual understanding when of the eonaclouaneaa of man'iTni
"they, shall all know me." (Good) parablencss from his Mnkerl-cl
:iT'L .? ,hem "ht0 Ce..IeT.prafyermI.hMemMd0fl
rtl medical colleen
thl roiirao of study rise above mut
Her llrt writings Hi, 0f o,( ..l0 (H t,y ufc.. nml Job of the mitorlal body would result ln
- At.l,M... II.,.. .....I ..(..
'. inmost nook which has most lo rV ,,, V . """' rororrpu tn unu "in whoso hand Is the "v i""""' ' '" jurist-
r about health, and tho way to ro- ".r"r '" 1",: U""' "l0. r"r,,,'"H1t .h.iuI of every living thing," thoy used an Science tenchos what tho Blblo
tore and maliitnln ll, was omitted .Ii"" ,i r ',i;hlo;ol"," , , ""t "'"-'j ! words which "express in each coso a Imports, that the real man Is wholly
from thn r.,rri,i... -p.... .7.....' Prtmilso wbk liiiiiillcappi'il by physical rinri..i.. i.i n.iu ..,i.ih i, i .. .spiritual, and that'tho mind-matter
not aludlcit in ......H....I ..ii ...' frutllty, which, us shu nimn to ymuig ,,.,i,,i, .,.. iun , oi,rU iu,. nu
inpreme authority on cause and of- 7"Tl""l' ,T 'T ,,","r.""!! m",r ,,,u"' ""'l ow' ll,at M"" '' Prn- tTl
. D.u,uii,-iu,niiii,u T11 UUB.rU,
every time n nnrisuan Scientist ai- iM. ,,ri.., .u- ,. ,z . :
olles the Truth to a lie. he destroys ' open only to .the T childlike thoUht
that much of -error. Ignorance, and rue i hlEliest obleet of Sr fg,l
i":elb' .t".at ,nc1' .'? da'. "f'ltsuiumateansweuSlieaUafnUm
ernatHil nf llipm .,""" ""'" .' ."wunuauu oi
.... acnpiure. ana this is possible only
Salvation nml Christ Jesus. us "l""1, rlB"1 deslre nd effort to
, , . , ... ,,, , . (be In His image and likeness, to be
In cleaning out the rubbish ot un-' present with God of this supreme
true theories and building again the concept of answered prayer Mrs Ed-
old waste places, Christian Science Is1 riy has written:
u irtio constructive rorce. it repeats)
the restorative ministry of Christ '
Jesus, whose nifislon, mi apostle said, I
was to "destroy the works of the!
dovil." pvll. nurl U'hn "wont nlmnt
doing ireod." Hn wbn w.14 tinnip,! I
Savior gave a new meaning to sal-
"Oh! Thou hast heard my prayer;
rtiiu 1 am eiest:
This is thy high behest:
Thou here, und evcryu here."
(Misc. Writings, page 3S3.)
In the presence of Good, there is
no unsatisfied desire.
combination, described by physical
and tho spirit-flesh comblna-
pon..,, .. 'iicniogy, are falso
about man. Indeed the do-
structlblllty of the physical body
vntion. Ho wlio came to "savo His
people from their sins" npplied the
T U "v'r, nV pvV.. '.. " "" M Suggestive
healed dlseaEP mid Al hv ,lm c,no TlierjiiMJUtlcs.
process. As' In Jesus' time, poiular ls now, perhaps, universally- con
theology todny views salvation chief-' ceded that Christian Science rpstores
ly as a preparation for the hereafter. ,ne SK There are those, however,
But Jesus suid, "1 am come that thoy wno repoat tho ancient mistake of
might have llfo, and that they might attributing the miracles of Christian
have it more abundantly .' Plirlntlnn healing to the action of the human
Sclenco has restored to humanity the u,1"d, thru what these critics term
saving grace or Christian heal nc. "" bukswjuuii. in Jesus' aay the
pro ing that Christianity Is a religion 1 "'"believers said "This fellow doth
not to die by, but to live by.
not cast out, devils but by Beelzebub
see that discord Is no proper part of
his experience, and that bv maiii-
ing the facts of spiritual being he
can overcome all In his experience
that Lvunllke God.
Thus lie begins to take up the
work of eliminating from, thought
tlie unsplrltual qualities and of re
placing them with the spiritual. He
learns to reject as spurious thouehtj.
that Involve sin, disease, inhnrmony
and limitation, because' all such
thoughts are not spiritual, and to
realize his divine heritage, dominion
over all.
As this restoration of spiritual con
cepts goes on in the Individual, the
man ls changed. He learns that man
Is well because God Is whole and man
ls his expression. He therefore, no
longer accepts the domination of fear,,
false laws of health, hygiene, sanita
tion, but holds' himself superior to
these so-called laws of matter on the
ground that God made man subject
uu.y 10 me ias 01 opint. since me
iiuman inina and boay are one, thel
body improves as the thought Is im
proved, ami health becomes normal
and established
In like manner such an Individual
finds his thought about sin under
going a radical change. He finds that
sin is of the carnal mind alone, and
that as he comes Into possession of
the Mind of Christ, the fear of sin.
Where, in tho scheme of salvation, rthe Pr'nce of the devils," but Jesus 1 the love of sin, and the ignorance of
does Christian Science place Christ . disclaimed the human mind to be a sln are destroyed. Thus sin and its
lesusif in the words of Peter, "There 1 ulllor ,n ",s worK ana insisted that
Is nono other name under heavoif J"'8 was the "finger of God" method.
S"aS M, en riV .',!? nTr " " h" n l"? . tho infinite, imperishable Spirit.
.'"?. -Prld he " oTCnr &!W real nature of physlcal.tywhe,raner
ft -... ".' "P'rituai healing. ,nr .mvntd g,i ,. , rv nmm, ' " '" '"" '""' "" " ""in- proving its unreal character by d s
,""no,b101,(1''l'l that religion has af- "n vft ui?0 Grnd, miv slm m-l'tc; ,",cor!,0,rcnl' lhnt, K, not "mltod., regarding and overcoming physical
ected medicine, which la nvowodly !'. "J.w. 1 .1 7 , J lm,'"' boiindcd nor conllnod. Tiro Infln- law, he separated himself from mat-
M-relluloua. lis prnctlco requiring no ttM? conv,nc,"l ' "" laenso. n well itmle if God menus, if It moans nny- ter and dlsappoarod. Docs any ono
ChrUtlnn qualification. ,'lH Rl" ,H ",0'u' ln "r'K'" ""'I hcio- thing ut nil. that God is ono, without Imnglno that In the ascension Jesus
,.. ' 'i,.,,i.4iiuii, 1 - ,11. 1 1. 1 . ."'" ". ..... .nv, ,w.i 1 unu, milium ii.i..p,iiivT 11.111. 111 iiiu uoii-uoiuu guauD
Chriatlan Sclonco honors ami !ror". umon,1"I,I to Mplrltual trout-,, , Heconil, Tiioroforo God Ih tho only was taken up as a mortal, nuiterlnl
that class of i,l.viM.J,.- mont whereupon thu Illl.lo became irlnclplo. the only Mind, the only mnn? What then became of the uhy-
M are dovotcd to the allovlallon or Jho lioid or hor noarcli ror health. At ,ifQi rrl,ti, .i,,,, tho only Soul, tho slcal body when ho ascendod to the
lllffA.ln- ..... . wi.uiinnuil U. , Inn, nil,, rminln.,1 .. ahil,, it ulilrltui.l ..... ..,.. ..m. ... . .. . 1..4 f ,. ... .un. .1.-
- v...,F, wnosa ntnrn l In ,,i..i "' - . . " ouiy niuril. "llio t.ortl 110 is ueu: i ."" ' ' 'i "i in mi unu me re...
'not selfish nor political To Vu h KTawlh whoro she experienced Instan- t,n0 B nono c
fobleraen und women Chriatlan rh ,n,!00l,H. I'.IHik "" whnt hor phy- T,0 rovelnt
humanity, "wo bo brethren lim for ,,or rt-storntlon, hIio wltbdrow ,0 ,,, t0 800 ,,, imn(Jlwork, which dlsapponred In tho light of apir-
first spiritual and
tun... .. nL.i..u . iniii'uun iii-iiiiiih iiiiui in 11 iiui i.iij- r.,n rnvn.nllnn nr .'llin nnm mm. li.u linn unu. iiuuy wim ai ...I
entUismv !...., . ' l . .?cl: alcluiiM had ileclari'il to bo n fatal ucci- ,i, ,,,,,.1,, ,.f nnim i .,,,,i.... r.,.,..,. i times what ho ultimately nrovod It
'- to the extent that wo labor for ,,onL vttletl w,th ril,u"'10 " ,(,,, Sc'ent'sts to understand Him, to draw he. a concept of finite sense
th. V.''. we bo bMthren," Hut
jT" '"mivui ci
flllAkaiA . .
df. - - """ "Ot .through I "',"?'., , nf l...r rnr...,rv
. n-. nut i rn ,ph ttioi.. . ... -.1 ,........'.- w. - rtniti u n ik mi. i.iirisLiiLii nciuiiiiH. nil .... .
but lfc..... . "" "! niuiniiua, nn.i rni,ilo,l l.i l,nr III,. I'rlni' li .i ....... i i. ... .... UUl 18
--.... uuKii improved mental .inipy """7V" :v""""..'" ".:,... "..... ...v.' """" ,,n,B o"1" "u urrlVCT '" f'in-nii,
hilt lin thnt dnnth tlio will nf P. ml
l. ,..i. ... . . - . - WHICH lllll.'lll.t'll lliu null- , h,, i.rnunticn iif nml iiinnna 11, n nraa. ... .7 . 7. ....-.- -.V r' ".
B?la, and Christian HclmiPA uVh',Hlry ot tM0 lHor-aiHl his dlsclpIcH. lmiP ot Kmul muI tll0 aH0C0 0r evil,
rellalon or ri,.i.. .i.....,onc" " ,no.ThlH dlHCovory she iiamoil Christian i it iM .. mmnrVmi i,nr inthnnm.
v Aftor practicing medicine for ihrp Hc,unco.' Fl,r,',tIla", ",C""H Piactlco.l ,v t'lirlsllnu Scientists apeak of Ood.
fwri I WHH forcJu ni S.1" '" l I by Christ Jesus; Sclonco ho- Wo no longor regard Him fearfully,
'""'0 ignurn ti.n ..,..,:-. ,"-""" ciuisu u is oxiui, iiuiii.iiin.i..iu i,C(.nUHii we .huvo learned thnt Ue Is,.1 ... :.""" "" u
I nrn;,' " . ' ." lP? wiih tho men
1 1. ... ... w.., . i II tin 1 ii ml n rain n s in 19 Hon 1ia inolL
tiro and nrnv.mln nf ""'". """"f """.." .""-" ' 111111 lo reject wlmt Is unllko tho til-' """ ""- o.i", "...-.- .. .?. V.
"'"Ht come, not hr;. . i "?'""" w,,".,n. lno cr",luruH .l."" 05CV vino nuturo. Whatovor tho problem ',' " ' ?,'; ."."''.."', .?" A"" "
! "UV.T '-eonfrontlnB the Christian Scientist ho . T."7V '.. ,'.7"'"7.;
1110 rrillCllHO i,mni mala until lirt nprlvnu n find
Better ihinn.... '..... " monla' l"'eVund mips of tho Hlilrltunl healing i,,.i ,,,.,0i i, i ,.n i,ia ii....iiia t.
Jta. ben.,, ii,iit,ii i?'H0?A0A; which attended the restorutlvo mill- ,,-. ,lrnaoiico of God means tho t'lrea-
given among men whetohy wo must 9lirIst Je8Us fully proved that tho
be saved," Jesus was tho name of,div'ne Mind alono was the healing
'be one individual In the world's his-! Pwer in his practice. He said "I can
tory who has attained the perfect 2 mlne own self do nothing." "The
state of spiritual apprehension. By Father that dwelleth In me, he doeth
his understanding of God, ,. Jesus the works." Tho Beelzebub method is
proved that man Is perfect, spiritual, Must-riled today In the prevalent ma-
inao3truct;iuie. He overcame -every,"-""' memous or treating the sick
law of matter, sin, disease and death, nn."1 ,n the so-called mental sciences,
thus proving their nothingness. He 0l,e and tt't such systems rely upon
took every human footstep tn "the the supposed action of tho human
passage from sense to Soul" (Science' mind. Although in mnterla medica
nnd Health, page 56G), and left the tl, medium of raatter Is employed,
path to plain that "the wayfaring nevertheless ordinary medical prac
men, though fools, shall not orntlcu 'R Mile else than tho practice
therein." What he pi oved was for all i r mental suggestion. Indeod the
mankind, for he himself said, "I am,rend ot modern medical thought Is
the way." " " ' toward a frank admission ot tho sug-
By this It will ho understood that Restive character of material medl-
.Truiiq wnu tint Mn.l Imt ten. i. l.n cillO. Belief ln thn mpthnH no n-oll aa
himself affirmed, tlio son of God. In,,0',,if '" the physician plainly ls ro-
Science and Health (page 482), we nulilte for successful medical prac-'
effects disappear and righteousness
is restored.
The Christian .Scientist finds also
his concepts of business Improve. He
begins to see that all real business ls
the activity of right thinking and be
longs to the divine Mind. Gqd Is
therefore the only employer or pro
prietor, and business is wholly good.
Thus the fears, doubts, discords, lim
itations nnd failures present or pos
sible in tho old way of thinking are
displaced by right concepts and bus
iness is restored.
Thus Christian Science touches
with its restorative ministry every
human actlvlt)-, Tfiislng conscious
ness to a higher basis of the Christ
ideal, turning thought Into new and
brlghtei paths, paths of health,
paths of holiness, paths ot lovlne
Tiliimpli Of Good Over EvIU
Thn slnpi- nt rollfflnn la thp hlstorv
read: "Jesus was the highest human Ice. I have given, experimentally, a of the world. To the student and
concept of tho perfect man." Jesus' I "ypouermanc injection of pure water thluKVr today Is momentous with
, ana nave nutorj In the making , wun propnesy
i.i ,'"" " i ope
- r.uiijnH..M .i,.n.i..i.... .. ..
nttnanif.; """"""" me iiiscoru-
leij body Mtl,T,W0 M0 ! th0 1
me. a I, i,,?k!llc'11. xPrlonco taught
ve y it fBnoaU and treatmout,
'C "'I'lr81"1' ,of Pant
fecteil r 1" )rol,0'"o "o un
dle ii I' Krow worse, and a few
rny tT" co,lc"""v that wheT
Cl?1'"'n, I had
"me at i,,i V , "' "loru e'ther. I
atelna w, i.know Umt torlal
"' KMWl ,'; inultlpltod loglon
ttmedlB. i. . ' ltH. "Por-l0Kloii of
lure, nevor , '!. ""' by ts vory na
ency, " K"ln curutlvo
'"tmentor .? 0lxuorl In tho
Practice ,, i ? 8lcv c?vorlng active
Pnlcal I, ic, "mt.or,nl und 'otl
10 tMlliy t,, i?!' Hyaion I am able
8c race . ln.8U",?r,orlt' ot CM'
To niui .. i ?' "" otl,er motl'O'l".
Bhi7.. "y.0 Instunce will ,im..,
Scientist wmi ' ,)0cnmo tt Christian
hid wm n. a bU8nH trip. I
f' irl ',,,,)tom.B,." PolBonliig.
bon" In 2 " "'Ith1 ' rocl,0,
W.u L "", ', :c?n8cl0.U8 condition,
Science nri, ,'! CaU for a chrl8j
00 Petitioner, with one
knowlcdgo of tho laws til umi. i)Vino Lovo. We no longer imagine
inRPirPti ny lovo ror iiuiiimiiiy, biio inm to ho a magnified mortal, we
wroto the toxt-book, Sclonco and ii,VVo i-ensod to look for him geogra
Ilonlih with Key to tho Hcrlpturoit. phlcully or iistronolnically, or to clr
After doiiioiiHtriiting tlu olllcucy of Ptimscrlbo him In any way. lint If
Cliriatlon Sclonco to heal illMenso mul.t,, U!) hH haliltiitton Is no longer 11m
sln, to restoro health and dominion, Jtod lo place wo havo gnlnc.l tho un
Bho gavo hur book to tlio world. TIiIh iinrstmidlng of Cod's prosonco ovory
boolc Ihih revived primitive OhrlHtlon-, where. If wo havo lost our fonr of
ity. In loss than Ilfly yours iiilllloim. ii0Uy, wo have gained for Him lovo
huvo recolveil lin oriyuKenc iiiushuko, ' nnd alloglmice. If we lmvo oeasod
"Keor net: Fur buhom I bring yoiilHumowhut to bo llovo In the power of
good tldlngB of great Joy, which shall t,vll, It la bocnuso wo lurvo learnod
lio to all people." Tlio world un yet miniollilng of tho all-powor of God,
llttlu knows tho oxtont of Hit inuoni- To nil who thus nro becoming nc
udness to thlH guutlo wiimun, hut to-, iti;ilntoil vth God, aro lournlng to
day her grateful honuflclnrlc.i unllo trust lilm, and uro Rtrlvlng to bo like
with Isaiah In ilecluilug tho prouilHOH. him. Mrs, Kddy refers fn tho opon
diio unto godllness: "Thou hiiltiug lino of Iter toxtbeok: "To those
nil so up tho foundations of many ( loaning on the sustaining infinite, to
generations; und thou shult be called, day Ih big with blessings." (Science
irencn, iho lti-.und iieulth with Key to thu Scrip
tures, Profuco Vit.)
HplrKuiil House anil lluitveii
llow do wo know God nn.l whor
Tho repairer of tho broach
storor or putiiH to hwoii in,
ChrlBtlun Retiinco uccoiilit Iho prim
al order of Scripture which mutim do wo Und Him? Ulljali In tho mount
fundamentally: "In the beginning before tho Lord learned that Qod'wnB
Uod c rout oil the heaven und luo.uot in tlio whirlwind, not in tho
oarth." The most nolf evident fuct8ourtlniinko. not In tho flro God was
wo can consider ure that the mil-, not In matter. Ho was In tho still
verso, Including muii, oxintn, mid that small voice. No man can understand
It Ihii croutlrm. A crautloii ImplloH u God or know His nbodo through the
powor by which tho thing made com oh iinltn hoiibos, for "no man hath aeon
liito oxlatonco, nml thua wo urrlvo God ut any tlmo." Ilocause Ha Is
of the world. And the world unselfishness, purity und spirituality to a patient wild with pain
i away, and tho lust thereof; so endowed him with godliness that fetched him go quietly to sleep. The fulfilled. The restoration In human
nu was worthy to boar the title Mes-. "i"ruon woma nave Deen no less an consciousness of the spiritual ideal or Christ. Again (Sclenco and 'Instance of suggestive therapeutics has stirred to their depths the forcei
Henlth, page 5S3), Mrs Eddy has de- 1,aJ ' injected the actual drug endow, of evil which are over at war with
finod Christ as "Tho dlvlno manifest, cd thiough general belief with iialn cnn.i Wnr la ovll's self-destruction.
utlon of God. which comes to the flesh relieving power. Medicine is constitu- and because It is so, how infinitely
leu in mental consent It ls whatever bitter in this Just war than "a false
mortal mind believes it to be. Anc- convenient peace'" (Miscellany page
nnuy numan belief bestowed upon i 211.)
material objects supernatural power.) At this crisis in the triumphant
A lolie of such "medicine" is found mnrch of Principle against the hosts
In the modern prnctlco of wearing, of e II, where do Christian Sciential!
amulets. Many peoplo believe that a! stand? At homo and at the front
buckeye canted in the pocket has .shoi'der to shoulder with tholr fel
powor to prevent rhounutism. It Is low citizens and their allies', In iup
not unusual to see a child with a ' port of a ilghteous cause. The Ideals
n'eco of led flannel about Ito iir,.v . r,r iv.rtctinn 3rinrp nre the ideal! of
Thnt, ninny will toll you, is good for, AngloAmdrlcn. Expressed ln the
sore throat. Iirdeod, thore seems up won'', of Mrs, Eddy, they are: "Never
nun io uuman creuuiuy. it is perto take nway tho rights, nut oniy m
haps within the facts to state that , wrnngn of "mankind." (No and Yea,
there ls nothing "In henvpn nhnvp ny. i.ktQ .ii l TI,o nrn thn ideals wnlcn
in tho earth beneath, or In the waters enabled Mrs. Eddy to see, beyond. the
under the earth" but has been used shell-torn battlefields, the coming of
us uieiiicnio, runt which In the Ic t- tl. Prince of Peace, wun iruo.i.-
niildoth forovor." If "all that ls in
the world," mortal man and tho phy.
steal universe, 1b "not of the Pathor,"
what claim can materiality have to
reallt'? If tbe world is the author of
tho things that are In tho world,
nnd "the woild passeth away," as
St. John declares, It Is conclusive
thnt God Is not the author of, the
materia! universe nor physical man. thoy lack a dlvlno Cause, tho!
iiiuicri.ii universe una mortal man
can havo no roallty, for "without him
was not anything made thnt was
mado." St. John's declaration that
tbo things that nre in the world aro
of. tho world Indicates that material
ity only substitutes Itself, In bollof,
for tbo real creation, tho spiritual
universe and .snjrltunl man, nnd more-
ly counterroits genuine being.
Prom the foregoing It ls evident
thut Christian Sclenco does not hold
Ood responsible for tho creation ,pf
that which Paul defined ns "enmity
ngalnst God." God is not responsible,
directly nor indirectly for evil, for
slit, disease, nor donth. Th nxninn.
atlon of ovll must bo sought outside
of inflnlto Good, Whence then comes
ibis onmlty ngniiiRt Cod? Peoplo who
nro In trouble aro not grontly con
cerned In tbo philosophic explanation
of tlfo origin of evil. Tholr Interest
centers In getting rid of ovll, and
tho triumph of Christian Science is
thnt It does Just thnt. It Is satisfac
tory to lonrn that Ood doos not count
enance ovll nor Include it among His
very good worka, mid thorefore that
evil la unreal. J
to destry incarnate en or." With
Jesus the Christ wn.s so prcpoiVUernnt
that when tbo human cried out "Lot
thii cup pass," Josus was able lo say
"nut m will but thing be done." Lot
the mortal dlsannoar and thn Christ
iiiuoar ns the representative of div
inity. It was this Christ thnt caused
Jesus to say "If l (the fleshlv con
cept) "go not away, the Comforter
will not come unto you" tho restora
tive Tiuth will not become operative
In your consciousness; in other words
you will continue to cling to my hum
an personality and will fall to grasp
tho divine Prnclple which governs
Christian Sclenco tenches personal
salvation through all Christ Jesus
Uvea to do; that each Individual lsc.hen Is a food, becomes a medlcne In slon slm saw tho children of Pjtln-
wn salvation from tt'o shop of the apothecary. True, mor-' clplo, reunited supreme over an, .ana
to work out his ow
all orror by tho example Josus turn.
ished In his demonstration of the
Christ. Christian Sclonco accepts tho
essentials of Chrlstlnntty s found In
the Scriptural record of the life and
teaching of Christ Josus, but restores
und emphasizes tho spiritual import
and observance of tho doctrine ho
liuuht and ordinances he established.
Abovo ull, Christian Sclenco. toachos
that the essentials of Christianity In.
volvr Individual practice nioro thin
Tho moduB operandi by which
Christian' Sclenco fulfills Its restora
tive ministry ls prayer. By prayer
tal mind has usually abandoned Its tho freedom of the world reallieaV
remedies about as fust as it bus 189S she wrote, In a poem. J"
""'i'"'u i.iuiii, uin iiir.iuKiiuut ine inueu nioies io un i"'
insinry or material medicine It has prophetic werds:
cuiiHi iu i, nu uuwer in mailer in-,
stond of n the dlvlno Mind. t Is a far'
Jouruov, in point of time, from liquor '
ot e'utli worniB. once highly reputed
In materia medica, to modern scrum
of horses" hloml, but tho name mon
tPl consent has heon reoulrod to fur
nish each generation with Its ever
ehnncrlne; pharmacopeia,
Mental suggestion and riirlnllnn
Solence are antitheses. Tlio one Is
tlio supposed action of the human
mind, which, being onmlty agidnst
God, woks only evil continually. The
1 these
"Kor Anglo-Israel, lo!
Is marching unller orders;
Hii. hand averts the blow.
Brave Britain, blest America!
Unite your battle-pln
Victorious, for. all who live Ui
The love of Ood and man. -
How shall wo epItomlzoHhe rector-
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