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    Tlll'IIMD.W, .lANI'AHV It), nun
The Evening Herald
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Soldiers returnllng from France
land In the United States without
money, tho many months pay Is due
them. If they are sick, no hospitals
nre ready to receive them, says the
Oregonlan. No provision has been
mndCi for their civil employment, ex
cept that tho government employ
ment olllces nre open to them as to
nay civilian. No allowance has been
made for their maintenance until
they II nd employment, such as the
Allies have made. They are no long
er needed by the government since
tho Marne has been won, the Hlnden
hurg line wiped out, the Argonne for
est cleared of machine guns .and the
lost battalion found; so they are giv
en no more attention by the govern
ment ,und they aro cast aside like an
old, well-worn shoe. - Yes, they are
well-worn In winning the victories for
which President Wilson hns been re
ceiving the laurels.
Care for tho returning soldiers
should have had the attention of con
gress ' last summer, but congress
blandly assumed that the war. would
lust another year at least, and it
whlled away the time in bootless talk,
lluvlng caught congress unprepared
for war, Germany caught it unpre
pared for peace by inconsiderately
making an unexpected surrender. As
Congress had to make an army after
the war began, so It has to make
provisions for the soldiers' home
coming after they are home.
The cause of this callous neglect,
which is a national shame, is not far
to seel:. The President, from the day
of his first Inauguration, has taken
all initiative Into his own hands until
he has finally destroyed all power of iutive in his cabinet and In his
party In congress. The only present
member of the cabinet who has shown
any of this quality Is Secretary Lane.
He Is the only one who has made any
concrete proposal for readjustment
to peace conditions, but his scheme
needs much fixing before It will be
workable. The other cabinet mem
bers are obedient clerks, especially
since Mr. McAdoo stepped out. The
democratic members of congress have
degenerated Into rubber stamps for
the President's decisions, the only
exceptions being those who have
made well-merited criticism of the
administration and have received
condign punishment, nnd those few
who have had hobbies to ride.
When tho present session opened,
the eleventh hour for demobilization
and readjustment legislation had
struck. If the President has called
upon congress to give this work pref
erence over all else, It would doubt
less have got down to business with
nil the speed of which it Is capable.
He said nothing in his address about
care of thesoldlers during demobiliza
tion, loft everything to our "quick
and resourceful" people, simply com
mended the Lane scheme, stated the
railroad problem and gave it up, and
announced that he was goln, gto Eu
rope to settle tho affairs of the world
nnd would run tho United States by
Since his departure the govern
ment has been like a family deserted
by both parents ,or like a tlock of
sheop milling around without u shep
herd. Tho dollar-a-year men who
hud Injected some business energy
and efllclency into tho departments,
have returned to their own uffalrs,
leaving tho small-size chiefs to shift
for themselves. In the absence of the
big chief to tell them what to do, und
of tho business men to show them
how to do It, these tame politicians
nro nt a loss, any initiative or cour
ugo thoy over had having been drilled
out of them. Tho so-called demo
cratic louders lu congress are in as
bud'a predicament. Thoy are not ac
customed to propose anything with
out tho President's O. K. .and they
have been used to carry their trou
bles to him. Thoy can scarcely do
that by wireless. About the only
democrats who originate an Idea are
men llko Senators Chamberlain,
Hitchcock or Meed .and they exposo
the administration's deficiencies more
unsparingly than any republican
Sluce the President himself has re
duced both the heads of departments
and congress to this condition of Im
potence by taking nil Initiative Into
his own hands, his duty Is to come
home and take the lead In urgently
needed legislation, that the soldiers
may bo paid, fed. healed and put to
work ,nnd that Industry may be
speedily readjusted to the new condi
tions which have suddenly arisen.
The teal of the American people for
(the salvation of democracy In Europe
,'iloes not flag, but they do not forget
that the President was elected for the
primary duty of carting for democ
racy In the United States. It It
should not soon receive more atten
tion than It now has. It may get Into
a bad way, anil may even be com
pelled to call upon tho democracy of
Europe for help. Surely tho Presi
dent does not desire such an anti
climax to his efforts to "make tho
world safe for democracy."
The business men of Klamath Falls
are to be congratulated on their atti
tude towards the movement that was
Inaugurated among them for the
cleaning up of the city and the allay
ing of the unnecessary apprehension
over Influenza. The order to close,
clean and fumigate was strictly
obeyed thruout the city, and we have
to hear of a sllngle complaint In
fact, the general attitude was one of
quiet satisfaction over whnt has been
developed. The cool-headed, thought
ful and conservative people felt con
fident that there was no occasion for
the scare ,and they also believed the
quickest way to dispose of It was to
show tho people'-that there was no oc
casion for It. That their line of reas
oning was correct is proven by the
small number of cases that were de
veloped and the quick recession of the
fear that was taking possession of
the people. There will, for n day or
two, be sporadic outbreaks of rumors,
but llnvestllgatlon will prove them to
be baseless, 'as was demonstrated In
a couple of cases yesterday. The ex
act situation will be detailed dally in
The Herald until the health board
concludes there is no further need
for it. In the meantime, follow the
rules of the health board, report any
violations of the quarantine regula
tions, and If you are under quaran
tine, obey the instructions given you
by your physician and the quarantine
LOISE, Idaho, Jan. IC. On Janu-H.-y
I. 1919, Idaho had b;en bone
dry for three years. Tin Idaho Pro
hibition law Is one of the most drasti?
In effect anywhere in the west and
makes it a crime to have liquor In i
possession even for medicinal use.
Special permits are Issued for ship
ments of wine for sacramental use
in the churches, but all other ship
ments are strictly barred.
In spite of the vigilance of state
officials a great deal of liquor is!
brought Into the state by bootlegge'rs
and sold at from $6 to $11 a quart.
according to the scarcity of the sup
ply. Since Nevada went dry on De
cember 1C bootlegging prices have
been mounting rapidly.
Idaho's bone dry law gives sheriffs
and their deputies, as well as city
policemen, power of search and seiz
ure. Any home or business establish
ment may be entered if reasonable
suspicion exists that liquor may be on
the premises and thorough going
search may be made by the officials.
LONDON, Jan. 16. From South
ampton nnd from Grimsby, Scotland,
ships are taking back to Belgium the
first consignment of the thousands of
Belgian refugees who sought shelter
In this country at the beginning of
the war. Present arrangements for
the repatriation of the exiles contem
plate the return only of those belong-
Ing to Antwerp and vicinity, Luter
those whose homes are tn other parts
of Belgium will be tuken care of.
Speed with which general repatri
ation of the Belgians will be carried
out depends upon the internal condi
tions of Belgium nnd Improvement of
road and rail transport. Tho repatri
ation will he at the expense of the
British government.
Putting In order lines of communi
cation with released territories In
Belgium bus been a slow, laborious
work ,und there aro many Belgians
In England who have not yet been
able to get Into touch with their peo
ple at home.
Get a standard policy from the
Ottllcote Smith agency. 24
J. Crane and Paul Jacklln nro1
county seat visitors from Mgomn to-'
Thomas Browne Is In the city on I K. it. Heames hns gone for an ox
matters of business from the Midland j te'nded stay ut his California home
district. at Mountain View.
It. Jones was among the train ar. , Mrs. J. P. Campbell and children
rivals last utght from Sacramento. '
He Is n guest at the White Pelican
. .
M. l.ovoludy has returm;.! from;
the Jenny Creek district whero he I
is reported to have been buying ei.t-1
tie. ;
, , ,,,, ,,..,, , I
ltobert Glffon left this morning ,
for Ihinsmnlr, where he will spend
the next few days on matters of bul- j
,,, , .. ,. .. . ;
Hick Kenncally. n well known
sheepman of the Merrill district Is In
the county sent today on matters of
business. i
... '
II. espe who hns been employed
as n plumber on the Court House. :
left thU.mornlng for eed, on mat- I
ters of business. ,
W. A. Dwlght of tho nwrsht Lum. '
ber Company of San Francisco who '
Ls vice-president of the Dig I.nke
Lumber Company of thfs city, came '
lu last evening on matters of busi
ness. Dr. H. V. Hailman of the InJinn
Service with Mrs. Hailman, arrived
last night and left this morning for
the Klamath Indian Agency en the
Reservation on matters of offlMnl
business. The Hailmnns reside nt
Washington, D. C.
Mrs. F. C. Burnett and son,, who ports that all of,tlie boys from Klam
have been visiting at the home of the nth Falls, with whom he Is In con
former's daughter, Mrs. G. L. Kelley tact are well. Ilalley Is with the
on Washington Street for the past 4th Company of the 20th Engineers,
four weeks, returned today to their and tells his uncle that they aro hav
home In Fresno. Mrs. Burnett ex- Ing regular Oregon weather, since
pressed herself as greatly pleased , "It Is raining to beat tho band, but
with the Klamath Falls winter cllm- we should worry, now that the war
ate. Is over".
Horrors oi
ARCHANGEL, (Via London) Dec."
20. Tales of horrors within the ter-
rltory controlled by the Uolshevlk
government are brought'here almest:
dally by some adventurous Ilusslan,
often a young officer who has made
his way thru the Holshevlk lines.
These stories arc published In the
Archangel newspapers under the
headline, "Tho Russian Nightmare." .
Two of the members of the Ar
changel City Duna who recently re-(
turned from Moscow where they had
been taken under arrest, quoted Nlko
lai Lenine, the Holshevlk premier as
saying: "Our days are numbered. We
know that, but in leaving the power,
we will shut the doors in a way to ,
make Europe shudder."
One of the Archangel papers says r
that the record of the "Central Al-p
Russian Investigation Commission Is
one of tortures and horrors. Arrested ,
people," it adds, "disappear by
groups. Agents of the German gen
O. It. Hess nnd R. 11ms are guests
nt the White Pelican Hotot today
from" Duninuilr.
left this morning for Ashlnnd, where
thoy expect to spend the remaining
winter months.
J. A. Maddox, who operates the
I. one Pine ranch In tho Merrill ill."-
trlct Is here for a short time on busl-
ness. He Is a guest at the Hotel
President J, O. Goldthwalte of tho
Modoc Lumber Company of Chlloqulu
accompanied by Mrs. Goldthwalte left
,h. mornln for San Fronclwo whe
,ov wl a wxmX (n
J. Frank Adams, a prominent
stockman has returned from t round-
,R(. min(,h nf hor8M . , ,.
or , of ,he Con,y A(,3.n8
,, ,,, wh0 mnrkct for
psht horsps ,g yery ,?w hc hM n
trouble In disposing of his heavier
animals ut satisfactory prices.
n. C. Durtonof Pendleton, who has
been visiting at tho home of his sis
ter, Mrs. C. II. Browne of Hot Springs
addition, for the past few days, left
for hLs home this morning. He Is
much pleased with Klamath Falls and
expects to return. He has just been
released from the military service.
James Ilyan has received a letter
from his nephew, W. L. Ilalley, who
is still In France, In which ho re-
by Refugees
eral staff are working in the commis
sion. People are shot In tho build
ing of the commission Itself and In
groups of 20 to 30 at a time. Those
who come In order to Inquire about
arrested relatives are themselves ar-i
rested and disappear. Only lhoo'
who can afford to pay a large sum of;
money are liberated. For 30,000 or
50,000 rubles one can cave his life.
Trotsky, formerly foreign minister,
has lost all sympathies among the
working men, but Lenine still has
great success In some places." '
One Dolshevlk member of the Cen. '
tral Soviet, Comrade Zlnovleff, Is
quoted as saying in a speech: "If,
you come to Petrograd you will see ;
the bourgeolse paving the court ef:
Smolny Institute, unloading the ships '
on the Neva and cleaning the bar-1
racks. Winter clothes are being rov
qulsitioned In Petrograd. Tho bour
geois fur coats will not exactly fit the
Red Guards but they will pnticntly
i -"," .- , '
-iitimmmimmmmimtr,tm wm
Ia 4i"i--W '
fi J rV J fill Or t .ftDnnffnnnnl
C&cmxaiUitn.iiUUasMt m
This Is one of the first photo
graphs tn reach this country showing
President Wilson reviewing the
American troops at the front, lu tin-
bear this Inconvenience. On the Ural
frrnt we have already distributed
among the lied Guards t'OO suits mid
ocrronta belonging to tho Roman
off. The bourgeolse mnwt disappear
In u socialistic state. If we go on
sti-oolly wo will soon teneh the Rub
rlnti bourgeolse what ought to to Mid
after thai Hie bourgeolse of tlu world.
Another speaker nt tho Soilo. gov
ernment Ilukhnrln, Is quoted a-, suy.
Ing that Germany and Austria no
lo.iRcr were dungornus tj llolsiic
vU:i but that the main danger now
lay with England and Amerlc.i "Wo
in r si support tho revolution In the
Central Empires nnd wo hnvu derided
tn sacrifice our blood und our bread
to Hit Gorman proletariat."
Other refugees hero rooo't that the
Iloiihevikl openly confeJR that their
hope of maintaining power nro v:iy
weak and that their only niipe Is n
world-wide revolution,
Local Red Cross
.'. Activities ..
Those present nt the Sewing room
Jan. 13, wero Mesdnmes I), M.
Smith, Percy Evnns, O. I). Ilurko, L.
E. Sullivan, Mhvt Gertrude Smith.
Tuesday, Jan. 14, Mesdnmes O,
W. Robertson, Carey Rnmsby, O. I).
Ilurke, V. M. Smith, L. E. Sullivan,
Miss Gertrudo Smith.
Wcdnesdny, Jan. 15. Mesdnmes
I). M. Smith, O. I). Ilurke, L. K. Sulli
van. TkoBo who mndo pneumonia Jack
ets Wedniwduy welre Mrs. O. A,
Hunting, Mrs. M. S. Sargent, Mrs, A.
I), Addison, Mrs. C. R. Glendennlng,
W. H. Robertson, H. N. Moo.
,., xT '
-., &L frtV&A
stands, watching the doughboys go
by are Mrs. Wilson. General Per
shing. General Liggett and General
spring iaui:
Mrs. W. F. Reeio Is uulttt sick
again. j
Mrs. Fnink Stewart Is spending a
few days lu town with Mm. Glen
Stoaman. i
Chuyne Druthers hauled hogs to
market Monday. i
Mrs. Green Is reported III with
the Influenza.
, PORTLAND, Jan. lfi. Arehur ('.
Davis, who pleaded guilty to robbing
the Eust Side bunk of money und sur
eties of a value of more than $U)u,
000, and who was apprehended some
woeks later thru the efforts of Mrs.
Lola G. Raldwlu, former Portland
police-woman, has been sentenced hy ,
Judgo Stttplctou to from one to ten '
years In the state penitentiary. i
Davis' attorney, Itimcoo P. Hurst,
made a (ilea for parole, which Judge
Stnplutou denied. j
Says you really feel clean, sweet
and fresh inside, and
are seldom ill.
I If you nro accustomed to wake upi
with a coated tongue, foul breath .or!
a dull, dizzy headache; or, If your
meals sour nnd turn Into gas and
Inclds, you havo a real surprise uwult-
ing you.
Tomorrow morning, Immediately
upon arising, drink a glass of hot
water with a tcaspoonful of llmostono
phosphate In It. This Is Intended to
first neutralize and then wash out of
your stomach, liver, kidneys and thir
ty feet of Intestines nil the IndlgOHtl
ble waste, poisons, sour bile und tox
liih, thus cleunslng, Bwcetonlng and
purifying the entire nllmcnlnry canal
Those subject to sick headaches,
hackochc, bilious nttneka, constipation
or uny form of stomach trouble are
,urged to get it iiunrtur pound of lime-
stonu piiospiiate from tho drug store
nnd begin enjoying this morning in-
Hldo bath, It Is said that men and
women who try this become enthusl.
attic and keep It up dally. It Is u j
Plenum iicnitu memuro, ror It is more
he Inside than on the outside. bccniiBo
ill to skin poros do not absorb linpurl-
ties Into the blood, causing dlscaso,
whllo the bowel pores do,
Tho principle or bathing Insldo Is
not now, as millions of people practice
It. Just as hot water and soup clonns,
purify und freshen the skin, bo hoi
water and a toaspoonfiil of llmostono
phosphate act on the stomach, liver,
kiduoys and bowels. Llmostono phos
phate la an Inexpensive white uowdpr,
and almost tasteless. Adv.
: : : :
It ln'l fciiiiiiinj iinil it
Nn'l wl-o tn buy mi) tiling
but the Im-hI In (Iniuo.
We liiue gullied the inti
llilriici' of our customer b)
m-IIIiik drug" of the IiIkIiom
iuulil) only. Yon cnnnm
buy mi) other Mini line,
mid jiiii nre iiIwiijm Mifc
iiinl Mire l lut I nothing Inn
the lie-l drug ulll he xulil
In tliN Mule,
::: :
Hue Wntrli lU-pnirlnu
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Tells How To Get Oulck Iltllif
from Head-Colds. Il'n Splendid I
In ono mluuto your clogged nostril)
will open, tho nlr pnssngps of your
head will clonr nnd you can hroallio
freely. No moru hawking, unuffllnit,
blowing, hoidnclm, drynoss, N"
struggling for hnmth nt night; )'"'
cold or catarrh will bo gonu.
(let a small botllo of Kly's Cream
llulin from your druggist now. Ap
ply n llttlo of this fragrant, antisep
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relief coiiurn Instantly,
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llof comos po quickly.